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Related post: oval Buy Xenical On Line granules were present; and they thought that the
appearance of a concentric striation or fibrillation could
be simulated through the arrangement of these granules
in rows. Flemming, in 1882,* saw granules within the
cells which would stain with nuclear dyes, azo dyes, and
hsBmatoxylin, but nevertheless affirmed a fibrillary struc-
ture of the central cells, and of a tortuous or Where To Buy Xenical much
curved threadwork within the spinal ganglion cells be-
tween the granules. He did not believe, however, that
in the spinal ganglion cells there were long connected
fibrils, such as Cost Of Xenical the earlier observers had described, but
thought that the cell body was in the main constituted
of numerous, evenly distributed, very short threads,
which showed sometimes Xenical Mg finer or coarser thickenings
upon them, observations which were supported subse-
quently by E. Midler, f Flemming has recently pub-
WXenical Price region Xenical Tablets of the ventral column of Xenical Orlistat 120mg ^ay matter of the
spinal cord of Ga'Ivs. Sublimate fixation ; hfematoxylin staining (After
Flemming.) The axone is seen coming off from the lower end of the cell.
In the axone and at its origin in the cell body a fibrillary appearance is
seen. In the interior of the Purchase Xenical Online cell body the spiudle-shapei Buy Cheap Xenical granular masses are
deeply stained, while between them are Flemming's fibrils, cut generally ob-
liquely or transversely.
lished another article J in which he warmly supports
the doctrine that fibrils e.xist inside the nerve-cell proto-
plasm. In Fig. 45, taken from his article, the fibrils
are pictured. Kronthal and Dogiel 120 Mg Xenical have also expressed
themselves in favor of the view of a fibrillary structure
for certain at least of the nerve cells.
Since 1885 there has been in Xenical Cost certain quarters a lively
* Flemming. B.ilriige zur Anat. n. Emhryol. ah Feslgabe fur J. Xenical Where To Buy
Henle, 1882, Bonn, p. 12. In this article the previous bibliography is
thoroughly reviewed.
f Miiller, Erik. Untersuchungen lib; r den Bau der Spinalganglien.
Nord. mcd. Archiv, Bd. xxiii. No. 2B.
X Flemming, W. Ueber die Struktur centraler Nervenzellen bei
Wirbeltieren. Anat. Hefle, I. Abth., 19. Heft (Bd. vi, H. 3).
Sept. 18, 1897.]
reaction against this view, Nissl, of Frankfort (now of
Heidelberg), and von Lenhossek, of Wiirzburg, repre-
senting its most vigorous opponents. In tliat year Nissl
published the first of a series of articles * in which he
laid stress upon the appearances to be made out in tis-
sues hardened in alcohol and stained in basic anilines,
such as magenta red and methylene blue. Although
the structures described by Nissl had been observed
earlier by Flemming and by Benda, it was through the Generic Xenical
introduction of Nissl's methods, which bring them es-
pecially well into view, that their arrangement in the
protoplasm and their significance for the function of the
cell could first be studied.
Nissl's early methods consisted of staining tissues
hardened in alcohol with Magenta red or Buy Xenical Cheap methylene blue Where Can I Buy Xenical Online
and clearing in oil of origanum. The method has under-
gone several modifications, the most recent of which
will be here given, inasmuch as it does not seem to be so
generally known as it should be. In an article f pub-
lished lately Nissl describes it as follows: Small blocks of
tissue are hardened in ninety-six per cent, alcohol and
fastened by Weigert's method with gum arable without
imbedding. The sections are received in ninety-six per
cent, alcohol and stained in a watch glass. The stain
is to be heated over the spirit flame until small bubbles
arise which make Xenical Buy a crackling noise (65° — 70° C); sections
are then transferred to aniline-oil alcohol until differen-
tiated. The process of differentiation is ended when no Price Of Xenical
more coarse clouds of color go off into the fluid. The Order Xenical Online sec-
tion is then transferred to the slide, dried with filter
paper, after which some drops of oil of cajeput are ap-
plied and the sections are again blotted with filter paper.
A few drops of benzine are poured on, then some ben-
zine colophonium, and the slide is heated until Xenical 120 Mg Orlistat all the
benzine gas has been driven off.
The dye is made as follows: Methylene blue B. pat.,
3.75; Venetian soap, 1.75; distilled water or soft water,
1,000. The differentiating fluid has the following cora-
* The principal comrihutious of Franz Nissl conceroing tlie struc-
ture of nerve cells are the following : Where Can I Buy Xenical Ueber die Untersuchungsmetbo-

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