Erythromycin E.S. Ta 400 Mg (E-M) Erythromycin Stearate Ta 500mg

Erythromycin E.S. Ta 400 Mg (E-M)
Erythromycin E.S. Ta 400 Mg (E-M)

Related post: taken hold of the body of the uterus, I give it a slight pull,
and the assistant who is holding the sound can immediately
tell that I am pulling on the uterus. A second suture is
introduced in the same manner. The two strands are now-
tied, and generally prove sufficient to close up the entire
wound. If not, one or two additional superficial sutures are
introduced into the Erythromycin E.S. Ta 400 Mg (E-M) abdominal walls. An aseptic button,
with two holes, may be suitably included in the ligatures
holding the uterus, in order to prevent them from cutting
down too deep into the abdominal walls. The wound is
dressed in the usual way.
As a rule, the entire operation dues not require mure
than from five to eight minutes. If there is to be a plastic
operation for repair of the perineum, the patient is placed
in the lithotomy position and the further operation pro-
ceeded with. The patient is kept in bed from ten to four-
teen days. The ligatures are allowed to remain from four
to six weeks, when, on removal, tlic uterus will be found
firmly adherent to the anterior wall in a normally ante-
flexed position.
In the six cases so far operated upon by me I have Erythromycin Stearate Ta 500mg
never seen any Erythromycin Stearate 250 Mg Pregnancy rise in the temperature, or any complica-
tion following the operation, and no bladder Erythromycin Stearate 500mg Tabs symptoms
have ever been observed. Let me now give a very brief
history of the cases:
Case I. — Miss M., aged twenty-one, normal menstrual his-
tory up to a year and a half ago, when, after a severe fall, she
commenced having pains in the back and abdomen previous to
and during the menstrual period. Obstinate constipation. Has
been under treatment for a year, pessaries and other means
being used without any improvement. Condition before opera-
tion : Freely movable retrofiexed uterus ; normal appendages.
Operation June 21, 1890 : Transperitoneal hysteiorrliaphy. Dis-
charged cured July 20th, the uterus then being adherent, in
good position. The symptoms had disappeared. The patient
was seen again November 18th; had been quite sick with ty-
phoid fever since the operation. The uterus was not firmly
adherent to the anterior abdominal wall, although there was
no retroflexion. No constipation. Only slight pain during the
last menstruiil flow.
Case It. — Mrs. F., aged twenty-three, mother of three chil-
dren. Former history normal up to the last confinement, when
she suffered Erythromycin Stearate Tablets Bp 500mg a laceration of the perinrenm. Since then there
has been considerable backache and pain in the abdomen pre-
ceding and during menstruation ; leucorrhoea, constipstion, in-
ability to do housework. Present condition, June 'I'M : Lacera-
tion of the periniBum, laceration of the cervix witli erosion,
movable retroflexion. The patient had worn a pessary before.
Was operated upon July 8th ; transperitoneal hysterorrhaphy.
Discharged cured July 23d ; uterus in normal anteflexion, ad-
herent to tlie abdominal wall. In order to test the procedure,
the plastic operation was not done on the perineum in this
case. The patient has been seen several times since; has men-
struated normally ; the erosion of the cervix has healed ; all for-
mer symptoms have disappeared. In fact, she feels so well that
she now refuses to have any operation done on the perinseum.
Case III. — Miss W., aged twenty-nine. Menstruation began
at the age of sixteen; was always preceded and accompanied
by a good deal of pain in the back and abdomen. Her condi-
tion has become worse during the last eighteen months, al-
though imder constant treatment witli pessaries, massage, and
electricity. Marked anajniia, headache, great nervousness.
Present state (September) : Movable uterus, retrofiexed to such
a degree that the fundus could be felt lower than the cervix.
Appendages normal. Transperitoneal hysterorrhaphy per-
formed September 2.5th. Mechanical result: The uterus nor-
mally anteflexed, adherent to the abdoininiil walls. Tlie local
symptoms have disappeared; the general condition of the pa-
tient somewhat improved.
Case IV. — Mrs. S. T., aged twenty-five, married four year.«,
had one child three years ago. Menstruation noruial after con-
finement. Later she has had all the symptoms of laceration,
with pain in the back and abdomen before and during menstru-
ation, and difficult defecation. Present state (I'efore opera-
tion); Complete laceration of theperimeum; retroflcxe

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