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Related post: that it is none the less formed in the liver during life, being
washed out by the current of blood as it passes through, ap-
pearing, of course, in the blood of the hepatic veins. These
facts harmonize the apparently discordant observations of Ber-
nard and of Pavy, and give the first accurate notion of the
exact mechanism of glycogenesis which is in accordance with
all the well-established Duricef 500 experimental facts.
AVith regard to the position taken by Dr. Peaslee, I can
see no reason for regarding sugar as a product of disassimila-
tion, and I can see every reason for considering it an alimentary
substance. In my experiments upon cholesterine, I assumed
that it was necessary to ascertain that this principle is actu-
ally discharged from the body, in order to prove it to be an
excrementitious substance, or a product of disassimilation.
If sugar be a product of disassimilation, it is a waste product.
All such products are gotten rid of, cast off from the body.
Sugar is never discharged from the body in health ; sugar is
taken as food ; sugar is formed in the body. I^o one would
call fat a product of disassimilation ; and fat is taken as food;
fat is formed in the body, as is sugar, and, in its relations to
nutrition, presents many analogies with sugar. Fat is never
discharged from the body in health.
There is an exception to this rule as regards tlie discharge
of sugar and. fat, and that is in tlie milk ; and here we have a
most curious departure from the general laws aftecting the
mechanism of secretion. It is a recognized fact that glandular
epithelium is necessary for secretion ; the remarkable excep-
tion is in the mammary glands. These glands, rudimentary
at birth, and in the male rudimentary throughout life, undergo
a change in their deyelopment at puberty, but then are inca-
pable of producing milk; they undergo another change during
uterine gestation, and it is only in the latter part of this that
they can secrete milk. When the secretion of milk is fully Buy Duricef
established, there are no secreting cells linino- the glandular
acini ; and the bare membrane seems to be the agent which
forms the butter, casein, and sugar. This, far from showing
sugar to be an excrementitious substance, shows it to be a
principle yery necessary Duricef 500 Mg for tlie nom-ishment of the infant.
The observations which I made in 1868-'69 ; ' their repe-
tition soon after by Dietfenbach, who did not know of my oAvn
experiments ; and the additional confirmation they haye just
received at the hands of Dr. Lusk, I think, settle the question
concemino: the sucrar-formino; function of the liver.
Dr. Peaslee. — If Dr. Flint considers cholesterine a prod-
uct of disassimilation, because it leaves the body after its con-
version into another product, might we not also regard sugar
as such a product, if we can rind substances leaving the body
into which the sujjar is convertible ?
Dr. Flint, Jr., replied to the question about cholesterine,
by giving his argument to jrrove the change of cholesterine
into stercorine. Dr. Peaslee would be perfectly right if he
could prove tliat the sugar was converted into any other sub-
stance wliich was discharged from the body. But Dr. Fh'nt
knew of no such substance into which sugar was convertible
except carbonic acid, which, it was true, was diminished in
diabetes. He also agreed with Dr. Peaslee, that we do not
know what sugar does in the economy. "We do not know that
it forms any tissue. He regarded it as entirely aiuilogous to
tat, which is introduced into the body, consumed in the body,
' See this Jourxal, Jauuary, 1860, vol. viii., p. 373.
never discharged in liealtL. They performed some function
in nutrition, but what, he had not the slightest idea, and he
thought the pliysiologists of the present day had not.
Dr. Chadsey asked what became of the sugar when taken
as food in excessive amount. He had a patient who used to
take some five or six pounds of sugar a day — thought he could
not live without it. But no sugar could be detected in the
urine ; there was no diabetes. Some two or three years after
the doctor knew him, this man met with an injury to his leg.
The limb mortified, and he died. Dr. C. had atti-ibuted the
mortification to the great amount of sugar he ate. Lately he
had had a child as a patient, that he found breaking out with
little sores, which mortified ; and he discovered that the child
was always eating candy.
Dr. Flint, Jr. — If I do not know what becomes of the
sugar taken normally as food, I am very sure I do not know
what becomes of the excess in the abnormal condition where
it is craved. I judge that, in such cases, it is often disposed
of in the same way that the ordinary amount is disposed of.
It is certain, however, that diabetes Antibiotic Duricef has been produced in ani-
mals by feeding them with sugar. Buy Duricef Online
Miscellaneous business being in order, the Special Com-
mittee, appointed at the meeting of 21st of February, Duricef Antibiotic to inquire
into the expediency of recommending that a bronze copy of

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