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Related post: marching in those stern warriors of ancient Germany whom
the Roman generals and legions did not subjugate. The
same invulnerable sort of constitution was similarly devel-
oped among the Norsemen and piratical Danes of later
times, among the English tars in the days of sailing-vessels
and British naval supremacy, the early American explorers
and pioneers — like Clarke, Simon Kenton, and Boone, of
Keutuckv, or Governor Sevier, of South Carolina, who quite
outdid their Indian adversaries in being superior to fatigue
and exposure. And now comes a very important and
noteworthy point. Men having Omnicef Price bodies so trained have a
capacity for digesting food after long privation, and for
sleeping after intense and protracted fatigue, to a degree
corresponding to their previous ability to do without either.
I prefer to call this, too, reaction on the part of the whole
vitality. It may be accompanied by accumulation of leuco-
July 21, 1888.]
inaines, producing digestion and sleep. It would then be a
question of increased power to hold and store these leuco-
But, taking the case of weak bodies, sick and poisoned
bodies, and bodies severely damaged, it often happens Omnicef 300 Mg that
the physician must interfere with some aid of art because
reaction is too long delayed, insufficient in intensity, or over-
violent, or becomes exhausted and ceases before the balance
is restored. For, Buy Omnicef contrary to much which has been written,
on theoretical grounds largely, nothing is more certain than
that the body when in serious trouble often does not use all
its latent forces for its own good, does not employ them in
the most desirable direction for a recovery of health.
Stimuli which save life in the disorganization of shock in-
troduce no actual vitality not already present in the body ;
but by artificial exercise they arouse and set agoing certain
motions in the internal machinery which, once started, go
on. A brief course of bitters for torpid Omnicef 250 Mg digestion does this,
and nothing else. A morphine-eater suddenly deprived of
his drug and given nothing in place of it, before he regains
healthy action suffers vastly more than if stimulants, seda-
tives, and hypnotics were employed to ease the suddenness
of the change, and initiate a normal order of things. A high
German authority insists that " alcohol, always alcohol," be
the reliance in delirium Order Omnicef tremens. Often a heart that is on
the point of stopping forever in some Purchase Omnicef severe case of poison-
ing or infectious disease may be stimulated into a transitory
power till the stress of the general effort is past. The ex-
pectant plan of leaving nature unaided and undisturbed may
have very great advantages at times. It is not everything.
" There is such a thing," to borrow the words of Dr. Ja-
cobi, " as letting bad enough alone, to the cost of the pa-
tient." Excessive reactions to Omnicef 300 be prevented or modified
may be seen in the case of fevers when the temperature
threatens to run past the danger point ; or of a frost-bitten
4irab where snow must be rubbed on it for hours that the
return to normal temperature be not so sudden and reac-
tion consequently so uncontrolled as to destroy the vitality of
the tissues by that excess. Deficient reaction may occur in
a new-born child, in whom, as is well known, notwithstand-
ing the rapidly increasing lack of oxygen in the respiratory
center, it may yet fail to go into action. Here it is the
imperative duty of the doctor to come to nature's aid, ap-
ply other stimuli to respiration, and start up reaction Omnicef Cost from
other quarters. And illustrations Omnicef Coupon might be multiplied in-
To secure a reaction soon enough, in the amount and of
the sort that are needed, is often the most difficult under-
taking to which a physician is called, and yet that in which
success will give the most valuable results to life, for cases
will be found to vary unaccountably. He needs to have at
lommandall known general principles controlling reactions,
but be ready to lay aside precedent and study each case as
individual and unique. He must be Cost Of Omnicef williny to perceive
what reaction does actually take place after the employment
of a given measure, and then take Discount Omnicef advantage of it if favora-
ble, but abandon it if unfavorable. It is found clinically
that many reactions can be secured in disease from meas-
ures and substances the actions of which on healthy bodies
give perhaps no explanation at all of that obtainable on dis-
eased bodies — thus, from alcohol in puerperal fevers; qui-
nine in malarial disease in favorable cases ; aconite in small
doses in some throat affections and fevers ; belladonna in
the same, and according to some, in meningeal Omnicef 300mg inflamma-
tions. A cup of weak coffee gives sleep in unnatural bed-
time wakefulness after an evening nap ; hyoscyamus is useful
in some forms of insanity; Buy Omnicef Online small doses of opium, a drop or
half a drop of the tincture, in constipation ; minute amounts

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