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Medical Journal.
The rationality of such restriction lies in the known
value of rest in restoring a disturbed function to a
higher level of efficiency. Its rationality is also sup-
ported by the empirical restriction of salt and
nitrogenous substances which has long been prac-
tised with favorable Purchase Vermox results in many cases. Cer-
tainly we know that restriction of salt is beneficial
in cases with edema and salt retention. Where
there is nitrogen retention the restriction of nitrogen
intake has led to improvement, but we do not yet
know the degree Vermox Mebendazole of such improvement, or whether
the function of nitrogen excretion is improved by
such rest. In the case of water we know that its
restriction is of value in edema, but we need more
extensive observations to detennine its ultimate
In the Mebendazole Vermox management of cases there is also the
question of Buy Vermox the value of the common supposed
diuretics. This problem needs much further careful
study, but we can state that it is possible to increase
the water output in edematous cases with theocin or
theobromine sodium salicylate. But in such cases
we have met with effective diuresis only when the
heart showed some degree of inefficiency. If the
renal damage alone is great enough to cause edema,
diuretics are generally ineffective so far as increas-
ing water output is concerned. Where we have been
able to induce an active diuresis we have observed
a period of greater decrease in renal function last-
ing for a few days after its cessation. We have
little evidence that diuretics actually increase the
elimination of the hypothetical toxic substances.
From our animal experiments and from some ob-
servations on man it seems possible that diuretics
may actually do harm, and we have little or no
means of determining the extent of the harm done.
In fact, our knowledge of diuretics is very slight
and fragmentary, and apparently our conceptions of
their value need extensive revision.
Conttmitonirg |lfftts.
The Grippe Epidemic. — Last month, observes the
Medical Standard for February, 1916, we com-
mented briefly on the prevailing epidemic of in-
fluenza, which, as we Vermox Otc remarked at that time, is one
of the most extensive from which our cotintry has
suffered for many years. Bacteriologists seem to
be almost unanimous in the conclusion that the in-
fluenza bacillus has very Vermox Suspension little to do Vermox For Sale with this visita-
tion, in which various Vermox Oral Suspension strains of streptococci and
pneumococci seem to be playing the stellar roles,
with Vermox Syrup a scattering of staphylococci, Friedlander's
bacillus, and Micrococcus catarrhalis, large enough
to make the study of these Vermox Price cases interesting.
There are an unusual number of cases of jineu-
monia, due to the almost universal presence of the
pneumococcus in the secretions of those affected.
Some idea of the iniiwrtance of this comiilication
can be appreciated after a study of the mortality
reports from our different cities. In Chicago, for
instance, the fjeaths rose between December ist and
lanuary Tst from approximately fifty a week to
300 a week. In New S'ork Vermox 100mg city, the records showed
practically the same condition.
In this epidemic, bacterins are being used very
extensively, and with alleged good results. Natu-
rally, Order Vermox vaccination with cultures of streptococci and
pneumococci is most popular, though various mix-
tures are employed by those having a leaning
toward the stock vaccines.
The medicinal treatment is much the same as
that always employed in these respiratory affec-
tions. Rest, protection from extremes of cold and
heat, thorough elimination by bowels Vermox Online and skin, and
such defensive medicaments as quinine and iodine
seem to cover the outline roughly.
Personnel of an American Base Hospital in
War Time. — The experience of some of the na-
tions now at war should serve as a solemn warning
to us to see that injured soldiers do not lose their
lives or their limbs for want of competent surgeons.
Adequate organization should be made in times Vermox Worms of
peace, insists the Journal of the Michigan State
Medical Society for January, 1916. Supplies and
instruments, owned by Vermox Tablets the government, should be
stored in accessible locations. Units should be or-
ganized and should meet annually. Crile suggests
the following unit adequate to serve a ba ^ hospital
of 500 beds : Chief surgeon ; five associate sur-
geons, Generic Vermox each in charge of 100 beds; three assistant
surgeons ; orthopedic surgeon ; three anesthetists ;
pathologist and assistant; internist; neurologist,
oculist ; two dentists ; two rontgenologists ; sccrc-
tary and record clerk ; two stenographers ; fifty
nurses. Would it not be well for the profession of
this State to take the necessary steps to organize
several such units ?
Important Judgment of a Canadian Court. —
Some time ago, a patient received a burn in the
Smith's Falls Hospital by a hot brick, which was
placed in the bed to warm it, when the patient was
taken from the operating room. When the case
came up for trial before Mr. Justice Britton, says
the Canada Lancet for January, 1916, he dismissed
the action. From this judgment the patient aiv
pealed. The appeal was heard before Chief Justice
Falconbridge and Justices Kelly, Riddell. and
Latchford. These four judges came to a unani-
mous finding in favor of the patient and granted
the appeal, awarding damages of S900.
The court held tliat when a hospital furnishes
beds, foods, and nurses for patients it enters into a
contract with them, and becomes liable for acts of
negligence on the part of its nurses. This is a most
important decision .so far as hospitals are concerned.
It will Vermox For Children have the effect of compelling them to lay
down rules for doctors and nurses so Vermox AustraliaVermox Buy as to avoid,
as far as possible, the occurrence of accidents for
which the hospitals could be held liable.
The judgment will do good, as there has been
much doubt in the past regarding the liability of
liiose institutions in this matter. The hospitals will,
no doubt, welcome the decision, for the simple reason
that they know now their responsibilities, and can
take proper measures to protect themselves.
An application Vermox For Worms for an appeal in this case has been
refused, ;i'; it is ;i matter of express contract, and
no mailer of public interest is involved.

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