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From: Johnny Kape
Subject: The Voice sweet loli porn That Can't Be Heard, Chapter 1All rights lolit illeagle pic reserved.Every word of this story is fiction. Just like my other story, "The
Captive Boy", sex loli cp dark this story is also a work of my early imaginations. The main
character and the background of this story were formed in my early teens,
maybe 12 or 13 years old. They had been in my mind for more than 20 years.
Not long ago, I loli model best site had a dream, which made me story loli pedo incest start to form the whole story.
Hope you enjoy it.All my stories committed into Nifty are listed in the prolific author list,
under the name "Pedrick Oman / Johnny Kape". If you like this story,
please also have a look at them.Finally, special thanks to my editor, Matthew Templar, who helped me a lot
in many aspects besides my English. His stories are listed in the prolific
author list, too. I recommended everyone to read his y loli xxx
stories, especially
"One Gift To Give", which I enjoyed very much. I just heard from him that
he is working on the continuation of "One Gift To Give". Wow, I'm so
excited. Go, Matt! I'm looking forward to read it!All story writers like to receive your feedback, and I am no exception.
I'd love to hear from you about your thoughts, comments and criticisms of
all my stories. I'll answer all emails. Thank you.-- Johnny Kape
The Voice That Can't Be Heard -- Chapter 1
Ben looked up. There were no ladders at that side of the building. Only a
plastic pipe was there, from the roof to the ground. loli modles The window at the
15th floor was open. His destination was the 17th floor. It should not be
too difficult.He started to climb up the pipe. Theoretically, the pipe couldn't hold too
much weight. However, Ben's body was very small, slim and lightweight. He
tested the pipe and made sure that the pipe could support him without
falling off. Then he started to climb up.In Ben's ten years, most of the time he was trained for his physical
capability, martial skills, and some other skills necessary for missions,
such as picking locks and shooting. He even was trained for pain endurance
in case he was ever captured. Climbing up the pipe was a piece of cake for
him. He climbed up slowly and carefully. underage preteen loli cp He had sprayed a special slip
stopper on the bottom of his shoes. He moved up inch by inch, and tried
not to make any sound.He climbed up to the height of the 15th floor. The window was open, but
there was no light. He listened for a while to make sure that free loli asian video
there was
nobody in the room. He went over to the windowsill and looked inside. It
was a big kitchen. He jumped into it quietly.He listened again. There was sound in another room. From the sound they
made, it seemed that someone was getting freeporn lolits
her reward. He wondered what
mission the woman accomplished. He took his gloves from his pocket put
them on, and then he walked to the door of the kitchen. He took a look at
the living room to make sure that no cameras were monitoring.Soon, Ben walked to the front door of this luxury apartment. There was a
device on the door. He knew lolicon free gallery
that he would trigger an alarm if he opened
the door. He observed the wire layout. Though there was a burglar alarm
in this apartment, apparently the owner didn't understand it very well and
didn't care about it either. In a short time he found the wire he needed
to cut, and then cut it. He opened the door and watched the cameras
outside.At the corner there was a camera in the ceiling. He looked at the camera
carefully and, when the lens turned to another direction, he closed the
door and rushed to the stairway.Ben went up to the 17th floor. The security loli bbs dark seemed to be loli porn pic stricter. He
looked at two guards walking and lolit boy child chatting along the hallway.He waited there patiently. He counted the time the guards showed free porno lolite
up again,
and the time the camera turned back to this hallway. He estimated the time
he would have. When he rushed to the target gate, he had only less than
two minutes to unlock the gate, or he would need to wait for the next
chance.The first chance came. He rushed to the gate and looked at the locks.
There were two locks on the door, forum lolicon 3d but they were both simple ones. He took
out two needles and stirred in the lock. The first lock was unlocked. He
rushed sweetest loli galleries back to the stairway.In the second chance, he unlocked the second lock and opened the door a
small slit to make sure that no devices were on the door. He then sneaked
into the apartment and locked the door from inside.He looked at the apartment. Bob told him that the thing he needed to steal
would underage lolicon comics
be in a hidden safe, probably in the study. He started to observe
all the rooms.He sneaked into the first room. It seemed to be a boy's room. The room
was even bigger than Bob's. On the bed lay a boy. He didn't know the
boy's age, but apparently the boy was older than him. The boy was naked
and was sleeping deeply. The boy's dick was much larger free lolicon comics than his and was
semi-hard. There was some sparse hairs, too.He thought of one of his recently completed missions. The target he needed
to shoot was also naked and sleeping like a pig, ugly like one, too. In
this mission he didn't need to kill anyone. He had no gun after all. He
looked at the room. Though Bob told him that the safe should be in the
study, he didn't want to miss any possibility. Finally he was sure that
there was not any safe in the naked boy's room.He sneaked into the second room. Nobody was in the room, so he walked into
it and looked carefully. It was also a big room, but quite simple; pregnant lolis only a
queen-sized bed, a big cabinet, lolicon doujin free
a desk and a shelf. It was more like a
bedroom than a study. On the wall beside the cabinet hung a painting. The
painting was of a knight with a long sword.He had sneaked into uncountable offices and apartments. His instincts told
him that this painting did not fit in the room. He looked carefully. The
painting was not hanging there, but stuck on the wall. He looked at the
distance behind the paint, then he got out his flashlight.He took a chair and stood on it. He shined his light on the painting, then
nodded slightly. There were some very small dents on the painting; so
small that he needed to look for them very carefully. He looked at the
layout of these dents. paradise bbs loli
He thought of the time that Bob once let him see a
similar safe. If he made his insertion into the wrong dents, a silent
alarm would be triggered. He observed the depth of these dents, then he
had his answer.He took a needle lolicon child models
out and stuck it into one of the small dents. He heard a
click and he knew that he got it. He took out three more needles and stuck
each into another three small holes. When the fourth was done, he heard
another bigger click, and the painting opened.He took his flashlight and looked inside the safe. Inside it were a lot of
documents. He flipped back and forth to search for what he needed. Bob
used to teach him to read, but only limited to let him know what documents
he needed to steal or to photograph. He found what he wanted. According
to Bob, they were contracts about trades of large amounts of ammunitions.
With these documents the government could target and seize a big
organization that smuggled large amounts of ammunitions. Actually, Ben
didn't care about the contents of the missions and why he needed to
accomplish those missions. He just knew that he would get his reward from
Bob after finishing them.He got all the documents he wanted japan loli ls out of the safe and put them into his
own bodysuit. Then he closed the painting and removed the needles. He
left the room.He walked to lolitta nipple another room. It was a big kitchen. He opened the window and
looked outside. Yes, the lolitta art bbs
pipe he climbed was beside the window. He
climbed up onto the outside windowsill and closed the window from the
outside.He grabbed for and swung over to the pipe. He climbed down, still slowly
and silently. He also underwear loli used his asian lolitta bodysuit to wipe the fingerprints he might
have left on the pipe. Soon he reached the loli asian girls ground and left the building.
He came to the point Bob assigned to him.A black limousine was waiting there. Ben looked around and made sure that
nobody was watching them. He rushed to the car, opened the pre teens lolipop door, and got
into it. Once inside, he hid under the seat. The door closed.The car started to move and, after a few minutes, Ben got up and sat beside
Bob."Did you get them?" asked Bob.Ben took the documents from his bodysuit. Bob took a look at the documents
and smiled. He nodded."Good. lolits preteen Mission completed. Go back and get your dinner. I'll give you
your reward tonight."Ben nodded. He casually watched the view from the limousine's windows as
it passed by them.* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *Ben enjoyed his postponed dinner and took a porn pre loli
bath, and then stood in front
of a mirror. He looked at his own naked body. His body was small and
slim, but the training he'd had made his body very strong and had given him
clear muscle definition. There were some scars on his body too. That was
because he was captured once, and was beaten up a lot. On his neck lolity sex ass there
was an obvious mark. Bob told him that when he was very young, someone
attacked his parents and killed them and he witnessed the whole process.
Then the killer tried to strangle him. loli preteenz A cop passed sex rusian loli
by and saw them, then
the killer ran away. He was sent to the hospital and was saved. However,
his vocal cords were so seriously damaged that he couldn't make a sound
anymore.And Ben was quite aware of why he was selected to be trained a lot and
execute all kinds of missions at such a young age. The main reason was
certainly that he lost his voice. plumper lolit If he was captured by the enemy, they
would never get anything from him, because he lolicon tgp gallery couldn't speak. Ben became
convinced of this when he was captured the last time. In that mission, he
sneaked into a building to get a secret document to take photos of it.
However, he triggered an infrared alarm. He almost escaped, but at the
last moment he young models teens lolity
was caught. He was then sent free outdoor loli movies to an office. Some fierce
guys asked him about who lolitta girls sent him there, and about what he wanted. Ben adult flash games lolicon was
not afraid at all, but at that moment he realized schoolgirl loli sex fuck that, his lost sound was
always Bob's weapon, or say, Bob's insurance. He was beaten up a lot, but
Bob didn't come to save him. He got a chance to escape the room where he
was imprisoned and went back to Bob's house with an injured body. Bob
didn't blame him. He just found a doctor to bandage Ben and let Ben
recuperate for a few days.Actually, Ben was named not long before. His real name was Thirty-Six --
Yeah, it was just a number. lolit porn xxx mov In the mission previous to the last mission,
he took advantage of his small body to sneak into a luxury apartment
through a small vent. He then killed a guy, -- who was, according to Bob,
the leader of a notorious gang -- and escaped successfully.Ben was brought to see Bob's boss. Bob's boss looked at Ben and patted his
head."What's his name?" asked Bob's boss.Bob shook his head. "His agent number is thirty-six."Bob's boss seemed to be surprised. He stood up and yelled at Bob."What? You didn't even give him a name? Is this the way you treat..."Bob made a gesture and Bob's boss stopped. Bob's boss stared at Bob."So he knows nothing, right?" asked Bob's boss after a while.Bob shook his head.Bob's boss lolipop pornp tried to calm down. Then he turned to number thirty-six and
said, "All right. From now on, your name is ... Benjamin."Ben didn't quite understand why Bob's boss gave him a name. Thirty-six,
Benjamin, or Ben, they all didn't mean much to him. However, he saw that
apparently Bob's boss was angry with Bob. It was the first time he saw
that Bob was blamed. He felt very funny."Treat him nicer, Bob. This boy is our treasure," said Bob's boss.That night he got many more rewards. Bob's boss took them to a restaurant
-- that was Ben's first time to go to a restaurant outside -- and he had a
great dinner. Then it was also the first time that Bob had japanese loli movies Ali, his
servant, give Ben his rewards together.The mission was simple, but Ben still completed it perfectly. It meant
that Ben could get a good late dinner and he didn't need to sleep in his
small room, which was just like a storeroom. He looked at himself in the
mirror, and then moved to Bob's room in the nude.He never asked why Bob's room was so large (even Ali's room was better than
his) and he could only sleep in a small room. He was trained to execute
Bob's commands, not asking why. He sat on Bob's bed, waiting for his
reward.He sat there lolipop nude comfortably. He waited there, almost falling asleep. Bob and
Ali walked in, and Ben woke up. There was a small tray in Ali's hands,
with two small bottles on it. loli zeps
Ali put the tray on the nightstand beside
the bed and gave Ben a smile."Tired?" asked Bob. He gave Ben a smile too.Ben shook his head. He stood up and started to take off Bob's shirt."Don't hurry. I can do it myself." Bob smiled. He took off his own shirt
and pants, and handed them to Ali. Ali hung Bob's clothes in the cabinet,
bowed to Bob, then left the room."I'll take a bath. Wait on the bed for a few minutes."Ben couldn't wait, but he still sat back on the bed. Bob walked into the
bathroom and closed the door. Ben listened to the sound of the water.After a few minutes, Bob walked out of the bathroom and dried himself with
a big towel. He grinned to Ben."Oh, I thought that you might be asleep. You must have free lolitta incest been waiting for a
long time."Bob laid Ben on the bed and took a bottle. He poured out some lotion and
started to massage Ben's body. Ben closed his eyes. He enjoyed the
feeling of Bob's hands touching and walking on his body.Bob did think that it could harm his own self-esteem to "serve" this
10-year-old loli paradise boy. However, Ben's little body did stimulate him very much.
He liked to play with Ben's small nipples and see Ben's reaction. He liked
to touch Ben's muscle lines. He liked to rub Ben's small penis. Though
Ben couldn't make any sound, his emotions being carried away by Bob's
action made Bob feel very sexy.Sometimes Bob would try to make Ben have oral sex with him. However,
apparently Ben didn't like it. Only that night in which Ben got his name
from Bob's boss he let Ali have sex with Ben too. Ben seemed to be happy
having oral sex with Ali. After that, Ali penetrated Ben too. free lolito picture He wondered
if there would be other relations between Ali and Ben.It was a normal reward. Ben lifted his legs up to his shoulders. Bob
applied the lubrication from the other bottle to Ben's anus and his own
dick and rubbed Ben's little hard penis. Ben became excited soon and Bob
started to penetrate Ben violently. Ben liked the feeling of Bob's dick
penetrating his own hole violently. Finally Bob reached his climax and cum
inside Ben's hot tunnel. Bob pulled out his dick and shot the remaining
semen on Ben's body. Ben smiled at Bob, then he closed his eyes.Ben fell asleep very soon after getting his reward. Bob sat up on the bed,
and lit a cigarette. He sneered at sleeping Ben. Then he got another
document from the drawer of the nightstand to read.
-- To Be Continued
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