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Subject: The VOLUPTUARY - Part IV (Gay Authoritarian)THE VOLUPTUARYby Bill Smith ( IVCHAPTER 17THE PARTY BEGINS
Sucker was gasping for air along with the other galley slaves in his
team after the tenth run taking guests up the river to the master's
mansion. Being a pure black, he had been chosen to be a galley slave for
the party due to his muscular physique, his long, thick organ, and the fact
he looked like the master envisioned galley slaves should look. Sucker
squirmed on the thick dildo built into the rowing benches he and the other
galley slaves had been impaled on. The whip weals from the galley's driver
(a well-built white unshaven slave for contrast) were smarting as the heavy
sweat rolled down his back and rump, mixing with small amounts of blood
elicited by the constant whip. Like all the other black slaves assigned to
be galley slaves that night, stenciled in white on his black hide front and
back was a big three-digit number (the white drivers were similarly
stenciled in black) so the guests could write it down if they wanted to use
him later in the evening after all the guests had been delivered and he had
been cleaned inside and out. Since the thick dildo made sure he was hard at
all times, it was easy for the guests to evaluate what they would be
getting if they chose that particular slave - each one was totally naked,
body shaved, and fully erect. (But even the drivers were naked and hard so
they too could be assessed for later usage.) Sucker wondered how many more
runs they would have to make at full speed under the snapping whip and how
many guests had written his particular number down on their little pads. If
more than a few jotted his number down, it promised to be a long evening. All the guests enjoyed their speedy, but brief ride in the small
galleys David Holgate had had constructed for the party, each propelled by
a small team of eight pure black slaves who were all handsome, extremely
muscular, and all sporting very large, circumcised, and fully erect
phalluses. There were six of these galleys, all exactly alike, speeding
back and forth across the river from the parking area to the edge of the
grounds of David Holgate's brand new mansion taking the 100 or so invited
guests to the party that night. Once a guest arrived on shore, there were a convoy of litters to take
each guest separately to the mansion's entrance. Each litter had four blond
bearers, each with long flowing hair and a pencil line beard and mustache,
but fully body shaved with that exception. Each of the four bearers were
chained to their assigned litter by their prominent nose ring and each had
been fitted with a long, thick butt plug so their asses churned with each
step they took. Signs at the litter station invited each of the guests to
use the bearers before or after alighting the litters in any way they
pleased and many guests were doing just that. Since each guest was
assigned an individual litter, they could choose any one of the four blond
beauties available to them or indeed use all four if they wanted to. And,
if none of those four suited them for some reason, they could always choose
another litter. Most of the guests couldn't resist the offer and, at the
very least, stroked or fondled their bearers' tits, balls, prick, or
muscles; at the most, the bearers were fucked in place, nose ring still
chained to the litter or on their knees sucking the guest or, in a few
cases, especially with the female guests, called upon to fuck the guests
(although the latter two activities required his nose ring being
temporarily unchained from the litter and replaced with a leash). All of
this held up the rapid transference of guests from the dock to the mansion,
especially since each guest was assigned to an individual litter, but the
Holgate stewards had foreseen this difficulty and had thoughtfully provided
plenty of litters so there was no backlog no matter how many blond slaves
were sucking guests off, being fucked, standing in position being fondled,
or put to fucking themselves. Like the galley slaves, each litter bearer
had been stenciled in a large three-digit number front and back so a guest
could jot his number down for later use whether or not he was using the
slave before or after being conveyed in the litter. Driver was one of several litter overseers, being chosen for this task
due to his contrasting brown skin as well as his skill in handling
slaves. He was surprised how many of the guests were using the first piece
of slave meat they could get their hands on, the blond litter bearers, and
more than half of the bearers currently didn't have a litter on their
shoulders - they were on their knees sucking a guest off; on their hands
and knees getting fucked, flat on their back getting fucked, or fucking a
guest one way or another. This meant the other half of the bearers were in
constant use actually toting the guests to the mansion door and were
rapidly beginning to show signs of fatigue at the fast pace demanded.
Driver solved the fatigue problem by chaining a blond slave to the litter
poles the instance a guest was through using him and pulling an exhausted
bearer off the poles to be used by the next batch of incoming guests for a
little relief. The rotation' system worked well. The tension and strain of
hefting the litters was alleviated by the quite different demands of being
used sexually - different muscles were utilized, but sweat and heavy
breathing were almost constant either way. Driver mused at how these eager guests didn't seem to understand the
delights that awaited them inside the mansion - once they saw that, they
would probably wished they had waited. Nevertheless, plenty of guests were
writing down numbers whether or not they had used a particular slave - it
seemed muscular, well hung blonds appealed to everyone. That he could
understand. He too was attracted to blonds for some reason or another, and
since belonging to Master Holgate, had finagled his master into using him
as a trainer for new blonds, thus getting to use some of them himself from
time to time. He wondered if any of the guests recognized Master Holgate's
main chauffeur without his tight pants and the fancy Maybach. Somehow, he
looked entirely different clothed' than naked and separated from the car as
he was presented now. He too had a three-digit number stenciled in white on
his brown skin and he wondered how many of the guests had written his
number down, perhaps not realizing they would end up fucking Master
Holgate's personal chauffeur (or being sucked off by or even, with a few,
being fucked by). If so, taking into account he was in charge of making
sure all the litter bearers were cleansed inside and out as soon as the
last guests had been delivered to the mansion's entrance via the litters
and then placed into the system where number requests by the guests could
begin to be filled as demanded, it loli big tits could be a very long evening indeed. He
hoped Master Holgate didn't plan too many trips the next day in the Maybach
- it would be hard keeping alert - but, then, he thought, Master Holgate
would probably be up just as long as he was due to the party. The big
difference, however, was his master wouldn't be at the beck and call of his
guests as Driver might be. Driver knew from long experience it was a lot
more tiring getting fucked and sucking from a long series of masters and
mistresses commanding every move on his part than being the one giving the
orders for whatever you wanted at the time. That, he understood fully, was
the difference between being owned and being the owner. Inside the house itself, the ten slaves to be given away that night
stood in readiness. Each had been given a complete series of enemas, body
shaved, and coated with a fresh coat of glistening slave oil. As Master
Holgate had specified earlier to his stewards, each were fresh arrivals
from his breeding farm, all were of prime marketable age (17-18), all had
received full slave training including complete training in sexual use of
their bodies, all knew nothing but slavery of course, being bred; and all
(2 girls and 8 boys in a variety of colors) wore nothing other than their
slave collars and the Holgate brands to give them an unused, innocent look
(the "illusion of virginity" as Master Holgate had described it). Each of
the 10 knew they were the "prizes" of the evening and would shortly have a
new master or mistress - who picked the lucky lottery tickets would
determine their life from now on, whether it be a bored middle aged
mistress looking for an inexhaustible stud for her bed, a sadistic teenager
interested only in seeing how much pain they could endure, a rich farmer
looking for a stalwart pony to pull him around his estate, a construction
magnate looking for a handsome worker he could also use every night in his
bed, a bordello keeper looking for new stock, or a supercilious dandy
looking for a striking display slave he could flaunt wherever he went. Aztec and El Greco had been assigned to waiting table at the banquet
that night, each being assigned a particular guest. They were to stand in
full display position, just to the rear and the right side of their
assigned guest where their sexual organs would be easy to fondle. If their
guest desired, they were to slip under the table to suck them off
discretely while they ate, bend over to be fucked between courses right in
plain view of all the other diners, stand stoically as the guests milked
them for a fresh condiment, or masturbate themselves for the same purpose.
They knew most guests would at some point during the meal do one or all of
these things, but certainly they would be milked before a toast or as an
after-dinner cocktail, or even as an interesting steak sauce. After the
meal, their assigned guest would have first choice in using their body, but
if he or she was bored by now, their body would be available to any of the
guests - first come, first served. El Greco had served this function before
and warned Aztec it would be a long night. At the last party, El Greco had
been milked four times during the leisurely meal, had sucked his owner off
twice under the table during the meal, had had endless fingers placed up
his ass chute while the guest was eating with the other hand, and had had
his prick stroked and his balls fondled with one hand or another throughout
the meal. After the meal, he had been chosen for use by 11 different
guests before the night was over. By the morning after, he had a bleeding
ass, a chaffed prick, swollen and very sore balls, a raspy throat,
indigestion from all the cum he had swallowed, and tits so sore he couldn't
touch them for days nude loli teens
afterwards. El Greco informed Aztec he doubted if this
party would be any different for a slave - in fact, since it was
celebrating the mansion's opening, it could be much more demanding. When
Aztec blanched in fear at the description of the forthcoming demands, El
Greco reassured him. "Aztec, you're young and strong. It WILL be a demanding night, but
one both you and I can endure with no real damage after a few days to
recover. It's probably no different than a brothel slave has to endure each
and every day and we Holgate properties only have parties to serve every
few months or so. Me? I dreaded the first one and wondered if it would do
me in after talking to the veteran slaves around here. But after it was
over and the juice started flowing back in my balls, I realized it really
wasn't all that bad and, at least, it was great getting completely drained
at long last. I wasn't hard for a good week after that first party to show
you how drained I got. Look at us now - always hard and dripping because
of our need. Well, after the party, you won't have to put up with that for
a while," he laughed. "Besides," El Greco added, "not all the guests are
old and ugly. A surprising number of Master Holgate's guests are young and
good looking - you won't mind being fucked by them at all. At least, I
don't." "Did any waiters get to fuck any of the mistresses?" Aztec asked
hopefully. "At the last party, yes. As a matter of fact, three of them. But,
Aztec, fucking a mistress to her exact specifications and not being allowed
to shoot off while you're fucking her is entirely different than fucking
some little trollop in your home town before you were enslaved. Back in
Greece, I used to fuck some stupid girls caught up with my looks about
every day and enjoyed it thoroughly. But fucking a mistress is just work
as far as I'm concerned. Most of them control' you through your tit or
nose rings and they're always telling you to pump harder or pump deeper or
lick them out better or whatever. There's just no spontaneity in it and
it's just a chore no matter how much you tell the bitch you're enjoying it
and she's the best you ever had and all that crap. But, Aztec, as I recall,
you never really had a woman when you were free - that will be to your
advantage. That way, you don't have anything else to compare it with and
that's just as well. But, if you're good in fucking them, they often let
you shoot off when they're totally satisfied and the relief alone is worth
all the heaving and bucking. As I told you, Aztec, you're almost as good
looking as this Greek boy, so I imagine some mistress is going to bed you
down before the evening is over. You're see what I mean after you've
served stud to the old bitch." With that, both slaves began giving themselves the series of enemas,
body shaves and oiling, nail and tooth polishing, head hair trims, and
other grooming necessary to make them look their very best for the coming
evening's events. Finally, they inserted the 8" butt plugs ordered up by
Master Holgate, each with a huge ring sticking out of their butt to make
removal easy for the guests if and when they wanted to fuck the slave. As
their steward had explained, the butt plug was there not only to remind
them of their status and keep them hard throughout the evening, but to
serve as an invitation to the guests for use of their well trained hole
whenever they wanted. Elsewhere, the food servers were being similarly loli pedo cp nude
prepared for the
evening. All servers were dark brown Asian blends fitted out with large tit
rings, tall showy red collars, flashy ear rings, and clothed' in gleaming
white jock straps surrounding their large genital package. They too were
being cleansed inside and out, heavily oiled, and shaved smooth below their
eyebrows. They were well aware their clothing' would only be temporary -
if a guest didn't tear it off while serving when fondling them, they would
remove it automatically as soon as all the food courses had been served and
offer themselves as a last course' to the dining guests. Hence, they
retained their thick genital rings so that they displayed well with or
without the white jock straps. Those Asian slaves experienced in serving a
Holgate banquet knew this last course' usually meant they were drained dry.
Most guests loved having at least one or two loads of hot cum as an
aperitif and Asian cum always had a unique, but tasty, flavor. Some guests
followed that with actually fucking the server or having the server suck
him off, but this was often diverted loli sex amarika with the ready availability of the
handsome waiters who frequently had drained the guests already. Like the
waiters, the servers then were available for anyone's use the remainder of
the evening which necessitated many trips to the maintenance center to be
flushed out, bathed, or re-lubed and re-oiled as the evening progressed.
Despite rumors to the contrary, Asian slaves held up to the heavy sexual
demands just as well as other slaves. It was more a matter of training and
overall health than ethnicity and race, most astute dealers knew. Of course, Dallas and Charles, who got so excited when they received
their first invitation ever to a Holgate party, were among the 100+ invited
guests and could hardly contain themselves when they, along with their
"attendant" slave Romulus, stepped onto the Roman barge to be rowed across
the river to the Holgate estate's pier. Both the young masters were in
their finest party clothes - clothes that fit perfectly and were of the
finest quality but also could be easily removed and then put back on
dependent on party demands (if any of the rumors about the party were even
partially true!). Accompanying them was their brown- skinned slave Romulus,
resplendent in a shiny new silver collar that was 3" high to force an erect
head at all times, large 2" tit rings, a thick 1" genital ring that made
sure his ample manhood was prominently displayed, and a shaved oil-slicked
body that simply glowed in the torches of the galley. Romulus' leash, made
up of small silver links forming a light chain, ran from Master Dallas'
hand to a ring attached to Romulus genital ring - in other words, he was
being led around by his balls on this festive occasion. "If you find your attendant slave more trouble than he's worth, just
send him back and we'll put him in the holding pens we've set up on the
parking lot for your convenience," the dockmaster said right before they
stepped on the barge. "That's why we're marking him with this temporary
number on his chest. Here's the check-in tag with his number in case you
decide to pen him until you're ready to leave. We're using red ink for the
chest numbers so the guests' stock doesn't get mixed up with Holgate
stock," he added. "I told you Romulus might get in the way," Dallas whispered to
Charles. "You want to check him in now?" "Let's at least give him a ride in the barge," Charles replied. "We
can always send the boy back from the other side." " The boy' viewed the holding pens the dockmaster had referred to.
They looked like PortaPots with bars for walls instead of solid siding - a
stand-up only cage with barely enough room to turn around in and obviously
trucked in just for this occasion. The long row of cages were already half
full as many guests had already decided their slave attendants, all marked
with red numbers on their chests, were supercilious and the eyes of the
cage occupants gleaned in the torch lights of the parking lot reminiscence
of the holding areas at a nighttime slave auction. Romulus had seen cages
like this before, of course. They were commonly used in displaying fresh
stock for first sale where untrained goods to be inspected needed to be
tightly confined. And they were common where male slaves had primarily
been purchased as milk studs - it was easy to hook them up to the milking
machines when the studs were restrained in vertical cages where they could
barely move. With a jerk on his leash, Romulus followed his masters onto the barge,
resplendent with eight jet-black rowers, each muscular body wet with sweat,
each breathing heavily from their last run, and each rock hard as they
squirmed chained to their row benches. They stared at Romulus' handsome
naked brown body with open lust when the white overseer's attention was
diverted by the embarking guests. Romulus stared in return at their backs
and rumps, coated with a mixture of blood from the whip and riverlets of
sweat from their heated bodies. As one of the galley slaves lifted his
body to readjust his position, Romulus quickly saw why all the rowers were
fully erect and dripping - their asses were impaled on huge dildos set into
the rowing benches themselves. Each stroke of the oar was equivalent to the
plunge of a huge prick fucking them. Romulus, fairly naive in all the
varieties slaves were available at markets around the world, stared again
at the magnificent physiques, the gleaming ebony hide, and the gigantic
pricks of the pure black rowers and couldn't help but become aroused
himself. The galley slaves were the epitome of masculine flesh and were
obviously in heavy need from the stimulation they were receiving. Romulus
wondered if he could survive a fucking from any one of them - all were much
bigger than anything he had seen in slaves to date. Where on earth did
this Master Holgate find such specimens? When the barge took off with the overseer's whip raining down on the
backs of the rowers, Charles and Dallas were practically drooling looked at
the erotic display of raw sexuality and wanton masculinity under perfect
discipline and were instantly hard and dripping themselves as they stared
at the slaves squirming on the benches in their efforts to keep the whip
from cutting their backs even more than was occurring (but in the process
fucking themselves even harder on the dildos deep within them). Before two
minutes of leaving the shore, Dalles had Romulus on his knees sucking him
while Charles stroked himself through his tight pants. Both masters were
writing down the number of one or another of the galley slaves they
intended to use later in the evening. Before Romulus could drain Master Dalles, they were on the other side
and disembarking where the naked blond litter bearers awaited them with the
ornate Roman-style litters. Charles saw the sign inviting guests to use the
bearers and quickly grabbed a handsome heavily hung blond slave, pushed him
to his knees, and had the slave sucking him all the way down his
throat. Dallas, still holding Romulus genital leash, started stroking
another blond slave's erect prick with one hand while playing with the
slave's prominent tits with the hand holding his own slave's leash.
Neither Charles jap lolicon
nor Dallas stopped their dalliance until Charles dumped a
load down one blond's throat while Dallas pumped a load from another blond,
caught it in his hand and then slurped it down in that he was a little
hungry since it had been some time since lunch. When finished, Charles and Dalles looked at the accumulation of
dazzlingly handsome blond slaves standing around them, looked at the jet
black galley slaves screwing themselves on their embedded dildos as yet
another load of guests were now arriving, then looked at loli nude petite Romulus, held taut
by his genital leash, and both nodded their heads in agreement. Their own
slave was simply in the way and would be better off awaiting them in a
holding cage upon their return. Keeping the check-in tag, they put him back
on the barge for the trip back to the parking lot. The red number on his
chest told those in charge he was one of the guest's slaves being returned
for storage and he would be caged appropriately. "Did you read the fine print on the check-in tag, Charles? Dalles
asked. "Yeah, all goods may be used by Holgate properties," Charles laughed.
"If the cage master takes a fancy to him, Romulus will have his own little
party." As soon as all the guests had been rowed across, the cage master did
take a fancy to Romulus and fucked him thoroughly right out in public in
front of his cage. Fortunately, Romulus had lubed himself thoroughly for
the party since the cagemaster, a huge Russian slave, was formidable when
it came to his sexual organs. Upon being stuffed back into his standing
cage, Romulus tried to use his hands to keep the river's chill off of him,
unable to curl up to keep himself warm in the cramped confines. None of the
checked in slaves had any clothes on them and all were chilled to the bone
by the time they masters or mistresses picked them up at the end of the
party sometime in the early morning. By that time, almost all of them had
been fucked at least once in that the black rowers whose numbers were not
called up were given some relief from their long siege of sexual arousal by
being given one of the checked slaves to fuck or have suck them
off. Romulus not only was fucked by the cagemaster, but, considerably
later, was fucked by two of the black galley slaves and had to suck two
more off. At least, when he was being fucked by the black slaves, he got
heated up from their animal heat although their huge size stretched his ass
and throat to where he thought he was being torn open and he sobbed for a
short while from the terrible pain of accommodating them. He could only
guess the guests had forgotten all about the beautiful black galley slaves
after they saw what was available inside the mansion. Charles and Dallas, having finished their dalliance with the inviting
blond litter slaves, each got aboard a litter, were hefted onto the slave's
shoulders, and soon found themselves at the mansion's main entrance.
Neither of them had ever been carried on a litter before and found the
experience exhilarating - there was a real thrill being borne aloft on the
shoulders of four beautifully muscled human animals, each team matched for
physique and hair color. When they arrived, a few guests were busily
enjoying one or several of their litter bearers right near the front
entrance and it was strange seeing the front of the mansion dotted with
blond slaves either on their knees sucking, on their backs with their legs
splayed getting fucked, or on their hands and knees taking a guest's dick
up their hole. But both Charles and Dallas had wasted enough time playing around with
the handsome blonds and wasted no time marching up to the front entrance
display: the usual Holgate trio of three beautiful matched mulatto slaves
purchased in Chicago linked together by chains connecting their thick
penile rings welcoming the guests on behalf of their master and proclaiming
their availability after the last guests had arrived. "You ever think of fitting Romulus with a penile ring right through
his nice smooth glans?" Dallas asked his partner. "It sure gives a slave a
certain controlled look," he said admiringly as he tugged on the chains
connecting the three slaves' pricks. "I've thought of it, Dallas," Charles replied. "But it would be just
like Romulus to get it caught up in something like a drawer pull or a door
knob and tear his pretty phallus - that attractive trimmed prick of his is
one of the big reasons we bought him." "You're probably right, Charles," Dallas laughed. "Romulus is one
sexy slave, but he's clumsy as an ox. He'd be the very one to get his
manhood caught up in the Mix-Master or something." Both men, arriving about three-quarters through in the guest roll,
entered the mansion just in time for Master Holgate's arrival from another
entrance in a chariot pulled by eight prancing matched black-haired
green-eyed white slaves: all about 5'10", all shaved below their necks, all
with a pencil line beard and connecting mustache, and all tit ringed,
genitally banded with a penile ring, and all tall-collared, but no ear or
nose rings. They were harnessed in red leather, fitted with mouth bits -
the reins attached to their tit rings. All were butt plugged so their asses
churned as they pulled the flashy gold covered chariot. The team of eight
hitched to the chariot were all coated in heavy oil so they practically
glowed in the strong spotlights of the grand hall. "Jesus," Charles exclaimed. "Talk about an entrance!" But neither he nor Dallas were quite prepared for the display that
evolved from the prancing pony slaves pulling their master in a gold
chariot. Soon, the team had reached the center of the hall where there was
a huge throne, resting on the broad muscle-bound backs of 16 prone black
slaves arranged in a circle around the perimeter of the throne. Each naked
black had been selected for his musculature and the extreme size of his
erect penis. Once Master Holgate had left his chariot and sat down in the
throne, the 16 blacks lifted the throne atop their shoulders in an
incredibly even fashion carefully choreographed and then stood with their
legs spread wide in full display position in a perfect circle surrounding
the throne, every muscle in their shoulders, torso, and legs reflecting the
strain of supporting the heavy throne and its occupant. The audience was
awed into total silence initially, but then broke into spontaneous
applause. "Feel free to fondle the slave's bodies that are supporting me,
including milking them if you want. I made sure their balls are stuffed
full to start with - they haven't been allowed to discharge in over a month
and would be most grateful for any relief you guests may choose to employ,"
Master Holgate announced with a gracious smile. "And just as soon as the white ponies are unhitched and have their
bits removed, you'll see then crawl beneath my ascended throne where they
will fuck each other beneath my throne for your amusement. The white
ponies will fuck each other in a continuous chain for the full 45 minutes I
am being held aloft, but they will be exercising heavy body control during
that time. After that, along with my black throne supporters, they will
offer themselves to any of my guests for the remainder of the evening. That
will give my guests 24 prime animals at their complete disposal as a little
variety to the other offerings of the evening. So study them carefully for
a possible choice - they all know they will be punished if they don't
attract some sort of usage by a minimum of ten guests each. But in the
interim, you can always fondle and milk the black slaves if you like." Dallas and Charles stared in disbelief as the white ponies did indeed
crawl under the throne and proceed to start fucking each other in a huge
daisy chain of continuous motion. And, with the open invitation, more than
a few guests started churning the balls, stroking the penises, and playing
with the tits of the huge black slaves straining from their load. Soon,
more than a few of the black slaves, kept from shooting off for over a
month, starting shooting off into paper cups being dispensed by a small
team of attending slaves, while the guests started sipping the frothy
"appetizer." Much to Charles' and Dallas' amazement, none of the black
slaves moved one iota as their tits were squeezed, their balls churned, and
their pricks pumped. Even when they discharged a full load of their thick
cream into the cups provided did their bodies move at all other than a
slight muffled gasp and some body tremors shooting up and down their
torsos. Within their circle, the white slaves were moaning as a big prick
was being rammed in and out of their asses and they heaved pumping their
own organ ru loli kids all the way in and out of the slave's ass in front of them.
Soon, their bodies were coated in sweat and the smell of sex perfumed the
air surrounding the throne above them. The sex smell served as an
aphrodisiac for the guests in attendance and soon nary a black slave
supporting their master on their straining shoulders didn't have hands all
over his body and was busily producing yet another load for a paper cup of
some guest. Charles and Dallas found a black slave who had only been milked once
so far and, getting a paper cup, proceeded to extract a full cup out of the
quivering slave. The cream was indeed tasty and both men found it a
refreshing appetizer - it was obvious the meal would be served before too
long if this was labeled an appetizer. Within the 45 minutes of the throne display, the last guests had
arrived, the throne descended to ground level, and David Holgate invited
all the guests to use any of the white slaves that turned them on or one of
the black slaves now that they were freed of their load and could be easily
fucked. Instantly, almost all of the black slaves found themselves flat on
their backs with their legs lifted high and a hard prick pounding into
their hole. Likewise, the white slaves were either on their knees sucking a
guest or on their hands and knees being fucked just like before, but this
time by one of their master's guests rather than just another Holgate
property. Soon both black and white slaves had cum running down their legs
or dribbling out of their mouths and witnessed lines of guests queued up
behind them awaiting their usage. Fortunately, they reflected, they had
been forewarned of this possibility and had lubed themselves accordingly.
They smiled inwardly as they thought there would be no problem fulfilling
their owner's injunction to have 10 guests use them or face severe
punishment. Already, most of them had serviced six or seven guests and it
was just the beginning of the evening - why, they hadn't even had a chance
to hit the slave maintenance center yet and get their body freshened. At
this rate, they could all expect to meet their quota (and beyond) with no
difficulty. Within a half-hour, a huge gong sounded with an announcement by Master
Holgate that dinner would be served in ten minutes, giving everyone a
chance to finish up with any slave they were using and get a chance to wash
up a bit if the evening had proven to be entertaining so far. Most of the
guests shot off in whatever hole they were in, had the slave servicing them
clean their prick and balls with their mouth and tongue, and then freshened
up in one of the numerous rest rooms off the grand hall, reassembling their
clothes and combing their hair in the process. Charles and Dallas, like many of the others who had experienced
considerable sex with the slaves, went to the nearest restroom, washed
their face off, combed their hair, and, taking the washcloth, carefully
wiped off their sexual organs despite the fact they had been rather
thoroughly cleaned by the mouth of the last slave they had used, in both of
their cases one of the handsome green-eyed white slaves. Another gong sounded with Master Holgate announcing the meal would be
served in the Grand Dining Hall. Charles and Dallas were seated next to each other at a huge long table
lavishly set for 100 guests, each with a naked waiter to the right of each
chair. Charles was seated next to a guest named Claude DuPree on his left
while Dallas was seated next to a guest on his right who had one of his own
slaves kneeling at his feet between the two of them. "I hope my slave isn't in your way, my friend," Dallas' neighbor
announced. "If so, just nudge him with your foot and, if you like the
looks of him, feel free to use him at any time - he sucks beautifully and
doesn't make a lot of noise about it either. underage lolitgas Perfect for discrete use at a
dinner like this." Dallas looked down at the kneeling slave, no older than 18, and saw
the boy was attractive: a nice muscular physique, an almost pretty face,
and prominent well-shaped sexual organs propped out in front of him by a
large genital ring tightly fitted. Perhaps he would be interesting to use
at some point during the dinner if his own personal waiter, a handsome
white slave named Service, was disappointing. Service looked to be in his mid 20s, was quite appealing, and looked
experienced in offering his body up for other's use if not in serving as a
waiter. Service looked at the slave on the floor disparagingly and let
Master Dallas know by a sophisticated look he would be the better choice in
bringing sensual pleasure over any teenage slave merely belonging to the
neighboring guest. "I'm a Holgate property, Master, " Service said softly
to his assigned guest as if that alone established his superiority over the
trash on the floor. Charles introduced himself to Claude DuPree who said he was a close
personal friend of David Holgate and indeed, sold premium slaves to him
from time to time. Charles' personal waiter was an strikingly handsome
slave named Pleasure, who looked to be in the early 20s and was already
letting his assigned guest know his body was there for that guest's use any
way he wanted it and whenever he wanted it. Pleasure had a certain urgency
to him that was due to his Mafia training, but Charles, of course, knew
nothing of that at this point. He liked what he saw and appreciated the
waiter's eagerness to serve. Claude DuPree wasted no time in utilizing his waiter, a handsome slave
labeled The German.' "I've used this boy of David's before," he announced
as he grabbed the blond slave and began rapidly stroking his shaft, "and
found his juice particularly tangy. Are your balls nice and full, German?"
he asked the slave who had thrust his loli angel hentai
pelvis outward for his user's
convenience in stroking him. "Yes, Master," the German slave answered with some urgency. "These
balls are packed full for Master's use," the slave added with a big smile
on his face. "Master Holgate hasn't let any of us assigned as waiters to
shoot off for over two weeks now, Master." It didn't take long before the German slave filled the cocktail glass
Master DuPree had in his other hand with long, thick strands of steaming
hot cum. Claude DuPree dipped his finger in it and then lifted it to his
mouth, savoring the taste and texture. "Delicious! Want a taste?" Claude DuPree asked Charles, offering him
the cocktail glass. "Why not?" Charles responded as he took a fair sized sip from the
glass, ran it around in his mouth a bit, and then swallowed. "That IS good," Charles announced in appreciation as he took another
larger sip. "Hey, don't pig it ALL down," Claude DuPree laughed, "or I'll have to
milk another load out of the German's balls." "No need. I'll coach a load out of Pleasure here. Maybe he's just as
good, if not better," Charles chuckled. With that, Charles grabbed
Pleasure's dick, already hard and most prominent due to the waiter's thick
genital ring, and began pumping the large organ. This slave too had
obviously been denied any outlet for some time in that he almost instantly
began dripping and within a minute was spilling out a full load into
Charles' own crystal cocktail glass. Pleasure's cum was frothy and ivory
white, even thicker than the German's. Charles took a sample slurp and found the taste interesting - sort of
like buttered almonds. "Here, Mr. Dupree, try it. It's really somewhat different, but I must
say delicious," Charles handed the glass to his neighbor. "Call me Claude," the man sitting next to him said as he took the
proffered glass and took a nice swig. "You're right, Charles. It is
different, but, as you say, really yummy." With that, Claude took a couple
of larger swallows, leaving just a little in the cup. "Hey, Claude, you've practically drunk the whole load," Charles
exclaimed. "You must like it!" "Milk out another load, Charles. That boy's too good to waste,"
Claude instructed. Charles did just that and was surprised how quickly Pleasure produced
another load, almost as productive as the first milking and spurting out
surprisingly fast considering he had just been milked minutes
before. Claude did the same with his German waiter, which took a little
longer and this time produced only half a glass. "This time, I'm keeping my glass to myself, Claude," Charles laughed
as he drank the entire glass down in one huge gulp, smacking his lips
afterwards in satisfaction. "Me too, Charles," Claude chuckled as he swallowed the entire contents
of his refilled glass, swirled it around in his mouth a bit and then
swallowed. "German slaves are always tangy," he announced. Both the waiters had broke out in a full body sweat from their
draining and both their pricks were, for once, flaccid. But they
maintained their wide-spread stance with their pelvises thrust forward for
easy handling. Dallas' neighbor on the other side had sucked his waiter off directly,
not fiddling with any cocktail glass and then began playing with the tits
on his attendant slave still kneeling beneath him. Dallas thought he should
at least have a cocktail of some type, in view of all his neighbors, and
milked Service off into his glass. Service's output was quick and
voluminous. And, as Dallas quickly discovered, delicious with a nice fresh
taste that was slightly salty. It made for a nice pre-dinner cocktail and
the slave milked was most grateful to gain some relief at last. "Did you see those black slaves holding up David's throne?" Claude
DuPree asked Charles. "One of them I recently sold to him, but I didn't
quite know at the time exactly what David had in mind using him for. He
just told me he needed a very big, muscular stud that was jet black and
Sucker' fit the bill. I thought I was selling him for his mouth, not his
muscles, but you know David - you just never know what he wants a slave
for. Of course, Sucker' is still doing what he does best, I bet - sucking
dick. That throne thing was just for tonight, probably Did you get to use
any of the black slaves holding up that throne, Charles?" "Sort of," Charles explained. "I sucked one of those black's big tits
while they were holding up the throne. I was more interested in whether I
could get them to move with my titillation than really using them
properly. No matter how much I sucked and tongued his big tits, I couldn't
get more than a good shiver out of that black slave he was so well trained.
And afterwards, I got busy fucking one of those white slaves that had
served as ponies. The pony I fucked was really good - a nice tight ass
that he knew how to use for a master's pleasure. Kind of amazing
considering he had been fucked for a 45 minutes before by the pony in back
of him." "Chances are you were sucking Sucker's tits. Were they about as big
as a woman's tits?" "Well, yes, come to think of it, that's exactly what they were like.
The tits of a woman on a man's chest. You say that was this Sucker slave
you sold to Mr. Holgate?" "Probably. A big dude with lots of muscle, great big juicy tits, a
huge package on him, and the self-control of a well-trained bull. But
mainly, a mouth that was heaven itself when it came to sucking a master,"
Mr. DuPree answered rather dreamily. "Sort of wish I'd never sold him when
I think of that black slave's velvety throat." "Sounds like I really missed out just sucking his tits," Charles said.
"It would have been fun to see if he sucked as well as you say. If I had
waited and used him after they had put that damn throne down, I could have
had him do just that." "Oh, look, they're bringing in the food," the master sitting next to
Dallas' announced. By the way, my name's Jeremy. And your name?" "Dallas," was the quick answer. "Your slave got a name, in case I
decide to use him after all?" "Fetch, and, I repeat, use him anytime you want. That's what he's
here for," Jeremy replied. "Looks like all the servers are Asian," Dallas commented to no one in
particular. "Except that one that's golden with blue eyes - he looks Mexican to
me," Charles added to the conversation. "He is," Claude replied. "I sold him to David just a few weeks
ago. He's from a small town in Mexico originally, in slavery less than a
year, and, if you get a chance, grab him to fuck. He gives about the best
fuck I've ever seen out of a slave, especially one as young as he is.
That's why David bought him from me - his talent in offering up a damn
memorable fuck." Dallas and Charles stared at the slave under discussion. His smooth
golden skin literally glowed with all the oil on him, and his huge basket
was well outlined in the white jock strap straining to hold its
contents. His body was truly appealing even clothed as he was with the
white jock strap. As the server passed them with a huge tray of appetizers, Claude
reached out and literally tore the jock strap off the Mexican slave,
exposing his huge genitals for all to see. "He's well equipped, but his real talent is offering up his ass,"
Claude said as he hefted the Mexican's balls up in his hand for all to see. The Mexican slave struggled to keep the tray from spilling but stood
quietly while his body was being fondled as he steadied the tray in his
hands. The waiters around him all served assorted appetizers from the tray
onto their assigned guests' plates as the Mexican balls were being churned
and his shaft stroked to a full erection. Other servers, all Asian blends in gleaming white jock straps (at
least those who hadn't had them torn off yet) followed with vegetables,
fruits, meats, and fish as the naked waiters made sure the guests had at
least a sample of each on their plates. Soon the room was quiet as the
guests were enjoying the delicious food and playing with the waiters'
bodies. After the dessert was served, a lemon sponge cake soaked in hot
cum sauce direct from the kitchens (did David Holgate have a whole squadron
of milk slaves in the kitchen just for this purpose?), the servers who
still had their jock straps intact cast them off into a big container at
one side of the room and then circulated around among the guests, openly
advertising their availability for whatever the guests might want. Before
long, the entire room was seething with Asian bodies being fucked or on
their knees sucking, waiters flat on their backs being fucked, or waiters
on their knees sucking one guest or another. Some waiters were put to
fucking the Asian servers for added entertainment and a few waiters were
put to each other under the explicit directions of their assigned guests,
who were commanding each move they made as if they were actors in some sort
of wild porno movie. Before 15 minutes, the floor was sticky with spent cum
and dripping juices, the air reeked of sex sweat, and the room was filled
with groans, moans, and sighs from both the slaves and the guests. No Roman
orgy could have been more complex than the writhing bodies in that room and
no guest could possibly say he wasn't offered every known sexual activity
ever invented by the enthusiastic Holgate slaves who seemed to have no
inhibitions, no restrictions on their use, no preferences other than
pleasing each and every guest present. Masters that preferred female slaves had plenty available as they too
drifted into the room following dessert. And the mistresses present who
wanted more studs then their waiters and the servers weren't disappointed
either. Both the black throne bearers and the white pony slaves now joined
the other slaves in the dining hall, all freshly scrubbed and relubed for
use by those guests who hadn't explored their bodies yet. The mistresses
took especial advantage of this new supply and many of the black and white
slaves were now plowing others rather than being plowed. "This is even better than the last party," Jeremy exclaimed as he was
plunging into the ass of a particularly handsome Asian server, no more than
18 or so. "I agree," Claude DuPree said, "and I've been to most of them, I
think." Claude had Jeremy's slave Fretch sucking him off at the time, but
had just finished fucking one of the Asian servers himself, a huge handsome
Chinese man in his late 20s who sported one of the largest pricks Claude
had ever seen (and he had seen a lot of big slave pricks over the years). Charles and Dallas were completely drained, but nevertheless each had
Oriental serving slaves (one from Thailand; the other from Burma) sucking
them while they played idly with the two boys' tits. When all the guests were completely satiated and the only activity was
slaves fucking each other under the direction of one guest or another,
Master Holgate stood up and announced it was time for him to distribute a
few presents to 10 lucky recipients - all fresh, young slaves bred at his
own breeding farm, and, outside their extensive sexual training, relatively
unused up to this point. "Eight males and two females, ripe for breeding," he announced as the
ten carefully selected slaves (all products of Holgate's own premium
breeding studs and broods) marched in - all stark nude outside of their
neck collars and Holgate brands, the males showing hard. Each of the ten
giveaways promptly climbed up on individual pedestals where attendants
chained them for guests' inspection prior to the distribution where they
displayed their bodies in full presentation mode (hands in back of their
slave collar, the males' pelvises thrust forward with their pricks fully
erect, the females' breasts thrust forward with their nipples fully erect,
and both sexes with their legs spread wide to best display their genitals. The 100 guests all then left their chairs and took their time
inspecting loli bbs nude
the goods to be given away as prizes while the other slaves in
the room seized the chance to take a breather. David Holgate then announced the winners would be chosen randomly by
the house computer. All the gift slaves, now excited and flushed from all
the guests' handling were again freshly oiled on their hairless bodies and
were in a visible state of sexual arousal. "As I give each slave away, I will suggest the recipient try his new
prize out immediately to see if he wants to keep the gift or try to
exchange his gift with another recipient. To make sure my guests
understand what I mean by trying a slave out' I have several pairs of fresh
slaves there on the stand fucking and sucking each other positioned so
every guests can see them easily - sort of a way to break the ice for those
guests who might be a little inhibited and old fashioned when to comes to
performing sex in front of others. Modesty is alright for sex between free
people, but with slaves it seems ridiculous. After all, it's not like
screwing your wife - a slave is just an animal, after all, and this is a
party designed for people to enjoy themselves," Mr. Holgate explained as he
pointed to the pairs of performing slaves just brought in and already in
the action he was referring to. Each pair performing was a study of
matching color - one pair were both black; another pair were both brown;
another pair were both Asians; and four pair were both pure whites. All
four pairs went to performing public sex vigorously up on the stands where
all could see them and each pair looked delighted to be there, part of
their intensive training no doubt. Each pair moved about as they were
engaging in sex so that the guests could see their gyrating bodies from all
angles. Mr. Holgate pushed a button on the computer keyboard and a guest's
name flashed up on the big screen. "Claude DuPree, you old scoundrel," David Holgate laughed. "I just
bought some slaves from you and here you are taking one of my slaves with
you back. Probably, if I don't watch it, to sell him back to me again." A
slave's number appeared on the screen and a handsome black slave stepped
off the podium with a big smile on his face as he headed for his new
master, Master DuPree. Claude DuPree smiled and had the black on his knees sucking him as he
thanked his host and long time friend. "If he sucks me off well, I'll
start grooming him for sale back to you, David. He's already got your
brand on him," Claude laughed as he slid his organ all the way down the
black's throat and felt the slave's throat muscles tightened around the
intrusion. He rubbed his fingers over the slave's brand as if to signify to
the kneeling boy he now owned him. David Holgate again pushed the computer button and one of the females
was given away to a person named Juan who apparently had won a slave at the
last party. "Two in a row, Juan," David joked. "Next time you have a party, I
expect to win at least some little runt." The sixth slave given away went to Dallas' neighbor at the banquet,
Jeremy, who was beside himself with his good luck. The prize slave in this
case was the other female who David Holgate announced could easily be bred
by the very slave Jeremy had brought with him as an attendant. "The way your own slave is hung, he should get her knocked up quick,"
David laughed, "and in 15 years or so, you ought to have a nice looking
slave to market yourself." "I think I'll start on breeding her right nude little loli
now," Jeremy shot back
excitedly. With that, he drug Fetch out from under the table by his leash
and had him fuck the fresh young female slave right in front of
everyone. Fetch was astonished by this turn of events, not having been
allowed to fuck a female in years, but remembered what to do and soon was
obviously enjoying it, much to the delight of the spectators all around
him. The female slave never expected to be bred in public like this, but
made the most of it and soon found herself caught up in Fetch's
considerable skill in bringing her to a very satisfying orgasm. By the time
she felt another orgasm coming on, she had forgotten all about the fact
people were all around her watching and was thrusting her hips up onto the
pounding shaft to impale herself as deeply as possible. When Fetch spilled
deep within her, she knew somehow she was on her road to producing a new
slave pup - the first of many, many pregnancies over the years. That much
she had learned at the breeding farm where she had been produced just like
this, except in the farm's crude rutting shed instead of this plush palace. The tenth and last slave to be given away was a young blond boy with
blue eyes, massive pecs, and huge sexual organs. "Pure Viking stock, bred out of a huge German brood and an even bigger
Danish stud," Mr. Holgate announced. "Completely trained for full sexual
service, master, mistress, or both," he continued with a twinkle in his
eye. "This one I couldn't resist fucking myself and, although a real
handful, it's worth it," he chuckled. He pushed the computer key down and
Dallas' name shot up on the screen. "Dallas, your first Holgate party and you're a prizewinner.
Congratulations. You and Charles can have fun with this one, I wager." The blond slave tried to hide his disappointment he wasn't being
awarded to a mistress or a master interested in breeding him. The mention
of his new master's partner told him he was the one going to be fucked
instead of the other way around with this new owner. But slaves didn't
determine who or who didn't buy them or what use they would be put to. He
nodded in acceptance of his fate and headed with a smile on his face to his
new owner, Master Dallas (and apparently a Master Charles as well!). lolicon little girl When he arrived, Dallas, joyous, nodded to Charles and motioned for
the new prize to get on his hands and knees. Dallas gleefully slid his
newly erect shaft up the blond's asshole while his partner Charles slid his
own now erect pole down the blond slave's throat. Within a few minutes, the
Viking was being filled from both ends and the audience around them clapped
in appreciation of the little show. Somehow, the blond prize knew this was
a mere forerunner of his future life with this pair of masters. His goal
for the immediate future was to make sure they were totally satisfied with
him; his secondary goal was to figure out a way to empty his own balls
occasionally when he got a chance.THE VOLUPTUARYBy Bill SmithCHAPTER 18THE PARTY'S OVER The guests had all departed the Holgate party with the exception of
Claude DuPree who stayed in one of the mansion's guest apartments
overnight. He and his friend David had breakfast when they finally got up,
about 2 P.M. Claude had taken his gift slave to his bed that night and
found the black totally satisfactory in fucking him when he awoke the next
day. Like all Holgate slaves, he was extremely well trained, handsome to a
fault, and extraordinarily equipped. He took a fuck as well as he sucked,
Claude noted with satisfaction, and should be easy to sell when young loli fucked he tired of
him. It was a nice gift and he again thanked David for the slave. "Pure chance you got him, Claude," David brushed off the thanks. "It
wasn't rigged, you know - the computer really did decide the winners
randomly. Just don't try to sell that particular one back to me, you
rascal - other slaves you're bored with, but not that one. Sell him off to
some lonely widow too old to get knocked up and you'll get a price for him
you won't believe. Old white widows have a thing for virile black studs,
you know," he laughed. The two old friends reviewed the highlights of the party, decided it
was indeed the best party David had yet thrown, and was a fitting event to
introduce the new mansion to the public at large. Claude thought the Roman
theme was particularly inspired, but acknowledged that with 650 slaves
involved one way or another, most any theme would have been successful. "Over six slaves for every guest," Claude marveled. "Not too many in
town can pull that off, David." "Well, it's good to show off occasionally, Claude." "Occasionally! Every time you have Driver pull out that Maybach for a
ride around town you're showing off more than anybody I know," Claude
retorted. "Well, you don't know too many people," David laughed. "Just those you
think you can palm a few slaves off to now and then. Me - I'm social; you -
you're just a businessman." The breakfast was served by two slaves well trained for the demands of
the Holgate household. Both were handsome and nude, fitted out with large
genital rings, heavy tit rings, and thick collars that forced their heads
upright at all times. Both were muscular, heavy hung, and "easy on the
eye" as David put it. But both looked to be in their 30s, well pass prime
age and it was obvious David held on to them out of familiarity, if nothing
else. The two slaves served fresh-squeezed orange juice, freshly baked
cinnamon rolls dripping with cum sauce (courtesy of the kitchen staff),
bacon and eggs (topped with the two waiters' own freshly produced cum right
at the table), and a side dish of cheese grits, thanks to David's southern
heritage. Although David liked fresh cum with his grits usually, this
morning it had been omitted due to the heavy use of cum in the cinnamon
rolls. "You've had these same two waiters ever since I've known you, David.
I'm surprised they can still produce a full load when needed," Claude
commented as the two slaves pumped themselves to quickly top the scrambled
eggs. "They put out just as much as when I first bought them - and just as
thick and creamy, too," David said. "Besides, they know exactly what to do
anymore - I don't have to tell them a thing." "When's the next party?" Claude asked. "Not for a while. I need to rest up and dream up some new things my
slaves can do to amuse my guests. Just anyone can throw a party where you
just sit around and fuck slaves. It takes some imagination to stage an
event people talk about for months." "Well, believe me, David, your guests will be yakking up this one for
months if not years. Last night's party is the stuff of legends - eight
pure black slaves rowing you across a river in a Roman galley imbedded on
thick dildos in their asses; litters borne by teams of four blond slaves
each with a big plug in their butt; the throne held aloft by sixteen
blacks; eight prancing white ponies; giving away ten prime bred slaves; a
slave waiter for each guest at a sit- down dinner for over 100; separate
food servers, all yellow-skinned in white jock straps. I'm surprised they
don't make a TV special or something out of your parties. Have you thought
of it? Advertisers would pay plenty to sponsor it. The real stroke of
genius was insisting each recipient of a prize slave use them right on the
spot in front of all the other guests - that really livened the party to a
fever pitch." When the two had finished breakfast and reminisced once again on party
highlights, David had Driver take Claude home in the Maybach. "Time you sat your ass on some tanned slave hide, Claude," David
chuckled. "There's no upholstery quite as nice." "My slaves say gruesome," Claude laughed. "But it does tell slaves a
thing or two about who's in control, doesn't it?" "That's as important as how soft the hide really is," David
admitted. "If you want to use Driver before or after the ride, feel free,"
David invited where Driver could hear him.. "Thanks, but I'm not up to it after last night and the fucking I gave
your gift slave right before breakfast." Claude left with that admission and Driver took him straight back to
his own home in the luxurious limousine with the black gift tucked away in
the trunk. As Claude took in Driver's magnificence, he was tempted to take
up David's invitation for use of his property, and, as soon as he was home
and had the black gift chained to the rings handily embedded in his bedroom
wall bedroom with Driver's help, he indicated he wanted Driver on his back
for a good fucking. Driver smiled and, once on his back in the comfortable
bed of Master DuPree, lifted his legs up in invitation. Driver didn't get
back to the Holgate mansion until a good hour later than he had planned. Charles and Dallas took their gift slave with them as they returned
via the litters and barge to the parking lot where Romulus was awaiting
them in his cramped cage, shivering from the cold and with loads of cum
running down his legs and down his chin from the fucking he had received
throughout the long night, mainly from the galley and litter slaves not
called up for sexual use by the Holgate guests. Romulus was happy to see
his masters, but puzzled by the new blond slave they had on a collar leash
following them. He dared not ask his masters where the muscular new slave
had come from. "Put this slave in the trunk, Romulus, before you drive us home.
Dallas won him at the party," Charles announced. "And wipe all that cum off of you before you dirty up the car's
upholstery," Dallas said. "There's a towel in the trunk just for that
purpose if you remember, Romulus." "Yes, master," Romulus said with some relief. He was worried the new
slave had been purchased to replace him. That was unlikely if the slave
was just a party favor. As Romulus led the blue-eyed blond slave to the car's trunk by his
leash, he couldn't help take in the new slave's huge equipment, his
handsome build, and his fresh Scandinavian look. He grew hard just looking
at the slave as the new prize loli mpg
dutifully climbed into the trunk. "We haven't had him but a few hours and already you're hard and
dripping wanting to fuck him," Dallas laughed, pointing to Romulus' swollen
prick. "That meat's for us, boy, and don't you forget it." "Yes, master," Romulus said as he hastened to wipe himself off and
then quickly opened both rear doors for the two masters before heading for
the driver's seat. "He's your property just like me," Romulus added in
confirmation of his master's warning. "Did you like the party, Romulus?" Charles asked his slave. "Looks
like you got fucked plenty." "Yes, master," Romulus responded. "Fucked plenty by both the black
galley slaves and the white litter bearers." "What were they doing down on the dock?" Dallas asked. "I thought the
guests would be using them." "Some of them were called up, master, for the guests to use them, but
some of them weren't, master. The dockmaster let the unchosen ones use the
guests' properties that had been caged for the evening. That is, before
they had to go back to work again bringing all the guests back just lolipop teenies like
they came." "I thought they looked a little worn out," Charles laughed. "I didn't
realize the likes of you had sapped their energy." "Yes, master," Romulus said, not quite sure why he was being blamed
for sapping the Holgate slaves' energy. With that, Charles, Dallas, their new Viking slave, and Romulus all
returned to their home base

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