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From: Author James
Subject: Trials of a Real Dark Knight 13Disclaimer: This story, though maybe not in this chapter nymphet high heels
but in subsequent
chapters, will have celebrities in it. I have no knowledge of their
sexuality and this is not intended to imply their sexuality. This is all
from my own mind.Buffy, the Vampire Slayer, Angel and all related characters created by Joss
Whedon. Copyright 20th Century Fox.Batman, and all related characters created by Bob Kane. perteen nymphet pic
Copyright DC Comics
and Warner Bros.X-MEN, and all related characters created by Stan Lee. Copyright Marvel
Comics and 20th Century Fox.The Vampire Chronicles and all related characters created by Anne Rice.
Copyright Anne O'Brien Rice.Star Wars and all related concepts created by or based on the universe
created by George Lucas. Copyright 20th Century Fox, LucasFilms Ltd. and
Lucas Books/Ballantine Books.I don't know for sure if I will use all the above elements, but just in
case, I have myself covered.This story has taken on a life of its own. From its inception a year ago,
I had only thought it would last ten chapters maximum. thumbnail gallery nymphet As you can see, it
has grown tremendously. Mostly due to readers emailing me and telling me
they've enjoyed it or have received help due to certain issues addressed.
I've enjoyed writing this story but it would not have been written without
men and women reading it and telling me they've enjoyed it. I do hope that
you continue to enjoy each new chapter bbs pthc nymphets as our hero lives and grows.I have received many emails from people who have enjoyed it and some from
those who do not. I would enjoy hearing nymphet bbs tpg from you. Any emails you send,
please tell me what chapter and story you are commenting on. Thanks.authorjames2002yahoo.comI also have several online messenger services. If you want to chat with me
in real time, email me and tell me the services you use and I will tell you
my screen name.Chapter 13 Return I nymphet girl
hadn't left Jessica on good terms even after finding out that
Mystique framed me. She had issues with the way I treated Alan for being
the nymphet teen pics Scarecrow. I couldn't help how I felt toward him. People who treat
others wrong should pay for what they've done. Should he be forgiven? I
don't know. One may think I'm a hypocrite, especially after what happened
in Akron with the vampire James. But there are different variables to each
James killed anyone and everyone because of what he was feeling
inside. He was merely reacting to psychological harm done to him. That
doesn't wipe his slate clean, not in anyone's book. But that should allow
a chance for retribution. Alan, on the other hand, hurt those who loved
and trusted him. lovely nymphets pics He had support from friends and he turned his back on
their support. He even went so far as to harm one of them with his fear
toxin. Should he be given a second chance? Should he have a chance to
make up for his crimes? I don't know why, but part of me had a hard time
showing him compassion. In a few hours time, I arrived back in Los Angeles. The sun was
just coming up so I nymphet art photos did not have time to find a place and change. I ukrainian nymphets underage drove
right to Garrett's mansion and pulled in the back. As I climbed off, I was
met by the Huntress.
"So did you come back to humiliate another of your friends?"
"No. I came back to tell you I caught Mystique in Sunnydale. She
will be paying for her crimes."
"For eternity? Did you nymphetsites kill her or just torture her?"
"I turned her over to the police. I'm sure in a few months time
she will be coming to Los Angeles to serve her sentence for killing
Dr. Israel."
"Why did you come back here?"
"If you are wondering if I'm going to stay, the answer is no. I
came to tell you Mystique has been brought bbs nymphet xxx to justice. Tomorrow, I'm going
back to Orlando and tell Lance I'm alive."
"Are you sure he wants to be with you? From what Justin tells me,
Lance is building a life with a guy named Paul. Would that pedo child nymphet
be fair to come
back and disrupt his life?"
I wasn't shocked by what Jessica said, not in the least. "I
thought that myself. But I want to fight for Lance. yo russian nymphet
I want to spend the
rest of my life with him."
"Are you sure? Look at how you have acted as Batman. You are cold
and cruel. There wasn't any mercy in your actions toward Alan. Mr. Freeze
was warmer litle sexy nymphets than you are."
The sun was blazing across the sky free underground nymphets creating a golden glow around
"Let's get inside and discuss this further," Jessica stated.
I boys cocks nymphets followed Jessica inside and down to the basement where she
changed from her Huntress gear to a robe and nightgown. She tossed worldwide nymphets
me a
robe to change into as well.
After changing, we went up to the kitchen where we continued our
"How can you talk to me the way you did after all I went through?"
I asked her. "I was dead for two months! Dead to my family and the rest
of the world for three!"
"And you think you were the only one affected by that? God, Eric,
how self-centered are you?" Jessica took a deep breath.
"Eric, all of us went through a lot while you were gone. Lance
went through the most. His heart was ripped out when I told him you were
dead. He was devastated. free nymphet links
There was absolutely no reason for him to go on.
But slowly and surely, he rebuilt his life. He gave his heart time to heal
and he moved on.
"Now, after his heart has healed of being broken and he has found
someone to love, you want to walk back into his life and demand he give his
heart back to you. Prove that you deserve his heart. Prove that you are
acting on someone else's interest. Prove you are doing what is best for
"How?" I nude nymph bbs whispered.
"By letting Lance decide what is best for him. Show up in Orlando
if you want. Build your life. Once you are established again, call Lance
and let him know you are alive. Take it slow. Don't just barge in on him
and Paul and mess with their lives. They deserve to be treated
I thought about what Jessica said. It hurt that she called me
self-centered, but it was true. I had thought of these things before, but
I was tired of being the "good guy". I wanted to be selfish and get
something for me. I gave months of my life of being dead and I wanted
something good to happen to me, something that I wanted.
"You're right, Jessica. I am being self-centered, and I'm not
thinking right now of what others are going through or what others want.
But don't you think, after all I went through, that I should get something
I want out of life? Why can't I do something just for me?"
"What's Batman, Eric? Isn't he just for you?"
"It started out that way. But after England, he's been about what
the world needs. He's been about what is good for the rest of humanity.
Maybe I'm becoming selfish."
"I don't know how to cure that, Eric. You were the one training to
become a psychologist. You figure out how to not be selfish.
"As for me, I'm going to bed." Jessica turned and walked to the
kitchen door. "You're welcome to sleep little nymphets planet for a while if you want." Then she
went out of the kitchen leaving me alone with my thoughts.
I stood there for a while going over what Jessica said. Maybe what
she said was true, as far as how to deal with Lance. Maybe I'll do that.
I called the airline to see how much a ticket would cost to fly
from Los Angeles to Orlando. I checked to see if I had the money, and I
did, so I reserved a flight for that afternoon.
Then I went to the nymphet movie galleries spare bedroom I slept in before, set the alarm,
and fell asleep. My plane arrived yet again to this city. It had been almost two
weeks since I had first arrived after my ordeal in London. The first few
moments were heart wrenching when I had found Lance with another person, a
man by the name of Paul. He looked as if he could supply Lance with all
that Lance could ever want or need. But just because I could no longer be
with Lance did not mean that Lance and I could not be friends. Still, I
did not think it prudent for me to walk up to him and say, "Hello. I'm
alive." It dachshund nymphets art would disrupt the life he was trying to rebuild after my
so-called death. No, it would have to be done much later, at a time when
Lance and Paul were closer and surer of their relationship.
As I disembarked the plane, the first place I went was a motel, a
rather cheap one. I hot young nymphets had a little bit of money, enough to secure shelter
until I had a steady income. I would have to start looking first thing in
the morning. But for now I had to sleep. Unfortunately, I was a bit
restless. I wanted my life to little nymphet pic nude be normal again. young nymphet sock After what happened in
London, my life could never be normal. I was "dead" for three months, by
unconsciousness for two and amnesia by one. When I returned to my
homeland, my lover was with someone else, which was appropriate in some
ways. But my family rejected me because I was a mutant, something I had no
control over. I then had to fight hard, but eventually I won the trust of
Jessica, after I proved my innocence. That is what brought me to this
moment, this place, in time.
No wonder I couldn't sleep. My mind had too much to ponder. What
do I normally do when I can't sleep? I needed to do something to distract
me. I changed into my Bat-suit and then went out on patrol.
In a short 3d sex nymphets pedo amount of time, I came across a gang of vampires. They
were pretty nymphets girls walking down the street probably looking for a meal. I jumped off the
roof and landed in the thick of them knocking them down. Several jumped up
ready to fight. This was definitely going to help get my restlessness out.
"Another Bat?" one vampire said.
"This one isn't a Slayer, though. It's a man," another nymphet gallery ukraine replied.
The vampires grinned. "Should be easy," a third vamp replied.
Two vampires swung their legs at me. I grabbed them and threw
their legs up into the air. The vampires fell on their backs.
I tossed my cape back over my shoulders, making my arms and legs
easily accessible. I pulled out the two wooden stakes. "Let's dance," I
A vampire swung at me. I blocked and rolled out of the way. The
vampire's momentum spun him around. I took a stake and slammed it into his
chest. One down, several more to go.
A large, muscular vampire with a Mohawk came running at me. I
turned and thrust my hands out, palms up. The impact I had on him was
significant enough to knock him across the street and into the brick wall
of the building.
The remaining vampires looked at me love nymphets baby
in shock. Without warning, an
arrow hit one in the chest and turned him to dust. The vampires looked up.
"She's here!" they exclaimed.
I turned and saw a girl wearing a dark blue Bat-suit standing on
the roof of a building. 'She must be the new Slayer,' I thought. I
watched as Batgirl leapt into the air, opening her cape. Her silhouette
darkened out the center of the moon as she came down and she looked
supernatural. 'That must be how I look,' I thought. innocent nymphets girls archives 'Cool.'
Batgirl wasted no time with pleasantries. Instead, she ran down
the street after the vampires. I followed close behind.
Several vampires went into an alley. Two stayed behind.
"Can you handle these two?" Batgirl asked.
"Yes. Get the other ones."
Batgirl looked back free nymphetts at me and then turned toward the alley. The
two vampires stood at the mouth of the alley creating a barricade so
Batgirl could not get through. As Batgirl approached, she knelt down and
jumped into the air flipping over the two demons. They watched her as she
went over their heads and landed. She continued on into the alley.
With the vampires distracted, I was able to make my move, too. I
ran up to the two vampires and kicked one in the back of the knee. It fell
to one leg and called out in pain. The other turned and was met by my animated nymphets fist
in the mouth. It stumbled backwards into the wall. The vampire on nymphet young naked one
knee swung his fist up and caught me in the stomach. Then his fist came up
and caught me in the face. I fell backwards on my back.
The vampire against the wall came running at me. When it was in
range, I brought my feet up and planted them firmly top pay nymphets in the demon's stomach.
Using its momentum, I flipped it over my body and into a nearby mailbox. ukrainian nymphets port
flipped up in time as the vampire on the ground climbed to its feet. I
spun around and kicked it in the mouth. It spun and fell to the ground.
The vampire that was knocked in the mailbox stood and came toward
me. I flipped forward kicking my legs out. I kicked the vampire in the
face and my legs continued forward over my head. As I was in the air, I
pulled one of my stakes out and staked the vampire on the ground in the
back. It turned to dust nymphette photos
and I turned around shoving the stake into the
heart of the vampire I nymphets movie free
just kicked. It turned to dust and I turned around
to see Batgirl exit the underground nymphet photos alley.
"Good work," she said.
"Thanks. You must be the new Slayer."
"That's me," she replied. "And either you are the original Batman
the Council told me may be coming or you are a fan. Which is it?"
"I'm the original."
Batgirl nodded. "Nice to meet you."
"You, too."
"Did you just get into town?"
"Good to have you back. Sorry, I can't stay and chat, though.
Have patrolling to do."
"I understand," I answered.
Batgirl pulled out a grapple and shot it to the roof. It pulled
her up and within moments she was out of sight.
I stuck to the shadows little melissa nymphet model and made my way around town on ground level.
After a short walk, I found myself near the club where underground dark nymphet nudes
NSYNC normally hung
out. Maybe I would see one of them inside. Pulling a grapple out, I shot
a line to the roof and ascended to the top. There I walked over and peered
through the sky light down at the dance floor. The club was in full swing
as patrons danced with one another.
As I watched, I noticed Justin dancing in the midst of the dancers.
Some stepped back so more could get a good look at Justin. Without
warning, someone flew into Justin knocking him over. Some inaudible
yelling ensued and two large men approached the patron.
"There goes the pager," I muttered.
Jumping into the air, I opened my cape nymphet sex vids and crashed fucking little nymphet pics
through the
"Batman!" someone yelled.
The crowd went wild with my appearance. They probably all believed
I was dead. To see my crashing through nymphets samples gallery the skylight was as if the dead
One of the two guys pulled out a knife. As I came down, I threw a
bat and it hit his hand causing him to drop his knife. I landed on the
dance floor and swung my leg up connecting with the knife-wielder's face.
He fell backwards onto the floor.
The second gentleman grabbed me from behind in a bear hug. He
squeezed tighter and tighter. "Let's see how well you fight without
breath," he muttered.
I swung my head back and broke his nose. He immediately released
me to attend to his own pain. I dropped to one knee and spun around.
Then, I swung my fist out connecting with his stomach. He hunched over in
pain. I grabbed his head and flipped him over to the floor.
Sirens faded within earshot and I heard someone lola nymphets yell the police
were coming. 'Good, I can go.' I stood and ran toward the back door. Justin couldn't believe his eyes. Could russian naked nymphets this Batman be Eric?
Impossible. Eric was dead. But still...
Justin ran after the Batman. He exited to the alley and looked
"Batman," Justin called out. "Batman!" When no answer came he
yelled, "Eric!" I couldn't let it go like this. If Justin were to tell Lance, wouldn't be right. Lance should know from me that I'm alive, not
Justin or anyone else. I stepped out of the shadows into the light.
Justin looked at me in disbelief.
"Eric? bbs nymphets index gallery
Is" he asked.
I walked up to him and slowly pulled off my mask.
"You're alive," he said. "You're alive!"
Justin grabbed in little nymphet sex bbs a tight embrace. I hugged him back. It felt
good, almost too good.
"" he began.
"I wasn't dead. I was unconscious for two months. My mutation
repaired my internal organs."
"Lance will be so excited to see you."
"He mustn't know, Justin." My words knocked the wind out of
Justin's sails.
"What do you mean? He will be so happy to see you."
"And I will be happy to see him. But he is with Paul right now.
And I just arrived. I'm not established yet. Once we are both on solid
ground, then I will let him know I'm alive. I don't want to screw up what
he and Paul are building. The last thing I want to do is break his heart
again. This time, there would be a third heart to be broken. I don't want
the responsibility of that."
Justin nodded in understanding. "Where are you staying?"
"A motel a few blocks from here."
"Would you like to stay with me?" Justin offered. "I've got the
room, sort of. I have an apartment."
"I don't know," I replied.
"Please," Justin said, "I insist. You can tell me all about
England and I can fill you in on what has been going on nude european nymphets
I thought about it for a moment. It was nice having someone I knew
welcome me into their home. Finally, I answered I would.
"Great! Here's the address and apartment number. I'm going to
head on over. You go to your motel room, get your things and come over."
"Thanks, Justin," I said. "For everything."
"No problem. That's what friends are for."
Justin headed back into the club. I looked at the address and
smiled. young illegal nymphets
"It looks like I still have a friend after all."To Be Continued...
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