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From: Lee Mariner
Subject: Troy McNeal #7Troy McNeal
(c) By Lee MarinerMarch 2003DISCLAIMER: This is a gay fantasy intended for adult readers only. IF YOU
ARE NOT OF LEGAL AGE TO young nymphet tube
MATERIAL, PLEASE LEAVE. All characters are fictional and unrelated to any
CONSEQUENCE.All stories nymphets series I have written may be found in the Nifty Archives listing of
Prolific Authors under the name Lee Mariner.This work dark nymphets top is copyrighted (c) by the author and it may not be reproduced or
copied without the specific written consent nymphets porn dildo of the girl child nymphets author. It is assigned to
Nifty Archives under the terms of their submission guidelines but it is not
to be copied or archived on any site without the consent of the author.Copyright: March 2003 - Author: Lee Mariner - All Rights are Reserved.Mariner23502hotmail.comChapter #7Judith Mc Keon, Troy's mother, was by nature an easy going, trusting person
and not inclined to put her nose in other peoples lives but Troy hairy nymphet was preyeen nymphets her
only connection too his father and she couldn't help but be concerned about
him. He was always on her mind while she was working and when she was
sitting in her kitchen have her morning toast and tea before going to work.
Troy was good about getting himself off to school and helping out but he was
still so much alone and it worried her.It was difficult raising a boy without his father, especially a strapping
teenager who was 13 going on 14 and already as tall as her. She knew Troy
was entering the age when he would have questions that a father was needed
to answer. It was difficult enough explaining sex and various bodily
functions too a girl much less a boy. It became more evident when she was
cleaning his room and found a Playboy and a Playgirl magazine hidden among
his set of seldom used Encyclopedia Britannica, little nymphets nude models it shocked her.She had seen the magazines before and knew that girls and boys would
eventually experiment in what the magazines showed but in her mind, Troy was
still only a little boy and the thought of his interest in girls was
difficult enough but the Playgirl magazine only had pictures of naked men
and boys, some engaged in sex acts. That concerned her more then his
interest in girls. The big problem was how she would broach the subject and
not have Troy thinking she was snooping. Teenagers, girl or boy, were very
sensitive when they thought someone was checking on them and she had no
doubt Troy would feel the same way.God, if only his father were still alive she thought sipping her tea in the
quietness of the kitchen.Checking the clock she rinsed her cup and saucer placing them in the drain
rack. Doing as she had done almost every day since he was born, she crept up
the stairs too Troy's room. Cracking the door wide enough she could he was
sleeping soundly. He had a sheet covering his hips, tucked under one arm and
his head was laying on his other arm, she could see a slight dark growth in
his armpit.His thick auburn hair was in disarray and reminded her of the way his
father's always was even after a trip to the barbershop. He had many of
Macklin Mc Keon's features, a straight nose with high nymphet porno pics
cheekbones and a
square jaw. His closed eyes revealed long lashes and his lips were full like
his father's. Like most mothers their little nymphet pictures son's grow so fast asians nymphets pics they don't really
pay any attention to their development but looking at Troy sleeping, his
smooth full chest russian baby nymphets rising forbidden russian nymphets
and falling evenly, the developing thickness nymphet cgi bbs imgboard
of his
biceps and forearms she could see he would be a devastatingly handsome young
man when he was grown. Mac would have been proud of him she thought, closing
the door quietly but when the knob slipped in her fingers she heard a
distinct click as the lock fell in place. * * * * * * * *The click of the door woke Troy and then he heard his mother's car start and
pull out of the garage.Still half sweety nymphets sex
asleep he rolled over trying to nymphet tiny teens focus his eyes on the digital
clock sitting on his desk. He blinked his sleep-blurred eyes a few times
until the blue numbers became clearer; they read 6:34 with a big AM. He
groaned nudist nymphet galleries stretching and trying to figure out what had woke him but his
swollen cock ached from the pressure of his full bladder, his usual morning
piss hard.Swinging out of nymphets gallery thumbs bed still half asleep he stumbled too his bathroom, the cold
tile under his feet helping to bring him out of his sleep stupor. He sat
down on the toilet knowing his stiff cock would not depress enough so he
could piss standing up but sitting on the toilet would since he wouldn't
have to push it down.Leaning forward he felt instant relief as the pressure on his bladder
decreased from a steady stream of urine and a tingling feeling of pleasure
flowed through his body, his stiff cock softening as he pissed.When it felt like his bladder was empty he stood and turning around he
milked the last golden drops from his still half hard cock shaking them into
the commode. He was proud of his cock and continued to milk it down, feeling
it getting harder as he stroked it sliding the foreskin back and forth over
its bullet shaped head.Standing naked in front of the toilet he rubbed his chest and stomach while
his other hand moved steadily faster and he squeezed his cock tight as he
stroked its smooth thick 5" length and his little miss nymphet hips started to move in synch
with his hand. ukrainain nymphettes Intense hot feelings radiated outward from his loins and his
balls were tightening, his pumping hand drawing hot thick seed to a body
wracking eruption. Groaning from deep in his chest he threw his nymphets pics beach head back at
the intensity of feeling spreading over his body and he leaned forward
aiming for the water in the toilet as his muscles tightened, his legs
shaking almost rubbery. He felt a convulsive spasm and thick spurts of pure
white sperm gushed from the urethral slit in the merry angel nymphets head. Even holding his cock
tight his hips involuntarily bucked two or three times driving his cock in
his hand causing some of his sperm to miss the hole and land on the toilet
seat.He was wide nymphets studios magazine
awake after the intensity of his orgasm but it was several
seconds before his muscles started to relax and he felt warm all over.
Milking the last few drops of thick sticky sperm from his softening cock he
pulled a few sheets of toilet paper fallen angels nymphets from the roll and wiped the residue from
the head and the toilet set. Dropping the toilet paper in the toilet he
inhaled deeply and flushed hot nymphets sex it thinking that a morning piss and jerk off were
the two best feelings he knew of except for the time some guy had sucked him
off in the wil nymphet movies.Going back into his bedroom he looked out of his window. It was misty and
damp but it was still to early for Mike to be at his house. He still had
time for at least another hour in bed before he had to get up. He didn't
worry about getting up late; Sherman and his trusty alarm clock would see
that he didn't.Stretching like a tawny cat he ran his hands over his smooth hard muscled
body and fondled his still half hard cock and balls before he lay down and
pulled the sheet over him. Closing his eyes as his head hit the pillow he
tried visualizing what Mike would look like naked and he drifted off his
cock steel hard again. * * * * * * * *Even after a hot shower and a ball wrenching orgasm under the hot water the
evening little nymphet toplist
before, I didn't really fuck nymphets sleep that well. I woke up several times
first with Rob in my dreams and then Troy. It was as if there was an
internal struggle between the two of them inside of me and I didn't know
whom I should root for.Very much by accident, I learned later it was by design; Troy came into my
life and then there was best illegal nymphets Robert, introduced by Spunky and Ralph, who was
intelligent and healthy with dark hair, brilliant blue eyes and a fantastic
body. Rob knew what he wanted and he was everything any normal gay guy would
want and even though he was fantastic in bed something missing. There seemed
to be a lack of fulfillment, completeness an empty desire.Troy was young, vibrant and full of enthusiasm. He had an aura of
self-confidence and a subtle ukrainian nymphets models aggressiveness. His auburn hair was thick and
unruly, an accent that framed an almost beautiful yet masculine face. He had
high cheekbones, full sensuous lips with a square jaw and soft chocolate
brown eyes that sparkled impishly when little nymphets forbidden porn
he looked at me and a beautifully
developing body that enhanced his overall outward appearance, the magnetism
that drew me too him.He had the mystique of youth but I small nymphetes could feel a sense of loneliness when he
was around me a certain hesitancy of not knowing and I felt like taking him
in my arms and assuring him he was not alone and I would take care of him.His captivating youthfulness was the big stumbling block but it was offset
by an almost cute lil nymphets
rapacious innocence that little fuck nymphets reached out pleading for
understanding. His innocence, however delightful, could be the cause of
embarrassment and a ruined life if I wasn't illegal cp nymphet careful and let my feelings for
him cloud my judgment.I felt like I was at a fork in the road and unable to make a decision. To
the right was Robert and a possible relationship with security but I didn't
feel a certain spark that I was looking for. To the left though there was
Troy. An unknown factor but full of promise, excitement and the feeling of
being needed that I didn't porno too young nymphet feel with Robert or had felt with any of the men
I had been involved with.Sucking, fucking, being caressed and hearing all of the almost automatic
words of endearment was nice but there was a lack of sincerity in the
lovemaking. After the initial feeling of contented satisfaction it was like
ice melting in a glass, and you lost the definition of the cubes as they
melted into water. Like the ice cubes melting, the feelings drained away and
it left most of us feeling empty and nymphets sex top 100
we start searching again.Loneliness was an affliction many of us suffered from at one time or the
other for whatever reasons. My head was telling me to be underage nymphets naked wary but my heart
was leading me down the left fork in the road too Troy."Damn." I thought, jumping out of bed. "He said he would be watching for me
at the house."
Taking a quick shower, I didn't worry about shaving since hot nymphets bbs it was Saturday, I
dressed in 501 jeans, and a thin light gray sweatshirt and I checked the
weather report on the television before leaving. It was mid March and the
weather was always changing but today it promised to be in the mid 70's and
sunny.I threw a light jacket over my shoulders anyway and just as I started out
the door, the phone rang. I recognized the number on the caller I.D. and
figured it was either Spunky or Ralph calling and I was tempted to not
answer."I'm up." I said into the receiver just a little irritated."Well, well. Aren't we grumpy this morning?" Spunky said liltingly almost
singsong."No Spunk, I was just leaving. Tony is supposed to meet me at the house at
9.""That's what I was calling about." Spunky said. "We met him russian nymphet art
at the Club last
night and he said he was supposed to meet you. Is Rob going to be with you?""No he isn't. Rob decided he would stay at the Lodge and I dropped him off
there nymphet bbs models somewhere around 9 young cutie nymphets or so.""Oh, we thought maybe he was staying with you. We called last night but you
didn't answer and we were thinking you and him were. . . . well you know.""Yes I do and you were wrong. Look Spunky, photo nymphette youngs teens
if we keep talking I'm going to
be late and you know how country nymphets Tony is. I'll give you a call later and we can go
out for dinner. How's that?""We might drop by the house Mike but if we don't, give us a call. See ya
later.""See ya." I said hanging the receiver up.My watch said I had russian nymphets nude artistic
about 20 minutes to get too the house so I stopped at a
nearby 7-11 for a large black coffee and a breakfast sausage. It was early
enough that traffic was still light and I hit most gallery nymphet pic of the traffic lights and
didn't get delayed. Tony was notorious for not showing up even if he made
the appointment but he wouldn't wait 5 minutes if you were late. He was a
damn good contractor but being somewhat independently wealthy he sort of
didn't give a shit about working anymore and he liked his booze. When I
turned on Mellon I didn't see his truck sitting in the drive and I breathed
a sigh of relief and then worry wondering if he would show at all. Spunky
said he had told them about his appointment with me so that nymphets backdoor might be a good
sign, I hoped so.I pulled into lttle nymphets the drive and left enough room for Tony so he could park
behind me. Finishing my sausage sandwich and putting the wrapper in the
litterbag I carried I glanced in the rear view mirror peteen nymphets first when I heard my
name thinking it was Tony but there wasn't anyone behind my car and I
shifted my eyes forward through the windshield and I felt my breath catch a
little.Troy was running across the lawn and I glanced around for Sherman but he
alone. He was still wearing his cut off sweatpants and sweatshirt. His hair
would probably never be controlled but it looked good on him, sort of
bouncing as he ran and the sun highlighting the deep red auburn tones.
Seeing him, I felt a deep feeling of anticipation and anxiety in the pit of
my stomach."My God but he is cute." I thought to myself a quivering feeling in my
* * * * * nymphette young * * *TBC
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