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Subject: The Ranch RauchThis story is completely fictional. nymphet child pictures It is about the relationship between me
and multiple guys and horses. Many forms and fetishes of bondage will be
used as well as severe punishment. Many twists, turns, and surprises are in
store. This is a multi-chapter story after this one you might have to read
the ones before it to understand what is happening. I do a recall in the
first paragraph after tiny nymphets rape
this one, bbs land nymphet the highlights of what went on in the
previous chapter. A full list of names and characters is available, but the
names of the characters in each nymphets photo free chapter are mentioned before I begin that
chapter. If your name is used it is coincidental and the characters were
based on the personality of Masters, Sir's, boys, slaves, horses, girls,
and women I have known. I Have full permission from these personalities in
the before sentence to use them however I want. A few of the characters
are minors, but youngest nymphet
they do not participate in any sex acts. If you are not 18
or if it is illegal for any reason you should not read this story and
should instead leave right away.Copyright rules apply.If you would like to suggest a fetish with horses or something wild or
crazy you would like me to include you are gladly encouraged to e-mailing
me at: mdrxjuno.comCharacter list:Mike: A lean fit muscular guy in his forties.Master Rick: A lean fit muscular owner of a ranch and horse herd in his mid
fifties.Master pics nymphets lands Wes: Same as Master Rick but a bit younger, does ranch and
real estate.Bazooka: The lead stallion of the ranch
THE TRUCK BREAKDOWN #1I was driving to the coast in my truck and was in the countryside and about
15 miles from my destination when a strange noise started and black smoke
came out of the rear end. I quickly checked my gauges and my oil light came
on. I knew my engine would seize up well before town and I did not see
anyone in either direction.I did see a farm coming into view and pulled in there. It was not modern
but purenymphets com not old either. I saw horses and they all looked in healthy
condition. As I pulled up a guy came out of the barn and he was like me in
the middle fifties. He had the lean look and the muscles of a farmer. He
came over and as I got out of the truck he said hi I am Rick the owner of
this farm. I also have a ranch hand named Wes. Wes is in town getting
supplies at this moment but what is wrong with your truck? I explained
about the oil problem tight nymphet ass and we looked under the truck and oil was nymphet sex pictures
from the engine. Rick thought for a moment and pulled out his cell phone
and dialed Wes to go to the small auto garage and have the mechanic come
out and tow the truck in and look at it.Rick looked at me and said do you have someone to call and pre nymphettes nudes
I said no, I was
single russian nymphet fashion models and was on a week's vacation and no one was expecting me to call for
a week at best. I noticed a small smile on Rick's face but I think he
noticed my eyes looking at his muscles. I mentioned to Rick that I was into
farm animals especially horses. I also mentioned that my family came from
farms that had 30 photo nymphete
shire horses.As a gift to me from my grandfather he gave me in sealed bags the pedigree
of each horse and the stallions that were standing. I checked with the
registry on line last summer and there the names of all horses that my
grandfather owned. He knew teenage nymphettes
I was a horse lover and knew that the paperwork
would stay well preserved. He passed on a few months later and the horses
sold asian gallery nymphets
to other farmers and I had provided copies of the paperwork to all the
new owners.Rick smiled as I explained that I liked ranch work but do not own my own
horse. I rode as time allowed and competed in English and western shows and
did well enough. Hard part in using a riding club horses that you had to
share mounts. Rick nodded in agreement. We heard a truck drive up and we
met the tow driver. I explained about the oil leak and he would nymphet swallow
take the
truck in and call back later with an estimate. I asked Rick if I nymphet model bbs
could stay
here and help out with whatever since I was on vacation for a full week and
he smiled and said okay. He called Wes to let him know that I was going nymphets petite illegal to
stay until my truck was repaired.I unloaded my stuff and I watched the truck disappear and Rick showed me
around the barn. The barn was attached to a building that had a riding
arena with jumps in a corner. I asked Rick how can you afford all of this
and Rick replied that he won a lottery and everything was paid for. Wes
does side real estate when he needs some money for trips or to pay for the
vet and food for the animals. The horses are well trained but need
exercising.I asked Rick about the brace on his leg and he said that he twisted it a
day ago and would not be able to ride. I asked if I could and he asked
about how I rode. I explained about pleasure riding sometimes with and
without a nymphettes porn
saddle. Most of the time without and in the summertime just in
gym shorts. He smiled in an interesting way as if forming a plan. He would
let me ride all his horses. And he would train me in the special ways that
his horses responded to verbal and body movement cues to do the special
moves like gallop and trot in place and travel sideways without forward and
backward movements.Rick invited me in to the house to have some lunch. The place was well kept
and the kitchen had equipment for parties. He showed me a spare room where
I would stay and I dropped off my stuff. We heard a truck drive up and we
went to meet Wes and carry the supplies in. There also was feed for the
barn but we would do that after lunch. Wes looked about my age with the
same muscle build but slightly bigger. Rick's phone rang and it was the
auto shop. The mechanic said that was good I found help quickly as the
motor would have seized up with a few more minutes of running. I told him
that he could fix the problem and I would pick it up in a day or two. I
handed the teen nymphet bbs
phone to Rick and he talked quietly to the mechanic so I could
not hear to get the parts but delay for six days to install them and hung
up. If I was to call, say the parts have not shown upWe finished lunch and started unloading the truck of feed. Since it was
warm I took off my shirt so I could work better. Rick and Wes noticed how
lean I was and how my muscles rippled. Once done Rick showed me the
garage. I stopped in my tracks as I saw a 1965 Shelby convertible midnight
blue with white stripes. You like it said Rick? I answered with passion I
have never seen such a beautiful car.We walked on and went to see the horses. We walked behind the barn to the
pasture where the horses were grazing. I looked around at each one and said
they are all beautiful and healthy. Rick asked me to walk out and raise my
right hand in a fist gesture. All the horses' heads perked up and they
trotted to me and nosed me. I gave them all a pat and looked them over
seeing nothing wrong with them.All but one returned to their grazing. nymphet webcam
Rick said his name was Bazooka. He
is the lead stallion here and wants to sniff you. He can tell if you are
aggressive or not. Hold out your hands. I did and Bazooka sniffed them and
then my slightly sweaty chest. My dick started to throb up but my thong
that I was wearing kept it in place. Rick said in order to fully sniff you
need to drop your jeans. I agreed saying that the best way to smell a man
is their groin area.I stepped out of the jeans and thong, folded them, and gave them to Wes. I
spread my legs out and pushed my nut sack and dick that was hard out
without fear. Bazooka's ears perked forward and lowered his head, put his
nose against my nut sack and inhaled then exhaled hard on my nuts. My dick
jumped but I did not move. He licked my dick a little and my dick got even
harder. Then he japanese girls nymphet
did the most unexpected thing, he licked my nipples and
the result was I arched back and my abs started to twitch uncontrollably
till he stopped. He stepped back looked at me, nickered and walked over to
Rick who had both hands outstretched and touched his left hand. Rick gave
him italian nymphet a carrot and he trotted away. I assumed that each hand was a code that
both of them developed some time ago.Rick told me to put the pants and thong back on and come with him. We went
into the barn and showed me the stalls. I asked what it meant when Bazooka
touched his left hand and he said that Bazooka liked me by what he saw and
sniffed, that I was not aggressive, did not drink, and wanted me to ride
him first later today. I could tell that was not all it meant but I wanted
very much to ride such a stallion.Rick showed me how he wanted me to do the stalls, paying attention to the
shit and what to do with it. He took me to a side area to sort the shit and
shavings so to put the shit in a special pile and the shavings in another
so they could be dried and recycled. I found this very good.So I got to it getting the stalls cleaned ad set while Rick watched, and
then showed me the chart that each horse had on feed. Once done, Rick
showed me the triangle and has me ring it. All the horses came and went to
their individual stalls and started eating.Rick said change into simple attire and we will have lunch. Since it was a
warm day, I changed into my gym bbs cute nymphet shorts, thong, and shoes and returned to
have lunch. I ate light knowing I would ride after. We talked about horses
and what experiences that I had before like riding naked without a saddle,
going on horse treks, and special things that one might do with a horse.Rick asked do you trust me? And I said yes and then he said are you gay and
I also said yes with the exception of female horses. Good Rick said. What
is your wildest fantasy with horses? I said there were wild nymphet 3d nude pics of nymphets
three, one was a
wild ride tied to the back with rope just tight enough to keep me secure,
two being a girth strap for a western saddle and three being in a diaper
filled with whatever and having my dick and nut sack tied to my neck and
tied to a horse becoming one with him.Rick thought for a moment and said what would you give to have all three
come true? I thought for a moment and said I would stay here all seven
days and return every weekend for a year. Rick said leave us, go to the
barn, call Bazooka's name and when he comes, brush him and lock the outside
door so he will stay in his stall. Wes and I will discuss what you have
said. I go the barn and Bazooka was in his stall so I closed the door and
he nickered at me and I gave him a hug and then started to brush him. He
was clean so it took only about fifteen minutes and then I rejoined nonnude models nymphets
and Wes.Rick spoke saying both Wes and I are bondage Masters. I say I
understand. Rick continued, you have done bondage before? I said yes
Master. Are you comfortable with extreme pain as I have figured you want
your nut sack, dick and nipples stretched long and hard to make them bigger
thicker and stronger? I replied yes Master. In order to do this there will
be no safe words, no pleads of stoppage, or any signs of being a coward
unless there is real harm. Am I understood? I said yes Master.Very well strip then. I took off what I had and folded it neatly on the
table. Rick asked Wes to prepare Bazooka and some rope, gloves and the
goggles. Rick said in order to test how strong willed you are, we are
going to do your first fantasy right now but with a twist. I will explain
in a moment.We head to the barn to meet Master Wes, Bazooka and the gear Rick asked
for. He pulls out a tiny rubber thong, puts it on me and forces my dick
into a special pocket. He pulls out my nut sack and adjusts it so it does
not come in contact I assume with Bazooka. Rick says tickle him under his
chin, I do so and Bazooka kneels while I swing my leg over and hold onto
his mane while he rises. I feel the power between my legs and it makes my
dick throb hard even vlad nymphets more but the thong holds it in place.Rick and Wes tie elegal nymphets
a makeshift girth strap and secure my arms and legs so I
cannot fall or move. The goggles are put on so to nymph child pussy
protect my eyes. Rick
says you have a job to do. There is a destination that you will need to go
to. It is about thirty miles away and it is an old house but a container is
on a raised log so you can reach it. I will tie your hands so you can
release them. What you must do is open it and pour all the contents into
the thong, and return it to nymphet nudes free torrent
the log, retie your hands and say Bazooka
home. Are teenie nymphet you ready to begin?I steady myself and say yes. Close your eyes and I do. I feel the thong
opened up and I smell it before it hits and it is mineral bikini nymphet pictures ice. A good
amount is poured in and I feel my nut sack and dick scream at me. I feel it
rubbed in good and gasp at its power. Open your eyes and I look down and
the thong is saturated with the mineral ice and my dick throbbing. I hear
Rick say Bazooka old house. Bazooka rears up and bolts full gallop into the
road behind the barn.I have never felt such power between my legs before. I see a path and
Bazooka follows it into free nymphets porn pics a forest. As I see a four foot wide tree trunk, I
feel him gather himself and I lean forward and we sail over it. My nut
sack screams as we land and continue on. I say well done to Bazooka and he
twitches an ear as if to say thank you. I am so elated I forgot about the
mineral ice. We come across more trees, as if they come down from a storm,
and we jump over them. Then we come to a small field and I call to Bazooka
"walk" so we can rest a bit. He slows to a trot then walks while I start
talking to him.I say I know from Rick that you are a very smart horse and I can tell that
you communicate very well too. I hear knickers' and continue. I know for
every horse there is but one rider. I know that most horses tolerate other
riders but the one rider forms a bond with the horse and rider as if they
were born to be together. Both horse and rider are so in tune with each
other, each anticipates the other by the slightest shift of weight or body
movement. The only way to break such a bond is death. Bazooka turns his
head and nods yes as if understanding what I said. I say let's stop for a
minute and he does.I look down and see my dick hard but bent into the thong and it felt like
the mineral ice was still working as I felt the throbbing return. I also
felt lunch ready to come out. I ask Bazooka if I could shit on his back. He
nods yes. I ask him if he would help me do it, again another nod. I am
ready, I need for you to half rear like fighting a snake and come down hard
each time so the base of my dick gets the brunt of force and do you
understand? I feel I cannot hold it any longer and after a pause say snake.I feel him rear back about four feet and I let go as much as possible while
he is on his way down. He comes down hard, compressing the base of my dick
and shit between us. My nut young nymphets nudity sack screams at me as shit flies everywhere. I
shit out the remainder on the second half rear. As the rearing continues
and my dick bulges at each compression on Bazooka's back, I say stop, he
does and I marvel at how much I shit. I pee and it makes my shit
wet. Bazooka does the same.I say bouncy trot to the old house and we trot the for awhile and the force
of the trot raises my ass up a bit on each stride and comes back down and
mashes whatever shit remains and my nut sack complains on every stride. We
return to the forest at the end of the meadow and he shifts into a slow
gallop. This part of the forest had no downed trees so we kept our pace and
came out to another meadow and saw the old house at the far end.I say let's go and in two strides he was going full tilt. nude angel nymphet I imagine it was
faster than a race horse. It only took a minute and as we got closer he
slowed to a trot then walk. I knew that he would need a few minutes to calm
down and we walked beyond the house and was amazed at the view. We turned
around and walked back to the front and there on a log was the
container. We stopped right next to it and I untied my hands and opened the
container.There were two pouches and each one had a number on it. I opened the first
and poured it all in. My nut sack and dick screamed cute nymphets pussy again as it was more
mineral ice. I gasped a little and after a moment opened the second and
poured it in. I recognized it as creamed corn. I returned the pouches to
the container and retied my hands. I said to Bazooka snake and he did about
ten half rears making sure my nut sack was completely covered.I ask Bazooka ready, he nods yes and I said home, gallop. He reared up
fully came down hard and my nut sack screamed again in my mind and we slow
galloped off a different direction and plunged into the forest.This area of the forest was dense so we continue at a slow gallop, jumping
over a tree here and there and enjoying it despite the pain in my nut sack
and dick. I start to hear a noise like fast water and I called to Bazooka
to walk so we can investigate and it is a small river about six feet across
and moving fast. I nudge him slightly nymphets innocent angels
and say Bazooka in a question
tone. nymphet boys porno bbs He nymphet naked galleries turns his head and knickers back as if to say nymphet love yes? This water
looks dangerous. Do we go through, over, or look for a safer spot. Bazooka
thinks about it for a moment and rotates his nymphets angels tgp head as jumping. I say okay
Bazooka we will jumpWe walk back about twenty feet and stop and turn back. We pause for a
moment, then we get up to full speed as we get to the bank he gathers
himself and I lean forward as much as possible and I feel him leap and I
feel like we are flying for at least ten seconds and then I realize we
cleared the other side by four feet and I give a ye haw and Bazooka laughs
with me and we find a trail that seemed to be made by cattle and other
animals.We follow the trail and it leads back to the road and we slow to a elite nymphets tgp
trot and
the road leads to the back entrance to the farm. Bazooka neighs loudly and
the other horses neigh back and we slow to a bbs board nymphets walk and Rick and Wes are
there to greet us. They ask about the journey about how we got around the
obstacles and did we find the canister and I replied that I emptied the
mineral ice and the creamed corn and how I asked Bazooka so I could shit
and pee. I also mentioned about the pounding my balls got. I also said that
I would be very sore in the morning.Rick and Wes seemed satisfied with my answers. Rick wanted to see how
Bazooka pounded. I said okay and I called to Bazooka and asked for a full
rear. He reared up and as he started down I held out my legs as far as
possible and the base of my dick slammed into his back I gasped in pain. I
asked snake and he did ten half rears pounding me and stopped.Rick and Wes were very pleased with the result and asked how I taught him
to do that as we have not done that before. I explained that he seemed to
understand me thru voice though I was tied to him. Wes said to Rick dinner
is almost ready and headed for the house. Rick said I need to clean you and
you need to nymphet russian nude clean Bazooka before the both of you cramp up. Rick motioned
to follow and we followed him into the arena. Rick removed the ropes and
Bazooka knelt and I gingerly got off and slowly pulled my legs
together. Rick rubbed my dick and I gasped as he removed the thong and
freeing my dick. It took only a moment to fully harden up solid. Rick
spanked my dick and it seemed to get thicker. Good, Rick got a measuring
tape and measured my length and thickness.We left the arena and found the stream kid nymphet model that we jumped earlier. I bend over
and asked for a push and I landed in the middle and Bazooka jumped in next
to me. We rubbed each other for a bit and emerged clean. Rick smiled and
said that looked like fun but my leg is still sore so I could not. Rick
gave me a towel and wipe as best as possible. I did that and Rick gave me a
pair of sandals and we walked back to the barn and put a blanket on Bazooka
and fed him and went into the house. Rick gave me a silk thong and cyber cp nymphets puts it
on me and arranges my dick and nut sack and gives it a good smack and says
well done boy. I ask Rick if I could put my tights on so my legs do not
cramp and be sore, he said yes. We will meet you in the dinning room so I
went to my room and I put on the tights and headed to the dining room.As I enter into the dining room I smell aromas that I do not recognize. I
wait for Master Rick and Wes to sit then I do. Wes asks what your pleasure
is. I respond it all smells good to me. So fill the plate please. He does a
gob of spaghetti with meat I do not recognize, salad with vegetables and
some other mystery meat that I do not recognize. There also is a mug of
beer. I wait for Rick and Wes to start then I do. I do not recognize the
drink; so I ask Master Wes to tell me what it is? Wes replies yes boy; it
is a micro brew of various fruits fermented in the garage. Both Master
Rick and I reward when you achieve a goal or do something special to please
us. I thank both of them for my pain and pleasure nude nymphets oreteens endured. I start with a
quick sip of beer and I taste pear and apple in it. I then do the salad and
then the spaghetti and bread. Then whatever else is there.I ask for a light second helping and am given some of the mystery meat. I
do not hesitate and wolf down the rest. Master Wes says ready for dessert?
I say yes and chocolate pudding is brought and I little tiny nymphets naturist eat it all and finish the
beer. I do not believe I could eat another bite. I help clear the table and
am led into the living room where a fire is going and a massage table is
set up. I ask Master Rick if he wants me to do his leg and he says no,
Master Wes did my leg while you were out riding. Both Wes and I are going
to rub your legs with mineral ice so they will not be sore in the morning.
Master Rick says strip and I take off the tights and thong. My dick seems
to have a will of its own and hardens fully. Both Master Rick and Wes smile
as I lay down.I feel my dick throbbing and feel it when the mineral ice is put on my legs
and feel both Master Rick and Wes working on my legs and I relax and enjoy
the rub. Master Rick says raise your ass up so I can re-measure your dick.
I struggle not knowing that the beer was loaded with a sleep aid and fall
back as my dick is moved down. I feel it against the bed and I feel it
being rubbed and pulled so it feels like the same as when the rubber thong
was taken off. I groggily feel it being bent to my hole and grunt a little
and feel it being released and thumping into the bed.I feel myself being turned over and my dick is so hard it pulses. I feel
the mineral ice and grunt more. I summon the remaining energy and ask
Master Rick and Master Wes what was nymphet cgi bbs
the mystery meat. Master Wes replies it
is deer, with bull meat and cow, and sheep balls ground up. I smile weakly
and say yum. Also in the pudding are both Master Rick and Master Wes's cum.
I say yum again and barely hot nymphets models girls
feel a dick pump put on and started pumping as I
fall asleep.
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