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From: Mark Wolf
Subject: Truck Ride - 01Please send your comments to: The following story contains graphic
sexual language and actions between adult males. If
material of this nature offends you, PLEASE do not
read any further. Please note that you must be of
legal age, where you live, to read this story. This is
a work of fiction and any similarity between real
people or events bbs elweb nymphets is purely coincidental.
Truck Ride - Chapter One
I opened the door to the big red truck. The vehicle
had been lifted with both a body and suspension
package giving it the look like those monster trucks
from late night TV. After I eventually climbed in, I
sat down on the seat looking over at the driver who
was to be my companion for the rest of the day. His
name was nymphets angel pussy Travis and he was a very young sexy nymphetes handsome prince if ever
there was one. I met Travis on-line a couple of nymphets real site weeks
ago. After numerous sessions of chatting by phone, we
had agreed to meet for a day road trip. This would
give us a nymphettes free pics chance to get to know one another better.
As I looked over, Travis smiled saying "I thought a
ride through the mountains would be a fun and get us
both out of the city for a while." I was still
transfixed on Travis' deep blue eyes ignoring the
words coming from his lips. "Dude" Travis said again
snapping me back from my fairytale land. "Yeah, that
sounds like it would be a great time" I said finally
smiling back at his manly face. "Cool" Travis svens forum nymphet replied
starting the truck for our journey to the wilderness.As we drove down the freeway to our eventual
destination, I thought how much the truck encapsulated
Travis' appearance, and from ukrainian nymphets tgp our conversations over
the phone, his personality too. During our long
talks, he would often speak of the outdoors,
backpacking, camping, roughing it on the weekends with
excursions to where few usually trekked. His big red
truck embodied everything he spoke of, a very
masculine elite nymphets underage ride able to go anywhere with it's powerful
frame. About fifteen minutes into our journey, we
were off the freeway heading down a narrow two-lane
road toward the mountains. Travis asked "Have you
ever been to Pikes Peak?" In truth, I had rarely ever
left the city let alone traversed any mountains. "No,
I haven't" I replied honestly to Travis' All American
boy smile. "Well then, this is your lucky day. The
view is spectacular this time cam little nymphet porn of year." I smiled back
at my escort unable to help showing my slight
disappointment. I was hoping for a little more
physical contact then just looking over the mountain
scenery. Travis looked over seeing the dejected look
so evident on his new friend's face. "Hey, don't
worry dude. We'll get to know each other much better
once we hit the gravel road." alfa nymphet I looked at his
handsome face a little confused about his statement.
Travis gave me a wicked smile nymphets masturbate pics with a suggestive wink.
I knew immediately then what he meant much anja eternalnymphets to my
delight. For the tight nymphets
next hour, I became lost in the
views of trees and meadow grasses comprising the
mountain scenery passing by my window. Occasionally,
I would steal glances at my masculine friend who was
spiriting us off to some unknown land.With his 6'5" frame comprised of large muscles from
his work in heavy construction, Travis was a very good
looking, masculine, young man of some twenty years. A
sun worn smile showing perfect white teeth made him
the poster boy of the adventurous outdoors man. I was
also muscular, sporting a broad chest and big gun but
of urban construction. little nymphets
I was also much more compact
than Travis reaching only 5'4" with my short spiked
hair. My smooth hairless skin was kept tanned year
round, thanks to UV bulbs, giving me the "appearance"
of being outdoorsy. But what I lost on the height, I
more than made up between my legs. My pride and joy
was easily eleven inches long and a good size in
diameter too. I like to think of it as my Pringles
can dick, girl model nymphets
about the same size and once I pop, I can't
stop. I think horse cock was the average man's
definition for my manhood and because of my stature,
it looked if more impressive. My other great asset
was a perfect round bubble butt which was hard and
firm from my constant days at the gym. With my short
frame, I it gave me the appearance of being boyishly
cute. I was dying to see what Travis was blessed
with, although the rest of his hard muscled body would
more then make up for any shortcomings in his
underwear.Finally we hit the gravel road Travis had been talking
about during our drive. It was narrow and heavily
wooded but still showed as a county road. Good thing
too, because they had recently laid nymphets xxxxx
graveled making
our ride much less rough. Travis slowed his speed
down, even beyond what was necessary for the road
conditions. He leaned back in the truck seat using
his free hand to unbuttoned the fly to his old worn
501s. The man obviously wasn't wearing any underwear
as his dick flopped nymphets models sex portal out easily after the last button
was popped. He looked over to me saying "I thought
you like a change of scenery." nymphets underground pics ukrainian underage nymphet
I smiled my approval
wasting no time, leaning my drooling mouth close to
Travis' crotch. Being short did have some advantages
especially in these types of situations. I found a
comfortable spot on the bench seat to lay my head in
Travis' lap. My mouth engulfed the partially exposed
cock letting it expand quickly in the moist warmth
between my lips. Travis nymphet stars magazine gallery
farther helped my efforts by
pulling the rest of his hardening member and both his
nice sized balls from their jean confines. The rest of
Travis' exposed cock continued to grow down my throat,
filling me up, as it expanded. nymphets guestbook nympho nymphet pics
Travis' manhood wasn't
on the small side either. He was nowhere the size of
my Johnson but still a good seven or eight nicely
think inches. "How do you like the scenery so far?"
Travis asked in a seductive voice. Not wanting to
remove his wonderful cock from my mouth, I just moaned
softly my nymphet collections affirmation. It was a terrific view.The road, even though graveled, was rough enough to
provide the truck with a nymphetsthumbs
constant up and down motion.
Without much effort on my part, I simply lay there
swirling my child nymphet nude
tongue as the truck moved Travis' cock in
and out of my thankful mouth. Soon Travis' manhood
was steel hard and at full mast. He brought his hand,
which had been resting on my side, over to the back of
my head. He then pushed down with the rhythm of the
truck to free video nymphets
ensure his entire hard pole went down deep
into my talented throat. "Yeah that's it little man.
Take that big man cock down your throat. God, you
sure know how to use that tongue of yours" Travis
groaned. The rest of his comments were pretty much
limited to long deep moans of pleasure. After a
couple more minutes, Travis yelled loudly "Ah, fuck.
I'm cumming man. I'm gonna blow my nut!" He held my
head forcefully burying me into his black forest of
pubes. He began shooting hot thick streams of cum
down my gulping throat filling me with his masculine
seed. I was beginning to run out of air by the time
Travis' cock was finally drained and his spasms
subsided. Travis released his grasp allowing me to
pull up enough to breath. I let his manhood slowly
soften in my mouth enjoying the feeling provided me by
the mountain road, the truck, and my head in Travis'
lap. It brought back memories of childhood
contentment, nymphets nonnude like falling asleep in the car during
long road trips. Though, I can't remember ever being
lucky enough to have a big dick in my mouth during
those times. Who knows, maybe I wouldn't have
complained so much about the long drives to Aunt
Ferns.Travis ukraina nymphets eventually brought the truck to a stop,
shutting off the engine providing us with total
silence. We had arrived at our destination and I
reluctantly lifted my head from Travis' lap to look
out the window. upskirt nymphet free pics The view was in a word, spectacular.
Travis parked in a turn out on the edge of a high
mountain pass. The vast expanse of trees and cartoons incest nymphets sky gave
you the feeling of floating above teen ukrainian nymphets the mountain rather
than on the edge of it. "Wow" I exclaimed. "Yeah,
pretty awesome isn't it?" Travis responded back. "It
puts your whole life into a different perspective."
He opened the driver side door jumping easily out of
the truck to the dirt ground below. nymphet galleries pussy I followed his
cute body, scooting over the bench seat to land by my
mountain man with a little less grace as I stumbled.
Travis stretched his arms over his head, bending his
back to relieve any remaining tension my previous
efforts hadn't during our drive. wild young nymphets The summer air was
still warm even at this height. I private nymphets models
looked down
noticing Travis' dick and balls were still hanging out
of his jeans. The warm air kept them from shrinking
back into their denim home. Travis caught me looking
at his family jewels saying "Hey dude! You've had a
chance to check out my goods. How about you let me
check what your packing?" For some reason the phrase
made me blush like a first year school boy.Travis easily picked me up forum pics nymphets off the ground carrying me
effortlessly to nymphet sex toplist
the end of his truck and sitting me
down on the open tailgate. The truck was lifted so
high that my crotch was almost level with Travis'
chest. He pushed me backward forcing me to place my
hands behind me to remain upright. He then reached
down, undoing the buttons of my cargo pants, pulling
down the zipper and revealing my lack of underwear as
well. "Guess we both wanted to make it easy for each
other, huh" Travis said with a smirk. Travis decided
to remove all obstacles pulling my pants over my firm
round ass completely down to my ankles. My over sized
T-shirt was also in the way, so Travis pulled it up
over my head leaving my bare chest for his approval.
I looked around the area nervously as I was now almost
completely naked out in the open. What if someone
came by or could see from another location? Travis
saw the concern across my face. He said "Don't worry
dude. There ain't no one around for underage teen nymphet miles and no one
could see the truck from this angle anyways." Travis'
words seemed to calm my anxiety and he soon began to
concentrate on the event at hand.Travis looked down my almost completely naked frame
thinking to himself "This guy is hot!" In fact, I was
in great shape, tan all over with visible lines and
almost obscenely muscled. As Travis scanned down my
body, he saw his prize hanging halfway down my inner
thigh. "Holy shit dude! Your hung like a horse" he
yelled out. The average man's definition, but again I
turned red. "Don't be afraid. Try it. I think
you'll like it" I said in a reassuring tone. Travis
grabbed my fast growing cock letting his hands glide
up and down the long shaft mesmerized by its size. He
had been with his share of guys but none had even come
close this monster. My uncut nymphets under nudes cock had grown
completely hard with Travis' firm handed stroking
slowly its entire length. Like some sexual divining
rod, it was pointing its full eleven inches directly
at Travis' hot bod. His hand almost didn't reach
around the beer can thickness of my massive piece of
meat. Not nymphets tits being able to resist temptation, Travis
bent down towards my eagerly awaiting cock. He
skillfully licked the head pulling my foreskin back to
get full access to the sensitive glands. lol nymphets links
I let out an
erotic sigh as the feelings of Travis' tongue touching
my straining dick nymphet girl nudes
sent shockwaves through my body.
Travis continued to lick around my huge head lapping
at the freely flowing precum coming from the its tip.
After several licks up and down my hard shaft, Travis
opened his mouth engulfing the end of my horse cock.
It was so wide that Travis could only go down about
five inches at a time. He tried and tried to get more
of my manhood down his throat, but just couldn't do
it. "Hey man" I said sensing his frustration. "It
will take you a while to get used to my size. Just
enjoy what you can get. nymphets terra Fuck, I sure am." I raised
my hand to his head gently running my fingers through
his hair. Travis eventually conceded to my young nymphets nudes
and began jacking the length he was not able to get
down his waiting throat.Travis worked on my horse cock for a good 20 minutes.
He was surprised that his throat had opened open
allowing him hardcore little nymphets to get eight inches of my hard shaft down
with little effort. I was lost in the intense
feelings produced by Travis' expert sucking. I could
feel my balls pulling up as the all too familiar
feeling of an impending orgasm quickly grew more
intense. Instinctively, I began to buck my hips up to
meet Travis' downward motions. This drove an extra
inch of hot dick down Travis' already stretched
throat. He showed no signs of gagging as my cock
never really left Travis' throat during his up and
down sucking. The intensity of the blow job was
keeping my dick firmly planted in Travis' throat. I
knew Travis was going to run out of air real soon and
I needed to climax. Just as that thought was
processing through my brain, I exploded with an
overwhelming flood of sexual emotion. Like an
erupting volcano, hot cum flowed from the end of my
dick. Jet after jet of thick creamy jism poured out
my fire hose and down Travis' sucking mouth. He
didn't even have to swallow. My cock was buried its
full eleven inches down his massaging throat. After a
minute or two, my orgasm subsided enough to allow
Travis to pull himself off my huge fuck pole allowing
him to breath. I was panting heavily from the
exertion but managed to say "That was great man. You
are one hell of a cocksucker. Most guys can't get
much more than half my dick down." Travis pulled the
rest of my thick cock from his lips. "I have always
wanted to pictures nudes nymphets get my mouth around a monster like yours' he
said smacking my dick against his face. "I wanted
every inch I could get. A couple more times and I
would've been sniffing your pubes." I smiled at his
enthusiasm saying "That sounds good to me."Travis released his grasp on my dick, jumping up onto
the truck bed, sitting next to me on the tailgate.
"It's really beautiful around here isn't it?" ranchi nymphets Travis
said. "Yes it is. I am really glad you nude nymphet galleries brought me
here." I reached over and grasped Travis' hand. To
my surprise, Travis jerked nymphet model toplist his hand away quickly.
"Dude, what do you think I am? Gay or something?" He
broke out laughing as he moved his hand back to litlle nymphet gallery mine
holding it tightly. After the shock, I realized the
joke and began laughing too. I pulled my pants back
up as we both jumped off the back of the truck.
Travis said "Let's grab our packs and nymphets under age go for a hike"
grabbing his gear from the back of the truck. "I know
this great place not far from here." "What about the
truck?" I asked. "It will be safe here. There's no
one around these parts this time of the week." I
shrugged indicating a 'whatever' grabbed the other
pack and followed Travis' nice firm butt up a narrow
trail.End Chapter One
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