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Subject: Truck Stop Fill Up (Quick Dump)Truck Stop Fill Up
No Facilities A quick dump.
I got back in my car with what felt like a big fuckin' cum load of nut
mustard up my ass and hit the road. At first I could feel the guy's load
of cum slosh around inside me, but innocent nymphet soon felt as if though I couldn't hold
it in any longer. I had to nymphets studios top
clench my ass muscles tight to hold the load
of cum up in me from squirting out and soaking my pants. I wasn't even
30 miles down the road from the truck stop and could feel some of the cum
up in my ass leak out before I seen a sign that read, "rest area no
facilities." I could barely hold my ass muscles closed as I pulled off
on a dark secluded patch of pavement along side the highway with no
lights. It was doctor rape nymphet
nymphets tpg a little free toplist nymphet after 8 and had turned off dark. There were
three semi tractors with trailers parked one nymphets imgboard behind the other with their
parking lights on. I pulled up in front of the first parked semi tractor
I passed. I parked and got out of my car to quickly take a dump before I
soaked the back of my pants. I looked up in the truck cab. The lights
were out and I couldn't see anyone. I walked around the back of the
car. Turned around and faced the truck as I unfastened my pants. I
dropped my pants to my knees and squatted behind the car. It was hard
to hear anything with the low rumble of the diesel engine running, but I
heard what sounded like someone talking on a cb. Within a few seconds
after I had squatted I heard foot steps on the gravel in front of me. I
looked over kinder nymphet to the front of the truck to teen nymphets bbs see a dark nymphets model 14y figure stop about six
feet from me in front of pics nymphets models the truck. I couldn't really tell how tall or
big this person was from where I was nymphets jp looking up with only the yellow
running lights of the truck on.
"Don't mind me. Jus' gotta piss," I heard in a deep voice. I really
didn't know what to do with this guy standing not more than 6 feet in
front of me. I seen him unzip. I didn't really hear any piss, or see
him piss as he stood there. I squatted there for a moment without doing
anything, but couldn't hold my ass clenched any longer. I felt the fluid
in my ass begin to push out and run down my leg. I felt my ass muscles
give as the cum in my ass squirted out in a stream behind me. It smelled
like someone took a fish and slapped me yound nymphets
in the face. I could smell the
semen that had just young nymphet naked ran down my legs and squirted out from my ass hole.
oh fuck, I thought to myself. I didn't really try to push any more of
the cum that was in my ass out as I stayed squatted. I thought the guy
would piss and leave, but he didn't.
"Guess ya vombat sexy angels nymphet
missed the last service station, huh," he stated. "How long
you been on the road?" he asked. "Not long, how bout you?" I asked.
"Been a week nearly," he answered. naked little nymphet photos
It was then I noticed his wedding
ring in the yellow light. "Ain't many rest stops out on this stretch of
highway. Jus' a few fuelin stops." he stated with some pause before he
asked, "You even got any paper to wipe yer ass?"
Ah fuck, I thought to bbs nudist nymphet
myself. "No, didn't even think about it," I
answered. He stepped over with his fat dick hanging over a big hairy set
of balls still hanging out of his pants. He reached into his shirt
pocket and pulled out what looked like white toilet paper. Now I could
see him a little better. He was an older guy in his late 40's may be
early 50's with a slightly unshaved face. He was a heavy set and stocky
guy, but didn't look fat.
"When yer on the road ya always gotta be prepared," he stated as he
handed me the tissue paper. "Thanks," I replied as I took the folded
tissue from his hand. I reached down between my legs and ran the toilet
paper between the puckered open korean nymphets
lips of my ass hole. I heard a little
wet fart and was slightly embarassed. I felt the tissue paper soak thru
to my hand, and wiped the wet paper around my ass lips and back up
between my puckered open ass lips. I pulled the paper back thru my legs
and could see a good part of the tissue was soaked with clear fluid;
then, threw the tissue paper over to the side. I looked up to see him
looking over at the tissue paper on the ground. I didn't know if he
could see there wasn't any shit on the tissue paper or not, or if he
could see the paper was soaked, but not dirty.
"Damn, what the fuck is that smell? That don't smell like shit buddy,
" He stated as a question which I was not about to answer. I could see
his fat dick swell and raise up over his big hairy nut sack. His dick
didn't hang that long, but was really fat. His belly hung a little over
his belt with his dick and hairy balls hangin' out from his unzipped
pants. I stared at his cock for a moment.
"What the fuck buddy. That smells like pussy! What the fuck you had up
that ass eastern europe nymphets boy? A dick!" magic nymphet
he stated. He stepped another foot closer
which put him standing nearly over me with his dick still hanging out of
his unbuckled pants. He took a sniff like a dog smelling a bitch in
heat. "I know that smell boy," he said as he reached over and grabbed me
by the arm. He pulled me up onto my feet with my pants down around my
knees. He reached nymphet bikini models around with nymphets underage children porn his other hand and slide his fingers
between the cheeks of my ass. I felt his fingers slide between my wet
open ass lips and right into xxx russian teens nymphets
my wet used fuck hole. I felt him plunge a
finger all the way in. "Damn boy' that's a wet fuckin' pussy you got
there!" There was a slight pause, "Yeah, yer a pussy boy aint ya," he
stated as he pulled his finger from my ass hole and let go of my arm. I
could see his dick was sticking straight out over his nut sack and was as
big around and about nymphet chat as long nymphet nude xxx
as a beer can. He stepped behind me and put
his arm on my shoulder as he pushed me down onto the trunk of the car.
He grabbed me by the waist with his other hand as he held me down on the
trunk of the car. I felt nymphet tween
the head of his dick push up between my wet ass
lips. nymphet preeteen models Just as quickly he shove his wild nymphets gallery fat fuckin' dick head in and tore my
ass hole open all in one good hard push. My whole body tightened up. I
tried to push open and relax my ass muscles just a bit to let his fat
fuckin' dick in me. I grunted and he pushed his hand down on my back
harder. This fuckers dick stretched my muscle ring and insides open
around his dick. I couldn't clench my ass muscles around his dick. All
I could do was try to push open some to make it easier and relax. I felt
the head of his little nymphet angels bbs fat dick head hit up and push against the inner muscle
ring before he pulled back satin nymphets some; then, pushed in hard with his big hairy
balls up against me. I could feel every movement of his fat cock head
thrust in and then back some. He dropped down on me and pinned me onto
the trunk of the car. He held one of my arms down with his out reached
hand holding me tight. He moved the other hand up under my arm and held
the back of my neck. There was no way I could move out of his grip.
This was a heavy guy with a tight grip on me. I felt my pants drop down
around my ankles and could barely keep a steady foot on the ground as he
pushed me up onto the trunk of the car with each hard thrust of his cock
up inside me. "Fuck yeah, that feels as good as pussy," I heard him say
loudly into my ear. He didn't move his position any as he shoved his fat
dick in and out of my used fucked hole in short hard thrusts. All I
could feel move was his hips as he moved his ass. nymphets top site
His breathing got
heavy and he began to grunt with each hard thrust into me. "Ahhhh, fuck
yeah!...... I'm gonna blow," he stated loudly with his mouth up to my
ear. "Here it comes, here it commmmmes," he shouted into my ear.
"Ohhhhh fuck yeah,........ I'm cummmmming!" he shouted free nymphet tgp as he plunged his
cock all the way up inside me to his big hairy balls and stopped. I
could feel his cock throb as the cum shot up the nymphets gallerys shaft of his cock. I
could feel his hot sperm burning as it splattered my insides. I felt
three, four, five really hard jerks as his dick shot off inside me. "Fuck
yeah,..... take free gallery nymphet that load. Take it!" he shouted into my ear as I felt
his ass tighten up and shake with his dick moving and fat dick head
darting up around inside my well used fucked hole. I could feel his fat
dick pulsing up inside my ass with few hard kicks as his muscles jerked
his dick up inside me. He relaxed some and layed still. I knew he was
finished when he loosened his grip from behind me. His dick felt just as
big up inside me but didn't feel nearly as hard as it did. He raised up
slightly and moved his hands to my sides with his cock still buried
nearly all the way inside me to his balls. He pushed himself up with his
hands and I could feel the head of his cock sliding out of my wet used
hole. He put both hands on littles nymphets russians the cheeks of my ass free nymphet list
and pushed himself
away. I felt the swelled up lips around my ass hole stretch and open up
around his dick head before I heard a suction sound like a plunger when
you pull it up. The head of his dick fell out as he stepped back. I
pushed my self up off the trunk of the car and stood. I could see the
trailer lights flashing on the truck trailer parked in front of my car.
"Looks like you got someone else needin' yer services faggot," he stated
as I turned my head to see him fling a long sliver of fluid drueling from
the piss slit of his fat fuckin' wet dick. I couldn't clench my ass
muscles tight and could petite nymphette video
feel my ass hole still opened. I felt the cum
running down my legs as I reached down and grabbed my pants. I could feel
my ass cheeks spread and could feel young angels nymphets the air bewteen my swelled up ass
lips. my sexy nymphet "Oh yeah, that 16 yo nymphet did the job," he said before I pulled up my pants.
I turned toward him to see nymphet pageant
him looking over at my ass as he shoved his
fat wet dick back into his pants; then, zipped up. He turned and quickly
walked back around the cab nymphets top land of his truck. I heard the door of the truck
close. I fastened my pants; then, stepped around the driver's side of my
car. The cab light came on as I stood beside my car. I ukrainian angels nymphets pearl looked back at
him sitting up in the cab of his truck. I heard something said before I
seen him grab the c.b. mic from over his head. He said something over
the mic as he held it to nymphet rape galleries
his mouth; then, pointed to the truck in front
of me. little nymphet russians He turned out the cab light. I hesitated for a moment before I
walked over and around the front of my car. I could feel the anal ls nymphets
children naked nymphet cum inside
me slosh around as I tried to clench my ass muscles a little to keep the
cum from ls land nymphets squirting out. What the fuck was I gonna free porn nymphetes pics
do. Drop my pants and
squirt this guys cum nudist nymphets gallery load out right here in front of him, or just let it
soak the back of my pants. I walked along the passenger side of the
truck trailer that was parked infront of my car. I could see the cab
light was on in the mirror of the truck as I looked down along the side
of the long trailer. The cab light was on and I could see the driver of
the truck in the mirror for a second before the cab light went out. The
passenger door opened just before elite nymphets sex the emergency flashers turned off.
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