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Subject: Truck Stop Fill Up ( Glory Hole, My First )Truck Stop Fill UpLight thru the hole
I stepped around my car with my hand out on the car to hold me up.
I opened my car door, stepped in and sat. I felt the vinyl material of
the seat on my bare ass push against my protruding ass lips as nymphets nudity pearls
I sat
there. I closed the car door beside me. I looked out the front
window; then, looked over to my side. I sat there alone in the dark.
There was a wet suction sound, like a plunger, when I lifted my ass and
dropped to my side onto the front seat of the car. It felt as if though
something wet and sticky was sticking to my ass cheek as I laid there on
my side. I simply didn't nymphet pictures cp care and closed my eyes.
I heard the loud roar of a diesel 14 yo nymphette engine down shift as I laid there
with my eyes closed. I was far to sore and tired to raise up off the
seat to even look. I rolled one way; then, another without any real
comfort on the long narrow front seat of the car. I heard a bang, bang,
bang somewhere outside the car as I laid there with my eyes closed. I
pushed my hand down on the car seat and rolled over face forward toward
the back of the car seat. I pushed my other hand against the back of
the car seat and rolled back. It felt like someone pushing a door while
I was trying to push it open as I laid there with my eyes closed in the
dark. I pushed harder. "Stop pushing!" I heard someone yell at me,
but it sounded like a familiar voice. "No, you stop," I replied as I
pushed back. I felt something in my hand and clenched onto it tightly.
"Let loose!" I heard them yell. I felt my clenched hand twist and
turn. I clenched my hand tighter and tried to twist my hand back. I
felt what I had in my hand turn one way as I tried to turn it back the
other way. "I have to nymphets southamerica
go," I told them. "So, do I," they yelled
back. What ever I had in my hand came loose from where it was
attached, and there was suddenly a bright light coming thru a hole.
"Uh nymphet photos
oh,..... yer in trouble now," I heard someone say from the
other side of the hole. "No,..... you are," I replied. I wasn't much
taller than the hole and could see right into the bright light coming
from the other side. I looked thru the hole to see my older brother
Vince. He was three years older than me, and much taller. He stood
right infront of the toilet in just his white underwear. "I'll be out
in a nymphets thong second," he told me as he slid his fingers nymphet whore
under the elastic band,
and push his underwear down under his little balls. His nearly hard
dick flopped out and hung over his tight little balls. There wasn't any
hair any where around his dick, balls, up his belly, or even anywhere on
his legs that I could see. Even though he didn't have any hair, and
his dick didn't look much different than mine his dick was alot longer
and bigger around than mine. His dick stuck nearly straight out with
only one hand holding his underwear down beneath his balls. litte nymphet The skin
hung well over the head of his dick. I watched as the piss streamed
out from the folds of skin hanging over the head of his dick. He
finished pissing and let his hand loose from his underwear. His
underwear snappd up around his waist with his dick raised up in his
He put his fingers in the hole and pulled the door open toward
him. I don't know if he knew I was looking, or not, as I stood
there. He leaned down some as he looked directly at me. "Listen
here,..... mom's the only one that comes down here. If she asks. You
don't know anything,... ok," he told me. "Ok," I replied. He had the
other door knob in one hand and grabbed the door knob from my hand with
his other hand. "Now,.... hurry up we gotta nymphets land top 100 get to school," he told
me. We had the only bedroom down stairs. Our parents had their
bedroom upstairs and seldom, if ever, used lovely nymphets bbs the bathroom downstairs. The
only time our mom delicious nymphets girls
came into our room or went into the bathroom down
stairs was to do laundry, or to clean, which was seldom done since both
our parents worked.
I stepped into the bathroom after my brother, and closed the door
behind me. I stepped up to the toilet bowl, and looked over at the hole
in the door. I pulled my underwear down with both hands. I was
barely tall enough to pee into the toilet bowl. My little dick stood
straight out over my tiny balls raised up around my little dick as I
stood there. I watched the piss stream from the tight fold of skin over
the head of my dick. I finished pissing, and just let go of the elastic
band. My underwear snapped up around my waist. I went back into our
bedroom. Vince had both door knobs in one hand. He pulled the elastic
band on his underwear open with his other hand, and dropped the horsenymphets door
knobs into his underwear. He let the elastic band snap back around his
waist. "Look,..... I got brass balls," he said. We both laughed as he
shook his waist. "Listen,...... I got knockers," he said
laughingly before he pulled the elastic band of his underwear out from
his waist and grabbed the door knobs from his underwear. He looked
around for a second before he opened the closet door. He looked up
and threw the door knobs over in the corner of the closet shelf with his
ball glove, ball bats and other stuff which mom never bothered.
We both shared the same dresser drawers and I wore most of his old
hand me downs that weren't worn out. I never wore his old shoes;
because, he always wore them out before he out grew them. We banned russian nymphets weren't
poor by any means. Our parents just thought of themselves first. We
were merely a second thought. Something like a tune-up. You drive
the car; until, there's a problem. Then you deal with it. The door
knob wasn't the first, or only thing we ever broke, lost, or hid from our
parents. I had already forgotten about breaking the door knob by time
we got to breakfast. dream nymphets Nothing was said by either of us. We walked to
school together. A virgin nymphets naked pics couple of his friends joined us. They crowded me
out and I walked behind them. A couple other kids in my class walked
up and joined us as we walked behind the older boys. When I went to
walk up to the school doors my brother kept on walking. I stopped;
then, ran up behind him. I grabbed his hand. He stopped and looked
down at me as I pulled him back. "What," he asked me as I pulled his
arm. "Where are you going?" I asked him. "I don't go to school here
any more," he told me. "Why?" I asked. bbs nymphet leotard "I'm in sixth grade junior
high now," he told me. "Oh,.....can I come?" I asked him. My
brother's friends all kind of laughed, and walked on without him.
"No,...... you gotta stay here and go to school," he told me. He
pulled his hand from mine and quickly ran to catch up with his friends.
I stood there outside the school doors and watched him walk away with his
I guess no one really ever noticed the door knob missing. The
bathroom door was always open when our mom did top child nymphets models laundry or cleaned. The
only time you knew the door knob was missing is when you closed the door
behind you, and had to open it from the inside; because, there was
nothing there but a hole when you went to pull the door open. She never
said anything to us, or to dad.
Our dad bowled on friday with a number of his friends. Their
wifies usually went along which meant mom always went along as well. It
was just something they always did. It was probably more a reason to
get together and drink more than anything else. Our parents were
always gone on friday like clock work. You could set your clock by
Usually my cousin Gladys would baby sit us. Even though I
considered her an adult, and she stood nearly as tall as my mother she
was only in her second year of highschool. Gladys was a red head and
always played it cool.
We had one of the first colored television sets in the
neighborhood. Gladys would sit and watch tv with us like a cat on a hot
tin roof waiting for our parents to slip out the door. Our parents
would no sooner be out the door and Gladys would be up by the
door waiting for the car doors to shut. Once she heard the car pull
away she was on the phone. No sooner would she hang up the phone and
her friends would be sneaking up like alley cats to the back door.
She'd send us to our room, turn the tv off, and crank the sound up on the
Zenith console radio. Sometimes they'd throw one of the newest singles
on the turntable if she, or some one else, had brought one. I liked
to hide the 45 speed changer that slipped over the record spindle before
she got there, but that only worked so many times before they thought to
bring their own record inserts.
It was early Fall. It was still hot, but it got even hotter with
all of Gladys' friends crowded into the living room. We had one of the
first air conditioning window units, and Glady's would crank up the air
conditioning to keep everyone cool while they danced and did who knows
what without the prying eyes of an adult. Which often included more
than a few sips of my dad's booze.
My brother snuck out the bedroom window and left me there alone.
His legs were longer nymphet bbs than mine, and he could jump alot further than I
could. I couldn't have kept up with him, and the older boys his age
any way, even if I tried. So, I stayed behind. I cracked the door
open with the light out in the bedroom. I peeked out into the hall way
which was dark. You couldn't really see anything in the other room, but
I kept my eyes on the look out any way. It wasn't long before I seen
one of the older boys step into the hall. It was Jake. He lived down
the street. He was one of the older boys in the neighborhood. From
what I had heard he was a junior in highschool, and had just gotten his
own car. A brand new Ford Mustang, and the first of its kind off the
Detroit assembly lines. He was an only child, and his parents spent a
couple grand to buy him the car. He had curly black hair that was a
little longer than respectable. He even had hair on his face, long
sideburns and something like a moustache that he didn't shave. All
the girls loved him and that included Gladys. nymphets ukrainian ls He was much taller
than my brother, and nearly as tall as some men. He wore blue jeans
with only nymphets nude world a white t shirt on, and had a cigarette in his hand. I
stepped back from the door as he passed and went into the bathroom. He
stepped into the bathroom, turned on the light, grabbed the door and
closed it behind him.
I opened my bedroom door some, and stepped into the hall. There
really was no way to know if anyone was coming up behind me little nymphets free galleries in the
hall especially with the music cranked up so loud. The hall was dark
except imageshack jpg nymphet for the light coming thru the hole in the door so I nervously
peeked thru the hole in the door. I watched as Jake stood there in
front of the toilet. He grabbed his belt buckle with one hand. I had
to slightly look up thru the hole as he unzipped his pants with his other
hand. He reached his hand in his pants, and pulled his dick and balls
out all at once in one quick move. He held his dick in his hand with
his fingers up under his balls holding the elastic band of his underwear
down. I was amazed to gymnastics nymphets see how long his dick hung out from his pants,
and how thick his dick looked. nymphets clips He had huge hands compared to me, and
his thick dick hung more than a few good innocent little nymphets inches from his nymphet kingdom
hand. I had
only seen my other class mates that were my age in the showers after gym
class, and my brother. This guy's dick was huge compared to any of
us. He had a big dick head, but I didn't see any skin hanging over the
head of his dick like me and my brother. I could see some dark curly
black hair on his balls and some hair curled up around the base of his
dick sticking out thru his opened pants. I didn't even know people had
hair there. I watched him piss with his long dick hanging there in his
hand. I seen him lean forward slightly as he finished pissing. I
looked up and could see the cigarette in his mouth as he leaned
forward. He leaned back, shook; then, pulled his dick a few
times. He let his dick loose from his hand. His long dick hung there
with his big nuts hangin from his open pants. His dick jerked up and
bounced some all by itself. nymphets and boys His dick looked even longer and some what
thicker now as I watched his dick raise up over his hairy balls. He
had two good egg sized nuts hanging out from his pants. For some
reason my little dick was hard and pushed the front of my pants out.
Jake threw the cigarette into the toilet, and flushed. He grabbed his
dick in his hand; then, shoved it back over to the side in his pants.
He grabbed his belt buckle with one hand, and pulled the zipper up with
the other. Without even realizing what was going on I seen his fingers
come thru the hole. He pulled the door open with me standing right
there. naked skinny nymphettes He stopped without even taking a step or turning off the
light. He just looked down at young nymph tgp me as if though he knew I was there.
"There ya go buddy,...... all done,..... it's yers," he told me as
he cupped his hand under the crotch of his pants right in front of me.
"Someone ought'a fix that hole ya know," he told me as he put his hand up
on my head and winked at me. He shook my head with his hand as he
stepped by me. I turned and looked back at him as he passed. He
glanced back at me as he went around the corner to the other room.
It was only a week, or so, later that my dad wasn't very happy with
mom's neice Glady's for some reason, or another. I think one of the
older ladies young teen nudity nymphets in the neighborhood complained to my mom about the loud
music, but I really think it was the missing booze which may have gotten
out of hand that pissed my dad off. My parents couldn't find another
babysitter. Either my mom stayed home which wasn't going to happen, or
we went with them to the bowling alley which we had done on occassion.
This wasn't one of those occassions. Going with them to the bowling
alley didn't seem like a good long term solution at the time. So, it
fell on my brother like a ton of bricks. He was now the baby
sitter. He wasn't happy at all; because, he couldn't jump out the
window and run with his friends for the night.
I almost thought he took it as a punishment for the better part of
the night, but it was one of the first friday nights I got to stay up
late and watch tv without being sent to my bedroom. I had pulled my
blanket and pillow out of the bedroom, and was going to sleep the night
under the cool air conditioning. I was entertained by tv most of the
night, but noticed my brother had disappeared. nymphettes tgp I got up. I thought
maybe he had gone to the kitchen to get something to eat, or drink. I
walked into the hall, and noticed the bathroom light coming thru the hole
in the door. I snuck as quietly as I could over to the door, and peeked
into the hole. He was sitting on the toilet, but laid back some with
his legs stretched out. His dick was sticking straight up with his hand
around his dick. There was a good handfull, or more, of dick to go
even with his hand wrapped around his dick. His hands were alot bigger
than mine, and he used every bit of of his hand while he stroked his
dick. He pulled his hand up around the head of his dick. Some of the
skin rolled over the head of his dick; then, he quickly slid his hand
back down around the base of his dick, and back up again. His white t
shirt was pulled up some, youngest nymphet pic
but his pants were nymphet pissing pussy
pushed all the way down
around his ankles. kiddies nymphets sex gallery He didn't have any hair around his dick or on his
balls. My little dick boned up in my pants, but was barely a handfull
compared to my brother. My brother was stroking his dick furiously when
all of a sudden I seen his ass tense up on the toilet seat. His legs
stretched out and tightened up. He stopped and held his dick in his
hand. Nothing happened, but he quit. I thought maybe he had seen me
looking thru the hole, but he didn't do, or say anything. I had no
idea what he was doing, or why he stopped. He let nymphet girl
loose of his dick
from his hand. He pulled his legs back, raised and stood up with his
bare ass to the toilet. His dick wasn't nearly as hard, but still stuck
out over his balls. He leaned down and pulled his pants and underwear
up together. His dick slid straight up into his underwear. He
fastened his pants. He grabbed his pant waist with one hand and pulled
his zipper up with the other. I snuck back into the living room as
quick as possible without him knowing, and sat looking at the tv when he
came back into the living room.
The week end was really the only time we had that we didn't have
something to do, or wasn't around some adult; atleast, during the school
year. Every friday for the last month or so was the same thing. My
brother would go into the bathroom, pull his dick out and beat it, but
nothing ever happened. His ass would tighten up some, and he'd quit.
I was actually looking forward to friday. It was late Autumn.
It was maybe about half an hour after our parents had gone bowling that I
seen my brother getting antsy. I was squatted on the floor watching tv
while he sat up in the chair reading one of his school books. I seen
a nymphets paradise buldge, and the outline of his dick raised straight up in his
pants. He laid the book with the pages opened face down on the end
table beside him. He got up out of the chair, and left the room. I
gave him a few seconds before I got up to follow him. I seen his biology
book on the table. That was something we hadn't studied, and I knew
nothing about. I picked up the book, turned it over and looked at what
he has reading. There was a drawing of something and I read something
like female vagina. I turned the page and seen another drawing of
something I knew looked familiar and below it read, the male penis. I
heard the bathroom door close, and put the book back with the opened
pages face down. I snuck over and peeked around the corner into the
hall. I seen the bathroom light on thru the hole in the door. I
quietly stepped over to the bathroom door and peeked thru the hole. My
brother stood facing the toilet. He grabbed the waist of his pants
with both hands. He unfastened his jeans; then, pulled his pants open
with both hands. I heard the zipper open without him even pulling the
zipper down. I could see the outline of his dick raised up in his
white underwear. His dick was pushing the elastic band of his
underwear out from his waist. He moved his hands to his sides with
his thumbs under the waist band of his underwear. He leaned forward
some as he pushed his pants and underwear down to his knees. I seen
his dick pop out of his underwear and heard his dick slap his belly.
He stood back up with his bald dick sticking straight up over his tight
hairless balls. His little balls were tight and close up to the base
of his dick. The skin was already pulled back over the head of his
hard dick with only some loose folds of skin behind the head of his
dick. He turned and sat on the toilet. He leaned forward and
pushed his pants down around his ankles. He leaned back against the
toilet tank. He placed one hand up under his balls and grabbed his
dick with the other. He pulled his hand up to the head of his
dick. Some skin rolled over tender nymphet the nude preeten nymphs head of his dick before he quickly
pulled his hand down to the base of his dick. I watched as he stroked
his dick with his hand going up, and down, the shaft of his hard dick
again, and again.
He slowed down and stopped. nymphette girls fucking I thought he was done. That's all
I expected. He usually didn't stop stroking his dick until he quit.
He took his hand off the shaft of his dick, and held his dick straight up
with the thumb of his hand while still cupping his fingers up under his
balls. little nymphet slutssmall breasted nymphets He touched his finger to his piss hole. I could see a drop
of clear fluid. He raised his finger to look. There was a clear
sliver of something that looked like snot hanging from his finger. He
rubbed his wet finger around the head of his dick; then, grabbed the
shaft of his dick again. He slowly slid his hand up the shaft of his
hard dick, and squeezed his fingers up around the head of his dick.
There was another drop of clear fluid that popped out of his piss hole
and ran down the head of his dick. He slid his hand back down around
the base of his dick, then, up again; then, back nymphets under 6 down. He quickened
the pace. He moved his hand further up over the head of his dick before
sliding his hand back down the shaft. I could see the fold of skin roll
up well over the head of his dick and flop arond some from side to side
each time he raised his hand up over the head of his dick. I watched the
fold of skin roll back over the head of his dick and stretch behind the
head of his cock as he dropped his hand to the base of his dick.
He began furiously stroking his dick. My little dick was tenting my
pants, and for the first time I rubbed my hand over my boned up dick in
my pants. I knew he was just going to quit soon by how fast he was
stroking his dick.
I looked up to see my brother's face. This time he closed his
eyes and leaned his head back. He opened his mouth some as he
clenched his teeth. His ass slipped onto the edge of the toilet seat
as he stretched his legs straight out while leaning back on the
toilet. I seen his ass cheeks tense. He suddenly stopped. His
stomach muscles tensed and his upper body from his waist up jerked up, he
dropped back and stretched back out against the toilet tank. His ass
cheeks flexed, and tensed on the edge of the toilet seat. I heard him
grunt right when I seen the tube at the base of his dick beneath his hand
swell up like a water hose. Within 3d art nymphet a second a clearish white drop of
fluid pop out of his piss hole and ran down his dick head. The base of
his dick jerked, and the tube at the base of his dick swelled up
again. There was another small drop nymphet japs of fluid that popped out his piss
hole, but this time it was thicker and white. The tube at the base of
his dick swelled up again, but nothing came out this time. I felt my
own dick jerk up in my pants and felt a slight tingling in my balls as I
Vince relaxed some and opened his eyes. He drop his hand to the
toilet seat, and pushed himself back up on the toilet seat to sit. He
looked down at his dick and seen the drop of thick white stuff at his
piss hole. He raised his eye brows some and smiled. He took a deep
breath; then, raised up on the toilet with his hands on his knees. He
pushed himself up, and stood there with his dick sticking straight out
over his balls. His balls looked like they had loosened up some and
drop a little from the base of his dick. His balls didn't look near as
tight around the base of his dick as they had. The thick white stuff
ran down and hung from the head of his dick. He grabbed the base of his
dick as he turned to face the toilet. He pushed his hand up the
shaft, and squeezed his fingers just behind the head of his dick, and
another drop of thick white stuff pop out of his piss hole. He let
loose of his dick which still hung nearly straight out over his balls.
He reached over and his dick swung over to the side and back as he
grabbed some toilet paper. He looked over at the hole in the door.
I leaned back some as I looked up thru the hole. Vince smiled
and seemed to laugh a little under little nymphets post his breath as he wiped the few little
drops of thick white stuff from the head of his dick; then, threw the
paper in the trash can beside the toilet without wading up the paper.
He bent down, grabbed his pants by the waist, and pulled his
underwear and pants up all together. His hard dick raised up and slid
into his underwear. He quickly fastened his pants. He grabbed his
pant waist with one hand and pulled his zipper up with the other. I
stepped back, and ran into the living room in a near panic. I could
feel my heart racing. I don't know what I had just seen, or what had
just happened, but it was different. I felt different. I felt
something happen to me down there in my balls. I had just squatted
back in front of the tv and caught my breath when my brother came back in
the living room. He looked at me, but I ignored underage nymphets rompl
him as if though I
didn't even know he had been gone. He sat back down in the chair.
He grabbed the opened book from the end table beside him. He looked at
the page; then, over at me. He stared at me for a moment before he
turned the page back, and started to read again. I gave it a few
minutes, but curiousity got the best of me. ukraine nymphet bbs I pushed myself up off the
floor. I tried to ignore Vince, but I could see him raise his head, and
look over at me as I passed by him sitting in the chair. I free lil nymphets went to the
bathroom, closed the door behind me, and looked in the trash can. I
found the tissue he had used. There was something there on the tissue,
but I had no idea what it was. There looked like alot more than a few
drops of something smeared, and absorbed, into the paper tissue. It
was mostly clear, but there was a thick white glob of something that
hadn't been absorbed by the paper yet. I raised the tissue paper up to
get a better look as I little nymphet hentei
took my hand and ls nymphets
touched the white glob with the
finger of my other hand. It was wet and sticky. I opened my mouth
with my tongue out to taste it when I seen a reflection of light on the
other side of the hole. I threw the tissue paper into the trash, and
quickly reached up and turned out the light.
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