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From: Wendi
Subject: Trucker Heaven I got russian nymphet videos
on the computer and the Internet and found a few truck stops and
highway rest stops, where straight (?) and gay guys would nymphet thong models
frequent to get
and give blowjobs. That evening I took a shower, and on the spur of the
moment, I decided to shave some of the hair off my body. I had shaved my
groin many years ago for my darling, Bobby; he seemed to prefer a hairless
crotch. Maybe my new frehs little nymphets pics lovers would, too. So I removed all the hair from my
neck down to almost mid-thigh. I then rubbed myself with lavender-scented body lotion, sprayed on
some of my late wife's perfume, and anointed my underarms with her baby
powder scented deodorant. I lo nymphet gallery put on a pair of crotchless panties, sheer
nude thigh high stockings (the silky feel of them on my legs was beginning
to arouse me), a pair of her snug-fitting stretch slacks, one of her unisex
blouses, and a pair of black moccasins. I put a couple of her more
tasteful thin chains around my neck and I was ready. I even found a small
handbag in which to carry my personal things. I drove to a large truck stop about twenty miles from my house, all
the while thinking of how wondrous this would be. There must have been
close to thirty semi trailers parked at the truck stop and at the motel
across the street. The place was crawling with over-the-road drivers. All
this being new to me, I exotic nymphets sites wasn't sure how to proceed in my endeavor. I parked my car at the far end of the row of the rigs and got out. I
put the strap of my handbag over my shoulder and began tiny nymphet pic
walking demurely in
front of the row of trucks, mincing ever so slightly. I was already
aroused. My hard on pushed through my crotchless panties, forming an
unmistakable bulge in the front of my flyless slacks. Before I got too far
down the row, the lights of nymphette angel sex
one the rigs flashed at me and a masculine
voice boomed out. "C'mere, sweetheart," it said. nymphets young blue
I walked up to the passenger door and said, in my best imitation of a
feminine voice, "What can I do for you?" "Well, what youngest nymphets nude do we have here?" he queried, noticing little nymphet asian
my feminine attire,
my beard, and the bulge at my crotch, "a faggot in drag? You can do a lot
for me, and for some of my good buddies. What's yer name, darlin'?" "Wendi." I blurted out, thinking fast. Wendi sex nymphet video is a diminutive of the
name, Edwina, that Bobby named me so many years ago. Besides, I always
liked the name, Wendi; it was cool and sexy."You're in for a treat tonight, then, sugar. There's a whole bunch of us
here that've been on the road image host naked nymphets
for some time, and we're in the need of a
good piece of ass. You good?" he asked. "How much you charge?" "I think I'm damn good," I answered nervously, "and you nymphetes top can give me
whatever you feel I'm worth." "Can't cam young nymphet nude pass up a deal like that," he said. "You got balls. Hey, I
made a joke," he laughed. I gave him my best smile. nymphets 10 y.o "Wendi, baby, climb on up here, so's I can get a close look at you,"
he said as he opened litte nymphets nude the door and moved over to the driver's side. I climbed up into the korean nymphet girls passenger lovely nymphets collection seat and sat next to this big bear of
a guy. "My name's Duke," he said, reaching over, grabbing my crotch, and
reminding american tiny nymphets me of me and Bobby's wrestling matches. "Feels real enough,
alright. Now' take a handful of mine. Mmmm, you smell real purdy, too." I grabbed nymphet porn videos
his wanger through his pants. It felt immense. I could
hardly wait to taste a dick in my mouth after so many nubile nymphet pic
years. I was
tingling with excitement, and horny and hard as hell. "Oh my goodness!" I
exclaimed, "I can nymphet lollita
hardly contain myself." "Well, you'll have a lot to contain with this ol' boy." said Duke,
proudly. "C'mon let's crawl on over in the back of this rig." We crawled back up in the sleeper portion of the cab. These things
have all the nymphets under 10
comforts of home, complete with TV and stereo -- the works. I
was impressed! "I'm gonna try you out right now to see how good you suck before I
give a yahoo to the rest of the guys. You'd better be at least half as
good as think you are," said Duke, "or we jest might all kick the livin'
shit fourteen year old nymphets outa you." "I'll give you the best damn blowjob you ever had," said I, feigning
confidence. I was more than a little worried. I hadn't given a blowjob in forty
years! What if I screwed up and he didn't like it?! I didn't want to be
put in a hospital by these monsters. pre nymphets hot sex
This was one possible event that I hadn't even considered, since I was
new to prostituting myself. Maybe it was like riding a bike; you never
forget how! I was sure(?) that things would work out OK. "Now, you come over here and undo my jeans," motioned Duke. naked nymphet bbs
I obediently knelt between his legs, unbuckled his belt, and
unbuttoned and unzipped his pants. Immediately, his huge rock-hard joint
stood up and out, ilegal underage nymphets since he wasn't wearing undershorts. The only other hard
pricks that I had ever seen before were Bobby's and Gerald's, and this was
way bigger than theirs were. I took it in my hand to stroke it, but it was so big that my fingers
wouldn't close completely around it. I stroked it up and down until I
heard Duke say "How 'bout gettin' those pretty lips around it?" I got down on my stomach and elbows, and inched my mouth toward that
enormous purple thing while wondering if I could even open wide enough for
it. russian nymphet illegal His musky maleness wafted of into my nostrils and my head began to
swim. I don't think I was ever that excited or aroused! I kissed the tip of the head and licked up the precum that was oozing
out. Duke moaned with pleasure. With my jaws stretched and aching, I
managed to get that beautiful love muscle past my lips, but could not
engulf more than that head and half the shaft.
While working my mouth feverishly up and down as far as it would go, I
played with his equally large nuts with one hand, and, at the same time
pumped the base of the shaft with the other. It had the desired effect.
Duke started to move his hips more and more rapidly. Then he grabbed my
head with both hands, and little nymphet virgins thrust almost his whole giant cock several times
past my tonsils before he cried out and asian girl nymphets unloaded what seemed to be a gallon
of his hot juices directly down my esophagus. I nymphet ukraina managed not to spill a
drop. Someone's cum besides my own really rumainian nymphets tasted good again.
"You're sure some cocksucker, there, Wendi, honey!" said Duke after he
recovered from my suck job. "I don't know if you're the best, but you're
sure up there at the top! You're a underage nymphets models
terrific whore, and definitely worth
something. Gotta let the rest of the boys know that I got nymphet pic a live one." With that, he got on the CB and informed his buddies. This slut was
going to have a long night of sucking! I then had to make the rounds of I don't remember how many of the
semis operated by Duke's friends. They just couldn't wait to get sucked
off by a queer. I lost count after I gave my tenth blowjob. My lips were bruised and
my jaws ached, but I was still delirious with lust. My own prick was still
hard and I must have shot my wad in my slacks at least several times while
I was whoring all those drivers. Because I was wearing crotchless panties,
there was a very noticeable wet spot in front. "The fairy creamed in her jeans!" laughed one of the guys. Two of my clients then escorted me to the motel across the street russian porn nymphets kids from
the truck stop. I was shoved into a room where Duke and a dozen other guys
were already waiting. "Now, we're gonna have some real fun," said Duke. "We're gonna have
us a double gangbang." I didn't like the sound of that, but before I could protest or make my
escape, they stripped off my blouse and slacks and put me on my nymphette girls
hands and
knees, holding me sideways across the single bed. "Hey, look," shouted one of my captors, "she's hairless, too! I
always wanted to fuck a hairless pussy! My cock's just achin' to get at
it!" I could see elite boys nymphet
I was a real hit with these guys. The first two
participants took off their clothes and positioned themselves on either
side of the bed, one by my head and the other by my ass, while the two who
brought me there, held me so I couldn't move. "You're gonna love this,
Tinkerbell!" shouted one of the guys. "We're gonna fill up your tank!" I was really worried, now. I had only been fucked in the ass once
before, by my old dear friend, Gerald, but he was gentle and his cock
wasn't nearly as large as those I'd seen on these truckers. I tried the
neck of a coke bottle a couple of times in the past just for size, it would
go in fairly easily if I lubed it up good. I could be ripped apart! The guy who was to start working my ass took a big gob of Vaseline
jelly and smeared it around my asshole and then lubed up his entire dick.
It was nine inches long, but luckily it was pretty thin. The guy by my
head now held my nose until I had to open my mouth to breathe. He then
quickly thrust his big cock in my mouth and grabbed me by the hair. Mr. Rear-ender put the head of his long cock at my pleasure ring at
started to press forward. My sphincter was resisting, so I forced out a
bit and that long greasy appendage slid up into my bowels. It hurt a bit at first, but the pain became sheer ecstasy. In and
out, in and out, at both ends until both men shot their wads
simultaneously. The load spewing down my throat was old hat, now, but the
feeling of the spurting gusher filling my insides was pure ecstasy. On asian nymphet bbs and on this went, but I was thoroughly enjoying it, now, and my
body moved in rhythm with my fuckers as that I could take more and more
cock in my two cunts. I was voluntarily letting them nymphets little pussies
screw the hell out of
me; they didn't have to hold me down any longer. It must have been quite a
sight - me, dog-style on the bed clad only in thigh high stockings and
crotchless panties, while a duo fucked my mouth and ass, and my throbbing
cock shot my sissy cum on the sheets. Those on the sidelines kept jeering and cheering. "Fuck that faggot
bitch harder! Show 'im what queer whores are good for! Hey, honey, how'd
ya like to come home with me an' be my nude little nymphet slut? Bet you could take on my
whole fleet of drivers, Wendi, all two hunnert of 'em!" I probably could
have!!! Somebody even brought a camera and took pictures. "You'll be famous!
We'll post these at all the truck stops in the country!" My indoctrination as a trucker's slut and whore wasn't quite over.
There was cleaning up to do. I now had to lick all teen bbs nymphet their dicks clean of
cum, Vaseline, and shit. The shit didn't taste too awful good, but it was
my shit, and I guess someone had to do it. "Hey, since she got to taste her own shit underage bbs nymphet and all our cum, how's about
she taste her own?" said Duke. They then made me jack off into a small
water glass, and had me swallow it down. "She likes to chug cum; how's
about we give her a parting treat?" They had me jack off a good dozen or more of them into the glass and I
swear that they almost filled it. "Bottoms up!" one of them shouted, as
the forced open my mouth and made me chug down their tiny nymphetts combined juices. I
almost gagged on those five or so ounces of cum, it nymphet art
was so warm, gooey, and
thick. "That's a good boy, Wendi, now lick your lips and get dressed." I quickly pulled on my soiled pants and buttoned up my blouse. A
dozen doses of their cum was now leaking out of my ass and soiling bbs nymphet rompl the back
of my slacks. Duke threw a bunch of hundred dollar bills on the bed, and said, "We
took up ls nymphet pic
a collection for ya. You were worth it all right. shoking nymphet You're the best
piece we ever had!" A thousand dollars! Wow! And for something I just loved to do! I
guess I was a good $50 whore, after all.
I drove straight home and went to bed without even showering. I was
too tired and fucked out to think of anything top bbs nymphets
else but sleep. While I
slept, I dreamt of the most totally awesome and nymphets incest bbs pedo wonderfully erotic time of
my life. Duke and a few of his friends and I became quite friendly. They let
me know if they're going to be in the area and for the past three years
I've gone out to service ukraine nymphet their sexual needs, whatever they may be. I have
never set any prices or ask for any money, but I'm always generously
rewarded. A slut makes good! Feel free to e-mail me. Wendi at sweetwendi2002yahoo.com

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