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From: Brandon Richardson
Subject: Trucker Takes Black Cherry My name is Drew. A little about me. I'm black, twenty-one and
college student in a small Texas town. I run track, so I've got a pretty
nice athletic body. My ass in particular, which is nice and round, seems
to especially draw attention and stares from both free videos nymphet video
ladies and guys. To pay
for school I work at the front desk of a hotel nymphets ls models
about a block from the
university. I've got a girlfriend on campus, but I had always had
fantasies of making it with a dude.
My freshman year I sucked my american funlumpkinsing nymphets
roommate's dick. He was a running
back for the school football team, and he and I used to nude amateur nymphets double date. One
night neither one bbs little nymphets of us got any pussy and we were both horny and drunk as
hell when we got back to our dorm room. I had seen him checking out my
nice round ass before, so I felt there was some interest. Well dude popped
a porn flick in the VCR, and before I knew he had pulled his nine inch
black dick out and started stroking it. Before long he pleaded with me to
suck it, swearing he wouldn't tell anyone. I did, and after he had cum in
my mouth, he told me I was the best dick sucker he had ever had.
Unfortunately, a week later he was busted on campus with weed and I never
saw him again.
So he left me with a desire for more dick and a love of porn. Soon
I began to df list nymphets fantasize about white guys with dancing nymphete big dicks, and I realized that
if I was going to get fucked by a dude, I wanted the first to be a big
dicked white cowboy or construction worker, someone who would fuck me as
hard and as rough as I did my girl when I tried to tear her pussy to
The only thing about it was that the small college town in which I
lived didn't offer much as far as a gay scene. So I just kept my fantasies
to myself, watching porn when alone and jacking off to the thoughts of
getting it good from a white dude.
Well one night I was at work alone at the desk. It was a slow
night, with really no one checking in. I was out in the lobby away from
the desk making fresh coffee when this cowboy/trucker type white dude
walked in the front door. Dude was built! Muscular as nymphets flash
hell, about 6'1 and
215 pounds or so. He was wearing a cowboy hat, a white t-shirt that clung
to his well-developed chest, tight blue jeans that showed off big strong
legs and a huge print in the front, and cowboy boots. I smiled at him as
he walked over to the front desk.
"I'll be nymphet breasts
right there, sir," I said and forced myself to turn away
from him so I would stop staring at that huge prick. Instantly, I felt the
familiar feeling of eyes being glued intently to my ass, which the tight
hotel-issued khaki slacks showed off rather nicely.
Finishing the coffee, I slowly walked back over to the desk, giving
the stranger enough time to check out my ass even more, as he seemed to be
making so secret of the fact that it intrigued him. "How can I help you?"
I asked as I faced him across the desk.
"Need a room for the night," he replied. "I got my truck parked in
the back and didn't feel like sleeping in the cab tonight. Looks like it
might rain, so I want something real nice, warm, and comfortable." He
winked at me.
I pretended as if I didn't notice his flirting with me. I went
about checking him in, finishing up and handing him his room key with a
smile. "If there's anything else you need, Mr. Scott," I said, "just give
me a call here at the front desk."
"I'll make sure to do that," he replied and winked again, then
started to walk off. He stopped at the front door before walking out and
turned back to face me. "Hey, brother," he said, "I've been out on the
road now for a week and need to unwind. Where's the action around here?"
I shrugged. "No real action around here," I answered truthfully.
The town was dead.
He frowned. "Damn," he said. "I was hoping there was something a
trucker could get into." He turned and walked out.
It was a good thing that he did, because he had made my dick shoot
up behind the desk. As I worked for the next two hours waiting on the
night auditor, I couldn't shake thought of the rugged trucker from my mind.
I imagined him tearing my ass apart with that big dick, turning me into his
own little pussy boy.
My thoughts were interrupted by Sally, the night auditor. She
arrived and we nymphets model korean began the shift change, and Mr. Mr. Scott left my head. I
was lo nymphets underage gathering my books and things when the phone rang. Since I had already
clocked out, I was going to let Sally answer it, but because I was right
next to it I picked it up.
"Front desk," I said.
"Drew, this is Mr. Scott nymphet breast pics
in room 120. I need you to come to my
room. There's something I want you to see."
I glanced at my watch, forgetting how sexy the trucker was and
instead just wanting to get home to the comfort of my bed. "I'm actually
getting off now," I replied.
"I don't care if you're getting off," Mr. Scott snapped. "You sold
me this damn room, and I want you to see this, so get your ass down here
Before I could reply the line went dead as Sally looked over at me.
"Something wrong?" she asked.
I shook my head. "Just an asshole trucker in 120," I answered.
"I'm going to go see what his problem is, then leave. If he needs another
room I'll come back up here for the keys."
Sally nodded and I quickly walked out of the lobby and into the
rain. I ran around the building to room 120, wondering what the trucker
could be complaining about. I knocked on the door, which was slightly
"Mr. Scott?" I asked.
"Come in!" he yelled from behind the bathroom door. "I'll be out
in a girl nymphets pic second!"
I walked into the room and closed the door behind me, the horny
feeling once again coming over me. I sat my book bag down on the floor and
quietly examined the room, trying to find what the trucker could have a
complaint about.
Finding nothing, I waited patiently for him to emerge. When he
finally did, my breath got caught in my throat upon seeing him.
Apparently he had just stepped out of the shower. Mr. Scott had a
towel wrapped around his waist and nothing else, and the towel looked as if
it were stretched to its limits around his waist. His huge chest was
glistening, and there was of course a prominent bulge in the front.
"Was there something wrong with the room, Mr. Scott?" I asked ,
trying to avoid staring at his beautiful body.
He stared at me as legal nymphets free
he reached into the closet and pulled out a
bathrobe, quickly putting child nymphet yo nude it on and tying it, then effortlessly allowing
the towel to drop from underneath the robe to the floor. He walked over to
the recliner in the corner next to the bed and took a seat, all the while
still nude nymphet pussy staring intently at me.
"I just cute girls nymphets wanted to thank you for making sure I had something warm
tonight," he replied, sitting with his legs wide open. "I wanted to thank
you properly."
I shook my head. "As long as you're satisfied with the room,
that's all the thanks I need."
"I know what you need, Drew," ukraine nymphets underground porn he said forcefully. Then, still
looking me straight in the eyes, he began to stroke his huge, yet not erect
dick through the cotton robe. "You need some of this big white dick, don't
"Mr. Scott, I don't think..." I said, but my mouth was already
The trucker shook his head. "Drew, man, you know you want it, and
I want to feel that hot mouth on the cock, so come over here and get what
you want." He untied the robe and it feel open, revealing what had to be
an at least ten inch red dick that was growing harder and harder by the
Almost in a trance, I walked over to where he sat and dropped to my
knees, taking the huge cock in my hands nymphets kds dark
and just feeling it. It 14 yo nymphets was a
fucking huge pole standing straight up, surrounding by a thick black bush
and gigantic low hanging balls. All I could do was stick my face down in
the bush and just inhale his musky scent.
"Yeah," the trucker smiled. "That's what you need. Put that big
white cock in that pretty little mouth."
I slowly began to lick from the base of his dick up to the big
mushroom head with my tongue, making him squirm in ecstasy. pre bbs nymph
I continued to
lick that big head, which was oozing precum, but he soon became impatient.
"Put it in your fucking mouth!" he demanded and grabbed the back of
my head and forced his gigantic cock into my private nymphets galleries mouth and down my throat.
Tears burst from my eyes immediately as I gagged on the massive
dick, but the trucker didn't care. "Yeah, take all this white cock down
your throat!" he barked. "Get it nice and wet so I can plunge that tight
black hole!"
I tried to lick and suck as much on the monster as I could, and as
I did, the trucker reached down and quickly unbuttoned my pants. As his
huge dick slid down my throat damn near choking me, his hand slipped into
my pants.
"Lick my balls!" he demanded, snatching his dick out of my mouth
and pushing my face into his tick black bush. His balls too were huge and
low hanging, and I licked them hungrily, making him moan as his hand found
its way to my ass.
"Feel those balls?" he moaned. "Full of hot white cum that I'm
gonna shoot all over you. Oh shit!" he exclaimed as his hand rubbed all
over my smooth ass. "That ass feels damn good baby!"
His rough hand slowly rubbed the crack of my ass, then I felt a
thick finger begin to prod at the entrance to my hole. I inhaled deeply as
he suddenly jammed the finger into my ass, biting my lip to keep from
yelling out in pain.
"Fuck!" he smiled. "Your ass is tighter than pussy!" His finger
explored even more inside of me, attempting to loosen me up. "Damn, it's
getting wet just like a pussy too. Boy, I'm gonna fuck you real good."
As he fingered my ass he seemed to get even more excited, his dick
growing harder and longer. He withdrew his finger from me and grabbed his
dick, slapping me in the face with it. "You want this big white dick up in
that hole?" he asked.
I looked at the huge pole with fear in my eyes. "I've never been
fucked before," I admitted. "I think you might be too big."
He gave me nymphets world tgp
a look as if he couldn't have cared less. "Good, so
I'll be the first to pop that cherry," he smiled and pulled me up to my
feet. "Get out ukrainian nymphets pics of those clothes!" he yelled as he lay on girls under 14 nymphets
the bed on his
back, his ten inch dick pointing straight up towards the ceiling. "You
know you want me to plow that ass, don't you?"
I nodded as young erotic nymphets
I tore out of my uniform, revealing my dark skinned and
toned body.
He was pleased with what he say. "Get over here and suck on your
white daddy's dick some more."
I darkworld nymphets links
walked over to the bed and lay down next to him. I first sucked
on his hard nipples, making him moan even more, then slid down and once
again tried to take as much of his dick down my throat as I could. As galleries of nymphet
sucked on his dick, he fondled my ass, making me hotter than I had ever
felt before in my life.
After a few more minutes of my sucking, he slapped my ass hard and
snatched his dick out of my mouth. "I'm ready to get up in that boy
pussy," he announced and lifted himself up.
Fear ran through my body as he pushed me down on my back and lifted
my legs above his shoulders. "Mr. Scott, please," I teen sex movies nymphet began to plead as he
licked a finger and then rammed it up pedo nymphets my ass. I winced in pain. "I can't
take all of your dick."
He laughed. "You can't? Well I'm about nymphets kds
to make you take every
last inch of it." He pulled his finger out of my and I suddenly felt the
mushroom head of his prick at the entrance of my ass.
I tried to crawl back away from him, but he grabbed me by the
shoulders and held me tight. Without warning, he pushed the head of his
dick into me, and I thought I would jump out of my skin from the pain that
shot through me. I cried out in agony.
"Mr. Scott!" I cried as he nymphettes literally began to screw his dick into
me. "Please stop! You're hurting nude nymphet boys me!"
He let out a sinister laugh as his breathing quickened. "Shut the
fuck up, bitch!" he yelled. "You want this fucking white dick up in you,
and I'm gonna give you just what you want! Take it!"
The trucker rammed his huge dick all the way into me, and I just
knew I was about to lose consciousness. Tears poured from my eyes, and I
felt my eyes rolling into the back on my head.
"Shit!" he yelled. "Baby you got some tight ass pussy! Fuck!"
I held on tight to his back, clutching at his skin. I thought I
would die from the pain being inflicted by the flag pole that had invaded
"That's it baby," 17 nymphets he said in a suddenly softer tone, lowering his
huge frame onto me and whispering in my ear. He eased about half tiny tits nymphets of his
dick out and just lay on top of me for awhile, caressing my forehead. "Get
used to daddy's dick in your little pussy. Just relax and make like you're
I tried to do as he said, and the pain seemed to subside somewhat
as he eased more of his dick into me. As he young sweet nymphets
did, my legs, which had shot
straight up in the air when he had impaled me began to relax. I wrapped
them nymphet nude bbs
around his strong waist.
"Yeah," he encouraged, finally easing all of his massive dick into
me and then just laying still on top of me. "Shit your pussy nymphets movies samples
is so tight
and hot! You got all my big white cock up in you now. You feel daddy's
balls up against your pussy baby? You making me feel so good baby. How do
you feel?"
"You're still hurting me," I sighed, realizing the stickiness I
felt between my legs was probably blood. "Please stop."
"Stop? I'm gonna rip this tight pussy wide open. But you like it
to hurt, don't you?" he sneered, licking my ear. "You like having a big
white cock up in you, don't you?"
In spite of myself, I had to admit that nude nymphets erotica petite as the pain subsided I was
beginning to like the feel of his body on top of mine and the huge hot rod
that was inside of me. I relaxed even more and felt the muscles in my
stuffed asshole begin to stroke his dick.
"Shit you're making my dick feel good!" he exclaimed. "Tell me
what you want. Tell me you want my big white dick up in this tight black
boy pussy."
I was nymphets top sites about young nymphet pic bbs
to object to him calling my ass a pussy, but before I
could he dropped his mouth to my nipples and began to lick them. The feel
of his cold tongue sent waves of sensual sensations through my body unlike
anything I had ever felt before. I sighed and grabbed on tight to his
He stopped licking my nipples and looked up at me. "Tell me what
you want, baby," he urged, then dropped his head back down and this time
softly bit one of my nipples.
I yelped in pleasure, my legs tightening around his waist. "I want
you to fuck my ass," I admitted.
He stopped with the nipple attention and pulled his nymphet art ls dick almost all
the way out, leaving only the head in. "Fuck your what, bitch?"
I gasped as the dick was withdrawn. "Fuck my pussy!" I replied,
wanting him back inside of me. "I want you to fuck my black pussy with
that big white dick!"
He smiled as he stared down at me. "You got it!" he exclaimed and
rammed all ten inches back into me. This time he didn't stop there. He
began to fuck me rough and hard, grinding his dick into me and licking and
biting my nipples at the same time. "You like my dick in your pussy?" he
asked me over and over, to which I replied breathlessly yes every time.
"Give your white daddy a kiss," he said and stuck his tongue in my
mouth. I held on tightly to his neck and enjoyed his tongue in my mouth,
his heavy body resting on top of mine and his huge dick moving in and out
of litlle nymphets 12 porno me. "You love your white daddy?"
"Yes sir!" I breathed, feeling as if I might explode from the
ecstasy he had me in. "I love you and 12yo nymphet nudes I love your big white cock filling
my pussy."
"You're my little black bitch, right?" he asked, knocked my head
against the head board with his pelvic thrusts.
I nodded and kissed him even more as he picked up his pace.
"You know what daddy is gonna cool nymphets do?" he asked, slowing up a little
bit. "Daddy is gonna shoot his cum up nymphet paysites your tight black pussy. You want
daddy to breed your black pussy? You wanna have my baby?"
It was some of the freakiest stuff I had ever heard, and it was
turning me the fuck on. I was willing to go along with his dirty talk.
"Yes!" I cried. "Cum in my pussy!"
I held on tight to his neck ultimate nymphets with my arms. "I want you to fill my
pussy up with your cum. Hurt my pussy, daddy! Fuck me like the black
bitch I am!"
That was all he needed to hear. As he drove his tongue back down
my throat, he pounded my ass unmercifully. I took my hands and placed them
on his ass, pushing him into me and tightening my ass muscles in an attempt
to suck his dick try of cum.
"Oh fuck baby!" he yelled nymphets barbie as his body began to shake
uncontrollably. "I'm about to shoot all this nut up in your tight black
pussy! Daddy's gonna knock his black bitch up!"
Those words, coupled with him biting on my nipples hard again,
pushed me over the edge. Cum began to shoot out of my dick, splattering
all over my stomach and his chest.
"Oh shit!" he yelled and I suddenly felt as if a water hose had
been turned on boys nymphets portal in my ass. He flooded me with cum, hot nymphette young teen pics juice that I felt
running all through my body as he yelled out. He collapsed on top of me,
his huge dick still inside of me with his cum dripping out of me and onto
the sheets.
He took my face into his hands and kissed me gently. "You love
your daddy?" he asked.
I kissed him back and squeezed my legs around him, not wanting his
dick to ever come out of me. "Yes, and you can breed my black pussy
That's how I became the cum hungry pussy boy that I am now...
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