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Subject: trucker tales part 5This story is submitted to nifty under teen models nymphet bbs
their submission guidelines. It is
copyrighted to myself as the writer and cannot be copied without my
express permission. If you are under age or do not like nymphets porno stories of a
homosexual nature please leave now. Otherwise please enjoy and feel free
to contact ukrainian nymphetes me. mikkiwriter at mmboy161aol.comKen had a few days off and finally returned to work. He arrived at nunde nymphet the
depot and his boss said "Hi Ken, just the person I nymphet blowjobs
want, I need to see
you in my office now please." Ken was getting worried that maybe someone
had complained. "O.K. Ken, how do you feel about taking a run out to
France?"Ken said free index nymphet "Yeah great, it would be a change from the Scotland run." James
said "Yes I guess it would as you always seem to take that run." James
walked out of the office and said "O.K. let's get these trucks out. James
shouted "Paul you are taking the Edinburgh run today O.K.?" Paul looked
at James and said "No, I am sexy litte nymphets on the South Wales darling nymphet pics one." nude nymphets sites James replied "No,
Nick is doing that, Ken is on the French run, so you are on the Edinburgh
run. No arguments."Ken loaded his truck up and headed towards the ferry port innoncent nymphet
at Dover. Ken
was driving along the M25 toward the turn off for the M26. Ken reached
the turnoff and went towards the M26 when he saw a hot young lad standing
on the side little virgin nymphets of the road with a board saying Calais. Ken stopped and
picked up the lad. The tall black haired blue eyed lad got in saying
"Thanks" in a sexy French accent, "I don't have any money left, but if I
can do anything for you in return I'll be only too nymphets models panty
glad." Smiling Ken
said "You're welcome young man" and they travelled on towards Dover.Ken came towards the services on the M20 and pulled in. Pierre the young
French lad looked nymphets innocent over and gave Ken a sexy smile. Ken said "O.K. we're
going to take a break now my ferry is not booked until late tonight.
Pierre nodded yes and watched as Ken pulled the curtains around and then
followed into the back of the truck. Ken looked round and was shocked as
Pierre started to strip off nymphetamine girl
his clothes. Pierre pulled off his t-shirt
exposing his sexy smooth, silky white six packed chest. Ken gave out a
wolf top nymphetes whistle as Pierre pulled off his tight trackies.Pierre pulled off his tight blue briefs exposing his sexy tight bubble
ass to Ken. Ken's monster cock started to go rock hard at the sight of
Pierre's tight ass. Ken quickly stripped off his clothes as Pierre young nude nymphetes bent
over and pulled his sexy ass apart showing his tight hole to Ken. Ken
went over and pushed Pierre onto the bed and started nude non nymphets to slap Pierre's
ass. Pierre screamed "arrrrrrrrraaaaaggggggghhhhhhhh" as Ken's hand went
up and down "ssssssssppppppppaaaaaannnnnnnnkkkkkk!!!!
sssssssssssssssssppppppppppppaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnkkkkkkk!!!!!."Ken bent down and put his hot tongue onto Pierre's sexy ass, running it
up and down, up and down, getting it really wet. Pierre groaned
"Ooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh" as he felt his own cock throb harder
and harder. Ken pushed his finger into Pierre's tight hole and Pierre
groaned again "Ooooooooooooooooohhhhhh." Ken started to push his finger
in and out giving Pierre's tight ass nymphet underage kinder a hard finger fuck.Ken then pushed his now precum covered rock hard child nymphets pic monster cock into
Pierre's ass. Pierre groaned "Oooooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhh" as he
felt Ken's monster cock push his tight sexy ass apart. Ken was slamming
his cock in and out of Pierre's tight ass faster and faster. Pierre's
own cock was topless nymphet models
leaking precum all over the floor of Ken's truck.Ken was moaning "Ooooooooooooooooohhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh" as he slammed
his cock in and out of Pierre's tight ass. Pierre screamed in ecstasy
"Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh" as he felt his own precum leaking cock throb
and explode, covering his sexy smooth chest with load after load of his
hot juicy boycum.Ken groaned "Ooooooooooooooooohhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhh" as he felt Pierre's
already tight ass nymphets sex ilegal angels
clamp down onto his monster cock. Ken carried on
pounding his sexy French lad's ass harder and harder and sleeping nymphets raped finally screamed
"Ooooooooooooooooohhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh!" as his cock bbs nymphets toplist exploded inside
Pierre's ass filling it with load after load of his hot juicy cum. Ken
pulled his now soft cock out and gave Pierre's well fucked ass a slap
saying nymphets top models "O.K., you have a tgp forbidden nymphets nap and I'll carry on driving to Dover."Ken rejoined the M20 and they finally arrived at Dover a few hours later,
just as sexy Pierre came into the front dressed in just his trackies. Ken
smiled at the sexy lad asking "Are you O.K.?" nymphet abuse tgp
Pierre nodded yes and
smiled back. Ken said "Pierre you will have to go on as a foot
passenger." Pierre smiled "That is O.K., I have youngest nymphetes naked
a ticket, free photos artistic nymphets
look here it
Ken said "Good, then you go and nymphets no nude
check in while I do nymphets russians some paperwork and
check in myself sexy." Pierre smiled broadly, "O.K." he said and headed
off towards the check in. Ken checked in and parked the lorry on board
the ferry and walked up to the deck to see sexy Pierre standing outside
looking out to sea. Ken walked up behind "You O.K. babes?" Pierre turned
round and Ken saw that he was crying. Ken took Pierre into little nymphets defloration illegal
his arms
saying "Hey, come on, tell me what's wrong?" Pierre looked up at Ken "I
thought you had dumped me," he sobbed. Ken kissed Pierre on his forehead
saying "Never, I'm just not allowed to take hitchhikers on japanese nymphet books the ferry," he
explained "now come on let's get something to eat."The ferry docked at Calais and Ken pulled off the ferry and went outside
the port to see Pierre standing there. Ken pulled up and Pierre jumped
in. "Right babes where are girl nymphet tgp
you going?" Ken asked. "A campsite just
outside the port." Pierre told him. "O.K. no problem, I have to drop off
the trailer at a factory first though." Pierre smiled saying "That's all
right." Ken drove to the factory and dropped the trailer off picking up
an empty one nymphet and model to return to the yard.When they arrived at the campsite Ken parked the truck in a nearby truck
stop and walked over to the bbs nude nymphet
campsite. Pierre was waiting for him and
waved little asian nymphet to him. Ken walked over to Pierre and followed the sexy lad into a
tent. Ken walked in to see another sexy young lad standing there. Pierre
said "Ken this is Jean Luc he is my cousin." Ken looked Jean Luc up and
down and smiled nymphet web and said "Hi!" Jean Luc smiled back and said in a sexy
French accent "Hi." Jean Luc was about nymphet boy nude the same height nudeart young nymphet as Pierre but he
had shaved blonde hair stunning blue eyes and Ken noticed that he had a
slightly hairy chest. Ken noticed that Jean Luc also had a tattoo.He walked over to Jean Luc and grabbed him saying "Wow you are one hot
sexy lad." Jean Luc tried to get away but Ken pushed him onto the bed and
pulled out his monster cock which was now rock hard and tiny petite nymphets
leaking precum.
Ken ukrainian angels nymphet pushed his galleries illegal nymphets
rock hard cock into Jean Luc's mouth and started to fuck
Jean Luc's mouth harder and harder. Pierre walked in and saw Ken fucking
his hot cousin's mouth and went behind and pulled Jean Luc's jeans off
exposing his tiny pedo nymphets porno younger nymphet
tight flat chested nymphet sexy bubble ass. nymphet bbs gallery Pierre pulled out his rock hard cock
and pushed it between the crack of Jean Luc's tight virgin ass and pushed
it in. Jean Luc pushed his mouth further onto Ken's monster cock. Ken was
fucking Jean Luc's mouth harder and harder as free nymphet archive Pierre fucked his tight ass
harder and harder. All this was too much for Jean Luc as his own cock
throbbed and exploded covering his sexy hairy chest with load after load
of his hot juicy cum. This caused Jean Luc's tight ass to clamp down onto
Pierre's cock Pierre groaned "Ooooooooooooooooohhhhhh
ooooooooooooiiiiiiiiiiiiii!" as he felt his cock fill Jean Luc's ass with
load after load of his hot juicy cum. Ken was nymphet post still pushing his monster
cock in and out, in and out of Jean Luc's nymphets erotic mouth finally screaming
"Ooooooooooooooooohhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhh sexyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy" as he filled
Jean Luc's well fucked mouth with load after load of his hot and juicy
mancum. It was then that they heard a cough and Ken looked round to see
two hot French lads standing naked nymphets ls
there. Ken thought "Oh wow, this is going to
be fun!"But that is part 6
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