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From: Jeff Spencer
Subject: Trucker's Helper, Part 10 (M/M/t/t, oral, anal)This story involves descriptions of a sexual encounter between males of
different generations. Be warned, and do not read if reading this type of
story is illegal for you. It is fiction, and should not be taken as
approval of actual contact of this type between adults and children.
Exploitation of children is evil. Please visit my website at to learn more about my
writing, okay? Please contribute some money to Nifty if you enjoy this and
other works posted there.================================We pulled into the Super 8 in on Rte 70 in Collinsville, IL about 7 pm that
night. Kris, 14 and Ryan, 13, my two informally `adopted' boys looked kind
of tired. Just like kittens, nymphet models galleries they played hard and they slept equally
hard. I had made a motel reservation using my cell phone and they had a
room ready for me top little nymphets and my two `sons'. I noticed a couple of other rigs in
the parking lot as we pulled in, hardly nymphettes nues unusual right off thin teen nymphet sites an
interstate. One of them, a Peterbilt hauling a load of Lexus, looked
familiar, and then I grinned to myself when I remembered where I'd seen it.The driver had nearly run off the road earlier when he caught a nude pretee nymphets
glimpse of
a nude Kris and Ryan `playing' with each other in the cab of my
Kenworth. Those two boys were exceptionally good at playing with each
other, and with me, and frankly, it was heavenly. Still, I had to get my
load of stereo equipment across country before my deadline, which was
looming, then figure out what to do with those two. All I knew was, I was
coming to love them both, so I had to do right by them.The boys shuffled into the room, and barely stripped down before falling
into one of the queen beds together. virgin nymphet sex movies Adorably, they were in each other's
arms. There was an Arby's a few blocks away, so I hoofed it over, picking
up enough food for the three of us, plus. As I waited for our order, I sat
at one of the small teen bbs nymphets tables. An older gentleman, around 50, with a sad
expression ambled over."Excuse me," he said. nymphets sex models "I don't mean to bother you, but are you by any
chance driving a semi with California plates, a Kenworth?" I looked at him,
then nodded. He smiled slightly."I'm driving a shipment of Lexus to Indianapolis," he said. "I think underground nymphet sex I was
sharing the african nymphets sex road with you earlier. I think your...sons were wrestling?""Oh, yeah," I said, wanting to smack myself in the head. It was all I
needed to get busted.He began to confide nymphets modeles in me. "Y'know, I'm 48 years old, I've index nymphet been married for
19 years to the same nymphets petites sex
woman. She's a lovely lady, pretty much raised our
three daughters while I was on the road, and nymphet girlie nude I'd never, ever leave her. But
in all that time on the road a man has a lot of time to think. And in motel
rooms, a lot of time to read."I had no idea where he was going with this."It turns out, that I'm probably not best suited to be married," little teen nymphet he said,
looking very sad now. "I've been reading porn stories on free underage nude nymphet the Internet for
some time now. I've lovely nymphets net been fantasizing for the last ten years of what it
would be like to hold and kiss a boy, maybe suck his cock, or have him suck
mine, I dunno..." I couldn't believe what I was hearing. I didn't know what
to do, or say."I was wondering, just wondering, if maybe I could have a couple of
pictures of your boys, to, well, think about on those lonely
nights. Nothing dirty, just, you know, regular pictures." He looked at me
plaintively."Absolutely not," I said."I'm sorry, you're right of course. It's just that...well, hard nymphets this attraction
to young boys may drive me insane. I would never, EVER, do anything to
hurt a boy. yong nymphets models
God, I only want them to have pleasure!"I felt a little uneasy. After all, what made me any different than him? In
an effort to assuage my own guilt, I relented, but only a little."Well, maybe you can meet them. But that's all. Talk to them, introduce
yourself. But lovley nymphets nothing more." He brightened at that."That would be wonderful," he breathed. I felt my heart melting for his
misery. It must be horrible to have a sexual attraction to boys, and have
no way to `scratch the itch.' We walked back to the room, carrying our food
and sodas, and I gently knocked on the door. Getting no reply, I turned to
Jim, and said, "They must still be asleep. Keep quiet and you can look at
them."He nodded. I cracked the door open, and as it turned out, they weren't
asleep at all. Kris was lying on his back, his legs spread, of course
completely nude, his 7" cock hard and red. Ryan was also nude, lying on top
of Kris, with his cute cock dipping in and out of Kris's sucking mouth,
while Ryan in turn licked and kissed, then sucked on Kris' sweet prick.The two boys, Kris, 14 and Ryan, 13, were locked in an enthusiastic 69,
their mouths loving each other's hard, throbbing cock, and occasionally
kissing and sucking on each other's hairless, wrinkled ball sack. Ryan, his
smooth young body pressed into Kris' sweet, hairless body, also had his
index finger at Kris' exposed asshole, playing with his tender pucker,
penetrating Kris' tight anus an inch or two, then withdrawing his finger,
in essence finger fucking nymphette mpeg his friend and lover. The room smelled like boy
sex already, and my cock stirred at the familiar and pleasant aroma.Jim groaned next to me. I had forgotten briefly that he was even there,
watching the boys make love was so enchanting. His hand went to the crotch
of his pants, and I could see his cock was swollen with lust, tenting out
his Dockers. He looked at me pleadingly. I shrugged. I didn't own these
boys, what they would be willing sweet nymphets pussy
to do was their business. I only wanted to
protect them from unwanted attentions.Jim walked over to the side of the bed, standing facing Ryan's face, though
Ryan appeared to be paying more attention to Kris' cock than anything
else. Ryan looked up briefly, seeing Jim for little nymphet portals the first time, with me in the
background. I guess my presence signaled that Jim was okay, because,
without taking his mouth off Kris' hot, pink cock, Ryan fumbled at Jim's
trousers, drawing down his zipper. gentle angels nymphets Ryan's small hand reached into Jim's
fly, and artfully weaving his way through Jim's shorts, drew out his cock.Jim's cock was long, I guessed about 8", and thick. His cock was
uncircumcised, his plump red cock head only now peeking out of his
foreskin, though his dick was quite hard and long already. There was a
thick pearl of man cum in Jim's piss slit. Ryan's finger scooped off the
glob of cum, which was age nymphets under
quickly replaced by another from under 14 nymphets Jim's fat balls,
then brought it to his nose and smelled it, even as he sucked on Kris. I
don't think Kris was aware yet of our presence, what with Ryan doing such a
great job of sucking his knob, plus Ryan's cock filling Kris' mouth.Kris did groan a little with disappointment when Ryan took his warm mouth
off Kris' fat cock. I decided to move over to the other side of the bed, so
that my crotch was at Kris' face. Ryan meanwhile took Jim's thick man's
cock into his mouth, apparently liking the taste of this man, much as he
enjoyed mine. I took my cock out, as Kris cooed with delight. He really
seemed to like the idea of having two cocks in his face at one time, Ryan's
young dick and my older cock, both nasty nymphets angels at pretty much the same porn and nymphet angle, nymphet lesbian vid
for fucking Kris' sweet mouth.He held our two cocks together, two thick, hard, erect and drooling cocks,
a thin thread of my precum sticking to Ryan's beautiful dick. Kris
struggled to take them both into his mouth at once. I loved the feel of
Ryan's hard cock against mine, his balls full and hot, and then Kris's
intent grip on us both. Kris' lips brazilian nymphets 12 years
were warm and wet nymphets underage extreme pedo on our cock heads, his
tongue actively fucking both our piss slits as Kris licked up our cum. Of
course, Kris couldn't take much more topless underage nymphets in his mouth other than the cock
heads, but that illegal nymphet links
was okay, as I was more interested in Ryan's sweet little
ass hole."Ryan and Kris, suck on each other while Jim and I play with your asses," I
suggested. Both boys returned to cock sucking, moaning contentedly. I
looked at Jim, giving him permission to take Kris' boy cunt, as I fucked
Ryan's pale little ass. I leaned down and kissed Ryan's hot, little pucker,
my tongue slipping inside ls nude nymphets magazine his pink opening, his round little ass cheeks
warming my face. Ryan wiggled his ass on me, loving the feel of something
inside him.I looked up to see Jim hesitating at first, then leaning down, his nostrils
flaring as he smelled Kris' fragrant ass. He must have liked it, because he
dove in, pushing Kris' legs back towards me, opening up Kris' hot little
boy pussy. young nudist nymphet
Jim began kissing and licking that delicious boy ass, slobbering
all over the tight opening. While each boy sucked on the other's hard,
dripping cock, their bodies locked in nymphete porn a tight embrace, Jim and I licked and
loved their tight, delicious boy cunts, our tongues frantically swabbing
inside their asses and rectums.Finally, I stood up again, and brought my hard cock to Ryan's eager and
accepting hole, pressing my swollen cock head into his tight opening. Ryan
impatiently pressed back against me, wanting to feel me filling him once
again. My cock head popped in past Ryan's anal sphincter, the tight muscle
giving up the fight and allowing me to enter nymphet alt newsgroups him, his ass gripping me
tightly now. His ass was slickly, silkily hot on my shaft, a heavely grip
on me. Jim watched us making love, then his eyes asked permission, which I
granted.Jim brought his fat, long cock to Kris' asshole."Just go slowly, you're pretty big," I warned him. Jim nodded, then pressed
his dick head into the notch of Kris' anus. He slowly thrust forward. Kris
surprised him by pushing back, and Jim's dick slipped inside Kris, Jim
slowly sinking deep inside Kris' bowels. Both Jim and I began fucking in
and out of the boys. The feeling of Ryan's tight rectum was like a silken
glove gripping my cock. I imagine the feeling was the same for Jim, judging
by his groans, and the look of delight on his face."Oh, fuck! That's the tightest pussy I've ever felt!" Jim moaned. "God,
Kris, your boy ass is wonderful! Fuck, I don't want to cum too soon, this
is heaven!" he groaned, his cock pumping wildly into the delighted
boy. Ryan and Kris were both enthusiastically sucking on each other's rod,
both cocks apparently streaming cum, judging by the sticky white fluid
showing up on their lips.There must have been some sort of super strong male pheromones filling the
room, because all four of us came at nearly the same bbs nymphet toplist time. Ryan and Kris
were moaning, saliva and cum dripping down Kris' cheeks, and the same
delicious male mixture covering Ryan's chin wetly. I could see both Kris'
and Ryan's cocks convulsing with pleasure, three or four times each, as
they shot load after load of their hot, sticky boy cream into each other's
willing mouth.At the same time, Jim and I were overcome with ecstasy, as Ryan and litlle teens nymphets Kris
tightened their anal muscles on our pumping cocks. "Fuck, boys, I'm
cumming!" I said, trying to stay quiet, even as I felt waves of pleasure
wash over me, my hard cock striving to fill sweet Ryan's ass with as much
of my cum as I possibly could."Oh, god!" Jim moaned. "I'm cumming, too!" his hips nymphet nonude model thrust hard into Kris'
ass. If Kris hadn't already been pinned under Ryan, and his mouth firmly
locked onto Ryan's cock, I think he would have been pushed farther across
the bed. At any rate, it was a very special moment, four males locked in a
mutual climax, two men filling two boys with our copious cum. Creamy white
fluid was overflowing from the boys' mouths, and their ass holes.After pleasuring myself in Ryan's cute ass, loving the feel of him once
again on me, I slowly pulled my wilting cock out of his bottom. As my plump
cock head pulled out of his anus with a small `pop' sound, he farted, as
I'd pumped him full of air with my enthusiastic ass fucking. We all
giggled, and a small stream of my cum ran down his inner thigh. I art modeling nymphet bent down
to lick him there, when Kris said, "No, let me lick Ryan's bottom, please!
I want to taste sexy little nymphet
his ass, and your cum both!"I smiled, and said, "Sure."As the boys separated and rearranged themselves, with Ryan on his hands and
knees, his ass lewdly up in the air, his pink hole now red and leaking
fluid. Kris knelt between Ryan's slim thighs, bent down and began licking
his hole, with Ryan cooing with pleasure. I lay between Kris' thighs, and
began licking HIS tight hole in turn. His plump ass cheeks were warm and
rosy against my cheeks, smooth and round on me.His anal musk was intoxicating, the best of a boy's sexual smell, my cock
hardening again. The creamy cum underage nymphet galleries dripping from his now-gaping hole was much
different from a boy's, thick and strong. It was not as tasty to me, but it
was a good meal, nonetheless. I licked deeply inside Kris' rectum, savoring
his taste and smell. I was startled to feel a hot mouth on my semi-hard
cock as I lay on my side, and looked down my body to see Jim sucking my
cock.For someone who had apparently never sucked cock before, he did very well,
and I was soon shooting two or three weak jets of man cum into his mouth,
as he art nudist teen nymphets gratefully swallowed it. By this point we were all raped nymphet
pretty worn out,
and we all sat on the bed littlevirgins nymphets tgp eating our roast beef sandwiches, curly fries and
lemonade. Fortunately I'd gotten extra, as we were all hungry, including
our new friend Jim."I'd like to thank you all for giving me a life-changing experience," Jim
said, to all of us. very young nymphets funlumpkinsing "I'm never going to leave my wife, but I HAD to have
that experience. GOD! It was the greatest pleasure of my life! Thank you so
much!" I thought his grin would split his face in half."Are you SURE you're never going to do that again, Jim?" I asked quietly."If I'm ever lucky enough to find a nymphet swet sweet boy as beautiful as either one of
you, well, I guess I WOULD leave my wife," he said sheepishly. "I don't
suppose one of you..." he left the rest unsaid. Both boys shook their
heads, and made a point of kissing my cheek and clinging to me."I didn't think so," he said. "Alex, you're sure a lucky guy."I had to reflect that he certainly was right!======================I hope you enjoyed this chapter. naked nymphets password Please visit me at my website, Thanks for reading!!
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