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From: Jeff Spencer
Subject: Trucker's Helper, Part 6 (M/t, oral)This story involves descriptions of lovely nymphets thumbs a sexual encounter korea nymphet between males of
different generations. Be warned, and do not read nymphet bikini if reading this type of
story is illegal for you. It is fiction, and should not be taken as
approval of actual contact of this type between adults and children.
Exploitation of children is evil. If you'd like to comment on this story,
you can send comments to Jeff Spencer at Please
contribute some money to Nifty if you enjoy this and other works found
there. If you'd like to read more of my stories, they can be found at on the `Prolific Internet Authors' page, models nymphet pics under the name `Jeff
Spencer.'=============================="Hey, time to wake up, beautiful!" I said to Ryan across the truck cab."Mmmm?" He murmured, his head lifting up and looking over 3d nymphet toons at me. "Ohh. Did
I doze off?" Ryan asked sleepily."Only for the last 200 miles or so," I chuckled. "Hey, we're in Elk
City. It's time to take a break, eat dinner, get some sleep," I said, and
unable to resist, gave the 13 year old Ryan a warm kiss that he returned
fervently. I felt his 4" dick pushing into my stomach, and reached down to
stroke it lightly."Mmmm, you taste good," he sighed. "And THAT feels good, too.""Umm, I guess that's my Velamints," I said. "Better put your pants back
on," I said, leering at him.Ryan looked down at his erection, his 4" cock standing proudly and eagerly
between his legs, his jeans and underpants on the floor where they'd lain
for the 200 miles since we'd fucked, and Ryan had fallen asleep. He looked
rueful, and said, "I forgot my pants were still off. I free pre nymphets wondered why it was
so cool in here," then giggled, making me laugh too.I waited for the cute, blond-haired 13 tiny nymphets tpg year old boy, my lover for just the
last 2 days, to finish getting dressed, then I got out the driver's side of
the Kenworth cab, stepped down to the ground, and walked around to the
passenger side. The door opened, and Ryan half-slid, half-jumped down to
the ground, nymphet porn kids
and I steadied him with my hands as his sleep-stiff legs
wobbled. "You okay, tiger?" I asked."Uh huh," he replied, nodding to accentuate his answer. We both headed over
to the motel, more precisely, the `Motor Hotel.' The only place to stay in
this part of the bustling metropolis of Elk City, Oklahoma, appeared to be
`Happy's Motor Hotel,' one of those sad establishments that had been
tourist destinations in the `50's, but now were just scrabbling to hang on."I was hoping to make it until Oklahoma City," I remarked to Ryan as we
approached kid nymphette bbs
the office, "But I was just getting too tired to drive any
farther." We opened the dull gray screen door, the aluminum door showing a
good 20 or 30 years' worth of age, and found ourselves illegal nymphettes at a high counter,
nearly up to the top of Ryan's 4' 11" head."Howdy," nymphets naked russian I said. "My son and I'd like a room for the night," I said. The
man I took for the clerk, gave me a sour look, and said, "I got a couple
dozen available. Sure you wouldn't like two?" His breath was just as sour
as his expression, some kind of cheap bourbon applied nightly, and not in
moderation.I looked startled, then getting the joke, said, "No, one'll be fine,
thanks.""One queen, or two double beds?" He asked laconically. He punctuated his
question with a frown."Doesn't matter," I said, though I would prefer the queen bed. I guessed
Ryan and I could squeeze into a double, but I didn't want to give this guy
any clues about our relationship."Room 147," he said, and tossed the key onto the counter. "If you need
anything, the boy'll be around." I had no idea who "the boy" was, but hoped
we could get by without his services, if he was anything like the father. I
filled in the registration card, passed him the requisite number of bills,
and looked at the diagram showing the room's location. "This is a pretty
big place," I remarked."Tell that to the tourists," he muttered. "None of `em ever stop here."Walking out with Ryan, I muttered sotto voce, "I can't imagine why." Ryan
stifled a giggle just as the screen door slammed shut behind us. We carried
our bags over to the room, which was a good distance from the office, as
the motel was laid out as a big square of rooms surrounding a large open
area that apparently had once been a pool, hot tub, and miniature golf
area. Now all that remained was the hot tub, a big paved hole in the
ground, and 18 peeling felt strips surrounded by weeds."Hey, a hot tub!" Ryan said excitedly, as we walked by it. "Can we go in
it?" I looked at it dubiously."Your shots up to date?" Ryan looked startled, then laughed openly, and
punched my arm."It looks okay to me," he said. I had to admit it did look, and smell okay,
and it was bubbling in that jolly way that hot tubs do."Mmm, okay," I conceded. "But first, dinner." Ryan grinned, and took my
hand as we neared the room. The whole time we hadn't seen a single other
guest, echoing the conditions in the parking lot, which only had little nymphet pussy free 3 cars in
it when we arrived. I opened the room door with the old-fashioned key, and
we were welcomed by the musty smell of a little used motel room. "Phew,
you'd think they'd at least use some Febreze or something," I said."Hey, do you think that was `Happy' at the office?" Ryan asked."Well, not today," I replied, which set Ryan to laughing again. I smiled at
his mirth. It was hard to believe that, less than 48 hours 12yo nymphet before, he'd
been scrambling to escape from a pimp who was intent on smashing his face
in. It made me feel so happy inside to hear him laugh, and to see him
smile. I gathered the slight boy nymphettes photo sex into virginnymphets my arms, and he lifted his face up to
mine to be kissed. I pressed my lips against his, and our tongues danced
together, as my hand slid around to caress his denim-clad bubble butt.His hands were busy at the front of my jeans, stroking my basket and
bringing new life to my cock. "Apparently, you're thinking the same thing I
am," I moaned into his throat, and I could feel Ryan vigorously nodding his
head. "Dinner!" I said, then spanked his butt once."Oww!" He mock-exclaimed, and rubbed his small globe on that side. "Not
exactly.""Well, I need to eat, sweetie, or I'm gonna collapse and have no energy for
anything," I said. "No energy for anything at all," I repeated, with a sad
expression on my face. Ryan rolled his eyes."You old people have your priorities all screwed up," he said with
exasperation."Yeah, old, I'm 27," I said. "C'mon, there's a couple of restaurants along
the frontage road." We set out through the pool/spa area, passing nymphets portals collection a
slightly pudgy young boy of about 14 or so skimming the spa in a desultory
fashion. "Evening," we both said as we passed him. The boy looked startled,
as if he hadn't noticed us nymphets naked galleries until we spoke, but didn't reply.We walked out to the frontage road, and spotted 3 restaurants lined up next
to each other, all on our side of the sun bbs nymphet road. The closest, a fast food chain,
the second, another fast food chain, and the farthest, a mom and pop diner
titled `Eats.' "C'mon, let's get something at `Eats,'" I said. Ryan looked
first at the garish neon sign, then back at me, then at the sign again."You want to eat at a place called `Eats,'" he said, dubiously."You've got to take a chance in this life if you want to get anywhere," I
said firmly. "Besides, I need the exercise walking as far as possible." We
headed on down the road, no more than a half mile or so, and entered the
diner. Surprisingly, the diner was bustling. We found one lone, empty booth
down near the far end and sat down. Immediately a motherly looking nymphets bbs gallery waitress
came over, and smiling, handed us our menus. "Everything's good," she
said. "The owner's a chef out of New York City, a three star restaurant in
Soho, and he's looking to get back in nymphetpussies
"Food and Wine" magazine, so philippine nymphets he's
busting his butt to impress the guests. Anything you order, I guarantee
you'll like it, or it's on me."Well, I didn't know what to say, and Ryan looked a little stunned, so we
smiled weakly at the waitress, whose lapel said she was "Imelda," and I
finally said, "Uhh, thanks, give fetish innertube asiannymphets
us a minute, okay?"She smiled again, and said, "2 iced teas, right?" I looked sweet nymphets childs at Ryan, and he
nodded."But could I-" Ryan began."-have it sweetened? Absolutely, honey!" She winked at us, and swept back
to the drink station. Ryan and I began perusing the menu, and we were
amazed. The menu was a virtual palette young white girls nymphets of continental cuisine, with not a
`cheeseburger topped with onions and bacon' to mar the landscape.We ordered, and after about 15 minutes or so of conversation, our meals
came, looking and smelling fabulous. Ryan and I had our fill, veal for me,
chicken breast for Ryan, and I can honestly say that I've never eaten so
well in the State of Oklahoma, free erotic nymphets
where I had previously enjoyed nymphets free nonnude
many a fine
cut of beef. After a dessert of cr?me brulee, we waddled out the lovely nymphets naked
door to
hoof it back to the motel. By the time we made it back to the room, we'd
worked off the top nymphets pix jpeg 2 or 3 pounds of the meal. Inside the door, Ryan turned
to me and asked, "What can I wear in the hot tub? I don't have any swim
trunks."I gently pulle4d his jeans off, and stepping back, admired his slim form,
clad only in underpants. "You'll have to wear your underpants,
babe. They're a bikini cut, so they look like swim trunks. And you can wrap
the towel around yourself when we go there, and leave. If it makes you feel
better, I'll wear mine, too.""I can't go out there with a hard on, Alex," Ryan complained. "I'm gonna
jack off-""Don't be hasty, Ryan," I said. "Might teen models nymphets as well have some fun, huh?" I knelt
down in front of Ryan and deftly pulled his thong down, exposing his cock
and balls. His erect cock stuck straight out, but was pulsing upward until
it pointed out at around a 45 degree angle. His wrinkled ball sack
tightened up into his scrotum. I nuzzled the soft, velvety head of his
pink, circumcised 4" dick, while my right hand caressed his warm
balls. Ryan litte nude nymphet sighed, then moaned, as I gently took his cock head into my
mouth, swirling around the plump head with my tongue."Ohh, yeah Alex, lick my cock, baby!" Alex moaned, his fingers curling
through my hair. I felt him pulling on it as his excitement grew. He began
pumping in and out of my mouth and throat with his hard penis. I was hoping
he'd cum nymphet usenet archives
fairly quickly as I was kind of tired, and would rather spend my
energy with him in bed later. "I'm fucking your warm mouth, baby, I'm gonna
cum in your hot man mouth!" I moaned involuntarily. In spite of being
tired, I wanted Ryan's cum to be a good one, so I redoubled my efforts on
his hot cock, becoming excited myself.I brought my left hand between Ryan's slim thighs, and between his warm ass
cheeks. Ryan bent forward slightly, pressing his cock further down my
throat, and spreading his bottom so that I could reach his hot butt hole. I
fingered his hole, and could feel him opening up for me, so cam little nymphet I slid my
finger, hard, into his deliciously steaming, tight bottom. Ryan yelped,
pulled on my hair, and shot a large wad of cum in my mouth all
simultaneously. I swallowed as much as I could, but some dribbled down my
chin. I held Ryan's young teen nymphet pics delicious dick in my mouth pedo nymphets ilegal a little while, then slowly
removed my finger from Ryan's ass, and got up to hold him in my arms. "Mmm,
thanks Alex, that was nice," Ryan said. "And I know you're tired," he
added, surprisingly. I looked at him and he smiled. "I underground nymphet porn
promise we'll get
back to bed quickly, okay?" He said. I kissed him, and said, "Well, at
least we got rid of that hard on for 5 minutes, anyway."I stripped down until I was nymphet flash nympho dorki
wearing only my tighty whities, and grabbed 2
towels out of the bathroom, which were surprisingly large. We wrapped them
around our waists, and headed out in the darkness over to the tub. There
was only a light in the distance to let us find our way, but the moonlight
was plentiful, and bbs cute nymphets
romantic. Not surprisingly, there was no one else at the
tub area. Just nymphet world before stepping in, Ryan asked, "Would it be okay if I went
in naked? There's no one else here.""Well, nude ukrainian angels nymphets I guess we could," I said. "I haven't nymphet homepage seen anyone else around
either." I shimmied off my underpants, as did Ryan, and we flashed each
other young nymphets jpg as we stepped into the concrete sunken hot tub. I enjoyed the view of
his hairless crotch, his semi-erect 4" dick, and his smooth thighs and
calves. I caught him smiling child nymphets porn at my fully erect 6" cock, with its bush of
brownish pubic hair. The water was pleasantly hot, and we small tits nymphette
ourselves up to about my navel, and higher up on Ryan's chest, since he was
substantially shorter than me.We both sighed at extreme nymphets
the relaxing feel of the bubbling hot water, and could
feel the tension oozing out of our bodies. Ryan found himself being
buffeted about by the flow of the water from the jets, and at first, tried
to sit on one of the little nymphets desires bubbling jets of water. "Oh Alex! This feels so good
on my butt! Wow!" I could just imagine, Ryan enjoying feeling something
going up his sweet, tight ass. My boner became even nymphette gallery childfuck harder, then I felt
Ryan swimming himself over to me, and his hot, wet body clambering into my
lap.He situated himself with my stiff dick between Ryan's smooth thighs,
brought his arms around my neck, and his lips to mine. We kissed chinese nymphet then,
gently at first, then more fiercely as our desire for each other grew. My
hand rested between his legs, and sought out his stiff dick. I lightly
grasped his hard on, and stroked up and down the smooth shaft. Ryan
clenched and unclenched his thighs around my penis, as though he were
responding to being fucked. We kissed, languorously, until I looked over bbs nymphettes
the side tgp nymphets insertions of the tub.To my shock, the boy we'd seen earlier was standing there, looking at Ryan
and me.========================Did you like this story? Write me at, and let me
know what you think.Jeff

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