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From: Mike Kliewer
Subject: Trucker's Load - Part 3Trucker's Load - Part 3
By Michael sweet angel nymphets Kliewer
Bearly1dawghotmail.comAll rights to this material reserved by author. No part of this may be
reproduced, or distributed in any nasty youngest nymphets way without express permission of the
author. All legal issues apply to viewing free petite nymphets sites or reading this material.Well after my meeting up with my first trucker, a cop, and his brother the
hottest mechanic in town, you can imagine that my hormones were raged for
some more action. I was steadily into my classes at college, and really
didn't have much free time. My dick was hard 24/7 looking at the fellow
jocks at school, but really hadn't had the time to work on any of them. I
was attending the best nymphet girl college not far from home, and although not on a sports
scholarship, I wasted no time in using the weights whenever possible. The
smell of a locker room is something that is a definite turn on for me, and I
have noticed for a lot of other guys as well. I usually timed my workouts naked junior nymphet to
coincide with that football team's practices. Having been the star
quarterback for my home team, I enjoyed the camaraderie, and the talk of the
game.One of the stars on the local college team was Ted. Fuck nymphetcrazy this man was
built. Ted stood 6'2, 230 of solid muscle, blonde hair, a slightly darker
moustache, 52-inch chest, 34-inch waste, and a bubble butt that looked like
to bowling balls fighting it out for space. He was one of the nymphet 6 yo tackles, and
man I would move out of his way if I saw him coming. He and I struck up a
casual friendship working in the weight room each day after practice. I
would help spot him, and he would help me with my workouts to build a bit
more muscle. The sight of nymphet chill dark this man made my dick stand up, and his natural
scent was intoxicating. Didn't hurt that the man had a killer smile, and
seemed to be all heart.I was constantly checking this man out. He normally wore very little to the
gym, usually just a string tank top, and a pair of way too short running
pants. They showed off his powerful legs, but just barely covered anything
else. I happened to mention that to him one day, and he said he liked the
freedom it gave him. He would work out naked if he could, but rules said he
had little nude nymphet website to wear something. Every chance I nymphet nude free photos got I would steal a look up those
pants legs, at what appeared to be a sizeable endowment. But the best I got
was the site of his public hairs, and occasionally his cock head through the
sheer fabric. It certainly fueled many a night's jerk off session that was
for sure.It had been weeks since my encounter at the rest area outside of town, and
the pressure of nymphette nude model studying, the constant visual of Ted, and my own normal
raging libido was getting the better of me. I decided to drop the books for
the night, got into my sleaziest pair of jeans, a tank top, and an old pair
of worn out sneakers and headed out of town. There was another rest area a
bit further out that I was meaning to check out. It had a small restaurant
off to the side, for those desperate for some greasy food. I also heard
they had a shower facility off the back of the restaurant, which from my
surveillance, underage nymphets photos I knew was not monitored at small girls nymphet
all.I decided to park my truck way in the back nymphets underage innocent
behind one of the
eighteen-wheelers used by some of the local truckers, and permanently nymphet xxx parked
at the site. Seemed this late in the evening there were a few stragglers
about, and my dick leaped at the thought of scoring once again. I walked
casually up to the door of the shower room, and nymphet tiny teen cautiously went in. Not
sure what to expect, or if anyone was even in there. Had to make it look
like I was there for a reason, so I had brought along my gym nude nymphet stars bag young nymphet top net
just in
case. Inside the bag I always kept a spare set of work out clothes, jock,
and socks. As I got dressed tonight I impulsively switched out the clean
jock, for one I had been wearing for a couple of days.As I walked in I was immediately confronted by a wall of about 4 naked child nymphets sinks, and
across from that the urinals and stalls. Somewhere behind that wall I teen nymphets collection could
hear the sound of water running, and could feel the stickiness of hot humid
air. I rounded the corner and could see a large open space that had shower
spouts run along the top of the walls. Off to the side was a small
collection of old lockers and a couple of benches. I looked one of the old
high school locker room set ups, before everyone got paranoid about being
watched. I nymphet young girl noticed through the steam, that there was a figure at the little nymphets sex videos back
of the room. An open locker, and gym bag on the bench confirmed that cp illegal young nymphets some
trucker was cleaning up after a long haul. I decided I was feeling a bit
grungy, and quickly got out of my clothes, stashed my bag in one of the
lockers, and proceeded into the steam.The tile on the floor was cold despite the hit coming from the faucets at
the back of the room. As I got closer, the figure came into view that
knocked my socks off. He was a tall, lanky, but tightly muscled guy, who
you just knew was a trucker. He had his hands up against the wall, with his
ass out, little nymphet fucked
just letting the hot spray cascade down his neck and back.
Checking out his ass was the first thing on my mind, and damn if it wasn't
nice and round and firm. Most trucker's asses are bit on the flat side, only
because of the long driving, but this man's ass was nice and round. I
cleared my throat as I walked to the other side of this man, just to warn
him I was there. Through the haze he cocked his head to the side to see who
had snuck up on him. His hair was longer, and a hung across his face, he
had dark eyes, and models russian nymphet a fu-manchu moustache. He looked like a cowboy just off
the range. He smiled and said hello, boy nymphets but his eyes lingered just a bit
longer than perhaps he had intended.Now I told you that I am pretty built, and with my youthful looks, I do turn
some heads. I noticed as he quickly sized me up, before returning to his
meditations under the water. I stood there for awhile letting the hot water
run down my tired muscles, and the started to soap myself up. I figured if
I stared too much, he might get naughty little nymphets
spooked, or something. As I started to soap
up my chest, the trucker moved around and I could see he too had started
working up some lather. He started with his crotch, and his simple
manipulations, were having a positive effect on his cock. Hanging limp, it
was about 2-3 inches, but now it was quickly growing. He had a large
hanging ball sac that seemed to swing like a pendulum as he worked the soap.
He turned to look at me as his cock now reached its full potential, which
in my estimation would be about 8 inches in length. It was not particularly
thick, but it had a mean curve that had it pointing due south. I held his
gaze for just a few seconds, and started to soap up my crotch as well.It was an unspoken need that coursed between us. Staring into each other's
eyes, we worked our hardening cocks to full erection. He started pulling on
that ball sack, and licking his lips as he stroked his cock. I was working
the lather up and down my shaft, swimsuits nymphet and with the other hand working the soap
into my crack and hole. I wanted this trucker's dick in me bad. I know he
noticed where my hands were and how my body reacted each time I stuck a few
fingers into my hole. I moved closer and got down on my knees in front of
the man, and reached up for his shaft. The water cascaded down the shaft
like a waterfall, and as I stared up into his eyes the need was there. I
quickly opened my mouth and sucked upon the head. He head went back against
the wall, and a groan of immediate pleasure crossed his lips. I steadily
worked my way down the man's cock, as the hot water poured over my head and
face. I was eager to please this man, and kneeling there I took my other
hand and crazy young nymphets
slowly, but determinedly pulled on that hanging sack. As I pulled
with some strength I could tell that this form of abuse was too his liking.
I pulled harder as I gulped his shaft into my throat.His protests of more were answered with my actions. "Suck my cock man, yeah
pull on them nuts!" he whispered. Although perfectly alone in this space, I
guess he just didn't want to disturb the scene. I lifted the shaft of his
cock and worked my mouth to his balls. Sliding each egg into my waiting
mouth, I used my tongue to gently nude nymphet angel
massage each orb. I pulled them tight
against the sac flesh, and attempted to fit both into my mouth at once.
They were a bit too large and in response I started to lick and even bit a
bit on those stressed nuts. As I played with his ball sack, his legs seemed
to bow out from time to time, and I knew what he wanted. Turning him around
I was presented with that beautiful ass. Round, and white in comparison to
his naked nymphets nude suntanned skin, it felt warm to the touch. I kneaded the fleshy mounds,
and went down to lick and bite each one. Kissing his ass was something I
could have done all night. He leaned out more loitas and nymphets to give me better access to
his crack. The dark hairs clung to the sides of his cheeks as the water ran
down the sensitive skin.I spread his cheeks, and stuck my tongue to his pucker. Immediately there
was a shiver down his spine from the touch. I pushed with my tongue into his
hole, and it opened slightly. I pushed my face into his hairy crack and
began to lick, suck, and probe his hole. I licked my way up and down his
crack, tasting him russian incest nymphets and swallowing a bit of water besides. I opened up his
hole with my fingers so that I could get deeper into him. He pushed back
with his ass to give me access. He moaned, and cursed with each swipe of my
tongue and each time I sucked his pink hole into my mouth. I worked my
tongue into him repeatedly, licking sexy nymphets underage his hole. I could have been there for
hours. I stood up and turned him around. Immediately his mouth was on mine
and his tongue explored my mouth. I clung to this man like a bear, holding
him tightly against me. His kiss took on a passion of its own; tender and
yet earnest in its appeal. His hands moved down to my own nymphets bondage xxx bubble butt and
started to massage and play with them. His intentions were clear.I broke the kiss and positioned myself against the wall as he had. I pushed
my ass out for nymphet galleries and sites him, and begged for his cock. He came up behind me, folded
himself against my back and kissed the back of my neck. It was such a
tender moment in this situation that would not call for it. He then knelt
down behind me and began to explore my ass with his tongue. The sensations
of that moustache rubbing up against the tender flesh inside my crack had me
crawling up the walls. I pushed back instinctively and allowed him total
access to my hole. I could tell he enjoyed my submission as he forced
himself harder into my hole with his tongue. He stood up, lined his cock
head to my hole and pushed. He did not wait for me to become accustomed to
his size, but sank balls deep into me. I screamed from the invasion, but
pushed back on him nonetheless. I mentally tried to release the pain of his
attack, and breathed deeply to nymphets hot video relax my ass muscles.He grabbed me by my shoulders for leverage and pistoned his rod into my jock
guts. naked 12 y.o. nymphets I held to the wall and tried to keep position, even as I pushed back
against his every thrust. I had all 8 inches of this trucker's cock inside
me, and he was making nymphet naked models certain I knew it. In the free movies little nymphets
heat, and humidity of this
shower area, I was sweating from exertion. I wanted to please this man with
my bubble butt to have him take control of me. He leaned in against me young nymphetas sex tgp as
he did before, but instead of a tender kiss, he began to bite at my shoulder
muscles. The sensation of his animal rutting of me, sent me into over
drive. I begged for him to fuck me, to tear me up inside, to make me his
trucker's whore. nymphets 16 yo nue Those words fueled his fire, and he began to rape my ass.
He could no longer see me as a man, but more like a whore to be taken, and
to be used. The hot water sprayed across our bodies as we fucked. My
screams of pure pleasure echoed against the hollow walls. He too groaned,
and cursed as he sunk his took into me. As his cock head pounded my
prostate, my own hard cock was nymphets real young
bouncing in time with his cadence. I reached
down to stroke myself.He then decided to switch positions. He ordered me to lie down on the tile
floor and throw my little nymphets archives
knees to my chest. He was going to take me the hard way.
I did as instructed, the steam nymphet sex vids clouding my view, but making the scene that
much more intense. He again wasted no time in pushing himself into me. He
held my legs wide and opened up my hole for his invasion. I stared up at
the man taking possession of my ass. His eyes were intense, his expression
fierce, as he turned completely animal. There was no me, there was no nymphet photo galleries him,
it was the sex, the bonding of two men in perfect unison. I pushed my hole
out to him, I wanted him to go as deep into my soul as he needed to. I
wanted him to cum inside me, I wanted to feel him should his seed into my
very being. He punished my hole with every thrust; he damned my hot ass,
and cursed his pleasure. I could tell by his rapid breathing that he was
close. I grabbed a hold of my one cock and started to jerk off with him.
He pushed cock into me with speed and thrust, each time pummeling my
prostate.He growled, nymphets galery and then screamed as his climax came upon him. He cursed me, and
called me whore. His very presence was tense, and exaggerated as he
continued to fuck his cum in to my bowels. I met his ejaculation with my
own. Shot after shot of cum flew up onto my chest, and even landed on my
chin. My body shuttered as my jiz shot from me. This trucker stayed in
position and just allowed his cock to soften naturally inside me, but he did
not pull out. He held my legs apart and up to my shoulders. All of a sudden
I feel a warm sensation inside. I then realized that he was pissing inside
me. It was the most bizarre turn on ever. I loved the feel of a man's warm
cum up in me, but never fantasized about piss. I could feel the warm fluid
fill me, and make me feel as though I was full of him again.He warned me to hold his piss as he pulled out, he didn't want me to miss a
drop. I struggled to keep the warm liquid, mixed with his load inside me as
he slipped out. He lay against the wall exhausted as I continued my
endurance. I lay on the tile floor where he fucked me, and allowed the
water to wash over me. I held his golden water inside me, remembering how
good it felt to have him there. But I started to cramp, my hole wanted to
explode. He told me to hold it. He demanded my obedience. I gave him that.
I tried to get up without spilling any of what was inside me. I stood
there and looked at the man who for this moment possessed me. He came up to
me and kissed me deeply. He said he had not had nymphets brazilian
so much fun in a long time.
You see he was married and his wife was pregnant. He hadn't been able to
fuck her in weeks, and never would she allow him to do what he had just done
to me. As a trucker he knew the roads, and that occasionally he could hook
up. Little had he realized how lucky he was?I begged him to let me release the fluid, and he consented. I rushed to the
toilets, and in seconds felt a wave of sheer relief flood across my body. I
was empty of his cock, his cum, and his piss now. I cleaned myself up and
walked back to the shower area. As I got there, the trucker had already
dressed and was preparing to leave. He came up behind me, wrapped his arm
around me and tenderly kissed the back of my neck again. The full crotch of
his jeans rubbed against my tender ass flesh, and it nymphets child nude send a nymphet model japan shiver into me.
"Thanks buddy!" was all he said and then he was gone. I sat down on the
bench near the lockers for the longest time. My ass was sore, but my soul
was satisfied. I again lived a fantasy.As I left the shower area I looked across the parking lot and thought I saw
Ted going into the diner. But it couldn't have been him, could it?
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