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Subject: True Beginnings - Part 9Hey, guys ... okay... so there was another "delay" in this series but I
decided to keep it going a bit longer. As far as I can figure, living in a
hick town and spending a lot of time in the woods constitutes "Rural", so
the saga continues.Now if you are in here at this level, nude nymphet boys you must have decided to be here, and
the route into here is pretty darned clear as to what's in here... but ....
If it is not allowed where you live, or you are too young, please click on
that upper right "X" and leave now.Otherwise, I hope you enjoy ...True Beginnings #9: .'The Pits Part 1'.... a continuing story by underground nymphets pics CNJShore9The town we had moved to the summer before my 9th grade was near a mining
area that had a large number of 'open red haired nymphets
pit' mines. Because of the high clay
content of the soil, they had filled with water and made for great swimming
holes. There was also an abandoned gravel pit in the woods behind the high
school that was also water-filled. Fortunately both (sets of pits) had a
shallow shelf about 10- 15 feet from the shore before they dropped off to
who-knows-how-deep, but, of course, all of us at that time were good
swimmers and had no compunction about swimming out over the deep areas.This story actually picks up the following year - summer between 9th and
10th grades. Other than my one-nighter with Pat in 9th grade (see Episode
4), we really didn't do much after that, and I stayed pretty much in the
closet nude nymphettes free
that school year. I will admit developed nymphets
there were a few boys for whom I
'timed' my trips to the restroom so I might get a 'view' of things (they
didn't nymphets with boys know of "privacy shields" back then).Anyway, back then the town we lived was in a 'dry' county (no beer, wine,
or liquor), but the next county up - 8.4 miles to be exact - was 'wet' and
had about 5 liquor stores within 100 yards of the county-line. Although
the legal age was 21, we used to say "they will sell it to you, if you can
get your own stroller thru the door." So the standard Saturday night plan
was - go to "the line", get a six-pack or two, and then head for either
"the mansion" or "the pits". Oh, I might add, this was with 'dates', so
you can guess how the rest of those nights unfolded.But this story is about "the pits", and maybe I'll tell all about "the
mansion" in another episode.Usually there were 3 or 4 couples crammed into one car (or truck - using
the bed) and several carloads would meet up at the pre-designated location
(in this case the designated mine tiny nymphette pit).Because tiny art nymphets models I was not athletic and, to make matters worse, was a 'good
student', I had already been 'branded' even though no one had any proof
(except the football jock that kept his mouth shut). Yes, I was
figuratively imprinted with the "Scarlet Q" on my forehead, so I decided to
'fix that'. I started 'dating' one of the kiss-and-tell-girls for cover.We'd go out to the pits on Saturday night, we'd go skinny dipping, and I'd
f*ck her brains loose so that she would come back Monday morning and tell
all the girls at school. It was a good plan. It worked all the way
through senior pee nymphets year...but I had other plans.There was a cute little guy - friend of a nymphet bbs toplist friend - who never seemed to have
a date. He always came along with us, drank the beer, went swimming, etc..
It was just a little too convenient to me. So one night I brought along a
copy of the erotic "dog" story I typed for my football jock and, after a
few nymphets 8 14 beers, gave it to Robert. (never thought about it before... they were
both Roberts) He read it using the dome light and I could see a bulge
forming in his jeans. Since he swam with us, I had nymphetes nudes already noticed that he
had a neat package and was uncut...and you know my penchant for that extra
skin.To make a long story short...I doused the dome light and then reached over
and cupped his tackle through his tight, low-rider jeans. He just moaned
and reached to return the favor. My "date" was sitting on a towel chatting
with a couple other friends, as Robert and I stole off into the woods.As soon as we were pretty well hidden, I pulled him up against me and we
rubbed our hard cocks together through our jeans. It only took a minute
and he was unbuckling my belt and pulling 12 y. o. nymphets my jeans down. I, of course,
returned that favor. Next thing I knew, we were rubbing our bare cocks
against one another.I had my arms and hands around him and was holding onto his tight little
ass, pulling him tighter.Then he sort of backed away, lifted my cock in his left hand and used his
right hand to pull his foreskin back a bit. Then put them wild nymphette tip-to-tip and
pushed his skin over little sexy nymphets both heads. I thought I had just reached the peak.
It was years later that I learned the term "docking", nymphet 5yo but damn... I had
started that with Sammy nearly ten years earlier.Then he put them together, underside-to-underside, and began to stroke
them. At that point I got the feeling that he was not 'new to this game'.
Unfortunately, I had just finished 'fixing things for nymphet world nude Monday morning' and
even at 15 I had a little bit of 'recovery needed'. Besides, as good as it
felt, I doubt that I would have reached orgasm in that manner. Not so for
Robert, he started to pant and tremble, tightened his hand, sped up the
stroke, and the next thing I knew, he was erupting cum over both our cocks.It didn't shoot out, but just surged out through the skin nipple as he
pushed the skin forward over the throbbing, distended head. To this day,
that is to me the hottest thing on earth - to see the white cream as it
spills out of the nipple, especially when it ends and magic nymphets pics there are still a few
drops of white nestled inside that little cup of skin.So I backed slightly away and began to jerk myself using that warm jizm as
lube to pound Petey Jr. until I, then, returned THAT favor, shooting a
rather healthy load into his curlies and nymphets y o links
on his cock and balls.As a 'Be Prepared' Boy Scout (a great training ground for gays!!!), I had,
as always, put a couple paper towels in my back pocket 'for emergencies'
... so we could clean up and button up, sauntering back to the assembled
group vintage nymphet cp
at the pit.Needless to say, we then stripped down and went back into the water to
remove the tell-tale residue and potential smell of fresh cum.When we came out, lovely nymphette I moved back over to the blanket with Miss Kiss-and-Tell
and popped the tab on another cold beer. Better yet...she had no
idea...and even today - I met her at a class reunion - she still comes onto
me (even with her husband there).On the way home, Robert ended up sitting next to me in the back seat childs fucking nymphets
on my
right side (Miss K-a-T on my left). Next thing I knew, he took my right
hand and pulled it under the jacket on his lap and I could feel the fashion nymphet nude
of his cock outside his zipper. I young asian nymphet slowly stroked him to full height and
then slowly worked that wonderfully loose skin back and forth, rubbing my
thumb over his slick glans, until I felt him begin to jerk in my hand.At that point he reached under with his right hand and had a paper napkin
ready to catch whatever might escape. As his cock began to really swell
and throb, he moved the napkin over the head very little pedo nymphets and I felt his whole body go
stiff next to me as he pumped out another load of cum. A little got onto
my hand, so I lifted it up and wiped it on the napkin as well. (no.. I
didn't lick it off. I didn't learn to do that until much, much later.)But we had "established a pattern"...and that's the way it nymphet teen tgp went the rest of
the summer. He would join us in the skinny dipping, but then would move
back when things got heavy (coupling). As soon as I was able to lo nymphet bbs free
myself ("gotta go pee" or whatever), he would meet me in the woods and we
would have our own time together. Unfortunately, I lost touch with Robert
after school started again young nymphets
(he lived teens nymphets free galleries
in another town), but I still remember
the feel of that cute little uncut cock in my hand. Unfortunately, I never
got to feel that sweet meat up my lovehole. I dreamed about nasty nymphets pics it sometimes.
It would have 'fit' sooooo well, but he just wasn't into that then.
True Beginnings #9: .'The Pits Part 2'....It was the gravel pit that had even more fun, I guess. I was introduced to
it by the football jock one day.He showed up at my door and asked it I wanted to go swimming.I said "sure" thinking he was talking about the city/public pool right up
the street from us. "Let me grab my suit," I said."Won't need it where we're going," he nonchalantly replied."Oh?" I answered, questioning."You ever been to the gravel pit behind the high school?" he asked."Didn't know there was one," I nymphet pedo ru replied."Most people don't," he answered. "It's a 'well-kept secret' I think.""Sure, let's go," I smiled as I closed the door behind me...and off we went... past the school and sports fields and into the woods.
I really don't know how far into nymphets model pics the woods we went (and even being there a
number of times, I'm still not really sure) before there was a nice little
pond/lake in a clearing.As he got to the edge, he started to strip. Well...what the fuck...I did
it as well.As soon as he boys cocks nymphets
was naked, he walked into the water and I was not far behind.We were able to walk out a few feet and then the gradual slope took a
straight down dip. Being good swimmers, we didn't let it bother us. tgp bbs nymphets
swam around dark nymphet pics
for ls magazine nymphets
a nymphet forum young
while, then, next thing I knew, he was right up tight
behind me."Did you bring the Vaseline?" he asked."Shit, yes!! I nymphette pic
don't go anywhere without it." I added."Great!!!" he exclaimed. "You ever been fucked in water before?" he asked."No...although I have fucked a girl in water at the pits. Fucked up the
rubber and made it split," I added."Well...Vaseline is not affected by water." He told me."Sure," I said as I went ashore and pulled out one of my aluminum foil
sachets of 'V"."Spread it on your ass," he directed. "Makes no difference where it is as
long as it's teens littles nymphets going to lube the hole," he explained."Sure," I repeated, as I squeezed the contents out onto my fingers and
started to apply it to my ass- crack naked nymphette and hole."Now, c'mon back in," he again directed.So I walked back into the water and then felt the drop-off and began
treading water.He came up behind me and wrapped those mammoth arms around me from the
back. I could feel his chest against my back (okay... so I didn't know to
call them 'pecs' back then)... then I felt him reach down with his right
hand and aim his cock at my ass-crack.I rotated my hips so that they were positioned to make my naked nymphet game hole available.
Then I felt it as his cock- head found its toplist nymphet nude mark and began to press forward.I really have no idea how many times he had fucked me before, but this was
an all-new feeling. To have his dick begin to enter my chute while we were
buoyed up by the water. Oh, fuck!!! I was in seventh - no, maybe, ninth
-- heaven....."Oh!! Fuck!!! Oh!!! Man!!! He started to moan. I had never heard him
being so vocal before. He tightened his arms around me, and began to
thrust.OMG!!! I never felt anything like that before."Yeah!!! Fuck it, babe!! Fuck it!!! I moaned in response.That seemed to nymphets feet be the right thing to say, because he redoubled his efforts
and began to little nymphets tgp shag my ass like he had never done so before."Oh, shit!!! Oh, shit!!!" he gurgled. "Oh...holy fuckin' shit!!! That is
sooooo good!!! Take it man! Take young titts nymphettes
it!!!! You're gonna be shittin' my cum
for two weeks!!!!All I could think was "I hope you do shoot that much!!!!""Ohhhhhh, God!! Ohhhhh, fuck!!! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh. Ohhhhhhhh....
Awwwwwwww.... Jeeze.. Here it cums!!!!"With that, he tightened his hold even more, driving all the air out my
lungs... I was having trouble staying afloat, but .. what the hell young nymphetes nude !!!!!!!
I have been fucked..and I have been fucked...but this nymphet girl in panties
was sooooo far beyond
anything to-date, I would have gladly gone under.Then I felt that broad, flat, helmet-headed fuck-stick start to swell and
throb and then gusher after gusher of hot teen juice was being shot as far
up me as he could reach. I almost expected it to come out my nose."Awwwww...good God!!!" he muttered behind me. "I think my balls are in
your ass somewhere."Always the wise-cracker, I turned over my shoulder and said, "I hope not.
I need them still attached so you can do that again!!!"Chuckling, he nuzzled my neck (a first!) and I asked, "please don't pull it
out. Let's sit on the edge and you keep it in me."So we moved over to the shallows and he sat there with me on his lap and
his cock still imbedded in my hole.That was also a first. But, unfortunately, he decided after about 3
minutes that it was time to leave. Pushing me off his lap, he stood up and
walked out to his clothes and began to get dressed.I stayed in the water ukranian nymphets model long enough to do what I would have normally done
over the toilet afterwards. Clearing my colon (boy pussy?) and wiping it
clean. Then I got out and got dressed as well. By then Robert had
disappeared into the woods heading for home.I stayed around for a little bit, cool nymphets checking the area out so that I might be
able to use it again. (little did I know for sure that I'd be back)Hope you enjoyed the story ... it's true ... not like many of my
'fantasies' on Nifty ...If you did like it, feel free to write to me. ...and if you didn't .. I do
take "constructive criticism" (not "flames") ......and while ukrainian nymphets ls you are at it .... This is a nice time of year, flowers are
blooming, and it's great to spread a few more bucks around ... maybe to
keep "Nifty" alive and well ......

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