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From: Flippp
Subject: True Companions - Part XII - AntwerpThis nymphets petites
is a continuation of a fictional account of my mission in France and
Belgium during the late 1970s. Though many parts are real in circumstance
and event, it is fiction and represents what I would have liked my mission
to be like.Gary--------------------------
Part XII -- AntwerpThe next week went really fast for us. We had a lot of work to catch up on
after being in Brussels for two days. We had our laundry to do and some
time at the Municipal baths. Normally, we rented the family bathing room
for just half an hour but we decided to take it for an hour and just spend
the time soaking. I liked that because we'd spend at least half an hour
together in the tub playing games and just being buds. We were really to
the point that being naked together was pretty normal and felt good and
neither of us hesitated.On Wednesday, we received rail tickets and instructions from the Mission
President for our trip to Antwerp. We were to leave from Liege station at
2:00pm the next day which would put us in Antwerp around 6:00pm after
changing trains in Brussels. Additionally, they got a reservation for us at
a hotel next to the mission home which was near the station in Antwerp. The
President even included a few extra francs for food. This was almost like a
vacation! Elder M. and I were really excited to get going. Wednesday
afternoon, we spent time going over the presentation. Elder M. suggested I
add more information on his famous two "P"s - planning and play. Both of us
decided that our playtime at night and on P day was an integral part of our
partnership.Thursday morning came and we packed up a couple of bags and made our way
over to the train station. We enjoyed the train ride. Antwerp was different
from our familiar French part of Belgium. Everyone spoke Flemish which was
close to Dutch with Holland just across the Rhine River from the Antwerp
area. It was a lot bigger than Liege and very busy. It lacked the elegance
of the capital city, Brussels, and seemed dirtier. But we were glad to be
there.No one met us at the station. We asked directions. Interestingly enough, we
had to do it in English as few people we met spoke French. We walked over
to the Mission Home area and went in and introduced ourselves to the
Assistants and the President. He told us where the chapel was and that he
would have the Assistants pick us up in the morning at 8:00am. Then the
President took off for another meeting. The Assistants made sure we were
well situated and then left us alone. erotic nymphets pics For all intents and purposes, Elder
M. and I had a free night in Antwerp.We checked into the hotel next little ukraine nymphetes door. It was called the Hotel deSoot. The
manager said the room was already paid for. She showed us up a flight of
stairs and opened the door to our room. It had an ensuite bathroom which
meant for the first time as companions we could hentai pics nymphet stay in the room and do all
our duties. There was a shower in the room along with a basin then a
smaller room or water closet for the toilet. Additionally in the room,
there were a couple of chairs, a table and lamp and ONE full size bed. We
asked about an additional bed but she insisted she had no way to provide
another bed.After she left, the two of us just plopped on the bed, tired but excited at
the prospect of having a night to ourselves in a new city. We slowly got up
and started to take off our coats and suits. When we got down to the
garments, we laid back down on the bed, carefully measuring which side was
whose and how much room there tiny pedo nymphets was. There wasn't much. Even with our bodies
on the outside of the bed, they touched in the middle."Well, if we were on our honeymoon, this wouldn't be so bad," said Elder M."It'll be okay. Don't sweat it. Just keep your feet on your side of the
bed!""So, Elder Roark, what do you want to do with naked teen nymphs our time tonight?" "I hear
they have real American hamburgers here and English movies. How about a
date, Elder M.? You and me and some American burgers and flicks!""Sounds great!"The two of us bounced nymphets europe's
up and put on our P Day clothes and a coat. We walked
down the steps and asked the manager if she knew of any American style
restaurants around and where we could find a good movie. She told us of a
McDonalds that was about 20 minutes from there and then around that area
there were several movie places. All the movies in Antwerp were shown in
English with Flemish and French subtitles, she informed us. So off we went
like two college kids.We found the McDonalds. We went little models nymphet at those hamburgers like they were a ranchi nymphets last
meal. And a vanilla shake! Man, we were in heaven. We sat there and laughed
about our high school days and college and just about everything. We didn't
talk much about girls. Elder M. said we should stay away from that subject
though I talked about the girl who was supposedly waiting for me at home.
After McDonalds, we went out and saw what was playing for movies. We
settled on "The Battle of Britain", a World War II film about defending
England against German bombers and fighters. It was shown in English and
was just the ticket for us. Plenty of blood and violence and no sex.Finally, around 10:00 pm, we walked back to the hotel. We had to knock on
the door to get in. The manager gave us our room key and we went upstairs
to rest.Everything was as we left it. We took off the t-shirts and jeans and got
ready for bed. I told Elder M. that I wanted to shower and he said that was
a good idea, he would too. I went very very young nymphet
first. The shower was just a stall that
the hotel had placed in the room itself with a curtain pulled across the
front. So, I stripped down and started the free nymphet galleries water. It was difficult to
regulate the temperature. I stepped inside and started to wash off and let
the water relax me. I yelled out to Elder M. to bring me bbs nymphet portal my shampoo. He
grabbed it and walked over to the shower. He was already out of his
garments, just waiting his turn. The water was starting to turn cold and I
wasn't done so I told Elder M. he might as well join me. free prepubescent nymphets It certainly
couldn't be any different than the soaking tub! So, he stepped in. It was a
tight fit for the two of us. We couldn't help but rub against each other's
body. I scrubbed his back and he scrubbed mine. I started to get turned on
as my cock kept rubbing against his leg. I noticed that Elder M. was
sporting some wood as well. True to form, Elder M. couldn't leave well
enough alone."So, how long do erotic nymphet
you think before we both sport total wood in here?" he
asked while pulling on his dick."You pervert!" I said laughingly. I was thankful he made light of it. Not
only did it take away the embarrassment, it provided cover for my own
feelings. "If my dick keeps rubbing on your thigh, you'll have wood up your
ass before you know it!"We both laughed. He turned and we faced each other. More importantly, our
dicks were touching, both semi-hard and growing. We looked at each other
and then just laughed. Meanwhile, the water was getting colder by the
moment. So we turned off the water and both of us stepped out into the room
dripping wet. We toweled ourselves off, brushed our teeth and put on our
garments. We kneeled for companion prayer.Then the moment of truth."Okay, Elder, which side do you want," Elder M. asked me.I looked closely at the mattress. It didn't appear to make any
difference. I chose the right side of the bed and climbed in. Elder
M. turned out the light and climbed in the left side and pulled up the
covers. The room was kind of chilly and photo pre nymphet nue
we were still cold from the shower.We spent the first 5 minutes silent, laying nymphets petite illegal on our back with our arms
crossed across our chest, trying not to touch the other one. The tension
was so nymphet boy porn thick you could cut it.Elder M. broke first. "Elder, if small little nymphets we want to sleep, we need to come to a
meeting of the minds here. There's no way you ukrainian nymphets model and I are going to
successfully pass the night and not touch each other. So, how do you want
to do this?"I stared at the ceiling then just started chuckling. I turned towards Elder
M. and asked, "Well, Elder, I've never been with a man before. Just how DO
you do this?"With that, he punched my side and the wrestling match as on. We spent the
next five minutes pounding on each other and ended up on the floor in a
twist of covers and laughter.We piled everything back on the bed and just laid down. He turned to his
left and I turned to my left. I put my arm around him and cuddled up behind
him. We both were a little sweaty. He smelled manly and I loved young nymphets models to feel the
sweat on the back of his neck. Elder M. kind of backed up into me."Elder, I just want you to know that if you get pregnant, and it's a boy,
you'll have to name him after little nymphets mpeg me!"Elder M. just roared at that thought. "Well, Elder Roark," he said in his
best interpretation of Scarlett O'Hara, "I do believe you're trying to
seduce me with that snake of yours between my pink and powdered buttocks."It was true. My dick was hardening and the only place for it to go was into
the crack of his ass. "I'm shocked, Scarlett," I responded in a Clark Gable
drawl. "That's nothing more than my banana for breakfast.""Oh Rhett, no wonder I find it so 'appealing'. I brought one to bed with
me, too!" With that, he turned around to russian kid nymphet face me and pointed down to his
crotch where he was sporting one heck of a woodie."Scarlett, didn't your mammy ever tell you not to eat in bed!""Why, Rhett, I do believe you're jealous of my banana because it's bigger
than yours.""Scarlett, them's fightin words. I think our bananas are about the
same. Here, let's look at them and see." With that, I risked a lot and took
my garment top down to below my crotch revealing my rigid cock that stuck
straight up in the air. Elder M. rose to the bait. He removed his garments
completely, laying there totally naked on the bed and put his young nymphette little
hand on his
cock and pointed it straight out."Now let's see whose 'banana' is biggest," he said, returning back to his
regular voice. He took his hand and spread his thumb and middle finger as
far apart as possible and placed them on his dick leaving about an inch
more above the tip of the middle art nymphets virgin finger. Then, without moving his fingers,
he brought his hand over to my dick and placed his thumb at illegal underage nymphet the base of my
dick nestled in my dark pubes and extended his middle finger up my
shaft. Indeed, it russian nymphets forum left a little less than what was left when he measured
his."Ha, there, I told ya so. I'm little nymphets xxx sites bigger than photographs of nude nymphets you!""Ya, well only by a quarter of an inch or so! Besides, size doesn't matter
that much. It's how you use it that matters."We were both there naked on the bed, laying on our backs with our hard ons
pointing straight into the air, arguing about size! Elder M. said, "Well,
it looks like you know how to use yours -- yours and Elder Peters' dick!""Whoa, now. Hold on. We didn't do anything. I came straight to bed after
that shower thing at the hostel. I admit, he seems to have a thing for me
but he's not going to get into my pants!" I lied. He already had but I
wasn't going to confess that to Elder M."So, you guys haven't jacked off together or anything?" Elder M. asked a
bit more cautiously."Heck no, Elder. You're my only true companion. You know that. And with
that, I pushed him out of the bed.He quickly stood back up and sat down on top of me pteen nymphs bbs with his dick nearly
touching naked nymphet porn pics
my chin and my dick under his ass and balls. He started to tickle
me. I'm really ticklish and he got me in my pits and down my sides. I was
able to buck him off and rolled him over and sat on him as he was laying
down on his stomach. Then I started to tickle his ass and sides."Oh, man, that feels so good. Give me a bit of a massage there in the small
of my back."I worked his muscles hard and fuck nymphettes modeles then did his shoulders and ass. He was loving
it."You do me," I said as I laid down on the bed. He climbed on my back and
pushed against my muscles from the top of my shoulders to the bottom of my
ass. I was totally relaxed. I then rolled over onto my side of the bed and
he was on his. We were still totally hard and didn't care."Man, horny nymphet videos I'm so relaxed," I said. "That felt wild nymphets cp kds so flipping good. They should
have a class at the LTM in companion massage. Maybe we should add it to our
presentation tomorrow.""I don't think so. Then we'd have to say how we were bare assed naked in
bed together with raging hard ons and make them believe we didn't do
anything else. No one would believe us.""Well, maybe we shouldn't disappoint them, Elder." nymphets hairy
I reached over and
grabbed his dick in my hand. He laid back and just groaned. I very slowly
stroked him. He grabbed my dick and did the same. I was in Companion
Heaven!"My brothers and I used to jack each other off when we'd go camping. My dad
even joined in a couple of times. In our family it wasn't any big
thing. Just buds enjoying what God gave them to enjoy.""Elder, if you're trying to convince me to let you keep your hand on my
dick, I don't need any convincing. Leave it there as long as you'd like."Elder M. and I laid there stroking each other's dick for 10 or 15 minutes
without saying much. It was a time I'll never forget. No shame was
present. Just two loving men giving pleasure to the other."Elder," I said. "If you continue like that, we're going to have a mess
right here. I'm just on the edge of coming.""Me, too, Elder. What do you think? Want to go all the way with this?""Elder, there is no way I want to stop what we're doing. If you're good to
go, so am I."Elder M. looked up at me. "Let's finish it!"With that the two of us stroked a little faster and we let our minds wander
to that special area that brings the cream to the top. We were still
stroking each other's dicks. Finally, after about one more minute, I could
see Elder M. arch his back and I felt the cum rise in his cock and saw it
splatter all over his chest and stomach and even his face. That brought me
to a huge climax as I exploded semen all over my chest and stomach. The two
of us continued to hold onto the other's cock. We nymphets model legal were slowly coming nymphethairless
from this incredible high. The cum on our bodies slowly began to run to
other areas. I reached over and put my hand on his chest and rubbed password nymphet his elite nymphets cum
all over his body. He reached over and did the same to me. We joined our
hand together as we turned towards each nymphet pic hardcore
other and hugged each other closely
and like lovers."Shit, it was never like that with my brothers," he said into my right ear.I started to laugh. We got up and cleaned off, binaries nymphets pic
put nymphet boys magazine our garments back on and
climbed back into bed. We didn't say anything to each other. Our
companionship had crossed a threshold and we weren't sure what to do at
this point. We resumed our spooning position as before. I said, nymphets nude portal
Scarlett, I guess this means we won't have crazy nymphets from ukraine bananas for breakfast."Elder M. laughed out loud. "Oh Rhett, I think lola boys nymphets we can find some more. I
promise I'll never go asian nymphet portal
hungry again!"We both just rolled over and started to laugh.We stopped and looked at each bbs lol nymphets
other. Elder M. whispered to me, "Elder, I've
never felt this way before. I don't know what's happening but I know that I
want to be with you. I truly love you in a way different than I love my
brothers. I...""Shhh, Elder. I understand. Well, I don't really but I feel the same
way. nymphs girls tgp We are one. Like you dark nymphet portal said in conference. Nothing can separate us. I
love you as well. And not in a way I've ever loved another orbita starmedia nymphet person. We'll
just have to figure it out as we go along."With that, we were silent, alone in our thoughts but together in our
spirit. We held onto each other. Life was sweet there in our small bed uncensored nymphets in
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