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Subject: A True Fond Chapter 1Obligatory warnings and legal disclaimers:I don't know any of the celebrities in this story. This story does not
imply anything about their sexualities, personalities, or anything
else. This is a work of pure fiction. A fantasy. This story young nymphet dream is not meant
to imply anything about Agim Kaba, Travis Fimmel or Jensen Ackles.If you are under the age of 21 or the age of majority in your area,
offended by male/male material, or it is illegal to view such materials nymphettes best sites in
your country, state, county, or municipality, you should leave now.If you are looking for a story with lots of sex, tough luck! This is a
story of friendship, bonding, and love. Only time will tell which direction
it will take.There are no profits to be made here.Do not archive, copy or email this story without permission of the
author. You have been warned. This boys nymphets portal story has teen anal nymphet been copyrighted.(Agim Kaba is associated with As The World Turns. As The World Turns
belongs to Columbia Broadcasting System (Copyright MMIII, tiny nymphet galleries
CBS Worldwide
Inc. All Rights Reserved) and Procter & Gamble.Travis Fimmel is associated with New York Model Management.)Main Characters: (Major characters will be added as the story unfolds.)Brendan: 21, 5'10", light brown hair, green eyes. Swimmers build all
American type. Becky (Beck): Typical hometown woman, 5'8. 25, blond hair,
black pooling eyes. Agim: Albanian, 20, 6 foot, long brown hair, brown
eyes, smooth soccer player build.Minor Character: (Minor characters will be added as the story unfolds.)A True FondChapter One First Meeting
After closing the cafe I sat in my free nymphets pic car waiting for it to heat up watching
the falling snow. It wasn't late as I debated driving home or going to see
if the only bar in Pockston was open. Mick's, the bar free pthc vombat nymphet is owned by Mick
Johnson. He also owns The Place where I work. I cook, keep the place clean
and consider it my place. The bar, I decided was the best option. There I
would had nymphet teen angel some company if it was only Becky. The snow was coming down
harder as I hot tiny nymphets
pulled on the road. All ready eight inches had accumulated to
top nymphets art pics of the four all ready laid down the day before. It was predicted that
before morning the snow storm would turn into a blizzard. For now the
flakes were large and fluffy. The wind hadn't picked up. It would I
thought as I drove slowly to Mick's.Pulling into the young nymphet toplist empty parking lot the neon sign was still flashing
Mick's. It was a rat hole. If I nymphets nn nude
closed early this place hardcore nymphet sex shouldn't be open.
It was, `Mick must really be hard up,' I thought.Opening the nymphet pthc door to the bar I noticed that most of the incest nymphetes
lights had been
dimmed. Becky was behind the bar dusting the bottles of booze hot nymphet top
not paying
attention. The place was empty. It was dead quite, not even the juke box
playing out teen nymphette underage the usual Country Western drivel. Smiling I yelled, "Drinks
are on me," watching her jump.Turning towards the open door, she screamed, "Damn Brendan. What the fuck
are you doing here? And closed that fucking door. You`re letting all the
heat out!""Give me a beer babe," I said as I walked towards the bar. "While your at
it, give yourself something." Knowing I wouldn't have to pay. I never did
as long as Mick soft nymphet tgp
wasn`t around. Before I got there a Young's Double
Chocolate was waiting along with three shots of Royal Crown. One was mine
the other two hers."Come around here and sit, sweetheart."Smiling at me, "Either you didn't have a busy night or your horny." She sat
next to me placing her hand on my thigh."No trade and always horny," wild nymphets illegal I said sighing."I know baby," her hand rubbing the top of my leg. "Wish I could help."You have to understand about Beck and me. russian nymphet galleries
During high school we didn't run
in the same crowd. I was the typical serious student and russian little nymphet didn't fit into
any group. Becky was into drugs. Our paths never crossed. Over time we
both moved past that stage of our lives. She tried to put the past behind
her while I wanted to dive head first into a future I had no understanding
of. It wasn't until we both took on our present jobs that we really became
close, to understand each other, to become friends. Knowing each other's
dreams and desires. We fell into each other. But, she was a women and I
was gay. If it hadn't been for that we'd be in each other's child nymphet porn pants.We sat there for hours just the two of us. Occasionally, one of us would
go see how bad the weather was getting. It was still coming down and the
wind was gusting. We where going to be snowed in. We weren't leaving the
place tonight. Neither of us cared. Inside the bar it was warm and there
was plenty to drink. If we got hungry Becky could fire up the grill.
There was even a double bed in the office behind the bar. So we continued
to talk, joked around, and drank. Heading slowly into a drunken haze that
neither would share with the other. Lost in our own thoughts and
regrets. Getting maudlin.It was past one o'clock when a blast of cold air hit our backs. Beck
scooted around the back of the bar thinking it was Mick. But when we both
looked young girl nymphets we could see that it wasn't. Mick was a short fat man dirty underage nymphets with a
rapidly balding head. Instead there was a young man shaking the snow from
his long brown hair as he walked towards us. When he young pink nymphets reached the bar he
sat next to me and looked half frozen.Actually I was the one that was frozen. I continued staring at him long
after politeness and common sense had passed. My eyes drinking, taking lovely nymphets portal
the strong jaw, his deep sparkling brown eyes, and those red perfect
lips....Feeling a gentle shake on my hand that broke my trance, turning,
looked up at Beck. Her head was cocked slightly with sites dark nymphet an expression on her
face telling me to `come back to Earth' or better `take your hand out of
your pants pocket.'When small tiny nymphets I heard a slight giggle I turned to guy next to me, "Don't worry about
it. I get that look all the time," he said. Smiling he placed his hand on
my arm giving it a little latin nymphets weak squeeze then removed it. Becky laughed breaking
the silence in the room."Well now that that is over, I apologize for my him. We don't get many
strangers in here. What can I get you? What's your name? And why the hell
are you out in this weather?""I'll answer the last question first. I'm on my way to Jackson to catch a
plane tomorrow. My name..." he paused like he was nymphet pics jpg
thinking. "J...Jim and
I'll have bottled water. And when do you think I'll be able to get littel small nymphets out of
here?"Placing the water in front of him, "'ll be a day or two with all
this snow. The snowplows have to get here from Clinton and were about the
last place to get plowed."Since there's no welcoming party let me say welcome to Pockston, the
backwater of the state." We all shook hands.While they continued to talk, I stayed quite. I knew that Beck ways
putting the move on him. It seemed funny because it didn't look japan little nymphets like she
was having much luck. He looked like he was in another world, just not
interested. Once in pedo nymphet model pics a while he would look at me. You ukraine nude nymphets couldn't read his
face.This went nymphets nude
on for fifteen minutes or so when he said, "Since I'm going to be
here for a while, I guess I'll have a scotch straight up...make it a
double. And it looks like you two are far ahead of me so just line them
up."He looked only slightly at us. Still hungerian nymphet I couldn't tell who he was looking at
or what. Beck put a bottle of Lagavulin in front of him. A bottle of Crown
Royal in front of the stool next to him for her and a bottle of Jim Beam in
front of me. I knew she was really putting that make on nymphet girl models him giving him the
best scotch Mick carried. She didn't have to. She was just about the
best-looking woman around and could have any man she wanted, except for me.
I couldn't. Not that I didn't turn heads once in awhile. Still I nymphets nude teen
knew I
was the only fag around. Shit I hate that word. Gay, yes, but I'm not a
stack wood.I heard him speak, "Brendan, you've been awfully quite. Tell me about
you."So I began to tell my story. I was very drunk but had enough sense to
leave out that I was gay. Occasionally, Beck would add some funny
anecdote. Each time she did I thought now would be a good time for her to
die. She knew how to embarrass me."...Mom and nymphets russiam dad were killed in a car accident. A dump truck rolled over on
top of them. There's no family. Just me. They left me the farm and
enough money to pay the taxes each year for a while. Everything paid for.
I'm letting the land turn back to its natural state."So, I work at the cafe earning enough to eat and put cloths on my back.
Guess I pretty much run the place. Do most of the cooking. The books. The
cleaning which I'm fanatic at." I grew silent and began to sob. Becky came
over rapping her arms around my waist. I could feel Jim's arm on my
shoulders pulling me over to him and letting my head lay on his chest.After gaining control, I lean up and told Beck that I needed to sleep."Sounds like a good underage teenie nymph
idea. It's getting close to four in the nymphetts pics morning. free movies nymphet
Becky what should we do about it?" Jim stated."Back in the office there's a double bed. Mick uses it when his wife throws
him out of the house. We'll use it `til we can get out of this place. And
before you ask we have a small kitchen so we can cook. That's the only
smart thing Mick has done."Once in the office Beck sat on the edge of the bed. Jim took the chair at
the desk leaving me standing between them. videonymphets Beck sat there giving me little nymphet bbs pic am
evil look. Even drunk I could read her thoughts. That look, telling me that
I'd be better off outside in the snow."Guy's, I usually sleep naked. Since Brendan is here I'll sleep in my braw
and panties.""Thank God. I would hate to see those sagging tits," I replied.Jim sat there watching us while we continued slinging bards at little nymphet gallery
each other
with an amused look on his face. Eventually he excused himself and headed
for the restroom. I followed, as did Becky. When I returned Becky was in
bed facing sweet nymphet photos Jim. He was pretten nymphetes
on his stomach 10 yo nude nymphets and was already nymphet non nude underage asleep. She watched
me strip to my briefs and as I slipped into bed I saw that Jim was clad
only in a pair of CK briefs defining his muscular backside.I looked at Becky saying, "Don't even think about raping him.""You either, pervert.""Unlike you, I would never do that the first time I slept with a man."
After hitting the light switch on the lamp next to the bed I turned away
from them and fell to sleep.
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