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Subject: True lesbian stories Part 3 [ Encounters incest Adult Youth ] True lesbian stories
By pamPart 3
Hi' My name is jenny' And I have a true lesbian stories. This is the first
time I ever walked in to a lesbian bar'I was twenty three years old when I went to my first lesbian bar' I only had
one lesbian experiences before that' And I was only fifteen when that
happen, And the only thing we did was finger each other. It was my younger
sister friend. And she was spending the night along with one other girl. And
we where out in the back yard at night videos pedo nymphets bbs
and playing some hide and seek game
with flashlights. And I ending up with her in the woods in the back yard,
And I really don't know how, are why it happen. But we where both down on
our knees hiding together and giggling, and then we both started rolling
around with each another saying' I think there coming! And she ending up
with her hand between my legs. And I did not till her to move her hand are
nothing, I just lay there with out saying a word. At first she just held her
hand in between my legs without saying a word. And pretty soon she started
rubbing me up and down my jeans. I nymphets beauty really did not know what to think' But I
did not stop her. And it felt good. But you know what' That is a another
story' Maybe I will tell pam about that one. But here is my story about the
first time I went in to a lesbian bar.First' I will tell you a little about me' I am 5'6' And you can say I am not
real pretty' But I do consider myself cute. I have some what of a nice body
to make up for it' I have sandy blonde hair' I keep it shoulder lest' And I
have green eyes. I work out a lot' I eat good' And I do run a lot. I really
don't want to say where I beastiality nymphets live or work. And you can say' I am little shy' I
have only been with one man in my life' And we where together for awhile.
And that ended when I was twenty. I am now twenty seven.But I really don't know if I call myself a lesbian are not' You can say I am
closet lesbian. But I really do get turn on my women' I mean' to have my
finger in a girl pussy hole' And to feel that wettest on my fingers' It is
just to much for me to stand! And I find myself masturbating all the time
thinking about that' And to have a girl lick me down there' And me lick a
girl down there! Oh the smell and the taste! Oh! It is to much' I mean' The
thought of somebody the same sex as I am getting me off! I just don't know
why it turn me on so much' But it does' I mean' I do want to nymphets top site get marred and
have kids' But then again' I think more about woman more then man' Does that
make me a lesbian' Please! Somebody tell me! Ok' I will tell my story.I never figure I would get the courage to go to a lesbian bar' I guess' I
figure none of my friends would found out. And so far' No one has found out.Ok' Where do I start' It was a wednesday night and I was feeling little
lonely' Will' Not a little lonely' But really lonely and horny! my pussy was
getting wet and tinkling all day long.I am going to get right to the point. I got on the internet and started
looking for lesbian nightclubs in my city. I notices that there where only
about four of them I could find. So I picked out the one across town. I
figure if I am going to do it' I want it to be across town.I wore a nice lose fitting thin black sacks that had two button across the
top and a zipper' And then I put on a nice white nice top, my boobs are not
very big' So I did not put on a bra, besides' I am proud of my nipples. They
pock out pretty good, especially when I get turn on.When I drove to the nightclub' There where not a whole lot of cars there, I
did not think it was going to be busy on a wednesday night. And the place
did look nice from the outside. I mean it did not look like some old place
that's was getting ready to fall apart.Will I sit in the car a few minute to get the nerve to go in. I mean I was a
little nerves about all of this. I said to myself' Now are never. So I got
out and headed in. When I walked in' I was a little surprise. enernal nymphet
It was a
little different then I thought it would be.Will it was the first lesbian bar I have every been in too. And I thought it
might be all pics nymphets posted by run down inside, But I was really surprise' It was pretty nice
inside' And I russian nymphet portals could smell perfume as soon as I open the door.It seem like it was pretty dark in most of the bar, especially in ls e nymphets the corner
and most of the sides close to the walls. I mean you could not hardly see in
the back unless you walked over nymphets toples there a teeny angels nymphets little. And I notices that some of
the tables that where close to the wall where really tall' Almost made for
standing. I mean they had tall stools to sit on. But as I notices a lot of
the women where just standing real close to each other with out sitting
down. I thought to myself' Why are most russian nymphet sluts of them want to stand up. But they
did have regular tables in the middle close to the dance floor.And as I walked around more' I notices that cute nymphets alt
most of the women had short
dresses on and short skits. I only seen a few with jean and pants. The only
place that was lit up was around the bar area and the dance floor and the
dance floor was not that lit up.I continue walking around a little not really knowing where to go sit. I
really did not want to sit at the bar area' There where only a few women
sitting down there. And I really did not like the way they looked, And then
this cute bartender ask nymphet lovers
me what do I want to have for a drink. I told her a
white wine' I prefer chardonnay if you have it' She said' Sure sweeties,
where are you going to be at. I look around real fast and pick a table
between the dance floor and where it was really dark and said' I guess right
here.As I went and sit down' I started looking around more. And I notices that a
few girls where really making out where it was really dark' They where
holding each other and kissing pretty good. I could not till where there
hands where. And then there where girls just standing by each other really
close and I could not till where there hands where ether. And then it
started to come to me' That's why the tables where so tall and they where
standing. And that's why a lot of girls wear short dresses and skirts. They
where playing with each other. I could not believe I did not catch that
sooner. I guess you can say sometimes I am a little slow with things. And
then I thought' Is all lesbian bars like this, Where you can finger each
other in a dark conner around a table.After the bartender gave me my drink, I notices there where a few girls
sitting at tables by them self's. And then I looked around at this one girl
and she kind of gave me a smile' I thought' All I have to do now is get up
the nerve to go over to her. I sit there free child nymphet pic
a few more minute' Will nymphet art bbs I think it
was longer then that' I guess I am a chicken to go over to her. And then
pretty soon this one girl with dark hair came in wearing sweats and got her
a drink and headed off to the one of those tall table in the back where it
was dark and just stood there without sitting down. And then in a few
minutes this one girl that was with a few other girls got up and walked over
to the table that was next to her and she just stood there without sitting
down.I would look over at them ones in a while, And then pretty soon when I was
not looking' She was over there talking to her. And then orbita nymphets as I looked around
again. They where really close to each other. I thought to myself' So that
is how it is done.I sit there a few more minute and the bartender ask me if I want a another
drink. I said yes please.
I thought to myself' When I get me my drink' I am going over to one of those
tall table in the dark and see if a girl comes over to me. I guess I am shy.
But I did notices that there was this one girl over by this tall table in
the back sitting down on the tall stool. But Some of women that was in the
back that was make in out where gone already. But I don't think she was one
of them. I don't really remember, Because there where women coming and
going. And there where still a few tall table empty.I bbs tgp nymphets soon as I got my drink' I got up and looked at that one girl that smile at
me early and give her a smile and headed over to one of those tall table' I
thought' Maybe she will get the hint that I want her to come over to me.I went to one that had no one beside me. The girl that was sitting by
herself was at the tall table on the stool a few ones down. I did look over
at her. And she did look back at me, maybe just because I was was going over
there.I could till she was not bad looking. She was not a skinny girl, But she was
not fat ether. She had short curly hair, And I can tell she had a short
dress on. I could see her legs little nymphets erotic porn
hike up from her dress. And then I notice
that she kept looking my way a lot. But I really did not look at her to
much. Because I really wanted the girl that smile at me to come over to me.
I don't know, But she really was turning me on. She was pretty. And she had
a black skirt on with a white top. She look like she was in her late thirty
are so. I kept looking her way and I notice she did not turn around a lot
and look my way.I stood there and all of a sudden the girl that was sitting on the big stool
was walking my way. My heart stated pounding. I pretended I did not know she
was walking toward me. And then all of a sudden she was at my table right
beside me and I heard her say hi! I turn to her and said hi xxx stories about nymphets back. And then
she said out loud because the music was playing nymphets nude link
a little loud' My name is
ann! I said' My name is.....And then I had to clear my throat and I continue
to say' Jenny. I really did not look her way, but I could till at the conner
of my eye that she was checking me out. And when she looked forwards' I was
checking her out. But as soon as her eyes went back my way' I moved them
forward real fast. I notice how low cut her dress was. I could almost look
down and see her nipples if I tried hard enough, She was not wearing a bra.
She had one of those dresses that tie around the top. And her tits where
pretty nice sizes. She did not have a bad body at all. You can say she was
big bone. And I thought her hair was pretty nice the way she had it. It was
short and curly blonde. And she looked like she was in her early twenties.Like I said' The music was playing a little loud when it was playing, And it
was playing at the time, So she lean in to me and said, Can I buy your next
drink when she comes around! I lean a little to her and said' Sure' that
would be nice of you, but you don't have too. She said out loud, That ok!I was not really talking real loud. Because I know she could hear me. I
think she was just a loud talker. I still kept looking over at the girl that
I wanted ones in a while. But she was paying no attention to me, Besides
this girl was starting to turn me on, I could feel myself down below
starting to tinkle every time I look down at her big tits.And then all of a sudden she lean in to my nick and said as she was smelling
around my nick, You really smell good. She did not talk out load that time.
I said' You really smell good too. But I really could not smell her. The
whole bar smelled of perfume, But I just said it.And then she said' I will be right back. I am going to get us some drinks.
Then she said' What are you drinking' I said' nymphets xx
A white wine' And then I yell
out' Chardonnay! I Thought' I hope she heard me.I just stood there and looked around a lot. I also notice one of the magic nymphets top sites
girls at the table down from us was on her knee under her dress. I thought
to myself' What kind of nightclub is this! Is this a swinger club! I thought
to myself. But I know I was really getting turn on by watching them. That
one girl was really enjoying it. She had her hands on the girls head over
her dress really moving around a lot. I kept noticing that she was looking
around a lot in case the bartender came back around. I think she was getting
ready to get off, of what I could till.And then when the girl that I just meet started to walk back my way with our
drinks' The girl on her knees started to get up a little, But after she
figure it was not the bartender' she got right back down there and started
eating her out some more' But I guess the women told her it was not the
bartender.After she got back with our drinks, She said' Here you go' I said' think
you. And then my llittle nymphets
eyes went back to watching the two girls. And when I turn
and looked at the girl beside me' I notices she was watching too. And then
All of a sudden' I felt her fingers barely running up and down my out side
leg. I just stood there not knowing what to do. Her fingers where just
slightly running up and down. I could really feel myself getting turn on. I
was really starting to feel my juices flowing. Her fingers where getting
closer to my back legs' Up to my ass. And then she got in real close with
her face to the side of my face, I know she could till I was breathing hard.
She did not try and kiss me' Oh! But I wanted her too. I think she was
probable thinking that she not sure with me. I thought to myself' I need to
response back to her. But I was nerves and scared' I don't know why I was.
But I was, but I was more turn on then anything. I mean this is what I came
here for. But I figure I would go home with some body. Not have sex in the
night club.So after a little bit anal ls nymphets
more of her going up my back teenage nymphet pics
thigh' I drop my hand
down to the side and real slow I started to feel the back of her leg. She
did not have pantyhose on.Her leg felt so nice and soft. I run my fingers up and down' She still had
her face real close to mine. And then I felt her hand on my ass' She was
rubbing real slow up and down my ass. I took a deep breath and slide my hand
up her dress to her panties. And started to feel around her ass through her
panties. Her ass was nice and wiggly. And then just like that! She started
to kiss me on the side of my face while she run her fingers in my ass crack
through my thin sacks, it felt like she went right in to my ass crack
through those thin sacks' Oh! Did it feel good. My pussy was on fire now!And then I started to run my hand inside her thigh up to her pussy and it
felt hot and ukrainian nymphet mafia
moist, And then she said to me as she continue to kiss the side
of my face' Yes' yes, touch my pussy' And then I turn to her and she kiss me
on the mouth while I run my fingers up and down her moist pussy through her
panties. And while I was doing that she was putting her hand down the back
of my sacks, She went right to my ass hole and started probing her fingers
all around. I was breathing hard in her mouth while we where kissing.She was able to get in there pretty easy with her hand because of how lose
my sacks where. I was still rubbing her up and down her moist panties while
we still continue to kiss. Her panties where getting wetter and wetter as I
rub her pussy through her panties. And then her fingers found my pussy hole
and then she gasp and said in a mumble' Your so hot and wet.As soon as her fingers went in to my pussy' I gasp out load and thought I
could free non nude nymphets cum any minute! It felt that good! And then I slip my fingers in the
side of her panties and started playing all around with her pussy.I was
rubbing back and forth to her clit to her love hole. And she was wet! And
she did not have much pubic hair there ether. I could till she just shave
there too. It was so nice and smooth.I was ready to cum' She was now rubbing teens nymphet nude my pussy all around in with her
fingers' And going in and out! And it was getting to much' I started to cum!
And when I did! I tried to push my fingers up her pussy as far As I could
get them' And I think she knew I was cumming' She started fingering faster
and faster! And I could feel her cumming! She stop kissing me and tilt her
head down and started breathing really hard as her body started quivering'
And I felt her thighs tighten up on my free nymphet samples hand and she just held herself like
that until it was over with while she held her fingers in me as nymphets underage bbs
I was
cumming.I just stood tinkling all up and down my body until we both where done. And
then she held her head back up and withdrew her hand out of the back of my
sacks while I with drew my hand from her dress and we both just stood there
side my side without saying a word.And then in a few minutes she put her arm around my waist and whisper in my
ear and said' I would love to put my head in between your legs. I just said'
really' and she said' yes' I would love to lick you all over down there. And
I said' Do you have any place we can go. And she said' Not really' I don't
have my own place yet. I thought' dark nymphets portals She probable still lives home with mom and
dad.And then I said' My place is all the way across town. And she said' I don't
want to go that far. And then she said' Why don't we go out to my car. I
thought' No way' I am not going to lay in a car while she eats me out' But
then again' I did want her to go down on me' And I do want to tastes my
first pussy. Because like I said' I only been with one girl in my life and
we where both really young' And all we did nymphet 002
was finger each other a lot.I turn to her and said' I don"t know if I want to do that. And she said'
Come on' it will be ok, No body will see us. And then I said' I will think
about it. And then I said right after that' I need to sit down. And she said
me too!I crawled on the tall stool and she scooted her stool right next to me and
climb on it. I notices her nudists nymphets pics
dress really hike up when she sit down. And then
she put her hand on my thigh and started rubbing up and down on nymphet bbs galleries it. I place
my hand on her thigh and started rubbing it. We just sit there and played
with each other legs for awhile. We really did not talk to much. But I
started playing with her pussy's again. I started rubbing her pussy through
her panties again. And she was rubbing my crotch again. My sacks are so thin
that it felt like she was rubbing my pussy through my panties. I was really
feeling myself getting wet. And I could really feel her panties getting wet.And then I thought to myself' I need her to lick me down there and I need to
lick her down there. So I just looked at her and said' You want to go some
where. And she said' yess! Let get out of here!We that we both got up real fast and walked to the door. My head was
spinning' I could feel the alcohol' And I could till she was too' Just the
way I watched her walk. She was naked nymphets toplist putting the beer down pretty good. She went
out the door first. And I was right behind her.I followed her to her car and she nymphets land toplist unlocked the door and she had me side in.
I was so turn on that I did not care if we where going to make out in her
car.And as soon as we where both in the car, We where kissing like crazy. But I
was still nervous about making out in the car. The parking lot was not real
light up, But if somebody was really looking at us they could see us.In between kisses, young naked nubile nymphets
I nude nymphet tgp said' Is there can....go. She said'
I...don't have....any place. young elite nymphets bbs And then her hand was all over my breast and
then her hands where between my nymphets dark toplist legs unbutton my sacks' And before I knew
it, she was pulling my sacks down to my nymphet met art thighs while we still continue to
kiss. And then I said in between kissing' How....about if....we....crawl
in...the And she said' ok. And then I broke away from her and
I started to nymphets modells try and crawl over to the back seat with my sacks down to my
thighs. And when I get half way over the seat. I felt my panties siding down
real fast and her hands holding me from going any father. And then I felt
her hands side down to both of my ass cheeks. And then she was spreading my
ass cheeks apart. And then her mouth went right to my ass hole. I took a
deep breath and looked around to see if any body was around and thought' Oh
God this feels good! She had her tongue in my ass crack licking up and down.
I nymphete models could not believe how good it felt! This was the first time a girl was
licking my ass! I only had my ass hole licked a few times by my X Boyfriend.
And he did not do it that long.She was licking up and down like crazy' I could hear her slopping sound' And
my ass hole getting wet. I thought to myself' I wonder if she did not have
so much to drink that she would be licking my ass hole like that.She kept licking all around my ass. And then all of a sudden' I seen car
lights pulling in. Real fast like I crawl over to the back sit and And she
was right behind me, This was happen so fast. She was right on top of me
grinding her knee in my pussy while we where kissing like crazy. And then
she lifted her self up and started pulling off my sacks and panties. I was
so turn on that I did not care. And nonnude nymphet art
then just like that she was turning
around on top of me and we where in a sixty nine' It happen so fast.Her face was in between my legs eating me out. And it felt good! real fast
like I pulled her panties to amsterdam nymphet pussy the side and started eating my first pussy. And
I love it! I was little nymphets pictures licking up and down. And the more I did' The wetter she was
getting. I forgot all about worrying if somebody might see us. I guess it
was the alcohol.We where licking and sucking each other pussy like crazy. We both started
humping on each other faces. It was like we knew when each other was getting
ready to cum. And then it stated happening. I could feel her pussy juices
coming out all over my face as I continue to lick her pussy up and down' And
she had her face buried in sweet hentai nymphet
to my pussy. I could feel her tongue in me deep
as I was cumming. I put my mouth on her clit and felt her cumming. It seem
like we did this so fast. As soon as she was nymphet model pics done' And she knew that she got
me off, She started to sit up and then I started to sit up, And I started
to put on my panties and sacks.We both just laid back in the seat and caught our breath. She looked at me
and I looked at her and she said' That was unbelievable. And she lean in for
a kiss and said' Can I see you again sometimes.I said' naked underage nymphets Yes! You can. We sit there in the back seat for awhile and talk and
kissed and free nymphet kids got to know each other. I continue to see her for awhile. And
each time with her was like the first time with a girl. I even licked her
ass hole a few times. Now I go to lesbian nightclubs all the time.End of part 3 of true lesbian stories.If you have a true lesbian stories and you want to share it. Email me at
All name will be change. And comment are welcome too.

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