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From: T Storm
Subject: True Love Will Survive, Chapter 1Author's Note: This is a slow love story and not a fast fuck one. If this
isn't to your liking, please don't bother reading. This story contains
sexual acts between two males. If it offends you, then X out. Any comments
or questions, email me and I'll try to respond promptly.
Chapter 1
"You fucking asshole! Learn how to fucking drive!" Frank Mercer shouted
angrily."Me!" I snarled inspecting the damages to our cars. "You're the one that
fucking hit me!""You know it was your fault! You can't fucking drive!" Frank yelled."I drive fucking better than you!" I snapped back. "You're the one that
kept barreling toward me even when I had managed to pull over.""It was your fault. You should get your eyes checked, you stupid chink!""Excuse me!" my best friend shouted shrilly, glaring daggers at Frank."Oh that's a new one; resorting to stereotypes. Listen you dumb blond, you
can't drive within your lane because your head was probably beaten one too
many times on the football field," I sneered. "Or did you have a little bit
too much to drink? It's illegal, you know. We're only 18. I wonder what the
cops will think when I call them to file a report," I said arching my
eyebrows at him challengingly. "And," I added. "Who do you think they will
believe? Me, with the smashed side, or you, with just a dent or two.""A dent or two?" Frank hissed in a rage. "It's more than that!" he pointed
to his piece of shit. Well, a Benz wasn't a piece of shit, but wasn't as
pretty as my baby."You rammed right into me!" I shot back. "You're going to pay for this!" I
demanded. "Do you know what kind of parts I'm going to have to order? A new
side skirt for the kit. And they have to be specially painted," I listed,
looking at my souped up car.I know, I fixed my car up. I was Asian, it was definitely an Asian
quality. In fact, a lot of my friends, male ones that is, had added
modifications. It was fun; forgive us, we little nymphet kds were in high school. We liked
going out as a group, driving on the streets together, even parking
together at the school lots.And now my gorgeous creation, the car I slaved over, was ruined, being in
the shop for weeks. I would have to bum rides off my friends, and I really
needed my car.I glared at Frank Mercer, and his stupid pale complexion was red and ruddy
with anger, his dirty blond hair spiked up to the point where it looked
ridiculous. He was stocky and beefy, almost fat, and he was disgusting,
especially when he was yelling. Looked like some pig that I wanted to
stab. Why didn't I keep a pitch fork in my trunk or something. I would eat
that fat ass for dinner. Then again, he was ugly, so maybe not.In the middle of nymphsex the road, there was a silent standoff between me and Bill,
my best friend, and Frank Mercer and his best friend, his right hand man,
and super popular jock, Gray O'Neal.While Bill and I looked really pissed off, standing tall and tense; Frank
looked like a sweating, hulking figure, Gray looked kind of uncomfortable,
as if he felt out of place. Or didn't know what pussy nymphettes to say or do.I knew Gray, well, knew of him. Although for some odd reason, we
practically had matching schedules, but we never talked or anything. Since
we were in different groups, and the rules of high school was that most
people didn't mix groups. Only a few people could manage to do that, but I,
wasn't one of them. He was academically smart, if he was in all my AP
courses. He was also nymphets porno movies in my study hall, gym period, homeroom, home-ec, and
computer science. If I didn't know better, he had copied my schedule.He was also very athletic, and did a sport every season, and was attractive
in his body structure. He was quite a few inches taller than my own
5'9. I'd estimate at over six feet, maybe 6'1 or 6'2. He was tan all over,
like a golden shade, had ashy brown curls, and dark blue eyes. He had very
nice features and I was a bit envious. A full pink pout that looked very
kissable, a structured jaw, wide, prominent features, perfect dark brows,
thick eyelashes, and an upturned nose. He kind of reminded me of a cocker
spaniel.I noticed his good looks, even though, I didn't care for him or his
type. You know, the jock, the straight jerk. Besides being gay, it didn't
seem like we would be the type to go out together. I hung with my nymphets sweet free
friends, he hung with his athletic whit friends. However, I did admire him
for keeping his cool during this little car accident shenanigans.Gray met my eyes, studying me. Then he whispered something into Frank's ear
and Frank calmed down a bit."Look," he said in a controlled tone. "I'd appreciate it if we could settle
this without the police. My Dad would kill me if my insurance went up even
further. I already got a speeding ticket."Bill nymphet cams and I shared a look, then grinned. I knew what my best friend was
thinking. I could already feel him itching to whip out his cell phone and
dial our town's finest."Please," Gray said. His voice was deep, but laced with shyness. "His Dad
would kill him and take away his car. And I'd have to hear about it every
day, as well as chauffer him around. Please."I stared at Gray and his dark blue eyes bore into mine. I heaved a sigh and
glanced at Bill."Kevin?" Bill asked with disbelief. "You're gonna call them, right?" he
murmured.I hated this- the decision resting on me.I looked at Gray and his eyes were begging with mine. Even Frank looked
desperate."You know it's gonna cost a shit load to fix this?" I indicated my car.Frank looked angry again, but Gray nudged him. "Yeah.""Like definitely over a grand. There are body parts and paint involved," I
continued.Gray nodded."And preeteen nymphet porno photos
by not filing a report, I assume, I'm doing you a favor?" I went on."Yeah," Frank said in a suspicious tone."Then we demand a service charge," Bill announced. He grinned at me."Huh?" Frank asked."A service charge?" Gray inquired."Think about it. Kevin will be out of a car for weeks. I'll have to take
him around everywhere. I think you should pay us a little extra, in
addition to the damages, you know for suffering," Bill said.I fought back a chuckle. My best friend, man, what a good extortionist."How much?" Gray asked with shock."Extra three hundred.""Three hundred!" Frank shouted."You can handle it," I snapped. "I think that will cover the gas it will
take to drive me places?" I asked Bill. Bill shrugged and nodded."Shit," bbs nude nymphet
Gray cursed."Think about it," Bill said calmly. "If we filed a report, your Dad would
be pissed, you'll take a breathalyzer, get slapped with a DUI, possibly
jail time, a revoked license, oh pre nymphet photos and get this, lots of insurance points and
money until you're 25.""That's six years," I mocked, holding up six fingers."Six," Bill reiterated shaking his head.I grimaced. "That's a long time," I sighed, rubbing it in."So in order to avoid all nymphets baby porn that crap," Bill said emphatically. "we're doing
you a service, hence the service charge. Get it? Service? Service charge,"
he finished.I wanted to crack up at the expression on Frank and Gray's faces. It's like
they couldn't believe what they were hearing from us.Sure, we looked like quiet kids, the typical Asian who doesn't cause
problems, but hell, Bill and I were anything but."What's it gonna be?" Bill mocked, taking out his cell. I took mine out as
well, and flipped it open, taking pictures of the damages on both our cars,
as well as Frank's license plate, and even a picture of Frank himself."Fine," Frank said through gritted teeth. "Give me the estimate for your
car," he huffed, "and I'll pay you in cash."I grinned. "Pleasure doing business with you boys," I said.Frank whipped around and stalked over to his car, while Gray shot me one
last look before following.When they left, I turned to Bill. "Damn, too bad the body shop isn't open."Bill smiled and clapped my shoulder. "I'll go with you tomorrow morning,
promise. Come on, let's get out nymphets danish
of here."I parked in my driveway and we both got out. Bill lived three houses down
from me, so he could easily walk back to his house."Wanna come in for a drink or non nude nymphettes snack?" I asked."Sure," Bill said.I walked through the front door and immediately my Mom was in my face."Kevin, thank God you're home.""Why?" I asked with alarm.My mother didn't get a chance to answer as my little two year-old brother
came barreling past her and straight towards me."That's why," she announced as Teddy jumped and I lifted him into my
arms. "He won't sleep unless you say goodnight to him.""That's right," I said smacking my forehead and Bill chuckled."Bill, want something to eat?" my mother asked.Bill and I had been best friends since birth, so we were all comfortable
with one another. I knew him completely and he knew me completely, even the
fact that I was gay. But none of my other friends knew, only Bill. I wasn't
ashamed, but nor was I ready to tell everyone and get those judging looks
from classmates, who pretended it was no big deal. And I knew my alfa nymphet secret
would be safe with Bill. My mother also young nymphette pics knew I was gay. Told her right
before my Dad, or my step-dad, who had raised me since I was eight, died
and she said she loved me regardless. I was her son, and a mother didn't
throw away her son; her own blood; her family.I watched as Bill followed my mom into the kitchen and I instantly heard
the clanging of dished. But my attention was focused elsewhere.Poke.I looked down into my brother's small face and he beamed at me, his little
finger aimed at my chest."Yes?" I asked and he giggled, snuggling in my arms."Were you giving Mommy trouble?" I asked, kissing the top of his head."No," Teddy sang out, clutching my neck.I studied his cute face and marveled at my half-brother's features. He was
the most beautiful thing I had laid eyes on, ever since he was born. He was
so small and tiny. He was pale, as pale as I was, but had a lot of white
features, since my step-father was an Irish dude. His hair was a sandy
blond, he definitely had Asian eyes, not ridiculously small, but not as
round as white people's. It was his eyes that gave him away as being part
Asian. He had a small button nose, a small round mouth, round chubby
cheeks, and light hazel eyes. He was simply, adorable."I'm tired," Teddy yawned. "But I had to wait for you," he murmured against
my chest. I kissed his cheek."I know. Let's get you to bed," I said, noticing his eyes droop a bit. He
nodded and laid his head against me.Walking to his room, I laid him gently into his bed, tucking him in,
wrapping the covers over his small body. I smiled at his pajamas, they were
a one piece, and his feet were all covered up. I rubbed his forehead and
kissed his nose."Sleep tight, my little teddy bear," I said.Teddy gave me an air kiss before yawning widely and turning over. I shut
off his light and closed his door, before joining Bill and my bbs pthc nymphets mother."You got into an accident?" my mother asked."It wasn't my fault," I said at the same moment Bill said, "It wasn't his
fault.""Oh yeah, nothing is your fault," she said. "What happened?"Together Bill and I related our tale, but minus the extortion part. My
mother would not be proud."Does that mean I have to drive you everywhere?" my mother asked.I smiled. Bill would never allow that. He knew how hard my mother worked in
order to support me and Teddy. It wasn't easy being a single mother in this
day and age."No, it means I have to drive banned model nymphets him everywhere," Bill chimed in.My mother broke into a large grin. "Bill, honey, take some leftovers home."Bill and I cracked up.**********"How long do you think this will take?" I asked Gianni, the guy who always
worked on my car.He whistled and stared at my Acura RSX. "I'll try to make it as fast as
possible, Kevin. It all depends on how fast the parts get here and if there
is enough man power to work on your stuff."I gave him a pleading look and he laughed, ruffling his dark black curls."Kiddo, I'm gonna try my best, ok? You and your friends have all given this
place such good business, that I'll do my sex with nymphets
best," Gianni promised. Then he
printed out a receipt and handed it to me.I winced, but handed him my mother's credit card. I told her I would pay
her back with Frank's money as soon as possible."Hey, can I get another copy of his?" I asked Gianni, pointing at the
receipt."To give to the guy that hit him," Bill explained.Gianni grinned and nodded. "I still can't believe you kids are trying to
wrangle more money out of that guy.""The opportunity presented itself," Bill said nonchalantly."You kids, jeez, menace to society.""Thanks," we said in unison.Gianni handed me the receipt and after talking for a few more minutes, he
had to go out back and do something. As I got into Bill's neon orange Acura
RSX, I sighed. Yeah, Bill and I had the same car. Our birthdays were close
together and when it was time to shop for a car, we looked for the same
make and model. It was always our goal to fix up our cars and have matching
styles when we went out together. Like I said, we were in high school, our
definition of cool was, well, stupid and youthful."It's littel nymphets photos free
going to be ok, Kevin," Bill reassured."I know, but it's my first accident," I said, "And I love my car.""We all do," Bill sympathized.I studied my neon green Acura. It had the same additions to it as Bill
did. The black carbon fiber hood, exhaust system with a silencer, fog
lamps, grills, body kit, wing, and of course, paint job. The colors of our
cars were different, as well as our wings and body kits. The nasty angels nymphets cars couldn't
be completely identical. That'd be really, really dumb.I sighed. "Yeah, let's go before I start to cry," I said.Bill smiled and started the car. "Let's hit the gym and then get some
lunch.""Cool," I agreed. "Let's bounce."Two hours later, after running and lifting, doing the occasional chin-up,
Bill and I were sitting in my living room, eating chicken teriyaki rolls
and spring rolls, and home made rice. We hungrily stuffed our faces, with a
side of tea, while Teddy sat in my lap, chewing on a spring roll and
getting crumbs all over me.Despite my lack of car, it was a good Saturday. I loved nothing more than
spending time with my family and friends. I was just that kind of person.***********Senior year was supposed to be exciting and fun, carefree, full of
adventure, but it wasn't so for me, or my friends. Well, we still had
fun. We were Asians, we could do academically well without trying. Ok,
enough of that Asian pride crap. For real, though, my friends and I went to
dinner all the time, saw movies, played pool, had parties, and during the
summer hit up amusement parks.But AP courses didn't help. There was a lot of work involved and it had to
be done in order to get the highest score by the end of the year. The goal
was to get that college credit, and not waste an entire year being tortured
without getting anything out of it.So I had my work cut out for me, as did a majority of my friends. Well, the
seniors that is. Luckily, we were halfway done.I walked into my first period AP English course and sat at my usual
seat. Right before the bell rang, I saw Gray walk and sit across the
room. He scanned around until his eyes met mine. He nodded at me and I
nodded back. I had to remember to give him the receipt for my car, since I
didn't see Frank throughout the day."Here," I said handing the slip of paper to Gray. "The receipt for my car,"
I explained when he furrowed his brow.Gray nodded then paused as students rushed out the door around us. "Are you
serious abut the extra three hundred?"I smirked. "Hell yeah.""Why would you do that?""Cause it's fun and Frank can afford it and he hit my car. You know that he
did and he insinuated I was a bad driver because I'm Asian, when in
reality, I'm one hell of an awesome street racer. So yeah, that's why I'm
doing this. Tell him I need that money right away. My mother isn't swimming
in funds. Plus, I have photos of everything. Thanks man," I said patting
his back and leaving.I glanced back and saw Gray staring after me, with an odd expression on his
face.I grinned cheekily and not nymphets studio knowing what had come over me, I waved to
him. "Come on. We have the next six periods together. Wanna walk with me?"Gray smiled shyly and nymphets real young we walked side by side."So don't lose that," I advised as he stuck the receipt in his jean pocket.He chuckled. "I won't. I play sports, but I'm not dumb.""I know that. You're in all my classes. How can you be dumb?" I asked. "I'd
never be in dumb classes. Look at me. Brilliant." I pointed at myself.Gray laughed loudly and it was a deep, rich laugh and his whole face
transformed. He looked like a little kid. "I have never heard that from
anyone. You're ridiculously self-assured."I shrugged. "When I'm this good, how can I not be?" I asked."That's actually good. If only little fucking nymphets everyone could be that nymphet nonude way.""Cocky?" I grinned."Confident," he corrected smiling. "Being young, we're all fumbling and
finding our way. It's annoying as hell.""That's awfully insightful for someone who gets knocked around on the
football field," I teased."Yeah, yeah, dumb jock, I get it," Gray rolled his eyes. "But keep in mind,
sports make you smarter, because it forces you to focus.""I think that's karate," I said."No, it's sports. I also play basketball and lacrosse," Gray said. "By the
way, do you know karate or judo or tae kwon do or all of the above?"I stuck my tongue out at him. "Because I'm Asian, I get it. Har, har," I
mocked. "You better watch your ass. I'll whip out ten forms of kung-fu
before you can even say `Ouchie'!"Gray laughed. "Hey don't dish it out if you can't handle the heat.""That's my line!" I exclaimed as we took our seats in our AP Bio class."Oh yeah, well now it's my line," he said. I shook my head at him as we
took seats a few chairs from each other.The smile was still on my lips even as the lecture started. Bantering with
Gray was fun. I didn't know he had so much personality. Normally he was so
quiet, or maybe I never let myself see his personality, because we weren't
in the same clique. High lovely nymphets board school was so lame, so full of cliques. I could
not wait for graduation and then college. I couldn't wait for my life to
start, as in meeting other gay guys and finally having a relationship.I didn't go out to gay clubs now and felt weird since only Bill knew I was
gay. I couldn't drag my entire crew with me to a gay club. It would be so
awkward. And I didn't want everyone in the entire high school talking about
me or whispering behind my back, while being fake nice to my face. Our
school was liberal and everyone got along, not like in the deep south or
anything, but that didn't mean people didn't talk or judge. I just didn't
feel like dealing with that right now, at this point in my life. I noticed
how students acted towards the other flaming gay guys at school. While not
outright mean to them, they weren't exactly respected, so that was
motivation enough for me to stay in the closet.I glanced at Gray. Plus, if people knew I was gay, I bet guys like Gray
would treat me differently. As in not talk to me or avoid me like the
plague. Or worse; beat the shit out of me in an empty locker room or
parking lot. You know, those typical gay bashing horror stories. The world
was very unfair. I sighed.As if feeling my stare, Gray turned and smiled slightly. I looked towards
the front. Why did I suddenly care if guys like Gray would talk tiny nymphet photos to me?Shake that shit off, Kevin. No one's opinion should matter, except my
own. Only I can judge me, no one else. Yeah, good pep talk. It really
wouldn't matter whether guys like Gray liked me or not. I had my
friends. And I'm sure I would find a nice, gay Asian boy to be with in the
future. Hopefully.Until then, I could enjoy eye candy like Gray O'Neal.And he kept his promise of talking to Frank and making him pay me sooner
than later. By the end of the week, I had all of the money for my car in
addition to three hundred, in cold, hard cash. I liked a man that kept his
word. A man underground nymphet nudes of action. That's where true character came from- sticking to
your words through action.*************I groaned loudly as Bill dragged me to his car."Why are we going to this party?" I demanded, digging my heels into the
ground stubbornly."Because we always go to her parties and she's the sister of our friends,"
Bill said again, impatience evident in his voice."Exactly, we always go to her parties, so shouldn't we take a break from
them? She has one, like practically every week!" I exclaimed."Get in," Bill ordered and I sighed, sinking into the racing seat."You know Cara always hits on me, right?" I asked referring to the Korean
girl I used to go to high school with, as he started the car.My best friend grinned. "Yeah.""Well, why are you making me go?" I practically whined."Because you and I," he pointed at us, "And our group always go to all the
parties thrown by our people. It's just how it is. And it's a Saturday
night, what else would you be doing? I nymphet lesbian stories know you don't have a boyfriend and
can't go looking for one at some gay club, but you can at least spend time
with your friends and make memories with them before we all graduate. And
we have our share of hilarious stories, so let's keep making them, yeah?"I looked at him before folding my arms. "That's true," I said
grudgingly. "It still sucks. I don't like girls, that way, and Cara is
like, obsessed with me. It's kinda pathetic. She's in college, shouldn't
she be going after college guys instead of me? It's like she's always
trying to get into my pants whenever I'm around," I shuddered."Chill out. At least Cara is hot," Bill said with a hint of envy in his
voice. "Go figure, she goes after the gay dude."I eyed my best friend as he drove out of our development. I considered both
Bill and I to be good looking Asian guys. Sure, we weren't the buffest, or
the tallest, but with our brains, personality, hella nice cars, and elegant
Asian features, I think we were on the attractive side.I was 5'9, which was considered pretty tall. Since Bill and I worked out at
the gym, we weren't bean poles. I weighed around 165 and I'm guessing Bill
was around the same, give or take a few, since he was 5'8. I liked my slim,
lean muscles, with a very contoured, concaved body in all the right
areas. I didn't gain bulk, but structure and definition. I was firm and
strong, and fit.I was pale and smooth all over, not even a freckle, mole, or blemish
anywhere. Bill, on art nymphets portal models
the other hand, had small moles all over his body and
freckles across his nose, which was unique. Not many Asians had that. I
found that it was cute.My features weren't perfect and not exactly proportioned, but for the most
part, I liked what I saw in the mirror. Of course, some days were better
than others. I had a long nose, but not much of a bridge, so kinda flat. I
had average sized eyes, and the double eyelid that Asians so desperately
wanted. They weren't round eyes, nor stupid slits, but had a nice shape. I
had decent eyelashes, and narrow, but arched and thick eyebrows. I had a
square shaped face and jawline, so sometimes I felt that my mouth was too
wide. When I smiled, it was always a wide smile. But that could have been
in my imagination. If girls like Cara liked me and Bill said I was fine,
then I guess my mouth wasn't that wide.One time, Bill mentioned that my most attractive feature were my eyes, not
because they were overtly bath photos nymphets beautiful or stood out, but they seemed to
sparkle and come to life whenever I was talking or laughing. I had no idea
what he meant, but I wasn't going to turn down a compliment. Every once in
awhile, a compliment was nice. It gave you an ego boost. In a way, going to
this party and having a scantily dressed girl fawning all young nymphet bbs over me would be
an ego boost, albeit nymphets nude young an annoying one.Bill had smaller features- like smaller eyes, smaller, but pay nymphets sites fuller lips. A
small button nose, and a tiny dimple in his right cheek. I think he had
very cute features. Very child like. Plus, he was my best friend, and we
got so excited and happy over things, that to me, he would always be my
cute brother, like another brother, in addition to Teddy."Why don't you go after Cara and get her off my back?" I begged.Bill shook his head and smirked. "Cause it's just so damned entertaining
watching you squirm," he cackled.I smacked his chest and he grunted."Bitch, trying to drive here!" he said shifting gears and accelerating."You're my best friend. You're supposed to help me out during my time of
need," I whined. "I can't take Care anymore. I have a feeling she's gonna
drug me one of these days and make me have sex with her!""Yeah, probably," Bill said, not sounding too concerned."And you're gonna feed me to the wolves?" I asked in disbelief."Calm down Kevin. Just stay with the pack," he snorted."I fucking hate you," I said."Make the best of it Kevin. Once we go to college, who knows how often
we'll get to hang out and party together. You never know what you have
until its gone. Trust me, one of these days, you'll miss Cara practically
fucking you with both your clothes on. It's senior year." Bill said all
this in a serious, contemplative tone and I cast a sideways glance at him.I had a feeling that Bill needed to do as many things with our friends and
myself, as possible, before we all went our separate ways. While I was
excited for college and what it would bring for my love life, Bill was
going to miss the past."Ok, let's party," I said sighing heavily."That's my boy," Bill cheered grinning as we pulled into the large drive
way of Cara's house. She was a rich girl and had a huge mansion. Already
cars were strewn around the block and loud music could be heard even before
we parked."Time to face the music," I muttered before getting out of the car.It was pointless to knock on the door, so Bill and I just walked inside. It
was hot and crowded and there was a heavy smell of alcohol and pot.I coughed briefly before following behind Bill. Right when we made it to
the living room, Cara appeared out of nowhere."Kevin!" she squealed in excitement, nearly jumping in my arms nymphet model angels to hug me."Hi," I said into her ear as her perfume mixed with her sweat infiltrated
my nostrils. Her body felt warm in my arms and Bill smirked at me when I
caught his eye. I flipped him the finger and he shook his head, talking
with some friends that we knew, and some people we hadn't met.Cara stood back, but her arms were still hooked around my neck, as if she
was letting all the other girls know little girl nymphets pics I was hers, although really, she
didn't have to worry about the girls at the place. It was the guys that
were her competition.I took in Cara's outfit and she was wearing a mini dress, that was so
short, I could see her ass cheeks. The neckline was at her navel and I
could see a faint outline of her chest, although there wasn't too much in
that area. Asian girls were notoriously flat chested. Eat something. She
had on some kind of glittery lotion, because I could see sparkles on her
skin. She had a lot of makeup caked on her face, from eye shadow, eye
liner, mascara, foundation, powder, and gloss. It was like looking at a
clown! Seriously, less was more."Can I get you a drink Kevin?" she asked in a sultry tone.I briefly thought of what Bill said about Cara drugging me, but nymphet forum I shook
that thought out of my head."Yeah, sure," I said. She smiled and walked off, swaying her hips.I saw that Bill was engrossed in conversation and there was an ongoing
video game, so I decided to bolt. I wasn't going to leave the party, since
Bill was my ride, but I was going to go outside and get some fresh hair. It
was littlenymphets biz bbs too hot inside and I was getting uncomfortable. I couldn't imagine
staying here long, so I decided to take a small break.I maneuvered around people and slipped outside. I breathed a huge sigh of
relief and wiped my brow."Hot in there?"I nearly fell off the porch and I let out a cry, too high pitched in my
opinion, but I was so startled, I didn't give a shit."Holy fuck!" I screeched."Whoa, chill man," the guy said, chuckling."Where are you?" I asked, peering into the darkness. Cara seriously needed
to get a lamp installed or something.Suddenly a tall, thin guy emerged and I took a step back. It was just then
I noticed the distinct smell of smoke. I didn't feel so freaked out now, if
he elite nymphets photo was already outside smoking a cigarette.He smiled at me and I instantly felt butterflies in my nubile nymphet cunny
stomach. The guy was
hot! I squinted my eyes to get a better look at him.He was really tall, like at least six feet and very slim. Even though I was
shorter, I think I weighed a lot more than he did. He was pale and his skin
seemed translucent. His hair was very short and close cropped like mine,
but he had a long strip of hair down the center of his head and some of the
bangs hung over his forehead and into his eyes. He had large dark eyes and
cherry red lips. I had the sudden urge to kiss him. Wow.He moved closer to me and I took a step back. He smiled, his full red lips
curving. I noticed he was wearing jeans and a tight shirt that accentuated
his slender body.Without warning, his long arm reached out and his hand wrapped behind my
neck. I let out a surprised cry before I hurtled forward towards him and
our lips met. His were hot and aggressive, mine were unsuspecting and for
the first few seconds I let him kiss me.He pulled away. "Aren't you going to kiss me back?" he whispered into my
mouth.I was breathing hard and my mind was still reeling from my first kiss ever
with another guy. I couldn't believe this was happening."I'm Mark, by the way," he murmured before surging forward to kiss me
again, this time with even more passion.I instantly responded and I met his tongue with my own, as we explored each
other's mouths. I opened my mouth wider to taste more of him and my hands
were tugging on his hair as his arms wrapped around my back, pulling me in
tighter.When I felt his erection pressing into my stomach, I abruptly pulled away.Mark blinked in confusion and reached for me, but I backed out of his
reach."What?" he asked. "What's wrong?""I can't do this," I stammered."Sorry," Mark said smiling. "You looked like you could use a kiss.""But here," I sputtered pointing to the front door. "At a party, where
everyone can see us!""News flash cutie, everyone is inside the party. No one is peeking through
the curtains looking at us," Mark said inching closer.I moved back again and Mark laughed. "I like how you're flitting
around. You're really cute, you know. What's your name?""Kevin," I answered nervously."How do you know Cara?""We all know the same people. She was a year older than me in high school,"
I said. "You?""Cousin," he stated.My eyes bulged out of my head."I think I've heard about you," he said chuckling. "You're the guy my
cousin is always gushing about. You're one hell of a kisser, you know young russian nymphet
Cara will be stunned!""You can't say anything!" I blurted out.Mark's eyes widened."I only told my best friend. I'm not ready for everyone at school, and, and
all of my friends to know just yet. In time, but not yet," I blabbered.Mark grabbed my wrist. "Calm down Kevin. I wasn't planning on saying
anything. I have no reason to want to make your life hell. I like you.""You don't even know me," I said automatically."That can change, if you're willing," he stated."How are you Cara's cousin? You don't even look alike? I mean, you look,
like, white," I said awkwardly.Mark laughed. "Good eye. That's cause I am. My mom is the sister of Cara's
Mom. My Dad, who's Italian in case you're wondering, is a deadbeat, and nn nymphets
don't have a good relationship with him. He's never able to hold a job, he
likes to mexican nymphet travel from state to state. I started getting into some trouble
and dropped out of school, so now, I'm living here. In a huge mansion. Some
punishment, right?"I didn't know what to say to that, so I kept quiet."Want to go back to the party?" he asked.I shook my head. "I didn't want to come here in the first place. My best
friend guilted me into it, saying we had to do a bunch of shit together
before we graduated. But I hate these parties. Cara is always throwing
herself at me.""Not interested in girls?""No.""Good to hear," he said smiling. I flushed and looked down."Want to get out of here?" Mark asked softly."You have a car?" I asked."Of course. Want to go somewhere else or to my room?"My eyes widened this time and he laughed. "Don't worry, we don't have to do
anything. I don't want to scare you, but at least my room will be quiet.""I think we should pedo top nymphets go somewhere else," I said.Mark smiled and took my elbow, leading me to the side of the house where
the garage was."Spoil sport," he mocked teasingly.***********I was laughing loudly as Mark and I sat at Denny's, eating breakfast food,
or trying to eat, but we kept talking and laughing so much, there wasn't
much eating going on. We were more so bantering and telling silly jokes,
not really getting to know each other, but it was nice for me to be myself,
one hundred percent. In front of all my friends, with the exception of
Bill, I was always hiding a crucial part of myself: being gay.Mark was about to say something, but my cell phone startled the both of
us. I checked the caller ID and nymphet banned saw that it was Bill."Where the fuck are you?" Bill demanded, sounding angry."Bill, calm down. I'm eating at Denny's.""Why?" Bill asked sounding confused.Mark was studying me and I flushed. "Um, I ran into Cara's cousin outside
while getting some air. We decided to ditch the party, since neither of us
were feeling it.""Oh," Bill said, then paused. "You need a ride home?""Can you drive me home?" I asked Mark. He nodded. "No, I don't need a
ride.""Um ok. I guess I'll head home now," he paused. "Cara was looking
everywhere for you," there was a hint of amusement in his voice."I bet.""It was kinda funny, before she passed out from drinking too much."I grimaced. "Ew, glad I bounced."Bill laughed. "Alright. I'll see you tomorrow.""Bye."I young angels nymphet looked at Mark, feeling nervous again."That was my ride. He's going home now," I stated.Mark nodded. "Want to go home too?" he asked. "Or we can hang out some
more. Starbucks is open twenty-four hours."I hesitated as Mark looked at me charmingly. I was planning on saying no,
since I didn't know him that well, but how could I if I didn't spend more
time with him? And he was so damned cute."Sure.""Excellent," Mark said throwing some money onto the table before grabbing
his coat. "I like spending time with you."I smiled. "Me, too."I ended up staying at Starbucks with Mark until five teenage models nymphette legal in the morning. My
eyes were burning; I was exhausted, and the sun was rising. I needed to get
home before my Mom woke up.Mark bought me a cupcake to eat for innocent nymphets gallery breakfast and I laughed. He dropped me
off at my house and kissed me briefly on the lips. We exchanged cell
numbers right then and there, and even took pictures on our camera phones
so we could have a picture caller ID."See you around cutie," Mark said before driving off.I quietly entered my house and was relieved my mother wasn't up yet. I
snuck up to my room and fell into bed, chucking the covers over my body.However, all too soon, my mother knocked on my door, asking me if I was
alright. For a second I was confused, then I realized she didn't know I had
come in at five thirty in the morning. So I crawled out of bed and decided
to have some lunch.I had a feeling Bill would be stopping by soon. And I had a shit load of
work to do. Like nymphet incest rape
giant papers and I hadn't even done any prep work.I was stuffing chocolate pudding into my mouth while eating a tuna sandwich
as I furiously typed my paper."I'm going to the mall," my mother announced, toting Teddy in her arms."Need me to watch Teddy?" I asked not looking up from the screen.She smiled. "No honey, you're busy. We'll see that movie he wants to see
and have some lunch and stay out of your hair.""Thanks Mom," I said gratefully.I smiled at Teddy and pretended to bite his hand as he tried reaching for
my sandwich. I held it up to his mouth and he took a large bite, or as
large as his small mouth could muster. He chewed and smiled."Kevin, illegal nymphet incest pics
crumbs!" my mother scolded but I smiled at her and her expression
softened."Bye!" I called out as they left, with Teddy waving at me.Minutes later, Bill walked in, with a bunch of books."School blows," he groaned."Tell me about it," I said pointing at my lap top.Ten minutes of silence, Bill flicked a piece of paper at me."What's with the smile?""Huh?""Why do you look so cheesy?" he asked.I shrugged."Was Cara's cousin a guy?" Bill asked casually.I met his eyes and slowly we both started grinning."Is he gay too?" he demanded."Yeah.""And how do you know that?" he teased."He kissed me," I said blushing.Bill looked surprised. "Just like that?""Yeah no warning. It got me hot," I said."TMI!" he cried out. "You gonna see him again?""I don't know," I answered honestly."Is it possible that my little Kevin has found someone? Without going to a
gay club?" Bill asian nymphet pics asked.I blushed. "It just came out of nowhere. I don't want to get too excited,
but it was nice. At most, we can be friends and I have someone to talk to
about all this.""You can talk to me.""It's not the same. You don't know exactly how I feel," I said and Bill
nodded."I guess.""We stayed out until five in the morning talking at Starbucks," I stated."Wow, that's intense, for someone you just met," Bill commented."I know. He's cool. Wanna see?" I asked whipping out my phone.Bill looked at the photo of Mark. "Is he Asian?" he asked curiously
studying the small photo as best as he could."Half," I replied. "Hot, right?""Most mixes are hot. They get the both of best of both worlds," he
said. "White beauty, which every minority wants, and they get ethnic
exoticism. A good blend."We got back to work shortly thereafter."Kevin's gonna get some!" Bill suddenly blurted out with a smile, breaking
the calm silence.I checked my empty pudding cup at his face and he laughed."Before you ever will, you ass!" I yelled back."In your dreams," Bill cried out."That was creative," I mocked, snorting and giggling."You ass!"I bolted out of my seat chill pics nymphets and shoved Bill into a head lock, while we both
laughed hysterically.
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