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From: T Storm
Subject: True love will survive, chapter 3Author's nymphetsland top Note: This is a slow love story and not a fast fuck one. If this
isn't to your liking, please don't bother reading. This story contains
sexual acts between two males. If it offends you, then X out. Any comments
or questions, email me and I'll try to respond promptly.
Chapter 3
"Stop looking at me like that," Mark warned as we enjoyed a light
dinner. "You're getting me hard."I laughed and nearly choked on my soda. "I'm not doing anything. I'm just
sitting here.""Well, your mug is too pretty," Mark said winking.I rolled my eyes and looked at him. "So," I began. "You know everything
about me. Now I want to know about you.""I know everything about you?" Mark questioned."Yeah, I'm in high school, my classes are hard, I like fixing up my car,
all my friends are Asian, including your cousin Cara. I plan to go to
Princeton in the fall. I have a two year old brother. It's just me, him,
and my Mom. I'm a virgin; you're my first relationship, and I'm
closeted. Me in a nutshell. Now go," I ordered.Mark smiled. "What do you want to know?"I paused and thought about it. "Hm. That's a broad range," I
murmured. "Where are you from and what school did you go to before you
dropped out?"Mark nodded. "I've bounced around all over. But I'm originally from
Utah. Went to nymphet anal a community college there, and then left.""What was your major? Favorite subject in school? Do you keep in touch with
any of your old friends?"Mark laughed. "Whoa.""Sorry, just curious.""It's cool. imageport nymphet Let me gather my thoughts," he said asian child nymphet
pausing."I left halfway through sophomore year, so I didn't have a major. I was
just taking whatever classes. In high school, um, I didn't have a favorite
subject. I'm not a school person, obviously. And old friends? I was kinda
the loner type and whatever friends I did have weren't real friends. We
hung out together just because we were the `smoking behind the school
building' type," he explained. "Not like you and your friends. I can see
you have a real group there.""Not really. Only Bill, cause we grew up together. Since like birth.""Do you get along with your Mom?" I asked curiously."She's ok. little nymph bbs Not really. Not really around. Worked a lot, so I was on my
own," Mark said shrugging."And your Dad?"Mark rolled his eyes. "Comes and goes. Nothing steady. After awhile, just
gave up on him and his empty promises, and he just went off chasing
whatever stupid dream he had."I felt uncomfortable; not knowing what to say. He seemed so bitter and
moody; so unlike what I was used to. How did I respond to that?Mark seemed to sense my discomfort and leaned forward. "See, this is why I
don't like talking about myself. Compared to most people my age, well, they
can't relate to me."I took his hand briefly. "It's ok. I want to know.""It's hard best nymphet gallery for me to talk about myself," he admitted. "I normally keep to
myself. I am the loner type.""Well, I plan on changing that," I said with a confident smile and he
laughed."I hope so," Mark said his dark eyes sparkling.We spent a long time talking. Our food was long forgotten, but we remained
in our seats in the small, cozy caf?. The dinner crowd had died down so we
were left with russian teens nymphets people enjoying coffee and chilling.I told Mark all about my mother and father, then my step-father, and
Teddy. Mark was easy to talk to and a good listener, but I noticed he still
kept quiet about himself. It was really frustrating me. But he was being so
sweet and nice, that I couldn't just blow up at him.Mark was a weird person, but someone I was definitely attracted to. I had
to concede tonight and just considered it a loss, and hope to get to know
him better over a italian nymphet
gradual period of time.And the sex, well there was sex involved, and that was every guy's dream,
so maybe my judgment of him was a little clouded. I admit, I was a young
horny teenager, I wasn't exactly expected to always think with my big
head. My little head did a lot of thinking, especially whenever Mark was
feeling me up.Once again, after eating, his car was parked outside my driveway, and the
windows were all steamy and foggy as I moaned.************"Candy!" Teddy cried out as he jumped onto a kitchen chair and swiped a Kit
Kat bar with his tiny hand. I smiled and laughed, touching his soft cheek
as he tore the wrapper open. He excitedly took a bite.Gray had a nymphet little girls nude game Saturday, so he came over Friday night instead, after he
had finished practice and showered. I know, Friday nights were `hangout
with your friends' night, but he didn't really care for the late movie,
cruising the streets, or diner food. Especially with our hard course load;
he wanted to focus on his studies.I once asked Gray if Frank, his best friend, ever wondered nymphets blog
where he was."We don't spend every waking minute together and although he can be an ass,
he knows how hard I have to work to make my Mom happy in terms of school,
and then nymphet 101
my dad in terms of sports. So I'm spread thin, and most times, I
don't go out a lot, unless its for a short time. So me hanging home to
study and whatever isn't new to him.""Does he know you're with me?" I asked."Yeah," Gray answered. "He doesn't control me. You're my friend; we have a
billion classes together. Anything else is nymphet russian girls none of his business and he has
no right to question me," he said seriously.I smiled and he smiled back.>From then on we were constant study buddies and it was nice to know that
Gray didn't care about that high nymphets photos jpg school nymphet pubescent teens shit and was my friend, regardless.Again, I was liking Gray more and more and what he had to offer as a
person."There aren't enough hours in a day," Gray once muttered to me as our
teachers in every class decided to dump a shit load of assignments on us.I guess doing so many hard classes, and having sports all year round,
zapped up your day. You still needed to do homework, sleep, and eat, and
shit and nymphets toplist tgp
shower, so yeah, I guess people like Gray had to prioritize."Don't eat so fast," I warned Teddy as he chomped on the candy bar, his
small cheeks stretched to the max."Ok," he said although it came out muffled.Gray smiled at Teddy before whipping out his books. Since we had all our
classes girls pedo nymphets pics
together, we decided to work on other subjects."You're eating my payment," I told Teddy, but he ignored me, not
understanding the meaning. Gray laughed."I brought plenty. I figured Teddy would want some," Gray added. Teddy only
grinned wider, showing us some squished up chocolate.I frowned and shook my head at him. Teddy stepped off the chair and went
back youngest kinder nymphets into the living room to resume his coloring."Does your Mom work late every day?" Gray asked.I shook my head. "She usually gets home around 6 or 7. Every other Friday
she works later than that. When I wanna go out on a Friday night, we either
get a babysitter, or drop him off at Bill's house. nymphets movies pass His Mom can watch him.""Bill is the guy that was with you during the car thing, right?" Gray asked
referring to the accident.I nodded. "Best friends since we were babies and he lives three houses
down, so our mothers are pretty tight too."Gray nodded. "That's cool. I met Frank in middle school. Were friends then
and when we started doing the same sports, our friendship just little nymphet nudes pictures
sort of
cemented.""Yeah, sometimes friendships are stumbled upon, even if you don't want
them," I teased. Gray chucked a candy bar at my face and I deftly caught it
before it made contact.His eyes widened. naked nymphets forum password "Nice reflexes.""I nymphets movies know," I said. "Thanks." I tossed the candy bar back onto the table."So you are Mr. Kung Fu man," Gray teen models nymphet bbs joked."Shut up," I smirked, rolling my eyes."So when do you get your car back?" he asked."It's only been three weeks. It will take a little longer. I don't wanna
keep hounding the people; I know they're trying their best," I said."When did you get into the whole car thing? In the parking lot, I always
see you and your friends driving together, and I admit, you guys look
pretty sharp. In fact, do you and Bill have the same car?" Gray asked
curiously.I nodded. "Yeah, kinda cheesy, huh? But we're practically brothers and we
just ended up getting the same car, but we fixed it up differently. We have
the same things, but different, like the body kit. We have different
bodies. Different paint colors. Couldn't be matching completely. There'd be
no nudes nymphets
fun in that.""That must have been expensive," Gray commented."Yeah. All my savings went into that. I get a lot of money cause I used to
teach piano and violin and tutor or babysit. You little nymphet story
know, under the table
jobs, and it was usually people I knew, so they'd be more generous. But
during high school, classes got a bit tougher, especially this year, so I
only do the occasional job," I explained."At least my mother doesn't make me work," Gray said sighing. "I'd crack
under that pressure and as long as I'm playing sports and doing well, my
Dad doesn't care.""Not a bad deal," I commented.Gray shrugged.It seemed very young nymphet sex our conversation had run out and it quickly turned to the subject
of school boy nymphets nude
and our assignments, which were a lot. I guess this was prepping
us in advance for college level courses.Soon we were reading and answering homework questions, preparing outlines
for papers, dividing projects. Since we had the same schedule and were
becoming friendly, we became partners in some of our classes, so it was
easier to share the workload.That was when I noticed Gray absolutely hated dissecting anything in AP
Bio. He shivered and shuddered with disgust every time."Then why'd you take Bio?" I asked laughing as Gray looked like he was
going to barf, while we were in the process of dissecting a frog during a
double period lab session, the Wednesday before."Cause I suck at Chem," he responded, pinching his nose. "Bio was the only
choice left."I laughed, gazing at him. Here was this big, tall, muscular athlete, and he
was squirming like a little kid, scrunching his nose at the dead
amphibian. He was really cute.I don't know how many hours passed as we diligently worked, but I know it
was a lot. I started getting hungry, and I used my stomach to gauge how
long we worked. I normally ate every three or four hours, by nature, so if
I started to get hungry, then, probably three or four hours had passed."Is this a Friday your Mom works late?" Gray asked noticing it was a little
past eight.I only got a chance to nod before Teddy launched himself at me. I caught
the tiny boy in my arms and hugged him as he wrapped his arms around my
neck."What's up little bear?" I murmured affectionately."Me hungry," he said looking at me imploringly."Really? Don't you usually go to bed around this time?" I asked."Sometimes," the boy said honestly. "But I'm hungry. You have to feed me!"
he whined.I laughed and saw Gray smiling at us."I have to?" I teased.Teddy pouted. "Mommy said so."I threw my head back and laughed loudly. "Well, if Mommy said so, then I
guess I do! What do you feel like nymphettes non nude eating?"Teddy shrugged, "I don't know."I mussed his hair with my chin and kissed his head. "Me neither.""Actually, I could use some food," preenteen nymphets Gray said. "I was having some trouble
concentrating because of my hunger pangs. Felt like the acid was tearing at
my insides. I didn't get a chance to eat a real dinner after practice," he
said. He looked at me with his dark blue eyes. "Want to get some dinner? My
treat, you know, for all your help.""Sure," I agreed. "What are you in the mood for?""I'd say pizza, but I ate that like three times this week already, so I'm
all pizza'd out," Gray stated. "So," he paused to think. "Chili's?" he
suggested."Ok," I said getting up, lifting Teddy with me."Are we getting food?" Teddy asked squirming, kicking his small legs
around."We sure are," I said heading to the closet for our coats. I struggled to
get Teddy in his coat as he nymphets cartoon sex wiggled around playfully.Thirty minutes later we were seated in a booth, looking over a menu."I'm surprised he's still awake," Gray said nodding at Teddy."Me too," I said. ukrainian nymphet photos
"Wait, that's not true. Sometimes, he stays up until ten
or so. I guess he's a night owl at heart," I said looking at Teddy fondly
while he perused the small child's menu."I'm gonna go with the American classic- a big, fat burger," Gray said
grinning. "I'm so hungry.""I don't know what to get," I said."Oh please don't take ten years to order. I'll seriously die of hunger!"
Gray complained.I laughed. "I'm thinking.""Think fast," Gray begged."Too much pressure!" I mock cried out."Hurry," Gray little nymphets 15 y.o. sang out, creating a megaphone out of his hands."Ok, ok," I said. "The chicken fajitas.""Excellent, if only our stinking waiter would come over," Gray said looking
around.I smiled at how impatient an fidgety he was. His dark brown curls bounced
around, his eyes sparkling, probably with the knowledge that he'd be eating
soon."Grilled cheese for you?" I asked Teddy."Hot dog," he said. I nodded.When we placed our orders, we talked a bit xxx euro nymphet
more, when I suddenly heard my
phone ring. I took it out, expecting it to be my Mom, since I had forgotten
to write a note.I frowned in confusion when I saw it was Mark. I ignored the call, since it
was rude to talk on my cell in front of friends, unless it was an
emergency.Literally, five seconds later, he called again."I'll be right back," I said to Gray. "Stay with him," I instructed Teddy.
Teddy nodded, now being more comfortable around Gray, and also since Gray
had brought candy to the house. In Teddy's mind, Gray was super cool.I walked towards the entrance and stepped outside, but right before I put
the phone to my ear, I felt a hand grip my wrist.I yelped top wildnymphets in shock and turned to see Mark standing in front of me, looking
pissed."What the fuck?" I asked."Who is that guy you're with?" he demanded."What?" I asked feeling confused and kinda ambushed. "Are you spying on
me?"He folded his arms. "No, I happened to be here, getting some takeout for my
Aunt and I see you're out having free galleries little nymphets
dinner with Curly, over there. Is this why
you can never hang out with me during the week? Cause you're busy with your
real boyfriend?"My mouth fell open. "Where the fuck is this coming from? And lower your
voice!" I hissed dragging him to a quieter section."Well, why else would you be here on a Friday night, eating dinner with
him?" Mark asked."We're just friends," I said, my facial muscles tense. "We have classes
together. We're partners and have to do our work together.""Sure," Mark said sarcastically. "You're having sex with him, too?" he
sneered.I stepped back. "What s your problem? I told you, I'm not out to anyone,
but my best friend and my mother. And then you. He doesn't even know I'm
gay and we're just friends and classmates. We got hungry after studying and
for the love of god, my brother is with us! If this was a date, you think
I'd drag my baby brother with me?"I was breathing hard and staring at Mark, daring him to challenge me.Mark stonily looked away from me, before finally meeting my eyes. He
swallowed hard."Well?" I asked. "Anything to say to that?"He was silent still."I have to get back. My food is probably there, and my brother gets tired
fast," I said moving to the front door.Mark grabbed my shoulder and I spun around quickly to face him. He stepped
back."I'm sorry," he whispered. "I get^?insecure," he paused. "Sometimes. I
really like you, Kevin," he said in a quiet voice and as he looked so sad,
I felt bad for him, all of a sudden.I touched his hand gently and squeezed briefly. "I'll call you tomorrow,
ok? We can do something, then. He has a game and we can't get together for
our homework, so I'm available for you."He smiled slightly. "Yeah?""Yeah.""I'm sorry," he said nymphets lollita again.My smile faded. "We have to talk."He looked worried."I just want to talk and understand why you got so freaked. I'll call you
tomorrow, I promise," I said.Mark nodded and I made my way back to my table, where, as I predicted, the
food was waiting.Gray was playing tic-tac-toe with Teddy and I noticed both of them had
started eating."Sorry, I was dying of famine or something," Gray said shoving a fry into
his mouth."Me, too," Teddy chimed in, looking up at me with wide eyes. I smiled."Is that so?" I asked my brother, knowing he was just agreeing with
whatever Gray said. Teddy nodded seriously, and I smiled at him."Everything good?" Gray asked curiously.I nodded. "Yeah, a friend had some issues to talk through," I said vaguely
and I began to eat before Gray could ask me any more questions.***********"How insane is that?" I asked Bill later that bbsnymphets night, long after Gray had
gone home and Teddy had went to bed. I sat on my window sill to get better
reception as we talked. I elwebbs bbs nymphets was in the process of relating the odd actions of
Mark and his little freak out."Pretty crazy, especially for someone you've only been dating for three or
four weeks," Bill agreed."I know, right?" I asked in disbelief. "But he said he really liked me and
got insecure sometimes. Probably something to do with his past.""Kevin," Bill began. "Don't get lil nymphets nude video too sex nymphet girl young
caught up in Mark and his excuses. I
know it might be easy to do that, since he's your first relationship and
its new and exciting, but him getting all insane and crazy like that, after
only knowing you for a short while, well, that's like a sign. Just, well,
just don't sucked in, ok? Try to think with a clear head."I thought about his words. It was true, at least partly. Being with Mark
felt nice. It made me feel 12 nymphet yo free and happy; that I could be in a gay
relationship and not wait until college. I always worried I wouldn't be
able to find someone to be with. I mean, I couldn't just go up to a dude
and ask if he was gay. And I didn't go for the effeminate type. I liked
men, not girls, and that included girly men. So having Mark felt nice, even
if we were rushing into things. But I knew I could end it if things got too
crazy or he became too over the top."I will," I promised Bill."You know, I got a weird vibe from him when I met him last week," Bill
said."Really?" I asked. "What very little nymphet porn kind of vibe?""I didn't think he was shy; shy I can handle; he seemed creepy.""Creepy?" I asked incredulously."Well, maybe not creepy, but daddys little nymphette not open?" Bill nymphet girlies
asked. "He seemed like he
didn't want to get to know anyone else. Like, if it wasn't you, he wouldn't
be making any effort. I don't know. I just wasn't feeling him. It's like
the first reaction or impression. I topless nymphet video mean, those first meetings usually are
correct.""So what are you saying?""Nothing," Bill said quickly. "I want you to be happy Kevin. I really
do. Like I said, just be careful.""Will do man.""Alright. I'm out. Mad tired," Bill said and we hung up.*************I sipped on my coffee and looked at Mark."So what's the deal with yesterday? You can't blame me for being freaked,
we just met barely a month ago," I pointed out.Mark sighed. "I know, I know," nymphets porn little
he paused and I waited for him to collect
his thoughts. Finally he looked at me. "I get jealous easily," he
stated. "Like, when I top 100 nymphets bbs really like someone, I just get kinda, I don't know,
focused on them.""That's comforting," I snorted."I'll try to keep it under control.""Mark," I began hesitantly. "I like you a lot, but I'm only in high
school. I'm not sure if I'm ready for something super serious. I mean, I'm
going off to college in the fall, and 18 nymphets yo those environments are always crazy.""Meaning you'll find someone better; more like you," Mark said folding his
arms."It's not that," I protested, "But I can't see myself in a serious
relationship when in college, living in a dorm, there are so many
temptations. I don't wanna hurt you.""So what are you saying?" he asked."That we can take it easy; have fun together?" I asked.Mark looked conflicted then smiled weakly. "Sure.""Are you sure?" I asked. "If I can't give you what you want, we may as well
end it here. I don't want to string you along. I know it sounds harsh now,
but it's better in the long run," I said."No," Mark said shaking his head. "We can just have fun. That's what we've
been doing so far, right?"I smiled slightly. "Yeah, we have. But I meant what I said about liking you
and wanting to get to know you better, I just don't want you acting out
whenever you see me with a guy. I don't mind seeing you, and only you, but
you have to remember that I have friends who are guys and I'll probably be
with them for a large majority of my time," I explained."I understand," he said sincerely. "Sometimes I jump to conclusions. But I
guess I got crazy cause you always said you can't see me during the week,
and then all of a sudden you're out having dinner, I don't know," he said
shaking his head. "I don't know what I was thinking or why I didn't
register the situation."I smiled. "Hey, it's ok. We're talking it through, ok?"Mark nodded and smiled. He leaned closer to me and whispered in my ear."It's cause we have great sex together, right?" he asked in a husky tone
and when I turned to look at him, his eyes were dark and filled with lust
and desire.I instantly flushed and looked down into my lap.Mark chuckled softly. "Yeah, I agree, Kevin, we should just have good ol'
fun," he murmured softly. "Fun is what we do best."I blushed further."I think we should get out of here," he suggested, running his fingers
lightly down my forearm. I shivered at his touch and grabbed my iced
coffee, downing it quickly.Then without another word, we left and headed to our favorite sex location-
the backseat of his car.When Mark started bobbing over my hard cock, I briefly thought of Bill.
Maybe Bill was right, maybe I was my little nymphets in over my head and letting sex cloud my
judgment, but it was hard to stop. Sex just felt so good."Oh Mark," I muttered under nymphets chinese my breath as I nymphet ls models clenched my fists. I arched my
back. "I'm cumming!" before I erupted and gushed into his sucking mouth.
Sex felt damn good!
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