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"True Or False"
How long? How long have I known him? How long have I gazed at his
beautiful features and fantasized about all the things that I wanted to
do to him? It's taken years of on and off crushes, heartaches, and many
wonderful wet dreams to make me realize how much I loved him, and once I
made up my mind that the love was real...I couldn't tell if that made
things better or worse. It was like seeing a beautiful piece of art at a
museum, so close, so undeniably accessible, but covered with a sexy lolta nymphet
protector, forbidding and preventing your uncontrollable desire to touch
it! God...what was I going to do?
My name's Chris. I've been around girls before and they've all fallen
for me at one time or another in junior high, but I never really paid
them any attention. None of them really got my juices flowing. I was a
cute kid too, which only made it worse. I had sandy blond hair that
shined with every ray of sunlight, and a beautiful pair of hazel eyes to
match. But the more they wanted me, the more I wanted him. His name was
Trey...God, I almost creamed myself everytime I heard that name! It just
seemed to fit him so perfectly. He was by far the sexiest boy I had ever
seen in my 16 years, and would probably be the guy I compared all others
to for the many years to come. Trey was sent from Heaven above and I
fell for him the second I saw him.
It was the first day of school, and we were being herded ito the school
assembly hall for our typical "Be good students or else" speech. I
didn't even get a good look at him at first, I had just gotten a peek
out of the corner of my eye. But as soon as my brain processed what I
was looking at, I did a triple take, drinking in the awesome vision of a
slim and sexy teenage boy! I tried to get a closer look, but the crowd
seperated us. I attempted to move closer, dodging in and out of the
horde of youngsters, but everytime I moved, he moved, and I could only
get short glimpses of him. Then I found myself standing beside him, so
close that the butterflies in my stomach could actually be heard
fluttering their wings in a desperate attempt to escape!
Trey was about my size, maybe an inch taller. His short, oak brown hair
was well groomed and never russian schoolgirl nymphets
fell out of its perfect position. nymphet post
Oh how I
wanted to reach out and touch it just once, letting each and every
single strand of his hair run through my fingers like beach sand. He had
dark brown eyes that made you feel at peace somehow when they fixed
their stare upon you, and his lips....ohhhh his lips! Many nights I have
stayed awake daydreaming about those elite nymphets nude lips! If I could only run my
fingertips across them, or feel them against my smooth cheeks, I'd be
happy for the rest of my life! I could just imagine him wrapping his
arms around my waist and holding me tight. No kissing, no sex, just the
two of us caressing and touching each other, alone where no russian baby nymphets one could
touch us, where we could just get away from it all and enjoy the silence
together. To me, that would be Heaven. Trey's body had such a cute shape
to it. You nymphet parent index could go crosseyed trying to trace it all in one look. His
slender curves and tempting flat chest was enough to drive me wild at
first glance! I'd like to think that my feelings for him were well
hidden from most, but they were too strong to keep down. Not a day went
by that I didn't speak his name to someone and shiver from hearing
myself say it. I was so far in love that to explain it a hundred times
would still fall short of the reality of it!
I had been obsessed with him since the seventh grade! Most crushes last
a week, two if you're lucky! But my love for Trey had gone on for four
years! I had watched him intensely through his stretch on the basketball
team, and later on the tennis team. I would even go to watch him
practice. The sight of Trey in shorts was a constant tease to my already
uncontrollable erections, but I enjoyed every minute of it. Just the
thought of being with him, if only for one free cute nymphets hour a day, made life
beautiful. I tried numerous nymphet porn site
times to get close to him. I met all of his
friends, his mother, his father, his sister...but for some reason he
never really spoke to me. I made friends with his sister just to get a
chance to go over to his house, but everytime he saw me he just rushed
out, saying he had to go. One time I actually got a chance to speak to
him and accidently rubbed up against him in the kitchen! That contact
was enough to make me blush and turned me into a studdering idiot! But
as soon as it happened, he just froze and ran off to rape asia nymphets
his room, locking
the door and turning on his music. It was hard to explain, but sometimes
I think he was actually afraid of me! But as long as my eyes were
blessed with his gorgeous face and underage naked nymphets photos body, nymphet fuck list I was in heaven. One time his
sister actually showed me his room and I nearly fainted! I thought to
myself, "This is where he sleeps! This is where he does his homework! He
get's DRESSED in this room nymphets virgin every single day!!!" It was the little things
that turned me on so much. But it looked like a love from afar was all
it was ever going to be...unfortunately.
I was talking to a friend of nymphets fresh mine about Trey one day, I loved to hear
people say his name! We were looking through a yearbook and I pointed
out his picture. My friend stopped me on that page and said, "Say man,
do you know what I hear?"
The way he was whispering, this had to be good! Any information about
Trey, from a deep dark secret to the kind of toothpaste he used, would
brighten my day and send me spiralling back down into a dreamy haze!
"What? Tell me."
"I hear that Trey's a fag, man! This guy, Brian, says that he went over
to his house once last year to hang out, and they started wrestling and
fooling around, right? Well, then he tells me that Trey was like humping
him or something, and when he stopped struggling...Trey tried to kiss
him on the mouth!"
My heart didn't know whether naked little nymphets to jump for joy, take this as a joke, or
feel hurt and jealous of the kid who had the opportunity to be kissed by
the sexiest boy in school and turned it down! I tried not to think about
it much, but even after my buddy left the house, my mind was taken over
by the irresistable image of Trey rolling around on the floor with
another boy, his hard on grinding into his leg. I sighed to myself and
spent the rest of the night thinking about what was going through his
mind at that moment, and what would happen...if it had been me.
The next day I saw something in Trey that I had never seen before.
Possibilities. Sure, it was probably just a stupid rumor with no truth
to it at all, nymphet pedo porn but I felt little ladies nymphets
more confident around him than ever, and
actually worked up the nerve to talk to him! It was small talk, nothing
special, but hearing him say my name with that sensuous voice bbs nymphet
of his
gave me goosebumps! He had this cute little habit of gently biting his
bottom lip when he was nervous, and he did that a lot while I was
talking to him. How much more in love could I be? For the rest of our
class I stared at him, bbs darkcollection nymphets
dreaming of the day pregnant nymphets cp when he and I would be
together. Lying naked on top of the covers, my head on his chest as his
gentle hands rubbed my back and neck. Sigh, he was so cool. I had lost
so much of my focus that I didn't even realize that the teacher was
assigning two person teams for class projects. And he put Trey and nymphets 17 video me in
the same group! Was it fate? Was it nymphet
my guardian angel? Or maybe it was
the devil himself doing it to watch me suffer some more! Either way, I
was going to spend the next WEEK petite nymphets sex working with Trey at his house, and the
butterflies in my stomach turned into a giant nest of crows!
Before leaving the classroom, Trey walked over to me and said, "Say,
what are you doing today, we might as well get started and finish
"Oh...uh...nothing. Nothing at all." I stammered. He was talking to me!
Actually, physically talking to me!
"Alright, 4 o'clock then?"
"S-s-sure!" And then Trey smiled and walked away. If this was indeed my
miracle, then there was no way in com nymphets wild HELL I was going to blow it! I ran to
his house afterschool so fast that I had completely forgotten to take my
bike with me from school! The anxiety of working side by side with the
boy of my dreams gave me this weird, unlimited energy that coursed
through my veins with a burning sensation! I loved it!
Trey answered the door and invited me in. His dad was at work and his
mom had taken his sister to the dentist. Not only was I in his house,
but we were alone! He led me straight to his room nymphet gallery bbs post and for the first time
ever, I sat on his bed! The entire room smelled just like him, a
sweetened scent of innocence mixed with young lust. To think, this is
where he touched himself in the early morning hours when he knew no one
could see him! This is where he stroked himself slowly, thinking about
one of the girls...or guys...from school. Then he would speed up,
lifting his hips up off the bed, his hard cock growing larger and
larger, his forehead beaded with droplets of sweat! His breathing would
speed up and his legs would writhe and ache with pleasure! Then, with sweet nymphets a
moan that's too good to hold back, he would shoot his delicious cum onto
his chest in hard, forceful spurts! Maybe it would even reach his chin!
And then he would lay back, feeling relaxed and satisfied...
"Chris? Chris are you alright man?" He said. I suddenly snapped out of
my fantasy world and came back to reality. "I was just asking if you
wanted a root beer or something."
"Yeah, sure. That'd be great." Trey left the room, and I couldn't
resist! I mashed my face into nymphet photo galleries his warm blankets and inhaled deeply,
savoring his fragrance and remembering it for the next time I jacked
off. Which would probably be three or four times later on tonight!
Trey returned and we talked a little bit before diving into the
wonderful world of high school homework. I listened intently as Trey's
voice sang to me his thoughts and dreams. He bit his lower lip a few
times, and my mouth watered for his taste! I couldn't concentrate as his
luscious lips moved, calling to my senses and begging me to lean in and
kiss them! But I kept control.
"I guess we should get started on this. I just really need a good grade
on this project, or my goose is cooked." Trey said, with my eyes still
fixed on his every detail.
"Yeah, me too. But I think I'm actually getting an 'A' in this class
"You know, I've heard things about that." He said with a sly grin.
"Things like what?" I asked confused.
"Well...I usually don't believe rumors around school, because they're
almot never true...but I heard that the only reason you're doing so well
in that class is because Mr. Smith is hot for you, dude."
"What?!?! No way! Oh that's gross!" I said.
"Well...this is what I heard. But like I said, rumors are almost always
false anyway. But they're kind of fun to listen to."
"Yeah, well you want to know what I heard?" I didn't even think about it
when I said it, but it just sort of came out in the heat of the moment.
"I heard that you were gay!" I was laughing a little at the rumor, but
when I looked up, all I saw was Trey with a very fake smile on his face.
"Yeah? That's...that's funny. Who told you that, was it Brian? We used
to be friends a long time ago...but not anymore. He's a jerk! I can't
believe I ever liked nude nymphet galleries him..." Then he straightened up right away, "...as
a friend, I mean."
I suddenly got the impression that this rumor wasn't so far fetched as I
thought. But I gave him a little comfort anyway to break the tension.
"Don't worry about it Trey. It's just a silly rumor, it'll go away."
Even Trey's fake smile had faded now, and he said, "Sure...just a rumor.
Besides...nobody wats to be a fag......right?"
"Let it go man. Kids make this stuff up all the cp child nymphets time. Besides, you never
know, they'll be saying I'M gay tomorrow! He he...he..." I took the risk
of saying it, and while it made him feel a little bit more comfortable,
he wasn't as open as when I first got there. We both sat in 3d nymphets shy
silence for
a few minutes and finally agreed to start on the project.
We nymphets girlrs nude went down into his basement and popped in the tape of the French
Revolution that the teacher had given us to take notes on. We sat on his
little cushioned couch and began scribbling little notes here and there.
Needles to say, the video was pretty boring, as is anything that's
educational! In no time the both of us had finest nymphets gallery fallen asleep as the
television flickered and glowed in front of us.
I figured I must have been out for about a half an hour or so when I
woke up. nudist nymphet stories
It took a few seconds to realize where I was, but nymphet porn galleries
when I did, I
nearly nymphets schoolgirls nudes died! I was sleeping...with my head on Trey's chest! Omigod!
Omigod! Omigod!!! My heart almost burst with the flurry of emotions that
filled it at that moment! I could hear the faint beating of his heart
through his heaving chest, and I could feel the steady rise and fall of
his stomach as he breathed. The moment was pure magic! That's when I
realized that my hand was between his legs! I was too scared to move.
Too scared to breathe. I never wanted this moment to end, and when I
finally realized what the situation was, I just relaxed and enjoyed it.
I closed my eyes and pictured the two of us in bed like this. As though
this was how it was nymphetas nonude
supposed to be, the way it always had been. As I
rested peacefully on Trey's soft chest, I noticed the video getting
ready to run out. I was sure the static would wake him up, and I didn't
exactly want to get caught in such a compromising position. So I enjoyed
the feel of my hand laying on his crotch, letting my palm feel the
warmth of his loose ball sack, and then I very slowly started to move it
Just then, something amazing happened! Trey whispered very softly,
"Chris? Are you awake?" I thought he was asleep. I was too terrified to
answer, so I just sat there without moving. Then I felt his chest
tremble slightly, and after a few seconds of making sure I was asleep,
he took a hold of my wrist. Then, he slowly moved my hand and very
gently...put it back in his lap!!! My head was spinning and my mouth
went dry! He was awake, and he was enjoying this! I didn't want to spoil
this, so I just left it there. Trey motioned 10 yr old nymphet
again, and he placed my
hand over the tip of his dick! Even through the tent in his pants, he
was sooo hot and hard! The whole experience was dizzying for me, and I
couldn't help but give it a gentle squeeze. Trey shuddered violently for
a second and I could gymnast nymphets
feel him look down to see if my eyes were open. But
I continued to play asleep. Trey leaned his head back and I squeezed it
again softly. This time, he pushed his hips up a little bit to meet my
hand, and I heard a low moan rumble deep in his chest. I opened my eyes
and looked down to see his crotch bulging. I was so hot for him that I
had to go further, and lightly stroked his dick from the tip to the base
and back again. Suddenly, Trey sat up!
"You're awake?!?! Chris, oh collection nymphets
God, I'm sory! It was an accident! Please
don't tell anybody about this! Please!"
But I just put my finger up to his plush lips and said, "Shhhhh...don't
worry. Nobody's ever gonna know. It's just you and me down here."
Suddenly my fear gave way to passion and I opened Trey's zipper,
reaching inside to stroke the velvet smooth meat nymphet sex cool teen
inside through his
Trey took a few seconds to calm down, probably still worried about being
discovered, but he eventually relaxed and I felt his hands on my head as
I wormed his 6 inch cock out of his underwear. He moaned and hissed as I
exposed his beautiful cock to the air and I looked little nymphet stories
at it admiringly. The
shaft was so smooth and hard, the tip was so full and tight! I felt
Trey's hands start to add the slightest pressure on my head, and I went
down to take a closer look at that manhood of his! Without hesitation, I
swallowed his nymphet picture cock, running my tongue around the slick surface of the
head! His cock tasted just like underage russian nymphets him, his flavor was everything that I'd
hoped it would be! I took him in, inch by inch, until my face was deep
inside of his open zipper. Trey whimpered with a high pitched teen cry
that almost made me shoot just hearing it! He was pushing himself up
into my face and I sucked him for all I was worth!
Just then, we heard the front door open and his mother and sister's
voices in the kitchen upstairs! Trey pulled me off of him and jumped up
with his cock sticking out of his fly. I asked him, "Should I hide or
"No, no dude. Don't go anywhere...please." The look in his eyes and the
sexy tone of his voice melted me when he said that! I would photo nymphetes have given
my life to hear him say it again! "Look, that door only locks from the
inside. So if I walk up there and free nymphet yo art lock it quietly so that no one knows
we're down here, we can...you know...finish."
Sounded like a plan to me! So I watched as he crept slowly up the
stairs, his cock still swinging proudly out of his fly. His foot hit a
step that squeaked, causing both of us to cringe at the noise, but he
kept going. He finally reached the top, and slowly turned the lock.
Slowly...slowly...click! Whew! He came back down faster than he had gone
up, and walked right over to me without shame! His strong arms wrapped
themselves around me and Trey looked me in the eyes lovingly before
placing a firm, yet tender, kiss on my lips! Every bone in my body
turned to putty in his arms and I almost fell to the ground as I finally
tasted the sweet lips that I had dreamed about for so long! He moved
back a little to look at me, to tell me how long he thought of doing
this to me, and how much he wanted to be with me! Then I grabbed him
delicately by art nymphets top the ears and pulled him in for another romantic liplock!
Trey took of my clothes slowly and I finished undoing his. We sex nymphettes stood
naked in his basement, hugging and holding each other, feelig our skin
to skin contact and quaking from the pleasure it gave us! We kissed and
necked for an eternity, never once stopping our roaming hands from
exploring one another's body! Trey led me to the couch and laid me down.
His beautifully naked body covered mine and we made out while he grinded
his hard cock against mine with a series of gasps and whispers!
Then, just when the kissing and licking was about to be too much for me
to handle, Trey backed off. He hovered above my face, his mouth slightly
open, just barely touching my lips! I tried to kiss him more and more, I
couldn't get enough! But instead he teased me by brushing against my
lips and moving back far enough to keep me from him. It drove me insane!
I was wild with passion and almost nn nymphets galleries
exploded when he turned around to get
into a 69 nymphet illegal baby position on the couch! The second his cock came near me, I
took him all the way down until his balls rested on my top lip! The
scent of his two tastey nuggets filled my nostrils and I was overcome
with animal passion! I sucked him as hard as my lips would allow! So
hard that my teeth rattled! And the harder I sucked, the harder he
sucked! We were finally together, my yin to his yang, joined in sexual
delights reserved only for those who are truly in love! Trey's bobbing
got faster and harder, and soon I was fighting off the strongest orgasm
of my life! Trey was coming close and he began pushing himself deep into
my throat! His balls were slapping against my top lip and bouncing off
of my nose and his tender thighs straddled my head, fulfilling my every
wish! He must have felt me coming close, because he whimpered out loud,
trying desperately to suck the cream out my shaft and taste its juices!
Trey little nude nympho cried out and I did the same as we came hard into each other's
sucking mouths simultaneously! We shivered and shook with powerful
explosions as our teen bodies were wracked with overwhelming excitement
and fire! We couldn't relax for a long time after that, hell, I STILL
shake when I think about that day! Trey and I sat in that dark room and
kissed each other for a good hour before his sister realized the door
was petite nymphette illegal locked and we had to break it up.
On that one day I'd had my my first magic moment! One of many more to
come! Trey and I explored every nook and cranny of each other's bodies
inside and out, and when every inch had been licked, kissed, tickled,
and touched...we erased the board and started all over again! Trey and I
grew into an inseperable duo, and I'm sure rumors floated around about
us too. But who cared? True or false, they're just rumors. Fantasies
created by people who wish they had what we had! Too bad, in love is a
wonderful place to be!
I hope you guys like this one If you have any questions or comments,
please send them to me at comicalitywebtv.net or come to my website at
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