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From: Sam Nightingale
Subject: Truly Madely DeeplyTruly Madly Deeply
By Samuel Nightingale
To Jordan NightingaleAuthor's Note Warning to the reader: This story contains descriptions of nudity,
sex, foul language and alcohol use. Read at your own discretion.Prologue My life has been full of trauma. I have been in the hospital five
times for surgery. I have been diagnosed with leukemia. I have long since
recovered from a heroin addiction. I have gained and lost lovers. But
through it all, there is one trauma that, unlike these others, will not
fade. There is one lover in particular who I loved with everything that I
am. However, he was so cruelly taken away from me. For what reason or
reasons, I know not. All I know is that I hold a scar inside me that will
last until my death. I guarantee this story's validity. If you wish not to
read our story, then please stop now and move on. If you would like to read
our story then please continue and smile at its happy moments, cry at its
sad moments, arouse at its sexy moments.
Let its weight bare down on your shoulders for a little while. Let
it warm your heart. Let it rest happily, like a flower, in the garden of
your memory. Share it with others or keep it to yourself. Read lil nymphets it once or
read it twice. Or read it over and over again until you can recite it by
heart. But however you read it, I want you to enjoy it. With that, let's
begin.I Deep Green I had always searched for a pair of eyes that could peer into the
depths of my soul. I was so happy on the day I found those eyes. It all started two years ago this lttle nasty nymphet
October 30. I was 16. It was a
beautiful fall day. The leaves were turning to match the month. A deep,
golden orange.
My friend Willow and I were both Celtic Pagans. She had a Welsh
accent, while mine was a thick Irish. She had invited me over for a
sleepover and we would celebrate Ancestor Night (known to Christians as
Halloween) together. We both lived close to my school but in different
neighborhoods. When leaving school, there was a particular part of the
street you had to cross to go to either way. One way would lead to Willow's
house. The other would lead to my house. Every day for the past year and a
half, I would walk in the direction of my house. However, on this
particular day, I went towards her house.
Willow was currently in college, working for her law degree. She
was in town to visit her mother and brother, both of whom I had never
met. She had short brown hair and powder blue eyes. Her curves were long
and sweeping. She always wore bright colors.
I entered her house and marveled nymphettes non nude at how grand it was. The walls
were the same color as her eyes. The carpets were white with a sofa, facing
the front door, to match. To the right of the sofa was a powder blue
armchair at a 45-degree angle towards the sofa. To the left was a kitchen
with a window secret nymphets sites to look in. A spider plant rested on the window's sill. About
two feet down from the window was an open doorway leading into the
kitchen. About five feet down from the doorway was a corridor whose
entrance was exactly parallel to the front door. The corridor had three
doors in a triangle pattern. The single door was on the left and the two
other doors were on the right. All three were closed. At the very end of
the corridor was a door that led to the back yard. Back there was where one
would find a F?rie Ring (a sacred ring of mushrooms used to do spellwork
in). It small nymphets pics was here Willow and I would celebrate the sacred holiday. Directly
across from the window looking into the kitchen was a window looking out
the side of the house. Gossamer drapes were drawn across it. About 12 feet
down from this was a stairway leading up to the second story. Finally, to
the right, in front of the sofa, was a plasma TV on a black TV stand with
glass doors and a stereo.
As I stepped in, willow introduced me to her mother, Carol. Also
Celtic Pagan with a Welsh accent. Her mother had the same sweeping curves,
but her hair was blond and her eyes were a deep, captivating green. She
also seemed to like bright colors.
Therefore, I said, as I shook Carol's hand, "You have beautiful
eyes, Mrs. Nightingale."
She responded, "Thank you. And please, call me Carol."
I smiled. "Okay, Carol."
Willow then turned to me, "Would you like a drink?"
I nodded. "Whiskey sour."
As Willow stepped into the kitchen, Carol said, "Well, I'm going to
pick up Jordan. Be back soon."
Willow and I said goodbye to her. Willow stepped out of the kitchen
and gave me my drink. Willow had mixed herself a melontini.
Willow's family owned a small but very successful distillery and
vineyard. Therefore, their house was always stocked with the best vodkas,
whiskeys, rums, spiced rums, wines, sparkling wines and beers. As I slowly
sipped my drink, I began to feel the resulting buzz. I could tell from
Willow's changed nymphet at school porn
personality that she was, as well.
As she was mixing a second round, I heard the car door slam. A few
moments later, the front door opened. What it opened to reveal, stole my
breath from me. Standing next to Carol was her 13-year-old son,
Jordan. Willow had described him to me. However, I did not picture him as
magnificent as he stood before me that day. He wore a natural tan. His
beautiful white nymphet model images blond hair grew down to his jaw. His eyes were such a deep
green that I feared I might drown in illigal nymphets
them. He wore a black sweater and blue
jeans. As I laid eyes on him, however, my mind began to remove those
clothes. I quickly blocked these thoughts as Willow handed me my drink and
introduced me to Jordan after he had removed his shoes. "Sam, this is my
brother, Jordan."
I stood, bowed my head and placed my hand over my heart. A pagan
greeting. "It's a pleasure. Willow has told me much about you."
Jordan smiled perfectly with sparkling white teeth and returned my
greeting. "It's nice to meet you, as well." His voice also Welsh was
heavenly. Like the bells of the Notre Dame Cathedral. "I have also heard
much about you from my sister."
Jordan was one head shorter than I was.
Willow had once more entered the kitchen. She returned with a flute
glass of sparkling red wine and handed it to Jordan. He sipped it
slowly. As his hand grasped the stem, I noticed how delicate and beautiful
his hands were.
All of us sat and watched african angel nymphet TV for a while. I was sitting on the left
side of the sofa as you face it. Willow was next to me. Her mother was next
to her. Jordan sat in the armchair.
Jordan finished his first glass of wine and requested another. I
offered to pour it for him. As I took the glass from him, my hand brushed
lightly against his. I paused at how silky soft and smooth it was.
Jordan looked at me quizzically as I stared at my own fingers. "Is
something wrong?"
I looked up at him. "Hmmm? Uh...no. Nothing's wrong."
He gestured to the flute glass. "Then could I get my wine?"
I looked at the glass. "Oh. Of course."
I ventured into the kitchen and set the glass down to the right of
the sink on the polished gray marble countertop. I walked over to the white
icebox and opened it. Inside were tasty nymphets several foodstuffs. I pulled out an
opaque green bottle. I closed the icebox and walked over to the counter. I
pulled the cork out of the bottle the bottle making a slight pop. I
looked out the window above the sink into the side yard. Then I poured the
drink. As I finished pouring and was pushing the cork back down into the
bottle, I looked to my left out the window that looked into the front
yard. I put the bottle back in the icebox and closed the door. I walked
back nymphs adol
into the living room and handed Jordan his drink. He smiled at me and
said, "Thank you, Sam."
I nodded and sat back down.
As the evening wore on, the room began to empty. First Carol
retired down the corridor. Followed by Jordan going upstairs.
As we heard his door close, Willow asked, "So what do you think of
my family?"
I smiled. "Very... nice."
She nodded. "Good. Ready of nymphette pictures bed?"
I nodded and we traversed upstairs. The upstairs was just a
corridor with three doors in the opposite pattern as the corridor
downstairs. The first door on the left was a bathroom. Jordan's
bathroom. The second door was Willow's bedroom. With its own full bath. The
singular door on the right was Jordan's room. I would be sleeping in
Willow's room. We went into her room where we changed and climbed into her
queen-sized bed with more than enough room for both of us. Willow's room
had yellow walls with white carpeting. Slightly askew from the foot of the
bed was her desk with a vanity mirror above it. Her bedspread was white and
printed with flowers. Above her bed was a picture of sunflowers in a
watering can. A picture I have inquired about but have received only vague
explanations that have left me more confused than nymphets underage innocent
I was before. To the
right of ukrainian nymphets cgi the bed as you face the foot was a window with the same gossamer
curtains as the window downstairs. However, this window had a white bench
in front of ukranian nymphettes it.
I fell into a gentle slumber. My dreams were, unsurprisingly to me,
of Jordan.
By this point, you might be wondering where the Nightingale father
was. Well, his parents are divorced. Eric was an Irish Catholic while Carol
was a Celtic Pagan. Eric became everything but physically abusive. Luckily,
Carol was strong enough to see the abuse and kick him out. He now lives one
state over. Now, let's continue with the story.II Only Hope Music is such a large part of my life. I love to sing and listen to
it. The only problem is I am not instrumentally endowed. Therefore, when I
do sing it is typically acappella. I awoke the next morning to find the bed with just myself in
it. Willow was not present. I decided to eat some breakfast then to
shower. As I entered the kitchen, I found a note sitting on the
counter. Without touching it, I read it. Dear,
Mom and I went to the store to get some groceries. We'll be
back soon. Jordan did not want to come. Please watch him while are
gone. Thank you in advance. Love, Willow P.S.
When we come back, please make us your special omelets. Thanks. Of course, I didn't mind watching Jordan. I had watched children
before. From newborns to tweens. Of course, Jordan was 13. Technically,
that made him a teenager. According to the old pagan laws, he was also
considered an adult.
Furthermore, I was going to make my special omelets. Even though my
passion is in writing, I do have a soft spot for cooking. I went back
upstairs to shower in Jordan's nymphets thumbnails message bathroom. Jordan's bathroom was small. As
you entered, european girl nymphet
to the right of you was the shower. It had a maroon
curtain. The sink was in front tiny nymphet teens
of you with a white porcelain countertop. A
vanity mirror was above this. To the left of the sink was a small closet
for the toiletries. To the right of the sink between the sink and the
shower was the chamber pot. The floor was white tile to match the sink
and the whitewash walls.
Now, one habit that I cannot help is that I sing in the shower. ukraine nymphet photos I
have been told I do it well, but whether or not that was true is moot. I
enjoy it. I do it. I decided to sing a song from one of my favorite
movies. Only Hope from A Walk to Remember. For the reader's interest, I
will print the lyrics here. Feel free to skip them, as they do not add
anything to the current story.There's a song that's inside of my soul. It's the one that I've tried to
write over and over again. I'm awake in the infinite cold, But you sing to
me over and over again.So, I lay my head back down, And I lift my hands and pray, To be only
yours. I pray to be only yours. I know now, you're gallery nymphets
my only hope.Sing to me the song of the stars, Of your galaxy dancing and laughing and
laughing again. When it feels like my dreams are so far, Sing to me of the
plans that you have for me over again.So, I lay my head back down, And I lift my hands and pray, To be only
yours. I pray to be only yours. I know now, you're my only hope.I give you my destiny. I'm giving you al of me. I want your symphony,
Singing in all that I am, At the top of my lungs. I'm giving it back.So, I lay my head back down, And I lift my hands and pray, To be only
yours. I pray to be only yours. I nymphet model pics gallerys pray to be only yours. I know now,
you're my only hope. I finished showering and pulled back nymphet bbs vids the curtain. As I pulled the
curtain away, it revealed Jordan. He was just sitting on the chamber pot
lid, staring at me with his deep green eyes. For bed, he had decided to
wear a blue t-shirt and black shorts.
I quickly pulled the shower curtain back in front of me. "Jordan!
What are you doing in here?"
"I woke up and heard you singing. I couldn't hear you very well, so
I came in here. It was beautiful. I've never heard anyone sing like that
before. You know, you don't have to hide behind the shower curtain. We are
both boys after all."
I removed the curtain. nymphets angels porn pics "Yes. I suppose you are right."
However, as soon as I stepped out of the shower, my penis began to
harden. I quickly grabbed a towel and turned away from Jordan. As I dried
myself, I suddenly felt a slight pinch on my right buttock. Forgetting
about my hardon, I turned to Jordan. He just looked at me, smiling
perfectly all the while.
I asked, "Why did you do that?"
He shrugged. "Felt like it. You know, you have a very cute butt,
Taken slightly aback, I cautiously ventured a question that would
change the course of my life in more ways than I could ever have possibly
imagined, "Jordan...are you...attracted...to me?"
In answer, he stood, walked over to me, threw his arms around my
neck and kissed me so softly I thought it might never have happened. His
lips were so silky soft. As he pulled away, he gave the verbal answer to my
question, "Yes. Very."
I was obviously speechless.
Jordan turned, walked a few steps away and then turned back to
me. "Willow talked so much about you and your caring, giving nature. The
more she spoke of you, the more I realized that...I loved you."
My mind was reeling as it tried to process what had occurred in the
last five minutes. "You...love me?"
"Very much, Sam. And I know you feel the same way about me."
"You do?"
"Please, Sam. I saw your face when you first saw me. You were
spellbound. Then you jumped at the chance to refill my flute glass. And
your pause at when you took the glass and your hand lightly touched mine."
I remained silent.
"I knew that I wanted to kiss you; that much I've accomplished. But
I want more from you..."
I knew what he wanted, but I had to be sure. Therefore, I
tentatively asked, "And that is...?"
Jordan walked back over to me and whispered so quietly I wasn't
sure he said it, "Make love to me, Sam. Please."
I knew that he would make this request, but I was so taken aback, I
had to sit down. Jordan squatted down next to me.
Two voices churned in my head. One yelled, `Don't do it! He is too
young! Think of what this will do to him! Think of the consequences for
both of you!" The other voice was the rebuttal a much gentler voice, "He
wants this. And so do you. He loves you. And you love him."
The latter began to grow louder and louder. Soon it grew lollipops nymphets loud
enough nymphets top models to drown out the former. I found that both Jordan and the voice were
right. I did love him. Why, I couldn't tell you. But I did.
I turned to Jordan his deep-green eyes waiting patiently and
whispered one single word, "Okay."III A Deep-Green Ocean Remember those eyes that I almost drowned in? Today I let that
happen. I slowly stood. Taking the lead, Jordan gently wrapped his silky
soft hand around mine and led me across the hall to his bedroom. Though we
were the only two in the house, habit caused him to close the
door. Jordan's room had a bay window opposite the door. A crank to open it
rested on its sill. The walls themselves were painted blue. The carpet was
white. The bed was perpendicular to the door and covered with generic white
sheets. A night table rested on the side of the bed closest to the
door. Upon it was a bottle of sweet pea lotion and an analog clock. Against
the right wall was a dresser, next to which on the side of the room with
the window was a two door closet.
I sat down on the bed. Jordan's body was perfect: a smooth chest,
with two tiny, soft pink nipples centered on either side. A torso that
dropped softly down to where the body tapers to the crotch a nice sharp
"V." A Speedo shaped tan line. His uncut penis fully engorged. His smooth
scrotum holding those two small orbs. I turned him around so that I could
take in all of him. His butt had two small dimples on either cheek. He
turned back around and began to approach me. I stopped him and gestured for
him to lye next to me. I had fantasized about my first time for years. I
knew exactly how I wanted it to happen. I first had to know my lover's
body. As Jordan lay next to me, I closed my eyes and ran my hands over
every square inch of his naked body. Every bump, every hollow, every hole,
every crevice became mine and mine alone. And Just as I expected, the rest
of his body was as soft as his hands. As my own hands reached his face, I
opened my eyes. Jordan's face glowed with beauty. I leaned down and kissed
him softly. As I sat back up, I grabbed the bottle of fourteen year old nymphets lotion on his night
table. I spread it on my penis and set it beside us on the bed. I
positioned myself between Jordan's legs. I gently lifted his legs, exposing
his virgin hole. Then I slowly and gently entered him. His body tensed
slightly as ukraniannymphets I pushed deeper. As my body met his, I leaned down and
whispered, "Are you all right? Am I hurting you?"
He smiled. "You could never hurt me, Sam."
With that, I began to thrust. A world I had never known was opened
up to me. His body softer than silk rubbed against mine as he moaned
in pure ecstasy. His fingernails dug into my skin, drawing rivers of blood
down my back. Sweat filled with the sweet aroma of youth erupted from his
pores. I inhaled this sweet ecstasy, so that the world and its evils could
not touch it. Our hands clasped, the sound of them colliding tore through
space and time. With my tongue I caressed the purity of his skin. With my
lips I stole his breath. His soul was revealed to me, and I could see his
motives, his limits, his deepest secrets. I released my soul to him and
they became one. No longer were we two separate entities, but one singular
being, united by pure love. As the hands of love grasped us, I could feel
the purity of this boy fading. I could see the old Jordan dying, being
replaced by something entirely different. A new Jordan. This was something
I had never seen or felt or heard. I did ukrainian nymphets free galleries not want it to end, but I knew
that it must. I could feel it racing nearer and nearer. I tried to hold
back, but eventually, he accepted into him that which would drown the rest
of his purity and innocence. That which would drown any that was left of
the old Jordan, leaving something entirely different behind. Jordan's hands
entangled themselves in my hair and his body tensed as his back lifted off
the bed. He let it down with a mighty crack as all that was left of him
faded, and he released the very last ounce of himself.
I collapsed on the bed to the right of Jordan. Our chests heaved as
breath escaped in gusts from our lips.
I looked over at the boy whose innocence I had so easily
taken. "Jordan...are you okay?"
He returned my gaze. A deep glow radiated from his entire being. "I
feel... I have never felt so...heavenly."
"Neither have I."
"Will you hold me?"
I smiled. "Of course, my love."
I opened my arms to him and he crawled into them. I wrapped my arms
around him. His body felt warm, soft and comforting.
"I love you, Sammie," I heard him whisper.
"I love you, too"
About three seconds later, Jordan's breathing slowed and became
steady. ls nymphets galleries He was asleep. As I listened to the sound of my lover's breathing,
I realized that I, too, was quite exhausted. I looked at his bedside
clock 10:00 AM. As I watched the second hand tick slowly around the
clock face, my eyes began to droop. I fell into a gentle slumber. I stand in a verdant field dressed in a white satin robe. There is
a lake a few yards ahead of me. The entire valley is surrounded by trees. A
glen. I know this place. It's...
"Welcome to paradise, my son."
I turn to the voice. A woman strides out of the forest behind
me. She has beautiful white hair and sapphire blue eyes. She, too, wears a
white satin robe. But at her side is a gleaming white sword. Sprites and
small dragons dance about the shining crown that she wears upon her head.
I kneel to the queen of the Celtic Pantheon. "Lady Danu."
She gently places her hand on my shoulder. "You need not kneel to
me here, my son. This is your home. I am your guest."
I stand. "Lady Danu, am I dead?"
She smiles. "Far from it, my son. This is a vision."
"Of what?"
"Of what awaits you after death. Jordan is seeing his paradise as
well. My daughter Rhiannon is attending to him."
"Why am I seeing this?"
"When such strong love between two people is finally united, it has
the potential to unlock the part of the mind, the soul and the heart that
opens the gateway to this place. Both you and Jordan have done so."
Her face turns from joyous to grave. "But now you must be careful."
"Of what?"
"This is not the only gateway opened by your love. There are things
that will try to destroy your love. Creatures. D?mons."
"That feed on destruction, right?"
She nods. "That is all I can say."
She turns and walks back into the forest.
A voice from far away draws nearer and nearer, "Sam...Sam...Wake
up, Sam...Sam, wake up." I jolted back into reality. I was back in Jordan's room. He was
looking at me. Trying to wake me.
"Jordan. Why fuck nymphet dolls did you wake me? I was..."
He smiled. "In paradise."
I nodded and returned his smile.
"I free pics underage nymphets
woke you because my mom and sister are back."
We both scrambled to get up. I could hear Willow calling for us as
Jordan got dressed.
"Shite," I cursed.
Jordan paused in dressing and looked at me. "What?"
"My clothes are in the bathroom."
"Shite. I'll go down and cover for you."
I nodded. Jordan finished dressing and went downstairs. I snuck
across the hall nymphette child model
into the bathroom. I dressed quickly and went downstairs.
"Hey, Sam," Willow said as I entered the kitchen. "I'm heating up
the skillet."
"Okay," I said. "Where's Carol?"
"Bathroom." She turned to Jordan. "By the way, little brother, your
shirt's on inside out."
Jordan and I both froze for a fraction of a second. Jordan took it
in stride. "Huh. I wonder how that happened. Oh, well. C'est la vie."
Jordan quickly removed his shirt and turned it the correct way. As the
skillet heated up, I began to make my omelets. Carol returned to the
kitchen, and we exchanged pleasantries. I served breakfast.
The day passed normally into evening. Willow and I excused
ourselves as we cum nymphets went to her F?rie Circle. A few yards away from the F?rie
Circle was the pool. The clear night sky reflected in the still waters. As
we stepped into its safe boundaries and began to set the altar, Willow
asked, "So how was it?"
Not sure what she meant, I asked, "How was what?"
"Duh. The sex."
"You mean with you, right?"
"No. I mean Jordan."
I was not as shocked as you might think. "How di "
"Please Sam," she interrupted, "I could see the signs. Jordan's
messy hair. His inside out shirt. The way you looked at him when you came
into the kitchen. Plus, the way you acted around him last night. Did you
have the vision?"
I nodded.
I frowned. "You're not mad?"
"Mad? I'm thrilled. You both had the vision." She answered my
question before I asked it, "I already talked to Jordan. I'm glad you both
had the vision."
"You're not going to tell, are you?"
She smiled. "Don't worry. You're obvious secret is safe with me."
I smiled as we stepped into the center of the circle. "So have you
had your vision?"
She nodded.
"With whom?"
Willow nervously cleared her throat. "You."
Now, I was shocked. "Me?"
She nodded. "You were so sweet that I fell in love with you. I knew
you were gay as soon as I met you, but I couldn't help my feelings. That's
why I offered to be your...test. I knew you would give me the vision."
"Who was your guide?"
"Lord Dagda."
I nodded and we began the ritual.
We finished the ritual and cleaned up, putting everything back in
what used to be the garden shed. Now, the Nightingales used it as a storage
shed for their Magickal items. We traversed inside the house and went
straight upstairs. I stopped at Jordan's door, fingering the knob.
I heard Willow open her door. "Night, Sam."
I looked from the doorknob to her. "'Night."
She slipped inside her room and closed the door.
I opened Jordan's door and entered his room. The light of the full
moon was shining through the window, casting a glow about the room and
bathing Jordan in silver water. He had tried to wait up for me but had
fallen asleep. He was laid spread eagle on his bed, wearing nothing but a
pair of navy blue briefs. His naked chest moved up and down lightly. I
stripped naked, crept over to the bed and straddled Jordan's hips. I leaned
down and kissed him softly. After a moment's time, I felt him kissing
back. I felt his tongue press lightly against my lips. I opened my mouth,
allowing it entrance; it slid smoothly over mine.
I broke the kiss and stared into eyes as deep as the sea.
Jordan smiled. "Hi, baby."
I felt my heart melt. No one had ever called me baby before.
I smiled back. "Hi."
I crawled back. I slipped Jordan's briefs down his slender thighs
and off. His body glowed in the silver of the moonlight. I grabbed the
lotion and spread it on Jordan's penis. I straddled his hips once more and
slipped him inside me. The two of us remained frozen for a few
minutes. asian angel nymphets
Then I began to ride him. After a few minutes, I felt Jordan
thrusting his hips into me. Soon, I felt Jordan fill me. The feeling was
enough to push me over the edge. I collapsed to the right of him. Without
him even asking, I took him into my arms.
"I love you, Sammie."
"I love sites nymphets you, too."
After a few minutes, he fell asleep. For some reason, I couldn't
take my eyes off him. Before I knew it, the sun broke through the window
and gently caressed Jordan's naked body. His green eyes opened and looked
up at me. He smiled. "Morning, Sammie."
"Morning, love."
He kissed me. "I can't believe I'm waking up next to you."
I hugged him tight. "Neither can I."
He smelled strongly of the events of last night. "We should go
We stood and crossed the hall naked. I turned on the water and
we stood under its flow arms wrapped around each other. I faced Jordan
away from me and gently pressed him against the wall. I entered him the
water acting as a lubricant. After a while, it ended once more. We finished
showering and snuck back across the hall. We laid down on his bed. Jordan
was lying on his stomach. After an hour or so, I sat up and reached for the
bottle of lotion. I felt Jordan's soft hand grab my wrist. I looked back at
him, and he was shaking his head.
"Are you sure," I asked.
I smiled. "Okay, but you must do the same for me."
He smiled back. "Of course."
I straddled Jordan's thighs. I felt a small amount of resistance,
then I slipped inside of him. As my body met his, I leaned down and
whispered, "Are you alright. Does it hurt?"
"A little. But it's a good pain...because it's you."
Boy, did he know the right places to touch both emotionally and
physically. I began to thrust. It was difficult for us both at first, but
eventually his muscles relaxed and we both fell into our usual pattern of
sexual noises: grunts, gasps, moans, sighs and the occasional swear. All
too soon, it ended and I held Jordan in my arms once more.
"I love you, Sammie."
"I love you, too."
We both fell asleep. Again I stand in the verdant field. Lady Danu stands next to me.
"I can see that it is going well."
I smile. "Oh, Lady Danu, I have never been happier. Thank you for
sending me such a wonderful gift."
She returns my smile. "You are welcome, my son. But you must be
careful. There are already forces at work that will try to take this
happiness away from you. When the time comes that they will strike, I may
not be able to stop it."
I nod.IV I Want To Hold Your Hand I loved to hold Jordan's hand. I never wanted to let it go. Jordan awoke me with a soft kiss. "Morning, baby."
Jordan kissed me again and pressed his tongue against my lips. I
allowed it in. After a few minutes of tongue wrestling, I rolled over onto
my stomach. Jordan positioned himself and pushed himself inside of me. It
was difficult for us both indian porn nymphets
at first, but eventually my muscles relaxed and
we fell into our usual pattern of sexual noises. Soon I felt Jordan fill me
and I felt the sticky warm sensation between myself and the bed. Luckily,
Willow did the laundry. I rolled back over and took Jordan into my arms. We
laid there for a long time.
I awoke to a knock at the door and a, "Sam, it's Willow."
"Just a moment," I called.
I quickly dressed and opened the door. "Yeah."
"Wakey Wakey, eggs and bakey. Of course, you'll be making the eggs
and bakey."
I closed the door and woke up Jordan. "Get dressed, baby."
He dressed and we went downstairs. We entered the kitchen. Willow
was preparing the ingredients for breakfast. Carol was not present. I asked
Willow where she was.
"She's changing. They are having some trouble at the factory. She
has to go in."
Jordan wrapped his arms around my waist, pulled me in close and
kissed me. "So what do you want to do today, love."
I wanted to go out with Jordan. Leave the house. Flaunt our
love. "Let's go to the park."
"That sounds wonderful."
Jordan let go of me, and I turned to Willow. "Willow "
"Absolutely." She tossed me the keys to her car. While I didn't
have my license, I was an excellent driver. I pocketed her keys.
Carol rushed into the kitchen. She was still pinning up her
hair. "Sorry, kids. I've go to run. Crisis at the factory. I'll be back as
soon as I can."
Then she was gone. I made the rest of us breakfast and we ate in
the living room. As we finished, I took everyone's plates in the kitchen,
rinsed them off and put them in the dishwasher. I went back into the living
room and pulled Willow's keys out of my pocket. "Shall we."
Jordan stood and we walked out the door together.
Willow's car was gorgeous and expensive. A roll-top red Ferrari
with genuine Italian leather seats and a CD changer in the trunk. We got in
and I turned it on. Jewel began playing on the CD player and I turned it
up. I put the top down and pulled out of the drive. I drove us down to
Hayworth Park.
As we got out of the car and began walking towards the river,
Jordan's fingers interlaced with mine. I stopped walking.
Jordan turned to me. "Sammie, what's wrong?"
"Oh, nothing. It's stupid. Come on." I started walking.
Jordan didn't move. "Please tell me, baby."
I turned to him. "I just love the feeling I get when you hold my
hand like that."
He smiled. "Then I promise I will never let go of your hand."
We walked over to one of the benches and sat down. Jordan's hand
never let go of mine.V A Sea Of Emotion I have seen Jordan's eyes filled with the warmth of love, the fires
of rage and the clouds of sorrow. But I took comfort in the fact that I
could always bring the warmth of love back into them. Jordan and I sat on the bench for hours. Until sunset. Now, it
matters not where you go, but you will always run into those who are
prejudice against your love. That person for me was Randy Yulgar. He was
the epitome of social prejudice's. He was racist, sexist, homophobic,
ageist plus a whole plethora of other prejudices. No one liked him. Except
for his girlfriend Cassie. Which was a shame, because she was such a sweet
girl. However, I knew why she liked him. He was pretty. He had long brown
hair, soft blue eyes and freckles.
I didn't even notice he was 12 yo nymphet bbs there until he came up behind us and
said, "Hey, fags. How we doing?"
I didn't turn around. I kept Jordan from looking at him. "Go away,
Randy. I don't bother you when you are with Cassie."
"Yes. But the difference is that when I am with Cassie, I am not
doing anything wrong."
Jordan let go of my hand, stood and turned to Randy. I could see
the fires of rage in his eyes. It scared me. And I could see a small amount
of fear in Randy's face as well.
"You think what we are doing is wrong when you stand there and
judge us. Judgment is wrong as well. So don't you come over here, pitching
some bull-shite about doing something wrong. Now get the fuck out of my
face before I pound yours in."
Randy turned and walked away. I turned Jordan to me the fires of
rage doused by sorrow and tears. The green of his eyes seemed to have
faded. I hugged him close and said nothing. He wept silently into my
chest. Soon, his sobs faded. He looked at me his eyes as green as
ever and smiled.
"I love you, Sammie."
"I love you, too."
We interlaced our fingers and started to walk back to Willow's
car. As we were passing the little white gazebo in the park, Jordan tripped
and fell into the cala lily bed that grew around it. I helped him out. "Are
you okay?"
Jordan laughed. "I'm fine."
We got back to the house and went inside. Carol and Willow were in
the living room listening to music.
We sat down.
"Sam," Willow said, "I picked up some clothes for you if you want
to stay a few more days."
"Thanks, hon."
Willow smiled.
After a few songs, Savage Garden's "Truly Madly Deeply" began to
play. Both Jordan and I said, "I love that song."
We looked at each other and knew that we had our own song.
Soon, it was time for bed. We went upstairs and started making
out. We stripped naked and I laid on top of Jordan, my tongue exploring his
mouth. Jordan pulled away.
"Yes, my love."
"Can I...uh..."
"Can you what?"
He gently touched my penis and then his lips.
"Is that what you want?"
"It is."
"Then of course you can."
I rolled over onto my back. Jordan positioned himself between my
legs and took me into his mouth. His lips glided gently over the surface of
my penis his tongue massaging the sensitive underside. Gasps and moans
poured from my mouth as saliva dripped from his. My fingers enmeshed
themselves in Jordan's hair. I felt my orgasm approaching. Subconsciously,
I pushed Jordan's head all the way down as I emptied myself into his
throat. Without missing a beat, Jordan took it all in. He crawled into my
arms his sweat smelled of flowers. Cala lilies.
"I love you, Sammie."
"I love you, too."
We fell asleep.
I awoke the next morning. Jordan was still asleep. I decided to
return the favor of last night. I slipped out of Jordan's arms and oriented
myself so that we were crotch-to-face. I began to massage Jordan's
penis. As soon as the first lollita nymphets child porno
moan escaped his lips, I took him into my
mouth causing him to moan even louder. I began to slide my lips up and
down. A few seconds later, I felt Jordan doing the same to me. This was the
most amazing sensation I had ever felt. Never had the two of us been as
connected as we were right now. As with every time with Jordan, it ended
too soon. Again, I held Jordan in my arms.
"I love you, Sammie."
"I love you, too."
We fell asleep. Again I am called to the glen.
"Lady Danu, why do you keep bringing me here?"
"To warn you, Sam. The forces of evil are getting closer to you and
Jordan. Something terrible is going to happen. And soon. Please be
"I will try M'Lady. I will try."VI Romance and Passion I love romance. You could say I have a passion for it. The two go
hand in hand. Passion usually accompanies romance. That's one of the
attractive qualities of romance. However, I would probably still love
romance even if its mate was not passion. Jordan and I had been dating for quite a while. For our one-month
anniversary, I wanted to do something special for him. Something he'd never
forget. I found out that there was a Savage Garden concert coming to
town. I saved up enough money for seats and bought two tickets.
But I wanted to do more. I knew what it was, too. A few nights
before the concert, I talked to Willow to help me out. She agreed.
I surprised Jordan with the tickets the night before the show. He
was so excited that we ended up having sex. No matter how many times, how
many different ways we did it, sex with Jordan never lost its passion.
Willow dropped us off at the concert hall. We found our seats and
sat down. When the band cum nymphet played our song, I wanted to take Jordan then and
there. Unfortunately, we were in a public setting. Besides, I wanted to
save it for later that night.
The concert ended. Willow picked us up and took us back to her
house. I silently led Jordan up to his room. I gestured for him to go
first. He turned the knob and entered. His eyes filled with wonder. Thrown
about the room were lily petals. His favorite flower. Mine, too. Lying on
the bed was a bouquet of various lily breeds. Lighting the room were dozens
of blue candles. His favorite color. He turned to me. "Sam...this
"Well, I put a lot of thought into it."
He strode over to me and kissed me softly. He then walked over nymphets sweet ukrainian to
the bed, picked up the bouquet, inhaled its aroma and set the bouquet on
his night table. Jordan stripped naked, and I followed suit. We laid down
on the bed, and our bodies entwined, rolling around on the lily
petals we made sweet, soft and, of course, passionate love.VII Forgiveness Forgiveness is one of the hardest things to give. Especially when
you have been hurt very badly by the one asking for it. But there is one
force that can destroy all others. That force is love. For, love is lord of
heaven and earth. I underage nymphet porn uncensored
tried to spend as much time with Jordan as I could, which was
actually quite often. The fact that Willow knew helped a lot. Of course, we
didn't want to spend every day together. We did have our own lives to live.
I loved it when he called me Sammie. There was this special way he
would say my name that would make my heart melt in an instant. I could
never say no to him after he said my name in that special way no matter
what he asked of me. A night after I had seen Jordan, I got a call from
"Hi, baby. What's up?"
"Sam, I'm sick. Influenza. I don't think we should get together for
a while."
"Awww. Poor baby. Do you need anything? Do you want me to come
"No. I don't want you to get sick, too."
"You sure?"
"Okay. Love you. Bye."
I cradled the phone.
I sat down and turned on the TV. I couldn't stop thinking about
Jordan. I decided to go over anyway. Before I went, I made a pot of my very
own chicken noodle soup. Campbell's? can't hold a candle to what I
make. But don't ask. It's a secret. I put the soup in some Tupperware and
left for Willow's house she had gone back to college a few weeks
earlier. I opened the door and immediately noticed something was off. It
was quiet. Too quiet. Carol wasn't there. Sure, she supported her whole
family, but she was the boss. I was sure her distillery and vineyard
would've been fine for a day or two without her. Regardless, I didn't make
too much noise in case Jordan was resting. I put the soup in the fridge
and took off my jacket, as it was November. I tossed my jacket on the sofa
and quietly crept up the stairs. Jordan's door was closed, as I expected it
to be. I quietly turned the knob and opened the door. What was revealed to
me shocked me so badly that I stood frozen. Jordan's head was bobbing up
and down on the dick of another boy. Stephen Conner. A brilliant boy who
took his smarts to the streets and became a juvenile delinquent. And even
though I hate to admit it, he was very hot.
As Jordan realized I was there, he stood. "Sam. Wh-what are you
doing here?"
I croaked out, "Jordan, how...could you?"
He walked over to me. "Sam I "
I slapped him across the face. "How could you do this to me,
Jordan?! I thought you loved me!"
"I did. I do."
"Bull shite! If you did, you wouldn't be sucking the dick of this
degenerate lowlife."
Conner interjected. "So the gloves come off."
I turned to him. "You stay out of this, you snake."
I turned back to Jordan. "And you. Don't you dare speak to me ever
I stormed out.
As soon as I got home, I went right to my room and wept for
hours. Once all the tears were gone, I extricated myself from my room and
watched TV with Mom in the living room. A fall rain rolled in. Jordan took
my words to heart. He did not attempt to call me. Mom went to bed as I
continued to watch TV. As I was watching Scrubs, I heard the faintest knock
at my door. At first, I wasn't sure I heard it. Then I heard it again and
knew it was for real. I stood and opened the door. There, kneeling on my
stoop was Jordan. His clothes soaked from the rain. His hair matted to his
"P-p-p-please, S-S-Sam," he begged. "F-forgive me."
I stood there for a moment, contemplating my next
move. Reluctantly, I gave in. I russian virgins nymphets
grabbed him roughly by the arm and pulled
him inside. "Get in here."
"Are you daft," I said once he was inside. "You'll catch your death
out there."
As he entered the light, I could see that his soft lips were
cracked and tinged blue. His hands were shaking violently.
I pointed to the sofa. "Sit."
He did. I went to my asian nymphet nudes room and grabbed my blanket. On the way back I
grabbed a towel from the bathroom. I wrapped my blanket around him and
dried off his head. I put the towel back in the bathroom. I then went into
the kitchen and heated water for tea. Once the water was heated, I poured
two cups of Nighttime Tea. I walked back into the living room. I tried to
give Jordan his cup, but his hands were shaking too violently to hold onto
it. I set his cup down on the end table and took him into my arms. As his
shivers faded, all my sorrow, anger and fears melted away. The last of his
shivers subsided and I let him go.
He looked at me with soft green eyes. "Sam, I "
I interrupted him this time with a soft kiss. "It is all right,
Jordan. I forgive you."
"I promise I will never hurt you like that again. Or any other
I kissed him again and handed him his tea. We drank in silence. As
midnight rolled around, I could tell that Jordan was fatigued. I helped him
to my bedroom and called Carol to tell her he was there and that he was
fine. I told you that love was strong. Besides, Conner is a serpent. He
destroys people's lives by charming them and bringing them down. Exactly
what Danu warned me about. At least, that's what I thought.VIII Ripped Away Now we come to the climax of this story. The part I have been
dreading since I began it. A moment I have lived over and over in my head,
trying to find ways I could've changed it. Knowing full well that I
couldn't. The past is the past. It cannot be changed. And over the years I
have come to learn that the past should not be changed. Even though we want
to, the past should stay that way. The past. But as much as I know this
virtue to be true, I would give everything to see Jordan just one more
time. It was December 19, a cold, snowy day. It was after school. Willow
and I were at my house.
She asked me a question that always comes up when we're alone, "So,
how's Jordan?"
I gave the same answer, "Amazing," but this time I added a little
more. I reached into the drawer of my night table and pulled out a small,
blue felt ring box.
"I have something for him."
Willow opened the ring box. Though I couldn't see what was inside,
I already knew. A sterling silver ring with beautiful Celtic knotwork
wrapped around the band.
Willow looked from the ring to me. "Oh, my god, Sam. This is
beautiful. How in the world..."
"Did I afford it?"
She nodded.
"I saved for weeks to get it. I hope he says yes."
"Oh, of course he will. He loves you with all his heart. How are
you going to do it?"
"The little white gazebo at Hayworth Park."
"That's perfect. Especially this time of year with all the
snow. He's getting out of school soon. Shall we?" She stood.
I followed suit. We got in her car, and I decided to drive. As we
were going down the street towards that particular part you had to cross
to go little boys nymphet either way Willow's cell phone rang. The sound shortly distracted
me. That was long enough.
Willow suddenly screamed, "Look out!"
But it was too late. The car collided with a person on the
crosswalk. The body collided with the windshield, sending a web of cracks
across its surface. Willow and I immediately got out of the car. She was
already on her cell phone with emergency dispatch. I slowly walked over to
the body. Blood was spattered across the windshield and the hood. The snow
in front of the car was stained crimson. I looked at the body's face. Its
eyes were closed and half its face was covered in blood. A small lock of
hair peaked out from under the light blue knit wool cap. White blond. I
know you aren't supposed to touch the body, but I carefully lifted the
eyelid not covered in blood. It confirmed my fears. It was a deep
green. Jordan. Surprisingly, I didn't break down. I turned to Willow who
was just finishing up with emergency dispatch. I could already hear the
"Willow! Get over here!"
She walked over to me. "What is it?"
I pointed to the body. "It's...Jordan."
Willow looked confused. "What?"
"The body...It's Jordan."
She put her hand to her mouth. "Oh, no." Tears welled in her
eyes. I couldn't let her breakdown. Not yet.
I looked her square in the eye. "Willow, look at me." Her eyes were
still on the body. "Look at me, Willow."
She did not move.
"Goddamn it, look at me!"
Her eyes turned towards me. Good.
"I need you to stay calm. Okay?"
She nodded.
"Okay. Good." I pointed to her phone. "Call your mom. Tell her
what's going on. I'm going to talk to the paramedics. Okay."
She nodded. "Right."
She flipped open her phone and dialed the number. I walked over to
the ambulance. Two paramedics nymphettes galleries
a man and a woman were talking amongst
themselves. I interrupted them, "Excuse me."
They both turned to me. The man turned to the woman. "Why don't you
take this one, Judy?"
She nodded. The man left us to talk. Judy had frizzy red hair tied
back in a braid. She had brown eyes and freckles. A true Irish woman. My
kind of gal.
I spoke before she did. "Okay. I hate to be rude, but let's make
this as quick as possible. The sooner we get this done, the sooner you can
get Jordan to the hospital."
"Okay." She pulled out her clipboard. "Do you know the victim?"
"Jordan Merlin Nightingale."
"Are you a relative?"
"Who was driving?"
"Have you your license?"
"Not yet, but I have a permit and Willow is 21." I gestured to
Willow who had finished talking to Carol.
"I assume neither of you is injured?"
She went over her checklist. "Okay. We're done."
I walked back over to Willow. "She's on her way," Willow said.
I nodded. Carol seemed to take forever to get there. We climbed
into her van and we followed the ambulance ukrainian nymphets free pics to Midlands Hospital. Shockingly
for all of us, Jordan's father was waiting for us. We weren't allowed to
see Jordan until they got him stable. If they got him stable. We sat in the
emergency room for hours. I called Mom on Willow's phone and told her I was
spending the night at Willow's house. Each time the doors opened, everyone,
not just us, looked to see who was emerging. The room slowly emptied until
there were only a few people left including us.
The doors opened once more. A middle aged, heavyset woman
emerged. She was wearing granny glasses, a red shirt and a lab coat. She
walked over to us. "Are you Jordan Nightingale's family?"
Carol answered, "Yes."
"I'm Dr. Shlesinger. You should sit down."
We did.
Dr. Schlesinger cleared her throat. "The doctors were able to get
Jordan stable. However, he is in a coma. He is also brain-dead. Which
means..." She trailed off.
I finished for her, "Which means that he's a vegetable. He can't
breathe. His heart isn't beating. Machines are keeping alive. Keeping him
connected to this world. The chances are slim to nil that he'll ever wake
up. Am I right, doctor?"
Dr. Shlesinger nodded. "You may see him if you want." We all
followed her back to the ER. She talked as she led us to Jordan's room. "It
might be hard to see top dark nymphets
him. He was pretty banged up in the accident. He has a
lot of tubes connected to him"
We reached a room with closed blinds and doors. "If you need
anything, I'll be at the nurse's station," Dr. Shlesinger finished.
We all faced the door. None of us wanted to open it. I felt
obligated because I had been closer to Jordan than anyone else ever had. I
slowly reached for the handle and pushed. The light above the bed was
on casting a depressing glow about the grey room. But our eyes were
fixed on the near dead corpse before us. A tube extended from his mouth
connected to a respirator that rhythmically pumped air in and out of his
lungs. Two more tubes extended from his leg to a bypass machine that pumped
his blood. A third tube extended from his groin to a baggie hanging from
the side of his bed. An IV dripped nutrients into his blood stream. A
monitor above his bed beeped out his rhythms: pulse, heart rate,
breathing. We all sat down. After a few minutes, there was a knock on the
door. A nurse came in. "I'm sorry to disturb you." She turned to
Carol. "Mrs. Nightingale?"
Carol stood. "Yes."
The nurse held up a yellow envelope, stacked on folded clothes,
stacked on a backpack. "In a situation such as this, we give the person in
question's belongings to their legal guardian. These were among your sons
possessions when we brought him in." Carol took the items. "Thank you."
The nurse smiled sadly and left. Carol sat back down and opened the
envelope. She began to pull out items. Nothing really caught my interest
until she pulled out a small, pussy nymphettes blue felt ring box. All eyes turned to it as
she held it up. "What in the world...?"
I held out my hand. Carol gently placed the box in my palm. I
stared at the box for a moment before opening it. Inside was a emerald
surrounded by several more emeralds on a gold band. On the inside of the
band was an inscription, I want to live like this forever. A line from our
song "Truly Madly Deeply." I smiled as I quietly said, "He was going to
"What," Carol said.
I looked from the ring to her. "Jordan was going to ask me to marry
him." Suddenly the ring was gone from my hand. Snatched away by
Eric. Jordan's estranged father.
"Hey," I said, "give it back."
Carol spoke up, "Give him the ring, Eric. It's rightfully his."
"But it's mine."
I lowered my hand. "Why not?"
"My son is not a fag, and I will not have him married to a fag."
There are few things I won't tolerate in this world. Being called a
fag bothers me, but I can live with it. But calling my love a fag, I won't
stand for it.
I stood. "How dare you! You don't know who your son is! Hell, he
isn't even your son anymore! You gave up that privilege when you ran off
with some hussy and now spend all your time one state over drinking,
gambling and fucking random sluts!"
My rant earned me a slap across the face. It did not hurt. I was
too angry to feel pain. "I will not be judged by a fag like you. Don't ever
talk to me like that again, fag."
"Fuck you, asshole!" At that, I spit in his face.
Eric looked like he was about ready to pummel me
I crossed my arms. "You want to hit me again? Go ahead."
Willow stood next to me. "Yeah, Eric. Hit him."
Carol stood on the other side of me. "Well, we're waiting."
Eric backed down. I knew he would. Like strands of rope, the three
of us together could take him down.
Eric grabbed his coat. "I'm going home."
Before he left, I wanted to put the sting in him just a little bit
more. "Before you go Eric, it might please you to know this..."
Eric's curiosity got the better of him. His curiosity was one of
his greatest weaknesses. He turned to me. "What?"
As I spoke, I walked over to Jordan's bed and turned back to face
Eric. "I just thought I should tell you that Jordan is very kind and
generous. And a very passionate lover. And anytime you're fucking one of
your whores, I want you to think that whatever it is your doing your
fucking her, she's sucking your dick I want you to know that Jordan and
I have done almost everything you could possibly think of. Anytime one of
those nasty little thoughts pops into your head, think of me and Jordan in
his bedroom doing the exact same thing. But the difference is..." I looked
at Jordan, ran my fingers through his soft hair and smiled, "...we did
those things because we were in love." I turned back to Eric. "Deep
indescribable love. At least I love your son. You don't love any of those
women you use and throw away. Think about that the next time you fuck
someone. How hollow and empty it feels." I turned back to Jordan. I waved
at Eric as though brushing away a fly. "Go away. No one wants you here," I
said coolly. Without a word, Eric turned and walked out of the ER, ring in
As his footsteps faded, my heart slowed to its normal pace and I
let out the breath I'd been holding in. Willow walked over to me. I looked
up at her.
"Sam," she said, "that was...amazing."
"Thank you."
"I mean, no one has ever stood up to Eric like that. They're all
too afraid."
I smiled again. "Well, I guess the old adage, `All bullies are
cowards,' sometimes proves to be true. I'm glad it did this time."
She smiled. "Me, too."
I heard Carol's voice from over in the corner. "Is that true?"
I turned to her. "What's that, Carol?"
"Is it true what you said? About Jordan being kind and generous and
a...passionate lover?"
I walked over to her and sat down next to her. "I meant every word
I said."
Carol was not looking at me, but at the floor. I didn't blame
her. She had received quite a bit of information in the last few
minutes. She looked up at me. "You loved my son?"
I smiled warmly. "With all my heart."
"Did you have the vision then?"
"We both did."
She smiled. She placed her hand on the side of my face. "You
would've made a wonderful son-in-law and a wonderful partner for my son."
I returned her smile. "Thank you."
We stayed a little while longer. Then we all went home. I had a
little bit of trouble getting to sleep, but eventually I did. Once more, I stand in the glen, dressed in the white satin robe. I
hear footsteps behind me and the familiar voice. "Welcome back, my son."
"Lady, Danu."
We both stare out at the lake as we speak.
"I see my warning llittle nymphets has come to pass."
"You've come for my advice, have you not?"
"I have."
"Listen to your heart, Sam. It will lead you down the right path."
"I should've known you'd say that."
She nods. "Go home, Sam."
I do. I awoke and went downstairs. It was a little after 4:00 in the
morning, so I did not expect to see Willow in the kitchen. "Why are you
"Had a vision." She takes a sip of wine.
"Me, too." I sit down. Willow hands me a glass of wine.
"She told you to follow your heart didn't she?"
I nodded.
"That's what Dagda told me. What do you think we should do?"
I thought for a moment. "Let's give him the rest of this day. If
nothing has changed by tomorrow morning, then we will..." the words got
caught in my throat.
Willow finished for me. "...let him go."
The day passed by slowly. Eventually, night came and we all went
off to bed once more. I come to the glen once more. Lady Danu is waiting for me. "So,
you've made your decision."
I nod.
"Then why have you come?"
"This is the only place where I can be at peace."
Lady Danu nods. "Do not stay to long. You have an arduous task
ahead of you."
I remain there a few more minutes than return to the real world.IX Final Goodbyes I don't have much to say about this chapter. All I can say is that
it's the end. On December 21, we all reluctantly trudged up to the hospital. We
stood outside his room with Dr. Schlesinger. I turned to Carol and
Willow. "I think we should each say goodbye to him alone."
Carol placed her hand on my shoulder. "Good idea. I think you
should go last. Your words should be the last he hears. Willow told me
everything about you two. You meant the world to him, Sam."
I nodded.
Carol went in first. After a few minutes, she emerged her cheeks
stained with tears. Willow then went in. When she was finished, I stepped
into the room and walked over to the bed. I stood in silence for a
moment. "I don't even know where to begin." A sob escaped from my
throat. Tears welled in my eyes and drifted down my face. "I am so sorry,
baby. I'm sorry I did this to you. I know you're in pain. How could you not
be? You look like shite. And I cannot watch you suffer because I want you
to come back. I know that will never happen. I have to think about you. So,
even though it is the hardest thing I have ever had to do, and probably the
hardest thing I will ever have to do, I have to let you go. Know that I
will never forget you. And I will never love anyone as much as I have loved
I leaned down and kissed his forehead. "Goodbye...my love."
I summoned Carol, Willow and Dr. Schlesinger into the room.
Dr. Schlesinger walked over to the machine ensemble. She looked at
us. "You ready?"
I answered, "No. But we never will be."
Dr. Schlesinger nodded her understanding. She switched off the
respirator. Then the bypass machine. Then she cut off his IV. The monitor
above Jordan's head beeped out his final rhythms then went flat.
Dr. Schlesinger called his death, "Time of death, 8:15 AM."Epilogue I think I'll stop there. I think that's a good ending. Besides, not
much happened after the "8:15 AM" part. Yes. This is good. So, there you
have it. I hope you enjoyed this story. I certainly did. And my promise to
Jordan has remained true. Even though I paradise pics nymphets
am engaged, I do not love him as
much as I loved Jordan. And he knows it. If there is any part of this story
you don't believe, I'm not going to try to convince you that it was
real. All I'm going to say is that it really did happen. And, in the end,
that's all that really matters anyway.
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