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Subject: The truth about Caymen 11 Merit found Caymen in the Observation Deck and silently sat down
beside him. Caymen took his hand without a word, and they watched as the
ship approached the island of Caymen Brac, about 80 miles lovely nymphets top
past Grand
Caymen. Merit was worried about Caymen's sudden change of mood, and about
the dark under currents leaking through their link together, but he said
nothing. About two hours later, they joined the others on the main deck and
watched as the shore launch boat was brought out again. The ship was
anchored about a mile outside a small bay, and they could see the small
dock that was their destination. The shore was covered with thick brush on one side of the dock, and
gave away to a short beach on the other, bordered by a rock cliff and what
looked like a large cave. Everyone looked around at the high natural nymphet yahoo briefcase stone
walls 10 y.o. nymphets that seemed to enclose the small bay like a pair of hands. Cody and
Randy chatted excitedly, while Caymen and Merit sat on each side of Deidre.
Rick spoke with the Captain about how long the ship would be at Grand
Caymen getting serviced and stocked for the next leg of the journey. At the dock, Caymen assisted his grandmother out of the small shore
boat and walked with her up the wooden dock. It was easy to imagine that
this area hadn't changed for a long time, and it seemed familiar to him.
Baggy trilled, and he scooped her up to his shoulder as they climbed a young nymphet nude
of stone steps. Through the trees he could see the spires of a roof. A large well kept lawn started at the top of the stairs and
stretched for almost a hundred yards towards a red brick Victorian house.
It was enormous, sitting framed with trees and a large gazebo, all of the
trim in freshly painted white. Its three-story size was covered with
numerous windows, and a grand covered porch wrapped all the way around the
bottom floor. Several species of birds flew back and fourth through the
trees, noisily welcoming the visitors. An old woman came out tiny nymph tgp onto the porch and covered her mouth with her
hand. She was barely five feet tall, dressed in a gray uniform dress and
white collar, and was very heavy set. As Caymen and Deidre approached, she
managed an nymphet hardcore awkward curtsey. "Oh, Lady Deidre!" She gushed in a heavy
accent. "Eet's bane tew long since yew was 'ere last!" She wrapped her
short heavy arms around Deidre, tears rolling down her cheeks. "Me an'
Doyle was so pleased to 'ear you was comin'." "Lila, you have no idea how happy I nymphet pussy cp
am to see you." Deidre wiped
at her own eyes. "Every memory I have of you is a pleasant one." "An' who is this impressive lad with you, I might wonder?" Lila
turned to Caymen and put her amazingly soft hand on his cheek. "You are
the spittin' image of the master 'imself, young Caymen." A wave of
familiarity washed over him as the short little woman hugged him too. Merit watched this funny little reunion with Rick, Cody, and Randy,
chuckling at Caymen's obvious discomfort. The lady they talked to, Lila,
was hilarious. She led them into the house and never missed a beat
talking. She went over improvements and repairs to the house, staffing,
supplies, and the grounds before they even got to the parlor. Deidre
smiled a lot and nodded, while Caymen looked around. An old man of about seventy came in wearing a white shirt, black
tie, and gray slacks. He was introduced as dutch nymphette bbs
Lila's husband Doyle, also
apparently a hired servant for the house. He showed the boys where their
rooms were, and helped with luggage. Cody's room was on the second floor, and through the windows he
could see the Sea Candle getting under way. It was spectacular view, all
the way to the beach. The room was large finest nymphets gallery and open, with windows on two
sides. It was filled with antique furniture and old paintings on the wall,
but the bathroom was very modern. He dumped his bags and went across the
hall to Randy's, finding much the same. "Do you believe the size of this
place?" He asked as Randy came out of the bathroom. "This is like a
little hotel." "I'm glad we're on this floor. Being a midget, I don't like
sprinting stairs." Randy pulled off his shirt and dug a tank top out of
his bag. "Did you notice hot sticky it is? It's hot and muggy." "They only thing hot I noticed was you, ace." Cody kissed him
quickly, making him blush. "I love when your face turns red like that." Randy poked Cody in the nose with his fingertip. "Knock it off,
ace, before I tie you up and read naked nymphetes pics Martha Stewart magazines to ya." "Shit, for a little guy you're mean." Merit and Caymen were russian young nymphets given two rooms on the third floor, but only
used one. They used the one that faced inland, into a dense wooded area,
seeming to cut them off from civilization. They spoke quietly while they
unpacked, but Merit could tell Caymen wasn't up for small talk. Caymen sighed, removing porno younger nymphet Baggy from his open suitcase for the third
time. He picked her up and held her at eye level. "Look, your highness, I
am not enjoying this game." Baggy narrowed her eyes at him, and vibrated
his hands with a deep purr. "You don't play fair, dumb cat." He hugged
her, dumped out his suitcase on the bed, and put her in it, giving in. She
closed her eyes contentedly. Merit laughed. "Boy, I'm glad you showed her who was boss, boss."
He had to duck a barrage of clothes thrown at him, then jumped behind
Caymen and tickled him. Caymen gasped and giggled wildly, getting pinned
on the bed by Merit's superior size. "Oh, jesus Merit, STOP!" Caymen cried, unable to stop the hands
that went liltle nymphet porno over his chest, under his arms, down his sides, and even into the
most ticklish place on his body, between his thighs. "Please, Merit. Oh
my god, stop!" "Not until you tell me what's been bugging you." Merit grinned and
re-launched his assault. "You've been a moody pain in the pedo sex nymphet
ass since this
morning. Now what gives?" Caymen rolled into a fetal position trying to
protect himself, but Merit just started on his back. "OKAY, OKAY!" Caymen fought for breath, allowing Merit to sink
down onto him. "You don't play fair." He said, breathing hard. After a
moment he looked towards the windows. "I've been here before, I know it." "Did grandma tell you that?" "No, but I remember it, just barely." Caymen looked back and met
Merit's eyes. "It was along time before my dad died, so I'm guessing I was
about six. This was my room." He pointed at a dresser near the corner.
"I bet if you opened that bottom drawer, you'd find some of my action
figures." Merit stood up and walked to the dresser and pulled open the
drawer. "I'll be damned." He reached down and took out a Ninja Turtle.
"I had some of these. I loved 'em." He brought it back with him and lay
on the bed next to Caymen. "So why are we here, Cay?" "I don't know exactly, but this is not going to be the best part of
the trip by a long shot." He took the turtle from Merit and straightened
its arms. "It's Danatello. Wasn't he the found nymphet photo
one who fought inner demons?" "Are you saying you've been fighting demons?" Merit stretched out
behind Caymen on the bed and looped his arm around him. Caymen sighed and closed his eyes, needing the feelings of
closeness from his lover. "Do you ever wish we were back home, Merit?
Just us and Baggy up at the camp?" "All the time." Merit sex little nymphets
mumbled into Caymen's neck. Caymen rolled over and gently pushed him away. "Goof. I meant
like all this hadn't happened, like it used to be." Merit was silent for a second, then ran his index finger around
Caymen's jaw. "Do you mean you having more money than the Pope, and us not
being on this trip? I hope this ain't a big shocker for you,
Mr. McCandles, but I loved you when I thought you were broke. Now what's
bugging you?" "I don't think I like this life style. It's fun and all, but
it's..I don't know." Caymen rolled onto his back and sighed again. "I
was happy where I was." "Tell pre nymphet pics them to take the whole thing and stuff it." Merit said
matter-of-factly. "They can't make you be the head of the family, or
whatever the hell is going on." "Grandma said that some of them wouldn't give me a choice." Caymen
almost whispered. "My dad took teenmodel nymphets pics us to Utah to get away from them, and
Deidre always said they'd find us. I guess they have." "Well if that asshole Darius shows up again, you know you have
help." Caymen smiled, appreciating the bravery in Merit's voice. If only
it were that easy. Caymen knew that part of his solution was going to
involve keeping Merit safe, and the others also. It settled on his
shoulders like a ton of sand. "Merit, you are the best thing that ever
happened to me, even if you couldn't navigate to save your life." "I think you got ukrainian nymphet mafia me lost on purpose, dickhead." Merit chuckled and
kissed Caymen. That evening, Deidre hosted a dinner for some of the local
dignitaries and their spouses, and for a man named Tammic that arrived late
in the afternoon with two other men. All four of the boys were extremely
uncomfortable during dinner, dressed in ties, and having to watch their
manners. The high point of dinner in the enormous formal hall was that
they were allowed to have wine with their meals. Randy took almost no time
in getting slightly fuzzy around the gills. After dinner, Deidre and Caymen talked at the table with the
guests, while Rick led the boys out to the porch. He lit a dark black
cigar given to him by Tammic and sat down in a large wicker chair. Cody
was eager to try the cigar, and Rick smiled knowingly and handed it over.
Cody puffed on it and decided exotic nymphets sites
he wanted one, then blushed with excitement
when Rick gave him one. Merit tried it, found it awful, and declined one of
his own. Randy tried it, inhaled, coughed hugely, then stretched out with
his head in Cody's lap, trying to get the world to quit spinning. "What's up with Cay?" Cody asked, tapping ashes in to a standing
ashtray. "He wasn't very funny a dinner. He's usually the life of the
party." He brushed Randy's bangs out of his eyes. "He's home sick." Merit said quietly, helping himself to another
glass of wine. "He's not real wild about this trip." "You're kidding!" Randy slurred, his eyes wide with shock. "I'm
havin' the time a my life here!" "No kidding?" Rick chuckled. "We couldn't tell." "Seriously," Randy wobbled to a sitting position and looked Merit
in the eye, trying not to bob his head. "Why would he wanna go home? Home
sucks!" He fell against the back of the couch and put his hand on his
forehead. "Jeezus Krise, it's hot out here." "Maybe I ought to get you up to bed, Randy. I think you've had all
the party you can handle for tonight." Cody handed his cigar to his dad.
"I'll be right back, Pop. Don't put it out." Rick nodded, and Cody stood
up and picked nice nymphets
Randy up in his arms. "Oh, I see." Randy bubbled with a grin. "I know what you wanna
do." "Come on, little bear. Say nite nite to everybody." nymphet hacked Merit opened
the door for them and Cody stepped through. "Nite, guys." Randy yawned. They could hear him talking through
the house and up the stairs, mumbling about how he really wasn't that
tired. Merit sat back down and filled Rick's glass for him. "He really
isn't liking this trip, Rick. I wasn't making a joke." "I realize that. He's been a little off for a couple of days,
hasn't he?" Rick puffed his cigar and blew a smoke ring. "Do I dare ask
what is on his mind?" "He liked the way his life was. He didn't want it to change."
Merit took off his tie and unbuttoned his top button. "Any more than that,
I think he should tell you." "I understand." Rick sipped at the wine and set it down. "What
about you, Merit?" "What do you mean?" Rick motioned with his hand towards the house. "Your boyfriend has
lots of money and lots of new toys. How do you feel about it?" He put his
feet up by Merit's and stretched out. "You know that Deidre and nymphets model nude I invested
your insurance money with her families, don't you? You're not exactly poor
yourself." Merit was surprised. He had asked Rick to handle it, but had
forgotten about it. "I didn't know that." Rick smiled and shook his head. Merit, son of my brother, like a
son to me, did you listen to one word I said when we sold beautiful nymphets nude
your mom and
dad's house for you?" Merit swallowed and shook his head. "No, I don't remember a lot
from that time." Rick sat up and put his elbows on his knees. "Merit, your dad was
insured for a half a million dollars, your mom was insured for half a
million dollars, your brother and sister for three hundred thousand dollars
each. You and your dad may have had your differences, but he did love you,
and he left you in very good shape to go to school and have a life to be
proud of." Merit's eyes teared up. He hadn't thought much about his family,
keeping it suppressed. Now, in the middle of some stupid island, it
crashed down on him how much he non nude nymphets portal missed them. "I'd give it back if I could
just talk to him." He moved forward and put his head in Rick's lap. "I
loved him, Uncle Rick, I really did. I tried to make him proud of me." "I know you did, Merit." Rick soothed. "He would be, too. He
always was very proud of you and Kristy and Paul." Cody stepped out onto the porch quietly, not wanting to interrupt.
He picked up his glass and sat down. When they looked up, and Merit moved
back to his chair, Cody smiled at them. "The belle of the ball is out like
a light." "Big shock." Rick chuckled. "I think nymphet pedo video I'm turning in, boys. Don't
forget that scuba instructor I arranged comes in the morning at nine,
okay?" He stood up and ruffled Merit's hair, earning him a grateful smile,
then kissed Cody on the forehead. "I want you guys to know that I am
always proud of you, and that I would always say that, even if I was angry.
Good night." "Wow, what brought that on?" Cody asked after his dad had gone.
"Who was nymphets elite that, and what'd he do with my dad?" "We were talking about my family, and it got a little mushy.
Sorry." Merit closed his eyes and leaned back in the chair. "Oh, I didn't mean to be a smartass, Merit. I didn't mean to hurt
your feelings." Cody's face flamed red, and he wished he could bite his
tongue off. "You didn't, Cody. Don't worry about it. I just think your dad's
pretty cool, that's all." "Yeah, so do I." An hour later, Caymen walked out on to the porch and pulled his tie
off, almost tossed it into the roses, then set his child nymphets young jaw and folded it neatly
and laid it on the back of one of the chairs. Merit had apparently gone to
bed. Only Cody remained up, lounging on a wicker couch. "Hey, Caymen!" Cody smiled, holding up his glass and the last two
inches of his cigar. "Want some? Or one? Or some and one.?" He
giggled and let his arms drop. "Fuck, I don't know what you mean." Caymen laughed and sat down. "You mean that I know what you mean,
right?" "Yeah, that's what I mean." Cody grinned from ear to ear, pleased
with figuring it out. He watched as Caymen poured the last glass of wine,
then clinked their glasses. "Cheers!" "Cheers." Caymen sipped the wine and put his feet up on pics nude nymphets a low
table. "Why haven't you gone to bed, Cody? It's almost one." "Well, I thought someone oughta watch for you if you came this
way." Cody giggled again. "That and my ass is stuck to this chair." "Stuck? You can't get up?" Caymen stifled a laugh, watching as
Cody rolled back and forth, then grunted as he tried to sit up. "Nope, and I don't really care, 'cept I gotta go to the bathroom."
Cody dropped his lady little nymphets
cigar on his chest, yelped, and brushed at it furiously.
"I hate when that happens." Caymen shook his head and stood up. He took Cody's wine nudist nymphet nudist glass and
set it down, stubbed out the cigar, and pulled Cody to his feet. "You are
to damned big to carry, Cody, so don't pass out on me, okay?" He wrapped
Cody's arm around his shoulder and headed for the door. "I promise." Cody slurred, putting his hand out to catch the
doorframe. "You're a real friend, Caymum. Caynum. Cay-mun. God that's a
hard name. Why don't you go with bill or john or something." Caymen maneuvered for the stairs. "That's a good idea. We'll talk
about it at breakfast, okay?" It was slow going up the stairs, and he nymphets pics pthc toplist
to board cgiworld nymphet keep a death grip on the rail to keep them from falling back down. Cody
was wobbling all over the place, waving his arms and moving his feet. Half
way up, Caymen sighed and through Cody over his shoulder in a firemen
carry. They made it to the top of the stairs and he set Cody down. "Oh, Cay. I'm gonna be sick." Cody's eyes were red, and his face
went white. "Aw shit!" Caymen hissed, propelling Cody into the room he shared
with Randy. They made it to the bathroom just in time. Cody threw up into
the toilet while Caymen held his sides. Caymen closed his eyes and shook
his head. It amazed him what he would do for people sometimes. When Cody finished, he helped him stand up and undress, then
cleaned him up with a warm washcloth. Again he held the other boy, this
time while he relieved himself, then guided him to the bed. They found
Randy curled in a tight little ball under the covers at the foot of the
bed. Caymen slid him up to the pillows, then no nudes nymphettes helped Cody in and covered
him up. He was asleep before Caymen closed the door. The next morning, Merit Rick, and Deidre sat at the breakfast table
out on the porch. Caymen walked out and glanced at Merit, then at his
watch. "Wow, Grandma. This is a record. I don't think Merit has ever
beaten me out of bed before." Merit set his knife down and stuck out his
tongue. "I was surprised myself. You haven't slept until nine since you
were in primary school." Deidre smiled and sipped at her tea. "It's grade school, and I spend the better part of the night
getting Cody in bed." Caymen fixed a plate of fresh fruit and a cup of
coffee and sat down next to Merit. "What?" Rick looked up from his paper, concerned. "Don't worry, he's fine. He just helped himself to the wine after
you went to bed. His head ought to weigh about eighty pounds when he gets
up." Caymen buttered a piece of toast and took a bite. "You should've got me up, Cay. You didn't need to nurse maid him." "It's okay, Rick, really. I didn't mind." "Well, I'm still sorry you had to deal with it. I guess they
learned a lesson about drinking." Rick looked at his watch. "The scuba
instructor will be here in an hour. Maybe I better get them up." He
turned in his chair just in time to see the door open and Cody and Randy
stumble out, both wearing sunglasses and looking decidedly ill. "Well,
speak of underage nymphet girls the devil. You two look like shit sandwiches." "Nice, Pop." parent directory cute nymphet Cody mumbled and sat down heavily across from Merit. "Would you like me to get you a plate?" Rick's eyes twinkled as virgin nymphets portal he
watched Randy sit down. "Bacon, or sausage? Eggs, maybe?" "Oh god no." Randy whispered. Merit poured a cup of orange juice
and handed it to him. He smiled gratefully and sipped it. "You know breakfast is the most important meal of the day." Rick
teased, making a production of cutting his sausage and running it through
the grease on his plate, then eating it. "Dad, please." Cody put his head in the palm of his hand. Good lord, you two look terrible." Deidre feigned her horror. "I
should have Lila fetch a doctor." "We're fine." Randy said quietly. "I just feel like a brick got
thrown at me, and I didn't duck." "No shit." Cody mumbled his art young teen nymphet agreement and accepted some juice from
Merit. "A really big brick." After breakfast, Caymen and Merit changed into their Speedos and
ran down to the dock. Randy and Cody followed several minutes later, also
in their suits. Caymen was being helped into his air tank by a tall dark
haired man named Jurris. Merit was in the water with Rick already suited
up and adjusting his regulator. They had stretched on wet suits and fins,
and Merit was learning to clear his mask. Caymen climbed down the steps to the water and waded out, listening
to Rick explain the equipment. Randy and Cody took wet suits from Jurris
and pulled them on. Randy noticed that his suit was like Cody's but
opposite. Cody's was navy blue with yellow stripes, while his was yellow
with blue stripes. He glanced over and saw that Caymen and Merit's were
the same way. Merit's was green with yellow stripes, and Caymen's was
yellow with green stripes. They would be able to identify each other under
water. innocent nymphet
The water was warm, and Caymen luxuriated in the feel of it and he
moved out into the shallows. Rick had them practice holding their breath
as long as they could, and showed youngest russian nymphets them how to tell how much air they had
left on their watches. Soon Cody and Randy joined them, obviously feeling
better than they had at breakfast. Jurris was the last one in, and started
them on very short dives, and coaching them on their breathing. The bay was small, but not so much loloita nymphets that they didn't have room to
spread out. Well into the afternoon, they swam and dived, exploring the
bottom, and looking at the bbs board nymphets galleries several kinds of fish. Merit looked at his
depth gauge and tapped it. Thirty-two feet. Above him, Cody was learning
to take his mask off in the water, use the regulator to clear it, and put
it back on. Randy floated nearby, watching just under the surface. He felt a tap on his shoulder, and Merit turned to see Caymen
trying to grin. He held out his hand, and Merit took it. All at once, it
was like time slowed down. The ocean flooded into his mind, and every one
of a thousand colors non nude teenies nymphets sharpened. He inhaled sharply, tasting the canned air
but not minding it. They were skinny little nymphets
part of the life around them, and it was
part of them. He loved when Caymen did this, whether it was in the mountains or
anywhere else. A tiny blue and silver fish swam near his mask, and Caymen
slowly reached out and touched its side. He glanced at Merit, and Merit
could feel the warmth and joy he was experiencing. Sometimes he loved Caymen so much he almost forgot to breath. It
was like his chest would explode from the pressure on his heart. He
watched Caymen float towards the bottom and followed him down. A little
crab was making its way across the sand, and crawled right over Caymen's
hand. Their eyes met, and Merit took his regulator out of his mouth so
they could kiss. He wished the moment would never end. As they ascended towards the others, a deep rhythmic sound small nymphette teen became
noticeable and got louder. They looked up to japan nymphets uniform see a small boat entering
their little cove, and Jurris frantically waving his arms on the surface.
Rick motioned them towards the safety of the beach, away from the
propellers. Caymen reached out with his mind to get some information about who
it was, and felt his stomach knot. He stumbled as they walked out of the
surf, causing Merit to nearly knock him over. He undid his belt and
straps, lowering his tank onto the sand. Merit helped him with the zipper,
and he made his way towards the dock, pulling the top of his suit down. A
feeling of dread began to burn in his mind as he watched the boat being
unloaded. Merit dropped his tank and pulled his suit off. He tried to hurry
so he could catch up to Caymen, but the damned suit stuck like glue when it
was wet. Finally down to his Speedo, he trotted towards the dock, followed
by Cody and Randy. He was about to start up the steps when he saw who
Caymen was talking to. chlid nymphets pics
A shiver went up his spine as he stopped. "Oh,
no." He whispered. "Oof!" Randy collided with Merit and looked up at the dock. "What
is it, Merit? You sound kinda spooky." The shortest nymphet lesbians
of the three, he
involuntarily backed up against Cody's nymphet art nonnude
chest. "Darius." Merit's face young ass nymphet
was pale.
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