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From: walrus
Subject: the truth about iceland, chapter 12Author notes: I'd like to apologize for the long wait period for chapter
12! I had nymphets baby a spell of writer's block which was quite irksom. Anyway, I'll
try to have chapter 13 written within the next 3 days. As always, I'd love
to hear any nymphet underage pussy
feedback from you guys! Thanks for reading!*******************************************************************
The days passed quickly, and sooner than I was ready for, it was barely two
hours before the party began. Jakob and I were nymphets dark toplist at my house getting ready,
and the girls were at Lilja's."How are you feeling?" Jakob asked as he slipped the same black tank top as
before over his head."Nervous. you?" I snickered as he struggled to get the tank top over his
large pecs."Same, kind of. I mean, it's my first party in America.. so yeah.""Well, it'll be fine. I'm just nervous `cause we're hosting it, you know?"
I said, pulling on a shirt that was so small that it barely touched my
light green-blue jeans."Yeah, and even more pressure on Lilja. What do you think they'll be
wearing, anyway?" he very young nymphets amateur
asked, pulling a pair of camo shorts on."I guess we'll find out." I said. I actually had a nymphet adult site pretty good idea of what
they were going to wear: skirts and the thinnest shirts they could find,
but I wasn't gonna tell Jakob that."How do I look?" Jakob asked, flexing his legs in an Arnold
Schwarzenegger-like pose."Fucking beautiful." I grinned. "What about me?" I asked, giving the most
innocent smile I could."Let's just say that you make me want to say fuck the party and have our
own right here." He grinned."You're insane," I said. "and that's why I love you.""You're not too normal either, and THAT'S why I love YOU." He grinned,
pulling me into a hug. I could feel his strong chest as he embraced
me. `This is going to be a hot night.' I thought undergroundnymphets to myself."Perfect then, let's get going." He grinned. When we got to Lilja's, it was
totally awesome. The girls had put up small Christmasy lights around the
house's edges, especially on the balconies."It's a good thing that they didn't put up any corny decorations." Jakob
said."Like what?" I asked."Oh, I don't know. a snowman or something." He said, rolling his eyes."Emma's socially smarter than that.""Than what?" Emma asked, poking her head out of the front door."Nothing; let us in." I said."Wow." Jakob said, dumbstruck as he looked at the girls. They each had on
hand dyed thigh-length skirts and white tank tops."We got the rainbow colored skirts just for you." Emma winked. "But-but
you're going to be at a-""party. Exactly! I mean, look at you!" Anna cut in."Yeah, but I'm not in danger of being taken advantage of." He retorted."Keep a positive mindset." Emma grinned. I was shocked that they had been
able to nymphets x
get Lilja in the skirt, but nevertheless, she looked cheerful."And don't you two just look hot and ready to party?" Anna grinned, poking
us both in the abs."Um, sure." I said, blushing furiously. The girls had done a terrific job
at fixing up the place. At about thirty minutes before the party started,
we set up the food and all quickly. There was so much food that I had no
idea how it was all going to get eaten."Oh my god, I'm so anxious." Anna said, giggling nervously."Me too, girly!" Emma exclaimed, hugged Anna. Jakob and I looked at each
other awkwardly."They're insane." I whispered to him."Hey! No we're not!" Emma said. "Aren't y'all nervous?""No, because we're naturally cool, of course." I snickered. Just then, the
doorbell nymphets child sex rang."Oh my god! It's too early! Who the--" Anna started."Shhh! It's probably just Jake with the alcohol, losers." Emma said, going
towards the door."Heyy." I heard Jake say from the other room, which Jakob did too,
apparently, because he put his arm around my waist and pulled me close to
him."Are you going to be like this all night? I mean, it's a party; I'm
supposed to be free." I whispered to him."Sorry... but you never know who wil be tiny underage nymphets fucking
here.""You really think someone would try something at a party that WE'RE
hosting?" japanese nymphet pussy I asked suspiciously."The people in this town are crazy.""Just lighten up... I promise if anything happens I'll like, throw up my
shoe or something..." I said, laughing."Fine." he grumbled."Hi." Jake said timidly cute nymphets bbs to us. I didn't really feel like talking to him,
and apparently neither did Jakob. The girls, however, apparently supported
his prescense and made conversation. I 12 y.o. nude nymphets had to admit, he was pretty cute. He
too had chosen to wear a tank top, but a white one. Although he just
couldn't compete with Jakob."I doubt anyone will show up anyway." I muttered."Nonsense!" Emma said, hugging nymphet facial cum me in a friendly manner. Although I was
wrong; after about 30 angel nymphets teens more minutes, the place was packed."I guess we really did do a good job." I said to Jakob, as we were in the
pool with twenty other people."Yeah, well, when you have party animals for friends like Emma and Anna,
you never can really go wrong with things like these.""Guess so... speaking of Anna, do you know if that ls young nymphets guy, David, showed up?'
I asked."Yeah, he did. I want to know how they're doing. Feel like dancing?" he
asked."Always." I grinned. He took me by the hand and we went inside, passing
mulitple people playing games such as quarters, I Never, ect. As we reached
the dance floor in the basement, we saw what seemed to be hundreds of
million, but we knew better in reality. We made our way beside Anna without
making our prescense obvious. I had to admiit that it was pretty awesome;
it had to be at least 90 degrees in there, which would made it even
better. I had no idea how Jakob knew how to grind, being from Iceland and
all, but he really knew how to get it on; and so did Anna.Her boyfriend wasn't at all ugly. He was pretty cute and musuclar, and
seemed nice enough. That is to say he wasn't having dry sex with her like
everyone else was doing with their dance partners.Surprisingly, no one stared as Jakob grinded up against me from behind. I
could feel his sweat covered body against my own, which was a major
bonus. After a few hours of dancing, I felt like I was about to pass
out. So as some techno song came to an end, I told Jakob I wanted to sit
down for a while."Okay. We might as well meet this guy." Jakob said. I don't know if they
were ready to stop yet, but Jakob could be an extremely convincing guy. As
Anna and David joined us outside, both David and Jakob's manly scents
filled the air. Anna had to have been enjoying it."So, you're David?" Jakob asked, in a surprisingly friendly tone."Yeah, that's me." he smiled. "I'm Anna's boyfriend.""Oh, y'all are dating?" I asked, surprised."Yeah, isn't it com nymphets wild awesome?" Anna smiled."Quite." I smiled."The party's fantastic, by the way." he grinned."Thanks, but it was really Emma's idea... do you know her?" Jakob said."Emma Storvall? Yeah, she's Jake's boyfriend, isn't she?""Yeah, hot nymphets models girls but they're having problems." Anna said coolly."Really? Well, that's probably for the better." David said."Why's that?" I asked suspiciously."Jake isn't very faithful, and I think that Emma knows that." he said."Wow, intense." Jakob snickered."Yeah, but I don't really like him anyway. I hate that he's our captain."I could tell that Jakob was starting to approve of him more and 13yo nymphets
more. "Has
anyone seen Emma or Lilja anyway?" Anna asked."I'll go look for them." Jakob said, muttering things like 'can't believe
she's alone', ect."So, you and he are a couple?" David asked as Jakob scurried away."Yeah." I said, looking him in the eyes. They were a dark green."Interesting. You know, a lot of the guys on the team are real jealous of
his strenghth, his speed, just everything. Especially Cody." he said."Yeah... but we hate Cody anyway. He didn't dare come here, did he?" I
asked."Oh, yeah, everyone heard about the Lilja incident, whether you beleive it
or not. Word gets around, ya know? I doubt anyone who did what Cody did
would come here, especially with Jakob around. I wouldn't want to be
Jakob's bad side, either." he said seriously."Yeah, we know how that goes. Anyway, have y'all drank any tonight?" I
asked."Nope." they both answered."I'm kind of anxious to see Jakob drunk... from the sounds of it, he's
hilarious.""I wouldn't wanna be around him while darki nymphets he's drunk. You know, some people are
angry, some people are mellow, ect when they are drunk." David said."Yeah, but we've seen Jakob drunk before." Anna said, as Jakob, Lilja,
Emma, and another girl whom I didn't know approached us."Heyy guys!" Emma little nymphets cartoons
said. Her words were slurred."Emma, are you drunk?" Anna asked curiously."Of course not!" she cried out, stumbling backwards and nymphet toplist falling into the
pool. "Oh well fuck.""She's wasted." Lilja said casually. Jakob sighed, took off his shirt, and
jumped in. I picked up his shirt and held it as he helped Emma out of the
pool."I'll take her upstairs." nymphet nubile girls
he said grumpily, lifting her soft body in one
hand and walking inside."Wow, who's the hottie?" the unknown girl asked."That would be my boyfriend." I said suspiciously."Oh my god! Gay guys!? I love gay guys!" she exclaimed."Yeah... it's cool, I guess." I gave Lilja an awkward look."Well, he's got a kickin' body." the girl grinned."Sorry, but who are you?" I asked."I'm Hailey, of course!" she said, as though I should have known that."We just met her." Lilja said quickly."And who is this stud?" she said, eyeing David like he were ls small nymphet a cupcake."That would be MY boyfriend." Anna said defensively."Oh well--" Hailey started."Y'all's skirts are cute, by the way." I said in a stern tone. I didn't
want a cat fight to ensue."I agree." David grinned."Too bad Emma got wasted so early; she could've met you." Lilja snickered."Yeah, too bad." he said."Well, at least I got to meet him!" Hailey smirked, putting an arm around
David. Anna smacked it away and got up, furiously conversing in Iceland
with Lilja."Woah now." Jakob said, walking up as Anna got done saying some very
unpleasant sounding words."Let's swim." she said in an aggravated tone to David. But David caught her
easily nymphets barby before she managed to land in the pool."I don't think you should get that white shirt wet." he said."Oh-of course. I'll go get one of Lilja's bathing suits then." she said,
walking inside with David close behind her."Listen Hailey, you should lay off with the physical contact. young nymphet tgp ls Anna really
likes him, and she doen't need any unwanted business." Lilja said."Ohhh pedo preeteen nymphets alright." Hailey said reluctantly."She's been drinking." I told Jakob."Seems like it... let's get out of the dramatic atmosphere. I don't want
the night to be ruined for us." he whispered."We're going to go dance." I told the group before walking inside with
Jakob."Wanna drink now, or after the dancing?""I don't feel like getting sick tonight, so after." I said."Gotcha." he smiled as we arrived in the basement. "Just follow my movement
this time." he whispered before our voices were drowned out by another loud
hip hop song. It was pure tranquility. No one was talking, and the only
thing you could hear was the movement of everyone and the little lady nymphets loud music. After
a long while of dancing, my legs started to get tired, and I felt like I
was just gonna fall over. I motioned this to Jakob, whose body nymphet girls sex was still
full of energy, of course, and we went into the kitchen, where no one else
was, surprisingly."What do you want, baby?" he asked."What's left?""Vanilla svedka, some screwdriver, and a full bottle world nymphet model
of everclear.""I'll take some of the svedka... what'll you have then?""The everclear, duh.""Hah, okay. Are you a ukranian nymphets bbs
heavy pretty nymphetes
weight or what?""You can't be nymphet porn
this masculine and be a light weight." he grinned."So what, you're gonna get wasted?""Haven't decided yet." he grinned, turning to face me. I chugged my svedka
down and put the glass down, and he had already done the same."That shit is so strong; nymphet imgboard I wouldn't be able to chug it." I said, motioning
to the everclear bottle."190 proof, hell yeah!" he grinned. "But all the same.." younger nymphet
he started
seriously. "no alcohol can intoxicate me as seriously as your love can."
Butterflies began to use my stomach as a breeding ground.He kissed me, his still shirtless body brushing up against me. He didn't
taste too bad, considering his tongue still had alcohol on it. We had a lot
of fun, just standing there chatting loitas nymphets with a few make out sessions in
between, along with periodic drinking. Eventually, I started to feel buzzed
and had to piss. Badly. On my way back to the kitchen, I saw a very
shocking scene in the living room indeed. nymphet teeny There was Jake Eden, aka my best
friend's boyfriend, on the couch with some slutty looking girl that I
didn't know. Talk about a buzz kill."What the hell are you doing?" I said loudly. Apparently I hadn't been too
quiet, because there was a loud POP which signified the separation of the
their lips, as well as Jakob teenage nymphet game running into the room. He appeared to be in
full control of himself as well."Uh..." Jake started. What could he say, really?"You savage, little--" I growled, approaching him alarmingly fast."Wait." Jakob said teen sex movies nymphet breathlessly. I wasn't the only one who had been shocked
by the scene, free pedo nymphet apparently. Jakob picked me up off of the ground and
relocated me behind him."Jakob! I just fucking caught my best friend's boyfriend cheating!" I said,
angry that he wouldn't let me beat the living forever nymphets
crap out of the guy."Jake is a lot bigger than you, babe. Be realistic." he whispered so that
Jake couldn't hear."Um, are you guys gonna say anything or are you waiting for the show to--"
the df toplist nymphets girl started."You haven't an idea of what's happening, do you? nymphet hentai Well, let me fill you in!
HIS girlfriend is upstairs passed out right now. So, since he can't handle
being around all of nymphets bj these girls, he has to be a whore--""Shut up!" Jake shouted, standing him. "Are you trying to ruin my
reputati--""Sorry, but you're going to have to leave." Jakob said, his arms
twitching. I could tell he was trying hard not to throw Jake through a
window or something of the like."What? I have to fucking leave just because Emma doesn't know how much
alcohol she can--""Oh, and apparently you can't control your sex drive!" I shouted."You're leaving, now." Jakob said. I was afraid that he'd lose his cool at
any moment."I can't believe you." the girl said, getting up."What? You're going to believe them? They've been fucking anal nymphs drinking--""I've had enough of this." Jakob walked up to Jake and lifted him clear off
of the ground."You can't do this!" Jake said shrilly."Do you see anyone stopping me?" Jakob said in a calmer voice."Just because you're fucking undressing nymphet bigger than everyone--""You don't see me breaking baby dark nymphets
hearts, do you?" Jakob dropped Jake on his ass
with a loud THUMP on the road."You're just going to leave me here?""Listen: When Emma finds out what you've done, she's going to be hurting a
LOT more for a lot longer. Although, if she deems it necessary, I might be
paying you a little visit.""This legal nymphet models is totally fucked--""I don't know abot America, but from where I come from, you're german nymphet taught to
weigh the consequences of an action against the action itself. Apparently,
you didn't do that. Have a great night." Jakob smiled, coming back
inside. The girl had already left by the time he came back in."It's seriously free underground nymphets too late for this crap." Jakob said, collapsing onto a
couch."Yeah; it's four in the morning. The only people left are stragglers, I
guess." I said, and it showed. There was no longer music coming from the
basement, nor were there couples in the living room making out like there
had been earlier."Well, I'm ready to pass out.""We're nymphets in panty
going to pass out on a couch? That's lame.""I bet you anything that David, Anna, and Lilja are hogging Lilja's bed
anyway." he yawned."Probably, those losers. What do you think happened with that Hailey girl?""Hopefully Anna threw her off of a balcony. But come on... let's not worry
ourselves with everyone else." he snickered, pulling me onto him. He
breathed a sigh of relief before putting his arms around me in a hug-like
fashion."I love you." I whispered, stroking his hair."You too." he managed to say before passing out cold, which I did as well
shortly after.
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