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From: Brad Goodman
Subject: The Truth About Me - Chapter 21This story petite angel nymphet
is a work of fiction. Some parts may be dirty nymphet models based on real life but
the actual names have been changed to protect the innocent. This story
involves sex with boys and adult men. If you are underage or offended by
this type of material or it is illegal where you live stop reading. Please
think about all the wild nymphetes other usual crap that goes here before going on. ******************************************************I want to apologize for the time between chapters but I have been very busy.
I hope their are still people interested in this story. I am thinking of
continuing it under a new name and take it in a new direction. I think that
this story reflects my life and I have some changes there that need to be
reflected here. I am in a writing mood so I guess you will see some updates
and I will try to tell everyone where the story moves to once I know. I
always like to recieve emails about the story and I love to chat with
people. Your comments and emails are appreciated and can be sent to
bradgoodman30hotmail.comThe Truth About Me
By: Brad Goodman
Chapter 21
My stomach was twisted in knots and I was really nervous about this date.
I haven't felt like this in a while. Here I am a confirmed boylover going
out on a date with my sons' teacher and her kids. Kind of an odd situation
but I was ready to make hardcore nymphets no popups
the best of it. I wished I could have grilled Coach
Jones a little more about his comments. We all got ready casually dressed
wearing knit polo shirts and shorts. nymphets boys incest We went to pick up Sheila, Michael and
Jeffrey at their house. It was a nice little place. Not too fancy but not
poor either. It was a very common lower middle class house about 1500 sq.
ft. It was a one story with three bedrooms and two baths. It was very
middle class WASP if I do say so. I have always had a tendency towards
Southwest and Mexican style decorating myself. Sheila was waiting and she
was dressed quite casual as well. She was dressed in a polo type shirt and
some skorts (for those who don't know that is those skirt/shorts combo that
women love). Michael and Jeffrey were both dressed alike in the same loose
knit shorts and cool "Simpsons" t-shirts. I got holes starred through me by
Jake and Nick as I made them wear polo shirts instead petite nymphete tgp of t-shirts. I
publicly apologized to them but it did not seem to be a satisfactory answer
but alas I was not in a position to change it now.We all exchanged pleasantries and headed out to the truck. We all piled in
and headed off to the zoo. Nick and Jake felt they were a little too old
for the zoo and they were being 14 and all but we made the best of it. We
did seem to enjoy the animals and each other's company. Sheila and I were
getting along quite nicely and she was nymphets bbs young
quite an interesting woman. At
lunch, Michael needed to go to the bathroom and so did I, so we went
together. I went to a urinal and the boy went into a stall. I heard him
peeing and when he stopped he never came out. I finished a minute later and
was washing my hands. There was one other guy in google nymphets the bathroom and Michael
opened the door and looked out at me."Can you help me, my nymphets ls zipper is stuck." He grinned an uncomfortable grin.When he saw the man he added "Please Daddy, I can't get it."I was shocked by this but I nodded and headed to the stall. The man smiled
at me and said "My kids have the same problem sometimes." I smiled back and
nodded in agreement. I went into the stall and he told me to lock it so I
did.He lifted his t-shirt exposing his crotch to me. I was shocked. Here I am
in a pics nymphets nudes
public toilet, in a stall with an eleven year old boy exposing his bare
crotch to me. In fact he had left his cock hanging out with his balls. He
had a stiff boy boner too. My mouth dropped and we heard the man finish
washing his hands and leave."Michael, what are you doing? Is it caught?" I asked him puzzled.He shock his head no and said "I was hoping you could help me with this?""Um, aaah, what?" I replied."I know you like boys and I like you so I was hoping you could...you know."
He smiled widely.I put my hands under his arm pits and lifted him placing his feet on asian nymphets nude top of
the toilet and his little dick right in front of my face. It was small only
about 3 inches or so. It was cut and completely hairless. My cock was
fully engorged and I wanted him now. He put his hands on my face and guided
it forward to his boy cock. I opened my nymphets porn free mouth and engulfed the whole thing.
He began to face fuck me thrusting his little cock into my warm wet mouth.
He was panting and going to town. nude latin nymphet
As soon as russian child nymphets it started it ended as his
body went rigid and I felt a very slight amount of leakage from the tip. He
had a great orgasm and an almost cum. He collapsed forward into my arms and
I lowered him to the ground holding him in an embrace. As nymphets best erotic he was recovering
he unsnapped my shorts and fished out my leaking man cock. He began jacking
it roughly and I just enjoyed it. Before I realized it I shot cum out all
over the floor. Thank god he noticed my body tense and he moved to the
right to avoid being young child nymphets coated in my jizz. I leaned down nymphet forms and we kissed free nymphets galleries
I suddenly felt flushed and afraid."I can't believe we did that. I am so sorry best nymphet pics I shouldn't have done that with
you. I--I--"Michael stopped me. "It's okay I liked it. I wanted to do it remember. I
won't tell." He smiled broadly.I nodded and we got dressed and headed out. He told everyone he had been a
little sick and had to poop real bad. Everyone seemed happy with this and
we moved on. That afternoon we went to the movies and then back to Sheila's
house. She made us dinner and then the boys went to the living room to play
video games. Sheila and I talked in the dining room for a while. Finally,
she kissed me and I kissed her back passionately. She grabbed my hand and
walked me to her room. The boys never noticed us pass by them. She shut
the door and before I knew it we were making out. It has been a while since
I was with a woman but I seemed to be doing everything right or she was
faking it good but either way I was pleased with myself. She stopped and
got undressed. I couldn't believe it. We were going to go at it with boys
in the other room and on our first date. I stood up and undressed and
within seconds she was gasping at my body."Your are so beautiful. I have never been with a man that has a body like
yours. You are so smooth too. What a turn on." She smiled and then
growled at me."You have a great body too. You shave I see." I pointed at her bush or
lack there of.She giggled and then jumped me. She was very aggressive climbing on top of
me and the slamming her cunt down on my rock hard dick. She rode me fast
and hard. She was trying to suppress her screams and shrieks but she was
really into it. The worst part of being on your nymphet cute back and ridden is that you
are not in control of your orgasm or at least it is hard to suppress. She
fucked me harder and harder and I squeezed her c-cup tits so aggressively I
thought I may milk her. Suddenly I felt something I never have from a woman
before. At first I thought she pissed on me but she was having an orgasm
and cummed on my cock. It was running down all over me. nymphets sample It was hot and
fluid but much thicker than piss. I have heard of female cum but never
experienced it. I finally let go and shot my load in her. I must have
cummed a gallon. The hot cum of hers really set me off but to be honest I
had imagined Michael riding me and that really pushed me over the edge. We
laid there for about 15 minutes before we talked."So did you suck Michael or fuck him in the bathroom today?" She asked me
kind of nonchalantly."Uh, um, huh?" I replied."It's okay. I know he wanted to have you fuck him very badly. He and
Jeffrey both. ukrainian angel nymphets They want to have sex with men. They really need a father
like you that can take care of their urges." She told me as she snuggled my
muscled chest."I don't know what to say. I can't believe my ears." It was all I could
get out."I guess I better tell you everything so you don't go running off into the
night on me." She paused and then rolled to my side to look me in the eye
and I sat up in the bed."Michael and Jeffrey have liked to touch each other since they were very
little. They have been doing it for 3 years now. Michael tried to get his
dad to touch him when he was 9 but his father ran out and told me. I talked
to Michael and he told me that is the way he felt. After thinking it over
and talking to Jeffrey and learning he wanted it too, I told my ex-husband
he should do it. He refused saying I was as perverted as them. It wasn't
more than a month later he moved out and away. We have not heard from him
since.""Oh my God, that is horrible to abandon your sons." I gasped. I was really
trying to figure out if she was crazy or on the level.She continued, "The boys and I talked I told them that there bbs nymphets ls
is a good man
out there that will want to love them and I like we need. We have been
patient and I tried to get Coach Jones but there were two problems with
that. First his cock is way too big. It is like 10 inches long but I don't
have to tell you that. And second, he doesn't like women at all. He told
me about you and that you were bi-sexual so I thought I would try. Your
cock is thick but not too thick and a nice 6 and a half inches perfect for
me and the boys."I was stunned and didn't know what to say. "When did Jones tell you about
me? We only got together last weekend when I met you."She laughed and went on "Jake told Tony, Tony told David, and David told me.
That's not important but what is important is that you are ready to commit
to Michael, Jeffrey and I. I know it is sudden but you are a good man, with
a lot of love in your heart and I and the boys are ready to commit to you,
Jake and Nick. Think about it."I was overwhelmed but I did feel for her and the boys. "I will have to talk
with Nick and Jake first."She nodded and then said "You never told me if you fucked Michael in the
bathroom?"I went red again and then smiled "Well, no but I did blow him."She smiled real big. She hugged me tight and then said "Thank you so much.
He really wanted you to like him and do that so you have made his day."We showered and got dressed and headed back to the living room. I kissed
her goodbye and gathered the boys. On the way home I told Nick and Jake
what happened and they both just laughed. They were really enjoying this a
lot."What so funny?" I asked.Jake spoke "Tony told us this would happen and we like her too. We really
like Michael and Jeffrey and would like to teach them so new stuff too."Nick agreed and we continued the conversation once we were back in the
apartment. We all thought long and hard about it and what it would mean to
our lives. The next week I hooked up with Sheila several times and yet I
still had not made a decision. It was all too weird. I have never met a
woman willing to offer her children to a man. She wanted me to fuck them.
It nymphets photos and thumbnails is every boylover's dream and yet the dacision seemed agonizing to me.
On the Friday following I got a call from one of the fortune 500 companies
that used to use the services of the accounting firm I nude skinny nymphets
had worked for and
they underage nymphets sex wanted to interview me for a management position in accounting. They
informed me that the salary would only come in at around $160,000 a year but
I would be getting bonuses with that. I set the interview for the following
Monday. I wanted to scream "I would take it for half that" but I held my
tongue.That weekend was a blur and we spent little nymphets toons it with Coach Jones and Tony on
Saturday and Sheila, Jeffrey and Michael on Sunday. Things were looking up.
After my interview on Monday I was informed the job was mine if I wanted
it. The interview was a formality as the company CFO knew my work and
wanted me. I underage nymphet porno accepted the offer and told them I would be able to start the
following Monday. They were pleased and I really nymphet rape pics
didn't give a shit about
giving two weeks notice at my present job. The hours were from 7:00-3:00
and it had an excellent benefit package. This was the break I needed to get
back on my feet. I must admit that I did have about $80,000 saved from the
sale of our nymphet sex cool teen old house. The week went by fairly quickly and by that weekend
I was worn out. Sheila brought her boys to our apartment I told her I was
not ready to commit yet. She understood and asked if I would be willing to
help her out. I agreed and she informed me that the junior high needed a
7th grade football coach as their coach had been in an accident and couldn't
finish the season. She informed me that the junior high didn't let out
until 3:30. Since my new schedule permitted and I was only 15 minutes away
she had already volunteered me. She went on to inform me that when the
eighth grade coach and the school district's athletic director heard my name
they were ecstatic. They were fans of mine in my college days and said it
would be great to have someone with my experience coaching the boys.I agreed as it was Nick and Jake's school last year. The coaches had sought
me out after a couple of games to seek my advice when the boys attended
school there. I was to start on Monday. After my first day of work at my
new job, I headed to the school. I went to the gym and boys locker room to
meet with the eighth grade coach. Thank god the boys went here or I would
never find my way around. top dark list nymphets He and I chatted a bit in his office while there
were still some boys changing in the locker area. They were all so cute. I
told him that I believe the boys need to be uniform. They needed to build
teamwork and that began by dressing alike and doing everything the same. He
liked the idea and said "They are your team now and you can do what you
like."He gave me a key to the locker room doors so at night I could get in after
games and explained some ground rules about practice time and water breaks.
The boys and I ran through some basic drills they had learned from their
first coach and we felt each other free nymphet nued sites out a little. I had them scrimmage so I
could evaluate the talent. One of the boys tackled the quarterback and
ended up pulling his pants down in the process exposing a pair of red
flannel boxers underneath. I shook my head and told the boys we were ending
practice early. It was only about 15 minutes early and I told them to just
gather in the locker room. Once everyone was in there I explained they had
to wear the appropriate gear russian nymphets binary
all the nymphet girl models
time. I had learned from the eighth
grade coach everyone is vintage nymphets issued a pair of practice pants and pads, shoulder
pads, a helmet, socks, cleats, half shirt, gray athletic shorts and a jock
strap. I told the boys this is the only equipment they can wear on the
field. No boxers, briefs or other kinds of clothing. No shirts from home
or other gear.I told them we will dress like a team, practice like a team, play like a
team and then win like a team. I told them all to get their issued gear and
they did. I told them all to strip and put the gear on in the order I tell
them. The boys were a little shy at first but they all stripped down to
their underwear. Middle school boys never were a jock, they always wear
underwear and were not showering either. So being naked in front of each
other was very new concept to put forth. I told them to take their
underwear off and put on the jock strap. They all did looking at the dicks
and balls of their teammates for the first time. I was ukrainan nymphets getting a little
chubby at the sight of so many smooth 12 and 13 year old boys. A few boys
needed help getting the legs through the hoops as there is no ass in a jock
strap. I was more than happy to assist getting a couple of cheap thrills
touching some smooth tight boy asses. Once everyone had a laugh and all the
jocks were on then I had them put on the gray shorts and half shirt. Then
go the pants and pads. Finally the shoulder pads and helmet. I informed
them this is the attire they will wear everyday and anyone wearing anything
else would run extra."Why do we have to wear the jock strap?" a cute little chubby lineman asked
me."Because it protects your cock and balls and if you want them to work right
one day you will wear it. Protect your jewels and you will be a much
happier boy." I told them all.They boys laughed and we were now ready to angel nymphet porn bond as a team. They are a
junior high team so they ran a very basic scheme on offense and defense,
just a simple i-formation on offense and a basic 4/3 defense. It was very
easy to learn the plays and schemes. They had played one game already but
there were still 7 more to go. We played our first game on Thursday night
and actually won. They were talented just not disciplined but we were
already getting there. I was learning names and starting to form some
relationships. I met parents and many fathers were thrilled I was coaching
the team. I can't believe how many people remember me from my college play.
They felt very safe when I brought nudist girls nymphet forum Jake and Nick to the game and saw me as
a father with no interest in boys. If they only knew. That night I was
waiting for all the boys to change and go home and the last boy there was
named John Reilly. He was very cute and a little older than the other boys.
He was 13 already as he had been held back a year. He remembered me and
the boys from last year. He was about 5'2 and slim. He had blond hair and
light brown eyes and a nice smooth slightly tanned complexion. He was
sitting outside the locker room when I got out there."Is your mom or dad on there way?" I inquired.He looked up at me and said "I dunno, cuz sometimes she forgets.""Oh, what about your dad?" I was prying for more information.He looked down at his feet and said "He is in jail right now. I haven't
seen him in a couple of years.""I am so sorry John, I can take you home if you like." I told him as
sympathetically as I could."Okay, that would be nice." He replied.Jake and Nick went with Sheila who came to support me, after she bribed them
with Taco Bell. I loaded John into my car and he pointed me down the
streets to his house. When passed several streets over and over again.
Finally, I realized he was stalling and pinned him down on which house was
his. He reluctantly pointed it out to me and we drove up. There was no car
in the driveway and almost all the lights were out."Is anyone here?" I asked him."Yeah, I am sure my mom is here." He replied.We got out of the car and I walked him to the door. I wanted to meet his
mother and offer to drive him home is she was busy. He didn't have a key
and the door was locked. So he knocked but no one answered. We waited for
ten minutes and kept knocking but the door never opened. I told him lets
get something to eat and come back. He quickly agreed and we headed to a
nearby Burger King. We ate and returned 30 minutes later. Still there was
no answer satin nymphets
at the door. We went around back and found the back door
unlocked. We went in and found his mother passed out on the couch. nymphets kids photos
tried to get her up but she was drunk and passed out. I told him my mother
was an alcoholic too and I knew what it was like. He just started to cry."I hate her and she hates me. She blames me for my dad going to jail. I
wish she was dead." His sobs grew into a full blown balling.I stepped up and wrapped my arms around him and said "Just let it out, let
it all out."He hugged me tightly and buried his face nymphets underage links in my chest. I caressed the back
of his head with my right hand and held him tightly with my left. We were
in the middle of his living room with his mother passed out right next to
us."Show me your bedroom." I told him.His sobs slowed and he and I broke our embrace and he led me to his room.
It was barren. There was a mattress on the floor and no other furniture.
His clothes were piled on the floor some folded and some just thrown about."It's not much. My mom doesn't work and I have to earn some money here and
there to buy food and stuff." He explained."What do you do?" I asked innocently.He looked down and said "I just help people you know."I nodded not wanting to press too much so I asked "Why does your mom blame
you for your dad going to jail?"He looked up a little and then turned away. "I went to school with some
bruises and I told the teacher he had hit me. Then the police came and when
they did they found all these drugs he was selling to people. They arrested
him and he is gone for a long time. It was his third time.""Why did he beat you?" I inquired.John was still very uncomfortable and he paused for a long time and then he
blurted it out "He caught me and some guy doing stuff.""Stuff?" I said puzzled."I was letting him blow me for money. I am not gay but I need the money you
know. I let guys blow me and stuff for money." He looked at his feet the
whole time.I put my finger under his chin and lifted his head so I could see his eyes.
I smiled at him and said "How much do you charge? Looks like you need some
money now and I can help."He smiled a little and then he said "You would like to blow me? But you're
not gay.""Just like you I am not gay but I will do it to help you." I smiled real
big.He cocked his head sideways and said "It is $15 to blow me, $25 for me to
blow you, and $40 if you want to do it.""So you will blow me huh?" I stated."Well, I am not gay but I do it." John smiled wickedly."John, I have to be truthful, I am a little gay. I like to suck dick. I
just don't want you to feel uncomfortable when you find out. I don't need
you running off or freaking out." I looked at his eyes and he smiled real
big."I like to suck too and I like it when guys do it to me so I am kinda gay
too." He replied."Do it to you? You mean have sex with you?" I looked eager I am sure."Yeah, you know, like in my butt." He answered."That is $40 right? That is what I want. In fact I want all of you." I
grinned widely and before I knew it he leaped into my arms and we kissed.His hands ran over my body and my hands ran over his. He smelled of sweat
and dirt from the game and did not taste all that great to me. I pushed him
back a little and said "Buddy you need a shower before I eat that tiny nymphet thumbs boy hole
of yours."He smiled and his cute straight white teeth shown through. "You are going
to lick it right? I love that it is awesome. Only one guy ever did that to
me. I can't wait."He stripped and headed to the bathroom and turned and asked "Are you
coming?"I quickly stripped off my clothes and the boy and I looked each other up and
down for the first time. He was slender yet had a little muscle forming.
His pecs were almost flat and his stomach was perfect and smooth. No hair
under his arms or on his chest or belly yet. He had no hair on his legs
either. He was slightly tanned but still white. He was very hot. His bush
was small and new and he seemed to be a late bloomer. His cock was small
maybe 4 inches rock hard. It was circumcised and very smooth looking with
no veins showing. The head was pink and engorged. He turned and headed for
the bathroom and nymphette free I put a hand on his shoulder to stop him so I could get creampie teen nymphets mpegs
good look at his ass. It was small, slightly flat but very cute
none-the-less. It bounced ever so slightly with his movements. Her turned
back to me and touched my hard firm chest and said "You have the best body
of any man I have been with."He rubbed my shaved body all over and then took my hand and led me to the
bathroom. He little nymphette teen sex turned on the water and warmed it up. We stepped in together
and let the warm water rinse over us. His blond hair was wet and started to
darken to a light brown color. I grabbed the soap and lathered his body. I
rubbed every inch of him and then turned him to do his back. I ran my hands
over his flat smooth back and then down to his globes. I ran the soap in
his crack and teased his hole. I used a soapy finger to begin stretching
it. He pushed back thrusting my finger all the bbs nymphets pictures way into him. I washed down
his legs and then he did me. He laughed and smiled as he really took his
time washing my cock. We kissed and his tongue slipped into my mouth. We
tongued each other for several minutes and then I heard a bang. My mind was
brought back to the reality that his mother was in the house and we were
showering together.We turned off the water and I quietly went out to investigate. His mother
fell off the couch hitting the coffee table. She was still passed out. He
grabbed me and pulled me to his room. We shut his door and he laid on the
mattress on the floor. He pulled his legs to his nymphet nudism chest and told me "You
said you would eat it out right?"I nodded and went down to my knees and crawled over to him and I maneuvered
my head over his crotch. I went down and licked his balls and then his
crease between his thighs and crotch. He shivered with delight. I kissed
and licked his gooch (the space between his balls and his ass) and then I
worked his crack. Finally I zeroed in on his tight boy whole and natural nymphets toplist licked
over it. I continued to lick and nymphets ukranian porno stretch it until my tongue dove in. I
followed it with a finger and John moaned loudly. My tongue was exploring
his freshly cleaned hole and could taste the soap on it. My finger worked
in and out of him stretching his rosebud for the assault that was about to
come. He released his legs twisted and grabbed some lube from under his
mattress. He handed it to me and left his legs draped over my shoulders. I
loved the feel of it. I squirted lube on my fingers and began to lube and
stretch his entrance. He moaned and his hole opened. I could tell he was
experienced."Please fuck me, Brad. I want it so bad. I am so hot." He pushed his
leaking cock up to show his enthusiasm.I slid up his body pressing his legs back to his chest in the process and
then we kissed passionately. We continued French kissing as I aimed my cock
to his hole and then slowly inserted it into him. His hole wild little nymphets was so tight.
It was hot and I know he was clamping down for my pleasure. We began to go
very slowly and he and I kissed passionately as we did that. His hands
caressed my body and my hands reached down and jerked his cock with the slow
motion I was using to penetrate John. We were in a full body motion as we
slowly fucked on his mattress. It was very passionate and very loving. We
broke our kissing for air and he breathed out "I love you Brad."I whispered back in his ear "I love you John."We continued our slow love making and I could tell he was getting close.
Our bodies still wet from the shower and now even wetter with perspiration.
Our tight smooth bodies sliding together and his hot pussy sucking the
juices from my leaking cock was very intimate. Our full body rocking
quickened and I felt his cum shoot onto my stomach and his. He was panting
and made the cutest orgasm face. I pushed my cock, balls deep in him and
let my sperm fly. I filled his ass with my spunk and he just gripped me
tightly. We laid tangled together for maybe 20 minutes before I told him I
had to go."Can I come to your place?" He asked."Sure, but what will your mother think?" I replied."I am sure she won't notice." He told me.That was good enough for me so we both got dressed he got some extra clothes
and then we loaded up in my truck and left. When we got to my apartment it
was already 10:30 and Nick and Jake were waiting for me. When we both
walked in together the boys both grinned.Jake said "We figured you were up to something. You should have called us
though young man."He is a sarcastic little shit. I replied "This is John he will be staying a
while."Nick added "Good. We know John but we never had him pegged as being the
kind of friend we love to have over." He grinned wickedly."John, the boys and I have a very loving relationship." I told him.He nodded and thought for a second "I will definitely be coming over here
more often."We all laughed and then headed for bed. There was still work and school
tomorrow and we all needed our sleep. We all slept and the next day we went
to our respective activities. School for the boys and work for me.
Normally, there is no practice on Friday but I had the team meet me after
school for 30 minutes to discuss our game and where we were heading as a
team. All the boys seemed pretty happy with the changes I made and were
looking forward to a good year. Afterwards, I offered to drive John home
and he accepted as we both knew his mother would not be picking him up. I
drove him home and we repeated the same scene from the night before. We
finally went around back and when we entered the house we were shocked by
what we saw.
To be continued........
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