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From: Brad Goodman
Subject: The Truth About Me - Chapter 7This story is a work of fiction. Some parts may be based on real life but
the actual names have been changed to protect the innocent. This story
involves sex with boys and adult men. If you are underage or offended by
this type of material or it is illegal where you live stop reading. Please
think about all the other usual crap that goes here before going on. ******************************************************Thank you for all of the great emails and I hope every one who wrote nymphetten to me
got a reply. I try to write back but occassionally one of the boys deletes
the emails before I get to them. The boys read one email about a kid and
his friend and it set them off. They just read chapter 9 for this story and
I believe tonight will be a good night. Again, thanks for all the support.On another note please read "Right or Wrong" in this section of Nifty if you
haven't already as it is very important link to this chapter. Your emails
and comments can be sent to bradgoodman30hotmail.comThe Truth About Me By: Brad Goodman
Chapter 7
Howie eventually returned home and Joey and I picked up the other boys
from camp. We never really talked with Nick or Jake about Howie and our
sexual adventures. The next two weeks were nothing out of the ordinary.
The boys spent the weekends in my room and the weekdays in their own. They
all opted to share a room and use the other rooms as studies and guest
rooms. It was just a little pussy nymphet great time for us enjoying each other's company and
messing around every now and then. lola nymphete Right before school began we needed to
go get supplies so we headed to our local Walmart to get everything the boys
could need. What happened there is a something that has really changed our
lives forever.When we arrived at Walmart the boys and I went in and proceeded directly to
the school supplies section. It was jam packed with people and I sent the
boys out weaving their way through the masses in order to get what they want
as I strolled nymphets and bbs through traffic with the basket. They continued making their
way through the store picking up their supplies and returning to me every
few minutes to deposit the things they needed in the basket. After about 15
minutes, the basket was over flowing with crap. I know those little sneaks
had dropped several things in the basket they did not need for school but I
was unable to keep up with it all so I just decided to let them get a few
things they didn't need. I was just strolling around watching all the other
parents and their kids going nuts over the stuff they needed for school. I
was kind of enjoying the craziness all around me just watching the amazing
school supply dance many of us make each year. Suddenly, I heard some one
say "Brad, Brad Goodman is that you?" I looked to my left and there was a
face that was familiar but not one I easily recognized. Then it hit me.
This was that little freshman I had to mentor in high school. His face was
a little older but he still looked quite young. I would have thought he was
21 or so if I didn't know better. My mind quickly remembered the skinny kid
who followed me around like a puppy dog begging for my attention in high
school. I always thought he was attracted to me and would have given me his
virgin ass if I had asked, but alas I was too afraid of anything "gay" so I
dared not. He was much cuter now. He was about 5'10 and weighed about
170lbs. He must work out a little because he had good muscle-tone and was
quite slender. His sexy child nymphet sites hair was light brown and wavy. He was clean shaven and
still had those great dimples I remember so well. I got my mind back to the
present and said "Ryan Phillips! I can't believe it is you. How are you
doing?" He started telling me his life story. He always was a talker.
Luckily the boys came bounding up and he virgin nymphet model asked me if they were my sons. I
told him yes and noticed that he had a really nice looking boy next to him.
This kid was about 12 and short for his age. He wasn't more then 5'1 or 5'2
and was quite thin. He had curly brown hair and he needed a little sun as
this kid was white. He had some nice shorts on that really showed off his
cute little butt. His arms and legs were completely hairless and I thought
I might be staring and asked "Is this your son?" The boy quickly replied
"Yes, I am Ryan Jr." We talked some more and I asked if they had plans for dinner. I thought we
could catch up on old times. He asked if my wife would mind and I told him
she was dead. We talked about the circumstances behind both our
predicaments and I learned he was single and raising Ryan on his own. We
finally agreed to go out to eat and followed each other out to the parking
lot. They followed us to nice bar-b-cue restaurant and we caught up a
little on old times. In the car, Jake mentioned Ryan was in one of his
classes last year but he heard his father and mother kicked him out this
summer because he was gay. I began to wonder what was going on but I
thought boys sometimes get information crossed and tried not to over think
the situation. It was none of my business anyway. After we finished I
invited them back to play pool. We arrived at our house and I decided to
let the boys show Ryan around. He was awestruck by our house. It was no
mansion but it was no trailer either. I invited Big Ryan to talk in the
living room and he followed me in. I got us each a beer and we began to
catch up more on old times. He was jabbering on and on and I felt deja-vu.
In high school he would just go on and on like the little dog in the cartoon
that hangs out with the bulldog. Here we were 10 years later and he was
just the same. It was cute though and I again felt he was attracted black nymphet sex to me
but I did nothing because I was not sure. He talked for hours and I was
really impressed with his intelligence and sense of humor. I told him "It's
getting late lets go find the boys." He agreed and we went upstairs to
locate them. We looked in the game room and no boys, so we went to the
computer room and still no boys. We went to the bedroom and I knocked
quickly and then opened the door before they could respond. I should have
waited because when I opened the door all four boys were completely naked
and Nick was driving Joey's ass, Joey was ramming Little Ryan's butt and
Jake was giving Ryan head while Ryan worked Jake's member. I was
dumbfounded. I could not talk. Big Ryan just stood their speechless too
and I thought he might be so mad he could not speak. The boys stopped what
they were doing for only about 3 seconds and then resumed. I looked Big
Ryan in the eyes and he turned to me with a look of fear and I said "I am
sorry." He replied "No, I am sorry." Suddenly the boys moans and pants
turned to grunts and yelps as they started to cum all over each other. I told them to get dressed and be downstairs in 2 minutes. I lead Ryan
back downstairs and neither of us said a word. Several minutes later all
four boys came down but they were buck naked. I was getting mad and afraid.
I did not want Ryan to report this because I didn't want to lose the boys.
Joey spoke first, "What is wrong?"I looked at him hoping he would understand the kind of trouble this could
bring us ad I replied "You know what is wrong!" Before I could say anything
else Little Ryan started to tear up and said "They told me you were okay
with this and that you had sex with them like me and Ryan do."
With that I looked at Big Ryan and he stared at me wide-eyed. "Please don't
tell anyone" he said. Damn, he was a boy-lover too. I was so relieved when
he said that and I looked at him very sternly and then broke into laughter."I won't as long as you promise to let me fuck you." He looked at me funny
and then I told him "Don't worry we do the same thing." We talked about our
respective lives for about an hour and shared our real stories with each
other. When we had gotten it all out the boys had left us and gone back
upstairs. We went up to find them and when we did they were all back in the
room sleeping naked pressed to each other. They were all so cute lying
their together. We shut the door and proceeded downstairs. I told Ryan
that Little Ryan could spend the night and he could too if he liked, I would
make up the guest room for him."No, I have to let you fuck me remember, so I will just stay in your room."
He smiled at me and I knew my high school dream was about to come true. I
showed him to my room and I quickly pulled off my t-shirt and dropped it to
the floor. "Oh my God!" he gasped. I thought I must have had and third
nipple or something and he finally let it out. "Your are built like a brick
house Brad."I smiled and said "You don't look so bad yourself." He reached out and
began to rub my chest and stomach. It was obvious he was turned on by my
frame and I grabbed his shirt and pulled it over his head. He was slim and
trim. He had nice little pecks and a flat stomach. He had the body of a
well developed 18 year old. He was smooth and had a little happy trail
under his belly button. I ran my hand over his body and he quivered. I
quickly undid his shorts and nymphet top links
let them fall to the ground. He was wearing
red briefs and there was a considerable bulge in them. He nymphets 6 12
quickly pulled my
shorts down and then my boxers. My cock sprang out and the pre-cum oozed
slowly. I pushed his briefs down exposing a cut almost seven inch prick.
It had a little mole on the head and was a little thinner than mine. We stood their eyeing each other's bodies for several minutes and then he
slipped down to his knees and began licking my cock from base to tip. He
could really suck dick. He was sucking in the tip and sliding down the
shaft expertly. He was working his tongue over my engorged member driving
me nuts. He started taking all of my cock down his throat and was really
sucking fast and furiously. I arched my back, placed my hands on my hips,
threw my head back, and then let my cum fly. I shot my load into nymphets studios photos his mouth
and he held it all in. He was gulping and swallowing my cum as naked nymphets bbs fast as he
could. I put a hand on the back of his head and forced him down deeper on
my hard cock until he had milked every last drop. He stood up and we kissed
for several minutes and I pushed him back on my bed. I lifted his legs up
and got down between them. I sucked in his balls and began to suck the
walnut sized boys one at a time. His breathing picked up and I started
rubbing my index finger in his crack. I found his hole and began working
him. I sucked in his large mushroom top and began sliding my lips up and
down his cock. He was moaning and I could feel his ass loosening and so I
slipped in a second finger. He moaned and drove is hips up thrusting his
cock down my throat. He was bucking his hips and I was sliding my mouth
over his cock as fast as I could. He arched his back and started to pump
his seed in my mouth. It was a lot more than the boys and I actually
choked. I had to pull back because it seemed endless. He squirted cum
everywhere. It was running down his legs, over latvian nymphets his stomach, down his chest,
and through his pubic hair. He was panting and he looked down at me and
said, "Now give me what you promised." I stood up at the end of he bed
lifted his hairy legs and placed my cock at his entrance. His hole fell
open and I pushed it in. He let out a moan and I thought he might wake the
boys. I was not sure how they would react if they saw us fucking and I
leaned down to kiss him. I just wanted to occupy his mouth as I planned on
ramming him harder than anyone before. We were exchanging our tongues and
our hands were on everything. I began to thrust as hard as I could. I was
pulling back so just the tip of my head was in him and then I would slam
back until my balls smashed into his ass. We were fucking hard and he was
pushing down on my cock with his hot hole. I was breathing heavily and I
could take no more. petite underaged nymphets
I let my first shot go and it splashed deep inside his
man bowels. I continued pumping him and filling his tank until my well was
dry. We kissed the entire time and when it was over I rolled off of him and
laid their next to him for several minutes. He moaned loudly then let go
another orgasm. He had jacked himself off as I recovered. Damn, someone as
horny as me. I love it. We didn't say a word and drifted off to sleep. I
kept thinking about this being my first experience with a man and of all men
the high school fantasy guy. This was very cool. The next morning the boys came in and found us naked in the bed and they
all looked shocked. Joey my resident smart ass was the only one to speak.
"I nude nymphet tiny
can see you two had a good time. Maybe next time the rest of us can join
too." I looked at the boys all ready for school and I saw little Ryan
wearing some of Jake's new school clothes which were a little big for him.I said "Well maybe Friday night the Ryans can come over to spend the night
and you can find out how good."They all were very excited by this and big Ryan seemed the happiest of all.
He was really eyeing Joey and I knew he was very attracted to him. Joey was
flirting up a storm and was enjoying the attention big Ryan was showing him.
He is such a little flirt. Big Ryan and I got dressed and we took
separate cars to go to McDonald's for breakfast. The boys all seemed to be
having a great time and really enjoying each other's company. The thought
of adding two more to our little family fun was keeping me hard the whole
time. We each dropped our respective boys off and then we headed our
separate ways to work. We did not talk about our experience all week. The
boys first week was a short one starting on Wednesday and Friday seemed to
come quickly. I got a call at work and made plans to meet the Ryans at a
restaurant for dinner. I went home got the boys and we went to meet them.
I asked if they wanted to do anything fun and they all said they just wanted
to go home. I think the boys were a little over eager to begin a new
chapter in each of their young lives. I must admit it was very exciting and
comforting to meet another adult who shared my thoughts and beliefs on the
subject. It also didn't hurt he wanted to join in on the great times and
had a wonderful boy with him. During dinner my cell phone rang and it was
Howie on the line. He was upset and crying and wanted me to come pick him
up. I asked him what was wrong.He told me he really needed me and was afraid to go home. I found out where
he was and proceeded to go pick him up. I called his mother and told her
what I knew and she told me she was really fresh nymphets sites
worried because he didn't come
home from school. I told her I was going to get him and would call her when
I knew more. She was very worried and told me "Please call me as childporn pictures nymphets
soon as
you can." I asked big Ryan to drive all the boys home and Joey insisted on
going with me. I agreed and we were off. We got to Howie about 15 minutes
later and he quickly ran up and jumped in the back seat of the Explorer. He
was crying and before I could even ask he launched into his story. He told me that one of his teachers this year was one of his teachers last
year. The teacher Mr. Roberts is one he had fantasized about and always
thought had flirted with him a little but he was too scared to do anything
about it. This year he flirted back and let Mr. Roberts know he was
interested. Today, Mr. Roberts offered to drive him home and he agreed.
Halfway to his house nymphettes youngs porno Mr. Roberts said he forgot something he needed to get
from his apartment and asked if Howie would mind if they went their first.
Howie agreed as he was hoping something would happen between them. When
they got to Mr. Roberts' apartment he quickly changed and grabbed Howie all
over as soon as the door was shut. He asked Howie if he liked him and the
boy told him "Yes". With that he quickly began pulling Howie's clothes off
and Howie became frightened and told him to stop. Mr. Roberts did not stop
and stripped him to his boxers. Howie said this was going to fast and Mr.
Roberts seemed to turn into a different person. He threw Howie down on the
couch and told him he was a tease and a slut and he was going to fuck him
hard whether he liked it or not. The boy tried to run but the teacher was
too big for him and threw him down again. Mr. Roberts took off his clothes
and exposed his tiny five inch pecker and Howie let out a little laugh. The
man became enraged and hit Howie across the face. Tears began to fall and
then the man bent him over the arm of the couch and ripped his boxers off.
He got behind the boy and began to ram it in as hard as he could. He fucked
the boy until he stiffened and began to cum. He was merciless and did not
give a damn about anything except getting off. He held Howie down and told
him not to tell anyone. He explained that since he was adopted if he nymphets thumbs did
tell no one would believe him because Mr. Roberts was such a good
up-standing teacher. He went on to say that Children's Protective Services
would take him from his mother and never let them see each other again
because she let it happen. He had the boy get dressed drove him a couple of
blocks away and told him to get out. That is when he called me. He did not
understand why this man was not like me and why he changed so much. I was
furious and I called Howie's mother and told her a story about Howie getting
into a fight and being afraid to go home. I asked if he could spend the
night and she agreed but wanted to talk to him first. Howie told her the
same story I did and said he was sorry he did not call. They both talked a
minute or two and then said their goodbyes. I asked Howie to show me where
Mr. Roberts apartment was and he did, then I drove the boys home.I dropped them off and told them I had to talk with the teacher and decide
what to do. eternal nymphetes Howie was afraid but I told him not to worry and that I would
take care of it."I will never let anyone take you away from your mother."All the way back to the apartment I kept thinking about what I would say.
When I arrived at the apartment I sat in the car and then I saw a man about
6'1 and 200lbs come out of the apartment and deposit some trash in the
dumpster. I jumped out of the car and quickly went to his stoop. I waited
until he returned and told him I needed to talk to him about Howie before I
went to the police. He quickly agreed and said they had a misunderstanding
and would be happy to explain it all as he was sure the boy was probably
making up wild stories. I was so mad I could not see the man's face. I
only saw the outline. Once he closed his apartment door child model nymphet
I quickly turned
and to my surprise the man fell to the floor and blood began to spurt from
his nose. He was writhing in agony and then I realized I had punched him
right in the nose and broke it. It was lying crooked on his face with blood
pouring out."I will only tell you this one time and don't you ever forget it. I love
that boy and if I ever here about you even looking at him cross ways or
touching a hair on his head then the police will be the least of your
worries."He was crying now and I was sickened and upset more by this and suddenly I
kicked him three times and I heard a crack. I am sure his rib broke. He
was spitting up blood and he began apologizing and begging for my
forgiveness."It is Howie you need to apologize to and beg for his forgiveness." pure nymphets He
nodded and said it would never happen again. I squatted down over him and
told him "If you ever try this shit again you will not need a doctor you
will need a mortician. No one has the right to force a boy to have sex with
him. You are a miserable, pathetic, piece of shit, who suffers from penis
envy because of that pathetic little cocktail frank you got down there.
Remember this beating and know that it nymphets porn little is mild compared to what I will do to
you in the future. I suggest you call an ambulance and tell them you fell
down the stairs outside. Otherwise, I will tell the police what you did and
then you will be the one who spends 10 years in jail being rapped.
Understand?"He nodded and I walked out of his apartment. As I drove home I was
overwhelmed with fear. If he reported the beating I gave nymphets xxx young him I could go to
jail and lose the elite models nymphets
boys. However, no jury would convict me for what I did.
I will not mention this again so I will tell you the outcome now. He kept
his mouth shut and two week later when he returned to school Howie was
transferred out of his class and into another math class. Friday was a bust but once we returned Howie home on Saturday morning
things picked up. We spent the whole day together and went all over town.
We saw the movie Triple X, went to the mall and played some video games, we
went to the ice skating rink near the house, and finally we went to get some
videos. However, the whole day the boys seemed to be preoccupied. They
were all anxious to begin a new love life that they had to postpone for one
day. When we got back to our house we ordered some pizza and I asked
everyone which video they wanted to watch first. Joey jumped up and ran
into my room. He came back out with his favorite video. He loved to watch
porn movies and his favorite was "An American in Prague." I think he liked
it because he was the 13 year old version of Chance or that is at least what
I used to tell him. (Now some of you will probably write me nasty emails
about letting the boys watch porn, but somehow I find it hard to justify
having sex with them and not allowing them to watch it.) I was not sure how
the Ryans would react but when they saw Johan and Chance on the cover they
were all for it. We waited for our pizza to arrive and nymphets very little quickly ate. I
could not wait myself as I was really fantasizing about little Ryan and what
we could do. We all went into the TV room to watch the movie. We were all
on the floor with big Ryan and myself on each end and having the boys
between us. Nick sat next to me, then little Ryan, Jake, and finally Joey
right next to big Ryan. We were all cuddling and watching the greatest porn
movie ever made. Once we got to the scene where Chance does a strip tease
for Johan I was definitely ready for action. Joey jumped up and stated he
could do a better job and started to strip giving big Ryan a great lap
dance. Lucky for me, little Ryan got a little jealous and began to do the
same for me. Nick and Jake got up and started to compete with the boys.
They were all dancing, stripping and grinding against big Ryan and myself.
Nick and little Ryan were competing for my attention while Joey and Jake
competed for big Ryan's attention. All four boys were naked with erect
penis' pumping and sliding all over us. We were definitely the luckiest men
alive. After a couple of minutes of naked boy flesh rubbing against us we
were ready to get out of our own clothes. My cock was rock hard and my
balls were aching for relief. Big Ryan was in heaven but he was really
wanting to get naked too. Leave it to the boys to take care of us. My two
beauties began stripping me and rubbing me all over. Their little hands
were running over my firm smooth flesh and driving me insane. They pulled
my pants down, practically tore my shirt off, and before I could finish
standing up they had pulled my boxers off letting my cock spring free. I looked over to my left and found big Ryan enjoying the same treatment
from Joey and Jake. Joey was kissing him and had his tongue working in
Ryan's mouth. Ryan was breathing heavily and was really looking like he was
going to cum forums nymphets bbs
any minute. Jake was rubbing big Ryan's 7 inch cock and
stroking it the whole length. Suddenly, my little man dropped to his knees
and began to service big Ryan's little buddy. He was licking the ooze from
the tip and then sliding his gorgeous little mouth up and down over the
shaft. Joey was standing there kissing him and humping his leg. I was
jealous of all of them but I was fixated on their action and did not even
blink. Little Ryan and Nick were watching too, and I was surprised to see
them each sitting on either side of me just enjoying the show. I reached
between the smooth hairless thighs and slid my hands to their respective
crotches. I grabbed hold of the solid purple-headed warriors and began to
stroke with all my might. They were both enjoying the attention very much
and yet they could not take their eyes off the site in front of them. I
watched as Joey was sliding his smooth white 5 and half inch pecker up and
down big Ryan's leg. It was a fantastic site. His little balls followed
behind every pass sliding across Ryan's muscled thigh. Jake had gotten a
hold on his own member and was jerking his cock as he sucked big Ryan's
dick. Big Ryan threw his head back bellowed and his whole body stiffened.
Jake braced himself for the huge load teeny nymphet girls that was about to explode upon him.
Joey screeched and I looked back to his cock as the slit opened and his back
stiffened. He moaned "Ooooooooooh shiiiiiiiit....." and then blew his hot
boy seed up Ryan's leg. He kept grinding his cock into his thigh and spurt
after spurt flew out and landed in droplets all over. The feel of the warm
boy cream on his leg was too much for big Ryan and he let his load explode
in Jake's mouth. Jake is a trooper and tried to swallow it all down but
alas he had to relinquish the man meat from his mouth. The taste of Ryan's
love juice caused Jake to start ejaculating all over the floor. He let out
three good spurts and then collapsed. Before he was finished though Ryan
had coated his chin and chest with his own spunk. All three of them
collapsed on the floor and before I knew what happened I felt an eruption in
each one of my hands. I looked at the two boys on each side of me and found both of them letting
their sperm go free. It was spurting out the slit straight up and then back
down to the base of their penises. It was so hot I wanted someone to do me
but I kept stroking until I had milked every last drop out of the love
snakes. Nick rolled over and kept panting and moaning, however little Ryan
rolled onto his back pulled his legs up and said "Are you ready?" Boy was I
ever. Little Ryan was a beautiful boy with a small thin build and stark
white flesh. He had not a hair on his body and he looked like a boy of 10
not twelve. His little hole was dropped open and the pink puckered entrance
was begging for attention. We had gotten the lube out earlier and I was
applying some to my fingers. I slid them to his little love canal and began
to massage his opening. He was moaning and panting. The sweat was building
on his body and his breathing was becoming more shallow. I worked in the
first finger quite easily and so I quickly followed it with a second. His
hole was looser than the other boys and I was sure he had been around a
little. I decided to try a third finger and to my surprise it slid in with
little effort. He was really gasping for air and kept begging me to fuck
him."I want you in me, please I need it so bad."How could I resist. I looked over and noticed everyone eyeing us waiting
and anticipating the show that was about to begin. I slid my body between
his smooth little legs until my face was right above his. I leaned down and
we began to kiss. This kid was by far the best kisser of the group. He
worked places in my mouth I didn't even know I had. He wrapped his legs
around my waist and pulled me closer to him. I reached down positioned my
head to his hole and slid it in him really slow. He exhaled as I slid in
and he began to moan. He kept his legs wrapped around me and then he closed
his sphincter around my cock. He clamped down so hard I thought he may
castrate me. I kept my motion sliding in and out of his hot little love
chute. He would kiss me passionately over my face every time I took a
breath. His cavern was hot and the heat was scorching my cock but I kept
burying it deep inside his boy vagina. My body was sweating and his hands
had grabbed my back and was pulling me into him more and more. I was so hard and I just couldn't hold out any longer but he told me he was
close to cumming again, so I did. I put my left hand down and began to
stroke him real good. My cock was bouncing of his prostate like a fat lady
on a trampoline. It smashed his prostate giving him unspeakable pleasure.
I thought I must be a deity because with all the "Oh Gods" he was yelping.
I kept slamming my cock deeper and deeper into him driving in till my balls
hit his flat firm ass cheeks. Suddenly he let his boy cream fly again. I
had been holding my orgasm back for this moment and quickly released my
first volley too. He shot out about three more lines and I pumped as much
of my seed in him as his little tight ass could hold. Our sweat was running
all over each other and we were both gasping for air. We were in such
ecstasy we forgot there was four other people in the room. We kissed a
little more and milked out every last drop. After about a minute of just
lying on top of this boy holding him I pulled out and rolled off. We lay
side by side just taking in the incredible moment we had just shared.Big Ryan finally broke our silence "I am jealous. I have never seen
something that hot in my life."Joey added "So am I. You two really connected. It looked so fucking
awesome. I wish it was me."Nick and Jake were speechless and so was little Ryan and myself. Could I be
in love with this boy? We had just had the most profound sexual experience
of my life. He was not as sweet as Nick, as good looking as Joey or as
loving as Jake, but we nymphets chld had galeries ukrainian nymphets
just shared a moment that was as powerful, if not
more so, than I had shared with any of the boys. I am sure Joey was a
little jealous and he wanted a little action for himself. He turned to big
Ryan and said "Lets give them something to be jealous about."Big Ryan grinned and he was ready to give little Ryan and myself a run for
our money. Joey literally jumped on top of him pinning him underneath his
hairless smooth legs. He slid back pretenn nymphs
till his well sculpted ass touched the
top of Ryan's big cock. He quickly looked at me and little nymphets underground
said "Once you see this
you will never want to be with anyone but me ever again."Now I was sure he was jealous. Joey began to slid his firm full ass back
and forth over Ryan's engorged cock. Ryan was moaning from the sensations
of that perfect tight ass rubbing him and now rubbing him so vigorously.
Joey leaned down and tried to gut Ryan with his nymphet nude girl pics tongue planting a firm deep
long kiss nymphet asia
right on his lips. Joey kept breaking their kiss and looking at
me. Joey kept kissing Ryan passionately their tongues exchanging in and out
of each other's mouths. Big Ryan had his hand caressing Joey's body and he
kept rubbing Joey's over sized nipples and the sensations were pleasing Joey
but I could tell he was doing this with a sense of purpose and not out of
love. He finally slid his ass right over the top of big Ryan's huge boner
and stopped. He rose up and then grabbed hold of the eight inch pecker
aiming it straight for his gorgeous tight pink hole. He slammed back
impaling himself on the giant cock and began to ride Ryan like he was a bull
at the rodeo. It was so fucking hot my cock jumped to attention. Joey was
moaning and had his hands running over big Ryan's smooth chest while big
Ryan was running his left hand over Joey's right side and nipple while
simultaneously rubbing Joey's back with his right hand. The perspiration
was rolling down Joey's smooth firm back and I could see it disappear in his
little ass crack. Big Ryan was wailing and he looked to be in heaven as his
breathing was so fast and hard it caused his chest to pump so high it almost
seemed to bounce Joey up and down even more. This was hot and Joey was
right. He was making me jealous. Ryan was close now and he was really
"oh-ing" and "ah-ing" a lot. Finally he arched his back thrusting all 8
inches into Joey's tight boy cavern and he began to fill him till the cum
oozed out the hole. Joey raised up and never even bothered to get himself
off. This was quite a statement for him to make and he did it without a
word. Joey was feeing a little jealous and he was in no way going to cum for big
Ryan. He just wanted to make me jealous. I talked with Joey alone later
that night to try and resolve this little problem. He was feeling jealous
because to masha russian nymphet
him it felt like little Ryan and I had something he would never
have with me. I explained that love is different between different people
but it is ukrain angel nymphets nothing to be jealous over."I love you, Joey. I will always love you. You mean more to me than I will
ever be able to explain.""I love you to Dad. I just was afraid that you love Ryan more than me."I smiled and said "I will never love anyone more than you Joey."The second week of school has been great and the boys are doing quite well.
Joey wants to play basketball and everyday after school he, Nick and Jake
play with the hoop on the garage. I can tell the men in the neighborhood
who are interested in boys because I see them driving by the house a lot.
Several guys in the neighborhood stop by to give the boys pointers all the
time and always just happen to thumbs movies nymphets
be driving by or in the area when the boys
have their shirts off. I can't blame them but I was by no means going to
invite them into our home or lives. We watch wrestling every Monday and
Thursday nights. It is a real neat time were we all play and just enjoy
some good clean fun. Nick and Jake are in Spanish class and I love working
with them 3 nights a week to learn their vocabulary words. Joey needs
special attention in math so we spend 3 nights a week going over everything
he needs to know and helping him to grasp it a little better. These nymphets lands info may
seem like chores to many people but I love it and see it as a great time to
spend with the boys and watch them grow.We have had a dog for eight years but a year ago I let the boys talk me into
these two kittens. I had them declawed as soon as the vet allowed but
figured they would never get along with the dog and vice versa. How wrong
was I about that. The cats and the dog just love each other and lay
together all the time. It is almost sickening to see the dog cavorting with
those damn hairballs. I digress. After a couple weeks of school I got a
call from CPS (Children's Protective Services) and they told me that Jacob
had a little brother named Matthew and he was available for adoption because
his birth mother had died and his father was in jail for life. They wanted
to see if I would take him as the maternal grandparents refused to take him
because he was half black and the paternal grandparents refused because he
was half white. How much did that suck. This boy was 10 and everyone was
concerned with his race and not his needs. No other relatives wanted to
accept responsibility for the boy because he suffers from ADHD (Attention
Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder), GAD (Generalized Anxiety Disorder) and ODD
(Oppositional Defiant Disorder). This all scared the shit out of me too.
They wanted to place the boy with me because Jake was his biological brother
and the closest thing to family he had left. I could not make a commitment
but they asked me to come down and talk with a social worker and then make a
decision. I brought the boys and said they had to be a part of this as it
will greatly affect their lives. The social worker met with us for an hour
and told me the story of Matthew. I have included it here for you and want
to warn that it is a graphic story of violence and abuse. Nothing sexual,
it is just a reality jolt for the way too many kids are treated. Matthew is currently 10 years old. He as I said before is diagnosed with a
host of psychological problems that may steam from exposure to drugs and
alcohol in the womb. Matt was born to his mother who was a prostitute and
his father who was a drug dealing pimp. What a way to begin life. His
mother was a crack head and his dad was a murderer. A perfect couple to
raise a child. The mother lost custody of him at birth because of her
addiction to crack but later got him back by complying with CPS and the
action plan they set for her. CPS has been in and out of his life for the
past 8 years. Complaints of neglect and abuse were reported time and time
again by his schools. I say schools because a drug dealing pimp and a crack
head prostitute move around a lot. The complaints ranged from welts and
bruises on the boys body to burn marks and cuts on him too. He had been
scalded by his mother on several occasions. For those of you who don't know
what this is I will explain. It is a process were a parent or guardian
fills a pot with water and boils it or a bath tub with scalding hot water
and then submerses the child's body or a body part in the water. He had
also been beaten so badly by his father once that the man broke Matt's jaw
and the boy's right arm. On a separate occasion the boy's father allowed
a man to purchase time with Matt in order to burn his penis with a cigarette
lighter. The boy was not burned so seriously as to cause permanent
functional damage, but he still had a scar that was shaped like the
horse-shoe end of a lighter. The worst incident (if you can single out one
as the worst) was when his mother was high on a speedball and lost control
of herself and broke a bottle and carved the boys back with the jagged
glass. She actually carved her initial in his back. It was four inched
long and was a big J. I was crying at the end of the story as the social
worker had laid nymph child pussy it all out in great detail. I felt so sorry for the boy but
at the same time my fear of taking him in was quite great. We left CPS that night tiny nymphette nude and the boys and I never said a word all the way
home. I think it was a mistake to include them in the meeting as I am
afraid they were scared by the incidents which they heard. Jake was the
only one to speak asking when his brother could come live with us. He was
really excited about having a biological brother and that was going to live
with us. The other boys soon joined in the campaign but I was so afraid I
kept telling them I have to think more about it. Then one night I got an
email from a reader of this story who works as a therapeutic parent in a
boys home. He told me after reading my dilemma in the prologue something I
will never forget. He wrote to me and said pics art nymphets " that boys with problems can be
more demanding and more trying but in the end they just need love and
security like any other boy." With that I realized this boy had no love or
security in his life ever. He was alone and abandoned by his biological
relatives. He had so many problems that CPS was quite blunt in explaining
that if I did not adopt him that he would be in a foster home or boys home
for the rest of his adolescence. I decided I have to take him in. I called
the social worker and let her know my plans. She was thrilled and set up a
time for me and the boys to meet Matt. We went to the foster home and we
talked to Matt. We talked and got to know each other for several hours.
Matt was a very engaging boy but some what withdrawn. That is to be
expected after all he has been through in his short life. He was a witness
to his father beating a man to death for not paying him after having sex
with Jenna his mother. I learned it nymphet model illegal that night and wondered how CPS left
that out. He was quiet and withdrawn but when he opened up a little a
light shown through the gloom and the pain of his past and password to nymphets movies I felt more
assured that we could make a difference in his life. He and Jake did seem
to click a little more than the rest of us and I am sure that is from a bond
they must have felt being biological half brothers. We made a visit with
him every night for a week and he became more engaging as we got to know
each other. CPS wanted to place him with me almost right away but my fear
had me hold out until after we had visited with him for about a week. You may be wondering what he looks like and I am sure nude nymphet pix you are if you are
ready this story. What I must say is that bi-racial children of any mix
tend to be quite cute. They seem to get the best genes from both parents.
Matt was no exception to this. The boy is about 4'10 and can't weigh more
than 80lbs. He had a small button nose like many boys his age and had great
curly hair. It was a brown shade and not as curly as a normal black
person's hair these were longer curls. His complexion was quite beautiful.
He had a great almond colored skin that was as perfect as could be. (If
this is how the kids are going to look than every white person should be
forced to marry and have children with a black person.) He was quite slim
and had a white boy butt. It protruded ever so slightly more but not like a
black boys butt. Pity but I will get over it. Matt has great looking gray
eyes that harbor a lot of pain nymphet password but seemed to cry out for the love he never
had in his life. His lashes were long and lush and his lips were full and
cherry red. He had a face that you couldn't wait to kiss and an innocence
that surprised me as he has been through so much pain. His teeth were
amazingly perfect and white. Lucky boy he was so gorgeous that I couldn't
stop thinking about him. The night before we were to pick him up from his
foster home, I was lying in bed stroking my cock to the thought of him. A
knock came at the door naked nymphets photos and Nick came in to my room."Can I talk to you?" he asked timidly."Of course you can, I am always here for you."He came over and climbed in bed with me. He was wearing his bedtime boxers
and nothing else. I was so horny and just had to cut my fantasy short so it
was very hard for me to focus on his words. I managed to just listen and he
was afraid with a new boy Jake and I would not love him the same or he was
not going to be as important anymore. Very candid and somewhat jealous he
began to tell me he wasn't sure it was going baby russian nymphets to work out. I wrapped my arms
around him and told him everything was going to be alright. We talked and I told him he will always be important to me and I will never
let him forget it. After talking a while he was more at ease and ready for
this new chapter in our lives. We were holding each other and this led to a
little kissing which in turn led to a little touching and before I knew it
we were ready to prove our love to each other. I do love my boys so much.
Nick rolled right up on top of me and quickly pressed his little cherry red
lips to mine. He slid his tongue into my mouth and the little member was
exploring all over. I returned the favor and had run each of my hands over
his back. He had his legs straddled over me and I was caressing his body
from the back of his knee to his shoulder blades. We continued kissing
passionately and then Nick started kissing me down my neck. He kissed and
licked my neck and worked down to my chest. The sensations of his tongue
and mouth sent chills down my spine. I was thoroughly enjoying his work.
He reached my erect nipples and began licking, then sucking, and eventually
playfully biting them. Oh god is he good, I kept thinking. He had his
hands rubbing my sides and the little sex monster kept working his way down.
He licked my belly button and just seemed to love what he was doing. My
breathing was quickening and my cock was rock hard. He knew he was good and
just loved the thought of making me moan at his touch. He grabbed the top of my boxers and yanked them down letting my cock snap
back and slap against my crotch. It hurt and the pre-cum left a trail from
my tip to my stomach where it had just crashed. Nick licked the pre-cum
quickly enjoying the flavor. He slid lower on me so that his head was right
above my rock hard member. He licked the head and I squealed with delight.
I never squeal, damn this boy is good. He licked up and down the shaft
teasing my cock and enticing me more. He slowly wrapped his lips around it
and then started to bob up and down running his lips over the length of my
cock and sucking as hard as he could. I wanted to pop as my earlier
activity had really prepped me for a great orgasm. He was running his lips
up and down and swallowing every inch of my hard boner. The tingling in my
spine was great but I had those wonderful butterflies in my stomach that
made it even better. Of course, the sensation of his lips on my man meat
was not bad either. My breathing was heavy and I was really panting. My
balls pulled close to my body and I knew the human vacuum was about to get
the reward he enjoyed so much. I released my first shot and he gulped every
last bit of it. The second and third shots the boy swallowed as well. But
by the fourth, fifth and sixth shots were running down my shaft escaping his
tight grip he held to my cock with his lips. It was wonderful. Nick slid back up to me and let me share in his feast as he kissed me
passionately letting the taste my own seed trickle from petites nymphets his mouth into mine.
I quickly pulled his boxers off and then pulled him up so lithuanian nymphets that his perfect
four and half inch boy boner was inches from my face. He was so horny he
was leaking all over. I opened my mouth and he quickly thrust his milky
white boy flesh into my mouth. He began thrusting as if he was trying to
punch a hole through the back of my head with his dick. It was awesome and
I sucked him hard enough to pull a golf ball through a straw. He flung his
head back and his little soft smooth chest heaved up and down. I could hear
him gasping for air and I knew he was close to heaven. He moaned and let
out a high pitch screech. He thrust his tool deep into my mouth and I could
feel his contracted soft smooth boy nuts right on my chin. This was almost
as great a feeling as his release of boy juice that was splashing in my
mouth and throat. He always had a sweetness that is very unique to a boy,
in his cream. I loved it and lapped up all four shots he spit forth. He
was twitching and jerking and thrust a few more times to ensure I milked
every last drop from his boy rod. He flopped next to me his chest heaving
and his eyes just staring into space lost in the moment. We lie there side
by side and just enjoyed each other's company for a few minutes. Before I
knew it he was ready for a little anal action and rolled up on me straddling
his legs over my body again. I caressed his smooth little legs and enjoyed
his soft flesh. He grabbed the lube from the night stand and applied a
little to my hard cock. He rose up positioned my head to his tight puckered
boy hole and gently slid back. Nick liked a good hard fuck every now and
then but he was not like Joey. He liked a gentle, loving and passionate
moment as well. I knew this was going to be one of those special moments.
He looked into my eyes and I began to slowly push my rock hard dick into his
boy vagina. He was really enjoying the slow pace and liked the massaging
his prostate was receiving. I could feel his perfectly sculpted smooth soft
ass pressing into me as he slid down my pole. I grabbed both cheeks and
help lift and slowly deposit him each time. He grabbed his own hardened
member and was slow stroking it as well. He kept eye contact with me and
his smile was quite evident. I love him so much and we were connecting on a
level not many people can understand. We picked up the pace ever so
slightly but we were ready to cum with out anymore action. This was a slow passionate love making that only people who are really in
love can experience. The feel of his soft ass in my hands was so
incredible. It was so smooth it caused me to grow even harder (if that was
possible). I said I was ready and he nodded that he was too. With teenage nymphets tgp that I
released my first shot and pressed deep inside of him till I connected with
his prostate. He moaned and released his first volley of boy spunk. It
landed on my belly and then the flow kept cumming. I shot again and again
until I had emptied my ball sack of its precious fluid. Nick did the same
and then wiped up his boy sperm onto his fingers. He reached out to my
mouth and I opened it letting him insert his fingers. He fed me his juice
and I licked every last drop from his little fingers. He leaned forward
until his chest hit my stomach and then he laid his head on my chest. I
stroked his hair and played with it twirling it around my fingers till we
both fell asleep. We lay there all night with him on top of me childlover nymphets
and I was in
heaven.To be continued.....
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