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Related post: Date: Tue, 17 Feb 2009 18:13:08 -0800 (PST)
From: Beautiful Creamer
Subject: Try Boys Try Boys -- Part Two
By Beautiful Creamer One -- Another man ready to "reboot" Clint Mountboy didn't know it, but he was particularly vulnerable to
suggestion that Saturday morning as he sat and read his newspaper. As many thirtysomething men were, he was frustrated in love and beginning
to despair that he would ever make a real "match." Clint liked women. Pretty women. nude nymphets jpegs And women should have liked him. He
was fit and buff. Quite handsome and quite adequate in the penile
department. So why had he struck out with women? Two big reasons and lots of smaller ones. First, and most importantly,
he was far from rich. And had few prospects to change that situation.
Clint was a junior-high-school English teacher. And quite dedicated to the
education of 11 to 14-year-old minds and their future success. So he was
pretty much guaranteed a low-paying job for life. Second, Clint was a nice guy. A really nice guy who treated women with
respect. Which, combined with his low income, made desirable women think
he was a chump. It's inaccurate to say that Clint had sworn off women but, unlike Kermit
the Frog, he wasn't really hoping that "something better" would come along.
Mainly because Clint never imagined that there was an alternative. Until he saw that advertisement in the sports section of his newspaper
that life-changing morning. It was a picture of two boys, photographed from mid-chest, just above the
nipples up. The boys were achingly beautiful. Even a committed-though-frustrated
heterosexual like Clint could see that. He could also see that the boys
were shirtless. Exposing their creamy shoulders. The ad copy stabbed Clint's brain. "Tired of the nagging, manipulation and emasculation?" it asked. "Try
boys." Huh? Try boys????? That was crazy. Those boys looked like they were eleven years old. Twelve at most. Wasn't it illegal to even show them like that? And the looks they were giving the camera. They looked so...needy. Needy for a man. A man like Clint. Clint was disgusted at himself for even thinking what he was beginning to
think. Something that he as a junior-high teacher could never think. Touching one of those beautiful boys. One of his own students even. Many of his boy students, had his brain allowed him to think of it, were
in fact beautiful. But he was their mentor. Entrusted with their chastity. He couldn't think of those boys, or any other boys in "that way." Could he? Clint looked at the ad again. There was a web site. No phone number. Against every instinct except the all-powerful urges between his legs,
Clint fired up his computer and typed in the "try boys" site. Wow. Boys. Pretty boys. Gorgeous boys. Photos of dozens of them. All fully clothed, except for the boys wearing
modest bathing suits. Candid shots of boys -- young, beautiful boys -- being boys. No men. No words. At least on the home page, except, "Try boys." Clint went to the next page. Men were on the second page. Good-looking,
30-something dancing nymphete
and 40-something men. Walking with boys. Talking with boys. The looks they were giving each other! Admiring looks. Loving looks. Clint was trembling as he moved to the third page and saw more men and
boys. Together. Everyone still fully clothed. But this was different. The men were kissing the boys. Kissing! And even though they were all fully dressed, every man or boy in the pics
was [gasp] sporting a stiffie. Tenting his pants. Beautiful boys submitting to the adoring kisses of sexually aroused,
rampant, snorting men! Oh no! It was disgusting and demeaning and where was the button to the next
page, where Clint was sure he would see the men and boys naked? Where was it???? There was no such button! That was it. Clint's face was flushed and his brain steamed with wild conjecture. Clint didn't know what to do. His cock was outrageously and immorally
stiff. He would have to calm down and get this "filth" out of his brain. The
school year was starting in two days and if he went back with a "try boys"
attitude, it would man ruin! He would be "checking out" all of his male students. Thinking crazy
thoughts. Maybe even [gasp] touching one of the boys in his care! Shame! Guilt! Incarceration! Clint ached to empty his balls at that moment, but that would just make
things worse. Wouldn't it? Clint closed down his computer, grabbed his car keys and drove to the
grocery store. To young naked nubile nymphets
cool off. Think of something else. Get his mind off
boys. Look at the women in the store. Lots of them. There. Good. Pretty women in summer dresses. Clint settled down a bit. Until he saw Devin Sphincter. His 12-year-old, former sixth-grade student and future seventh-grade
student. Who smiled sweetly and greeted Clint with a "Hi, Mr. Mountboy! Did you
enjoy your summer?" Oh dear. Crisis time already for Clint. Two hours ago, Clint could have responded
with asexual politeness. But now! Devin was every bit as pretty as those boys in that evil ad and filthy
web site. The boy was smiling at Clint. And he was real -- not a picture. Clint's manmeat betrayed him. It stiffened and tented his trousers. Devin noticed. The boy was surprised that Mr. Mountboy was looking at
him "in that way," though the boy had been hoping against hope that his
teacher would do just that someday. It appeared that the day had arrived. Against most of Clint's instincts, the man wanted the boy and the boy
knew it. little nymphets pic
That changed everything. Clint wanted to streak out of the store and get home, lock the door and
jump into an icy shower. And he wanted to grab up Devin, take him to a sleazy hotel, strip the boy
naked and kiss him all over. To this day, Clint can't remember how he disengaged from that
conversation. Somehow he managed to take his purchases to the checkout.
He would pay for his things, go home and that would be that. But no. There, in the checkout line, was an item he had never noticed before, but
had been a mainstay of the store (and big money-maker) for six years. It was the latest issue of "Sissy Boy" magazine. Clint's eyes burned into the cover, which proclaimed that it was the
special, annual "frosted faces" issue. Then punctuated that claim with a
picture that buckled Clint's knees. An outrageously beautiful and totally naked young boy (12-years-old tops)
was on his knees facing the camera. The boy's gorgeous face was framed
with a hundred soft, blond curls and drenched with what could only be the
sperm and semen of a well-testicled man. Cum was drooling from the boy's
kissable chin and had migrated to his chest and erotically erect nipples!! The boy was smiling joyfully. He loved having his face "frosted" by a
man! If the smile didn't prove that, his ultra-stiff three-inch pricket
affirmed his love of man's cream. The boy's arms ukrainian nymphet blog were bent forward and his wrists were sissily limp. Clint almost creamed his pants right there in the checkout line. Clint's cheeks were flaming with shame and there was no way he should
have bought that magazine -- right out in public like that. Worse, since
it was a "special issue," it cost an outrageous $49.95! But he HAD to have
it! So he bought the magazine, hustled his purchases to the car and sped
home. Somehow he managed to put the groceries away before attending to his
"needs." But then he could wait no longer. Clint stripped naked, found his bottle of babyoil gel, set out a worn
tshirt for "mopping-up" operations, and began. Trying not to cum too quickly, Clint applied the slick oil to his large,
red-hot cock and fat, hairy balls. When he had applied a sufficient layer of lube, Clint took a deep breath
and opened the "Sissy Boy" magazine. "100 pages of cream-faced boys" it promised. And delivered. Beautiful boys. All, as the promise stated on page three, litle nymphets models between the
ages of 11 and 14. Boys in various poses, but all sopping wet with man's cream. Oh, Clint thought, to be one of those men. ukrainiens nymphet nude On page six, with 94 pages as yet unexplored, Clint lost his first creamy
load of the day. It was a boy on all fours, looking back at the camera with a smiling,
cream-covered face. Exposing his perfect bottomhole, which, thrillingly,
had clearly been freshly-fucked. It was open and drooling every bit as
much sperm as the boy had on his face. The boy was so sweet and cute and sexy. And he was looking at Clint as
if he wanted Clint to be "next" and that did it for our hero. The man spunked all over his stomach in an agony of guilt little models nymphets
and fear and
wild ecstasy. That boy, that beautiful boy, wanted to "give himself" completely young naked nymphets
to his
man. He was eager to satisfy his man's carnal needs, asking nothing in
return. That was what was so fatally arousing to Clint. Probably because it was what he had naked nymphets pictures always wanted, but never gotten from
a woman. The women Clint had known had never "surrendered" to Clint completely the
way the boys in those pictures naked nymphets photo did. They loved when Clint ate their
pussies -- sometimes for hours -- and would cum their girlish guts out.
But when Clint wanted them to reciprocate by sucking his cock and
swallowing his cum -- or even better, letting Clint "frost their faces,"
they went all "icky bad" on him. He was lucky if he got a "missionary
fuck" out of them. The enthusiasm wasn't there. Nor was the sense of
sexual giving that men crave. The boys in "Sissy Boy," at least in Clint's hasty assessment, were
willing to do whatever a nice man wanted them to do. They were willing to
"emasculate" themselves -- letting a man "have his way" with them. Which
was what Clint felt young nymphettes galleries
was the love he was missing. Or maybe he was reading too much into that "Try Boys" Website and a few
smutty pictures. Clint decided to see what the other 94 pages were all about. Each page was a glorious, new delight. Boy after beautiful boy taking
the full measure of his man's love and love cream. On page 24, two angels sixty-nined each other to twin facials. On page 32, a man spunked a boy's face just as the boy was helplessly
ejaculating all over his own flat tummy. Filling his boyish belly button
and creating "Lake Semen," which was a "man-made" lake in its truest form. Clint emptied his testicles "reading" that page, crying out so kid rompl nymphet
that he was afraid the neighbors had heard him. As we know, there is a brief moment after an orgasm in which men stop
thinking about sex for some microseconds. The only recorded such time. Clint used that unusual "gap" to motivate himself to clean up and try to
stop the maelstrom of new ideas that were consuming him. He quickly got into his bathing suit, slid on a tshirt and flip-flops,
and headed for his local swimming pool. His plan -- swim laps. Clear his head. Change his attitude. Stuff the
toothpaste back into the tube. No problem. Right?
Two -- Perhaps a problem Clint's arrival at the pool was timed perfectly. The last 15 minutes of
each hour were reserved for "adult swim." During which the frolicking
little ones had to get out and the fitness-centric adults could swim laps
and exercise. Clint staked out his lounge chair and laid out his towel
just as the lifeguard's whistle blew for adult swim. adolescents teen nymphet Clint shucked his tshirt, dove into the chilly water and for 15 asexual
minutes enjoyed the endorphins of exercise. Free of the world's naughty
concerns. At last. The whistle blew to resume "general swim" and Clint went to his lounge
chair. Dried himself off. Put on his sunglasses. Settled in to read a
good mystery story. Until... "Hi, Mr. Mountboy! Wow. Twice in one day!" Oh no!!!!!! It was Devin again! Devin Sphincter. The cutest boy Clint had ever taught. But that wasn't all. He was with the second cutest boy Clint had ever taught -- Mason nymphet girl videos Goobum!
And they were both wearing [gasp] bathing suits! Not just bathing suits. Super-skimpy-show-the-whole-package bathing
suits! Clint had come to the pool to make things "better," but they seemed to be
getting "worse." If two beautiful, half-naked, smiling, flirty boys could beastiality nymphets
be considered
"worse." Clint cleared his throat. Carefully moved his towel to cover his lap.
Then said, "Hello again, Devin. Hello, Mason. Beautiful day isn't it?" Clint winced internally at his lack of "smooth." If he acted like such a
klutz, he thought, he would never have to worry about losing his magic nymphets pussy "boy
chastity." Devin and Mason didn't seem to mind their once-and-future teacher's
klutziness. They each gave him a dazzling smile. Mason said, "We were
watching you swim, Mr. Mountboy. You're really good." Clint blushed at the compliment from someone whose bathing suit he would
clearly want to remove. And there were "stirrings" under his lap-located
towel. Devin chimed in with, "Were you a swimmer in high school, Mr. Mountboy?
You're so strong and manly." Oh. Poor Clint was fully and shamefully erect. What to do? He couldn't get up. He couldn't think of anything to say except, "Thank
you, boys" followed by an inane, "Are you looking forward to school
starting the day after tomorrow?" Every adult knows the answer to that is always a resounding "NO!!" But Devin said, "Oh, yes, Mr. Mountboy. We miss our friends and our
teachers. Especially you." Oh. Ashamed at the praise and baffled by the strange events of the day, Clint
broke eye contact and, as he formulated a response, looked down. And saw
the boy's brief bathing suits. Tented by their stiff penises. Unashamedly so. The boys conversed as if there were nothing going on "down there." Yet,
their contact with Clint had aroused them. Which was flattering and terrifying. In equal measure. Clint noted that for young boys, they had ample packages. Which excited
Clint even more -- despite himself. Clint opened his mouth to say something else, but Mason said, "We have to
go. We'll see you in school on Monday, Mr. Mountboy." Then Devin made Clint's cock twitch when he said, "If not nymphets little model before." And they were gone. What did that mean -- If not before? It took Clint a good 15 minutes for his cock to subside. Then he decided
to cut his losses and go home. The exit from the pool to the parking lot goes through the men's shower
room. As Clint approached it, he heard water running and boyish giggling. Oh no. Devin and Mason were taking a shower. Sharing a fixture. And they were
naked! Clint only nymphet boy porn
allowed himself a quick glance. But the captured image was
burned into his brain. Two naked dolls rubbing soap on each other and giggling girlishly. A
flash of Devin's penis -- five red, erect inches accessorized beautifully
by a lovely pink bag. Mason's plump, pink bottomcheeks. Clint stepped up his pace and stormed past the boys, hoping they hadn't
even seen him. They had. The "little show" was for his benefit. Though Mason and Devin always
liked being naked around each other.
Three -- A moist Saturday night and a moister Sunday Clint was hardcore nymphets pix feeling beset by demons when he got home that late Saturday
afternoon. Was the universe conspiring to turn him into a boy lover? If so, why him? If not, was this all just really what happens when repressed feelings and
desire begin to be unrepressed? Clint made himself nymphet dorki a nice dinner -- fish, baked potato, broccoli. Turned
on a football exhibition game. Tried to think of something other than
sitting naked with a naked Mason on his left knee and a naked Devin on his
right knee. Kissing them. Feeling their stiff peenies. Couldn't think of much else. So he stripped naked and got young nymphet nude photos into bed with his babyoil gel, old tshirt
and "Sissy Boy." Page 33. nymphets pics nudes old A kneeling boy in a speedo bathing suit, pulled down to mid-thigh.
Receiving a man-sized facial from a large-cocked man as he wanks himself to
a spurting explosion. The spray pattern went all the way to the boy's
hairline, with a good blob covering his eyes. One large glob seemed to
have gone up the boy's nose. Yet, he didn't flinch. Seemed to enjoy it
all immensely. As he exploded his man's cream in thick arcs, Clint wondered, "Why would
anyone want a woman when he could have a boy like that? Or a boy like
Devin or nymphete model gallery
Mason?" Good questions. Clint barely survived the evening, cumming three more times between pages
34 and 72. He fell asleep, exhausted, at around eleven and awoke on Sunday at eight.
Full of resolve to put all the "boy silliness" behind him. He got himself together, made coffee, and went out to get the newspaper
at his favorite stand. Reading the newspaper would be a good distraction.
And it would have been, had not the newsstand's proprietor been putting out
the new shipment of magazines. Including the new issue of "Sissy Boy." Once again, it shy nymphets porn
seemed to be Universe vs. Clint Mountboy. A dog-eat-dog
tussle and Clint was wearing Milkbone underwear. Clint wasn't buying that new Sissy Boy. He hadn't even "read" all the
other one yet. But then he saw the title of the lead story: "Andy's Anal
Adventures." Anal. New stuff. Different from the frosted faces. Instructive in a new area.
Plus, as a "non-special" issue, the cover price was only (only!) $29.95. Maybe it was worth youngest nymphettes pornpics it. To see what he shouldn't be doing to/with his
students when school started the next day. So he bought two Sunday newspapers and underage nymphos "Andy's Anal Adventures." The newspapers were never opened. Sissy Boy was VERY well nude pretten nymphets read. In bed. Tshirt and gel in hand. An excruciatingly delicious 12-year-old boy named Andy left school one
day, then met his teacher at a local motel. Where he and the teacher
shared many anal adventures. Five thorough fuckings by Clint's count,
though his eyes were a bit blurry at the nymphet bbs forum end. Andy then went home, had
dinner with his family, then dressed for bed, where he was joined by his
naked Daddy, who gave him five more "adventures" in anal antics. Unbelievable! Preposterous! But fatally exciting to an exhausted Clint, who ls land nymphets had cum three times in
two hours. Prior to that literature review, Clint didn't think it possible that a
cock his size could ever penetrate a boy's anus. It was well worth $29.95. plus tax, to discover nymphet webcam that he was very wrong.
Andy took cocks as big or bigger than Clint's and accommodated them with
ease. Gratefully. Lovingly. It was clear that Andy LOVED being fucked. By his own father! And even
more thrillingly to Clint -- by his teacher. Would Mason and/or Devin...? Clint needed to think about that. nymphets beauty He cleaned up as well as he could,
though he was unable to clear the house of the smell of freshly spilled
man's cream. Took a shower. Changed the cummy sheets. Maybe if he could just take a walk. It was almost noon. Lunch, then a
walk. That's it. The doorbell rang. He wasn't expecting anyone. It rang again. Clint opened the door and saw...Devin! In his bathing suit. Carrying a towel. A knife of terror stabbed Clint's heart. What did Devin want? Even Clint knew the answer to that one. But what Devin said was. "Hi. Mr. Mountboy. nymphet camel toes This being the last day of
vacation and all, I thought I would go to the pool. I was walking by your
house and wondered if you wanted to go with me." Innocent enough. Against his better judgment, Clint said, "I wasn't planning on it, but
you're right. It's a beautiful day. I'll just get into my suit." And then Clint added, fatefully, "You can come in and wait, if you want." Devin smiled and walked into Clint's house. "What have I done?" Clint asked himself. "This boy, this beautiful,
ultra-randy boy is in my house." But he couldn't really say, "On second thought, step outside and wait,"
now could he? That would be rude. He would get dressed quickly and walk to the pool with Devin and that
would be that. Clint noticed that Devin was sniffing the air. Smelling the fresh cum. russian nymphette galleries Was Devin completely "onto" Clint? And everything Clint had been
thinking and feeling? To distract the boy, Clint said, "There's soda in the fridge. I'll just
be a minute." Devin gave him a smile that would melt glass. But he didn't move toward
the fridge. For that soda. Instead, the boy tossed his towel aside and walked toward Clint's
bedroom. Clint gulped. And followed Devin. Clint arrived at his bedroom door to see Devin standing at the foot of
Clint's bed. Looking back over his shoulder at Clint. As he eased down
his bathing suit. To reveal the roundest, plumpest, most beautiful boy ass
in the galaxy. Way better than Andy's. And Mason's. And it seemed to be all for Clint. To nymphets cumshot possess. And love. And deposit
his cock and sperm into. In a near-trance of lust, Clint stripped naked, stepped behind Devin and
began to kiss the boy's soft, creamy neck and shoulders. Devin gasped. Clint LOVED that!! Clint ran his hands all along Devin's arms, shoulders and sides, then all
over his boyish, hairless chest and even [pant] nipples. The boy squirmed with hot lust. And turned to face Clint. Still standing, the lovers kissed ravenously. Tonguing deeply as they
held each other in their arms. Then, driven by scorching desire, they rubbed cocks as they kissed. Ohhhh! Clint knew that he hadn't been the seductor in this sweet drama. He knew
that Devin was the seductress who had made Clint's loins ukrainian angel video nymphet burn. Clint also
knew that at that moment, control had shifted from Devin to him. Devin had surrendered his body, his love and whatever remained of his
virtue to his man. Which made Clint wonder why anyone would prefer women to boys. Good question. Clint clutched Devin's bottomcheeks in his strong hands and rubbed
against Devin hard -- stiff, needy privates to stiff, needy privates. Devin squeaked and grunted. Clearly having a good time. Then the sweet boy squealed loudly and began to spurt his cream -- in
thick globs. Clint was in love!! And needed to cum very badly. A fact that was not lost on Devin. In a selfless act to please his man, Devin fell to his best nymphets
knees. Looking up
at Clint, with full eye contact, the boy began to kiss his teacher's hard
cock. With occasional pauses to lick Clint's hairy ballsack. Clint was in heaven. He was already having a better time than he had ever had with a woman.
And it nymphet nude portal was getting better. Devin took Clint's cockhead into his warm, wet mouth and began to consume
it with his tongue and lips. Expertly. Thrillingly. Clint was beginning to think that he was not Devin's first man. And he
cared not a whit. The boy could suck cock. Without inhibition. With great love and emotion. It was apparent to Clint that the boy loved sucking cock. And that he
loved sex. More tangible advantages over women. Clint dispensed with all that useless thinking and concentrated on
feeling. A delectable young beauty was tormenting his cock with loving skill. And
his cock wasn't worried about which chromosomes the cocksucker carried. It just enjoyed the sucking. And the way Devin stroked and cuddled Clint's balls as he sucked and
licked. Soon enough, the inevitable happened. Clint's balls exploded. Large, creamy globs of man sperm surged out of
his cock and into Devin's mouth. Devin gagged for an instant, then
released the spurting cock from his mouth and allowed it to drench his
pretty face. Just as in "Sissy Boy." Only real. Letting his man dominate him. Emasculate him by shooting his cum -- his
cum! -- all over his face! No woman had young nymphets free pics ever allowed that. Clint was sure he was nymphets prettens virgins in love. And so was Devin. As he greedily sucked and licked up all the cum he could reach with his
tongue, between gasps and pants, Devin said, "I've wanted to [gasp] do that
for you [pant] ever since I can remember." Clint's eyes opened wide at that remark. And he thought, "He's wanted me
for years and I haven't even noticed." Then he scolded himself for being stupid and insensitive. Followed by
some heavy regret. "I could have been fucking Devin for years!" he
thought. But, as we've long been told, today is the first day of the rest of our
lives. And it was Day Two for Clint Mountboy. Clint helped his lover to his feet, then exchanged a big, cummy kiss. It was time to make use of that big, comfy bed. The naked couple lay on
their backs, side by side. Touching each other's cocks as they kissed
softly. Clint rolled onto his left side and began to kiss his way down Devin's
perfect body. Pausing at the boy's puffy, right nipple. He asked himself, "Do boys enjoy having their nipples worshipped?" Then he got his answer. Clint kissed, then gently licked and sucked Devin's right nipple. All
the while playing sweetly with the boy's testicles. Devin grunted in obvious appreciation at nymphet gallery 100 Clint's loving efforts. Boys are so straightforward. They tell you when they like something.
And they can't fake an orgasm. Devin was enjoying himself. Clint kissed his way over to the boy's left nipple, dallying nicely.
Arousing the boy even more. Slowly, Clint kissed a trail to Devin's belly button. Then lapped nymphet oriental
up the
remains of the boy's earlier orgasm. Devin was whimpering and stiff by that point. Mumbling something that
sounded a lot like "Fuck me, please, Mr. Mountboy." Clint nymphets nude gallery
wanted to comply, but was unsure about his methodology. Good thing he had consulted that "how-to" reference earlier. It wasn't "What would Andy do? It was "How do I do `Andy?'" Let's see. There was one way that looked pretty good to Clint. When "Sissy Boy"
star Andy's teacher had first fucked Andy. Gently, nymphets nude hot Clint rolled Devin onto his stomach and slid two pillows under
his tummy. Then he knelt behind Devin and considered his prize. A
perfect, plump, pink posterior. Round and ample. The little prickteaser even parted his legs a little so that Clint could
"see pink." Clint had eaten a lot of pussy, but had never licked anal. He thought it
might be a bit unpleasant. He was wrong. It was the most fun he had ever had. He kissed all around the boy's perfect mounds, then got to serious
matters. Kissing Devin's wrinkled "spot," then giving it a series of
thrilling licks that had the boy hot model nymphet
squealing and begging for a proper
fucking. Clint's cock was quite outrageous by then. And he was aching to fuck the
boy's sweet bottom. But he wanted to be absolutely sure that there would be no pain involved. So he continued excavating Devin's anus with his tongue. He loved it. Devin loved it. He loved Devin. Devin loved Clint. Devin almost spurted and would have if Clint had eaten him out for 30
more seconds. But Clint nymphets sex pictures stopped just in time. Got on his knees, lined up
his peehole with the boy's sopping anus and pushed. Devin cried out. Not in pain. In agonizing lust. Clint cried out. In true sexual fulfillment for the first time in his
life. He was all in. To his pubic hairs. Devin felt stuffed. With the biggest cock he had ever "entertained." "It's so big and hot nymphette kds
and hard," he said to Clint. "Please give me a
minute to get used to it." Clint complied. Letting the boy's magnificent ass adapt to its welcome
visitor. 127 seconds later, the boy grunted out, "OK" Clint withdrew his cock four inches, then pushed it all back in. Devin screamed and released all his sperm in thick ropes, soaking the
pillows. Everyone was having fun. Better than if they had gone to the swimming
pool. Involving almost as much liquid. Clint set about some serious fucking. In and out. The best fuck -- bar
none -- of his life. Devin was an active, enthusiastic participant in the fuck. And his
grunts, gasps, whimpers, squeals and "fuck-me's" made everything intensely
more enjoyable to Clint. Clint held back from cumming for 18 minutes -- admirable under the
circumstances. Five of those minutes involved intense warning signals.
Building toward a true "climax" that nearly ripped Clint's testicles off. The perfect fuck. Especially since Devin joined Clint in paradise yet again at the moment
of the "little death." Could life truly be this good? Only elite nymphete com
if a man "tries boys."
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