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From: Timothy Stillman
Subject: Trying to See Jeffy "Trying to See Jeffy" by Timothy Stillman
Jeffrey pushed me back on the bed. We were naked. I had
just sucked him off. Awful phrase for such a beautiful act.
No act at all. None. Cum was still in my throat. He put his
hands on my shoulders. He kissed my lips. He asked if I
was youngest teen nymphs happy. After I finished swallowing, I held to his back
and put my lips to his throat. I could feel the pulse beat."Of course I'm happy, you idiot."Jeffrey rubbed my left leg and my penis was ready for him.
It was my turn. He pulled himself off me and lay beside me.
He held his right arm over my chest. I touched it. Caressed
it. And he caressed me in return."You are not happy." I looked at him as he said that. The
dark hair. The chiseled fourteen year old face. His slender
muscular body. I traced his side with my finger tip. I held
his now deflating a bit penis. He was the world. I was the
most happy I had ever been in my life. My heart
overflowed for him. I put his hand on my hard on, one inch
shorter than his.He pulled his hand away. The warmth of it dark nymphets pussy
was gone from
me."I don't like people who are not happy." His voice was like
wind song. He was going to be an actor. And singer. He
sang so nude nympho model beautifully it broke you in half and healed you back
up again."But you like me, Jeffy, `cause," and I leaned over him
with my not so attractive body but the body included an
active and imaginative mind, my nymphettes porn hard on looked good, and
my balls, and I knew he wouldn't stay forever, I knew that,
I kept telling myself."You are a reader." He turned his head to me and smiled
that dreamy smile. He put his lengthy fingers at the side of
my face. He leaned over and kissed my closed eyes. He
bent down and cantilevered himself nymphet chilporn and rested his head on
my stomach."We are in love.""Like in `Eyeless in Gaza.'" I was nude preeten nymphs ashamed when I said it.He pulled from me. My penis was deflating and my balls
were beginning to hurt. There was winter outside, but the
room was warm. There was snow falling by the window.
But Jeffy was here and everything was safe, WAS SAFE."You could be mocking me," he said, as he took his finger
tip and pressed it in my navel, lightly, as he leaned
downward and stroked my slight brush of black pubic hair."It's a habit. It's wrong. I'm sorry. I was lonely. Alone. Till
you came along. I read books. I don't need books
anymore.""You're a smart nymphets top 50 A." Jeffy said, as he took my penis in nymphet bare his
mouth. As my boy bridge bbs nymphets guestbook hardened again and the tip of my
pee hole tickled the roof of his mouth. youngest nymphets land He sucked me for a
time. As I put my hand on his so warm so sexxxxxyyyy
butt and stroked his narrow lovely hips, of this nymphet pic sexy pink and
cream boy who I loved forever.He sucked me into him. I became part of Jeffy. I was Jeffy.
I was not a book. I was not a character in a story. I failed
him though. I talked like a book. I didn't mean to. I had to
make up Jeffy when Jeffy was right here with me. Stupid,
huh? Inexplicable, huh? Yes, very much so.He played with my balls with his light hand and he was
going down on me and up on me and I was going up and
up into him and down and down, almost slipping out of his
mouth, but not quite. The snow fall made it lovelier. The
snow furring the window. The Snow pelting down softly,
easily.. Jeffy and I did not have conversations. Jeffy and I
had sex. Jeffy had sex. I made love. And therein, the
difference....Jeffy stroked my legs with one hand, first one, then the
other, he was intent and totally concentrated on how he
made me cum. He gently tumbled my balls with his
fingers. I boiled. nymphetes bbs I lunged. My penis exploded. He nymphet model art pulled
out my penis and nymphet gallery xxx
let the cum drip from his lips to the home
from which it had just been delivered. I panted. I ached. I
loved. I held him. I was messy. He pulled the towel over
and wiped me clean. I wanted him to let me cum in his
mouth. But seeing it dribble from his lips was exciting too.He was right. I was using "Eyeless in Gaza" by Aldous
Huxley, published 1933, reprinted in paperback, the copy I
had, in 1963 by Bantam Classics. The Bantam Classic
rooster logo was the most impressive paperback little nymphets thumbs
logo of
them all. nymphettes nude It meant I was reading a little virging nymphets REAL BOOK. I was not
making fun of him because he had not read it. But what it
said about philosophy and love and idealism and sex. And
how when you had these things, you had a prison round
you often as not. You knew the rules and the rules
incapacitated you. And the millions of contradictory things
inside you that made you never yourself and how you had
to pretend, and how you had to be a part of society, with
all those other people who didn't know what the hell they
were either, and were pretending too. I understood it as
well free young nymphets sites as I could. Which was not well at all. But I understood
enough. Dammit to hell, I understood enough.He lay back on the bed beside me. The room was warm
with the heater but we pulled the blankets over us and
cuddled and were boy warm together."You're thinking of that damn book, aren't you?" he said
sleepily.I was suddenly angry. "What if I am?" Petulant. Watch it.
Be careful. You will lose him. You are losing him.
Everything is memory even now that it is reality. Fuck it.
"I'm sorry Jeffy."I could suck him like nobody's business. I could breathe
and suck and kiss his dick head, play with his foreskin till
he went half mad, and go half inch by half inch and suck
him in so slowly and profoundly he almost cried he wanted
all of him in my mouth, I seduced him, made Jeffy JEFFY
BOY SEX MACHINE, and always make him, the best
part, THE STAR, and twirl my tongue and open his pee
hole and tickle it just so, naked nymphet teenagers little feathers giggling from my
sex toy tongue, I could make him shivery and sigh and
clinch his finger tips deep into my shoulders in wonder and
stark sexuality, I could brush my young nymphets sexy
mouth by his balls and
blow warm on them and with my teeth, tease the surface of
the clingy skin of them, and gentle the pubic hairs and stick
my fingers up him and play him like a violin, and I could
pull his penis down so far it hurt him but the good feel of
sucking made the hurt a good kind of hurt, I could stand
up and he could kneel, or the other way round, and I could
pinch his beautiful titties and I could inhale him like he was
summer breath in my mouth and lungs, russian elite nymphets I could plunge him
in me like a July lake and I made him all over entirely
liquid, and all of this in time to the pulsing of his blood, and
I could make him me, intuitively, and so many other things. I could make him come in five seconds. In half an hour. In
one hour. I could make him lie back with this goofy smile
on his face and his ankles crossed, and just go to town on
him. And then we would lie back and there would be
nothing to say. Other than the eternal wrangling over
maybe one day fucking one another.Jeffy put his hand under my head and put the back of my
head on his arm, as we lay together. Our penises were so
hot next to each other. We rubbed them against each other.
Cock fighting."You're a clod," Jeffy said. His voice made it sound off
handedly beautiful. His voice was still slightly girlish, but
there were some masculine fissures in it."I know.""Nobody our age reads books. `Cept when we have to.""I know.""You were making a crack with young nymphets naked pics this Eyeless whatever
right?"I pulled him to me. I held him. I had to hold tightly. The
world was ending. And there was not one blessed thing I
could do about it. I had to think. I had to be a real person.
I had to be flesh red haired nymphets
and bones, not a walking breathing
sucking public library. God, it was awful. All those words I
had read all this time, and nothing fit. Well, it fit, much of
it, nymphets paysite but I couldn't do it anymore. I couldn't pretend
anymore. But sex was pretend. And not pretend too."Jeffy....""mmm.......?" he said drifting close to the radar of sleep."If I stopped reading books, would you like me then?""Like you?" he said with a little watermark of a smile. "We
have sex every afternoon after school and twice on
Saturday, for God's sake.""Nancy. And Bill Sykes." --"I lives with you, don't I?"--Oh
god, call it back, erase it from the air that carried angel pearls nymphet it over
the two little nymphets phtc or three inches of bed to him. I'm sorry sorry sorry
sorry..."OK. Buddy, that is it. That is where I draw the line." He
lunged out of bed. I was in love with seeing him totally
naked, amateur nymphet
the movement of him so Swiss Clock delicate and
perfectly Jeffy, so in love I didn't hear what he said for a
minute.He turned to me. I thought the glorious thought we had
given each other our virginity one year ago, and from that
spigot between his legs I had just drunk my full, and he had
just a moment ago, just a moment ago, treasure it,
remember every second of it, there naked beside the bed in
which I lay."You wanna fuck a book?" he said, and for the first time
his voice was cruel."No," I said, "they were substitutes until child fucking nymphets I found you. I've
found you. I'll throw them away. Man, give nymphet naked 14 me a nymphets nude underage
break. I
never had a conversation with a real person in my life till
you came along. Give me a chance at least.""You've had a goddam year."He held out his dick to me. He was still partly hard. It was
uncut. Mine was cut. I loved to rub the sheathe of it up and
down and expose his dick like a gaudy Christmas present. I
dared not say those words to him. Gaudy wasn't the land of nymphets thumbnails
word. I tried to find the right word. My heart was
pounding hard. If I could nymphet yo 12 only find the right word, I could
bring this back from the brink. I could not."The thing is, Clancy," Jeffy said, as he bent over to pull on
his white BVDs, "I'm smarter than you. Especially in math.
I make better grades than you do in American Lit. for
god's sake. Think of it. You're a loser. You are always
waiting for somebody to write the next line of dialogue.
And no one will. So you try. And you can't, cause you're
stupid, so you steal from some real honest to god writer."He was not pulling his jeans up to his tightly cinched waist.
Going away, I mused, I leaned on my side. I looked at him.
I lay back down again. Curious lethargy."You'll never find a better head giver." I said."How do you know? I bet there are tons of better head
givers out there. And what happened to your poetry fetish?
Fetish, I learned something, fuck you. Head giver, from
someone who thinks he's Emily Fuckin' Dickinson?"The snow outside was cold. I felt it in me. In my bones. It
felt very badly indeed."We laugh. We talk." prepubescent nymphet nude I was being staccato. I could not
help it. I was talking to a ghost. Or I was one myself. Now.
I couldn't go back to Before Jeff. God, I just couldn't. I
hate books. They lie and they screw up your life and they
make you think thoughts that just cause you trouble and
they make Jeffy go away. I want to burn them all.He put on his plaid acrobatic nymphet mpegs overshirt. He buttoned it. I said a silent
goodbye to his pecs. And his chest. And his flat abdomen.
And his brown pubic hairs. And his lovely little penis. I
would never take those balls in my mouth again. It would
snow forever and I would lie here forever and he would be
gone forever and my mom would come home from work
and I would kill myself later tonight in this very room.I felt like Giovanni up in his room, hanging himself.
Goddam it, stop it. You ARE LOSING HIM.He stood at an angle looking down at me with his high blue
sky eyes. His shadow was over me. I would never have
even his shadow over me again. God."We talk about sex. We talk about how to do it this time.
We talk about young teen nymphet pics
THE JOY OF GAY SEX. A book we look
at. We talk about THE SEX BOOK. A book we look at.
That's all we talk about. I don't need another person to
make me feel lonelier than I feel right now, like always.""Lonely," I thought. Good things he just chilling bbs nymphets said. Well
worded. A minus. Forget the meaning. Don't dare think of
the meaning. God, I was a prick."I have felt lonelier with you than when I was alone. Ever."I didn't really hear much of this, for it stunned me he had
ever been lonely."You were never lonely.""Yes and yes." His voice almost broke, like a toy box
tipped over and precious little secret things cascading out.
He began to cry.I had never seen Jeffy cry.I pulled myself out of the bed, tossed the blanket aside, and
went to him and held him tightly."Nobody wants someone sad around," he said. And he put
his head on my shoulder. sweetnymphets com He had always been the leader.
The strong one. I had always been the follower. The weak
one."Jeffy," I said."Tanner," he said. He had to use my last name. To make
sure we understood where we were with each other.We stood there a while. I, naked. I, always naked. I,
always saying good bye."You make me blue...."To which I answered...."you make me blue balled...just
counting the seconds until there is you again.""This is not a goddam Victorian novel with a stupid
painting on the cover of a woman running in fear from a
freakin' tgp russian nymphet tgp Gothic castle in the background....""This is us...""And it's not Peyton Place and it's not Boys and Girls
Together.....""Or Boys and Boys Together." And we both laughed a
little. We had joked about that title before and how it
seemed wrong.I felt such tenderness toward him. And he let me. He never
had let me before."Hey," I said, pulling his face a bit upward toward
mine..."Have you been secretly reading on the sly?"He smiled. "I won't stay." And then a big breath, like it
made him sad, "I want to have fun...I don't want to fuck a
book worm with my worm.....""A literary allusion. A joke." I laughed. We could have
been in "Gaywick.""I dried his tears. And I walked away with him into kinder
worlds.""No." And Jeffy pulled away from me. "No, whether you
made that up, or are quoting it, and I'm betting on the
quoting, "I want to be happy. I want to laugh and be glad
I'm alive. I don't want to have meaningful discussions. I
want to giggle. Even in sexy nymphet models sex, even in talking about it, there
is this seriousness in you. And I'm tired of pretending to be
happy, tired of it for the both of it, and now I'm talking
like you, and this is it, the end, the finale, curtain down."He went to the stuffed over chair by my desk and picked
up his heavy jacket. I watched him. I took some pleasure in
it. The end of the novel. The end of the world. The end of
Jeffy and Tanner whose first name was Jonathon. Even my
damn asian nymphets bbs
first name was a smart A literary name..what chance
could I have with a name like that? Thanks Mom.He zipped up his jacket. He went to the door of my room
and opened it."I won't be a book character with the next one or the one
after that or the one after that. I will be happy. I will not
know their names, I will not care what they look like after
they leave, I will forget them, I will be in IT for me, I will
drink and drug and get sloppy drunk and hang around gay
bars and pick up men and be picked up by them and I will
live a life of debau--hedonism---and I will have a life. I will
get a college scholarship. I will get a damned good job.
Maybe with Bantam Books, maybe, just to piss you off.
It's just another business like nymphet sex cp
a bank and an insurance
agency and crap. Diddly poo. They don't read the damn
things either, I bet. I will have fun I will be HAPPY."Diddly poo?I held my head down. I felt like I was in a coffin. Ever been
stuffed with maggots before?"And I little nymphets desires hope you are happy sometime. I hope you meet a
book person to sex little nymphet stick your book worm inside and I hope it
works out for you. And you can play dress up forever and
a fartin' day. I've decided to be 14 again. If I can
remember how. Maybe you should do the same."I let him go. I dressed. I was a metronome. I wish we
could have fucked each other. I tried not to think of the
last time I would hold him, the scratchiness young russian porno nymphets of his clothes
against me. Horrid. I lay on the bed nymphet boy nude and cried for a while.
And the sky got even darker. The snow got more intense. I
don't think I made him a book person. Though, in
senseless revenge, I hoped he would have to wrestle with it
for a little while, and see what it was like from this side.Oddly enough, I slept some. And was awakened by my
mom opening the door."Pizza tonight, Jeffrey," she called, waking me up, then she
walked into the kitchen.I wish I could be happy. I truly do. But there is just so
damned much to be sad about. I mean, look at this world,
for god's sake. How can sexy little angel nymphet
anyone not see it and not want to
perpetually weep? Just how the hell selfish does it get and
get some more? Would I ever get any more? I went over to my book case. I took out the 1948 Signet
Paperback edition of "The Ox Bow Incident," one of the
most beautiful books about justice and faith hot young nymphets and child nymphet models
and the only way we can really touch what we call God
that I had ever read. The writer had the greatest name a
writer could ever have: nymphettes teen Walter Van Tilburg Clark. Say it.
Doesn't it sound beautiful on your tongue? How hairless art nymphets
could he
not have been a great writer with a name like that? Lucky
for him it wasn't mine. I repeated it a few times before I went to the kitchen for
pizza. I held it in my mouth like a trust, like a precious
stone with the word in tiny insignificant letters on it,
reading "hope" and promised myself not to be sad for a
while. After I got over Jeffy. And how the hell do I do
that? I sure wish I could tell my mom stuff. I could use a
good talk right now.For I was very very scared. And small and frightened and I
hated Aldous Huxley. I was the eyeless one all along. THE END
Timothy Stillman
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