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From: Rachael Ross
Subject: TS Wife (M/tg, Romance, First)Story Codes: M/tg, Romance, First TimeCopyright 2004 by Rachael K. Ross all rights reserved. This story may be
reposted/archived to FREE adult access provided my name, email
rache696yahoo.com and this notice are included in the message text. This
story is fictional and any resemblance to actual persons or events is
strictly unintended.Author's Note: I wrote a story called "The Day I Woke Up With A Dick"
which was really just a joke for me, an excuse to do a little man
bashing. It did generate a large response though, mainly among persons
requesting more traditional transgender stories. I'm not sure that this
is what any of those readers had in mind, but it seemed like an
interesting way to tackle a subject about which I admittedly know very
little. I do, however, know something about romance... And that, my
friend, transcends gender. Thank God! -rrTS Wife
by RachaelI was on a business trip to Laos when I met my wife. It was quite by
accident, I wasn't really looking to get married, even though I'm very
nearly 37 years old now. I work for the richest man in the world, well
for his company, so you know who I'm talking about, and I'd just made
him a small fraction richer by closing a very large deal on new software
for the government. It would be used in everything from schools to
airports, to hospitals, to offices, banks, insurance...you name it. Plus
all the support required, the training, etc. etc. My bonus alone would be
six figures, maybe seven with stock options. I was happy indeed.Unfortunately, Laos isn't much of a place to celebrate in. I could have
sat around my hotel I suppose, but I'd been there nearly 3 months
putting the deal together and I was quite intimate with it already. So,
with a couple days to kill, I decided to do something I've never done,
in all my years of traveling...I went sight seeing. Strange, I know, but
what the hell. I was never coming back to that God forsaken country again
if I could help it, so I might as well get some pictures, just in case I
forgot why.It was in small city, or more accurately a large town, up in the
mountains near an ancient temple of some touristic value that the tour
group I was signed nymphets cp paysite
on with stopped for lunch. The people I was with were
all Dutch, I believe, older folks who were on some kind of holiday. They
seemed quite pleased, but I was a little sleepy, especially since they
didn't speak English. That might have been a good thing though, I weary
of transient pedo nymphet chat easily.I wandered off by myself and found a small restaurant serving roasted
chicken, which was something I could at least identify. I sat down and
pointed and generally made my desire for a meal known to the old woman
working there. I waited patiently, swatting at flies, feeling my shirt
sticking to me in the underage illegal nymphet humidity, although in the mountains it was far
better than it had been down in the lowlands.And then something caught my eye, or someone I should say. A beautiful
young girl of perhaps, 13 or so, although it has always been hard for me
to guess the ages of oriental women, especially young ones. She was
small, very slim with long straight black hair, nearly down to her tiny
waist. She had little naked nymphets a very pretty face, heart shaped, with a petite button
nose and pretty sensual lips. Not a face I'd expect to find in that
country. Her eyes were two large almonds, gorgeous and alluring. She had
no breasts to speak of, beneath her thin dress, but her legs were nice
and clean, no scars or blemishes that I could see. And her ass was small
and perfect, moving just right, back nymphets child porn and forth.I'd never considered myself a pedophile. Children interested me not at
all and I'd sweet nymphetes been faintly repulsed by what few images and stories I'd
come across on the internet by accident. So I hope you will understand
that I was a little astonished to find myself thinking this way,
regarding the girl as a sexual object, while I sat there. I also wish I
could explain to you, and to myself, why I decided to try and speak to
her, baby nymphetes the way I did. But I don't know why, perhaps there is a fate, or a
destiny that guides us at precise times in our lives, I do not know.But I did smile and ukrainian nymphets nude I did say hello to the girl. She had been carrying a
basket with vegetables on her head and she set it down gracefully,
smiling at me and mimicking my words, saying hello with a soft accent. I
offered to by her a soda, a incest nymphet bbs coke or orange drink, which were the most
popular. It wasn't as difficult as you might imagine to communicate, in
fact she seemed to know a little English, perhaps learned from the radio,
or television, although I doubted her family had one.She sat with me while the old woman protested in her native tongue, but I
simply pulled out more money, not bothering to count it, and paid for the
girl's company. We managed to get through introductions, my name being
James, which she had no trouble saying, and hers being somewhat more
difficult for me, but we settled on Tam, which she seemed happy with. I
was aware as we talked that we were flirting, or at least I was, smiling
and touching her just slightly on her hands as we sat at the table. I
smiled a lot, and laughed, and so did she. Neither of us certain what the
other was saying, but our friendly intentions were clear enough. I think
we were both enjoying ourselves when I heard the horn of the bus blowing.
I needed to get back.I smiled and tried to explain and I left a lot of money behind as I
almost sadly and certainly reluctantly made my way back up the street.
Tam walked with me, though, which I thought was nice and when I arrived
at the bus I happened to wonder if it wouldn't be coming back to this
town in the afternoon, after nymphets lovers the temple visit. I asked the driver and he
said that yes, they would be back around 5 or 5:30 for a rest stop. And
so it was I decided to remain behind, telling my Cambodian tour guide
that I would nymphet art gallery meet the bus on the return trip.Tam was very happy with this news and she actually hugged me, leaping up
so I had to catch her small form in my arms and hold her as she giggled.
It was quite an experience, let me tell you, and I felt a little
flustered. Of course I wasn't sure what I was going to do for the next 5
hours, perhaps just sit at a caf? or kiosk and have cokes with Tam, that
would have been interesting enough. But she had other ideas.She led me back to the small restaurant where I'd had my lunch and first
met her, and then through an alley to a small poor house where a man was
working, building a chair or stool of some sort. She spoke to him and
then he called someone else, an older girl, perhaps 18 or 19 who spoke
somewhat more English than all of the people I'd met naturist nymphet pictures in that town put
together. She interpreted for Tam and the man as they spoke."Tam would like very much to be with you." The woman told me. "But
this man is Tam's 12 yo nymphet bbs father, he says that you must pay for this."The girl beautifull nymphets was a prostitute? I felt my face burning a little, from both
shock and a little disappointment. It seemed so wrong to nymphet facials me then, for a
girl her age to sell herself like that. It returned me to my senses and I
knew that I could never do that to her, or to any child. I shook my head."I will give her money, if she needs it, but I do not want a
prostitute." I told the woman, looking at the man. I wondered what sort
of father would do that to his own daughter. I did not care for him very
much right then.The woman translated and Tam seemed quite shocked, her father too, almost
angry. He spoke rapidly, standing up and staring at me."No, Tam is not a prostitute. Tam wants to be with you, like a wife is
with you. Tam will be a wife for you and Tam's father will be as your
father."I almost fell down then and I could see why they had been upset, just as
I had been, at the misunderstanding. Tam wasn't a whore, she was jus
looking for a husband.Doubtless being an American they assumed I was rich, that I could take
care of not just her, but her whole family. I didn't know how I should
feel about that. I was being used, certainly, but she did seem happy to
be with me, and I certainly enjoyed her. Could I seriously contemplate
marriage to a 13 year old girl? I was leaving the country, it would be
impossible to bring her, at least for awhile. Visas take time and I
doubted she even had a passport. So what was I doing still talking to
them?"Tam will be my wife?" I got a nod. "But I will be returning youngest nymph xxx to the
city this evening, I will not be coming back. Will she come with me? Will
she be happy to stay with me?" I thought perhaps I could frighten them
off that way.A moment later the interpreter was telling me. "Tam will go where you
go. This is not Tam's home, but only where you will be."Tam hugged me tightly as the interpreter spoke and her eyes were shining.
She was easily the most beautiful woman, young or naughty little nymphets old, I had ever seen.
It was intoxicating.
"But I will have to pay? How much does her father need?" I looked at
him, feeling like he was still selling his child, but knowing that most
Asian cultures required something in payment for their daughters to wed."He said he will need 10,000 baht."The Thai money was very popular in this country, especially in the
mountains where many things could be bought over the borders. nymphet petites That was
less than 800 dollars and the man probably thought it was a king's
ransom."I do not have baht." I shook my head. "But I have 500 dollars,
American, I can pay him forbidden nymphets tiny xxx
now." I had close to a thousand really,
dangerous as it was to carry that much, it was even more dangerous not
to."He will take 600 dollars." The interpreter told me. I frowned and
looked at Tam. She stood quietly now, with her head bowed and her hands
behind her back, letting her father nymphet watersports and prospective husband decide her
fate. It was giving me little butterflies and I couldn't say no, even
though it was madness to say yes.I procrastinated, only slightly, by asking Tam's age. It had been on my
mind, although the timing doubtless made everyone think it was a point in
our negotiation. The interpreter told me she was 16, which is a proper
age to be married in their culture. I found that a slight relief, and I'm
still fearful of what my decision might have been should Tam been as
young as I'd first thought."I will pay it." I nodded and Tam smiled broadly, fidgeting as if she
might launch herself at me any second while I counted out the money.Tam's father shook my hand. He smiled and said something ls nymphet fairyland to Tam so that
she disappeared and quickly returned with a clay jar of local wine. Her
father and I drank together, celebrating, and I spent more money, having
someone bring food and more drink as neighbors came by, sharing in the
good news. It was heady stuff, the excitement, the friendliness, everyone
clapping me on the back and smiling, all the drinks.It was barely one o'clock, I realized, I'd been litle nymphets blacks in that town for two
hours and I was married in all but name. It was bizarre and I felt
overwhelmed. The town official, like a mayor, appeared and there were
papers filled out, stamped and signed and notarized. Tam was next to me
and it was the most relaxed wedding ceremony I'd ever heard of. Buying
my first car had been more ritualistic than this had been. More difficult
too."You are married now, a legal Cambodia marriage." The interpreter spoke
with Tam briefly. "When you are in your new place, then Tam will bring
you to a temple for the proper ceremony. She will teach you what you will
do.""Oh, okay." I guess that explained that. This was just the civil
ceremony, once we got comfortable we could do the real one. I was feeling
a little buzzed from the elite nymphets topless wine, and from all the days events, but I had a
very beautiful wife now and I asked the interpreter if I could kiss her,
not knowing the custom."She will bring you to her bed now." The interpreter smiled. "So you
will consummate your marriage." I smiled nice naked nymphets and blushed a little. "I must
tell you also, there is no divorce in Cambodia. And if you will not
consummate with your wife it is a very large insult, Tam's family will
not understand."I nodded. "Uh, okay then." I looked at Tam. "Where is your bed?""Bed!" She giggled. Apparently knowing that word well enough. She
pulled me through the small crowd of her family and friends into the
house and then into a small warm room, where she pulled the blinds and
closed the door. chill nymphets She lit some incense and a candle, because it was very
dark, like a cave inside.I knew what to do at that point and I let her undress me slowly. She was
curious about my body, touching me with her small soft hands, moving
around and over me as I sat on the mat that passed for a mattress. He
hair swept over me and it felt nice. She removed my shirt and then my
socks, and pants, and then my underwear, allowing my hardness to spring
free. I was thick and long, perhaps overly so, I'm not sure she'd even
seen an erection before. I was seven inches and pretty thick, big enough
that her fingers would barely get around it. Tam giggled nervously and
then it was my turn.I knelt in front of her, being tall enough that my head was almost even
with hers as she stood in front of me. I unbuttoned her dress, three
small ones right in the front, and it slipped off her shoulders and down,
exposing her small budding breasts. They were flat with small very dark
nipples and I took the time touch them gently, rubbing my thumbs over
them so they grew hard and erect. Tam was sighing softly, smiling as she
watched me in the flickering light.I pulled the dress lower, down her narrow hips and past her white
panties, her creamy golden thighs so that youg nymphet little she could step out of it,
putting her small delicate arms on my shoulders for balance. I found my
eyes glued to the front of her nymphets bbs tgp panties, thin white cotton ones that stood
out against her natural bronzed skin tone. I thought I detected something
there, a trick of the light possibly and Tam spoke to me, but I didn't
understand. fallen angels nymphets She seemed to tense slightly as I hooked my thumbs in the
waistband and began easing them down. It was quite a latina nymphet shock when Tam's
hard little 5" cock popped free.She giggled and I just stared in shock. This beautiful little girl was
a...boy. She'd been born a male and for whatever reason had nymphet x bbs been raised a
girl. That Tam was feminine, there was no doubt. She wasn't just
pretending to be a girl, playacting a role to fool me, she was a girl,
even with her penis.I sat back and I naked love nymphet pics suppose my disillusionment was obvious. I wasn't sure
what I felt, a little numb maybe, very confused and even discouraged. I
wasn't gay at all, I knew that, and I couldn't get my mind around the
contradiction of Tam's lovely face and beautiful young body combined
with her erect penis.She took it upon herself however, and realized immediately the problem. I
think she was trying to tell me she was ashamed of her body, of being
born with a penis instead of a vagina. She was crying, sitting next to me
and wanting to touch me, I could tell, but afraid of total rejection if
she tried. I guess it was a big turning point in my life, something that
I never thought I could possibly do, but I put my arms around her then."It's okay." I shushed her, my voice soothing. "I love you Tam." And
I kissed her gently on the cheek and then her nose and finally her
precious little mouth.The little girl completely opened up to me then, wrapping her arms around
me and her mouth on mine, kissing me frantically. She didn't know
exactly what she was doing, but she was so grateful, so eager to please
me, it didn't matter. I pushed my tongue gently into her sweet mouth and
tickled hers and I could feel my cock growing hard again. She moved to
straddle me as I sat there and I vaguely aware of her penis as it pressed
to my stomach, but I didn't care, because mine was trapped beneath her
incredibly small and wonderful ass. nymphets gallery for free
She wriggled and squirmed against me
and her hard little nipples burned against my chest.I fell backwards, pulling Tam with me and her long hair swept over us
both. I could feel her hand reaching down to find my rock solid cock and
she was rubbing it across her ass, but there was no way it was going to
fit I thought. She was tiny, barely 5' tall if even that and 90lbs. I
was 6'1" and 180lbs easily and my cock was straining to it's full size.
"Lick it first." I told her and she just smiled, not understanding
until I pushed her gently around so her mouth was over my cock. She
nodded and said something and I moaned as I felt her soft warm and wet
mouth covering the head of my cock. She must have thought I wanted her to
turn completely though, because soon she was straddling me in a 69 as I
lay there and her own hard little penis was brushing over my face. I
really didn't want to, but I realized finally why the interpreter had
reminded me that there was no divorce in Laos. This was my new wife, so...I opened my mouth and immediately Tam pushed her cock to the back of my
mouth, giving a cute little gasp as she felt the warm confines engulf
her. I pd nymphets admit it wasn't as bad as I imagined and I tried to think of it
as just a rather large clitoris as I sucked her penis gently. I wasn't
sure of what I was doing, so I tried to just make her feel good. I
swirled my tongue around the head, and sucked softly. It was maybe 5"
long and not so thick, but just enough to make my nymphet photo new
mouth feel full. She
was also doing quite a number on mine at the same time, and that helped
quite a lot. It felt good and before I knew it I had my hands on her
sweet little ass, pulling her into my mouth until her soft little ball
sack pressed against my nose. It felt nice and even smelled good, like
baby powder.After maybe 5 minutes Tam lifted her mouth from my cock and I heard her
saying something, gasping and her back arched slightly. I didn't
understand but then nymphet tgp tiny
I realized what she'd try to tell me when her cock
suddenly erupted with several hard spurts of cum. They came so fast that
all I could do was swallow and try to keep up. She pushed her penis deep,
humping my mouth as the pleasure overtook her and I squeezed her ass
gently, finding the taste and the texture to be nothing like I'd
initially feared. It actually tasted kind of sweet and I savored it as I
sucked her softening penis and finally let her pull free of my mouth.She turned quickly, her eyes bright and shining and full of love, kissing
me hard and not minding at nymphet mpeg all that my tongue was still covered with her
sexy sauce. She spoke to me, and I cursed for not understanding her, but
she got on her hands and knees, reaching back and rubbing her tiny
rosebud asshole. I knew natural nymphets toplist what she wanted, it was time to consummate our
marriage fully, to break my little wife's cherry and make her a woman. I
spread her cheeks and surprised Tam by bringing my mouth to her ass. I
had to get her lubricated, I thought, or my prick would tear the little
girl apart.I licked all over her tiny ass, trying to work my tongue inside and she
loved it, spreading her sweet legs and reaching back to rub my head,
urging me with her little girl voice. My cock was so hard it hurt and I
reached down to feel hers, finding it hard again. I played with it
gently, massaging her little penis while I rimmed her and finally I could
stand it no longer. I moved my body up, positioning my cockhead at her
moist entrance and putting one hand softly on her back, the other taking
her by a hip. I pushed slowly, feeling her body tense and I tried to
reassure her, but I'm not sure she understood anything I was saying.I groaned as the head popped inside, Tam was unbelievably tight. It was
incredible and I stopped pushing because she had jerked and given a soft
high pitched cry. I was afraid I'd hurt her, just doing that much and nude free pics nymphets I
rubbed her back soothingly, but she soon looked over her shoulder at me,
trying to smile and nodding for me to tasty nymphets continue. She wanted it as much as
I did, I realized and I had to remember that as I began pushing, trying
to ignore the fact that it was hurting her terribly to do this for us.I started working my cock deeper, finally grabbing my little shemale wife
by the hips and pulling her back to meet my thrust. Tam collapsed,
putting her face on the matt and whimpering softly, giving little grunts
and groans with every little thrust. But she kept her tight little ass in
the air, accepting my cock with her heart if not so easily with her body.
I apologized nymphet teen hardcore
to her, whispering and comforting her as I stroked in and
out and eventually my precum lubed her enough that it was going a little
easier. That and I think her muscles had just grown tired of fighting my
hard cock and I suddenly pushed all the way inside, so my balls slapped
against hers. I sighed and held her there, unwilling to move as the final
deep push had made her scream nymphet forbidden loudly. Outside I could hear cheering and
laughter.Tam appreciated the rest I think and when she finally opened her eyes,
wet with tears, she smiled at me weakly and I felt her moving her ass.
She wanted to make love now, she was ready and I began a slow easy in and
out motion, fucking my little bride as gently as I could until her groans
of pain became moans of pleasure and she was pushing back against me
harder than I was thrusting inside. We soon found a rhythm and it was
good, I fucked her easily now, my cock sliding in and out of her tight
hot hole and it wasn't long before I cafe bianca nymphet felt myself cumming hard, lodging
my cock into Tam's bowels and flooding her with my hot sperm.She moaned and sighed and murmured soft words of adoration, rolling her
ass, grinding against my cock until I was completely spent. We lay
together, cuddling despite the heat and humidity in that little room. Tam
had her pretty face on my chest, her soft black hair covering me like a
fine silk blanket. Her chest pressed against my ribs and she had her legs
open, with one of them draped over my thigh as I lay on my back, stroking
her smooth skin.After a few moments of catching our breath Tam turned her face upwards,
kissing me gently at first, and then with greater urgency. I found my
cock twitching, growing hard again and I found my little shemale bride to
be just as ready herself. Tam's own cock was growing erect, pressing
against my skin and she began hunching her hips slightly, enjoying the
friction as we kissed.I moved the girl, lifting her easily so that she could lay on top of me
and the curious sensation of my large circumcised cock rubbing with her
smaller, but equally hard uncut penis, was surprisingly wonderful. I
pushed my tongue into her mouth as my hands cupped the small and
delightfully firm rounded cheeks of her ass. She rubbed herself against
me, as if we were dry humping each other and I could feel her prick
stabbing into my balls. I suddenly wanted very much to see it.I pushed her up, so Tam could anal nymphet straddle my thighs and looking down my body
I could see her hard penis and mine. I reached between us, grabbing them
both in one gently hand and began stroking us together. I'd never had
such an experience in my life, never even such a thought, but here I was,
in bed with a pretty young transsexual, masturbating our cocks together
while she smiled down at my acceptance.Tam was speaking to me and I found the language barrier to be intensely
frustrating. It was something I'd resolved to fix at the earliest
opportunity. I'd send Tam to school, get her a tutor and teach her
English. But more immediately, I wanted to love her again. I whispered
back, smiling, telling her I was going to make love to her again. We
moved so that she was on her back and I between her spread legs,
missionary position. She was smiling and eager, lifting her legs over my
shoulders just the way a new bride should, penis or no, and I saw her
biting her lip slightly as I rubbed the head of my aching cock against
her anus.It was much better this time though. Tam's ass was not exactly loose, by
any means, but it was at least more relaxed now. And wet, my sperm was
leaking slowly from the small wrinkled young nymphet com hole. I leaned forward so that
Tam's body rolled, lifting her hips off the bed and bringing her knees
close to her chest. I smiled as I began pushing and my lovely new wife's
eyes opened wide as my cock speared inside her for the second time that
afternoon. I wanted to go slowly, but the warmth of her, the tightness
and moisture from our previous sex all conspired against it. I apologized
softly, staring into Tam's eyes as I pushed hard, unrelenting and
working my thickness deep with one long hard push. It was quick and for a
brief second Tam's face was a mask of painful misery. She screamed again
as I gave a final lat ukranian nymphet
hard thrust and buried myself completely. But then
she relaxed, her painful expression melting into something more akin to
pleasure and she smiled despite the small tears running down her cheeks.I fucked her hard then, riding my new wife-child the way I frank nymphets wanted and Tam
accepted it, unresisting. It was so good and having already cum I was
able to last much longer. I bent my head down to kiss her as we made
love, my cock moving petite nymphete slowly in and out of her ass. I would miniskirt nymphets photos go as deep as
possible, seeming to bottom out summer camp nymphets in her ass, pressing against her prostate
and making her groan and sigh and take sharp breaths, letting them out
slowly as I withdrew. Any fear that I was really hurting her gave way
after a few minutes of this when I felt her body stiffen and her head
came up, Tam's lips finding mine and sucking at my tongue as her cock
began throbbing, spewing her second load of sperm between our hot sweaty
bodies. It was such a surprise, realizing com nymphets wild
I'd made this little shemale
cum just by making love to her that it soon brought me to my own climax.I drove myself deep once again, holding her to me as my own cock jerked
inside her tight warm ass. I spilled my seed with a deep throated growl
of pleasure, filling Tam again with my cum. It was the best orgasm of my
life, I thought, a perfectly wonderful feeling, emptying my balls into my
beautiful transexual bride.end
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