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Subject: Chapters 13-17 of the TunnelHi all,Not much new to report except that I have had five new people write to tell
me how much they like the story. Thanks to all for that. That brings the
number of e-mailers over twenty five. Thank you. thank you, thank you..... I will let the story talk for itself now. **Two of these chapters have be
read by a friend already and other then being told it was very emotional I
will wait from all of you to hear if that is true.**There is a little more reading on these four chapters then in the
others. Chapter 14 is a bit long so for those of you who don't get
enough. I hope this will keep those of you happy that complained they
weren't getting enough to read happy for a bit longer then usual. LOL! I
guess I got a little carried away with it. MY friend Pat used to tell me
that nobody likes to read long chapters but I know personally if the
chapter is good I certainly don't want it to end anytime soon!!
Please remember that this story is intended for those 18 years old and
older to read. Anyone under that age is on their own. Personally I don't
care who reads it but putting a disclaimer on it makes me safe. Enjoy
all...Chapter 13. Fun at the mall and then some?I must have been tired because I didn't even remember Shawn falling
asleep. Usually he is out before I am. All I knew was it was the best rest
I had since the comet hit. I rolled over forcing Shawn off of me. He
apparently slept on me all night long. We both must have slept well. I
looked at the clock. Wow 8:30. I really did sleep. I rolled my body up and
put my legs onto the floor and sat up, stretched and gave a nice yell. I
guess Shawn was up too because he came up behind me and gave me a hug from
behind."Morning cutie.""Hey Tommy.""Hey yourself. Ready to go have fun today?""Oh yeah the mall! Yeah let's go now.""Not quite yet in a little bit. I gotta pee!""Me too, can I come with you?""I suppose so."Talk about attachment. I never thought I would say this but I might
actually need a break from him eventually. He is starting to hang now. And
of all things as I approached the bathroom door it opened and Danny came
out."Morning Dan, sleep well?"I felt like saying more but I didn't."Oh in case you didn't hear we are going to the Crystal mall today.""We are, awesome. I love that place.""No, I mean Jon, Shawn and myself.""You guys can do whatever you want to because no one fessed up to throwing
the bread yet."I didn't wait for his comment I walked in the bathroom and Shawn followed
and shut the door. I felt like a doggie was following me."I whipped out my cock and started to spray the toilet with piss. I had my
usual morning hard on too which made it all the more difficult to find the
bowl. I had to push my puppy down so I didn't spray the whole seat and so
on."What's wrong Tommy? Too hard to pee?""Look you munchkin next time keep your comments to yourself or you can wait
outside. Or maybe I will take this hard six inches and see how it feels up
your butt?""No, no, no that's okay I will behave I promise. Hey are we gonna measure
you like you said?""I guess so just let me wake up some okay? Then I will decide.""Sure Tom."I finished up and flushed and went next to the bowl at the sink to wash
up. He snuck in and took out his little member and started to take a
leak. I watched him go out of curiosity and he caught me right away. That
was my fetish. I loved to watch someone pee. Even myself for some reason it
turned me on. I already felt the stirring in my loins from watching him go."Did you enjoy watching me pee?""Very much so!""Boy Tommy you are pervert!""Thank you. Maybe next time you can pee in my mouth.""Awwww now that's just gross! YUCK! EWWWWW!""Oh knock it off I was kidding.""Good you grossed me out for a second.""Oh be quiet and flush piss boy!""I am not a piss boy!"I can see its going to be an interesting morning, typical nine year old
wining. I finished washing and without saying anything else I dried and
walked back to change. I heard noise downstairs and by this hour figured
everyone was awake. We both got dressed and were quickly downstairs to
eat. Joey, Danny his brother and Jon were already eating as I came down
with Shawn in tow."Morning guys.""Morning Tommy." Jon said cheerfully.I went up behind him and gave him a kiss on top of his head. I whispered in
his ear about him being so cheery and I immediately saw the jealousy in
Shawn's face because I suddenly wasn't paying attention to him. Guess he
will have to get used to it after all I want my boy back in my bed sooner
or later. He whispered back about Shawn watching like a hawk."I know Jon, it will pass or there will just be adjustments that will have
to be made."I said that aloud on purpose as I walked over to grab a bowl for my cereal."Billy still sleeping?""Yeah, said Joe. He didn't move all night.""Did you check on him at all Joey?""No, why?"I got up in a panic."Because he almost drowned yesterday and anything could happen in his sleep
if he still had water in his lungs!"I ran over to check him and everyone else followed. Thankfully he was okay
and breathing fine. Now with the entire ruckus he was awake with the rest
of us."Sorry we woke you but I wanted to make sure you were okay after
yesterday.""I'm fine he said in a groggy voice. Thanks though." He sat up and then got up."I gotta pee.""Thanks for sharing." Joey said.He gave him a dirty look as he stumbled up the steps in his underwear. I
went to sit and eat and see how long it would take for the topic of the
mall to come up. About five whole minutes to be exact. When Shawn opened
his mouth about wanting to know when we were going to leave."I told you upstairs when we are ready. Jon will tell me when he is ready
and then we can go.""What about us?" Joey asked."Sorry, I told you last night none of you are going with me until I find
out who threw the bread.""Awww come on your not fucking serious!""Ummm. Yes I am and watch the cursing xxx lol nymphet toplist with the boy here!"I pointed at Christian. "Oh, sorry Dan. Tommy come on why do we all have to be punished when we
didn't..." he stopped talking real fast."Didn't what Joe?""Nothing..."I saw him glare at Danny but say nothing and only Shawn knew that I knew
who did it now even though they all knew. It was an evil game but I need to
keep my side of this up and stick to my word or it will mean nothing when
it comes to future respect."Jon are you ready?""Yeah since 8am when I got up. You slept late.""I know I was beat!""Okay I am going to get the car keys and since we are dressed so we can go
now."I could sense the tension building as we got ready to leave. Billy came
back down and was talking with Joe. They were saying something quietly to
each other and I knew it couldn't last much longer."See you guys tonight. We will be gone all day after all there are a lot of
stores to check out."I rubbed it in and then headed out to the car with Shawn and Jon in
tow. Jon shut the door. I heard loud yelling from inside but I didn't
stop. I snickered and looked at Jon."YOU ARE A CLASS 'A' PRICK!""Thank you. Now if Danny comes out and fesses up...""You know?""Yeah I found out last night."I looked at Shawn to make sure he was quiet and didn't say a word, he just
smiled and I smiled back. Some things are private!"So how did you find out?""Well...""Thomas?""Oh sure use that full name method on me Jonathan."We both laughed and Shawn was clueless."Okay I was at the top of the steps when I heard Billy and Joe talking.""That's not right.""I know that's why I haven't said a word.""But you spied...""And you knew and you didn't tell me so?""Okay, okay I got ya."Guess I won this round of who knows what. I started the car and Danny came
running out of the house alone."Here we go."Jon snickered now. Shawn was like... what?""Wait Tommy, please. I need to talk to you. In private, please?"I shut the car off and got out."Okay where?""I don't care lets go in Billy's place."I turned to them."Hang out guys be back shortly.""Yeah right..." was Jon's answer. I guess he knew this might take a bit
now.We walked into Billy's and I shut the door."SO... what's so urgent?""Well I um, just wanted...""Spit it out Dan!""I threw the fucking bread at you okay!""Yes I know. Why are you telling me now?""You knew?""Yes I did but I wanted you to tell me I wanted to see if you grew big
balls and grew up too. You took your time. Took way too long to say so
because they probably forced you into doing it so everyone could come to
the mall right?""YES. I know it was wrong, I'm sorry I threw the bread. Okay?"He turned to leave."Not quite.""Huh?""There is a matter of punishment.""Punishment? Oh come on your not serious.""Deadly serious or should I left it ride, forget about it and then maybe
next time something worse happens? If you would have fessed up right there
I would have been mad and it would have been over with already so?"He said nothing."Well you want to tell them they aren't going or should I?""NO! Okay what is my punishment?""You have a choice. Either you stay home alone, well actually with
Christian or you get punished.""How?""Drop em!"I pointed to his pants."No not that! Can't it be something else? Something not so private?""Ok then stay home.""NO I want to go!!""There isn't room here to argue Danny. I will respect your choice but you
have to make one. Either take the real punishment or stay home all day and
take the safer, painless wimpy way out.""You suck, I hate this it's not right and no one should have to be treated
this way! What is under my clothes is private and personal and no one
should be able to tell me what I have to do with it or `punish' it""I know I am a prick but you threw the bread and now well... now I'm going
to make sure you don't throw bread again. Like I said you don't have to
have any of this happen you just tell me you're staying home and go now."He was stalling for time."So what is it going to be?"He didn't move or say anything."All right have it your way. I will go tell Joe and Billy they can
come. You stay here with Christian."I turned and grabbed the door handle and pulled it open."No wait, you win. Just please don't hurt me too much okay?""I am not going to draw blood Danny just give you something to remember
next time I ask for someone to STOP. I will try to be gentle."He dropped his draws and was standing there totally naked from the waist
down. Nice hangers he had there, his balls were low and his cocklet was
kind of semi erect."Shirt off too and come here."He was totally naked as I sat down and he came by me."Over my knees.""You're going to spank me?""Yes that is part of it.""Then what??" he said with fear in his voice.I didn't answer I just pointed to my knees. He got on and over them. His
ass was right in front of me. I grabbed underneath and felt a handful of
cock and balls."Owww, hey!""Quiet! This is what you get so shut up or I will rip them off and then you
can scream all you want!"I reached up and gave him a big crack right on his ass almost as hard as I
could leaving an immediate red hand imprint. He jumped. Then I smacked
again, and another and another. Four pretty hard smacks on his ass. He
began to whimper."No more please it hurts!""Okay no more but you will do what next time?""Behave sir!"Just for good measure I spread his butt cheeks. To make sure he knew I was
serious not that the red ass treatment wasn't working well."Noooo not my ass! Please? No? Don't hurt me there again!"He began to cry. I slid in a finger just to the edge of his ass hole."Quiet."He stopped wining and got quiet."You feel this?""Yes sir.""Good! I reached under and took a handful of his now almost hard cock and
his balls. Now if there is another problem with you I will not be so
nice. I will push this finger in and I won't care what happens and I will
do it in front of your brother!""No anything but not that! PLEASE... he began to cry again.I let nude nymphets rompl go of his balls and let him get up. I didn't think I could be so
rotten but I did make my point very strictly."Wipe your face and pull up your pants your not hurt your just scared."I just hoped I didn't go too far with him after all he is pretty young and
I didn't want to scare him away from me but I wanted him to be sure he knew
who was in charge."I promise I will never do that again. I am sorry.""Danny... I am too I didn't want to be so nasty but if I didn't lay down
some law then no one would listen. It wasn't that bad was it? Last handful
you seemed to be hard, no?""Yes. And no sir you didn't hurt me it stung but mostly you just really
embarrassed me.""Well no one will ever find out unless you tell them I promise.""Me tell them? No fucking way. I don't need that kind of embarrassment!""Okay let's go then we need to have some fun at the mall."I put my arm around him and he gave me half a hug. I guess I made my point
and got away with it too. Damn that made me horny I am such a fucked up
pervert!"Go tell them Dan you earned it. We will be in the car waiting for you
guys."I got in and they both looked at me."What did you do to him?" asked Shawn."Shawn, remember our little talk about privacy?""Yes sir.""Well that comes into play here. It's none of any ones business. Let's just
say he won't throw anymore bread at anyone.""Okay I understand Tommy.""Thank you Shawn,"I grabbed Jon's knee and gave it a soft squeeze and him a wink."Love ya!""You too." he said.Then all came out with big smiles on their faces and piled into the
car. This time I left Jon up front and let them figure out how to all fit
in back there. After some pushing and shoving it was set and two kids were
in two laps."It's a bit of a drive so get comfortable. Sorry I can't offer more room I
guess I will have to find a big truck. I'll look today. We can look around
town now!"Time for a better and bigger vehicle! YEY! I backed up and we took off. nymphets cock defloration
guess a new drive would be first."Okay everyone look for something bigger for me so we all fit nicer."We cruised for a few blocks and I saw a big van that didn't do anything for
us and then I turned a corner and we saw this big type of truck with lots
of room inside. It didn't have a name but crazy nymphets land the seating was plentiful and you
had to almost climb up into it. I stopped the car and got out to look
hoping the keys might be inside. It looked almost brand new and it was
locked"DAMN IT! Now we have to search these houses."I walked up to the first one the front door was unlocked and bingo! Right
inside the door was the truck key hanging on a nail by the door."This looks like it."I grabbed it and ran over to the truck put it in the lock and crossed my
fingers as I turned it."YES! All doors popped. They were unlocked! Come on lets all get in!"I climbed into the driver's seat which was a chair that actually swiveled
when I played with the knob. I think they are called captains seats. Two up
front and two long seats in the back and a large area behind for
storage. PERFECT! Now I just have to get used to something this huge. I
only drove that car and nothing else. Good thing no one else is on the
road. If they were I would probably drive them off it anyway. I started it
up and it was a little loud. It sounded like a diesel. I checked and sure
enough the gas gauge said diesel fuel only. And there was an automatic 4x4
button which I think means its four wheel drive too. What an awesome
truck. Tons of room and probably a lot of balls under the hood!"Well now all we need is diesel to fill it. Isn't it awesome guys?""Totally! These seats are great too!" Jon said."We wouldn't know being stuck back here!" Billy cried."YOU can have a chance up here I will give everyone a chance to be
fair. Jon replied. Okay?""Kewl. When?""On the way back okay?""Yeah I suppose." Billy barked.I shifted it into drive and pushed hard on the gas and we started to
move. The tires sounded really rugged on the pavement as we sped up you
could almost feel the road."AWESOME FEEL! This is going to be fun to drive and we are really up like
in a tractor truck."I turned on the parkway and we were off. The mall is about 30 minutes away
so I stepped hard and we were flying down the empty parkway. The
speedometer said 85."Whoa Tommy... how fast you going?""It says 85."You should slow down some, someone cried from the back seat. I wasn't sure
who."Why Jon said? There aren't any cars or anything in the way to crash into
so we will be fine. It's plenty bright out and dry. We are in the huge
truck who cares how fast we go!""Yeah I added like we might get a ticket for speeding!"I laughed and so did a few of the guys. We were flying down the
road. Occasionally you would see a car crashed off on the side of the road
but nothing was in our way so I kept going 80 to 90 the whole way. We were
there in about 20 minutes instead of the usual half hour when my father
drove here. I pulled right up to the front door and parked. I laughed as we
got out."FREE PARKING!""Yeah, said Jon, anywhere you want!"I couldn't wait to get inside and they couldn't either. We ran the few feet
to the doors and then we were in. the music was still playing over the
speakers like it always did. At least it wasn't totally dead inside. First
thing I did was go to the ice cream stop and fill up a cup with vanilla ice
cream my tongue has been dragging for it for weeks it was so good
too. Shawn got chocolate and Jon got butter pecan. The others didn't come I
guess they wanted to go somewhere else we can catch up with them later."Jon lets go see if we can find some cell phones. Then it won't matter
where we go.""Awesome idea."I didn't know if it would work if any would be activated but it was worth a
try. We found a sprint store and went inside. All the new phones were dead
but I looked around figuring that someone that worked there should have had
a phone or something. Finally I found one behind the counter. Then Jon
yelled over he found one."Call me dude!""What's the number?""How would I know?""Look in the features area sometimes they put that number in there."I looked and he did."I GOT IT! It's 686-555-1400.""Okay I will call you then we will have each other number."His phone rang!"Kewl now we have cells and we won't ever separate! What's my number?""Yeah until we don't pay the cell bill and they turn us off.""Jon that was so corny it wasn't even bad funny! What is my number?""Well I liked it! Its 686-555-1987.""Whatever..." He's a nut!"I am going to finish my ice cream now okay? Should I call you to ask if
it's okay?""Enough Jon you're driving me nuts."I shook my head."Come on Shawn let's see if there is a third phone for you."We looked and eventually we found not one but three more that worked. Now
the guys can have them and eventually we can find one for everyone. We will
have seven cell phones in the house oh joy! Now I felt like we were set so
I started to walk the mall and left it up to Jon and Shawn what they wanted
to do since they each had cells now. I told then as I left the phone
store. Both looked at me like I was out of my mind and followed me out of
the store. I walked or should I say we walked next door to a clothes store
and I checked to see if there was anything I liked."Why you going in a clothes store Tommy you don't like wearing clothes?""Ha, ha. Very funny big boy maybe you should lose all your clothes now and
walk the mall naked?""I don't think so!""WIMP!""You're the wimp Tommy""Right Jon! Okay then lets see I DARE you to walk naked through the mall!""NO! IT ISNT GONNA HAPPEN!""You have no balls Jon!""Well I would bet you but I know you and you would be out of your clothes
in a blink!""You know it! Want to bet it Jon? You're just a chicken boy!!! There is no
one here that hasn't seen me or you naked so why wouldn't I strip?""Modest boy!" I ended it but he turned and headed out of the store leaving me with
Shawn."What's with him Tommy?""I'm not sure cutie... Sometimes he gets all stupid on me. Just give him
space and time he should be back. If not it's a long walk home. Or he could
steal a car I guess and try to drive it home. It's not that tough to do
just have to get used to it.""Kewl then I could...""Not unless you want your behind fanned by me! Don't even go there!""I was only kidding.""Kidding or not no cars for you not at nine!""Ohhh-kay.""Come on lets go see what else there is."We came to a supermarket store and I saw the junior nymphet pics
disability rides and got an
idea."Come with me Shawn I think you will like this.""What?" I pointed at them."So?""So we get on them and drive thru the mall till the batteries die?""Ohhhhh! Kewl, awesome idea!"There were four of them all plugged in and hopefully fully charged. I got
on one and turned the key and handle. It started to move."Wait for me! Shawn yelled.He got on and did what I did and started to follow me. We exited the food
store and were suddenly tooling up the walk way at a blazing 5 miles per
hour I would guess. It was fun but if we wanted to see everything we had to
slow down eventually."We can shop after lets go find the others first and run them over!"Shawn laughed and we took off the way they went when we came in the
mall. It took all of five minutes before we saw Billy and then Joey and
Danny they were all in a candy store filling their mouths and so on. I
beeped my weak horn at them. They started to laugh when they saw us come
putting up towards them."Nice wheels guys!""Thanks Bill. Gotta get one of these. It will save you from getting tired
later.""No thanks I want to walk.""Yeah for now but in a few hours you won't be saying that."He just shook his head."I have something for you two. Sorry Dan I couldn't find enough so you will
have to get yours later."I handed out the cell phones."Kewl thanks.""No problem. Call if anything comes up."I gave them mine and Shawn's phone numbers."Jon is around somewhere he got pissy and took off on his own. Here is his
number."I told them it and then they had all three numbers and I already took
theirs and programmed it in. We were off and on our way back to shop. We
weren't gone for a minute and my cell was ringing."Hello? Yeah, sure no problem if I see one I will call you. Okay bye.""Who was that?""Billy. He wants to know if we find an electronic store he wants to get a
few things. I told him we would call when we find one.""Oh okay lets go find one then."We took off. I floored it and was speeding at a whole five mph now and
Shawn was right on my ass. He kept banging into me and laughing
hysterically over it."You having fun? Knock it off before I bang your head, you keep jarring my
body when you hit and its starting to become annoying."He stopped not having to be told twice. We came upon a Radio Shack store
and I called Billy and told him. He said they would be right over and I
started to browse the store. It all looked good but there wasn't a lot we
could do with most of it. Phones, stereos, police radios and a whole bunch
more good stuff that was useless. Who would we call and what could we hear
on the radios? I loaded up all the batteries I could into plastic bags and
started to fill the basket of my cart."Why you taking batteries?""Incase the power goes out or we need them in flashlights or so on." "Oh, smart thinking.""Yup! Come on and help me pack these so it doesn't take too long.""Okay sure."We loaded all we could into bags and stuffed our baskets with them. By the
time we were done the others had arrived and were browsing the store for
whatever they wanted. Suddenly with their arms full they realized our idea
of the carts sounded good. Billy and Joe went to get the other two driving
machines and came back a few minutes later."I see you got smart. I said to them. About time you dummy's!"I laughed."Hey did anyone see Jon?""Yeah I did a little while ago Tom; he was going toward the other end of
the mall.""Oh okay Dan. Thanks.""Shawn please stay with them for now I am going to go find him. Even though
this place is probably safe I don't want anyone alone. I'll be back
shortly, call me if anything comes up.""Okay Tommy no problem."I took off on my motorized slow piece of shit heading in the direction
Danny said. I wasn't planning on any problems since we hadn't seen anyone
since Christian but I wasn't stupid either. I was packing my hand gun just
in case. No one knows though and I hope I don't need it. I made my way
through the mall slowly looking for him. I knew I could call and I was
tired of looking now so I stopped and rang him. He didn't answer and I
didn't think he could be that mad so I was beginning to get concerned. I
called Billy and told them to start looking for Jon he wasn't answering his
phone. They told me okay and they would start looking right away."Billy make sure you all stay together now. I don't want anyone wondering
off alone anymore just in case.""Incase what?""Just incase it gets late.""Oh I thought you were hinting at something else.""No talk to you later.""Okay bye."I did mean incase there were others here. I didn't want to believe it but
with Jon missing now I have to wonder if someone or others aren't here. I
got a cold chill up my spine thinking we could have troubles in here but
it's a youngest nymphet kids
huge place and maybe Jon just didn't have any signal where he was. I
was now on the total opposite side of the mall and still no sign of him. I
started yelling out his name. Other then the musak I heard nothing. I
called his phone again. He picked up this time."Hello? Jon where are you? Jon?""You Jon boy is with me! Ha, Ha Ha Ha Ha! Come find him little boy I want
more of you! Oh and hurry I am going to rape his sweet ass while I wait for
you!""WAIT!"He hung up the phone. Instant fear overcame me. I wanted to call them but I
didn't want to panic them either and I didn't want to let Jon get hurt
either but I didn't have a clue where he was. Damn! I knew we should have
stayed together and I knew I should have thought more clearly! I called
Billy."Billy I am at the wish fountain. Get over here now with everyone. Don't
panic them just tell them I called and want everyone together NOW BILLY!
There is major trouble! Don't act weird on me just speed them up and tell
them I want to meet everyone if they ask.""Okay Tommy I got ya. We are gonna come now.""Good keep the phone line open now too. I want to be able to hear you at
all time!""What's going on?""Don't ask questions I don't want you panicking them!""Okay sorry.""Just hurry!" I waited by the fountain and just as I was about to yell for them again I
saw them come around the bend."What's so urgent Tommy?""Jon! Someone has him!""WHAT? Said Billy? Someone else is here? WHAT are we going to do Tommy?""First relax we are okay as a group. Now we just have to hurry and stick
together and find Jon before this guy hurts him!""I'm scared Tommy!""I know Shawn just hang in there I am too!""It's okay Shawn. Tommy won't let anything happen to us." Said Joey."I know Joey but I am scared. Who knows what is happening to Jon."We hurried along and suddenly I we heard a scream."FUCK! That sounds like Jon! Come on it was from this direction."We ran the way I thought the scream came from and again I heard a scream. I
sure hope that fuck wasn't hurting my boy. I will kill him!"What are we gonna do when we find him Tommy? How will we fight him?""With this Billy!"I pulled out my 45."I didn't know what we could get into today so I didn't take any chances I
packed my 45 today just in case. I was hoping I wouldn't need it
but... another scream... Come on it sound like we are very close."We ran again. I stopped and hushed everyone so I could hear. I heard noises
that sounded like someone was being attacked or fighting. I made the motion
to everyone to be totally quiet now and stay behind me. I pulled out my gun
and slowly turned a corner. It was dark but the noise was getting louder. I
held the others back and crept up on where I heard the noise. Sure enough
it was a big goon and he had Jon. Jon was stripped naked and tied up but
not gagged. The guy appeared to be playing with him or something sexual. I
saw red!"HEY ASS HOLE! LEAVE HIM ALONE!"The guy turned to me I gasped! He looked like he was half burnt and half
alive. Totally gross! I guess he must have been half safe or something when
the comet hit. He was totally disfigured and appeared to be somewhat
deranged. He turned to look back at my naked sweetie and then he headed
towards me. I pulled my gun and pointed it right at him."Freeze scumbag! Don't make me kill you!"He came right at me. I backed up and warned him again. I tripped on
something. It was Joey! I stumbled and rolled away. The creature who was
actually some half baked guy grabbed Joey and picked him up. He screamed
and the others did too when they saw his deformed face. Joey was in his
clutches now and he couldn't get free. I didn't have a shot now either. He
was trying to kiss Joey and he was holding him by the crotch and arm like
he weighed nothing. Billy grabbed something and threw it at the thing. He
turned and tried to see what it was and lost hold of the squirming
Joey. Joey got loose and tore ass away. He went to grab Billy and he turned
but fell over something that was knocked over during the scuffle before. He
reached out to grab Billy as I took aim. I fired off a shot hitting him in
his arm which was farthest away from anyone. He screamed out and turned to
me."Billy get up and get the fuck out of the way!"Billy scrambled to his feet and once he was clear I fired twice into the
things face blowing his brains all over the wall next to him. He fell to
the floor and I went to him and kicked him. He didn't move."Bill take this! If he even moves a muscle pull the trigger. The rest of
you wait outside away from the gun!"Billy grabbed the gun. Hands shaking he looked at me."Its okay pal just relax, take a deep breath and calm down. I am going to
get Jon but I need you to watch him just in case he is still alive. If he
flinches shoot!""Okay Tommy!"I ran back to Jon. He was tied up and pretty battered and bruised. I untied
him and he got up grabbed me and hugged the daylights out of me and started
bawling. He was totally naked and pretty shaken up. I went to reach for
something to put around his body and he screamed no."Please Tommy don't go anywhere just hold me. I am soooo scared! He hurt me
so much!"I held on tight."Its okay kid I am here relax. I held him tight. Did he do anything to
you?"He didn't answer. I pulled him away from me and looked at him. His face was
bloody and bruised somewhat. He was bleeding from his lip."JON! Are you okay? Where did he hurt you did he have sex with you?""He, he..."He couldn't bring himself to say. I pulled him away from me and checked his
body. He was pretty beat up. That son of a bitch punched and beat on him
pretty bad. I turned him around. He fought me."No, no Tommy! No don't look back there!"I looked him in the face."Calm down Jon! It's okay. Remember I love you! I know what you have and
it's okay; let me see your backside."He whimpered no as I turned him around. FUCK! That animal! His ass was
covered in blood. It ran down his butt cheeks and down his leg."Ohhhh Jon. I am soooo sorry!"I reached for him and he suddenly didn't want to be touched."It's okay Jon. It's me. Come here.""NO, NO! I am spoiled goods! Stay away!"JON! JON! Relax pal... come here. PLEASE!"I reached out again for him. He shook his head no as he backed away from
me. I reached out and grabbed his arm."Come on, it's okay. I said in a low voice. Come to me."I slowly pulled him to me. I got him. He put his arms around me and started
crying! He was whaling loudly now. So loud that Joey came in to see what
was wrong. He gasped as he saw me holding Jon. Jon had his back to him so
he didn't know Joe was there. I waved him out and he turned with a shocked
look and ran out. No one else came in so it was apparent he told them what
he saw. After quite some time I finally got him calm and sat him down."Stay here for a minute I am going to get something for you to wear.""NO, don't leave me!""It will just be for a second I promise I will be right back!"I ran out and told Billy and Joey to find some towels and a long overcoat
around Jon's size. Without saying a word they took off and ran to find what
I asked for. Jon was still naked and I needed to get something on him and I
think an overcoat will work just fine. Shawn, Danny Chris stayed behind. It
was apparent that the guy was dead now so I took the gun back and put it in
my belt."You three say out of the store I don't want you near this guy or looking
at his gross face. I don't need you three having nightmares its bad enough
Jon is very beat up."They didn't say a word just backed out of the store and stayed close but
out of view of the disgusting bastard. I quickly went back to Jon. I have
some towels and a coat coming for you so we can get you out of here."Okay Tommy. Please hurry I feel sick and cold and I want to go home.""It won't be long now I promise."Joey was back first with some towels."Thanks Joe now go find something to put over that bastards face so we
don't have to see him again.""Do I have to?""Well I would appreciate it since I don't want Jon having to see him again
and Billy isn't back yet. Just get a big cloth or something and throw it
over what is left of the pricks face. I don't care what you use!"Reluctantly he went. I turned back to face Jon."I know this won't be nice at all but I have to clean you up some.""I know Tommy. Just be careful okay. I am so sore back there.""Yeah I am sure I just want to get a lot of it off so you don't have to sit
in it when I take you home. I won't go to far or deep. When we get home I
will take a look in better light and see how bad it is.""Okay."I wet a towel and softly started to wipe around his butt and up his leg to
get some of the blood off him. He jumped once when I got too close to his
ass."Sorry Jon.""Its okay I know you're just trying to help.""I got most of it and with the overcoat you should be fine as long as you
can sit.""I think I can I will just have to take it slow."Just then Billy got back and he had just what we needed. I slipped it on
Jon and buttoned the front up."Come on lets get you out of here!"I walked him around the area that the dead scumbag was located in and out
of the store. Needless to say I am pretty sure we won't be back in that
place! Don't even know if they want to come back here again. We'll have to
discuss it when it calms down. We all walked out of the mall together and I
had my arm around Jon the whole way to support and steady him. We got to
the truck and the others piled in the back and I helped seat him in the
front seat as softly as possible. I looked at Shawn as he got in and he
showed me the bags of batteries. Smart boy he remembered them at least. We
were all settled as I started the truck and we took off from what was
supposed to be an awesome day and wound up being a nightmare. We are going
to have to come back without Jon or the young ones and get rid of that
monsters body or else that mall won't be any good to us if it starts to
reek of dead body. Tomorrow for sure, I just hope Billy and Joe don't
mind. They are going to volunteer for this like it or not. The ride home
was cautious as I really didn't speed much and in about 40 minutes we were
back at our front door. Many hours early and quite upset. I know myself I
was not only upset I was quite aggravated that we couldn't do what we
wanted to. Hopefully we will be able to again soon.Chapter 14. Healing the mental wounds and trying to start fresh.As I got out so did the others and we all went to help Jon. His truck door
was already opened but he was having trouble swinging his legs out. I
grabbed him by the arm and we had an audience."Guys please go inside that is where we are going. Danny here, take the key
and open the door for everyone.""Sure Tommy."I focused back on Jon. He got a little farther but he was still in a lot of
pain from his rape."Jon let me help you damn it! Stop trying to be so brave! You're hurt and
it's okay if you can't be strong now." I grabbed him gently by the chin."Look. I said softly, you need to rest and heal and then you will be strong
again. No one will ever do this to you again I won't let them I will kill
them like I did that sick fuck!"I got closer and hugged him. He started to shake and cry again."Its okay sweetie let it out. I totally understand! Let it all out!""No you don't Tommy. He said through his tears. I left you because you were
teasing me. We were just playing and I took off because you were busting me
about getting naked. So I took off and what happens, this fucking half dead
goon grabs me from behind and starts pounding on me. Raps me upside the
head with his fist until I don't know which way is up and then punches me
in the mouth. I was out of it and he scooped me up like I was a piece of
paper and carries me into that room and starts tearing my clothes off. Then
he starts to play with me all over Tommy! He was crying again but he waved
me off he wanted to finish. He was grabbing my balls and pulling them and
then my cock and then I screamed to tell him to stop and he punched me as
hard as he could in the stomach. I couldn't breath Tommy I couldn't catch
my breathe. He grabbed me and turned me over! Then he, he...""It's okay Jon. I know... you don't have to say anymore!""No I have to do this I have to get it out to you. You have to listen!"Tears were rolling down his cheeks."I had the wind knocked out of me and he grabbed me and turned me over and
grabbed my head and my hair Tommy. The he took his huge cock and rammed it
up my ass as hard as he could. No sympathy, no care, nothing but sharp pain
Tom. I screamed. He hit me again and shoved himself farther in me. I
screamed again. I tried to fight him but he was just too big, too strong!
He smacked me again and again, upside my head. Then he started to pump my
ass Tommy! I screamed again and then out of no where I heard your
voice. Thank God it was your voice. I almost passed out from the pain he
was causing me!"More tears rolled down his face. I was crying now too. I took hold of his
hand and squeezed it tightly."Your okay now Jon. He is dead and you're with me. He can't hurt you
again!""Now I know why Shawn did what he did Tom. I understand why he kicked those
guys in the nuts, why he wanted to burn the guys! It all came back to me
when I saw you. All I did was see your face and then I thought to
myself... wow this must have been what Shawn went through. I know why he
sleeps with you. You rescued him! You rescued me. I will never forget
that. You saved my life like you did Shawn's! It makes sense now why he
cherishes you. I do too! You are my hero Tom. I love you so much."Tears were flowing out of both of our eyes now. I hugged him tightly as we
both wept. I was kissing the top of his head and just holding on as tight
as I could without hurting him. Finally we broke our embrace."Come on let's get you inside and clean you up. I want to get that fuck's
scum off you. I sure hope he didn't cum in you!""No he didn't Tommy. You showed up just in time. He had to stop when you
yelled and he put it away and turned to you so you wouldn't know I
guess. You know what the worst part of all this is Tommy?""No pal what is it?""That I was saving anal for you! I wanted you to be the first one to have
butt sex with me. That fuck ruined it and ruined me and I might never be
able to have anal again thanks to him hurting me so much."Again he started crying.
"I wanted it to be you! I WANTED IT TO BE SPECIAL!! No one but you! It was
our special thing Tom it was supposed to be you and me and not him! He
appeared hysterical now as he ranted and screamed about it. IT'S NOT FAIR!
Not fair at all Tommy! I hate him, I hate him so much!"He was pounding his fists on my chest as i tried to comtrol him just a
little."I know Jon. I know!"I didn't know what else to say, what else to do. I just listened to him and
held him or touched him any way I could. Finally he grew quiet."Tommy I'm tired let's go in now."I helped him out of the truck and slowly he got his feet under him. I
helped him walk towards the house and when we got to the door Shawn opened
it for us."Thanks cutie.""Welcome. How you feeling Jon?""Like crap Shawn, like crap!""Come on lets get you upstairs.""Wait a second, Shawn?""Yeah Jon?""Will you come up stairs in a little bit? I'll tell Tommy to send you up
when we are done I want to talk to you but right now I need to clean up
okay?""Sure Jon."They all watched as I helped him up the steps. Slowly we made it to the top
and we went right into the bathroom. I could only imagine what went through
their heads."Tommy I don't want you to leave me and I know this isn't going to be fun
but I need you to clean me out no matter how much it hurts. I want that
fucks scum off of me!""Okay Jon, let me help you with the coat first."I reached around free little nymphets pics and pulled it off him one arm at a time and then threw it
to the floor of the bathroom."Okay now you want to get in the tub?""Yeah that sounds good."He winced as he lifted his leg over the tub wall. I started the water."Okay wet a cloth and then I am going to spread my cheeks and I want you to
wipe me down.""Why don't I just hose you off and then what's left should be minimal and
it won't hurt near as much?""Yeah that sounds better I'm not thinking straight, I will hold my ass
cheeks apart as you rinse off the old blood and stuff."I turned the water to shower mode and warmed it up so it wouldn't be cold
on him and I told him I was ready. He was on all fours as I started at his
upper back and let the water run down to get him used to it then I went
lower. He spread himself and I slowly started to wash away the blood from
his ass and leg. Most of it rinsed off but some was dry now and it would
take a little work to clean it off. I told him and he said not to worry
about it. He winced in pain as the jets of water hit him in the more
sensitive areas. It pained me to hear him every time I hit the wrong spot."We are pretty much done Jon the only thing left is the dry blood and then
to dry off.""I'm too sore to worry about scrubbing blood off its not going to hurt me
so I will leave it and clean it tomorrow. Also will you look closer
tomorrow and tell me if you see any damage?""Sure.""OHH Damn it!""What?""I have to take a dump. I don't know how I am going to do this.""I'll leave you be then I don't need to be here and you need some
privacy. If anything happens yell and I will come running I will be out in
the hall.""Okay Tommy thanks."I left the bathroom and Shawn was out waiting patiently in the hall."How is he Tommy?""Seems to be okay Shawnie but he has to take a dump now and I can't imagine
the pain that will cause.""I can!""Yeah I am sure you can. When he comes out he will need some support even
from you since you went through this. I think he wants to talk to you
privately.""I'll wait here then.""You're a good kid Shawn."I rubbed his head and turned to go in my room. I sat on my bed waiting for
him to finish. It was quiet except for the occasional groans from the
bathroom as I assumed it was very tough getting the job done in there."TOMMY!"I got up and flew into the bathroom."What?""I am bleeding the toilet water is full of blood."I grabbed a hand towel and soaked it full of water."Okay get up slowly and I will shove this between your cheeks to stop the
bleeding. I can't think of anything else to do so I hope this works."He got up and turned and it was a big messy as I applied the towel to his
butt."Clinch your cheeks together and let's hope it stops."He stood there half bend over, naked from the waist down with half a towel
stuck between his butt cheeks and the rest hanging down, After a minute I
got down behind him and checked to see if I could tell if it stopped or
slowed. I couldn't make out anything but the towel wasn't turning red so I
assumed it wasn't getting any worse."Did you at least get to go?""Yeah the pushing it out is what I think started the massive bleeding.""Well it looks better but I can't tell without moving the towel. It's not
turning red so it must be better. How does it feel?""Like I got a hard cock shoved up my ass!""Seriously Jon?""It fucking stings and hurts like hell Tom!""Okay, okay Jon relax and I will do what I can.""I know you will I am sorry but I am scared and I don't want this getting
worse.""Me either Jon, me either. Okay here goes."I slowly pulled the towel from his butt and it appeared to be okay. I
didn't see any bleeding but it was red and really looked bruised. Not that
I was a rectum expert but I didn't think anything should look so red."Ummm, it stopped and it looks... okay?""You don't sound too convincing. What is really going on back there?""Honestly it stopped but its so red Jon I don't know what to tell you. I'm
not a butt expert but I would have to say it's not good. Maybe we should
put some ice on it for a bit.""Ice? What are you nuts?""No but these are."I grabbed his ever so gently."HEY... Oh now that's not even close to funny!""Then why are you laughing?""I don't know, maybe because it was just so stupid.""Well, you have to admit that probably will never happen again!""What?""You asking me if I am nuts while your sac is practically hanging in my
face.""I guess not.""Does it still sting a lot?""Umm, yeah!""Then let me grab the soft ice pack out of my freezer and put it in a towel
and in there for a bit, it might not be the most comfortable thing you will
feel back there but it might help you in a few ways." "Such as?""Taking away the sting and swelling and probably making you feel better too
and heal a little quicker. I also have some salve that I used on Shawn I
want to dab a little of that on too afterwards.""You sure are doing enough with my ass now. You enjoying this?""Yeah Jon I enjoy sticking my face in your ass and seeing you in pain over
this. What a stupid question. How about you just go lay down and I will go
do something less stressful!"I got up off my knees."Pull up your pants I am done. Shawn is waiting to talk to you maybe after
he is done you will think clearly again."I opened the bathroom door and stormed out patting Shawn on the back as I
headed downstairs. I went to wash my hands and let him think about being an
ass hole. I know he was hurt and I know it's a touchy situation but I am
not a babysitter and he can take care of his own ass! I washed and dried my
hands and went out. I decided I wanted to be alone for a while so I got in
the truck and took off screeching the tires as I left. I looked in the rear
view mirror and someone was at the front door as I drove up the block. I
decided to go and get a cup of ice cream so I drove over to the local place
and got out and went in to get my favorite flavor. I scooped a whole cup
full of pistachio and grabbed a spoon and went back in the truck and ate
it. It was soooo good too! After that I went to the gas station a few
blocks away and filled the truck with diesel. It took 6 gallons of it and I
put the hose back in the holder and got back in the truck. About thirty
minutes or so passed I was calmer and I drove back home. I pulled up and
was greeted at the truck by Shawn and Jon and Danny were at the front door."What's up cutie?""We all heard you take off. I was talking to Jon when you left. Where did
you go?""I needed to clear my head so I went to get some ice cream and gas up the
truck.""Oh... why what happened?""You could say I got a little tired of Jon and his complaining about stuff
and I wanted a break.""But he is hurt Tommy and you are who we turn to when we need someone.""I know Shawn but this wasn't about him being hurt this was about him being
obnoxious.""Ob- what?""Stupid!""Oh he was getting on your nerves?""Exactly!""Oh well while you were gone I had a talk with him about what happened and
we discussed things like what happened to me and what happened to him.""How did it go?""Okay I guess. It wasn't a thing I would want to talk about every day but
at least we both got to talk about how it felt and how we are dealing with
it.""That's good. Glad to hear it.""He wants to talk to you ya know. He told me he felt kinda bad he chased
you off.""I am sure Shawn. Let me out and I will go see him okay?"He backed off the truck step and door and I opened it as soon as he was
clear of it. I got out and he gave me his usual hug I got when we bbs nymphet com were
apart for any period of time. I loved them so! And I walked up to the front
door. Jon was standing in it so I couldn't pass or enter without him
moving. I stopped in front of him."I'm sorry."He stepped down to my level out of the house and gave me a big hug."I didn't mean to get on you over this. I am just scared and worried about
my butt and you were there. I vented at you and I am sorry I bit off your
head. Forgive me?""Sure, I whispered into his ear as we were hugging. Let's go inside. Don't
want the neighbors seeing us like this!"He pulled away and gave me a baffled look."Neighbors, what neigh... oh you were... I am such an ass sometimes!"Shawn was giggling. I turned to him and winked and he smiled. I pointed at
Jon."ASS!"He started laughing and looked at Jon and immediately stopped laughing."Don't worry Shawn you can giggle if you want Jon won't bite you... much."I headed in and Shawn was behind me and Jon behind him."Owww!"I turned and looked."What was that?""Jon smacked me upside the head." He said rubbing his head."WHY?""Oh come on it was soft and I was kidding. Because he laughed."I looked at Shawn."You'll live!"Jon walked past him and he did the typical nine year old thing. Stuck his
tongue out at Jon. Jon turned to look at him and he quickly pulled it back
into his mouth not to get caught. I laughed right out loud."What? Jon said. What did I miss?"I glanced over at Shawn and could see him begging me with his eyes not to
say anything."Nothing worth explaining just something that made me laugh!""So where did you go in such a hurry?""Out to clear my head and get some ice cream!""You got ice cream! I heard from across the room. I turned it was
Danny. Yes I did and it was good!""I want ice cream." He said."Yeah me too!" said Joey."Yeah!" added Billy."Come on we all want some now let's go to the store."Well what else did I have to do?"Can you sit? Sore ass?""Funny! I guess so.""Go grab a pillow just incase you need padding even though I think you
should go upstairs and rest.""I don't want rest I want ice cream!""Oh all right! LET'S GO!"A collective cheer went up and I almost got trampled with the mad rush to
the truck."Geeze! If you guys kill me there will be no driver!""Come on! Someone yelledI shut the door to the house and locked it and headed to the loaded
truck. Loaded with bodies that is! We drove there and had ice cream without
incident. It was a typical or what has become typical trip for us."Since everyone is here I want to tell you all something." I pulled the truck over and faced the group."This isn't earth shattering news it's just something I want to get off my
chest. Over the past ten days since the comet took young bbs toplist nymphet our families and most
important things from us its hasn't been easy, there have been arguments,
fears, attacks, sex and sexual situations and we almost lost one of us. I
am sure I have missed something too but the fact remains that we are seven
strong and with all things you get stronger and learn and hopefully grow
with each incident. What I am getting at is that through all this we are
still together. Now it appears being sixteen as I am, I have been chosen by
all of you or most of you to lead this group. That is something I will do
under my roof. I take responsibility for each of you while you live there
or are in my truck. I am telling you all this because over the past ten
days we have experienced some issues that have affected all of us and some
that were private and haven't affected all of us. I am sure I am boring you
with this little speech now but I want you to know that you are all free to
go anytime you want. You all have homes and you have just as much rights to
them as I do to mine. I make the rules under my roof and as long as you
stay you must live with them like it or not. In exchange I have give
protection and I hope love and some level of understanding to all of you
one time or another.""Not to mention sex!"Everyone laughed."Thanks so much Jon. And with that what I am getting at is this; its
probably not going to get more difficult then it already is now but none of
us can predict the future and since this is so true I expect that as long
as I am running things I will be able to control this group and that we
have a mutual agreement on what is right and wrong and that anyone has the
right to ask or request a group meeting at anytime to resolve any issue
that can't be agreed upon outside of my home. Simply put with me in my
house it's my rules outside the house it's our rules. Danny got a taste of
that for throwing bread. Jon and Shawn got a taste of it totally by
accident and Billy and Joe have gotten a taste of it for thinking there
were shall we say straight?"Again laughter but more subtle."Guys what it all boils down to is who really knows what to expect next. I
am sure with all the goons that were and are still out there anything can
happen at any time and we all need to be on guard at all times just incase
another mall incident happens. Therefore I recommend that when you go
somewhere outside of our area you should have at least one other person
with you. I will be the only one who travels alone and even then I will
have a special guest with me just incase I run into someone questionable,
my gun. I am sure we will again someday soon meet others and have them join
us or go against us. There are people out there and the farther we travel
the better chance we will gave to meet them. Any questions?""I have one.""Sure Billy go ahead.""What do you think we will be facing as we grow up?""Well a shortage of some foods. Certainly something's will eventually be
gone like real milk, bread and anything dairy. Things that we can freeze
and canned goods will stay longest. I think we should start a garden after
this winter and try to read and start learning about things we can do for
ourselves. We should continue to learn and I think that as much as this
might suck but I think Shawn and Christian need to learn more about life
and studying. We can all teach them and that should start soon. Just like I
need to learn more but there isn't anyone to teach me what is left nor do I
think I will need to learn anything else out of a school book at this time
of my life. I do feel that all of you need some schooling still even though
Billy, Joey and Jon are pretty much where they need to be in our existing
culture. What I mean Chris, Shawn and Danny is that us four have learned
more in our grades then you guys have and you three will need to be
schooled more especially Shawn and Christian. We will take that one day at
a time. We can and will survive as best as we can and if or when we deplete
what we have here we will either have to travel or move on to a place that
has stock for us to live on. Get used to veggies and all canned stuff,
frozen foods and veggie whatever we can save now by freezing it like bread
and maybe milk. Thankfully there are a few milk products out there that
will last for us a little longer but eventually they will be gone and
eating cereal will become a dry thing to do. Anyone else?""Yeah Tommy I have a question.""Sure Joey go ahead.""How much leadership are you going to give us?""What do you mean?""How strict are you planning on being with us?""Well, that's not an easy question. I would have to say as long as you're
in my house very strict when needed. Sex will always be a voluntary issue
and no one will be made to do anything if they don't want to. But
punishments will be enforced by me if anything happens like the bread
situation. Sorry to keep bringing it up Danny but it's the only example we
have. If I say stop and we are as a group and you don't stop, expect to get
some kind of crap over it. If you don't like it you can leave, if you don't
want to be punished, behave. Punishments can be severe and embarrassing if
you're not good. The upside is you don't have to stay or ever put up with
any punishments. The bad side is if you leave your on your own. You come
back your punishment will be waiting for you and more severe then when you
left ask Billy if he wants to talk about it... so think hard before you
leave, it might hurt and embarrass the crap out of you to come back. It's
the only way we have to keep everyone in line now.""But what about you Tommy?" "I guess if I get out of hand too much then it's up to all of you to group
together and either tell me or leave me alone and go out on your own. I
don't expect that to happen since someone has to be responsible and right
now I still take on that job. You're all entitled to tell me if you think I
did something wrong and we can go from there.""But who punishes you?""Right now no one does. That is why you chose me to be in charge Danny. I
will try to do my best to do what is right every time I have to but I am
not perfect as you know so I will make mistakes and probably hurt people
from time to time. So I guess since I am running this group I can't be
punished unless you all group together and just leave me. Then that will be
my punishment living alone. I don't think that will ever happen thought Dan
so we will worry about that if or when we get to it. Besides I know where
you're coming from and you know what happened wasn't necessarily the proper
punishment but it was what I chose."Yeah I know alright and I learned my lesson!""I know you did."They all looked at him after that."What?" he said."Danny I didn't tell anyone about your punishment or what happened to
you... us talking about this is probably the first some of the guys
heard. So they might not understand. Danny got punished already for
throwing the bread at me and what the punishment was is private and will
stay private unless he wants to tell you. It's his choice."Danny didn't say a word. But he did turn a little red in the face."Okay then if there are no more questions we can go.""Where are we going?" asked Jon."Food shopping. I want each of you to get some things you want and I want
us to start eating better so no one gets sick. This means veggies; you can
choose what you want and vitamins. I want everyone taking one a day's I
don't feel like baby sitting any sick kids. Even though I don't quite know
how we would get sick with there only being seven of us besides I want
everyone to take vitamins to keep their strength up and for the things we
will miss that used to be in our diets and are missing now since we are not
eating all the proper foods now."I headed to the market the ride was very quiet, most unusual. Someone is
always talking but this time no one had anything to say I guess our chat
quieted everyone and made them think. I pulled into the lot and we parked
right in front like we did at the mall. I looked at Jon."You ready to do this?""Sure. I might have a problem walking but I want to go in.""Okay let's go then."I asked because this place is like the mall in some ways, where he was
attacked and I didn't want any bad memories for him. We entered and I
grabbed a cart and walked over to the still semi fresh veggies and fruit. I
grabbed as much as I could of what still looked good. This would make for
some good eating while we still could enjoy it. Everyone partnered up and
started strolling the market for what they wanted. I started walking and
filling a basket with canned food and anything that looked like it would
last. I passed some boxed milk and stopped to read the label. This looked
like our best bet for having milk that would last for a while it even said
that you could freeze it. I took it all and when we get home I will freeze
it and then we might be able to make milk last for a year or two."Shawn please go get another cart so we can fill it up with all of this.""Sure."He was back quickly and we moved on to the next area. We walked the store
looking at everything that was there and collected three basketfuls of
groceries. I never had to do this before so it was quite interesting to see
what was in the store. I mean I went with my mom plenty of times but I
never shopped like an adult just looked for the goodies I wanted to have in
the house. We finished up and went to bag and leave."Everyone have what they want?"I got nods and yes' from everyone. I noticed Jon was beginning to walk
funny so I went over to him as we headed out of the store."You okay?""I don't know Tom. Its really sore and the pain is getting worse.""Okay. Hang on.""Shawn please push this cart out to the car and guys go with him I have to
do something before we leave. We will be right out.""What are you going to do here?" He asked."Check you. I want to see how bad you are.""Here? Oh come on Tommy. It can wait!""The way you are walking and grimacing I don't think so. Come on lets go
check in the bathroom. I mean if it's bad I can get something for it while
we are here. They have a pharmacy and there has to be something I can use
on you.""Oh come on Tommy this is embarrassing enough you have to look as my ass
hole here?"I looked at him."What's the difference? Its not like anyone is here and who cares? At least
here I can decide to get something for it instead of getting home and
having to drive all the way back here.""But...""But nothing...come one lets see how bad this is."I grabbed him gently by the shoulder and started pushing him towards the
rear of the store."I don't like this one bit!""Too bad! Now come on quit acting like a baby!""I'm not acting like a baby! I just don't need anymore bad news back
there!"I stopped and looked him in the eye."I know you don't Jon I don't either. But we can't just forget about it and
hope that it goes away! If it's bad we need to try something if it's ever
going to heal properly! I don't particularly care to poke around in your
butt either but I want to make sure my cutie is okay!"I smiled at him and he faked one back."Now come on lets get this over with."We found the bathroom sign and went in. It was sorta dirty and stinking
inside. I guess a typical store bathroom."Okay drop em!"He looked at me."You know I used to like it when you said that!""Well drop em and turn around I will tug your balls real fast okay?"He gave me the finger and dropped his shorts to the floor."I didn't mean it literally! The floor is a mess!""Well you said drop em!""Come on lets get this over with before the others get restless. Take down
your underwear."He pulled them down and I immediately saw some blood in them. He did too
and looked at me with a frightened expression."Just relax; okay we don't know what it's from yet. Turn around." He turned to face the wall."Okay sweetie, bend over and let's hope it's not too bad."I put my hand on his lower back for support as he reached for the ground
with his hands. Immediately I saw dried blood between his butt cheeks. I
reached out and as softly as I could with both hands spread his cheeks."Ahhhhh THAT STINGS!""Sorry but I have to look."Again I tried to see what I could. Again he complained about the
pain. Finally I got his ass opened enough so I could see something. It was
blue and red and swollen and looked a mess. I took my finger and slowly
reached to touch. I could feel the heat from his injury and again he yelped
in pain from me barely touching it."Hang in th

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