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From: dwedno smith
Subject: The Tunnel chapter 31.Readers,Again even though I am sure I am repeating myself, thanks for your wonderful
comments about The Tunnel. I have found some time to write Chapter 31 sooner
then I expected and I am glad to bring it to you now.Not much new to report
now but I am sure after this chapter I will hear from several of you to let
me know certain things. (I put it that way so I don't spoil anything in
advance) So to keep nymphetten it short and sweet this time. Enjoy the chapter and I am
sure I will be talking to some of you in e mails soon. Take care, Dwedno.Chapter 31. Time to move on?Everyone had gotten a turn outside now making sure we were safe and darkness
was approaching. I called them together so we could make a decision on where
to live tonight."Okay guys listen up this is important and I need input from everyone. There
have been no more explosions and the smoke hasn't gotten any worse but its
still burning and I don't feel safe here tonight. I want to know if we stay
here and everyone takes turns watching for fires all night or do we pack and
just go till morning?"Everyone tossed around ideas and it all came down to no one wanting to stay
awake all night."Okay then its settled. Everyone pack a suitcase and we will leave as soon
as we are all ready.""What about Billy?" Asked Joey.I paused. Gave it some thought and spoke my mind."Billy is old enough to leave so he is old enough to take care of himself.
Joey we don't know where he is so we can't protect him. I wish I knew what
to say or do about him but for all we know he might be erotic young nymphets models far away from here
and safe or down the block and hiding in someone's house. I miss him and I
want to help him but he isn't here and we are. We have to leave him behind
for at least tonight. We will come back in the morning and hope everything
is still here. That is all we can do."Joey didn't say anymore he walked away and headed upstairs looking like he
lost his best friend forever. I felt bad but I am not about to risk all of
us for one person.
Especially if there is a chance that one person is already safe. I went up
to my room and joined Jon in finishing up packing what we needed. The truck
is going to be crowded for sure this time with everyone bringing what they
want. As I finished I walked over to Jon and put my arms around him from
behind."We haven't done much of anything lately Tommy.""I know Jon, it's been so crazy and exhausting with the fire stuff and Billy
missing that all I seem to do is sleep and make sure we are safe. It's not
fun anymore!""I know but it will get better soon. right?""Yeah Jon it will."I have everything I want and we have about thirty minutes of daylight left
so we better go."Come on Jon get the others we are outta here before we have to find a place
in total darkness."I headed off to downstairs as everyone else gathered around."Okay everyone pack the car. We are going to find a motel about 20 or 30
miles away tonight and come back tomorrow and hope we still have a place to
live."I could see the fear in their eyes but I wasn't going to lie to them and
tell them it will be all right. I don't have a clue if our already fucked up
lives will get another shot of disaster but we will be safe tonight this
much is true. Everyone piled in the truck and made the best of what little
room was left dodging over night bags and suitcases stuck in every corner of
the truck and under all the back seats. It all fit but it was close to not
fitting too. I started the truck and headed for the road out of town. When
we got on the parkway I could almost feel the heat from the other side of
the river and it was brighter then normal from the fires. I sped off not
wanted to see anymore flames tonight. We got about ten miles out of town and
it began to drizzle. I hope it pours and we come back to find everything
okay but we won't know till morning light at best. About nymphet fun sex
twenty minutes
later I started to see hotels and motels and any thoughts about home were
gone a little. I thought about the mansions in the rich part of town but I
am not going into anything without some type of daylight first. At least the
small rooms of a hotel will do for tonight and tomorrow we will see what free xxx little nymphets
next. I passed a few photo pre nymphet nue places and one stood out ahead and I asked and got some
positive feed back and pulled in to park. I got out with Jon and Kyle as we
had guns drawn and started searching the whole lot for others while the rest
of the kids little nymphets magazine waited in the locked truck. It took us close to fifteen minutes
to clear the place and make sure we were alone. It was over 20 rooms and I
wanted everyone checked. They were all empty as I figured they would be. I
waved everyone out of the truck and we all unloaded and picked rooms for the
night. I didn't care who slept where but I know I will be with Jon and I
think Shawn and Kyle will shack up too. I asked them what they wanted."I'm going with Shawn Tommy." Kyle said."I have my brother." Danny added.I looked at Trevor."Where are you sleeping?""I dunno."He looked at Joey. Joey had the look of no please not me at first. He looked
at me and I nodded my head yes and he rolled his eyes but agreed to share
his room with Trevor. We were all set."Okay everyone get inside and lock up. I am sure the phones work so take
down the other rooms and call if you want something DO NOT GO OUT ALONE! If
you want something call me. Understand?"I got yes and nods of yes from everyone as we unpacked and filled rooms. I
settled in with Jon and started unpacking my stuff. We had two queen sized
bed and it was the most room we had in one bed in weeks. Two was way too
much. We will be together tonight in one bed I think and have some left over
for a change."Together or apart?""Huh??""Sleeping tonight Jon?" as I pointed at the big twin beds.He rolled his eyes and looked at me."Ha, ha, not even funny, I am going to be naughty 15yo nymphet right next to you and no where
else!""Kewl!" I said.He smiled.
In the room next to us were Kyle and Shawn:"Which bed do you want Shawn?""I don't care Kyle. As long as we are safe. I would rather be with Tommy
though.""You really care a lot about him don't you?""Sure I do Ky, he saved my life.""Yeah but that was weeks ago and you are okay now. I don't understand
Shawnee? What do you see in him?"Shawn looked at Kyle like he didn't understand the question."What do you mean?""I mean do you really love Tommy or is it just a thanks for saving my life
feeling you have about my brother?""No Kyle I really do love him. I always liked him a lot but since he found
me and made me safe I guess I kinda do love him now. I never thought much
about it and why does it matter?""It doesn't. Sorry Shawn I was just wondering out loud I didn't mean to make
you mad.""I am not mad just confused about what you mean with all the questions now.""Okay good don't worry about all the questions I am sorry I was being nosy
and I shouldn't have.""It's okay Ky, after all if you can't ask me who can we are best buds aren't
we?""Yes we are Shawnee, you bet!"On the other side of Kyle and Shawn were Christian and Danny:"Come on Chris get your PJ's on I want to go to bed and your just sitting
doing nothing but playing with your toes again.""I don't wanna Danny I wanna play wif my teeny tiny nymphets feet!""If you don't get dressed I am going to do it for you and I don't want to
hear anymore Chris! Get into your PJ's!""No!"He walked over to him and grabbed his shirt and pulled it off of him leaving
him sitting naked from the waist up on the chair. Chris began to cry now.
Danny continued to undress him."Stand up!""NO!"Danny got up and stood Chris up and yanked down his pants after he unsnapped
them."Sit!""NO!"He pushed Chris back into his chair and again Chris started crying."You erotic young nymphets know if you don't shut up I am going to smack your ass!""No you won't, I'll tell mom when she comes back!"Tears came to Danny's eyes with those words. They cut him right to the bone.
He went over to the phone and called Tommy."Hello?""Tommy I need you please, Chris is too much for me right now I need some
help.""Okay, I'll be right down."He hung up the phone and told Jon what was going on and left to walk the two
doors down.There was a knock on the door and Tommy could hear crying from inside. It
only got louder when Danny opened the door to find a half naked Chris
sitting on a chair with his pants around his ankles as he entered."What is wrong in here Danny?""Look at him. He isn't doing anything I say and he is wining away.""He is probably tired Dan, I can't do anything.""Yes you can. Please?? Tell him to behave or something before I totally lose
it."He walked over to the crying boy and got down on his knees in front of him."What's wrong Christian?""NO!""Let Danny help you so you can sleep okay?""NO!"He got up and looked at Danny."What do I do Tommy?""Well I can think of something but he will only cry more after you beat his
ass!""I don't want to hit him. I never have before.""Well either you give him a tap on the ass and show him you are in charge or
he is going to nymphets angels bbs be bratty all night. I am leaving. Call me if you have a real
emergency otherwise just smack his ass lightly and see where that goes."Tommy headed for the door."Thanks for nothing Tom!"He turned, looked at Dan and shrugged his shoulders then left. Danny looked
at Chris and walked over to him."Finish taking them off now or I am going to give you a smack on your ass!""NO!"He grabbed Christian picked him up off the chair spun him around and placed
a rather mild smack right on his white underwear. He hardly hit him but
Chris started crying none the less."Youuuuuuu hit me!!!" Wahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!Again he started crying even louder this time."If you don't finish getting undressed it will be harder! DO IT NOW!"Without further prompting Chris stopped crying and got up and finally took
his pants off his ankles. Danny said to himself `it worked!' Christian
behaved the rest of the night. He came over to Danny a little later and they
hugged. Danny held him for a while and before too long they were in bed
falling asleep.
Now to Joey and Trevor.
Two beds, not a problem in this room. it was obvious neither of them wanted
anything to do with the other outside of small talk. Each claimed a bed and
started unpacking what they wanted for the night. Nothing happened in here.
They took little nude nymphetes
turns in the bathroom and then squeaked out a good night to one
another going to bed around 9pm.
"I don't know what we are going to do Jon if we get back tomorrow and
everything is ruined.""Tommy stop worrying about it. We can not do anything and we are safe! You
have protected us like you promised you would! Now come on you aren't a
superman and no one could ask more of you then this. I am proud of you and I
am sure if the others took the time to think about it they are too."I smiled at him and got up off the chair and walked over next to him. He was
sitting on the edge of the bed and I got on it and moved behind him. I
pulled off his shirt exposing his nakedness to me and began to rub his back
and then place kisses all over it. I was in the mood to fool around but I
was also beat from all the worrying. I stopped and lay back on the pillow
behind me."Why did you stop you were just starting to stir up my good feelings?"I laughed out loud."Sorry. I just wanted so love and even though I want some, hell I always
`want it' but I am too tired and too many things are flying thru my head
tonight.""Well then how about you stay there and I will make something fly through
your other head."He got closer and slid off my shorts and then started playing with my semi
hardness through my shorts. It felt awesome as my eyes closed. I just hoped
I would last and not fall asleep on him. He was relaxing me so much I wasn't
sure if I would cum or go. first (To sleep) since it had been nymphets nude art a teenage nymphets pictures few days it
didn't take long for me to sprout my hardness thru the shorts. I popped
right out of the escape hatch in them and he began to take my cock into his
mouth and slowly suck it up and down with his tongue wetting it nicely."Ahhhhh now that feels awesome!""Rannnk you." He mumbled with a mouth full of cock.I wanted to do something to him but sweet little underage nymphets I just lay there mesmerized and enjoying teen nymphets pedofilia pics
his touch and play. I watched him as I quickly got close to cumming. He
stopped."I can taste it already. You sure are ripe tonight! You usually take longer
then that before I taste precum."I held up two fingers meaning the amount of days since I remembered cumming
last. He smiled, nodded and took my hardness back into his young nymphet model 14 mouth. He began
playing with my balls and it sent me into another world right on the edge of
blowing my wad into his mouth. They usually aren't this sensitive but for
some reason tonight I was borderline ticklish and he was doing everything to
make me squirm now. I wasn't about to fall asleep any longer. I was close
now and between being tired and the enjoyment I didn't feel much like
fighting the urge to prolong my ejaculation."I am ready Jon."He looked at me and went back to his job. He sped up some and I let out a
gasp and moan and let fly into his mouth. He seemed to be taking it well
until I saw it dripping down his chin after I opened my eyes as the orgasm
diminished. I was now out of his mouth as he took his hand and brushed it
along his mouth and chin wiping away what was left of me on him."Yummy. He said as he smiled. That was good Thomas."I smiled back at him as he moved up and put his head on my chest. We lay
that way and fell asleep lights on and all. We must have slept well because
the next thing I knew there was a banging on our door and I opened my eyes."Tommy you awake?"More banging."Hang on a sec I'll be right there!"I threw on shorts after I removed my price from my chest where he still was
sleeping ever so heavily. It's nice to have someone so close but it makes
for a bitch to sleep that way all night. I had red marks from him all over
me. I covered him since he was still naked. He stirred some as I went to the
door the door but I was paying attention to who it was now. I opened it and
it was Kyle and it was bright out too. I shielded my eyes from the days
light as he came in."Quiet I said in a low tone. He is still sleeping.""No I'm not. Not anymore." Jon replied."What's up Ky?""Its 10am we are all hungry and awake now for almost two hours and we want
to go.""SHIT! The house, the fire and so on! I totally forgot! Okay Ky, we'll be
out in a bit. Here take the keys and get everyone to load their stuff into
the truck."He turned and left as I shut the door."Damn I sure could use hentai pics nymphet a shower and I still ache all over from burying
Trevor's father too."Jon sat up as I went in to pee."We need to get home and see if our houses are still standing Tommy.""I know Jon I am hurrying but I can only pee so fast."I finished and flushed. I began to dress as Jon went in washed his face and
took a leak too. We were done and child art nymphets
packed in five minutes. As we left the
brightness once again blinded me. The others were leaning on the truck
waiting."About time you two woke up. Have fun last night?""Why were we loud again Kyle?" Jon said to him."Nope but I am pretty sure I know what happened."Jon got right in his face and said in a low tone."You don't have a clue what we did do you?"Kyle was a little taken back by Jon's seriousness and seemed to back away
feeling threatened. Jon started laughing after that and so did the rest of
us at his expense as Kyle turned red. Jon rubbed Kyle's mop as a gesture of
forgiveness and to show littlest nymphets he was just kidding as Kyle gave a slight shove to
Jon's upper body. The laughter died down and we all got in the truck and I
took off like a shot heading home to see if we still had one. We got close
quickly and saw the smoke but there was much less of it then there was at
sunset. A few more minutes and I was turning off the parkway and onto the
side streets as we were just a minute away from home now. There was a lot of
smoke in the air on our side too and as I feared some fires burning on our
side now too. Most were small and not even worth worrying about probably
from the flying embers of the big one across the river. As I got closer we
started to see more smoke and a few houses that were on fire now in our
neighborhood. We were just blocks away and you could feel the fear in the
truck not knowing if we still had a house or if the apartment nymphets orgy building was
gone. With all the smoke it was possible anything could be burning anywhere."This doesn't look good at all." Said Jon."I know, keep your fingers crossed we still have a home."I turned a corner and a house just two blocks from us was burning. Not badly
but enough that I couldn't put it out without some heavy duty fire hose. We
drove another block and were just two blocks away from our own block now and
we spotted another house but burning more then the last. It was starting to
look like a war zone now with all the fires. Lawns and housed all around us.
I was scared but there was total silence in the car as we approached our
block. We looked straight ahead and saw Jon's house and it seemed to be fine
from here. At least there wasn't smoke coming from it. Then I turned onto
our block and stopped the truck at the corner. I wanted to cry when I saw
the damage. The two surrounding buildings were half burnt out on either side
and still smoldering like something tried to put them out. The one end of
our building was still okay but burning towards the end about three units
from Danny's house. We could still save it if we got it out and hit it with
water now. Danny started yelling about it and then crying as he saw how pics nymphets
close it was. So far no one else house was burnt but it was obvious our once
awesome neighborhood was damaged asian nymphet naked
to the point where we can't live here
comfortably any more. Everyone was upset and had something to say about the
devastation that came to our neighborhood overnight. But like I said
something stopped most of this from happening. It looked like it was put out
by someone. Could Billy be here somewhere fighting the fire? I pulled up and
we all got out. We didn't have time to do anything but run to the end and top bbs nymphets

get as much water on this as we could. With garden hoses we had very little
to work with but it was better then nothing. At least we could save some of
the building and maybe the firewalls could stop it from spreading to the
rest with some help from us. Three of us grabbed hoses and started to spray
down the flames coming from the end apartment. It was almost like we were
fighting it nothing. Like pissing on a camp fire and expecting it to go out.
We did what we could and gained a little on it but we were really losing
over all. Even the lawn ls magazine nymphet
was burned in spots. We stayed as a group for a
while since I didn't want anyone wandering away and risk someone getting
burned or hurt. At least I had a place to live if we stay here. But I don't
think I could live well knowing the end apartment was burnt out. It would
bother me too much. Kyle came up to me and told me he was going to go inside
our house and check things out after fifteen or twenty minutes of myself,
Jon and himself spraying water on the fire. He gave the hose to Danny who
continued his job and I gave him the keys and he headed down with Shawn to
go inside and check it out. We concentrated on getting this out again and
were making some headway now but the flames still were very hot and licking
at the outside of the windows. We couldn't get too close it was way too hot
and dangerous. Just then Kyle and Shawn came screaming down the sidewalk
yelling something I couldn't make out for anything. photo nymphet nude
I handed the hose to
Joey and ran to them as they approached us."TOMMY, TOMMY you have to come now hurry!!!""What's wrong?" I yelled to Kyle."We found Billy he is on the ground and it looks like he is burnt pretty bad
hurry!"All of us tore ass down the sidewalk towards where they found Billy. As I
approached I saw him lying there next to a burnt out section of grass and
not moving. I got closer and his face was dark and had soot all over it like
he was fighting this fire or something. His clothes were partially burnt off
him and he was blistering up badly. He smelled of burnt flesh."Everyone back off and someone get me a hose!"I got in close and checked to see if he was breathing. He was but just
barely. Some of his hair was singed but not totally gone. I shook him and he
opened his eyes."Tommy.. I did what I could to try and save your house for you. I am sorry I
left you guys but I."He collapsed and passed out. The others were crying and Joey was borderline
hysterical. Jon tried to calm him some as Kyle handed me the hose. I sprayed
him down to try and cool his hot body some. He gasped and went lifeless. I
ripped open nymphet net
his burnt shirt and saw more blistered skin but not bad to the
point where it was third degree or anything that serious. I leaned in on him
and he stopped breathing."YOU'RE NOT GOING TO DIE ON ME YOU BASTARD!!!I yelled as I began pumping my fists into his chest. His heart had stopped
as did his breathing. I started doing CPR as Jon joined me and did the
breathing. He seemed to be doing okay after the gymnast nymphet pool incident he remember
how it was done. I continued to do chest reps on him stopping long enough to
listen for a heart beat. So far we had none. The kids were behind us crying
uncontrollably and begging us to save his life but so far it looked
hopeless. We worked on him for what seemed to be forever."Stop Jon, let me listen."He stopped breathing and backed off his face. He was now somewhat covered in
the soot that stuck to Billy too scattered all around his face. All you
could hear nymphets and tour was the kids crying in the background and nothing more. Billy was
dead. I tried once more in vain to revive him and Jon started breathing for
him but it looked like he was burned too much or something caused him to
just give in and stop fighting for his life. Again I stopped and so did Jon
and I listened nymphets extreme for a heartbeat. I had nothing. I sat back on my legs and
began to cry. I was wiped out and totally drained from this. I didn't want
to give up but I didn't know what else to do. We were all crying and a few
of the boys were wailing loudly. I cried harder then I had in a long time as
I sat and looked at the lifeless body in front of me wishing I could have
saved him. I cared so much about him and now Billy was gone. I buried my
head in my hands and I didn't care anymore who saw what as I wept aloud. The
others did too. I felt so useless, helpless and defeated as I took my hands undressing nymphet

away after a bit and dried the tears as they ran down my cheeks. I went to
get up and go to Kyle who was just as bad as I was and Jon was and the rest
of us were. Again as I hugged Kyle I began to shake and tears began to flow.
I held him tightly wishing I could do something to save our friend and
knowing it was too late. Jon kneeled next to Billy and said a prayer over
him as we all watched in totally disbelief knowing one of us was gone and
there was nothing more we could do but bury him and have a little service
for him. We all bowed our heads as Jon said a few words out loud and then we
cried some more. After Jon was done is just looked at Billy's beaten body
and wept too."Tommy! TOMMY! I think his chest is moving! TOMMY COME HERE!"I ran over and put my ear to his chest and unbelievable he had a pulse and
was breathing. It was slow and shallow but he was ALIVE!!!"HE IS ALIVE!!! I SCREAMED OUT HE IS BREATHING!!!"I pealed off what I could of his clothes and took off my shirt and used it
as a pillow for him as I propped up his head. He was still very close to
death as I took the hose and ran cold water over him not knowing if it was
the right thing to do or not."God I hope is lives!" Joey screamed out.I looked at him and shook my head."I almost hope he doesn't Joey.""WHAT? How can you fucking say that? You just killed yourself trying to
bring him back how nymphet thumb underage
could you say you don't want him to live now?"I continued to sexy young nymphetes wet him and cool his body as his breathing became a little
stronger."Look at him Joey. Look at his face, his blistered chest and tell me what
kind of life he is going to have. We can't do anything for him. He will be
in pain probably every day and on some kind of painkillers so he can move.
What kind of life will that be to hear him cry and scream every time he
moves?"He began crying again. Jon moved in and held him as tears ran down my face
too."I'm sorry Joey. I want him to live too but at what cost. How is he going to
be after he heals? Will he even heal properly? I wish I knew what to say but
I don't. He might wind up being totally fine. Right now we have him and he
is responding to the cold water but he could die of shock in an hour or of
infection in days or just from the pain after this is over. It's not going
to be easy but top child nymphet asian
I will kill myself before I give up on him. He is going to
need all of us now just to make it thru the week. This will not be easy at
all!""I know Tommy but we have to do what we can for him.""We will Joey we will. Right now we need to find a place to live though. We
can't stay here anymore after tonight but right now all I care about is
getting him better. Joey go inside my house and get a blanket, make it two
and bring them out here. Jon go down there with Danny and Kyle and put water
back on the fire please before we lose the whole building.""Okay Tommy, we're on it."He took off with the other three as Christian followed his brother. We still
have all day to figure this out before we have to think about sleeping
again. Joey was back with the blankets and I set it up so we could just roll
Billy on them and carry him into the house. With Joey and Shawn helping me I
slid him on his side and they placed the blanket under him and I laid him
back on it."Okay your two take that end and I have this end. When we get to the house
Shawn open the door and then help Joey again as we carry him up to my room.""Okay Tommy." They both said.He was still passed out so at least there free ebony nymphets
wouldn't be any crying over pain.
We slowly walked him to the door and then up the steps and to my bed. We
placed him on the bed and I turned to Shawn and Joey."Okay now Joey go xxx nymphet naked nude
by your house and grab the shower curtain and come back
with it. Shawn go take some towels and wet them don't soak them just get
them nice and damp. Make sure its cold water.""Okay.""Gotcha."They both headed to do their duties and I went and turned the air
conditioner down to 65 degrees to cool the room down as much as possible. I
need to get to the pharmacy as soon as I can so I can get stuff for his
burns. For now I started peeling off his burnt clothes and thankfully no
skin was coming with them. I feared he was burned so bad he would lose skin
but so far it looks just like a bad sunburn with blisters and red hot skin.
I got his shirt off without a problem and started on his tattered pants.
There wasn't much left from the legs down as I undid his belt and pulled
them off from the ragged bottoms. I threw them right in the trash because
they stunk like nothing I ever smelled before. Next I took off his underwear
which thankfully wasn't burnt pedo underage nymphet gallery at all leaving him totally naked as Shawn came
back into the room with the wet towels."Okay Shawn don't hold them get a clean bucket and put them in it."He went and found what I wanted and was back quickly. I waited for Joey who
came running up the steps almost killing himself tripping on the shower
curtain. I placed it on his side of my bed and gently pulled him onto it.
When he was over it I started placing the cool towels all over his body
where ever it looked bad."Okay now Joey I know you want to be here but I need Jon so please go get
him and take over wetting the fire for him."He wasn't arguing at this point he did just as I asked without questioning
it at all."Shawn go find more towels please even if it's next door or by Billy's house
and nymphets art croteau bring them back here so we don't run out.""Okay Tommy."Now I was nymphets pics ru
alone with the once cute boy and I sat on the edge next to him and
started wiping him down where ever there wasn't damage. Tears came to my
eyes as I cleaned his body from head to toe around the bruised skin. He
looked so innocent laying there with nothing on but his birthday suit that I
almost lost it while I cleaned him. He was still unconscious when Jon came
upstairs."How is he? You have him totally naked? That doesn't look right Tommy.""He is still out of it and he is totally naked so I can keep him cool. I
want you to keep doing this for me while I go to the pharmacy and pick up
some salve and anything else I can think of for burns.""Sure, Tom no problem. What do I do if he wakes up?""Give him four pain pills they are right here and tell him he is okay and I
will be back soon with more meds but I don't think he will wake up he is
still probably in shock.""Okay Tommy.""How is the fire going?""Not good but not worse either. The water we are using is helping some but
mostly it just kinda evaporates as we spray it.""Well as long as we try maybe we can keep the rest of this place from
burning down.""Yeah I know.""Okay Jon if ANYTHING changes call me. I will be back as soon as I can."I kissed him on the cheek and took off for the pharmacy. I drove there like
a mad man and as I passed the fire house I got an idea. I will save the
building we live in I just hope I can learn how to start water pumping from
a fire truck if I can get it there in one piece. I never drove a stick shift
and this will be very interesting. First I need medicine so I put my foot to
the floor of the truck and hurried to get whatever I can carry back home in
a fire truck. I pulled horny nymphets pics
into the pharmacy and ran inside and behind the
counter. I looked everything over and thought I remembered something about
saline solutions and burns from a TV show I saw once. I grabbed a few
bottles and some burn cr?me along with pain pills and anything I thought
could help Billy. I took a minute and found some strong medicine that might
relieve any bad pain he might have and took some. It said Vicodine and I
don't know anything about it but I heard mom talking once about someone
taking it for pain. With that I ran out and forgot to pay for it (LOL) as I
got in the truck and headed for the firehouse. I was coming home in style
now I just hope I can drive this and figure out how to pump water. I drove
back and pulled up to the fire house after I opened the door I got in and
turned the key. The truck bucked like a wild horse and after I thought about
it I pushed in the clutch and tried turning the key again. Now it worked. I
pushed the clutch in again and moved the stick to number one on the gear
shift. I took my foot off the clutch and it bucked again and stalled. I
thought about it for a second and took a guess after I started it again.
This time I used the gas pedal and slowly released the clutch and the truck
started moving. YES! It sounded awful and loud and I guess it was time to
try second gear. Again it grinded as I looked for another faster gear and
with a little luck and a prayer I found the next gear and got an idea how
this works. I was now in third and going thirty miles per banned model nymphets hour as I got
closer to home. I looked for the siren as I approached the corner and found
it as it wailed away while I drove to fresh movies nymphet
the end of our street. The guys were
still trying to put it out with the garden hoses and getting no where as I
let the truck roll to a stop."Hi guys." I said as I got out of the truck.Danny, Kyle and Joey were standing in front of me with looks of disbelief on
their faces."Your hairless nymphets something else bro!""Thanks Ky. Now we have to figure out how it works.""Look inside Tommy see if there is any paperwork maybe there is some kind of
directions."I looked behind the seat and all over the cab and found a book. I opened it
and smiled."Got it!""What does it say? Asked Kyle.I read it to him as Joey and Danny went to pull hose and headed to the fire
hydrant across the street. Unbelievably we were getting somewhere as the
truck began to idle faster and Kyle was pushing all the right levers so far."We need something to turn the water on Tommy!" Joey yelled over.I looked around and found something that looked like a big wrench and handed
it to Joey. He went over and turned the top of the fire hydrant like I had
seen firemen do so often at fires. Water filled the hose and started coming
out from under the truck."How do we make it come out of the hose now?""Hang on I am reading.""Hurry Tommy it's getting worse!""Okay I found it!"I read it to Kyle and he did what I said. Then they dragged the hose to the
fire and I pulled what I hoped was the proper lever as the three of them
held the hose tightly. We all cheered as the water began to flow and hit the
flames coming out of the window. We might be okay now! I wanted to celebrate
but I ran to them and told them I was going to take care of Billy and be
careful before I ran inside. I got to the room and sent Shawn outside after
I briefly explained what was happening out nymphet dark collection
there. Jon laughed and shook his
head as Shawn headed out to help any way he can, no matter what we nymphet pics amateur
are going
to need another helper out there if for nothing else to run back if they
need more help. Jon grabbed the salve I handed him and started applying it
to his burns as I continued to keep the wounds damp. As he put on salve I
started to wrap them with the gauze I brought home and eventually we had him
looking like a mummy. Now it was time to just watch and wait and hope he got
As I sat and looked over Billy's injuries I looked at Jon and shook my head."How could he get this bad Jon? How could he possibly get burnt? He must
have been trying to save this place for us with the little hose. Its all I
can guess with what he whispered to me before he passed out.""He talked to you?""Yeah Jon, before he went into unconsciousness.""What did he say Tommy?""He said.Tommy.. I did what I could prettynymphets to try and save your house for you. I am
sorry I left you guys but I. and then he passed out.""Wow Tommy it sure sounds like Billy is a hero and tried to help keep us
from losing everything.""Yeah I know. SHIT!""What's wrong Tommy?""I just thought of something! I'll be right back."I ran out of the house and down to the fire. Thankfully they were all okay
and still fighting the flames but it looked better now. They weren't
shooting out of the window anymore."HEY!"I got all their attention."I want you all to know something. No matter what happens DO NOT GO NEAR
THAT FIRE! There is a chance it might be electrified since no one turned off
the power in there. So stay out here and keep shooting the water on it until
it's out. Do not go in for any incest nymphets
reason!""Okay Tommy we got you." Kyle said.I walked over to him."You be careful brother I don't want to lose you again and this place isn't
worth your life or any of the other boys either!""Got ya. How is Billy? He asked."Wrapped up like a mummy and alive. Hopefully he will not get infected and
be okay. Jon is with him and we will have to stay here for a while so try as
hard as you can to get this out. We need everything we have in the house.""I know Tommy we will be fine now that we have water pressure.""I know bro, I know. You're the best!"I rubbed his head and smiled at the others and turned and headed back to the
house. I went back inside and met Jon at the top of the steps."What's up?""He moved Tommy! He moved!"I ran in and he was still now but that was really good to hear."He moved Tommy honest.""I believe you Jon. don't worry he will move again."I sat next to him and watched him. He was now covered with a blanket so he
could have some respect back and not show his naked body to anyone who comes
in here.
We sat vigil at his bedside for about an hour or more I guessed before Shawn
came back inside."Hey Shawnie what's up?""They sent me in to ask for help. They are getting tired now and the flames
are almost gone. Can you guys go help for a bit and I will stay here with
Billy?""Sure Shawn. If anything happens you come yell for us okay?""Sure."We headed out and ran down to them. Shawn was right there was a lot of white
smoke now and I didn't see flames now. We took the hose from then as they
went and sat down to rest their weary arms."Good job guys! You did good! Billy moved but he is still sleeping and Shawn
is watching him you can go check on him if you want but no talking in the
room okay?"They all nodded okay as they got up and walked to the house. They looked
exhausted but did well. The fire was almost out now and we should be able to
turn off the water soon. We wet it down for another half hour or so and I
finally turned off the water as it looked like there wasn't anymore fire
now. We looked from outside knowing about the electric and waited to see if
anything happened. Ten minutes later it was still good as Shawn came running
down to us."Tommy, Jon. Billy moved again."We ran back into the house and sure enough he was moving some now."AWESOME! I said. Okay I need someone to go down to the fire and make sure
its still out.""I'll go. Said Kyle. Let me know if he wakes up okay?""Sure said Shawn if nymphets no nude modles
he does I'll come get you."Kyle rubbed his head and ran out of the house and back down to check and
make sure we were okay now."Okay boys I hate to do this but I am afraid everyone needs to get out. I
don't know what rules we need to follow but he can get infected easy now so
I want to keep everyone away unless you are totally clean.""How can we be Tommy?"
"I'm not sure yet Joey but we will figure it out. I don't even want to be in
here but someone has to watch him. I will come out and tell everyone if he
wakes up."A group of dejected boys slowly left the room. I wanted it quiet in here now
so he can rest incase he wakes up. I am so worried about infection too but I
am not a doctor and I can only do so much. I sat quietly for a bit more
before he moved again. AWESOME I thought. Maybe he will wake soon. It was
getting dark now and I went to the top of the steps and yelled for Kyle. He
came to the bottom for me."Is Shawn back yet?""Yeah Tommy about twenty minutes ago. Nothing was happening so he came
back.""Great. Can you go look please its getting dark now and I want to be sure we
are safe.""Sure I'll be back shortly.""Thanks Ky, take a flash light just in case.""Okay I will.""Remember do not go inside!""Yeah I promise I won't."He turned and left as I heard the door shut I headed nymphets stars top back in by Billy. I sat
down next to the bed and looked at Billy. I was shocked to see his eyes open
and I stood up and nymphet porn usenet leaned illegal pics nymphet model over him. I smiled at him as he opened his mouth
to speak.
To Be Continued......
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