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From: Dwedno Smith
Subject: Chapter 39, TheTunnelHi all,Another week and a few more nice emails. I have to mention that free nude little nymphets this time I
received a few very detailed comments about the last chapter and "The WEED"
I will follow up with those individuals in return e mails but as a side
comment to readers, please understand this is only a story and trying to
pound home your beliefs is fine but please don't try to make me change the
story or tell me I am wrong. Everyone acts differently when faced with drugs
or after using them. I have never used them so I cannot speak for those that
have. The story only said it was weed. These are kids and that was really
nothing more then a guess on Tommy's behalf. For all we know anything could
have natural nymphet gallery been in what Joey smoked. Thank you for taking the time to read this
and hopefully the comments will be a little lighter next week. I really do
appreciate everyone when they take the time to write but it is only a story
and sometimes people get too deep into it and almost ruin it with their
explicit comments. Quite a few people have gone out of their way to make me
feel warm and extremely happy with what I do. I am not looking for gold
stars and anything else that comes with writing. Just thanks, smiles and
maybe a few hard-on's if its really good occasionally. To everyone else who
took time to write me this week, thank you and enjoy this one. I made it
long and I made it satisfying, I THINK. Take care until next time, Dwedno.Chapter 39. Dealing with drugs and teaching a lesson.I was out in the hall giving Joey some privacy not that he deserved it.
Finally I heard the water shut off. I poked my head inside as he was
wrapping a towel around his lower half."What?" He said to me"Don't get snotty you don't have much going for you now don't piss me off
more then I am.""Sorrrrrrie!"I shut the door and waited for him to towel off. I was just beginning! He
came out with the towel around him and I grabbed it and ripped it off. He
stood in front of me totally naked and quite surprised that I did that."What are you doing?""Shut up and listen to me.""But I am standing here in the hall totally naked!""Good then I have your full attention!""Can we at least go into my room?""Yeah go ahead I'll follow you in."We entered and I shut his door. He got out his underclothes and started to
dress."How are you feeling? Still high?""A little but not as bad as before.""Good because I first want to know ukrainian nymphets tgpvirgin nymphets pics what the fuck you were doing?""I don't know Tommy, I found it wrapped up in a room downstairs and decided
I wanted to try it again.""Do you know how much of an ass you made of yourself in front of everyone?""Not really. I was pretty much out of it.""Well I thought you would like to know you are grounded. One week in this
room no outside no one in here and nothing but sitting and thinking about
what you did!""You can't be serious!""I am totally. If you don't do what I tell you I am going to take you back
home and you can stay there alone from now on. You spit in my face, cursed
me out and assaulted Danny embarrassed yourself and embarrassed all of us
while we watched you. Became something I never thought I would see in my
life. A totally freeyoungest nymphets fucking loser! Plus you hurt Danny and Billy's feelings and
probably Kyle's and the others too. You basically made a total ass out of
yourself and I don't think anyone even wants to talk to you now.""I was that bad?""How are your balls? I grabbed you by them to get you under control in the
back seat of the car after you spit at me and I smacked your face three
times too!""Well at least I know why those things hurt now.""Yeah! You are lucky I didn't rip them off. You were such an ass!""I'm sorry Tommy I didn't know what I was doing. Please don't lock me in
here for a week. I'll never do it again.""Oh you won't do it again that's for sure! If you do you are history in my
house!"I walked up to him."Stand up!"He stood up in front of me. He was in just his boxers and a tee shirt. I
grabbed hold of his balls again before he could stop me."You feel this?""Yes!" he grimaced."This spanish nymphet pain is nothing compared to what I will do to you if you ever do drugs
around me again. I will pull these off while you feel them rip from your
body!""Owww, owww, please let go you are really hurting me!"I let go and he grabbed them."You were way out of line Joey and I don't know how the others feel but I
don't want to have anything to do with you for a while. You behave for a few
days in here and we will talk again about you joining us again. You will eat
and have anything you want for food and you are allowed to leave to use the
bathroom but if you talk to anyone I will take you back home! DO YOU
UNDERSTAND?""Yes sir.""Good. You want something you yell for me. If I am not here call Jon or Kyle
no one else! That is all and I will be back to talk in two days. We will
decide from there what happens. I will probably give you a break and let you
rejoin us then but if you do one thing wrong it will be the full week or a
trip back home, you got me?""Yes sir."I turned and walked out slamming his door as I left. Jon was at the front of
his bedroom door waiting for me. I looked at top model nymphet him and walked down there."You were pretty rough on him.""Yes I was do you blame me?""No, not really, he is getting what he deserves I guess as long as two days
alone is all he gets.""Jon he will get two days and if he doesn't behave in those two he gets a
week. If that doesn't work he goes back to the old neighborhood.""That's pretty tough for smoking weed Tommy.""What would you do?""I don't know Tom.""Well I didn't either so this is what I came up with. I like Joey but if he
gets away with this what will he do next time Jon?""Yeah okay I see what you mean.""Good because if I don't have your support on this it might not work.""Mine? Why?""Because I love you and need help! This sucks for me too and I hate doing it
so I need support and need to know you are behind me and since the boys
respect you for being my partner I don't want anyone thinking I am
overreacting.""You did fine Tommy."He gave me a hug."Thanks Jon, I needed to hear that.""Come on let's go outside and play with the cars I need to think about
something else after we talk to the boys once more about this.""Yeah let's go have fun!"We headed out and joined everyone else in the middle of the street racing
and crashing their cars as they learned how to use the remotes. It was
amusing at best. A few guys raced up the block and after a bit batteries
started to run down. I didn't think they were fully charged and other then
Luke and Ben everyone else headed inside to charge their cars after about 30
minutes. Kyle stayed out with them and I headed inside to round everyone
else up it was time for a meeting. We met back outside and everyone sat on
the edge of the wall and I stood in front and began to speak."Okay everyone is here and I don't have to repeat what happened nymphets nude picture beach this morning
but I am going to fine tune this so we are all on the same page. First off,
Joey is grounded for two days minimum. This means no visits and no fun. He
is allowed out of the room only for bathroom privileges or if he wants to
eat or needs something to drink. The only thing he can call us for is that.
The order of response is myself if I am not here as always Jon is in charge
and then Kyle. No one else is to talk to or respond to his comments. If he
talks to you I need to know what was said and I want to know if anyone sees
him out of his room other then heading to or from the bathroom. Basically
for the next two days everyone is a snitch. He has two days of total
solitary confinement or in other words no TV no fun no games nothing but
thinking about what he did or sleeping. If any of you think this is tough my
question to you is this. If I let him or any of you get away with something
this serious what would be next? Would you start stealing or running around
without regard for anyone or damaging everyone's stuff? So all of you see
what I mean. If he behaves for two days he and I will sit and discuss this.
If he doesn't then it becomes seven days even if I have to padlock his room
closed. If that doesn't work he goes back to the old neighborhood and lives
alone. Unless some of you want to join him because you think I am being too
tough or an ass hole about this. Then you can go back with him. Everyone
knows none of us are perfect but I will not stand for drug usage in this
house. The next person who does it and gets caught will even get stiffer
penalties.""What could be tougher then what you are doing to Joey?""Well Billy for starters how about as nothing more then an example I just
take them some place and drop ls nymphet magazine them off in the middle of no where all alone.
Or if I really wanted to be rotten strip you naked and throw you out of the
house to live alone outside for a few days.""Okay Tommy I understand there are things you can do but why are you being
so tough?""Do you really think this is tough Danny? Did you enjoy what he did to your
car? Seeing him spit in my face? Curse in front of your brother? Should I
keep going? How about this Dan? What if he would have abused or hit your
brother in his high state? Then what? What if he started beating Christian
or someone else with a baseball bat because he was so high he didn't know
what he was doing and thought it was okay to whack nymphet daughter someone upside the head
with a bat?""Okay Tommy I understand you made your point.""Good Dan I am glad and I know you are still sore over your punishment last
time you got out of hand, is this why you are asking these tough questions
to me now?"He nodded yes but didn't answer. I walked over to him."If you have a problem and need to talk I am always here and we can talk in
private anytime. I won't bite your head off I promise but don't hold that
anger inside from throwing that paper at me Danny it was a long time ago and
it was minor compared to what dumb ass upstairs did to all of us today. I am
kinda surprised at you Dan because he really gave you the most grief over
all with the car and breaking it and all that.""Yeah I know I'm sorry Tommy I didn't mean to attack you just now I guess
you are right I was still mad about what you did to punish me and seeing
Joey get it brought it all back."I walked up to him and whispered in his ear."No I am sorry because if you are still mad about what happened then nymphet star nude
affected you more then I knew and we should talk about it privately okay?"He nodded yes to me."Okay we will meet later and get thru this Dan. Anyone else have a comment
or question on this?"Kyle raised his hand."Yes I have something to say.""Okay Ky come up here and speak to everyone.""First off I want to tell everyone I am sorry about the gun thing. I got a
little carried away protecting Tommy and I didn't think about doing it I
just reacted. It won't happen again I promise. Second I just wanted to tell
everyone how grateful I am to have friends like all of you and thank you for
not going off on me after that happened."He didn't wait for any response he just went and sat back down."Anyone else?""Yeah Tommy I would like to say something.""Sure Benjy please come up.""I just wanted to tell young nymphet 16yo all of you that I am very thankful for being able to
share this house with everyone and I think I speak for Luke too when I say
this thing didn't make us think badly of anyone here. We had a kid on our
old neighborhood that got mixed up in drugs so I kinda understand what Joey
might be going though. The only difference was no one cared enough to do
what Tommy did and the boy died last year from an overdose. He was only
fourteen. Before the drugs he was well liked by everyone and a straight A
student in school. From what we heard he did it prepubscent nymphets photos because he was doing so well
with his life, ya know super jock, good student and lots of friends. He
thought he was invincible and could do anything he wanted and not get hurt.
I watched him go from that A student to someone who passed out alone and
choked to death on his own vomit because no one wanted to know him anymore.
Thanks Tommy even though I don't know you, thanks for taking a tough stand
with Joe and making him think about what he did and letting him know drugs
aren't for kids. Or anyone for that fact."He went and sat back on the wall and we all applauded him for sharing that
with us. I think the boy I thought was a little slow might be okay after
all."Okay boys we are done here and it looks like just in time from the looks of
the sky we are about to get a storm. I think we should all go inside and
please if it does storm stay out of the pool."We all headed up the driveway as a clap of thunder rang out. Before we could
hit the front door it began to rain with a few big drops hitting the ground.
As we just made it inside it came down in buckets. I shut the door after
watching it bounce off the truck for a few minutes. it got real windy and
even the overhang on the house couldn't keep it from blowing inside any
longer."Guys please run and check any windows you have open we don't need any
floods."Everyone took off and checked windows including myself. I think I opened the
bathroom window some last night after the shower scene. There was another
big clap of thunder as I entered the bathroom and the bathroom light blinked
but didn't go out. Looks like this will be another one of those tough storms
we get. Again the lights blinked and I was waiting for them to go out now.
Before I could get to my door and leave my room Kyle was opening it and
coming in."You know why I am here.""Yeah I was sorta expecting you. Come here."We sat on the bed together as I kept Kyle company. He totally hates thunder
and lightning storms to the point where he used to hide when he was younger.
Now at least he just needs to be with someone if they happen. I hope soon he
can handle them alone just so I don't have to worry about him so much. We
sat and kinda rode out the storm on my bed together. He left the bedroom
door open and before I knew it Shawn was heading in by us."Can I stay here?""Sure you can cutie. Hop on the bed."You could hear the fierceness of the wind as the storm ran its course
outside. Then we topless 100 nymphet heard ukrain angel nymphets the banging on the roof as hail began to fall. I ran
to the window to see how big it was hoping it wouldn't ruin the truck. I
should have put it in the garage! Too late now. Thankfully they weren't big
hailstones. I turned around and we had more company as Jon came in and then
so did Billy and Danny with his brother."This one is pretty bad Tommy." Said Jon."Yeah I can tell by the company I have.""That wind was scaring Christian Tommy I hope you don't mind we came here.
He seems to feel better when you are around.""Unless I am yelling at him.""Yeah, he laughed. That's true."We had another big roar of thunder that totally shook the house and Kyle
grabbed me as the house shook. Everyone jumped and then a big flash of
lightning even scared me. It was followed by another big even louder clap of
thunder."Okay that's enough! Everyone in the basement now!""Why?""What do you mean that's enough?""Don't everyone ask questions this sounds bad let's get downstairs where
it's safer, now!"We all headed out of my room and down the steps I waited for everyone to
come down the hall as I yelled out for whoever wasn't here and followed
them watching as they all went down another flight of steps and into the
basement. Everyone but Joey that is. Even in this state I couldn't leave him
alone upstairs."Jon I am going to get Joe keep everyone down there for now.""Okay Tommy, no problem." He shut the door and I headed upstairs.I ran upstairs and knocked on his door and opened it. He was in bed hiding
under the covers."Joey come on down with us."I yelled to him as I headed to his bed. I pulled the covers back and he was
sobbing softly."Come on Joey its okay dry your face and come with me downstairs for now."I grabbed him by the arm as he got out of bed."I thought you were just gonna leave me here no matter what and I really got
scared.""Joey I am mad at you but I don't want you hurt! Come on let's go!"We ran down the steps and I told him to go downstairs without me. I wanted
to see outside. I went to the window and with the hail, wind and deluge of
heavy rain I couldn't see much. Another flash of lightning startled me and
was followed by another roar of house shaking thunder. I looked and thought
I saw something spinning out side the window. It almost looked like a
tornado. I looked harder and it was one. I turned and took off for the
basement as I heard the roar from it sounding like a freight train. I felt
the house vibrate some as I shut the door to the basement and the lights
flickered again."Everyone get down and come together. NOW! There is a tornado outside and I
don't know which way it's going!"We all kinda huddled together with some whimpering and a lot of fear as the
lights began blinking again. Someone started to yell for a second but I
didn't see who it was. They got real quiet just as fast. Then the lights
went out."SHIT!" I yelled out.Kyle grabbed me and held me tightly. Then about ten seconds or so later they
came back on. The storm wasn't over by far but I was thankful we didn't have
to deal with no power. That would have been a disaster. Then I thought to
myself. Is the power back on or did the generator kick in? Damn I don't
really know and I am not about to go check now not with Kyle holding onto me
on one side and Shawn on the other. We waited for a while but nothing else
happened except we heard more thunder. After about five minutes Kyle let go
and the circulation restarted in my right arm. Shawn was still holding me
but only with his arm draped over mine. Kyle had a death grip on me."Okay boys it's been quiet for a little bit now. I am going up to check the
house.""NO! Don't leave us!" Kyle yelled out.I was sure that would cause some kind of emotional outburst from everyone
else but no one said a thing other then Ky."It will be fine Ky, please just relax I will be right back." I whispered
into his ear.I got up and opened the door and headed upstairs. It was still dark outside
as I approached the window but when I looked out the truck was fine and
other then some heavy rain and a few branches down I didn't see any damage.
I turned and looked up the hallway and it looked fine too. I took a quick
run up and it was ok as far as I could see. I went into Shawn's room and
looked out back. Then I saw the damage. There were trees down and limbs all
over the back yard. Nothing close underage nymphets nude to the house but on the other side of the
property we had a big tree down. Scattered around the lawn were branches but
for the most part it looked like the tornado missed wild nymphet extreme penetration us and went somewhere
else. I am sure we will see some damage when we get outside later. I did see
something that made me happy though. Street lights were on meaning we should
have power. I headed to the garage and I didn't hear the generator so I
guess we are okay power wise. I walked back and yelled down to everyone that
it was safe to come up and they started to come up one at a time."Its okay other them some tree damage the house seems fine."They sounded a little better after I said that. Finally everyone was
upstairs and I looked at Joey. It had been about five hours now since I put
him in his room."Okay Joe lets go back to the room."He didn't say anything he just headed up and I followed him. We got to his
door and he went back in and went to shut it."Can I come in for a second?""Yes please. I don't want to be alone just yet."I entered and shut his door."You know why I am doing this Joey right?""Yes sir I do.""Good and stop calling me sir.""Sorry Tommy. I mean it! I am sorry for what I did and for letting you down
and everyone else too.""Good that's a good start. Joe I care a lot about you and I hate doing this
to you but I have to or everyone else will think I don't stick to my word
and you will have gotten away with smoking weed.""I know Tommy its okay I will take my punishment like a man and stay here
for two days then I just hope you will let me out.""We'll talk about it.""Okay thanks. One more thing Tom.""Yeah Joey?"He came over to me and gave me a hug."Thanks for caring enough about me and especially for coming up to get me
during the storm. You could have really been a prick and left me here alone
and really taught me a lesson. I was scared shitless Tommy, I don't mean to
curse but I really was scared. Thank you so much."He hugged me once more."No problem kiddo. I don't hate you Joe, I am disappointed with you but I
don't hate you, no one does.""Thanks."He wiped his eyes as he thanked me."Yell if you want food otherwise I'll see you then.""Okay."I shut his door and turned to go back downstairs. This time Jon wasn't
waiting for me. I so expected it but we were apparently alone. As I got
downstairs the storm was over and it was just cloudy out now. I went to
check the truck and look at the house from outside. Other then tree limbs
and leaves I didn't see anything wrong with the house thankfully. I turned
and looked out over the city and I didn't see smoke either. Maybe we caught
a little break and the heavy rain put out what was burning for a while.
Guess time will tell. I turned and went back to the door. Kyle was waiting
for me in the doorway."Everything okay outside?""Yeah it looks that way. How do you feel?""Better, this was a bad one BB I was really scared.""I know Ky; my arm still has your finger print marks on it."I showed him."Sorry I didn't mean to hurt you.""You didn't, not really."He came and gave me a hug."I really love you BB, thanks for being there for me again. I hate these
damn storms so much."He sniffed back the tears. I rubbed his head and gave him a good squeeze."Come on my hero, someday this will be all behind you.""Some hero!""Hey! I stopped him and turned him to me. YOU ARE MY HERO! You are my life!""Thanks bro!"He turned and went inside I smacked his ass and I followed him in and as
soon as I turned to go into the kitchen area I was greeted by Shawn who
jumped into my arms."Hey cutie why do I get an armful of you?""Because I heard what you said to Ky and I wanted you to know how special
you are. Sorry I didn't mean to listen in I was coming to see what you were
doing outside and when I heard you and Ky talking I backed away so he didn't
see me.""So he didn't even see you when he came in?""Nope he went right upstairs and I came out to you.""Cool!""Anyway Tommy, he said as he hugged me. Thanks for being there for all of
us. I was really scared but holding you made me feel totally safe. How is
Joey?""Scared but he will be okay. He apologized for what he did.""I wish I could go see him but I know he is grounded.""Yeah sorry pal no one gets to see him for another two days.""So you think it will just be two and no more?"I put him down."Yeah I do. I think he learned his lesson. The storm helped a lot.""Really, how?""By scaring him back into reality some. Making him realize being alone
really sucks and by wombat bbs nymphet teaching him that what he did will be on his mind for
the next two days and probably making him wonder if sampling weed was worth
the scare he got.""Do you think he will be better now?""Better how Shawn?""You know act more grown up like you.""Oh Shawnie kid I don't want to be grown up I want to be a kid just like you
but things happen sometimes and my turn at being a kid is over. Well not
completely sometimes I get to act like one but then I remember I have ten
other boys here that need someone.""That's not really fair is it Tommy?""What isn't fair Shawn was a comet killing our loved ones and leaving us to
live this way. What isn't fair is me always having to make the right
decision and wondering if I did.""Is it really that bad?""Not really cutie, sometimes it just seems like it is. It's hard to explain
to you I guess it comes with being in charge. Sometimes it's really great
and then I worry about everyone. You just want it all to go away and have
things normal but Shawn we don't have normal anymore. There is no such
thing. We have scared boys with tears in their eyes and no answers about
tomorrow, we have love and hope to keep us going but we don't have mommy or
daddy to keep us safe and secure. We have Tommy and even though I don't
really mind it sometimes its not easy cutie! Sometimes I just want to go
hide or be alone and be a kid again like you said."Yeah well no matter what I am glad I have you and that isn't sometimes,
it's all the time."He hugged me and I leaned over and gave him a kiss on his sweet mop of
blonde hair."Shawn is right Tommy."A voice came from no where. We turned and it was Jon."Shawn was exactly on target with what he said. We should all be glad we
have you. You were there before when the storm hit and I know you were just
as scared as we were but you didn't show it. You were strong and held us
together like you always seem to do. That is why I love you Thomas!"He came up to me and gave me a kiss on the lips right in front of Shawn. The
only shock was that he was so open about the kiss not who it was in front
of. Shawn looked at me and smiled."See Tommy you are important to everyone.""Yeah cutie I guess I am.""Well boys I think the danger is over for now why don't you go hook up with
someone or find something to do I know I want to have a little private
time.""Sounds good." Said Jon."No problem Tommy I want to go play PS II anyway." Shawn addedAnd like that they were off to leave me be. No one in site I went to the
basement door and slipped downstairs. I went to the sub basement and shut
and locked the door behind me and unlatched the secret room door. I had been
thinking about things and I know there are ten monitors but two rooms didn't
have active monitors. I pulled out the monitors and started snooping behind
them. There were five loose wires all with coaxial ends. I unplugged the
monitor to my bedroom and stuck one in. Success! I now had Benjy's room on.
He was in there I saw his shadow. This was a girl's room so it didn't focus
on the bed just off it though catching the end of it. I bet if I got in
there I could move it over a little. As soon as I can I am going to try
that. I unplugged that cable and put in another one and it came up with the
front door. Interesting! I unplugged that and tried the next one and it was
the basement right up the steps from me. It was a long shot that showed
practically the entire basement so I could always see if anyone was outside
here. It wasn't clear but you could make out that a person was downstairs.
Again I changed cables and finally I found Luke's room. Another camera
pointed at the lower end of the bed and onto the other side/middle of that
room. He wasn't in there so I didn't bother. But I know for sure I am going
to have to adjust cameras in quite a few rooms if I can find them. I made a
list of of every monitor that was on and I certainly had my work cut out for
me. I hooked the final wire up and it was the other bathroom on the boy's
side, my side of upstairs and it showed everything including the shower
which was a clear one. This one I could have fun with. The other bathroom
that wasn't on a camera wasn't a clear shower so either this guy planned
this or it was a mistake but my thoughts are the one on the other side was
girls so he didn't care to nymphet pic galleys
see them and he gave the boys a clear shower
stall so he couldn't miss a thing. With the zoom on this camera you could
easily watch everything in the shower including I suppose someone jerking
off or someone soaping up. This room has the stand up shower and the other
room has the tub with stand up and shower curtain. This will be fun too.
Just then someone came in as I was watching I saw shadows. I backed off the
zoom and it was Billy. He stood in front of the toilet and started to pee. I
only had a shot of his back so I couldn't see much just hear the water as
the piss hit it. It was really kewl! He finished up flushed and went to wash
his hands. I looked at monitor one and Joey was on his bed it looked like he
was sleeping. He hasn't moved in a while. What else can he do? Shawn was
playing PS II on his bed and Kyle must be in his room since I don't see him
on that camera. Christian was coloring or doing something with a book on the
floor and Danny was in there too but I only saw his legs. Trevor who I
haven't even talked to in a day was playing a game too on his PS II and he
had Luke with him. At least now I know where he is. That just about accounts
for everyone but Jon. finally I looked at the pool cam and I found Jon
taking a dip in the pool. Sounds like a good idea nymphets southamerica
maybe I'll join him. Who
knows what can happen underwater. I gave all the connected cams a final look
and just as I was about to get up Danny walked into the bathroom. This
camera looks like it will be a good one. I dropped his shorts and his
underwear and sat on the bowl. Looks like its time for a dump. I turned up
the volume and I heard nothing at first them I heard a splash and him fart,
passing gas and them more splashes. I started giggling. I watched as he
started wiping his ass and then he flushed a few more times and got up
played with himself a few strokes and pulled his underwear back up. Sweet!
He washed his hands and then left. He's fast when I go in I am not in a
hurry he was done in five minutes or less. I had seen enough so I checked
the basement camera and it was clear so I shut down everything and carefully
headed back up to the first floor and then up to my room and changed into a
clean bathing suit grabbed a towel and ran down to the pool. Jon was
floating as I came in and I yelled for him but his ears were under water. I
jumped in and he immediately sprang up."Sorry, I yelled but your head was half under.""That's all right you just startled me some. I felt like a swim but not
alone and I am really glad you joined me.""Me too."I swam over to him and looked at him as he stood there wet from head to
chest where the water met at his belly button. His nipples were hard and I
reached out and tweaked each one. He grabbed mine and did the same. Then I
moved in and stole a kiss on his lips. As our lips met I grabbed his crotch
and felt him growing with my tweaking of his nipples. We broke our kiss."Jonathan your cock is getting hard!"He smiled at me and took a breath."Yeah I know you started it when you played with my nips. That always
works."I thought about what I saw on the camera and I wanted to share it but I knew
if I did it would just start something I couldn't repair so I kissed him
again and we both fell back into the pool and broke our embrace as we went
under in the deep end. We swam around for a bit and I came up under him
while he was surfaced and yanked down his suit. I pulled until it came off
and then surfaced for air."Gee thanks now what are you going to do to me?"I took his hand and pulled him to shallow water."Float."He got on his back and watched as I took hold of his cock right there in the
pool and started jerking him off. Neither of us cared to a point who came in
because mostly everyone had seen us naked. Little did we know that the one
person who hadn't would come in. I heard footsteps but with Jon's ears under
water he couldn't hear what I did. Luke came around the corner and I caught
him out of the corner of my eye. He didn't know that I knew he was there. He
saw what I was doing and stopped and hid. I went back to jerking off Jon and
I moved Jon around so that I could see Luke out of the corner of my eye just
a little better than alfa nymphet before. Every so often Jon would pick up his head and
make a sexual comment about how good it felt. He was rock hard now and so
was mostly because we were being watched. I should have told Jon but I was
having too much fun at Luke's expense. It was obvious that Luke was
interested because he didn't say anything or leave. After a little while Jon
let out a moan and said to me he was about to cum. It was loud enough that
it echoed off the walls so I knew Luke heard him. I looked over at Luke and
his hand had wandered down to his bathing suit and he was playing with
himself outside his suit. I couldn't see much more without giving away that
I knew he was there so I just started to speed up on Jon and within a few
seconds Jon let out another moan and started squirting all over. Most of it
landed on him but quickly washed away as the pool water splashed over him. I
let go of his hard cock and moved to the other side so Luke could see
everything he wanted too. I was holding Jon up now so he didn't go under and
ruin the end of his orgasm. Finally he grabbed my arm and got up. Luke still
with one hand on his cock thru his suit hid back around the side where he
thought he couldn't be seen. Little dummy didn't realize there was a mirror
right behind him and I could still see him spying on us while he continued
to play with himself. I whispered into Jon's ear what happened and he gave
me a look of surprise and started to say something as I brought my hand to
his lips and quieted him."I don't want him knowing that we know he is there.""But you let him watch me cum and everything!""So what? Don't you think what we can get from him if we get him interested
would be priceless? You can fuck his ass while I suck him off or something
like that?""You really think so?""Not totally but he stayed and watched the whole thing Jon. he was playing
with himself for most of it so what does that tell you?""That he is a spying horny little bastard?""Yeah that and maybe he might be into boys some.""Yeah but still you let him watch my cum fly all over!""So what Jon it's not that big a deal.""Well I think it is.""Oh please. Quiet here he comes. Look closely it looks like he still is
hard.""Yeah and he is cute in that tight suit.""Yeah I know! Hey Luke, come to join us?"Jon hit me and snickered as I put emphasis on COME."Yeah I felt like another lesson but I see you are busy so is it okay if I
just get wet?"I whispered to Jon. sure why not you got me wet. And Jon hit me."Sure come on in. Take your time."I looked down and Jon was still naked."Jon you got so into Luke you still are naked.""Oh shit!"He turned and dove under to get his suit which had sunk to the bottom of the
deep end and came up about thirty to forty seconds later; somehow he got it
back on himself while he was under water. He bounced as he hit the top and I
saw the suit back on him."Thanks Tommy I totally forgot but let me tell you its pretty kewl swimming
with your balls loose.""Yeah I bet! Next time I am gonna try it!"We had to stop now Luke was in the water and within ear shot of us."Next time we can come down when everyone is in bed and go skinny dipping.""Sounds awesome.""What is awesome?""Oh we were just talking about something."I poked Jon."Really what was that you were telling Jon?""You really wouldn't be interested Luke.""How do you know Tommy unless you tell me?""We were talking about skinny dipping.""Oh, yeah you are probably right I don't think I could get into that with
boys just yet."I turned to Jon."Just yet? I mouthed to him."So are you enjoying the view, I mean the pool?""Will you stop with the puns Tommy?" Jon whispered into my ear."Are you kidding this is totally awesome Tom I can't wait until I can swim
and come out here anytime I want. It's really gonna be awesome when it's
snowing out and we are in the pool.""Yeah I know it's indoor and heated so we can really swim all year around.""Awesome!" Luke said."Yeah I really like that too." Jon added."And I really do! I added. I can't wait for that too. I never had a chance
to swim and look out and watch it snow that will be awesome!" I said.Well he played around and I helped him a little with floating while Jon
watched and swam too. nacked little nymphets
My hand slid down to Luke's ass but this time he
didn't say anything. He did seem to have a little more bulge in this tight
suit this time maybe it was something or maybe it was me. I still wanted to
grab it nymphets fresh serie
and just go to town on him but I had to be discreet. Besides Jon
would kill me. It had been an hour or more now and I had ls magazine nymphets virgins
enough."Jon I am getting out now I had enough. I am gonna go shower in my room.
Luke you staying in?""No not yet I don't think I am ready for the pool alone yet."The three of us left the pool. When we reached the top of the steps Luke
went one way to his room and Jon came in mine with me. I immediately
stripped off my suit."Man that was fun! He watched everything and acted like nothing happened.""Yeah at my expense. Thanks Tom!""Oh quit wining you really care who sees you cum?""YES!""Why Jon? What is he going to do go run and tell someone he spied on you in
the pool while I wanked you off?""I guess not but still.""Jon you are paranoid. Forget about it if anything it earned you points with
Luke and maybe you might have sparked an interest in him with you.""You think?""Never know, right?"He smiled."Okay enough strip I want a nice hot shower with you and it's your turn to
get me off!""Sure, no problem!"We walked into my shower together totally naked I smacked his ass lightly
the whole time as I watched his tight buns giggled ever so little while he
walked along side of me. Damn I love that ass. Especially when my cock in
deep in it! I get hard just thinking of it! I started the shower and we both
got in and soaped up. No one is getting a blowjob tasting like chorine."I can imagine right about now Luke is in the shower jerking his load off to
what he saw Jon.""You really think so?""Sure why not. We can imagine that."Jon reached out his soapy hand and grabbed my semi-hard cock and began
stroking it."You mean like this Tommy?""Yeah he is jerking his cock just like that."I shut my eyes and leaned back against the wall as he started stroking
faster. It felt overwhelming as usual! The thought of Luke watching, jerking
off all that combined with Jon stroking me so rapidly felt great! I was
ready to blow right away and I let out a sigh and started firing my load
away."Geeze Tom you could have warned me!"Was all he said as he let go of me and l blew my load quickly all over the
tub and shower curtain. Four solid shots of cum ran down the shower curtain
as I opened my eyes. Jon was standing there looking at me with a look of
surprise on his face."Too fast?""Yeah I like to play with you more then that. I didn't even get to your
ass!""Sorry I was thinking about Luke!""Yeah that figures.""Yup you and Luke and you fucking nymphet teenie fuck pic
his ass."He looked at me."Now that sounds hot. He has such a tight little ass for thirteen!""Sure Jon now who is getting all hot?"He smiled and laughed."I know!" he said."We are going to have to find someway to pop that cherry. you, me or both of
us together in a three way!""Okay, okay stop I am getting hard all over again thinking about that
Tommy.""Good that was what I wanted."I reached out for him knowing he could go twice anytime and began stroking
him. It had been a while since the pool and I was sure he could go again
without a problem."You ready to cum again?""Do you have to ask? Anytime!"I started rubbing one hand all over his ass cheeks as my other was stroking
his cock. He was hard in thirty seconds and I slid a finger in between his
cheeks as I went from hand to mouth after I got on my knees. I was now
sucking Jon off as I played with his ass hole once again. I know this brings
him right off and no sooner them I could start sucking harder I could taste
pre cum from my boys piss slit. I slid my finger in as far as I could
without any resistance and other then him letting out a moan and jumping a
little as I hit his hard sphincter I was in quite easily. I began sucking
and finger fucking him in rhythm as the precum became stronger in my mouth.
He wasn't going to last long as usual."Ohhhh, ohhhh Tommy I am getting close.."I started banging his ass harder with my finger and went faster with my lips
tightening around his cock as hard as I could. He let out another loud moan
took a deep breath and grabbed my head as he began shooting three streams of
cum into my mouth. I swallowed with pleasure as my boy began to squirm from
my ass finger fucking. I didn't want to ruin anything so I pulled out with a
dull plop and let him enjoy the rest of his second orgasm tonight. He was
smiling but not coming back just yet as I got up from the tub. I played with
his balls a little as he opened his eyes."Want to go for three?" I smiled slyly as I asked?"You want to kill me? Three, damn I don't know if I could but if I did I
would sleep well the way you make me feel those orgasms you give me really
knock me out!"I smiled at him and kissed his lips."I can taste a little cum."He said as we broke our kiss."Yeah well if you do it's not mine.""I know. It's weird but okay."We started to wash more now that we were wet from the sweaty cum session we
had as the shower wet the tub but not us. I picked the shower head and hose
up and placed it back in the holder as it began to wet us once again. We
washed each others backs and asses and played some more before we got out as
two prune skinned teens that were spent from cumming or enjoying it so. and
it wasn't even dark out yet!
I guess maybe I can sneak away tonight with Shawn since he had me last night
and we have already done this twice today."So nymphet posts
it's okay with you if I have Shawn tonight since we are already on our
second time today?""Yeah I guess. I would rather sleep with you tonight but I promised we would
share.""Well if he has plans and wants to be alone I will tell you right away."I smacked his ass and left a red hand imprint on nymphet 101
it as I walked out of the
shower room first."Owww! Fuck! That stung! Ass wad!"I laughed."You got a red ass now! Ass wad? That's new!""Yeah well when I smack you that hard lets see what you come up with.""Ohhhh baby smack my ass!" I wiggled it at him from about ten feet away. He
ran at me and I moved real fast."Yeah you move chicken shit!""Okay you want to smack me come on!"I already had my boxers on and I dropped them. He came over and let go a
good loud one that made me jump. Me and my big mouth."Sorry I didn't mean to go that hard but now you know how mine felt.""Yeah sure! As I rubbed my aching ass. We are even!""Yeah we are and your cheeks are nice and red too!"He was proud of himself."Oh Jonathan I can't wait until I am fucking your ass next time! Then we
will see who moans!""You think that bothers me Tom I love having your hot cock up my ass it
feels awesome I just didn't want to tell you while you were up there and
give you the advantage! Now you know so nahhh nahhh!!!"He sounded like a little kid blowing me off with baby sounds. I laughed. It
was great to know he liked me up his tight ass but now I can't wait to get
back there again and blow another load of jizz into him! I started to grow
thinking about how tight he was last time! Maybe I can get Shawn. nah that's
not fair. I changed the thought process as I got dressed and sweet buns came
out in front of me totally naked while I sat on my bed."Damn Jon you walk around like that and I might have to fuck you now you hot
hunk of man meat!""Keep dreaming sexy boy. You ain't getting this tonight." He waved his
cheeks in front of me but out of reach."Grrrrrrrr!" I said to him. He laughed."Down boy! He said. Heal!"We both laughed."How mad would you get if I just got off this bed and grabbed you and
started molesting you?""Mmmmmmmm? Not too mad as long as you promised to be a gentle molester."Again we both laughed. I jumped off the bed and made a move for him. He
jumped but that was all I did."I really thought you were gonna do it.""I was but I thought we are all nice and clean now and I don't want to get
wet a third time now.""Third?""The pool?""Ohhhh.""Geeze how quick they forget. I guess that jerk off wasn't good enough."I pouted. He came over and sat on my lap still naked."Poor Tommy I hurt his widdle feelings."I reached out and started playing with his ball. He spread his legs almost
like he was on automatic mode or something. He hugged me as I made him grow
by doing nothing more then massaging each nut one at a time with my right
hand."That feels so good. I'll stay here all day.""Good because I don't want to stop playing with your sweet and great feeling
nuts anytime soon."He just sat there as I alternated between each one for about five minutes.
He was rock hard again. Soooo nice being young and horny! I had enough but I
wasn't about to force him to move so I did the next best thing started
tickling his taint. I ran my fingers up and down between his asshole and
right under his nut sac and after the third time he started to laugh."That tickles. He started squirming. Stop or I am gonna get up. I did it
once more. Okay that's it!"He got up off me and made a weird noise."That was just too weird it tickled and felt good but if you did it a few
more times I think I would have had to pee.""Ohhhh awesome! Damn come back here pee on me lover.""Ohhhh that's just gross!""No peeing on someone isn't gross peeing in someone's mouth is though.""Okay you ruined it I lost my feeling of ecstasy forever! Look see my cock
is going soft you ruined me!"I laughed at him."Give me one minute and we'll see how soft it is!""No you are sick I am getting dressed."He went to dress and I came up behind him and started kissing the back of
his neck. He stopped everything and just let me do what I wanted. I ran my
nails up and down his back and immediately gave him goose bumps."Yeah I love when someone rubs my back!"I pulled him over to the bed."Get on sexy."He lay down and I started at his shoulders and worked every inch of his back
down to his butt giving him a total massage."Roll."He got on his back and I started at his chin and did his chest and nips and
worked my way down to his belly and then his cock that stood up like a
massive hard piece of wood jutting right out of the ground. I ran my fingers
all around his upper groin and then under it and over his balls. He
shuddered. Finally I ran my fingernail up one side of his cock and down the
other and ended with my finger going over the top of his hard tool and
removing the drop of precum that I caused to develop there. I got up and
kissed his lips."Okay lover boy funs over I am done.""Oh come on that was soooo good I want more.""Next time, I need to rest before later when my number two sex machine will
probably milk me dry.""Yeah Shawn always gets you!""No more then you kiddy nude nymphets do sexy boy."I was playing with his few chest hairs now as he lay there and I sat next to
him. I leaned over and kissed each nipple and then moved up to his mouth and
we had a nice open mouthed tongue kiss."See how I spoil you Jonathan. Now get dressed before I lose control again
and dare I say turn you over and fuck you till morning!""That sound kewl and kinky.""You are much too perverted!"I tweaked his nipple and he yelped as I did so. I got up before he could
grab for me."Hey that's not fair you always do that and I hate it!""Sure you do!""I do!""You gonna lay there naked all night or get dressed?""I am gonna lay here naked and let you have your way with me.""I already did. You are done! I looked up and at the door. Next naked boy
please!"He sat up and smacked me."We line up for you sir and all we ask is you be gentle!"I started laughing."I'll be gentle with you all right. Go dress before I really attack you!""Oh yummy maybe I'll.""Go dress!"Finally got his ass up and I got to see is sweet buns again as he waved them
at me before finally putting on underwear."Show's over!""Yeah I know but I certainly had plenty to watch for a while.""I can always take these back off." As he grabbed the elastics."No get dressed I have grown tired of you and your sexy body I want new
meat!"He looked all insulted but smiled right away."I'll remember that next time you want a piece of me.""I can have a piece of you anytime I want.""No you can't no more!"I got up and ran little net nymphets over to him as he tried to duck away from me. I grabbed him
all over and he started yelling."Stop I quit you win."I stopped."So I can have you anytime I want?""Yes anytime now let me get dressed."I kissed his neck and reached around and grabbed his nips and gave them each
one more tweak."Stoppppppp I hate that it hurts and tickles you know they are sensitive!""I'm going to go for ice cream you care to come?""Only in your mouth.""HA-HA! Yes or no.""What do you think, of course?""Good shall we round up the others or go alone.""If we go alone you are going to have a whole lot of mad boys.""Yeah you are right I guess we should call all of them minus Joey of
course.""Yeah this will be the first time the punishment really sets in, he loves
ice cream too.""Oh well he needs to think this out.""Yeah I know but couldn't you bring him back some?""Jon.""Well I had to ask.""Go get the boys together. I am gonna take a leak and then we can go."He left and I went to pee. I had a piss hard on from teasing him so much it
took a second before I could start pissing. I was done eventually. and then
I headed out to see if everyone was ready. We had such an early wake call
this morning that even with all today activities it was only 3pm and not too
close to dinner. Everyone piled into the truck minus Joey and we left for
midday ice cream. We saw a lot of damage from the tornado as we drove down
the hill. Almost all of it trees on their side and some cars on their sides
too when we got to the bottom. There were a few houses damaged where it
probably set down on the ground but only a few. We were on the parkway
heading for the ice cream store now. I pulled up in front of our `favorite'
place and everyone piled out. I put my hand on my gun as we entered. It was
clear but I don't trust anything anymore. I started filling cups and cones
with ice cream and finally got to sit with my own sundae after about ten
minutes of scooping everyone else's cup or cones full. I sat and Shawn came
right over next to me. Jon wasn't having any of it so he got up and sat on
my other side. I suddenly felt like the middle of an Oreo cookie. My boys! I
smiled. Danny was looking at me after they sat and I smiled at him."What's wrong Dan? Want to join us over here?"He shook ranchi nymphets his head no but smiled so I knew he wasn't being stupid but acting
out in some way. I have a feeling he is still mad about my comment before
and telling him we needed to talk about his punishment a while back. For
some reason he can't let that go. Even with what I do for him occasionally
putting his brother in line and all. Well if he really wants a confrontation
we will talk and maybe he will speak his mind. When we got up and ready to
leave Trevor came over to me."Can I talk to you?""Sure Trev, nymphets gallery sites what's up?"He tugged my arm and practically pulled me into the men's bathroom of the
ice cream shop."What's wrong that you pulled me in here?""I over heard Danny talking to Benjy before. I didn't hear all of it but
something about what you did to him and some kind of punishment a while ago.
Benjy said something like what do you want me to do about it but Danny
notice I was watching him and stopped saying anything else to Benjy."Well thanks, I guess Trevor. Do you think there is something wrong with
Danny?""He just elite nymphet models seems mad lately. I know I don't have many friends here but he used
to talk to me a little and once he let slip that he didn't like you that
much anymore topless russian nymphets because of some punishment you gave him but he didn't say
anything more."I was really surprised Trevor was spilling his guts like this."Okay Trev thanks for telling me all this."He turned and headed out of the bathroom. I gave him some time so we
wouldn't leave together. Not that anyone wouldn't be able to tell if they
were watching.
The place was empty as I headed out to join the others. As I got in I saw
someone else leave the ice cream shop after me. As they approached I noticed
it was Kyle. He got in as I started the truck."Head count!"Jon did the deed."Okay Tommy we're all here."I put the truck in drive and we took off for home. The sky was clearing now
and it looked like another nice end of summer night. We got home and once
again there was smoke in the air over the city. It was just after 5pm and I
was sure all dinner appetites were spoiled. Everyone got out and went about
their business as Kyle approached me."Ya know I was in the crapper while you and Trevor talked.""I didn't then but when you came out I kinda figured that out. Its okay I
don't care what you hear I trust you more then Trevor.""Yeah I know but what are you going to do about Danny? He suddenly seems
like trouble.""Nothing Ky, on his best day Danny can't do much. Besides you know as well
as I do that Danny has to take care of Christian and he can't handle him
that well without my occasional help so if he wants to go he is just asking
for trouble.""Yeah I guess you are right but he can make a stink.""As long as he doesn't use my bathroom I don't care what stink he makes."He looked at me and shook his head."That bad huh?"He waved his hand at me and turned to go up the drive. I went back in the
truck and grabbed the bag I put inside it and headed in the house. Everyone
was at the door waiting for me to open it. I turned off the alarm and all
entered. The scattered as quick as we entered and I headed upstairs. I went
down to Joey's door and knocked."Come in.""I brought you a little something Joe."I handed it to him and turned to leave."Thanks, what is it?""You'll see."As I shut his door I heard him yell. I was a few steps down the hall when he
came running to the door and opened it."Thanks Tommy for remembering me."I turned to him."Don't forget me in two days okay? I want you out of that room as much as
you want to be free.""I won't forget Tommy I promise I will be good and no more crap. I promise."He smiled at me as he shut his door. Now everyone can enjoy their ice cream.It was still early and I was a little bored I went to look for Shawn to ask
him about tonight but he wasn't around. I decided to give Luke a visit and
see how Patches was doing so I walked down to his room. It was quiet inside
so I cracked the door open a little and poked my head inside. Now we have
been back for all of ten minutes, fifteen tops so I was quite shocked to see
him on his bed with his pants off and eyes closed and him jerking off on his
bed. I thought to myself, do I just leave or do I take full advantage of
this since he was nice enough to set this up so to speak. I entered and shut
his door as quietly as I could. I got about four steps into his room as he
opened his eyes and jumped about ten feet off the bed. I totally scared the
shit out of him. He sat up and covered his naked lower half with his hands.
I haven't seen anything yet. First his hand was coving his cock and then
after he scrambled for his life so to speak he had both covering himself
now."Damn you Tommy! Don't you knock?""Sorry I was just returning the favor sexy nymphet sites from earlier.""What the hell do you mean and what gives you the right to even come in here
while I was doing this?""Do you really want that answer Luke?""Yeah I really do. If this I can't have privacy in here where can I have
it?""Well first off your door has a lock on it you could have used it. Second I
was just paying you back for watching me jerk off Jon in the pool before."He had this total look of shock on his face."How. did you. you knew I was there that whole time?"I shook my head yes."Not only did I know I tried to watch you as much as I could and I saw you
go to your bathing suit and play with yourself most of the time you watched
us. I guess you really enjoyed watching Jon cum didn't you?"He was beat red with embarrassment."But I thought I was hidden.""You were but you didn't notice there was a mirror on the wall behind you so
I saw you most of the time off the reflection. I saw you grab yourself and
rub yourself through your suit and occasionally poke your head around and
look.""Damn! I don't know what to say.""I have questions if you can't come up with anything to say.""Yeah I was sure you would.""Well why did you make such a big stink about me touching your ass the first
time and then this time you didn't say anything while Jon was there."Still red and stuttering from embarrassment he tried to answer me."Because I guess it wasn't that bad the second time and you are teaching me
how to swim so I figured you can't do that without touching me so it was
okay to do.""Then why did you spy on us and come out after Jon blew his load?""At first I was going to leave but watching you do that to him kinda well.
it was kewl. I didn't think I would enjoy it but I guess the longer I
watched the more excited I got.""So you do like boys?""I don't really know Tommy. I am very confused about all of this but it's my
new home and everyone has made me feel so comfortable and free to finally be
myself it's hard not to like it here."He was still sitting with his hand covering his manhood."So what brought all this about?""Huh?""You jerking off now?""OH well I didn't get a chance to before and after I saw what you and Jon
did I was so hard I had to let it go down before I could go to the pool.
Then with you two playing and you touching me during the lesson I really
wanted to explode right there but I knew I couldn't and nymphet nonude model
really had a tough
time in the pool. I thought I was going to get hard in front of you or just
let loose in my bathing suit. I didn't but I don't know how I controlled
myself.""So do you want help with that now?"Talk about be coming right out and asking."No I am not ready yet for anyone to touch me there.""So I guess I better leave then so you can get back to pleasuring yourself."I got up and walked over to him. He was trying as best as he could to cover
himself with both hands and as hard as I tried I couldn't see anything but
hands and his legs and sides of his legs."I am gonna go and give you a break but if you spy again you won't be so
lucky. Jon was a little mad when I told him you were there watching so I am
sure he wants payback on some level.""What do you mean payback?""You saw him cum didn't you?"He nodded yes."Then I guess he would want to see you do the same."He turned red again."I'm not ready for that yet Tommy.""But you were ready to watch me beat him off? Weren't you?"He bowed his head."Yeah I was and it really was hot. I'm sorry"As hard as it was I got down in front of him but only to look into his face
no where else."Luke you don't need to be sorry you need to be relaxed and more open. I can
understand if you are embarrassed about yourself or just not into guys but
geeze if you have already gotten naked in the boys locker room then you
can't tell me you haven't seem other guy's cocks?"He didn't say anything or look me in the eyes. I got up."Luke?""Tommy I.""What is it? Take your time and tell me I promise I won't judge you.""I get embarrassed real easy and when we got dressed in the locker rooms in
school I would always go to the corner and take my pants off with my back to
the others and never take off my underwear. I would put my shorts on real
fast and then my sneakers and go out to exercise with everyone else in
class.""And none of your classmates ever busted you on that?""Yeah a few said some said nasty things about me being too small or stuff
like what's up wimp you embarrassed how you look? A few kids laughed but
mostly no one bothered me over it."I put my hand on his shoulder, he was pretty upset now. I reached over and
grabbed his shorts and put them on his lap so he could cover himself. I
still had no idea what he was hiding I didn't get to see anything with his
hand choking his cock as I walked in so I was still totally in the dark as
to what he really had."Luke its totally okay dude. I am sorry I walked in on you and I am gonna
leave now and give you your privacy back but before I go I just want you to
know that if you ever want to talk more about this or anything you come get
me. I promise I will never laugh at you or make fun of you like they did.""You really mean that?""I wouldn't say it if I didn't."He cracked a smile."Thanks Tommy."I got up to leave."Tommy?"I stopped and turned back to him."You really made me feel good. In the pool and now saying that to me.""Thanks Luker. You are a really good kid and I don't want anyone nymphet sluts 18 feeling bad
or embarrassed. That sucks! You take your time and when you are ready I will
help you anyway I can. You will never get any crap from anyone here about
size or any of that. We aren't that way here. No one is going to look at you
and laugh at how big or small you are I promise you that."Again he smiled at me as I turned to leave him in privacy. I opened the door
and headed out."Tommy wait!""Yeah Luke what is it?""Will you come back in please?"I entered and shut his door."Lock it please."I locked it and turned back to him."What.As I began to speak he got up and his protective covering fell to the floor
exposing his bottom naked half to me."Luke you know what just happened? I asked as I saw him naked for the first
time."Yeah I do Tommy. After what nymphet lollita you said I am trusting you. I can't live like
this forever its too embarrassing worrying about what others think about the
size of my cock."He stood there naked from the lower half of his body. He had a little pubic
hair and about three inches of cock hanging from his skinny body. He looked
normal and great. He hid it well in his suit. I looked at it and then him.
He was red again and apparently quite embarrassed at what he was doing. I
walked over to him picked up his underwear off the floor and handed it to
him."Luke, you have nothing to be embarrassed over. You look perfect to me.""I do? He said with a cheery voice. I thought I was small so I never wanted
anyone to see me.""You are perfect Luker. No one is big or small at your age. Everyone grows
into the perfect size and none of us have any say so in the matter.""Yeah but Jon looked so big.""Jon is kinda normal and he was hard Luker. You look like you are three
inches soft. That means with a hard on you have to be at least five inches
or more."He smiled at me."So I look okay then?""Yup, you sure do."The red started to disappear from his face replaced by one of his cute
smiles."Awesome! He said. Would you mind staying for a while?""No but why?""You make me feel really comfortable and I wanted to do it with you here."I thought to myself DAMN! How lucky can I get!"If that is what you want Luke I will help you anyway I can.""You don't have to help, you can watch me but I don't think I am ready for
anyone to touch me there yet.""Sure Luker whatever you want. I'll tell you this much though. If you enjoy
it alone wait until you let someone do it to you like I did to Jon. That is
the most amazing feeling in the world."Yeah of course I was edging him on I wanted a st

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