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From: Dwedno Smith
Subject: Chapter 46 The TunnelTo all:I don't have too much to say this week but I did hold up my promise to get a
chapter out quickly this time. I am now also caught up with the "in between"
chapters and will be able to publish a chapter for a few weeks without
worrying about anything. I know none of you owe me anything and I almost
always get some good feed back but I felt very disappointed this nymphets 13yo.
week to
only get two e mails from readers. Both regulars. I thank them for their
comments and wonder if it's just me or maybe the story is finally losing the
edge it has had all these months. Anyway I will keep sending out chapters as
long as I enjoy writing them. Maybe things will pick up or maybe I just
pissed off too many readers by taking too long in between chapters, either
way I am sure the next few chapters after this one will no doubt bring some
comments as something major is about to happen. Take care. Dwedno.Chapter 46. The surprise and search.I was already in bed when a knock came at the door. I was in my room alone
for a good hour already."Come in."The door opened and it was Jon."Can I come in?""Sure Jon. I'm not mad at you. Just upset with how a great day ended with
such a total mess. What's up?""I missed being with you and was upset I illegal pedo nymphets yelled at you over Trevor. After I
thought about it the whole thing wasn't your fault it was Trevor's. He left
on his own I just hope he is okay, especially after you told me you thought
you saw someone ls nymphets 11 in the neighborhood.""I hope so too Jon but it was his choice not ours. He left on nymphet nude portal
his own.""I know that and thinking about what could happen is what upset me but it
was his choice. I really am sorry I snapped at you. Can I stay the night and
make it up to you?""Sure you can stay but you don't have to make anything up to me. You stay
because you want to not because you have to okay?""Sure."He got on the bed as he was in his shorts and sat next to me for a bit.
Nothing was said for about a minute before he spoke."Can we fool around Tommy? It's been so long and I haven't even jerked off
in almost four days. I was saving it for you because I wanted our next time
to be special.""I'm tired but I know what you mean. I didn't go at all today either and
well lets just say between Shawn and I things got pretty hot and without
upsetting you I will say this. He got his but I got nothing so I think I
might be able to shoot a few gallons tonight."He laughed. I was a little surprised. I thought he might be upset when I
mentioned Shawn but it didn't faze him one bit. I looked at him and thought
I noticed a hard-on already but with his shorts on I couldn't totally tell."Jon just how horny are you tonight? Are you already hard?"He smiled."I have been since I walked to raygold nymphet your door. I want you bad.""Well lets see how bad. show me."He got up and slid off his shorts exposing his hard-on right through his
underwear."Leave them on. I want to enjoy this slowly.""Oh boy why do I feel some level of torture coming before I can get naked?"I laughed."I promise I won't take too long before you can get yours okay?""Oh-kay.!"He got back in bed."Lay down."He did and now he had a huge tent sticking up in his shorts. I moved closer."This is gonna be fun."He just shook his head as I moved to him. I got in right on top of his
hardness and ran my finger over the top of the hard bump in his underwear.
His eyes closed as my finger touched a wet spot. He was already leaking. It
won't take much to give him blue balls tonight!"Jon how badly do you want to cum tonight?""Do you really need to ask? Let's just say if you touch the head of my cock
again thru my shorts I might blow a load just from that.""Ouch, you poor boy. You are going to suffer tonight.""No Tommy, please don't drag this out for an hour I will die. It's been
almost a week like I said. I have been waiting for you patiently. Please?""Okay Jon I won't make you wait too long. I promise."He smiled. I loved this but I didn't want to hurt him either by making him
suffer. I got close and touched nymphets nude samples his cock head through the shorts again and
gave his cock head a nice squeeze. He gasped and his eyes closed. He was
totally ripe for the picking. I laughed to myself. I grabbed hold of his
shorts by the side and yanked them down immediately making his cock spring
down and back up. It stood at attention just begging for some lovin. I moved
in closer and started licking one side and he let out a moan and sorta
melted into the pillow and said nothing. This was going to be fun!
I took him into my mouth after a few more licks and he tasted yummy. I
started sucking him off almost with as much force as I did to Shawn and he
let out a loud moan and immediately warned me he was close."Geeze Jon I barely sucked on you for a minute and you are gonna cum
already?"He opened his eyes and looked at me."Yeah Tommy, sorry but I guess I waited too long and now a stiff breeze will
probably make me shoot.""I bet."I wasn't totally ready for him to blow his wad so I took his balls and
started playing with them. I knew it would drive him insane but I wanted to
get something out of this besides a thirty free pics teen nymphets
second cum. He took a deep breath
and exhaled each time I sucked a nut into my mouth. He was so wet he was
leaking a lot from his cock head now as I tormented him by playing with his
nuts a bit longer. He was almost squirming out of the bed now but he said
nothing. I wasn't too far from it myself and I think I know how he feels
after doing Shawn today and getting hard three or four times without cumming
so I did understand. I stopped torturing him, slid a finger all the way into
his ass the way he liked it and took him back into my mouth. This would just
make it happen quicker. I know him all too well. I started sucking him off
and pretty much plowing my finger into his ass as he arched his back and
without saying a word a few seconds of sucking and finger fucking had him
letting out a deep breath and a loud moan as he began firing away shot after
shot of hot cum into my mouth as I shoved my finger as deep into his ass as
I could before pulling out so I didn't ruin his orgasm. After he filled my
mouth with the most cum I can remember I let go of him briefly before I
squeezed out a few more drops from his thick throbbing cock. I watched him
some before I cleaned up. He didn't move for almost three or four minutes.
He must have really had a good one this time. As I was leaving the bathroom
he was entering all smiles as I looked him in the eye."You were amazing Tommy. I don't know how you did it or if you planned it
but you just gave me such a rush with what you did. I never felt anything
like it before; I almost passed out when I came.""I noticed you seemed out of it and you filled my mouth too. I never had so
much cum shot at me man it was unreal. You really did wait a long time
before you came didn't you?""Yeah just like I said it was a few days, maybe four.""Well it showed Jon it showed big time!"He went into the bathroom and I headed back to my bed. A few minutes later
he came back out and still appeared to be glowing nymphet rape porn
over his moment of
pleasure."Tommy I want to ask you something but I don't really know how to do it.""How about you just ask it and we go from there?""Well okay if you want it that way.""Sure Jon why not we have nothing to hide.""Okay here goes. I want to know if you would let me fuck you in the ass like
you have been doing to me for the past two weeks now."I coughed out loud several times as I choked on my own saliva with what he
asked, it wasn't the end of the world but it was a good shock to my brain.
Something I didn't quite expect and it sent my mind thinking if that was
something I wanted and was really ready for."Wow. I don't know what to say. You did surprise me. I thought I was going
to get a blow job.""I figured I would. It's just that you have had me and it made me feel so
good inside so I wanted to see if you wanted to try it now too. I can try
and blow you after if that's okay.""Tell you what; let me think about it for a little while."Like I am going to just blurt out that its scares me and I am not sure if I
am ready for some of my own medicine being given back to me after all this
time. but it also is something I really do want to try because when I have
tried doing it to myself a few times I got a decent rush from it. It felt
pretty weird and neat at the same time."I understand if you are worried Tommy I was when you went inside me with
your cock the first time I just didn't say anything. Pride, ya know. but you
were very gentle and even though you already know this I wanted to make sure
you knew again that it did hurt a lot but it went away just as fast as it
happened. So you know that up front. But you are bigger then me Tommy I
really don't know what else to say about it.""You said plenty Jon but if I am going to have anyone inside me I don't want
it being anyone but you."He smiled seemingly proud of what I said."Let me know Tommy because I am ready whenever you are.""Yeah I know, you are the only person I know that can do it twice in one
night without losing a beat.""Hey what can I say I have strong genes?""Funny boy, very funny. How about I gene your ass with a ten inch dildo.""Ouch. that would hurt!""I know. but don't think I haven't thought about that.""What? Shoving something bigger then your dick up my ass?""Maybe." I left it at that. Let him think about it some.I want to do this but I don't want to be a wimp either. If he hurts me or I
can't take it I will feel like a total loser. I don't know what I want and I
don't know what is going through his head. If he is thinking like I was at
that time all I wanted was to fuck him and I didn't care about anything
else. I am just glad I did go slowly and didn't cause him any of what he
called it. pain. This is a pretty big step on the vulnerable scale for me
now. If I say no I am labeled a chicken in his mind if I agree I am risking
lots of pain and giving myself totally to him and he can pretty much do
anything he wants once he gets in me. I am worried but I do trust him and he
knows if he hurts me I would probably rip him into shreds so why not. after
all its only us here and I can cause him lots more trouble then he can cause
me pain in the end. (No pun intended) All this thinking has seemed to have
left him quite little nymphets teens model
impatient. He is looking at me now so I better say something."So?" he said."So what?" I answered."It's been five minutes have you thought about it?""Yes I have and I think I am going to shove a ten inch nymphet art photos dildo up your ass.""No! He shook his head nymphets land portal
in annoyance. I mean can I fuck your ass?"I laughed."Sure Jon I guess so."He pumped his fist. "YES!" he cheered."Easy there boy you aren't going for the kill now. You do one thing I don't
like and you will not only be upset you might wind up living the rest of
your life without your dick!"He looked at me like I couldn't be serious."What? Do you think I am kidding?""I sure hope so Tommy after all I didn't threaten you when you asked me for
access to my ass.""Okay Jon I get it, I'm sorry I didn't mean to be so blunt. I trust you
enough to be careful with my virgin ass. Okay?"He smiled I wasn't sure if it was for what I said or just an evil smile
knowing he will have total control of me for a change."Go get the lube." I said to him.He sprung up and got off my bed faster then I ever saw him move before in my
life. He was back just as quick and taking the top of the tube as he walked
back into the room."In a hurry?""Yes and no.""Oh?""Well I am not in a rush to get inside you but I am in a hurry to see what
it feels like to have my cock inside a warm tight place.""It feels awesome.""Yeah I kinda figured it does.""All I have to say is if you don't listen to me if I ask you to stop of pull
out it will not only be the last time you get to do this it will probably be
your last night on earth. Now that I have scared the life out of you I
apologize in advance for being rude but after all it is my virgin ass and I
don't particularly like pain. Especially when I know I will need it to shit
shortly after you are done with it.""Tommy I promise I will treat you with respect and go slowly and carefully
inside you. Don't you trust me?""Yes I do or I wouldn't let you near my ass. What I don't trust is what I
don't know and what I don't know is how this will really feel.""You will love it trust me.""Yeah I hope so."With that I stripped off my underwear and got into the doggy position on my
bed. I felt so weird and vulnerable yet bd company nymphets pictures at the same time I was allowing
someone access to me and my most personal spot. But I also wanted this more
then naked nymphette
anything else in the world at this moment. I am so confused. Jon took
some lube and ran his finger up and down my ass crack and slid his finger
easily into my ass hole. It felt totally weird and also good too but for a
second I felt totally violated. He moved one finger in and out and then two
loosening me as I did to him that first night I had my way with him. I have
to admit he has more balls then me when it came to ass fucking. He didn't
hesitate where as I have read him the riot act a few times and threatened
his life too and I am sure none of it is even close to being necessary. One
thing is sure that lube sure feels COLD in the beginning!"Okay Tommy I am ready.""Damn boy you got hard that fast?""Nope. not fast. I never really got soft thinking about how much I wanted
this. My cock has been pretty much hard since I left the bathroom thinking
about doing this to you.""Wonderful!"He got behind me and I felt him fiddling around back there for what seemed
like forever and then I felt a little pressure on my hole as he warned me he
was about to start going inside me. I felt a slight pressure but he was good
and talked to me every inch of the way."Okay Tommy now I am going to start sliding the head of my cock inside you a
little."He pushed and I felt it and a lot of pressure almost like I was taking a
dump in reverse. He pushed again and I felt more pressure and what felt like
something hard nymphet bbs org
inside me. He grabbed me by the hips and slowly pulled me to him
as I felt him slowly slide into me. I got a sharp pain for a second and
gasped stopping him immediately. It hurt some but no where near where I
wanted to stop him or if it were anything major to cry about it."I have the head of my cock inside you about one to two inches.""Okay feels fine so far."He pulled me to him again. This time with a lot more pressure and I felt him
entering me now. He slowly slid in and didn't stop for a second and the pain
got real sharp. I let out an embarrassing yelp and he stopped immediately.
I felt so embarrassed but he couldn't see my face as far as I could tell so
it wasn't a total bomb! I thought nymphet naked gallery
the first pain would be it but I sure hope
this one is the last pain."You okay Tommy?""Yeah, sorry it brazilian nymphets 12 years
just felt weird."He began pushing again and now I 10 yr old nymphet
just felt pressure but no more pain."When are you going to be all the way in?"He laughed."I am all the way in you already.""Oh, good."I sighed relief but it didn't feel like it yet. He started to pull out and I
felt it. Then he started pumping my ass and I really felt it. It felt
awesome. Warm and tight like I thought it would but not really any pain. He
sped up and it started feeling even better. Before long he was pumping away
and sliding in and out of my ass like it was a wide open freeway. The
feeling was weird but definitely pleasurable so far. I heard him start to
moan and gasp like he usually did when he was ready to cum. He couldn't last
long even though he could get ready fast he wasn't long in the saddle at
all. So to speak. I tightened my ass muscles and he let out another moan."That feels awesome when you do that." He said.I did it again and as tightly as I could apply pressure to his cock I did."Oh man that is awesome. You are really strong back here man!"He continued to pump and now pound away at my back door. I was having some
pleasure but he sounded like he was going to blow his load any second now.
Another gasp and big moan followed by a deep breath and I felt him shooting
his load inside my ass. It was warm and fuzzy so to speak as he deposited
his load deep in my ass. Again it was weird but felt pretty good. He stopped
a few seconds later still deep inside my ass as he shoved a little harder
the last few times he came. It didn't hurt but I could easily tell he was
enjoying himself as I know I did inside him that first time. He was tight
too and when I came I thought my head was going to explode from the pleasure
his tight ass gave me. Now I was giving it back. His orgasm probably over he
pulled out of me with a plop. I didn't know what to expect or even if he was
done with his pleasure but he was out of me now and I felt like a tunnel
that was open for traffic flow. I still felt his cum inside me and it was
working its way out now that it had an exit. I suddenly felt like I had to
shit as I got up and flew into the bathroom and sat nymphet nude photo
on the bowl. All I heard
was his cum hitting the water as I felt it drip out of me. I sat for what
seemed like forever before I finally felt empty. Now I really needed to shit
but nothing else wanted to shall I say come out. I felt dirty so I jumped in
the shower and soaped up real well as lover boy asked me if he could come in
too."Sure come on in. I am just washing your cum out of my ass."He laughed."Now you know exactly how I felt the first time. Man you were awesome though
Tommy! Tight and awesome! I can't thank you enough for letting me do that.
The feeling was almost as good as the best orgasm you ever gave me any
time.""Glad I could make you so happy." Was all I was able to spit out at him.I did feel weird and violated but no more then I expected. I'll live because
the pleasure I got definitely out weighed the pain and discomfort. I can do
this again it wasn't even close to being bad. I finished washing off and got
out before he was done. I was dry and getting ready to slowly sit on my bed
by the time I heard the water shut off. I sat and it wasn't as bad as I
thought it would be either so this appears to be nothing close to how preten nymphets bad I
thought it could be. Just like driving a truck into my ass and then leaving
a deposit as the toll. Its worth doing again but not until I heal some.
There is little doubt you need time after you do this before you can go
again. It was really late now and I was really tired too. I am sure I will
sleep tonight without any problems. As long as my ass allows! I got into bed
as my lover came out with just a towel around his shoulders and his cock
swaying with his walk. He looked tempting enough to eat but I had enough
sex tonight."You still look sexy with nothing on Jon. If I wasn't so tired I would
actually suck you off just to see if you could go once more. You still look
hot no matter what boy!""Gee thanks. But if I tried to cum anymore tonight I think I might pass out.
I have had enough pleasure for one night between you giving me an awesome
blow job and me being able to finally see how a tight female models nymphet cp ass feels around your
cock head."He explains himself so well."I am going to bed. You sleeping here?""Can I?""Of course. After all I want to play with that nice piece of meat you have
hanging there some more once you get into bed.""Sure and tease me so you can try and make me cum again. Besides I thought
you wanted to cum."I smiled. Exactly what I had in mind. I wanted to cum but I wanted to play
more. He hung his towel up and came back totally naked. What a sweet body!
He turned off any extra lights and got into bed next to me. He smelled great
and felt even better as I immediately reached out and took hold of his tool.
I wanted fun now and some level of revenge for him enjoying me so much. He
was going to pay as long as I didn't chase him away. He will cum three times
tonight if I have anything to say about it. As soon as he settled down I
began stroking his meat."Please Tommy don't make me cum again I don't know if I can do it. I am so
spent and weak."I didn't stop and he started getting hard. Youth! What a great thing!! He
didn't stop me either and he surprisingly started getting hard again. He was
quiet and all that was heard was my hand beating him off as he lay there
still and enjoyed it if that were possible. With in a minute tops he was
rock hard again."That still feels so good when you do it Tommy. Even as tired as I feel."I just kept stroking him and playing with his balls in between and he was
standing straight up after a little more play. I was hard again russian incest nymphets too all this
play got me going."Okay now I feel black nymphet models
like fucking you.""Oh Tommy please I am so tired. Can't it wait?"I started rubbing the most sensitive part of his penis and he almost lost
control of everything. He begged me to stop."Only if you let me inside you.""Okay sure just please before I pass out that feels so weird."He rolled over and I spread him and slid my hard cock inside him without
lube. He was tight and didn't like it much but didn't fight me or complain
either. I guess I was wet enough to make it happen as I shoved inside him.
Now I felt better and he was moaning a little as I began sliding in and out
of him. I had to work hard and long this time to get close but after a lot
of ass pumping I was almost there."Tommy you are hurting me. You are too dry."I pulled out and lubed up and slid back in easily I didn't mean to hurt him
but I guess it was too late now. As I slid back in he showed pain but it
didn't stop me. It actual made me hornier. I thrusted deep inside him and
before long I was ready to cum. I had more then I thought left in my tank as
tired as I felt. I knew this would be a powerful orgasm as I felt it began
to overtake me and I shot a ton of cum inside him. I pulled out and he
moaned for whatever reason as I rolled off and back onto my pillow. As I did
he immediately got up and headed into the bathroom. Looks like another round
of showers tonight. I am totally spent now but art photography nymphets the pleasure has been the
best I have ever had. This time he was sitting as I walked into the
bathroom. Now I heard the drips as my cum hit the water and I felt back in
charge. That was it! I felt like I lost control while he was fucking me it
wasn't about the pain or anything else. I figured it out! It was me losing
control of things. At least now I don't have to worry anymore I can handle
this and he can fuck me again as soon as I feel better. AWESOME! It was easy
to see he was beat. We got in the shower again and I did most of the work
washing him as best as I could and I got another shot at his ass as I soaped
him up."Ahhh, that stings!""Sorry, I didn't mean to fuck you raw before it just happened."He didn't say anymore or he didn't care I guess I know he just wanted to be
cleaned and go to bed. We were both beat! I washed and made sure I got
inside him with a finger or two which didn't seem to go that well for
obvious reasons but I didn't totally care as wrong as that was. No doubt he
is very sore now for sure especially after I dry fucked nymphet drunk
him first and I
guess the soap didn't help much nor did my finger up there. It probably felt
like I was rummaging for gold by now. He rinsed off barely standing through
it all and then I did the same and we slowly got out and grabbed some dry
towels. He looked beat and I felt the same as he looked but at least we got
into bed clean. I don't know about him but Trevor was the last thing on my
mind right now. All I wanted was sleep and that came easily. Almost as fast
as I shut my eyes. I didn't even know what time it was and for once I didn't
even care. The last thing I remembered was Jon snuggling up close to me and
telling me he love me that was it.For a change morning didn't seem to come fast. I opened my eyes and looked
at the clock. It read 10:30 and I guess we both slept well. Matter nymphets art kids
of fact
he was still sleeping next to me as I lay there thinking about how much fun
we had last night. My ass was sore but I expected that. I wonder how sore
Jon is, he took a pretty good beating back there too. As I lay there I
thought about what Trevor did last night and then figured he was okay some
place. I wanted to do to him what I did to Jon but no where near as
carefully after the way he has been acting lately but I think a good ass
fucking on him would only piss everyone off and totally turn them against
me. It was only a thought though and I am allowed that if nothing else. I
guess he will be back sometime today if he isn't already. I am sure everyone
else is awake by now and thankful we haven't been bothered yet. I sat up and
leaned over and started kissing Jon all over his face until he stirred."Come on sleepyhead its late morning get your wild nymphets pics sweet and cute ass up out of
bed."I reached down and started rubbing his soft cock and he opened his eyes."As much as that feels good I think you should stop.""Why?""Because I have to pee and if you don't stop rubbing me I am going to pee
all over you and your bed,"Enough said for me! I moved my hand away and he sat elite nymphets bbs
up and got out of bed
practically running to the bathroom to relieve himself. I had to go now too
after he mentioned it so I followed with a little less urgency. I got there
just as he was finishing up and I rubbed his back for a bit. He loved that
and just stood there in front of the bowl pics nymphets nudes while I made him feel good."Okay sorry pal but if I don't pee now I will wet the floor."He groaned from me stopping and moved out of the way. I let fly into the
bowl as he splashed water on his face across the room. I finished and did
the same before drying off and heading back to my bed totally naked as was
he. I looked at him."Wanna fool around?""NO. I am hungry and sore. No sex today. It almost hurt to pee."I laughed knowing he was kidding at least about the peeing part. I grabbed
clean clothes and began to dress. He realized he didn't have any clean ones
in my room so he went to get the towel and wrapped it around himself as he
darted out into the hall and to his room. A few minutes later he joined me
in the kitchen as we were informed by Kyle that Trevor still hadn't come
back yet. I thought to myself too bad but I knew we had to at least go
looking for him after eating something. I ate something quickly as did Jon.
Shawn and Kyle were at the table with us discussing where Trevor might be as
we ate and listened without saying anything. When I was done I cleaned up
and finally had something worth while to say."Okay I listened to both of you and I agree we should akt nymphets check the
neighborhood. Now, how do you want to do it as a group or split up?""A group would be safer bro but it will take longer so I think we should
split up."
"That's fine but then no one can go unless they have a gun so that just
leaves you and me and anyone we are taking with us.""Then let's take two each. You take Jon and I'll ask Benjy.""Benjy? Why him?""Because he is bigger then the others and pretty strong young nymphets jpg
and besides I have
been getting along with him good lately since we did the cake thing.""Okay I nymphets in panty guess that's fine.""What about me?""Sorry Shawn, I'm afraid you are going to have to sit this one out. We'll
keep in touch and we are only going to be down the block on either side of
the house.""Yeah but I wanted to help.""Not this time. How about you go enjoy your new games that you got
yesterday. You can show the guys, I 12yo nymphet am sure Joey and Billy would want to see
them along with anyone else who plays.""O-kayyy I guess so." He said dejectedly.I called everyone to order for a brief meeting before we left. The rest of
the group gathered together in the living room and when they fetisch nymphets
were all seated
I began to explain what was going on to them. There wasn't a lot to say
since everyone knew from last night's commotion what was happening. I just
filled them in on the rest and other then Joey and Danny none of the others
really appeared to want to have anything to do with searching for Trevor.
Apparently he pissed off most of them darkworld nymphets links
with his performance last night. I
rapped it up and then they slowly went back to whatever they were doing.
Shawn went to the TV and started trying out his new games while some of the
others followed to see if they were defloration of nymphet worthwhile. I didn't stick around after
that since Kyle was ready and Jon appeared to be tugging at me to go too.
The four of us met at the door and made sure we had everything we needed the
rest of the group was there innocent nymphets porn watching as we left with a few of them wishing
us good luck. Once we got outside I had a decision to make. Should I tell
them about what I think I have seen or not. I mean Jon knows but I am trying
to figure out if telling Kyle and Ben would help or make them worry even
more. I decided to leave things alone unless it became obvious someone was
out there."Okay let's go over a few things. First off Jon, Ben are you both sure you
don't want to carry a gun?""No thanks, said Ben I trust Kyle enough to protect both of us.""Well he is the best shot I ever saw but still I would feel better if
everyone carried. Jon?""Nope you know how I feel about guns. I have you that's plenty of
protection.""Okay. Kyle you and Ben go down the hill and I will go towards the dead end.
Check as much as you want including inside houses if you think its
necessary. Just be very careful and call me if anything strange happens but
either way call me every so often just so I know you are okay. If we don't
check in every thirty minutes we stop what we are doing and go look for the
others, okay?"They nodded in agreement. They went their way and I went the other way with
Jon. It was just after noon now as we started searching."Jon do you want to do each house or just look around?""I am curious what is in everyone's house but that would take a long time."Just then the phone rang."Yeah Ky, what's up?""I just talked with Ben and convinced him to at least carry a back up gun so
we are going to check out each house now that he has a gun.""Yeah but can he fire it?""One second."I heard him ask Ben in the background of the phone. Then I heard the gun go
off over the phone and then a second later it echoed throughout the entire
neighborhood."He hit the target bro so I guess he will be okay.""What was the target?""I had him aim for a street sign.""Okay at least if he can hit that he can aim for someone's head.""Yeah but let's hope we don't have to."I hung up and Jon started asking about what he didn't hear on the other end."I guess that was Ben who shot the gun?""Yeah he nailed a stop sign or something. I wish you would carry Jon, I know
you hate them but at least I would feel a lot safer.""I'll think about it but look he took that practice shot and now if anyone
is out there the entire neighborhood knows someone has a gun.""Good. That isn't really a bad thing Jon.""I guess. Hey maybe Trevor heard it and might come and see what it was.""Maybe but I doubt it. You have a better chance of finding someone else
alive first.""Huh?""Never mind."We started searching houses one by one and other then some fancy stuff we
found nothing. It was getting late now and several phone chats later we were
tired and so were Kyle and Ben. None of us finding anything. We have checked
about ten houses so far but not the end of the block where it ends at a
cul-de-sac. When Kyle called last he and Ben had checked about ten houses
too and had about five left before the hill started to form. As I said it
was getting late and I was getting hungry and I had to pee."Jon I have to take a leak I am gonna go around side this house.""Okay Tommy I'll asian nymphet models wait here for you."I stepped out of site and whipped out my cock and let fly. It felt so good.
I finished up, shook off the last drop of dew from my lily and put my
massive organ back into its place. I laugh at that. Anyway. just as I was
about to turn back towards the front of the house I thought I heard
something around back of the house. I took out my gun and cautiously walked
back there. There was nothing. I turned to go back to Jon and I heard it
again. I walked farther into the woods behind the house. I was getting
deeper into the woods now and beginning to feel a little vulnerable with
dark setting in. I saw nothing and it was once again quiet. Then I heard
Jon yelling for me. I had walked a bit into the woods now and I turned to go
back as I heard a voice. Chills ran up my spine as I spun to see who it was.
About fifty or so feet away a person was standing out in the open. As I
tried to focus on them they slipped away behind a tree and out of site. Just
then Jon yelled again underage nymphets garden and he was pretty close."Over here!" I screamed back at him.I wasn't sure how to handle this but I think for now bbs nymphets pictures
I am going to keep it
to myself."What the hell are you doing this deep into the woods? You said you had to
pee and you would be right back. What happened?""I heard something and went to check it out.""Did you see anything?""No its getting dark and I can't see too far now.""Well let's head back I don't want to be out here when it does get dark.""Yeah I know what you mean. Even with a gun I don't want to be out here in
the dark."My phone rang and it was Kyle telling me he was heading back home now. I
told him we were too and hung up. We walked past the house where I pissed
and Jon whipped his cock out and started to pee as we walked. I made sure I
wasn't anywhere near him I wasn't in the mood to get peed on."Very impressing Jon. You can walk and piss at the same time."I stopped as I said that because I know him. He spun around and tried to get
me but I wasn't even close to get spray from him."Damn I was hoping I could get you.""You do and you won't get any tonight, that's for sure!" I yelled to him.He put his love tool back in his pants and jogged over to me. We walked out
into the street as dark was settling over the neighborhood now. I was quite
concerned about whom that was I saw back there but for now I am not going to
tell anyone that I saw someone. As we approached the house we saw Kyle and
Ben and we met and talked briefly and then walked up our driveway together
and into the house as dark set over the neighborhood."I just remembered I have something to do. You guys get settled and I'll be
back shortly. I have to go somewhere in the truck."I got a bunch of questions shot at me as I turned and practically flew out
the front door and to my truck. I wanted to check the end of the block for
lights now that it was hard fucking nymphets dark but I still didn't want them knowing someone
else is out there just yet."I'll tell you when I get back."Was all I said as I headed to the truck. I waited for them to enter the
house and shut the door before I left. It was a quick drive to the end of
the block and I killed my truck lights as I approached not wanting to take
any chance at being noticed if this guy was around. I wasn't a genius but I
wasn't stupid either. I pulled as close as I felt I safely could but didn't
see any signs of lights. You see free young ukrainian nymphets it was daytime when the comet hit and
therefore not many lights were on in peoples houses when the comet hit so to
this day when it gets dark out basically the only lights we see at night are
street lights and a few of them have gone out now too from lack of workers
to change them. I can imagine eventually the streets will be dark at night
but since I am not an expert on how long street lights last I guess we will
just have to wait and see. Another thing that bothers me when I think this
hard is the fact that although we aren't trying to hide from anyone I don't
like the fact that we have so many lights visible at night and anyone out
there watching or shall I call it observing the area could easily tell that
the house we occupy is lived in when others remain dark every night. Maybe
in some way we are lucky or maybe there really isn't anyone else around
expect for the person I saw today. Who really knows? The other thing that
keeps going through my mind is that there are others alive but too scared to
come out at all other then when it is dark. I'm not ready to lose sleep over
it just yet though. I scanned the end of the block from a distance and saw
nothing out of sorts. Now I have to decide whether it's worth checking
during the day or just letting things go and waiting for Trevor to reappear
when he is ready. I headed back to the house and let this go for tonight. I
am hungry and tired now and my cock is aching for some attention. The only
question now is Jon or Shawn? I arrived back home and entered the house to a
ton of questions about why I took off so abruptly. After answering them with
the truth about checking for any lights I pretty much silenced them and then
the questions turned to dinner and where do I think Trevor could be and do I
think he is all right. I answered as best as I could about Trevor and then
went inside and made cheese steaks for everyone for dinner. After cleanup I
headed to my room to be alone and think about Trevor and the guy I saw. A
thought crossed my mind that he might have Trevor but as quickly as it came
in I dismissed it with hope that it was nothing more then a thought and
Trevor was safe. I turned in early after getting little sleep the past few
nights. I was already in bed and had the lights out when someone knocked on
my door. In a somewhat groggy voice I yelled come in and Jon entered the
darkness."Sorry Tommy I thought you would still be awake it's barely 9pm.""Just tired tonight Jon.""Okay I'll let you sleep.""No its okay come on over."Even as tired as I felt my cock was still stirring and I wouldn't mind some
attention."You wanna do something tonight Jon?""Sure Tommy but are you sure you look more like you want to sleep then
fuck.""Don't worry about that, I said as I leaned over to put on a light, just
take off that shirt and those shorts my cock has been aching for something
all afternoon.""Why didn't you say anything before?""Because we were busy looking for Trevor and when you whipped out your cock
and started to pee before you really turned me on,""Ohhh I see."I wiped my eyes and watched him slip out of his shirt and then his shorts.
He came to my bed in just his underwear. He got up close to me and got comfy
on the pillow next to me. I reached out and began stroking his member inside
his underwear."Oh yeah!" was all he said.After he grew hard I leaned over and told him I wanted him to stick it up my
ass again and his eyes lit up with delight. He went to get the lube as I
stripped. My ass wasn't that sore but it still felt used."The only thing I ask of you Jon is to be quilt nymphet arts careful and go slowly. It still
stings a bit from last night."He gleefully told me okay as he took the cap off the lube and put some on
his finger. He was ready and I was still thinking about rolling over to get
into position. This was the only part I really didn't like that much. I
assumed the position and Jon lovely nymphette had my ass cheeks spread and was applying the
lube before I could even settle into the doggy position on the bed."Your ready Tommy now just give me a second to get rock hard. I am close
already."And sure enough he was as I turned to check him and saw his mostly erect
cock before he began stroking it some to get it a bit harder. I felt the
cold lube take its effects on me as he stopped stroking and began applying a
little more it to my tender hole. I gasped slightly and then grew quiet as
the cold slowly disappeared."I'm ready Tommy.""Okay Jon just take it slow."He mounted me as I felt a tingle of pressure from the head of his illegal incest nymphets cock and
then a slow push as his cock entered my butt for the second night in a row.
It wasn't as bad a feeling mentally as it was last night and the sensation
was a bit stronger too as he started to sink deeper into my ass. There was
still some pain as he hit the same blockage he did last night and I quickly
told him to back off some. He did and the pain went away. This must be my
sphincter muscle from what I have read about."Go slowly Jon.""Okay I will."And he began pushing into me again. I pushed back some. Not as much pain
this time as I now tried to relax myself. He pushed and gained access past
my temporary blockade and then told me a few seconds later he was all the
way in. I acknowledged as he slid out some and began pumping my ass slowly.
I felt every bit of him as he did his deed. For some reason tonight it was a
lot easier to recognize what he nymphet girls tgp
was doing. He began so speed up some. The
sensation was pretty strong now as he pumped in and out of my back door. It
was mixed pleasure and weirdness. Not much pain but it was definitely odd
feeling. Not that I was counting the seconds but knowing Jon and he
weakness for being able to last long I would say he had about a minute or so
left he began to slow down some and I could hear his breathing change to a
deeper pant like when he was getting close to blowing his wad."I am so close now Tommy."He announced as he sped up his humping. I could feel my balls rock back and
forth as he plowed into me over and over. Finally he took a deep breath and
pushed into me as far as nymphet nn pics
he could. It felt really weird since he hadn't
applied so much pressure before and pushed so foro nymphet
deep last night and as he
exhaled he leaned forward putting his weight on me and not pulling out. He
placed a few kisses on my back as I started to feel the warmth of his cum as
it began filling my insides. He let out a pretty good moan and shuttered a
little as he pushed his already deeply buried cock into me trying to get
further in. He grabbed my body tightly as I no longer felt his balls bang
softly against my leg after his final thrust. He stayed inside me a little
longer then I liked but I did nothing but wait for him to finish as he
pulled out of me finally and fell to the bed. He said nothing as I got the
same feeling I did last night and quickly got up from the bed and headed to
the toilet bowl to allow his cum to leave my body. I sat for a while not
really wanting to get up and I though about what he just did to me. I was
debating whether it was worth it or not as I began to feel cheap and smutty
inside. I really didn't know if this was worth it at this moment even though
I did get a decent thrill from it while he was inside me. This part really
grossed me out. About a minute or so later as the thought slowly passed Jon
appeared at the bathroom door and asked me if he could come in. I waved him
in and watched as his cock swayed and dripped fluid as he walked past me to
the little crazy nymphet sink."How was it Jon?"He looked at me and smiled."You felt awesome Tommy. Damn you have a tight ass and it felt so great
being inside you.""Gee thanks?" I said wondering if that was a good thing or not.He washed up including his crotch as I sat on the bowl waiting for him to
finish. I didn't mind him being in there with me but I wasn't ready to young defloration nymphets
myself until I had the bathroom back to myself. Finally he was done and he
smiled widely as he walked past me out of the bathroom and back to the bed I
suppose. I cleaned up and after washing off well with a washcloth I headed
back to my bed. He was laying on it looking at me and smiling."You want to do me now?""No Jon thanks but not tonight.""I at least owe you a blow job Tommy."I felt like a cheap slutty whore inside but I wasn't about to tell him. I
think this might be the last time he gets to bury himself inside me. I'll
have to think on it."You okay Tommy? You seem upset.""I'll be all right Jon, I think I just want to rest for a bit and then I'll
let you know if we will do more okay?""Sure Tommy." He said dejectedly.The sound of his voice definitely showed he knew something was wrong with
me. For now he would have to just wonder because I wasn't ready to discuss
my feelings with him no matter how much I care about him. I lay on my side
of the bed and began to think about what others though when they got fucked.
How Shawn felt how Jon felt and so on. I almost thought I was getting
payback for doing something wrong. I just wasn't sure. Jon was quiet and
said nothing to me as I thought for a while quietly. He just sat there and
occasionally played with himself as I looked at him a few times while
thinking. He got closer and put his head on my chest but didn't say
anything. I took my hand and began stroking his hair."Its okay Jon, you didn't do anything wrong and I still love you. I just
have a lot to think about.""Okay." Was all he said.It was quiet for a while as I continued to play with his hair. Occasionally
I would run my hand down the back of his neck some but no further. I wanted
to do more with him tonight but so far I just didn't feel like it."Jon I am gonna just go to sleep if its all right with forbiden nymphets
you, I am tired.""Sure Tommy I understand it was a busy day searching the neighborhood made
me tired too."That wasn't it but if that is what he thinks then it will work for me."Night Jon.""Night Tommy, love you.""Love you too Jon."He moved over onto the other side of the bed as I got up and put out the
light. I got back into bed and got settled in on my pillow. Shortly after I
stopped moving Jon moved closer to me and put his hand on my stomach. I took
hold of his hand and clasped fingers with him. I wasn't mad I guess I was
confused and I did love Jon and I did love what he did with me again
tonight. I just didn't love how it made me feel after he finished. Maybe we
will do this again but one thing is for sure. I will have to come up with a
reason that he pulls out of me because I think I can take the fucking but
not what he leaves behind as his present. If you want to call it that. I'll
be okay by morning I hope. I thought about Trevor for a bit and drifted off
to sleep.TO BE CONTINUED...
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