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From: Dwedno Smith
Subject: Tunnel chapter 51Hi all,Here is your next chapter and the answer to the next cliff hanger. It was a
quiet week and a little writers block which is why it wasnt on padded as
usual. I finished it Saurday night and sent it right to nifty and padded nymphet bbs pthc
soon as i find the web master. Hope you all enjoy and see you next week.
DwednoChapter 51. One more surprise from Robert."What's wrong Tommy? What did Robert say to you?""Follow me and you will find out. Come on hurry nymphets land toplist we don't have a lot of
time!"I ran past them and out into the hall. I started opening doors and checking
the rooms. There weren't a lot of rooms downstairs and in a short time I had
gone through every room. Damn! What could he have possibly meant? I headed
upstairs Kyle and Jeremy were following me and for the moment quiet as I
continued looking. The main floor was clear so I headed upstairs. There were
three doors at the top of the steps all shut. I tried the first door and it
was unlocked, I opened it and it was a room with a bed and nothing more. I
tried the second door and it was locked. I shook the door and yelled out."Hello is anyone in there?"Kyle and Jeremy were right behind me. I took a few steps back and started
kicking the door. It wouldn't budge and after the third kick it finally flew
open. I ran inside the dimly lit room. There was a bed, dresser and small
table. It looked just like the rooms in the basement only this one was
different; it still had someone in it. Hidden next to the bed on the floor
was what looked like a young man in his late teens or early 20's he was
naked and dirty and sat between the bed and wall huddled up. So far this
didn't make any sense at all. I got down on the floor to his level and he
looked at me. The closer I looked the more I saw this wasn't a young man but
a teenager."Hi, my name is Tommy."I reached out to him. He didn't move at first."I am Tommy what's your name?"He looked at me but said nothing. I waited in silence for a minute and
finally he looked ready to say something."My name is DJ.""Hi DJ nice to meet you."I stood up and reached out my hand to him. The bastard had one more boy
hidden and in his final dying breath admitted to me that there was someone
else in the house. He didn't say who or where they were. His final words
were check the house there is one more person in here. And that was all he
said before he died. I reached out for DJ's hand, this time he took mine and
I slowly helped him up. He stood up and just kept going. By the time he got
his balance he was taller then me by about four inches. He was totally naked
and dirty as I said before. Not too skinny but without any question he
needed to eat. I would say he stood about 6'2 or 6'3. It was too dark to see
much more of him other then what obviously stood out since he was naked. He
was well built in more ways then one. You could say his height and his size
down below were probably proportionate from what I could tell. He had me
beat that's for sure! I looked back up at him and stopped staring at his
genitalia."How old are you DJ?""Fifteen.""How long have you been here?""I don't know Tommy, a long time.""Long like weeks, months?""Not too sure Tommy, months I think."He didn't say much more, he sat on the bed. I looked for something to cover
him with so Kyle and Jeremy wouldn't see him and he would become more
embarrassed then he already appeared. I found a blanket and told him to put
it around his lower body. He stood up and wrapped it twice around himself. I
turned and looked at the other two and they came closer."Wow bro another one huh? That guy was a horrible person!""Yeah he sure was.""Kyle stuck out his hand to DJ."They shook and Kyle backed off allowing Jeremy to do the same. After that DJ
stood up pretty much towering over Kyle and of course a bit over Jeremy too
who was pretty tall as it was."Come on DJ lets get you out of this place and some place safe. Are you
hungry?""Starving! Can you feed me? Please?""Of course we will feed you. Let's see if we can find you something to wear
and then I will take you back with the others. Kyle is my brother and Jeremy
was here in the basement. We found him the other day. He was held captive
just like you were. I am sure you might have a bunch of questions for him.""No not really. Thanks though but all I want is a shower and food right now.
Please.""Sure come on lets get you out of here.""Kyle check the other room for me and make sure there aren't anymore
surprises okay?""Sure bro, I'll meet you downstairs as soon as we check."I slowly walked DJ down the steps and as things got brighter I shy nymphets pics could see
more then I wanted too. More bruises, small cuts, black and blues and filth.
This boy was treated just as poorly as the others. He had short hair but it
was so dirty that is was impossible to tell its color without asking. He
needs a shower and food right away. A lot of things went through my head one
being where the hell was he going to stay? We really didn't have another
free room, everything was full now. I'll figure that out later. For now
let's just get him clean and fed. We waited at the truck for Kyle and
Jeremy. They came out with a pair of shorts and a shirt for DJ."We found these in the other room Tommy no one else just clothes nymphet breast pics
and other
things.""Great."Kyle handed the clothes to DJ. He took them but didn't change right now he
just rapped the blanket tighter around himself as the cold air made itself
known to his body."Can we go please? I am getting cold." He asked."Sure." I said.He got in the back and Jeremy got in opposite him with Kyle sitting up front
with me. This is going to open some mouths when we enter the house with him.
No doubt about it. Another mouth to feed. I hope this is it I don't think I
could take another one in. We drove down to the house and I parked the truck
and went around helping DJ out as Kyle and Jeremy went to the house. We
walked to the front door and entered. From the sound of things they were all
gathered together in the living room playing another round of some game. It
was getting late now. closer to 7 or 8pm I guessed and we entered the house
unnoticed. I told Kyle what I was going to do and he told me okay and he
would get food for DJ after his shower. I brought him upstairs into my room
and he put the clothes he was carrying on my bed."Now what Tommy?""Well my friend the bathroom is over there." I pointed to the door."Thanks, is it all right if I go shower now?""Sure."He headed to the door blanket still firmly wrapped around his body and
opened my bathroom door shutting it behind him. The water started right away
and I could hear him fuddling around in there. I went downstairs quickly to
see what was up and Kyle told me Jeremy went in to watch the others play. He
also told me that he asked Jeremy to keep this to himself for now and he
agreed. Kyle had heated some pasta and a few burgers we had the past few
days and it smelled good enough to eat myself. I realized it was so late and
I didn't even have dinner yet myself."I'm going back upstairs to see how he is doing.""Okay bro has he said anything yet?""Nope other then wanting to shower he has been totally quiet.""Looks like we have a quiet one here.""Yeah either shock or scared I guess.""Yeah bro, probably both.""We'll be down as soon as he is dressed and ready.""Okay." Kyle said.I headed back upstairs and to my room. As I shut my door I heard the water
shut off. I went over and sat on my bed waiting to see what his next move
was. About five minutes later he opened the door and came out looking much
better. He had one of my large white towels rapped around his waist and
appeared to be in better spirits."Do you have my clothes?"I handed him what was on the bed. He looked at them."I didn't notice earlier but these aren't mine. He said as he held them up.
I couldn't fit in these if I wanted to."He was right they didn't even look like they would hold one of his legs."Hold on let me check my draw and see petite nymphete tgp what I have for you to wear."I fished around and found a good pair of sweats that were a little large on
me."Try these on and tomorrow we can go shopping and get you some new stuff or
I can even take you to your home and get you stuff to make you feel more
comfortable now that you will be staying here."I handed youngs nymphets nude him the sweats and a clean shirt."Thanks Tommy but what makes you think I am staying?""Oh, well I just assumed you would live with us now.""Why would I want to live here? I want to get back to my family as soon as I
get some rest. Even that is too long to wait but I am so tired, tomorrow
first thing would be great."Does he have a clue what is going on out there?"What do you mean get back to your family DJ?""You know my mom and dad and my brothers and sister."Oh boy!"How long have you been in that house?""Like I said Tommy I guess it's been a while but it was a lot warmer when he
took me.""Warmer like early summer or late spring?""From what I remember when he kidnapped me it was just springtime.""I hate to tell you this but its November now."He looked at me and his mouth dropped open. Admittedly it was dark out and
he has been in seclusion for a while but this kid has totally lost all track
of time. It even appears he didn't know about the comet too. How do I
explain that to him?"It's early November now." I said."You can't be serious. He kept me locked up in that room for that long? I
lost almost six months of my life and the chance to see my family for that
long? Wow that totally blows my mind. Then I have to correct myself Tommy, I
am 16 years old. I didn't know so much time passed. My birthday was in
October, Halloween to be exact. My family must be totally worried about me.
Or worse maybe they forgot about me. Can I call them?"I feel so bad for him this is gonna shock him big time but wow nymphets virgins girls just last
week was his birthday. Amazing!"Why don't you change and then we can talk about calling them."I didn't have the heart to say anything about the comet but I guess I will
have to now or after he gets dressed."Oh yeah good idea. This wet towel isn't helping me dry off any."I took a good look at him now that he was clean he was to put it plainly
HOT! He stood as I said about 6'2 and maybe 200 pounds if that. Skinny,
blonde hair totally blonde hair no other color and blue eyes. Some muscle
tone but not a weight lifter. It looked like he still had braces on which
might be a big problem since we don't have a doctor to take them off when
the time comes. But they even added to his cuteness. He has a nice patch of
hair under each arm and a small amount on his chest with some strands around
his tits. His legs were hairy and I really couldn't tell about his crotch
because it was so dark when I found him nude. It's obvious he has hair there
too and from what I could see while he was naked in front of me for the few
seconds before I gave him the blanket he has to be pretty huge. He obviously
was soft and he looked four inches soft. Damn kid might have eight inches in
his pants for all I know. That won't be easy to find out the way he has hid
himself so far. He is definitely shy."Ummm, Tommy I need to change into these is it okay to use the bathroom
again?"I just went off into dream land imagining what he has hidden away from us."Tommy?""Oh sorry.""Bathroom?""Ummm, sure DJ, sorry be my guest."He turned and headed back into the other room and shut the door. WOW!!! He
is some catch! I feel bad though. When he learns his family is gone how is
he gonna feel? A few minutes later he came out in just the sweats. Still
fucking HOT!!!"DJ, those are your initials so what is your real name??"It's Devin Justin Collier. You can call me DJ or Devin okay?""Sure DJ."I think I would rather call him cutie!"DJ we need to talk.""Sure Tommy did I do something wrong?""No cutie.err. I mean DJ you didn't but I have something serious I need to
tell you."Did you call me cutie?""Ummm. yeah sorry. It slipped out.""You nymphet dark model
think I am cute?"I smiled."Tommy do you think I am cute?""Yes you are cute and hot!"He smiled widely."Thanks. So what do you have to tell me that sounds so serious?""Come have a seat."I was on my bed and I patted it for him to come over and sit with me.
Surprisingly he did just that. Damnnnn I could smell the soap on his body
and he freenymphets used my shampoo too. okay enough of that before I fall in love AGAIN."I don't quite know how to say it so I am just going to tell you.""Okay, sure.""I can't be one hundred percent positive but if I had to guess I would say
your whole family is dead.""Huh? What do you mean who killed them? Was it Robert?""No DJ while Robert had you probably in the basement my guess would be, the
comet hit and that's why you weren't killed like most people. I lost my
family except for Kyle who you met and.""Wait, hold on. a comet hit here and everyone is dead? Why are you alive?""It's a long 16 nymphet
story DJ.""I don't think I am going anywhere tonight so why don't you tell me?""Sure I guess so."Just then there was a knock on the door."Come in," I said.It was Kyle."What's up bro?""That's your brother?" he said with a note of interest in his voice."Yup, that's my bro!"I got up and gave him a hug just because I could and to show off a
little.because I could."You remember me right I saw you back at the house.""Yeah briefly but you look a lot better now then when I saw you last."Kyle smiled. He had the `I don't know what to say' look on his face."So what's up Kyle?" I said."I just wanted to check on everything.""I was just starting to tell him about the comet.""Oh well I'll come back later then.""Thanks bro."He waved at DJ and turned to leave."He's nice Tommy.""Yeah he is, that's my bro. So where were we?""You said a comet hit and killed everyone but you are alive and so is your
brother. Why can't my family be alive then?""Its possible DJ but right now there are about twelve of us living here and
so far we haven't found anyone but you and a few others alive.""Well I don't want to believe you until I see for myself.""That's totally understandable. Tomorrow we can go to your house and you can
have a look.""Great, until then I am just going to keep my fingers crossed they are
alive.""So where do I sleep tonight?""Good question, I was thinking in Kyle's area he has a couch and it's
private.""With Kyle. that should be fine. He's pretty neat."Why do I have a feeling he has something for Kyle?"First I want to introduce you to the others. Put your shirt on and we will
go downstairs and you can meet the others.""Sweet!"He put on his shirt and we headed out of my room."One sec."I knocked on Shawn's door."Come in Tommy.""How does he know its you?""Because I am usually the only one to bother him.""Oh."I walked in and DJ followed me."Hi Tommy what's up.who is that?"I laughed as he looked right through me."DJ this is Shawn."He got off his bed nymphets in shower
and quickly came over to meet DJ."Wow Tommy he is tall."DJ laughed and extended his hand. They shook hands."Yes cutie he is tall."DJ didn't quite seem to understand why I nymphets models panty called him cutie from the look on
his face but shortly there will be a whole bunch he doesn't understand as he
gets bombed with meeting all the others and probably finds out what this
place is all about."Coming downstairs for the meeting?""You mean to show off DJ?""Yeah something like that."We headed downstairs and ran into Jon."Tommy where have you been and. who. is. nymphet teens biz the. hunk?""Shut you're mouth Jon! You are attracting flies and its almost winter.""Gee Tommy no one holds their comments back here do they?""No DJ not at all, that's something you will get used to if you stay.""Among other things. Jon added."Where did you find him Tommy?""He was another of Roberts's victims.""Oh that's too bad. He looked at DJ. Sorry to hear that DJ nice to meet
you.""You too Jon.""We are having a meeting, you coming?""Hell yeah!" answered Jon.We made it to the living room where all play immediately stopped when we
walked in. Mouths dropped and other then the TV there was silence. Kyle
turned the volume down as everyone in the room stared at DJ."Everyone this is DJ, we found him tonight at Robert's house. I will tell
you everything as soon as everyone is here."Billy, Joey, the twins, Jeremy, Luke and Benjy were in the living room
already. Kyle was upstairs getting Danny and Christian since they seemed to
be the only one's missing Danny entered and Christian eventually followed
slowly tagging along behind. Jon was already with us as was Shawn. Kyle
eventually followed Christian into the living room. It was standing room
only and DJ was not only the main attraction he seemed to be in awe of how
many boys there were living here."Okay we are all here now if you guys will quiet down some. I said nicely.
As usual no one listened. I SAID QUIET!"Finally they shushed up."Okay everyone this is DJ or Devin and we found him tonight when we went
back to check on Robert."He waved shyly and said nothing still taking all this in."The other thing is Robert is dead. When we got there tonight he was dying
on his bed when he told us about DJ who was locked in a room upstairs. The
house is empty now except for Robert's dead body."What are you going to do with that Tommy?""Just leave him there Zack; I certainly am not going to dig a hole for him
are you?""Hell no but I just wanted to know what was going to happen.""He is going to rot and decay in his bed in that house from hell where he
kept us Zack!" said Jeremy.I looked at Jeremy and he was pretty much right on the nose."Is that true Tommy?" Zack asked me."Yes as far as I am concerned it is. I am not going to bury him.""I'll bury him with a stick shoved up his ass!" Jeremy cried out.I looked at him."You already had your chance so give it up already big boy!"Several in the room snickered at that."So Tommy where is DJ sleeping for now?" asked Billy."After tonight hungarian nymphet galleries
I hope to be sleeping in my bed with my family."The room got all quiet."Does he know about the comet Tommy? Asked Danny."Yes I told him but he wants to hold onto hope that someone in his house is
alive and honestly I can't blame him. Tomorrow before I take the twins for
their things I am going to take DJ home and he can see what is going on in
his house then he will make a decision where he will be from there.""So where is he sleeping tonight?"This time Kyle asked."How about on your couch?"He smiled blue teen nymphets at me."Sure bro no problem."A little chatter went up in the room as Kyle agreed to that. I'm not sure
how many others asked Kyle about using his couch but I know this will be the
first known person to sleep in his room and first that everyone knew about
too. I have a feeling someone else in this house has been in there but so
far we just don't know."So with that said has everyone eaten tonight?""No I am still starving.""I know DJ I was asking so I don't go make food for you and then when I am
done five others come in and yell they are hungry.""Oh why don't they just make their own food?""Good question? Does anyone have the answer?"Room totally silent!"Of course not because that would mean someone would have to do work around
here and unless I offer no one usually eats or does much. I looked at DJ and
continued. Sometimes I think I have to wipe their asses for them but it
hasn't gotten that nymphets chinese bad yet!"Groans went up with my comment."Oh so you all don't like that one huh?"I laughed."Tomorrow everyone makes their own breakfast, lunch and dinner!"More groans."Then I suggest most, not all but most of you keep quiet about what I say.
Some of you help out and it's appreciated but most of you are good for
crying and complaining and don't lift a finger unless I make you!"Silence. I didn't name names but I did look at a few of them. They quickly
looked away as our eyes met. Jon, Billy, Joey and Danny to name a few."Okay enough of this! Come on DJ time to feed you.""Awesome!!The meeting broke up and the TV volume went back up and some left the living
room and others went to do their own thing. The twins and Shawn followed me
into the kitchen with DJ and sat while I looked for something to feed them."Okay who is eating?"All raised their hands. I started going thru the freezer naming off
something to cook. After some complaining between Shawn and Zack it was
decided that PBJ's would be made. DJ sat and at the food that Kyle heated
for him not caring what the others ate he just wanted food. I made the first
two and offered them to DJ and he ate them before I was done feeding the
other three on top of what Kyle heated for him. Damn kid looked like he
could eat us out of everything alone! In all I wound up making seven more
sandwiches and two for myself after that. We went through a half gallon of
milk, which is getting low now. We still have some frozen downstairs but
it's getting low now. Eventually we will have to drink that parmalot stuff
or whatever it's called. We also went through the rest of the jelly and half
a tub of peanut butter. Guess tomorrow I go shopping too after the twins get
their stuff and I take DJ home to illegal nymphets bbs
an empty house. I guess my comments stuck
because each of the boys cleaned up after themselves after they got up
including DJ who even thanked me for the food. The twins were new to this so
I didn't know what to expect but usually when Shawn was done he got up and
put his dish in the sink or dishwasher and walked out or if he was waiting
for me just sat and waited. The thank you was a nice change."You're welcome DJ. You guys too."Which of course got the others going since it has been a while since they
heard or used manners.? Something that is slowly going away in this house
too. DJ even offered to help load the dishes in the sink into the
dishwasher. I sure hope he does stick around he will be great to have here
and apparently some kind of influence on the others if now with his height
and definitely his manners. I would rather have him with his real family if
that is possible. Kyle came in as soon as we were done and offered to take
DJ into his room and show him around. They were gone in a flash after DJ
asked if it was okay to leave. Maybe he can teach the others some manners
yet? I doubt it! I looked at Shawn who stayed behind with me after eating.
The twins were already back in the living room."So cutie it's you and me."He smiled and came over to me."TJ I love you." He gave me a huge hug."Thanks Shawn, I love you too.""I just wanted to tell you that since it's been pretty tough around here
lately. You have really done great to keep everything going.""Thanks love!"I leaned over and kissed his head."Anything I can do for you cutie?""Can I be with you tonight?""Sure as long as everything is quiet in the house its fine with me.""Kewl!"I headed to my room with Shawn and we went in and I shut the door. Meanwhile
in Kyle's room."So DJ do you think this couch will be big enough for you?""I think so, do you have any blankets?""Yeah in the closet."He went over and opened the door but they were too high for him to reach."Can you reach them DJ?"DJ came over and brushed past Kyle and reached up for them. He took down two
blankets and once again brushed by Kyle as he turned to walk to the couch.
Kyle was liking this a whole lot right about now. He looked over the big boy
as he made his temporary bed up. He watched him through every step of
getting ready for bed. DJ looked at Kyle."You going to bed yet?""No are you?""Not yet Kyle but soon. I think I am going to watch them play a little in
the living room and then go to bed if it's okay with you?""Fine with me, I was going back to play anyway. I owe Luke a game.""Can I watch?" he asked."Sure you don't have to ask DJ you do anything you want in this house as
long as no one gets hurt Tommy doesn't care.""Oh great. Thanks for nymphette nudist pussy letting me know."Together they left Kyle's room and headed to the living room."What do you want to do cutie?"Nothing special TJ I just wanted to be with you, I miss you holding and
loving me and I wanted you tonight.""Oh, okay, sounds good to me."I jumped on my bed and Shawn got on next to me and we just cuddled for a
while with nothing but hugs and some kisses going on. It was still early not
quite 9pm but I had a long day as usual and almost fell asleep with Shawn
running his hand up and down my arm and tickling me. It felt good and I nymphets land top 100
enjoying it. Apparently he was too. I didn't stop him. I smiled at him
occasionally looking at him but mostly I had my eyes shut and just relaxed.
I fell asleep and apparently so did Shawn. I awoke about two hours or so
later and I sat up. I started thinking about free porn nymphets how things are now and started
thinking about things that were a lot deeper then I should for someone my
age. Life, the boys and what the future holds for all of us. There was more
but I started to scare myself so I got up and threw on a pair of sweats and
a shirt and quietly left my room so I didn't wake Shawn. I went out into the
hall and the lights were off but some light was shown from under a few doors
and since it wasn't quite midnight I didn't think much of it. I went
downstairs and someone free youngest ebony nymphets was smart enough to turn off all the lights and the
only thing showing was the night lights. The house was quiet and everyone
was in their rooms or so it seemed. I went into the living room. The TV was
off and I looked around with what little light was showing and someone was
sleeping on the couch. I got closer and saw that bbs new nymphets it was Jeremy. I shook him
lightly and he jumped but didn't say anything."Sorry kiddo, why are you sleeping on the couch? You have a room.""Guess I fell asleep and they didn't wake me. I was watching the guys play
and I guess things caught up with me. I closed my eyes and the next thing I
knew you were waking me up.""Sorry. You can stay here if you want I just came down to check the house
and I am going out for some air. Night Jeremy.""Thanks for checking on me Tommy. I am going to my room. Night."I turned and headed out towards underage nymphet lol
the front door. As I opened the door I heard
his footsteps as he scampered up the steps to his room. I looked outside and
it was snowing. Not a lot just some light snow coming down and sticking only
on the grass. I went out in it and took a deep breath of the cold night air.
The sky was dark but the air smelled somewhat clean and fresh like you get
when it's moist but cool and it was just nice. I zippered my jacket up and
shut the door behind me. I walked out to the driveway and looked around.
Total silence and littles nn nymphets galleries other then an occasional breeze that blew a few flurries
into my face it was nice. I stood and watched the snowfall for a bit and
enjoyed being alone and thought a little more about how things were. I felt
better but still confused and obviously didn't have answers just questions
that no one but time could answer. I was starting to get a little cold when
the door opened behind me. I was in the middle of the driveway and I turned
to see Shawn coming out of the house. nymphet models toplist
He was dressed warmly and he headed
over to me."I woke up and went to hug you and you weren't there. I searched all over
and saw you outside from a window. What are you doing Tommy? It's cold out.""Just getting some air cutie, I wanted to relax and enjoy some cold air and
the snow was a bonus.""Oh. I am cold if I say will you hold me?""Sure cutie come over here."He came by me and I unzipped my jacket and he scooted inside. With my hands
in my pockets I rapped my jacket around both of us as I held him close to
me."This is nice TJ I like this a lot.""You warmer now?""Yeah it's good."Things got quiet again as we both just stood there for a models nymphets nonude bit and let the
snow fall on us. About ten minutes later I had enough and my nose was
getting cold."Time to go in.""Awwww, I was just starting to enjoy this. You were keeping me nice and warm
and I love being in your arms. Can we stay a little longer?""Just a little okay Shawn. I am getting cold and I don't want to get sick.""Okay TJ just a few more minutes."It started to snow a little harder and that was enough to chase me in. Shawn
didn't argue this time as we headed for the door. The air was nice but now
the warmth of the house felt even better as it appeared we were about to get
our first decent snowfall of the late fall/early winter. Well maybe but I
remember snows like this in the past in November and all of a sudden a
little snow that isn't sticking turns into a mess the next day. Good thing
we don't have any place to go that important later just incase it does come
down a lot. I took my coat off and hung it up and asked Shawn if he wanted
some hot chocolate."Yeah that sounds great!"In we went and I made two cups for us and we sat at the table and drank it
while Shawn played with a few of the small marshmallows I took out to put in
the hot chocolate. We threw one at each other for a bit. I guess we made a
little noise because I heard someone and before I knew it we had company."Hey guys what's going on in here?""Hey Luke what are you doing up?""I didn't go to bed yet. I was thirsty so nymphets cuties nude xxx
I came down for water and found
you guys. Whatcha drinking?""Hot chocolate!" Shawn barked out."That sounds good. Can I have some too?""Sure the water is warm on the stove and the mix is on the counter, help
yourself."Luke not being one to ask for help went and made himself a cup and sat and
us a minute later."Its nice having someone like you around Luker.""Thanks but what do you mean Tommy?""Well I know of at least three other boys who would have asked for hot
chocolate and then expected me to get up and make it for them. And of those
three maybe four. at least one of them is so lazy that if I didn't make it
he probably wouldn't have any."Luke laughed and then so did Shawn."Who?" asked Luke."I really don't want to say.""Oh come on TJ tell us!" Shawn yelled out to me."Okay if you want to know so bad guess.""Yeah but if we guess right will you tell us?" asked Luke."Sure why not. What is he gonna do cry if he finds out best nymphet pics I think he is lazy?"They laughed. Luke took a guess."Is it Joey?""Nope." I said."Jon?" Shawn said."Nope. Now think who is lazy?"They were both quiet for a second."Oh I know.Shawn said. It's Danny!"I started to laugh."You got it."All three of us started to laugh. After that we finished up and put our
dishes in the dishwasher and started it. I cleaned up and the three of us
headed up to our bedrooms together. At the top of the steps Luke said good
night and we both said it back. Then Shawn and I headed to my room and Luke
to his. Shawn shut the door after we entered. It was almost 1am now as we
got into bed. I still had a chill but it was a good chill that Shawn quickly
took care of as he got into bed next to me. We snuggled up close to one
another, me with my PJ's on which was rare and Shawn with a tee shirt and
his pajama bottoms on. I put my arm around him and together we dozed off to
sleep. Its gonna be a good night tonight!Morning came quickly as Shawn yelled out to me to get up and come look at
the snow. I stumbled out of bed and looked outside to see everything covered
with some amount of snow. Not a lot but enough to make everything white and
clean looking so it looked from here."Looks like we got a few inches of snow last night.""Yeah. I want to go play in it.""Okay if you want I guess its fine. There isn't enough to make a snowman yet
but if you dress warm you can go out."He took off for his room and got dressed. I went downstairs as I was and
apparently several of the boys were already awake and getting ready to go
out and play in the snow too. Barely 8am and someone must have sounded the
alarm that it snowed last night. The twins, Danny and Christian and Billy
and Joe were already awake and headed out to play in it. I looked outside
from the door for a minute. It was chilly and we got about three inches from
what I could see. The truck was covered in it and before I could shut the
door Joey was already making snowballs out of it or shall I say trying to
make snowballs, there wasn't enough but he was working on it. Finally he
threw one at me as I shut the door quickly and it hit with a thud. I heard
lots of laughter from outside and smiled myself as I went to see who else
was awake. Shawn came downstairs as I approached the bottom of the steps."How is it out?""A few inches but a few guys are already out so you better be ready to get
hit with a snowball or two when you go out.""Oh yeah I forgot about that. Everyone loves to throw snowballs."He sounded dejected all of a sudden but still headed for the door. He opened
the door and looked outside and shut it quickly as I heard two snowballs hit
the door. I watched as he opened it again just a little and jumped back and
yelled as another nude wild nymphet came flying at the door. He didn't get it shut in time and
the snowball flew into the house. That was enough for me. I went over to the
open door and yelled outside."OKAY! Enough throwing at the door! Next one that hits the door will have to
deal with me! Throw them at each other or anywhere else but no more this
way! Now I have extreme nymphet flag to clean up the snow!"I finished my tirade and shut the door. No more then three seconds after I
shut it I heard another snowball slam against the door. I just laughed and
shook my head."I don't even want to go out there its too dangerous.""Oh come on Shawn. They won't kill you!"I thought about what I said and I looked at him."Give me one second to pick up the snow."He helped me and we dumped it in the sink."Okay follow me."We headed towards the pool and to the backyard. I opened the door and he
went out that way."Thanks TJ at least now I have a chance to arm myself with a few snowballs
before I go around front."I laughed again."Go get `em tiger!"I yelled to him shy pedo nymphet as I shut the door. He took off and I turned and looked at
the pool and thought about it for a second. Nah not now. It was pretty neat
though. The room was super warm and snow outside on the grass. Its gonna be
a fun winter with snow and a warm pool I can see it now! I thought about all
the fun we can have. Going outside in your bathing suit it's freezing out
and you run from the snow and jump into the heated pool! Awesome! Or how
about a snowball fight in the pool area. that sounds great too. You dive
under the water as a snowball hits above your head! Its gonna be a fun
winter, that's for sure! I headed out of the pool area and around front to
look outside and see how everyone was doing. I saw snowballs fly and heard
Shawn yell as he came and attacked one of the boys from the side of the
house. He nailed Danny and Joey with snowballs before ducking behind my
truck to hide. It looked like fun but I know if I go out there either
someone or I am dead. Maybe later but not now. For now I will just stand
here and watch them pummel one another. I watched for a few minutes and the
door to Kyle's room opened. Out came DJ."Hey DJ how did you sleep?""Okay, it would have been better in my bed but it was okay I guess.""Well I wish I could help but for now all we had was Kyle's couch.""Yeah that's okay Tommy, thanks anyway. Hey what's all the yelling outside
for, it woke me up.""It snowed last night and some of the guys are outside throwing snowballs.""Awwww, kewl! I want to go out too!" he said."Go ahead." I said."I can't I don't have a coat.""Oh. Let's see if I can find you one."I looked around and found something. It wasn't the best coat in the world
but it fit. He opened the door as I cautioned him to be careful. At least
they listened this time nothing came flying at us but as soon as he got
outside and the door shut I heard them start yelling and what sounded like
DJ scream. They must have attacked him. Poor kid! I laughed. I hope he can
hold his own. I went inside and made another cup of hot chocolate. Last
night's was so good I wanted more. I decided to make a bunch because
eventually those boys will be in and yelling they are cold and want
something to drink. I decided to plan ahead and started to make a big pot of
it. I looked through the closets and found a coffee maker and cleaned it out
and filled it with water and let it start to heat up. At least if the water
is warm then all they have to do is all mix and drink. I let that go and
warm up and decided to go downstairs and into my room and check out the
camera. It's been too long since I spied on everyone. Well whoever is in the
house anyway..since most of them are outside now. I headed towards the
basement. I walked up to the door and opened it to go down."Tommy!"I almost jumped out of my skin. I turned it was Jon."Why must you scream out hot nymphets gallery
my name?""Sorry. Where ya going man?""I was going downstairs to look for something.""And that is?""I was going to check the heating system and make sure its okay for the
winter and make sure that nothing appears wrong.""Oh. you want company?""Sure why not."I headed down and Jon followed me. I went to the back of the basement and
opened the door to the garage. We entered the garage and I walked over into
the corner and opened the door to the heating room. I looked around as Jon
watched me and pretended like I knew what I was doing. The only thing I did
know was where the switches were to control the water valves and the switch
to change things over from diesel to natural gas for the back up generator.
I really knew nothing much about the heater."Well everything looks good in here.""Okay Tommy if you say so. nymphets rape pedo I don't have a clue how any of that works."Good thing for me."I am going back upstairs and see if any of them have had enough snow and
are back inside now."The cameras will have to wait I guess. He followed me back upstairs as we
made small talk about the twins and our other two new members. I walked into
the kitchen and DJ was already back in the house as were the twins and Joey
with his side kick Billy. Billy and Joey had already attacked my hot water
and were mixing their own hot chocolates as we entered the room."I take it you guys are done out there for now?""We are." Said the twins."Yeah I had enough too. Added DJ. I hardly hit anyone with snow but I sure
got creamed.""We might go back out after we warm up. Its not that cold out just the snow
makes you wet and cold." Joey commented.I looked at DJ."You ready to go to your home?""Yes I am as soon as you are.""Finish your hot chocolate and we can go. I turned to the twins. When I get
back it's your turn so don't go too far.""We won't Tommy. Zack said. I really want my pillow to sleep on the one in
the room smells!"I laughed."Yell for me when you are ready DJ.""Yell?""Yes just yell out my name.""Oh okay."I headed upstairs to use my bathroom. I had to go and didn't want to wait
until we got back. I went into my room and shut my door and entered my
bathroom and sat on my bowl. I did my business and washed up. By the time I
was clean I heard DJ yelling. I finished dressing and headed downstairs."I'm all set Tommy.""Okay let's go."We got in the truck and I asked him where he lived."224 Symack Ave.""Wow that's across the town. You mean Robert took you nearly three miles
from your home? Where did he find you?""I was out late with my buddies we were on spring break as I remember and I
was the last one after we split up and out of no where this guy pops out in
front of me and smiles at me. He looks are me and tells me I am going with
him. I told him `yeah right!' and he pulled a gun and walked up to me. It
was dark and he got nudist nymphet bbs to me and put the gun into my back and reached around
and started feeling me. I knew something was wrong when he went for my balls
and started playing with me down there through my shorts. At first I was
really scared but he kept doing it and for some reason as scared as I was it
started to really feel weird and then as much as I hate to admit it Tommy he
was starting to get me a little hard. He stopped before anything else
happened as he led me to his car and told me to get in. After that he got in
and held a rag to my face and I passed out and woke up in his basement tied
to a bed. His voice was starting to get a little stressed now. I am sure you
can figure the rest out.""Yeah DJ I can. Sorry to hear about all that."By now we were down the hill and on our way to his house. The snow was just
slush down here and there wasn't much of it. I guess what they say about
more snow on the top of the hill is true. There is barely a slushy inch in
the city. I drove dark nymphets links
for a few more miles and he started directing me. I made
the last turn onto his block."Over there Tommy on that side."He pointed to the right side as I pulled over in front of his house. He had
the door open and was running to his steps as I got out. I took my time to
give him as much privacy as I could. This was horrible for him I didn't know
how he was so strong and holding himself together so well. Not only did he
probably lose his family he lost them a few months before the comet hit and
didn't even get to see them before the comet hit like the rest of us at
least did. We got a chance the day before, the morning of that day but poor
DJ he didn't have any chance. I got to the doorway entered and stood by the
front door and waited. It was warm in the house. Something I didn't expect.
I waited a few minutes and heard nothing so I entered and started looking
around. The house was neat and clean bad nymphets with everything in its usual place. The
kitchen table had a bunch of paper leaflets on it with pictures of DJ's face
and have you seen this boy under it. That must have broken their hearts."DJ where are you?" I yelled out."Up here Tommy."I headed upstairs and found him in his room looking around."Guess I was right?""Yeah I guess you were. So will it be okay if I stay with you and the guys?""Of course it will."I walked over to him."I am here if you need me."I put my hand on his shoulder. He pulled away."I will be fine. I can handle this!"Ooooooook I see this will be interesting. How long before he cracks? Even I
cried over this, mister strong feelings over here has it all under control."I'll be outside if you need me or just come out when you are done and pile
anything you want in the back seat."I wasn't going to play his game. He wants to be strong then fine. He can do
this on his own. I can not beg someone to tell me how they are doing. I
turned and left him to be in his room and headed out to the truck. It was
cloudy again and felt like more snow. Guess we'll see. I waited in the truck
with the motor running and one of my music cd's playing. I rarely got a
chance to use the cd player since either someone was with me or I was in and
out of the truck so fast it wasn't worth it. Around fifteen minutes later he
came down with his hands full and a different coat on. He started loading
his stuff into the back seat and went back for more. Guess he is coming with
me. Two trips later he got in and told me he was done. He has clothes
pictures and assorted stuff from his house."Okay you can go now."Without saying a word I took off. I drove all the way home without him
saying anything and I parked in front of the front door of the house and got
out."You want my help?""No thanks, I am fine."I went inside and started looking for the twins. I yelled out Zack without a
response. So I yelled for Jordy and about a minute later he came looking for
me."Sorry Tommy I was in the bathroom. I don't know where Zack is. Are we going
now?""Yeah I am ready.""Great. Me too all we need is my brother."We looked for him together and found him in the living room watching Kyle
play Shawn in a game. Jordy tapped him on the shoulder and he turned."Come on we are ready!" he yelled to him over the noise in the room.He got up and came around to us."I am ready to take you and Jordy now.""Oh okay. Let me get my jacket."He had a jacket but Jordy didn't. Oh well shortly they will have whatever
they need.
They both got in. I checked to see if all of DJ's things were out and they
were so I got in and we drove up the block to their house. Zack point the
house out and I parked and we got out."I'm a little scared Tommy.""That's okay Jordy I totally understand. No one is going to hurt you."We walked up to the front door and Zack opened it. He walked in and we
followed. Just like DJ's house it looked clean and neat. They looked around
and started to pile up things they wanted; Jordy went to get a coat first
and then did some other things. Zack was already upstairs and I stayed with
Jordan to make sure he was okay. He seemed a little shaken by all this. No
one was there as I expected. They went through their things and grabbed a
ton of stuff. It took us about twenty minutes to load the rear of the truck.
We got in the truck and I backed out of their driveway and went to leave. As
I turned my head something caught my attention out of the corner of my eye.
I stopped the truck and looked at Robert's house. There was smoke coming
from it. It looked like it was on fire. The twins saw it too and started
commenting about it. Somehow it caught on fire or was set? Either way we
watched it from a safe distance. It was two houses from Jeremy's place and
across the way from the twins so there was little chance their house was in
danger but if it got going well Jeremy could lose his house. I think it
could happen if we let it burn. Now do I really want to get the fire engine
and put it out?"Come on guys lets go tell the others and see if Jeremy wants to do anything
about it.""He probably won't care Tommy.""Why.""Don't know why he probably set the nymphet nude thumbs thing the way he felt.""You think so?""I don't know nudists nymphets tgp
Tommy, honestly but I wouldn't put it past him the way he felt
about him.""Good point. Well no matter what it won't reach us down the hill but I still
don't like anything burning."I took off and headed home."Okay you guys go get some help to unload. I am magic nymphets going to get Jon and Kyle."I went inside and yelled for Kyle and Jon. The both came immediately."What's up Tommy?" asked Kyle."Guys we just left the twins house after loading up I went to leave and
noticed smoke coming from Roberts's house. It's on fire.""Are you going to do anything about it?""Do you want to?""Well do you remember how to use the fire engine?""Yeah Kyle I think so.""Then let's go hook up and put water on it. I don't want a bunch of houses
burning that close to me bro.""Yeah I understand. Let's get going. Jon you coming?""Yes of course."The three of us headed out to the fire engine and I started it nymphets movies samples
up and
grinded it into first gear. Eventually we were crawling up cute nymphet teenie
the hill to the
fire. When we got there flames were showing from the basement. I parked and
we ran around back and pulled a hose off and ran it to the fire hydrant. Jon
grabbed the wrench and untwisted the end of the cap and I hooked the hose on
with Kyle's help. I went around and pulled the same level I did last time as
Jon turned the water on and it made a weird noise and water started flow. I
went to the end of the hose and turned the piece and water started to come
out. I yelled for help since it was hard to hold alone. The horny nymphet pics
three nymphette underage of us
pulled the hose closer to the house and sprayed it on the fire that was
coming out of the window. It made a lot of white smoke and the flames
started to go away. Robert's dead body was on the first floor so I doubt he
was affected by this right now. We let the water run and it seemed to be
making some kind of an impact. I told them to hold the hose and I went over
and looked in the side door. The snow on the ground didn't help make it any
easier and now it was beginning to flurry again. As long as we stay dry we
should be okay. It was midday so we didn't have to worry about it getting
dark right now. I opened the side door and some smoke started to come out. I
backed away so I didn't smell of it plus I wasn't about to risk myself
getting hurt or burned if any pissing nymphet pussy flames came out the side door all of a sudden.
I went back over to the hose after not seeing anything inside other then
smoke. The three of us stayed close to the hose and sprayed water through
the one window for another lovely nymphets collection ten or so minutes before I turned it off. Smoke
was still coming out of the side door but nothing was coming out of the
window we were spraying any longer amazing nymphets rompl
except for a little light smoke."What do you guys think?""I don't know bro.""Me either Tommy. It looks like it might be out but its still smoking.""Guess we can wait a little and see what happens.""Sounds good to me bro.""Yeah me too.""I certainly am not going inside." I said."I don't nymphet tgp passwords
blame you I wouldn't either."We sat and waited for a little while. The snow started to get a little
heavier."Okay I am convinced its out. Let get this hose back on the truck and go
home. It's cold!"We turned the water off and put the hose back into the truck and I went over
and gave it a look I smelled smoke but otherwise didn't hear anything or see
anything more then that little smoke still coming out of the cellar."Okay let's go if anything happens I am sure we will see it if it gets too
bad. Otherwise we did our best."They agreed and after we were done packing up. I turned the fire truck
around and we headed back home. I parked the truck back where it was and we
got out and headed inside. We all smelled of smoke and I needed a shower.
The day was interesting but overall it seemed like a flop. Now all we need
it a fight in the house and it will be a perfect ending to another wonderful
day. The snow was falling steady again. I turned away from the window in my
bedroom and dropped my underwear as I headed best nude nymphets into the bathroom to take a
shower. I started the warm water and got in and let it wash the smell of the
smoke away. I soaped up my body and my groin. I grabbed the shampoo and
washed my head. I let it sit for a while hoping when I was done I didn't
smell anything but the shampoo. I grabbed my cock and jerked off using the
soap and little fetisch nymphets it felt good as I got hard. I thought about going all the way and
blowing my load in here but I decided to wait and see if I could use a boy's
mouth or maybe even Jon's ass if that possibility came around tonight too. I
rinsed off, got out and dried off and looked for clean clothes. The pile of
dirty clothes had gotten too big for me to deal with so I decided to wash
clothes tonight after all there wasn't much else to do. I dragged a load
down to the basement and this time I was alone. I started the washer and
looked at the door to the cameras. Mmmmmm. why not? Everyone is in their
rooms now let's see what is really going on littlenymphet in this house.To be continued....dwednomailhotmail.com

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