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From: Dwedno Smith
Subject: Chapter 59 of TunnelHi all,Guess a good dose of writers block got to me and left me not wanting to
write the story for a while. Now that I am over that all I can hope is the
time is there for me to continue the story weekly. As of now I have to say I
don't see that happening but I promise I will try to get a chapter out at
least every few weeks the most. I really appreciate all the comments from
those of nymphet studios you who took the time to write and tell me you hoped all was well.
It is. I just needed a break. Incase some of you didn't notice... while I
was away from Tunnel I started another story called Finding Jake and so far
the reviews on that are much better than I expected. Thanks to all of you
who have taken the time to comment on that too. I hope to have chapter 3 of
that out within the next few days. In the meantime I hope everyone is well
and you enjoy Chapter 59. It took a while and with all the time in between
chapters I just have a feeling its not my best work but I will leave that up
to all of you to decide. Till next time.... Dwedno.Chapter 59. A new beginning for an old love.Jon began to play with Kyle more and more through his underwear and as Kyle
grew Jon realized that Kyle wasn't just average size. By now the kissing had
stopped and Jon was mesmerized with what was growing in his boyfriends
pants. The thought of Tommy was gone for the moment but a new thought was
growing wild in his mind."Damn Kyle how freaking big are you?"He laughed."What's wrong Jon?""Nothing it's just that when I played with... Ummm never mind, sorry I went
there. Let's just say even though I haven't seen that thing yet, you look
huge.""Do you want to see it Jon?""Shit yeah!"Kyle got up to his knees on the bed and lowered his underwear. Jon's eyes
bulged widely as he lowered them and his hard seven inches of man meat
slowly began to appear."Wow Ky! You have Tommy beat! Oh man I am sorry I hope I didn't say the
wrong thing. Did I just fuck up things between you two?""Jon just enjoy me and stop talking about my brother! You are gonna make me
go soft!"Another nymphet girls sex pull and his underwear was all the way down and he rolled back onto
his ass and pulled them off the rest of the way."You are amazing Kyle!"He smiled at Jon."Okay Jon now you.""All right but no laughing!""Jon, come on man have some faith in me why would I even think about
laughing at another guys dick?"Jon got out of bed and Kyle's eyes followed. It seemed obvious that the only
cock that he has seen was his brothers and that was about four years ago
when he was only nine. By the way he was looking Jon over this is going to
be very interesting. Probably hard to deal with on some level for Kyle too
since he seemed really into girls the way he talked. Let's just hope that he
can overcome litllerussianlolanymphets
his need for pussy and Jon can overcome his need for Tommy. He
lowered his underwear and Kyle's eyes lit up. He looked up at Jon and even
with Jon being a good inch and a half smaller it didn't bother Kyle one bit."Jon you are awesome looking!"Jon smiled as he got back in bed."Teach me some thing will you please. I need to learn all about guys and I
want to learn from you.""Thanks Kyle that makes me feel so good hearing you say that to me."He leaned in and kissed him on the lips. So far all kissing has been closed
mouth but this is going to test Kyle out now. While they kissed Jon reached
out and started to feel Kyle's big cock and he stopped kissing to watch him
run his hand over it. It sent shivers up his spin as he slowly stroked all
seven inches from top to bottom. They looked at each other and Jon went in
for another kiss. This time his tongue found Kyle's lips and Kyle responded
with a little shock but he opened up and for the first time their tongues
met. While this was happening Kyle lola nymphets bbs
also reached out and took hold of another
boys cock for the first time ever. As quickly as he grabbed it he let go and
pulled away. He was scared. They stopped kissing."Its okay Ky, honest just go slowly its okay."He looked at him and also for the first time Kyle acted shyly. Jon saw this
side of him and felt a little embarrassed and at the same time proud that he
could be the one to be there for Kyle now. He reached out and took Kyle's
hand and brought it over to his hard cock and placed it on it for him."Just stroke it slowly Ky, it will be okay.""Jon please forgive me but I am a little scared.""It's totally kewl I was too my first time, don't worry about it.""Thanks."Kyle looked at Jon's hardness and began slowly stroking it. Jon let out a
gasp of pleasure and Kyle immediately pulled away."I'm so sorry Jon what did I do are you okay?"He opened his eyes and looked at Kyle."Just relax man that felt so good I just let out a little noise from the
awesome feeling you were giving me.""Oh, sorry."He grabbed it again and began stroking Jon off. He got a little faster and
Jon put his head back and his eyes closed again. Now the fun begins...First
Kyle has no idea if he is super cute nymphet
doing this 100% right and second he doesn't know
that it takes a stiff wind to make Jon cum. Jon is know as the `minute man'
as we know from him and Tommy being together incase anyone forgot. Almost
immediately Jon began to show precum and Kyle saw this and stopped stroking."Jon are you okay man? You are already leaking.""Its fine Ky, I haven't cum in like four day because I have been so upset
and all just keep going and don't worry its gonna get messy.""Yeah I kinda figure that out, I know it does when I shoot."Things got quiet again and Kyle went back to stroking Jon off. Jon began to
move some and moan a little more as Kyle got him close again. This time Kyle
understood and just let Jon go and enjoy what he was giving him. Thinking he
knew better he didn't say anything when the time came and he let out a
rather loud moan which scared Kyle but what was worse was he started to blow
his wad. The first shot flew hard and landed no nude nymphets
on Kyle all over his chest as
he was preoccupied from dealing with Jon's yelling. The second skimmed
Kyle's face as he tried to deal with his first load all over his chest that
he was now finally able to concentrate on. Still not paying close enough
attention Jon's third load of cum hit Kyle right in the face and splattered
right across his lip and up over his nose between his eyes and into his
hair. Jon shot one more load and by now Kyle didn't know what to do. Either
he wasn't familiar with this kind of rapid firing missile load or he was
just so blown away by it he wasn't paying attention to the missile firing at
him. Jon's last wad landed once again in Kyle's face and hair making him
look a total mess. His face had more cum on it than Jon's body very young nymphet pussy did and Kyle
didn't know what to do. Jon was so busy with his orgasm that he didn't even
see Kyle yet, but Kyle had enough sense to at least let Jon enjoy his
orgasm. Finally Jon opened his eyes and looked at Kyle's tiny petite nymphets soiled face and
broke out into laughter."I'm so sorry Ky, man I got you with everything didn't I?""I am a mess Jon help me please." He reached over and handed him an undershirt and he wiped the cum off his
face. By now a good deal of it had dripped down onto Kyle's belly and he
looked like a total mess. Jon finally stopped laughing and helped him clean
up. Kyle had gone soft too and shrunk back down to a small four soft inches.
Poor boy!! Both of them working together finally got most of the mess off
Kyle but he seemed to be a little grossed out by all of this."You okay Kyle?""I don't know Jon I wish I would have known you were going to drown me! I
smell like cum!""I feel horrible Ky; you want to take a shower?""Yes and no. I want to see what it's like now for me but do you care?""Hell no it's my stuff why should I care.""You mean you have tasted your own cum?""All the time. Matter of fact if its okay with you I was going to ask you
when you blow your load if it would be in my mouth.""Do you think you will be able to handle it I cum a lot!""If I can't I will back off and let it fly it's gonna be fine."Kyle smiled at him."I can't wait; I so badly want a blow job I am sooooo looking forward to
this!""Yeah well I can't tell you how much I want to taste those seven inches of
you too so I am sure you will enjoy this."Kyle smiled again at Jon. Jon reached out and began stroking Kyle's soft
cock and it began to grow immediately."Damn boy I still lithuanian nymphets can't believe how big you are this is gonna really be
fun!"Kyle didn't say anything his head was back and his eyes already closed as he
enjoyed Jon's hand going up and down his once again hardening cock. Within a
minute Kyle was rock hard again acrobatic russian porn nymphets and Jon leaned over and began to wet the
head of Kyle's cock with his lips and tongue. Kyle jumped from the pleasure
and immediately opened his eyes to see what Jon was doing that felt so
awesome. He didn't say anything but he sure felt everything! This was new to
Jon too he couldn't take all of Kyle into his mouth so when he went down as
far as he could there were still a few inches left. This excited Jon more
than anything and now he was hard again. He sucked the head of Kyle's cock
in and out between his lips and Kyle easily began to squirm in place. Jon
then placed his free hand down at the bottom of Kyle's massive meat and
began to speed up his bobbing, up and down, up young hardcore nymphets
and down. Already legal nymphets model Kyle was
almost gone. He slid his hand down and began to feel Kyle's rather large
testicles which brought an immediate gasp from Kyle's lips as his head shot
up and he jumped from the sudden feeling he got. It was another first for
him as Jon made little hot girls nymphets him feel better and better and get him closer and closer to
when he was going to explode."Oh my God Jon that feels so awesome and amazingly weird at the nymphet legal girls
same time!"
he said.He stopped sucking and looked up at Kyle."Do you want me not to touch your balls Ky?""Shit no Jon its just no one ever did that before and it tickled and felt
like I was gonna jump out of my skin at the same time. WOW!!""Sorry.""Don't be sorry man its awesome and free teeny nymphets I was already starting to get the
feeling so I don't know how much longer I will last.""Its fine Ky, as soon as you are ready just tell me and let it go.""Okay got ya."Jon went back to sucking him off and carefully fondled his balls this time.
Kyle's head went back again and every time Jon grabbed his nuts he felt like
he was going to lose his breath from the overpowering pleasure it gave him.
He felt it beginning now and there was little doubt that Kyle was about to
experience shooting his first cum from someone else's actions. Once more Jon
grabbed Kyle's balls and this time gave a gentle tug on them like Tommy
taught him to many times ago. This sent Kyle over the edge and already being
close to cumming his tugging just make Kyle's toes curl under and back arch
totally off the bed which was the only warning Jon got. Kyle never spoke but
let out a loud moan that probably could have been heard outside the house as
he began to fill Jon's mouth with gobs and gobs of cum. More than Jon could
handle as hot nymphets models girls it began to flow out of the sides of his lips and dribble down
onto Kyle. After the fourth shot of cum Jon could take no more and he backed
off before he choked and watched the fifth shot of semen go flying off and
land down by Kyle's leg some place. Kyle was still moaning but not as loudly
as he did the first two time his cum let go and he was so out of it he was
drooling from his mouth. The orgasm was apparently so strong that he bit his
lip and a little blood dripped down onto his chest. He shook and shuttered
from the pleasure Jon had just given him and Jon was very proud of his
experience with Kyle and who sharp the pleasure appeared. He just sat and
watched as Kyle's body finally stopped shaking and eventually Kyle opened
his eyes and took a deep breath. He had gone soft now as Jon watched his big
dick shrink back down to what some boy's in that house wished they had hard!
He finally lifted his head up and sat up."WOW! Wholly crap Jon! WOW!"That was all he said for about a minute."Jon if I would have known that cumming felt that good I would have found
someone to blow me a while ago."Jon laughed."Ky I understand you but I mean I am thirteen and have been able to cum for
a while. How long has it been for you?""Just after I got back when Tommy found me. Oddly enough the first night I
was here back in my old house in my room I jerked off in my bed and for the
first time ever I shot something other then just a little white stuff, it
was so awesome but this time Jon, I can't even child nymphets russian tell you man I thought I was
gonna die from the feeling I got!"Jon just smiled at him."Well thanks for letting me be the one to shall I say pop your cherry.""I know what you mean Jon, you did but you didn't. Let me put it that way.""But I thought you were a virgin.""I was.""Then how could I not have done that for you?""Because when I was ten a girl played with me, she was young black nymphets my first but I had
that feeling from her the only thing was nothing came out. I got that great
orgasm but when she was nymphets girl done there was nothing.""Oh I see, well at least I was the first to help you blow your load and man
did you ever. Wholly freaking crap Kyle you almost drowned me.""I warned you didn't I?""Yeah but still Tommy never... Oh geeze I'm sorry."Kyle laughed. Its okay Jon you are going to make mistakes I am fine with it
and yes I know my brother is smaller then me so don't worry about that
slipping out too."You know?""Yes and let's just leave it at that okay. I don't want to discuss Tommy
while I am with you. Now come on we both need a shower it reeks of cum in
here. I have a shower in the other room.""Wow I didn't know that. No wonder I never saw you go into any of the
bathrooms.""I don't need to I have a full bath in there."He pointed. Jon got up and went to look."Wow it's big and almost as big as what your brother has.""Yeah I xxx nymphs masturbating
know but I don't have the Jacuzzi.""Yeah he does and it's awesome. I am so glad I can talk about Tommy a little
Kyle, thanks for not biting my head off when I do.""Maybe when I blow you sometime I will."He looked like he turned a little pale as he covered his cock."I was kidding Jon geeze!""All I can say Ky is you are some fucking!""Gee nude little nymphets fuck
thanks? I mean we didn't fuck yet but that is something I am gonna
really need to go slow on. I mean one time I stuck my finger in my butt to
see how it felt and it hurt just doing that a little.""Yeah you are really gonna need to be broken in slowly.""I don't want to even think about that yet Jon. My rear is off limits for
now.""You mean even if I want to stick a finger in there while I make you cum?""I mean totally off limits!""Gee I'm glad I didn't do anything before I thought about doing that.""I'm glad you didn't because you would have entirely killed the mood and I
might have kicked you off the bed totally by accident.""Okay forget about it I need to mixed nymphets shower. Come on I'll wash your back for you
Kyle and you can see how awesome that feels!""I can't wait Jon! Can't wait!"As Jon and Kyle go to clean nymphet toplist index up we move over to the twins who are having a
rather heated talk about what happened today at the pool. It's almost 7pm
now and some kids have eaten dinner. Tommy didn't fix anything and yelled
down that everyone was on their own for dinner. He came downstairs briefly
to check on the boys and grab a quick bite for himself but that was all he
did. The twins ate peacefully but after getting back in their room Zack
started busting Jordy's balls about what happened today at the pool and
Jordan told him none of his business and this is where we are now."Jordy you tell me everything why can't you talk about this too?""Because I don't want to! Now leave me the fuck alone I already said it five
times. You ask again and I am going to leave and go by Tommy!""No don't go I will stop!""So when I say Tommy you finally leave me be. Now I want to know what he did
to you to make you scared of him when he brought you in earlier.""I am not going to talk about that with you. It was embarrassing and I am
not scared of him!""Yeah right! At least when I talk about him I don't start to turn red in the
face. I mention his name to you and you looked like you were gonna shit your
pants!""Just shut up Jordy will you! I am not shitting anything!""Okay fine then! I'll keep my secret and you keep yours." Zack snapped at
him."Fine!" said Jordy.Jordy opened the bedroom door and left slamming it behind him. Zack came
over and yelled to him that he better not go talk to Tommy about any of
this. He gave his brother the finger and went downstairs to get away from
him. He ran into Danny who was on his way to feed himself and Christian and
he started talking with him to get to know him some while he followed him
into the kitchen."That didn't sound too good Jordy. You and your brother okay?""We're just havin one of those disagreements and he always thinks he's
right.""Yeah nymphet erotica I've been there with Christian. Only problem is when he gets mad and
doesn't get what he wants it's usually tears that I get or if he is really
mad he swings at me.""Really? He doesn't hurt you doe he?""Nah, he hardly ever connects, usually he just tries to make me think he can
have whatever he wants by getting mad."They both laughed."So where you off to now Jordy?""I was gonna go make something to drink, you?""Same thing, Christian was thirsty and so was I so I decided to go get
something."They headed to the kitchen together. Luke was already in there with his head
stuck in the refrigerator."Hey Luke whatcha looking for?""Oh hey Danny, just thirsty and bored, anything to drink right now would be
good I guess.""How about some hot chocolate? Suggested Jordy, I could use a cup."They talked it over and decided on that. Hearing the commotion in the
kitchen Jon walked in followed by Kyle. Both fresh from their shower and
dressed."What's going on in here guys?" Kyle asked."We're making hot chocolate Kyle, want some?""Sure Jordy thanks. He turned to Jon. You want a cup?""Yeah why not."Danny got the hot chocolate while Kyle put on a large pot of hot nymphet virgin
water and
they sat and all talked while they waited for the water to heat. The boys
discussed the snow outside and how they were keeping themselves occupied
with little to do outdoors but throw snowballs."Ya know if it wasn't so late I would love to have a snowball fight now.""Yeah Dan that would be great but its dark out and nearly 8pm. Maybe if
everyone is into it we can do something in the morning." Kyle said to Danny.They went on and discussed getting anyone together that was interested in
the morning and they decided to split into groups and make two snow forts.
One on either side of the driveway and then have a battle tomorrow. Everyone
there agreed and they decided to let the others know. While a few of the
guys went to spread the word Kyle sat down with Danny and they started to
plan tomorrow's fun. Ten minutes later everyone was back and a few of the
others joined them in the kitchen."Okay so what's the story?" Kyle asked the guys as they came back."I went to ask Billy and Joey, said Luke and they said they are in.""Great. How about you Jordy did you ask your brother?""Nah, I don't think that's a good idea right now." he said."I asked him Kyle. Said Luke. He nymphets mpg was in the hall and he said as long as he
isn't on his brothers team he is in."Everyone laughed including Jordy."Good, if he is on the other team I can nail him! He said. I did ask Ben and
he said yes.""Good. So let's figure this out. Oh did anyone ask my brother and Shawn?""Yeah, I knocked on his door and Shawn opened it. They were kinda in bed.""Already?" shouted out someone.Kyle stood up and shot the room a look and that ended the `what's going on
in Tommy's room' issue."So what did they say Jordy?""They both said yes.""Great then everyone is in."Just then Shawn walked in the kitchen."What's up guys?""We're picking sides for the snowball fight tomorrow." Luke said to him."Kewl." Shawn said as he stood by and listened."Okay I think I just about have this split evenly."He went over the list again and it all seemed to add up evenly."Okay so this is what I have, hopefully no one will yell about it being bad.
It's Danny and me as captains. And this is how we will split up the rest of
you guys:Danny gets:His brother, Tommy, Shawn, Billy, Jordy, Luke and Chance.I get:Jon, Benjy, Jeremy, Zack, Chase and Joey.Danny you have to decide if Christian plays or just helps you build the snow
fort because I don't want to hear it if he gets nailed in the face.""Okay Kyle we'll figure that out as things go along.""So I didn't count Christian and without him we have seven each. Does this
sound fair to everyone?" Kyle asked.In the kitchen now were; Jon, Kyle, Christian, Danny, Luke, Shawn, Ben and
Jordy. Everyone agreed to the sides that were in the kitchen."All that's needed is for the others to agree and we are all newsgroup nymphet set." He added."I am sure they will Kyle those sides are pretty fair.""I know Danny but seven are missing and anyone can complain out of that
group.""It should be okay, Ben said. After all it's just a snowball fight not a
war.""I guess so. Now all we need are rules. THAT should be easy."Everyone laughed at his sarcasm. They all sat and talked about it for the
next half hour while drinking hot chocolate and just laughing and having a
good time. By 9pm everyone agreed to the rules that were made in the kitchen
and things were set. They hoped! They were going to start making the snow
forts or shelters around 9am and when both sides were done the battle was
on. The only major rule was no purposefully throwing at the face. Everything
else they discussed seemed to go good. Billy asked about standing over
someone who was down on the ground and nailing them at close range and that
was when they agreed that there would be no face shots up close. Besides the
face someone asked about getting nailed in the nuts and everyone laughed.
Once things get going its probably going to be a free for all and who knows
how it will go. But for now at least things are set and the fun begins in
the morning. There is plenty of snow outside, that's for sure. Shawn went to
look outside and yelled to the others that it was snowing again. They went
to the front door and it was coming down pretty good but no wind this time."Well at least we should have plenty of snow tomorrow to play with.""Yeah Ben it sure looks that way." Danny said.They closed the door and most of them decided to go to bed early since
tomorrow was going to be an early start and lots of exercise outside. By now
everyone was either in their room or out of site except for Shawn and Luke.
They had other plans. Tommy was resting in his bed after Shawn told him he
would be downstairs for a while. They both headed into the game room and
decided to play a round of one of the shoot em up games. That went well
until Shawn took a huge lead on Luke and Luke appeared to lose interest.
Shawn remembered what Tommy said about winning all the time and backed off
some allowing Luke back into the game. Within minutes Luke was smiling and
cheering as he gained points and momentum on sweet nakes little nymphets Shawn's guys in the game. With
a few more shots Shawn's guys fell dead and Luke stood up and yelled about
his win to the empty room. He looked at Shawn who was smiling at him."Hey did you let me win?""No way! You got the best of me and beat me.""Yeah right!" Luke said.Shawn got up and looked at Luke."You won and that's how it goes.""Yeah maybe but no one was even here to see me beat you and when I tell them
they won't believe me."He shrugged his shoulder at Luke."Sorry, I don't know what to tell you Luke you did win.""Yeah, I think I am gonna turn in its late. Nite Shawn.""Nite Luke."Luke took off for bed and Shawn turned off the game and lights and headed
back up to Tommy and his room. He got to the room and entered and Tommy left
a light on but was in bed. He didn't move when Shawn closed the door so he
assumed he was asleep and moved around a little bit quieter. He headed to
the bathroom and shut the door behind him. He sat on the toilet bowl and
began to do his business and when he finished he washed up nymphets thumbs arts and went to join
Tommy in bed. Down the hall just a bit Luke settled into his own bed after
changing into his pajamas. Back in the twins tiny nude nymphet bedroom both boys were still up
as Jordan found his way back into the bedroom a bit earlier. Neither boy
said anything as they were once again together in the same room. Zack was
lying on his bed reading some magazine and Jordan nudes nymphets models sat down on his bed and
began to get undressed. He was ready to call it a night and was very excited
about what the snowball fight would bring tomorrow. It was now close to
midnight as the house quieted down. Kyle poked his head young nymphet pedo pics out of his room as
he did most nights to make sure the house was secure and lights were off and
then he went back to his room and went to bed alone. The house was now quiet
as all the boys slept for the night.As morning came the boys began to awake and head down to the kitchen to grab
a bite to eat. It was 8am now and Chase and Chance were already dressed and
making themselves some cereal as Luke and Ben both entered the kitchen. They
greeted each other as both boys also decided to have cereal for breakfast.
The milk was still fresh and made sweet nymphets childs
breakfast taste better then it had in the
past since they had been using the packaged milk for a while before Tommy
brought fresh milk back with him. That was starting to get low now and it
appeared another trip to the farm was going to be needed soon. Both boys
were starting nympho bbs
to miss their brother some as the beginning of day three away
from home for Chase and Chance had nearly given them enough time away from
Cameron to some what appreciate not having him there. The mental wounds of
Chase were still there however, but his physical wounds were starting to
heal some now. Chance was missing home and his things more than anything now
but he still had a strong need to talk to his brother to find out why he had
treated Chase so badly. It still weighted heavy on his mind even after two
days away since it was pretty much the only thing he thought about when his
mind wandered back home from time to time. Right now though his thoughts
were on building a snow fort as more and more boys started to come down from
their rooms. Just about everyone was ready now as Kyle and Danny began to
discuss their plans and weak strategies with their groups. Tommy and victoria model nymphets
made their way down and were the last two to enter the kitchen as the clock
read 9am. Kyle yelled out for everyone's attention as he began to address
all of the boys with the rules and any other information that would be
needed as they all got ready to have fun. Outside a new cover of snow had
fallen overnight adding a good four inches to what was already out there as
the sun began to break through the parting clouds. It was a cold morning but
the sun was starting to go to work on the snow making it perfect to pack and
as the boys would find out as they would head outdoors make things almost
perfect for what the had planned. Kyle finished explaining all their ideas
to everyone and they went over the sides that were picked for the boys that
weren't there last night to see who was on their team.Everything was agreed on with little or no complaining and everyone went to
dress as best as they could for outdoor. The fun was about to begin. Shortly
boys began to come back downstairs and file out to their side of the
driveway and in some weak and messy was both sides began to design their own
wall of snow to protect them from the battle that lied ahead in a few hours.
By 9:30 everyone was outside and doing their best to make a snow fort.
Shovels and snow was flying left and right on both sides of the driveway.
Occasionally someone would toss a snowball towards the other side and a
small level of retaliation was launched back but quickly ended as all the
boys seemed to be into their tasks of building something to hide behind. By
now it was after 10am and gloves were off cheeks were red and noses were
running as both sides began to put together a weak wall of snow. At least
half the boys had gone back inside at one time or another to either go take
a leak or warm their hands from packing snow on their walls. Kyle took a
break and headed over to see how Danny and his group were doing and both
sides agreed that they would be ready shortly. Already Kyle saw his brother
Shawn and Luke making snowballs and piling them up to use when they were
ready to begin. He immediately headed back to his side and told Jon Jeremy
and Zack to start making snowballs so they wouldn't be outdone. Danny
watched and heard Kyle tell the others about the snowballs and that made him
yell over to Kyle about staying on his side from now on. Both sides agreed
that from here on out no more sneaking over would be allowed. The driveway
was now the border and no photo petite nymphet nue one was allowed to cross it. Danny's group had a
wall very young nymphets funlumpkinsing of snow that stood about 5 feet high and was about 7 feet long and
looked weak at best. Kyle's side wasn't that far behind Danny's with about a
5 foot high wall but a much longer wall since they had all been working on
it instead of making snowballs. Tommy had an idea and called his side
together. They decided to sneak around back once the snowball fight began
and attack from the rear. Little did they know that Kyle had discussed the
same thing with his group and it will be interesting to see how that comes
into play.About thirty minutes later Danny yelled over to Kyle that they were just
about ready."Ten more minutes Dan and we will be ready.""Okay that sounds good." He said back to him.Both walls were done now and starting to look better as the boys started to
fill the cracks and holes with snow and make things more solid. Since
snowballs were made on both sides it appeared that both groups of boys would
have several dozen snowballs to use in the beginning. Some were made well
and others looked like oval pieces of snow that would fall apart if throw
hard. Tommy snuck around the side of the house and took a few boys with him
as they made some snowballs and hide them there for their plan of a sneak
attack after things begin. Kyle yelled over he was ready as Tommy and the
others came back and Danny said okay. Both sides had planned out things
nicely even if their individual forts looked more like weak walls of snow
rather then something they could hide behind as a decent shelter. Either way
it didn't matter anymore it was time for the snow to start flying as both
sides were ready to begin. Kyle yelled out he was ready and both sides were
now about to take their wet, cold gloves and clothes and start to battle
each other in something that might last five minutes or longer if it goes
well. There was little doubt that both sides were already tired, wet and
cold from making their snow wall and the only thing left now was to see who
would get hurt first. The snowballs began to fly as war was declared and
boys began stepping out from behind the wall and throwing snow across the
driveway at one another. About twenty snowballs flew back and forth with no
one getting hit so far. Finally Luke stepped out from behind the wall and
got nailed square in the chest with a well thrown snowball from Jeremy and
they began to laugh and yell back and forth that someone finally got nailed.
As things progressed and more and more boys came out from behind the wall
everyone began getting hit with snow. No more than five minutes into the
battle Zack got pasted in the side of the head with a snowball thrown by
Tommy free nymphets pics and he went down. No one bothered to check him immediately as the snow
throwing began to get wilder and crazier now. Tommy grabbed Billy and Luke
and headed around back of the house to attempt a sneak attack. All three
boys carried several snowballs as they rounded the house and ran square into
Kyle, Jon and Zack. Both groups scared the shit out of each other not
knowing they were on the way to attack and this set up for the biggest
battle of the whole thing. Snowballs began to fly at one another as all six
boys got nailed one after another by snowballs. Both sides were now out of
already made snowballs early nymphets as they began grabbing snow and packing it fast and
furiously and throwing it at each other from several feet away. Tommy yelled
out lets get em! And they charged at Kyle, Jon and Zack. For some reason
they turned to run but were caught with snowballs in the back and all over
their bodies and the snowball fight now went from throwing to hand to hand
combat. Tommy was on Jon, Kyle had Billy and Luke and Zack were going at it.
Snow was being stuffed down one another's backs and into faces and all over
as their play turned into a big mess of who could kill the other with the
most snow. Finally both sides retreated as best as they could as the snow
began to wet cloths and melt down each others backs. Not one boy nymphets smal top
was dry as
all six headed back to their sides. All the boys looked like a total mess as
they got back to their home bases and announced what happened to the rest of
their groups. There wasn't a lot of time for laughing but it was apparent
that this wasn't about to go on much longer with most of the group now cold
and wet from their hand to hand combat behind the house. A few minutes later
snowballs stopped flying and both sides had half or some part of nymphets ls girls
their walls
knocked down now and the entire group of boys appeared to have had enough
for now. Danny and Kyle agreed that they were done and there wasn't a
winner. Just a huge mess. Seeing it was over Tommy made an announcement."Okay guys this was fun but no snow in the house! I don't care if every one
has to strip naked I am not going to be the one cleaning and mopping up all
the snow."After a bunch of grumbling and complaining kids it was agreed that they
would all go into the garage and undress in there. Tommy picked the driest
boy and sent him into the house and downstairs to open the garage door. It
just happened to be Chase and he headed inside and followed Tommy's
instructions to open the garage. A few minutes later everyone was in the
garage starting to undress and get out of their wet clothes. Tommy shut the
garage door and it began to heat up some now as all fifteen boys started to
take their wet clothing off and strip down to some level of comfort before
entering the house. The only thing left preeteen nymphet porno photos was the race to see who got to the
shower first. As they undressed it was clear that everyone wanted dibs asians nymphets pics
the shower and Luke was in his underwear first and flew out of the garage.
That left one bathroom free outside of the ones in Kyle and Tommy's rooms.
Tommy took his time and walked out as did Kyle. When Jon finished getting
the snow off of him he walked out with his wet clothes and eventually found
his way into Kyle's room. Kyle was waiting for him and he started the shower
water and they got in together. Luke was standing buck naked in the bathroom
now. After quickly grabbing dry clothes from his room, he started the warm
water flowing in the bathroom that he claimed first and stepped his cute
naked body in and under the warm water. As he wet himself under the water
his hand grabbed for the soap and he started to run the bar of soap over his
body. Eventually his hand, full of soap, wandered down to his soft three
inches. It has been a while for him since he had jerked off and he thought
to himself now is as good a time as any as he began to play and make himself
hard. He put the soap in the dish and brought his soapy hand back to his
soft member and began using the soap as a lubricant. After a few strokes his
three inches began to grow. Shortly there after he was hard and began to
focus more and more on achieving his goal of ecstasy in the shower. His free
hand found its way down to his balls as he began massaging them as part of
his endeavor to reach his final goal. He closed his eyes as he sped up his
stroking and fondling of himself and thought of things that made him get
off. He was now fully erect as he lifted his head off the shower wall and
stopped jerking long enough to check out his handy work. He studied his
hardness for a moment and watched the lather drop off it slowly. He felt
proud of what he has grown to from what he remembered last year. A boy who
was barely three inches and couldn't cum yet. A lot has happened for him
lately in the first of his teen years. He closed his eyes and began stroking
his hard slippery tool once again. He knew he wouldn't last long the way he
felt and sure enough a few more dozen strokes of his hand and the feeling
grew to the point of explosion. He began firing shot after shot into the
shower curtain in front of him. Four in all as he let out a moan that was
stifled by the running shower water. After a bit he came back from his
pleasure and squeezed the last drop of cum off the end of his softening cock
and then washed the rest of his body and hair before ending his shower. As
he got out there was a knock on the door. He cracked it open and Billy was
standing there."You almost done Luke? There are a few of us who need to shower yet. I sure
hope you left some hot water dude! You were in there for like a half hour I
was almost ready to come in and see if you fell asleep or something.""Sorry Billy I'll be right out and yeah there is hot water."He shut the door and quickly dried off. A few minutes later he was dressing
and heading out the door. Billy stood there with his shorts on and nothing
more holding a towel and his clean underwear as Luke walked out and past
him."Its all yours."He said with a mocking tone in his voice. Billy ignored it as he hurried in
and began his own shower trying to get the chill out of his own body from
falling in the snow several times. Luke headed into his room and shut his
door. Eventually everyone got to take their shower and return back to
normal. Tommy made some hot chocolate that quickly disappeared from the
kitchen as the boys started to come downstairs. He had lovely nymphets free sample
finished earlier and
decided to be nice and make something for all of them to enjoy. So far he
has made two potfulls and said out loud to no one in particular that he
should have just made a big container of hot water and let everyone make
their own.Day quickly passed to night as the underage nymphet vids
boys all decided to stay in for the rest
of the day and find warmer things to do. The only one to go out was Tommy
who finally got behind the wheel of the plow and cleared a path in the
driveway and up and down the street and down the hill to the bottom. When he
got back he told Kyle that at least they could go out now if needed. Chase
and Chance asked him if they could go home tomorrow and he told them yes.
This would give them the opportunity to see Cameron and give Chase what he
has been waiting for... a chance to find out why he beat his younger brother
up so badly. Tommy wanted to check on DJ and see how he was healing after
four days so they decided that they would get everything together in the
morning and Tommy would take them home. Chase called Cameron and after they
talked for a bit he told him they would be there tomorrow morning and then
Chase told Tommy that Cameron sounded sincere on the phone like he actually
missed his brothers. Tommy and Chase has a brief discussion about whether
Chance was going to stay there or come back here again to live and they
decided to wait and see how things were at the farm before making any
decision on that. Other than some horse play in the game room between some
of the boys the rest of the night was quiet and after a long day all the
lights were out by 11pm.The house was quiet as Kyle gave it a once over before going to bed. He
usually did this every night and checked nymphet and model
the door to make sure it was
locked. He assumed responsibility for that on his nymphets angels nude
own since his bedroom was
closest to the front door. He headed back to his bed after making his rounds
of underage russian nymphets downstairs and got into bed where Jon was awaiting his return. This would
be the first night that Jon and Kyle spent together. They have been together
for a few days now but either Jon went back to his room or slept on the
couch but tonight Kyle finally invited him into his bed. Both boys settled
into Kyle's bed together. Both dressed in an undershirt and boxers. Kyle was
willing to give this a try even though he felt odd sleeping with another
boy. This was nothing new for Jon who spent many a night curled up next to
Tommy in the past. As things calmed in the bed, Jon quickly fell asleep.
Kyle lay there trying but the experience of having Jon with him seemed to be
more than he was used to and he had a lot of trouble falling asleep. Finally
about an hour later he sat up as quietly as possible and put his feet on the
floor. He got out of bed without disturbing Jon and grabbed a pair of sweats
and headed out to the kitchen to get something to drink and think about what
he was going to do with his new boyfriend in his bed. He really likes Jon
and so far the sex between them has been limited; they have only been
together sexually twice so far but both times have been very enjoyable as
far as Kyle is concerned. He just wasn't sure how long it would take him to
get used to having another boy in his bed and so close to him since Jon was
touching Kyle in bed as he tried to fall asleep. His bisexual feelings were
still in question and he was still leaning more towards girls in his mind
even though he knew none were around and he enjoyed the blow jobs he gave
Jon and received from him too. Kyle still hasn't let Jon anywhere near his
ass even though it's something Jon wants. Its way too soon for Kyle to go
there. Apparently the rear end is something that he can't deal with just yet
in his mind. Jon has been very understanding even though anal and anything
else back there has banned russian nymphets
always been his favorite part of boy on boy sex. That
could change very young nude nymphets
now for him but what the real issue is in Jon's mind is that a
part of him still wants Tommy and even though its been a short time he can't
quite break that bond between them yet mentally. Guess time will tell what
happens there.Kyle poured himself a glass of milk and sat there alone drinking it and
thinking about Jon and Tommy and wondering to himself is this was what he
really wanted. The thoughts came and went in Kyle's mind but one thing was
true. The orgasm that Jon gave him last time was still very fresh in his
mind and that was what he was hanging onto right now when it came right down
to it. That felt so good he wasn't ready to give up on sleeping with Jon
just yet. He just had to get used to having another boy in bed with him.
That was the hard part. The very, very hard part! He got up, put his glass
in the sink and headed back to his room. He got back into bed as quietly as
he left it and got comfortable about two feet from where Jon lay. He closed
his eyes and after another thirty minutes or so he finally dozed off.To be continued....
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