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From: Dwedno Smith
Subject: Tunnel chapter 66Well.... with so much going on now I think a brief explaination is in
order. For those of you that are either blind or just confused, the other
day I sent something to nifty called Beyond Tunnel or BT as I will call
it. It will be the beginning of probably twice as much work for me and
hopefully twice as much joy and fun for all of you if I do this right. I
have big plans for this and hopefully it will go well and come across like
I have planned it out for the past few weeks... while I tried to figure out
all the background stuff on paper. With Chapter 1 of BT now published this
story will turn into two. Both published here and hopefully on The Padded
website once things get sorted out properly. All you readers have to do for
now is read and enjoy and hopefully things will work themselves out without
many questions to follow. All I can say right now without giving anything
away is that both stories will eventually mesh together in a way so they
support one another but also stand alone or in other words BT will have its
own boys and Tunnel will also have its own with all of the characters being
shared between both stories at the same time or as needed. MY goal is to
make it easier for all of the characters to have more storyline in the end
and not to confuse all of you to the point where no one wants to read this
anymore. Give me a chance and after all the meshing and kinks are worked
out this actually might work. I cannot say more then this right now without
giving away story so with a bunch of semi-confused readers please enjoy
chapter 66 of Tunnel and hang in there while the stories work themselves
together in the next few chapters. Thanks for all your support and comments
so far about this. From what I can see the reviews are good for now. Any
questions you know how to reach me the e mail address is always at the end
of the story. Till next chapter... which should be chapter 2 of BT. Take
care, Dwedno...
"The Tunnel"
Chapter 66. Finding out more about the mystery man.As I settled into my sleep it wasn't long before Jon stirred and woke
me. For some reason tonight he was having trouble sleeping. I didn't get
it, I did him so much I know I tired him out. He passed out on my bed
before I got there and I actually had to tuck him in. Why is he waking me
up so quickly after nude nymphette photographers
falling asleep? He tossed and turned once more and I
had enough."Jon...Jon wake up man!"I grabbed him and shook him awake no more than an hour after he practically
passed out on top of the bed."What? Huh? What's wrong?""You tell me. what is going on? You are tossing and turning and acting like
you are having a nightmare."He rolled over and looked at me."Sorry Tommy I was. I was dreaming we were back over in the tunnel and we
walked in and that monster was there he knocked you out and strapped me to
the table and did things to me that made me scream in pain."I sat up and looked at him."Are you okay now?""I don't know it was really scary.""I bet. You do know we have to go back there.""Not me! No way, not after that dream.""Look Jon what happened to that boy was sad. I feel bad but man you have to
face this and deal with it or the next thing will come along and scare you
again and again. I'm no expert Jon but you have to go back. I don't mean
right now but later today though. I was thinking and I want to check that
house for stuff and I want you and Kyle with me.""I don't know Tommy, I just don't know.""Okay sleep on it we will figure it out in the morning. Remember it was
just a bad dream."I lay back down and he got really close to me and put his arm on mine as we
lay in bed together. His hand reached for mine and he locked his fingers
with mine and gave me a squeeze."I love you Thomas. What we did tonight was awesome and you really made me
feel special. Thanks."I turned my head to look at him and we were at eye level with one another."Thank you Jon because it was great for me too and you really have an
awesome tight ass that is really nice to love."He smiled."Yeah and you felt good inside me too once I got used to it."I leaned in and kissed him on the lips."It was really easy getting used to you. Especially when you are so great
to look at.""Thanks Tommy. I promise I will try to deal with the tunnel and do my best
to come with you and Kyle when we go.""I know you will now lets try to get some sleep you have to be tired I know
I am and I didn't cum three times!"He kinda chuckled."Yeah I did and each time was better then the next. That last one almost
took the top of my head off it felt so good in the shower."Eventually we both fell back to sleep and slept through the night. Morning
came and I was up early for some reason and as I moved and put my feet on
the floor the clock said 7:45. I had a lot I wanted to do today including
leave for the mall if the weather is right and we need to check that house
out good and quick. I stood up and got my feet under me and a good
stretch. I looked at Jon and he was still asleep and as sweet looking as
ever. It really was good to have him back in my bed. Sleeping with Shawn
for the past week or so was nice and just as sweet but I love having Jon's
warm body next to me. He is bigger and usually easier to sleep with. I got
dressed and headed out and down to the kitchen. Zack, Luke, Kyle and Billy
were already awake and eating when I got down there."Morning boys."All but Zack answered me and then the other three looked at Zack and
wondered what his problem was. I knew but other then maybe Kyle who could
always seem to read me they didn't seem to know why Zack had such
attitude. I shrugged it off and grabbed a bowl and poured myself some
cereal and fresh milk from the farm. Then I got up and checked the fridge
for OJ and surprisingly there was some in there. I took a glass full and
sat down to eat. After a few spoonfuls I looked at the others and cleared
my throat."By the end of today I just want to let you guys know that I am going to
take a road trip with a few of the guys."They seemed excited."I am gonna take a ride to the big mall in Minneapolis with Jon and Kyle.""That's it? said Billy. Why can't we all go?"Because I don't think its safe enough for all of you and if we get there
and run into half baked's there I am afraid something bad might happen."The next five minutes were spent talking and raising our voices about who
would go. Even Kyle didn't think we should leave anyone home and he had a
valid point."Who is gonna protect them bro? The only one here to ever fire a gun is
Benjy as far as I know. I don't think it's a good idea to leave anyone
here."I looked around the table and thought about it."Well let me think about it because we would have to take two vehicles and
it might be more of a hassle then its worth."I got up from the table and put my bowl into the sink, rinsed it out and
put it in the dishwasher which was almost full."Damn you know, I said as I turned to them I cannot believe not one of the
guys in this house can even start a dishwasher when its full. Seems like if
I don't do something then it doesn't get done. Maybe I'll just go alone!"I stormed out of the room as they mumbled behind me. I turned and went back
in for a second."Kyle when you are free I want to talk to you.""Be right there bro."I turned and left. By the time I got back up to my room Jon was awake and
coming out of the bathroom naked and still hot looking."Damn boy you walk around naked like that and I might jump you."He smiled at me."What was the yelling downstairs?""Me going off about the dishwasher.""Oh you mean no one turned it on again?""Yup. You might want to get dressed Kyle is coming up shortly."And with that there was a knock on the door. It opened."Can I come in?" Kyle said."One sec KY, Jon isn't dressed.""He can come in I don't care its not like he hasn't seen me naked before.""Okay KY you can come in."He opened the door more and walked in immediately looking at Jon."What the hell? Damn you Jon can't you ever get dressed?"Jon laughed."Why, you have seen this before as he grabbed his cock and pulled it
once. What's so different now?""Just put something on man you are in here with my brother that is what is
different. Last time it was with me alone I don't want a threesome."We both laughed as Kyle seemed to almost be embarrassed."Get dressed Jon, please or at least put shorts on." I said."Okay, okay."He grabbed his shorts and underage ukranian nymphets
slid them on covering his manhood."So what did you want bro?""What did they say after I left the kitchen?""Not much... more about wanting to go then the dishwasher was mentioned.""Go where Tommy?""On a trip to the big mall.""Really, when?""After we explore next door again."Now Kyle was asking."Really when?""As soon as you are ready to go.""It sounds like I don't have a choice.""You have a choice KY but since when don't you want to go young nymphetes nude back there?""I want to go I just think it would have been nicer to be asked rather then
kinda told I have to go...""Okay sorry would you join Jon and me to go next door?""I didn't agree to go yet." Jon said.I looked at him."Okay, okay I'll go.""What's that all about? Kyle asked. He looked at Jon. You having bad dreams
again?""What's with you Kyle how do you know everything that happens to me."Jon looked at me."Don't look at me I swear I didn't say a thing.""Then how could he know.""He didn't say anything to me Jon, I just know.""How could you know..." Jon looked so puzzled.He smiled. I guess he wasn't going to give up his way. Just then a quick
knock on the door and in walked Shawn."What is this about you going to the art nymphet bbs big mall and we can't go?""Good morning Shawn." Said Kyle."Hey KY, TJ why can't we go?""Because it might not be safe.""Then why are we going?" asked Kyle."Damn why am I getting double teamed here! I yelled. I decided and that is
that."Before I could get another word out there was another knock at the half
shut door and in came Danny, Jeremy and DJ."Wait let me guess. The mall?""Yeah why can't we go?" all three bellowed.I got up from my bed where I was sitting."Okay house meeting! Everyone out of the room and down to the kitchen. You
guys make sure everyone is there it starts in five minutes."They all turned to go happily now expecting better results."Wait, not you Kyle and Jon."They stopped."Shut the door please."Kyle shut the door."Are we good on next door?"Kyle shook his head yes and I looked at Jon and he did the same."Okay good as soon as the meeting is over and I lose we will go next door.""You expect to lose? You don't lose anything bro.""I have never had a third of the boys in this house in my bedroom at one
time either and I know when I am beat, besides if we do go there really
isn't anyone to watch the kids that stay behind.""So what are you gonna do then?""Take two cars with Ben following me and I think you can go with him with a
gun and we can drive over that way.""Ummm, no! I sorta trust Ben but I am not gonna drive that far with him in
the same car. I will be with you and we can just give him a gun he knows
how to shoot.""Okay but before we go I want him to test fire a gun once more.""Fine with me its not my problem he has to be told and you have to do it.""Yeah I know, come on lets go down to the living room and make the
announcement before we get a riot down there."We walked into the living room and I think it was the fastest I ever saw
the whole group get together. Billy and Joey were sitting on the couch next
to Zack and on the love seat was DJ and Jeremy. In the single chair sat
Shawn with Luke next to him on the arm. When we walked in and I noticed
immediately that Luke looked at Kyle and then at Shawn and smiled at Kyle
and he smiled back. Interesting... I think something is going on between
Luke and Kyle and Shawn knows. Danny was standing in the corner with
Christian and next to him was Jordan and Benjy. The twins were in the
corner standing together."Okay I am sure you all know why we are here. I said as the room quieted
down some. I am planning a trip to the big mall in Minneapolis and I was
just going to go with Kyle and Jon. However since there has been a bunch of
complaining about this I have decided we can all go."The room went into a loud roar of cheering as I said that. Almost
deafening. Eventually it quieted again and I spoke once again."We will be leaving tonight or tomorrow morning early depending on how
things go today. I have to do a few things first. I looked at DJ. DJ have
you ever fired a gun before?""Yeah a few times. My best friends father had a gun range back where I
lived. I can shoot okay.""I want you and Ben to practice sometime today just incase we need you to
shoot when we get there. Also all of you... I am going to set some rules
for when we go. Some will ride with Ben who will follow and some will come
with me."Ben looked at me."You want me to drive that far?""Yeah, I said is that a problem?""I don't think so... virtual nymphet I haven't driven more then a few miles with you Tommy
and now you want me to go about 700 or 800 miles.""If you can't do it we can't go." Said Jeremy."That's right, I added. There is no way I can take everyone in one truck
even though we would all fit who wants to be cramped up in there for four
or more hours?"They all started yelling again with the bulk of it aimed at Benjy for his
sarcastic reply to driving that far."Okay, OKAY quiet down guys!!" I yelled.I looked at Ben."Gee thanks for putting all that on me. I will try I guess or have everyone
hate me.""Sorry Ben. I said. dark nymphets tgp Okay when we are ready to go I want everyone to pack
clothes for at least two days.""Can I bring the dog?""Sure if Ben doesn't mind you can drive with him."Luke looked at Ben."You know I don't care Lukey you can bring Patches.""Yes!" he said.With that the meeting broke up and I looked at Jon and Kyle and gave them
the high sign that we needed to talk alone. They stayed behind as the
others took off. As the room cleared they came over to me."Lets go to your room KY, what I have to say to both of you I want to say
in private."We took off from the living room and headed to Kyle's room. We all walked
in and I shut the door."What's up bro?""Look I want both of you to know that this trip is going to take some time
and could be a lot of fun or change things forever.""Change them how Tommy?""We are going hours away into strange territory and none of us know what is
there or if its safe.""Then why bother going?""Because I want something new in my life KY, I am tired of the same ls nymphet nude thing
everyday... wake up see the same guys, eat, play around, eat, go outside
for a bit and so on. I want to check out the area, see if anyone else is
alive, check out that mall and get some good stuff.""Okay I understand but do you think we will be safe?""I really don't know KY, from what I hear that place is about as big as
five or more stadiums put together. You should know what I mean since you
loved baseball.""Yeah I got ya and that sounds huge.""Jon are you okay with this?""I guess. I really don't know what to say Tom. It sounds exciting and I am
really tired of these same walls too but I don't want to risk my life or
even worse run into someone who is older or in power and might want us to
stay there from then on and try to tell us how to live. I like living this
way even if it's way different from real life. This is what we have now and
I don't want to lose it unless we really have to."I looked at Kyle."What do you think about what he said?""He has some good points bro, you know that we are risking a lot if we go
someplace like that. There might be a lot of half baked out there or like
he said real adults that might want to make us stay or try to control
us. Like cops or something.""Yeah that's a good point too. Well we can always try it and if things get
to be too much we can turn around and come back.""That sounds like it might work Tommy, said Jon. At least we try and like
you said if things look unsafe we just turn around and head back."I looked at Kyle."Sure I guess." He said."Okay then we can go. KY I want you to take Ben and DJ and go shooting with
them when we get back.""Back from where?""The three of us are gonna go..." before I could finish Jon was already
bitching..."No Tommy I don't want to go back there.""Jon you just agreed before now you don't want to again? I want to go check
out that place to see if there are any more things hidden or details
about...""Yeah about the dead kid right?" he said."Yes that too but I want to see if that pervert left anything else around
and so on."I looked at Kyle."Are you in?""Sure why not.""Jon?""I guess.""Great and I think maybe we can bring one more too.""Who?" they both asked together."DJ. I think he is old enough and mature enough to come with us and I
really want to make him feel like part of this family we have. He is a bit
of an outsider and he certainly is big and old enough to be able to handle
things. I would ask Ben but he just seems too weird sometimes to join us,
so what do you two think?""I don't care if you do it I like DJ.""Ky, how about you?""Sure lets bring him in here and see what he says.""I'll go get him." Jon said.He turned and headed to the door and I looked at Kyle."So you think DJ will fit in with us?""Yeah why not. He has been through hell with Robert and all that so he
might be looking for something to make him feel really welcomed in with
us.""Yeah KY I agree."A few minutes later Jon came polish nymphet teen back with DJ little nymphets ukrainian
following him."You wanted to see me young nymphets pedo Tommy?""Yeah I did. I was wondering if you wanted to be a little more then just
one of the kids living here.""Huh?""Would you be interested in being in on some of the things we do around
here or do you just want to toplist nymphette blend in with the other guys?""That depends on what you want from me.""Well before we leave I want you to go shoot with Kyle so we could use your
expertise when we leave incase we need another person to shoot. Is that
good for starters?""Sure but I already knew that. What else do you mean by being in with you
guys?""I'll show you but you have to swear whether you say yes or no that this
stays a total secret okay?"He looked at Jon and Kyle and then back at me."Sure I guess.""No sure I guess isn't good enough. I said. I need your word on this DJ.""Okay, fine... I didn't realize this was such a big deal.""It is." Said Kyle.He looked at Kyle and then at me."Okay I understand you have my word.""Good follow us." I said to him as we headed out of Kyle's room.I opened his door and the four of us walked out and headed for
downstairs. As we walked I looked around to make sure the coast was clear
and I didn't see anyone so I went directly to the cellar door and opened it
and the other three scurried in and we headed downstairs. Kyle led as we
headed into the private free nymphet youngest
room and I followed them into the room shutting the
door behind."Okay so what is so big about going into this room?" DJ asked.I looked at Jon."The door please... go open it so he knows."Jon walked over behind the desk and pulled the huge door open."Wow, said DJ what is down there?""A tunnel, I said. To another house.""Really? A tunnel to another house? On this block?""Yup, said Kyle and a few more surprises along the way too.""That's right DJ some might shock you and others might not but we are going
for a walk to the other house and I felt you were old enough and smart
enough to come with us and help us now. Think you are up for it?""Sure now that I see what you are doing you bet I am.""Okay just be careful going down it's a little tricky the first time and
whatever you do pics nymphets posted by don't drop anything on Jon's head."Kyle started laughing and DJ had a puzzled look on his face as Jon nymphets gallery pre gave me
the finger."What's that all about?" DJ asked."The last time all of us went down Tommy dropped a flashlight on my head."
Jon said."Owwww, that had to hurt." DJ replied grabbing his own head in sympathy.Jon walked over to DJ."Put your hand right here."He pointed to the spot on his head where it hit. DJ felt it and the bump
was nymphet porn draw still slightly there."Wow you still have the bump.""Yeah its going away but it really hurt.""Okay guys, I said now that you are done reminiscing over Jon's pain can we
get going?"Jon gave me the finger once more and Kyle and DJ started laughing."First lets go get the flashlights just incase." I said. Forgetting that we
could use them down there.Kyle opened the door and jumped practically out of his skin. Standing right
in front of him was Jeremy. Kyle immediately shoved Jeremy really hard in
the shoulder for scaring the shit out if him. I saw this and quickly shut
the door to the tunnel as the commotion ensued. By the time Kyle's heart
fell back into place and we all caught our breath the only thing going on
was Jeremy rubbing his shoulder from the battering Kyle just gave him from
the scare."Damn that hurts!" he said."Yeah well you scared the freaking shit out of me dude!""Sorry.""Okay what the hell are you doing down here in the first place Jeremy?" I
said as I approached the doorway."I saw the four of you go downstairs and got curious, so what are all of
you doing in that room?"I guess thankfully that means he didn't hear us and doesn't know anything."WE are having a private meeting about the trip. I quickly replied. And I
am sorry but what we are discussing is personal and you can't know about
it.""That's okay I didn't mean to be nosy but you have to admit after seeing
four of you go downstairs I did get a little curious but I didn't mean to
scare anyone or butt in where I don't belong.""No damage done Jeremy other then maybe you taking fifty years out of
Kyle's life by scaring him so."Jon snickered at my words but otherwise Kyle pretty much ignored it."All right then, I think you need to head back up so we can finish up this
private stuff.""Sure no problem. Sorry again I didn't mean anything just wanted to know
where all of you were going."He turned and headed towards the steps and started to climb them. I looked
at Kyle who was starting to get the color back into his face now."You okay bro?""I will be but I might need to change my underwear."We all laughed at that and Kyle being pretty level headed smiled as he said
it."Nice save nudes nymphets
with that come back Tommy.""Thanks DJ I almost didn't know what to say to him. Jon go get the
flashlights please you know where they are and Kyle go lock that door so we
don't get anymore visitors.""Yeah good idea."He headed upstairs and Jon to the garage as I looked at DJ."So you okay with all this so far?""Yeah it's a little weird but I am fine.""Well just wait till you see what is ahead once we get to the other place.""Is it scary?""Not really scary anymore, well not to me but you might find it a little
how shall I put it? Different? Maybe... but there will be nothing there to
hurt you so don't worry too much.""Thanks, I don't really scare that easy but I think if that were me that
Jeremy just scared instead of Kyle I might need a change of my underwear
for innocent model nymphet
sure because I probably would have peed myself!"I laughed."Yeah I might have too." I said.Kyle was now back and standing next to big boy DJ who easily crazy nymphets top towered over
him by six inches or more. Jon was now back too carrying six flashlights."I figured with DJ here we could bring a few extra.""Yeah, good idea." I said.He handed out the lights and I took two."Ready?""Yup, said DJ. I guess I can't be more ready then this.""I have my gun KY, do you have yours?""No I didn't think about it should I get it?""Nah as long as I am packing we should be okay I really doubt anyone will
be there.""Yeah well I hope you are right Tommy, DJ said, I don't really want anymore
scares today, what happened to Kyle was plenty.""Yeah you're telling me!" Kyle blurted out.We all went inside and I shut and locked that door too just incase anyone
got past the cellar door. I opened the tunnel door now and flashed my light
down as the others started to go. Kyle went first followed by DJ and then
Jon went. Kyle shined a light up so I could see going down and shortly we
were all heading towards the other house. We talked and told DJ some of
what we found over there but not about the sex rooms or the boy that was
killed. I didn't want to scare him and unless it was necessary I wasn't
about to bring it up and I didn't think Jon or Kyle would either. Finally
about fifteen or so minutes later we were at the first opening."Okay this is where the other house is, if you keep going straight you will
eventually come out into the woods.""Woods, really?""Yeah we think that it was an escape route and a safe place for everyone
incase of some attack.""You mean like a bomb shelter?" DJ asked."Exactly." Kyle said."Wow was this guy crazy or what?""You have no idea DJ I think he makes Robert look like an angel sometimes.""Wow, how can you say that Tommy? Robert was so cruel and a real bastard
and you are comparing him to this guy?""Yeah, I have my reasons why I am DJ but for now lets not get into that. I
am going up first and then I want DJ to follow so I can show him the room."Kyle and Jon nodded in agreement. I looked at DJ."IT will be fine just relax and hang in there.""Okay." He said.I started up the rungs."You might want to back up DJ incase mister dropsy loses a flashlight. You
don't want to be his next russian nymphet nudist victim."I started to laugh as did Kyle with Jon's smart ass comment. DJ backed up
just incase but I made it up without losing anything and DJ began to
follow. Soon he was up and standing next to me."Come on I have something to show you."I took him around the corner to the sex room and just stood there as he
looked and took it all in."WOW... wholly shit man is this for real?"He looked at me and started walking around looking at all the dildo's and
butt plugs and so on. He picked up the two footer... so far everyone's
favorite item and looked at me."Yeah you wish!" I said to him.He laughed."I know you are big DJ but you aren't that big!""No not even close Tommy."We had another chuckle as Jon and Kyle walked in."So what do you think DJ?" Jon asked."I don't know what to say. As he put down the huge dildo and turned to
Jon. This place is amazing and really sad too. I mean for someone to make
something like this they had to be perverted or worse.""Yup you got it!" I said."The guy was a real bad pervert!" Jon added."I nymphet ukranian pre bet he was. Just by the looks of this place. What is that table for?"
DJ asked.This was Kyle's first time here too so he was just as interested in
everything as DJ was. Kyle was only told about the room he has never been
here before."I can't believe what is in here either bro. Is that the table?" "Yeah that's it KY. That is where it happened.""What happened?" DJ asked."It's the place that the pervert... well I guess I can tell you now that we
are here... the pervert killed a boy with sex involved.""What? What the hell do you mean killed a boy?""The last time we were here we found some writings from the bastard and it
said he had a boy tied to the table and was having his way with him but he
went too far and killed him.""You mean the pervert that put all this here was also a murderer?""Yeah I guess you can say that." Jon said."That is sad, how old was the boy?" DJ asked."We think fifteen.""Wow Tommy I just don't know what else to say. How could he get away with
killing someone that age I mean that was before the comet right?""Yeah we think so.""Then someone had to miss the kid didn't they?""We really don't know DJ its as hard for us to believe too its all pretty
much new to us just like it is to you, the only difference is we were here
before but this is the first time you and Kyle are seeing this."He turned and looked at Kyle."What do you think KY?""I had a hard time believing anyone could be so bad when my brother told me
about this place but now that I see it myself its almost hard to believe in
person too."He went over and picked up one of the dildo's."These are pretty neat I think."He turned the bottom and it began to vibrate."Think I can take a few home Tommy?"I laughed."I don't care KY, that's up to you but who are you planning on using them
on?""Not me!" Jon yelled out.We all laughed."No not you but I am not saying who just yet either."We were all sorta taken aback by his sudden openness."Well don't all look so surprised, he said. Its not totally bad is it?""No not really. Jon said. Just that I am surprised that you said it that
way. Using them is fine I think but the way you said it sorta shocked me.""Yeah me too bro, like you are planning on having one of the boys over for
anal or something?""Ummm, when you put it that way I guess you are right it does sound kinda
bad.""Not bad, DJ said just kinky."Again we all laughed. That ended our chat in the room for now."Come on guys we have a lot of snooping to do."They followed me as I led the way through the rest of the maze to the
garage and finally into the house. It was still quite early and we got to a
window and looked down the road at our skinny nymphet pussy place. A few of the guys were out in
the street playing as we looked out on them."Hey look, said DJ. There is Billy and Joey throwing around the football.""Yeah, I said lets not let them know where we are okay, so lets be careful
around windows just incase.""Right!" DJ said.We moved on and were now in the main part of the house."Okay everyone spread out take a room and start opening draws and so on. If
you find anything weird give a yell."With that each of us took a room and began to look around. I went up to
what I thought was his bedroom and started looking. I started going through
draws and found clothes and some cash among other things. I looked under
the bed and there was nothing there and then I went to the closet. It was
full of hanging clothes on two team nymphets sides and shoes on the bottom. The top
shelves had lots of boxes and this closet alone would probably take an hour
to search. I started going through boxes and found very little outside of
receipts and bills marked `paid' on them. Some had knickknacks and other
goodies in them but so far nothing other then normal stuff. It has been
almost an hour now and I was almost done looking but so far wasn't bothered
by anyone nor heard anything from them either. Finally about ready to give
up I got off the floor and started pushing clothes back and forth and
suddenly I saw a handle. I shoved clothes back on either side of the handle
and pulled on it. it didn't budge at first but with another tug a door came
off and fell to the floor. It was a secret compartment of sorts. The door
fit snugly and unless you were looking you wouldn't know it was there. I
pulled it away and inside was a stash of everything I thought he would
have. I knew it might be here preenteen nymphets
some where. The room was barely five feet
deep and had shelves on one side that were a third full of video tapes. On
the back wall was a tv/vcr that was plugged into an electric socket. I
turned it on and there was a tape in it which came out when I pushed
power. I looked at it but it didn't say anything so I pushed it back into
the machine and after about fifteen seconds it began to play. It was a
porno of some young teen maybe fourteen or so laying on 12 to 16 nymphets
a bed naked and
soft. The kid began to play with himself and as he got hard a man came into
the picture and all you could see was the back of him. He was half naked
and had on just boxers. So far no one spoke. The man reached out and took
hold of the boys growing cock and began to play with it. The kids eyes
closed as the man leaned in and began sucking him off. This was starting to
get me hard since it was quite exciting to watch. I was mesmerized by it
and as I began to get harder I hoped for a second no one would walk in on
me now. This went on with the guy sucking the teen off for a good three to
five minutes. I grabbed myself and was now rock hard from watching the guy
suck this kids dick like it was nothing new to him. As the boy began to
moan I couldn't take it anymore so I took out my own cock and began to jerk
off to the video. I was close from watching it and I began to stroke myself
faster as I watched. Within a minute or so the boy let out another moan and
finally spoke. The first voice sound from the video...`I'm gonna cum soon Teddy' he said.So was I, I though to myself. The boy was really cute and the guy was
really going to town on him after he announced his closeness to orgasm. A
few seconds later he let out a pretty loud moan and grabbed the bed sheets
tightly. The man that was sucking him off began to make slurping sounds and
after a few seconds you could see cum dripping from the side of his
mouth. The teen blew his load in his mouth and he couldn't take all of
it. By now I was ready to do the same as the man backed off the teenaged
boy and watched him enjoy is orgasm. His eyes were still tightly closed and
for the first time I realized that someone had to be filming this after
they zoomed in on the boys face. He was really cute and slowly his tightly
shriveled up face began to relax as he came back from what appeared to be a
great orgasm. Then finally the man spoke to him. He had a deep voice and he
asked him if he enjoyed it. The boy shook his head yes and smiled at
him. The man then reached up and cupped his hand under the boys chin and
then quickly patted him twice on the right cheek.`Glad you did boy, so did I.' he said to him.There was maybe another thirty seconds of video as the man got up and out
of the shot leaving the naked teen alone in the bed. As the kid grew soft
the camera zoomed in on his wetness from his orgasm. You could easily see
the left over cum on him and the bed. The kid reached out for his cock and
gave it a squeeze and the video ended at that point. I suddenly realized I
had my hand nymphet virginz on my own cock and it was out of my sweats and was playing with
my hard on. I quickly turned to look and thankfully I was still alone. Damn
that was so hot! I thought to myself. Now I need to cum! I looked around a
bit more after I stopped fondling myself and found at least one hundred of
these movies if not more. Being the whore I am I decided I wasn't ready to
share these just yet but I certainly wanted to see more. I have lots of
ideas for these videos and I have little doubt that if the boys see them it
will raise a lot of things including questions and hard cocks! I turned off
the machine and let my cock go totally soft as I backed out of the little
room and put the wooden door back into place. I had to pee now after all
that so I found my way out of the closet and headed to the bathroom. After
I finished I went looking for the others. Kyle was in another room looking
around upstairs with me and the other two were downstairs he told me."I told them not to bother you if they found anything and to come get
me. So did you find anything bro?""Nope just some paid bills and the usual clothes. How about you?""Nah, this place really doesn't have much to offer. I checked the four kids
rooms on this floor before I came in here. I didn't find anything weird at
all."We were in a room with a naked nymphets bbs desk and a few chairs. On the corner of the desk
sat a computer but with everything that happened and was happening it
didn't strike Kyle or me any interest right now. I wonder if there is porn
on there too? I am definitely going to have to come back here after we head
to the mall for some private time. That video alone that I watched could
make me shoot my load all over! I guess I found what I wanted. It was
getting close to two or more hours now since we left the house."Kyle I think its time to head back before we are missed.""Yeah I agree, besides I'm starting to get hungry.""Okay left go find DJ and Jon."We left that room and headed downstairs. From the looks of it whoever lived
there had four rooms and the master bedroom. The one I was in upstairs plus
one bathroom. So at least it appears four or more kids, him and his wife or
some one lived there. It was at least six easily. I looked around for
pictures downstairs as Kyle went to find the DJ and Jon. I found one shot
above the fireplace and sure enough it was a family photo. I was looking
at it when the others came in to join me."Whatcha looking at?" asked DJ."I think the family that lived here. They must have had some connection to
the people that lived where we do.""Yeah I guess so with that tunnel and all. Do you think that the whole
group knew about the tunnel?""I doubt it KY, because if they did there would probably be more cots in
the sleeping area of the tunnel.""I guess that makes sense but TJ what really makes any sense here?""Not much I guess. This is all beyond words Kyle.""Okay guys I think we did enough looking for one day and we have an idea of
how the family looks too so we should head home. Besides I think we are all
getting hungry.""Yeah I am, said DJ. I can always eat.""I know, I have watched you. I said. You guys go ahead I want to do one
thing before I join you."I watched them leave the area and I went over to unlock the front door so I
didn't have to walk a mile to get here when I was ready to come back for
more viewings. I joined them quickly after that and we all laughed and
joked around as we headed back through the maze of rooms and back into the
tunnel. I thought about just leaving through the front door while I was
there but I didn't want to have to explain to everyone why the four of us
were outside if the door was locked and we had to ring the bell to get in
once we got back home. So reluctantly we took a five minute walk and turned
it into about a thirty minute tunnel walk. We chatted while we headed back
about things nymphets nude arts after we were done laughing and what nymphet girlies we thought the mall might
look like. As we approached the end and started to head up the ukrainian nymphets jpg rungs back
into the house we got quiet incase someone happened to come back
downstairs. I know the door was locked but I am sure any one of those kids
could get through it if they tried hard enough or were curious enough to
want to know why the basement door was suddenly locked. We arrived safely
back into the basement and nothing nor no one knew younge teen nymphet
we were gone so far
outside of maybe Jeremy. As we headed back upstairs I reminded DJ that
after we eat he needs to go shoot with Kyle and Benjy."Yeah I know. I want to more then ever now. That little trip we took opened
my eyes to a lot and I want to feel safe and have my own gun too if its
okay with you guys.""Yeah I don't think that will be a problem since we have quite a few guns
around and safely put away. I'll get you one after we eat.""Thanks Tommy."We entered the kitchen and Shawn, Jordy and Luke were in there. I watched
Kyle as we walked in to see if any significant eye contact would be made
between him and Luke. Sure enough they smiled at one another and Kyle
walked over to him and said something I couldn't hear. I am sure now that
those two are going to become close. I also think that the dildo Kyle
brought back is for Luke too or maybe for Kyle when he is alone... just a
gut feeling so far but it sure seems naked nymphetes pics
like it. I grabbed some food from the
fridge that was left over and went to heat it. They looked at me like I was
supposed to be feeding them too."You guys are on your own I am making something for just me."DJ said nothing but Jon and Kyle barked a little. I stayed around to see
what would happen after Kyle was done but he got up and went to DJ."We have to go do that soon its gonna get dark.""Okay Kyle I am almost done.""Good I am gonna go find Benjy and then we can go shoot.""Good." DJ said.Kyle took off and I focused on Shawn who I really haven't said much to
lately. I went over and sat next to him and gave him a kiss on top of his
head before I sat."Hey cutie how's things?""Good, been playing with the guys and practicing some of the games. Its
good to have my room back and I actually felt okay sleeping in my bed last
night.""That's good. I am glad you are happy.""Yeah but not as happy as when I sleep with you."He leaned over and onto me. I put my arm around him and gave him a nice hug
and another kiss on his head. I noticed DJ watching from the corner of my
eye."I'm gonna go play TJ see you later.""Okay cutie."He got up and took off DJ immediately came over and sat where Shawn was."He really loves you Tommy doesn't he?""Shawn? Yes he does and I love him just as much.""How did that happen, I mean you two are years apart and I haven't been
around enough to know much of anyone's private life."By now everyone had left the kitchen and I could hear shots being fired
outside which meant DJ was missing his practice."Tell you what. Lets save this for after you shoot and we can talk about it
okay?""Yeah thanks I just realized I need to be out there where the shooting is."He hurried off as I got up from the table and cleaned off what the pigs
left behind. I was tired of cleaning up after just about everyone. Even DJ
left his glass but I will give him cp nymphets a pass because he almost always cleans
up after himself. For the next twenty to beauty divine nymphets thirty minutes all I heard was
gunshots from my room as the guys practiced outside. It was getting on past
4pm now and I heard them come back inside as the door slammed shut. They
seemed to be happily discussing their accomplishments from outside as I
came to the top of the steps."How'd it go?""Great!" they all said."Can they shoot well Kyle?""Ben was a little off but he really hasn't fired a gun much, he did nail a
few cans though almost as many as you do.""Funny KY, how did DJ do?""Awesome. He has pretty good aim!""Not as good as you though Kyle!" DJ said."Thanks. He looked back up and me. He is a decent shot bro and he will make
it a lot easier if we get into trouble when we go.""Great then he can ride with Ben and you can come with me like you want. I
really don't care as long as there are two guns in each car."Kyle looked at DJ. They talked for a few seconds and then Kyle looked back
at me."We'll figure it out tomorrow neither of us really cares which car we are
in as long as we are all safe.""Okay, that's fine we will figure it out in the morning but I thought you
said something to me earlier...""Not now bro, later..."I knew what he meant Ben was right there and we didn't need to talk about
how Ben drives in front of him so I just let it drop. As dark settled upon
us once more the weather was holding up nicely and it appeared we would
have more Indian summer as we packed both the truck and the car to get
ready for the morning. free nymphet pictures By 8:30 after a bunch of bitching and moaning from
me to each of them, everyone had what they wanted in one of the
vehicles. It really didn't matter where it was as long as it was in one of
them. At 9pm I called a meeting and soon everyone of the thirteen boys was
in the living room with me."Okay guys listen up! Yo! I screamed finally getting quiet in the
room. Okay now here is what's gonna happen... everything is packed and I
don't care who goes where but tomorrow morning all of you are going to have
to decide whether you go with me or Ben. Outside of Luke who is taking
Patches with him the rest of you need to pick a car."That started some rumblings about who did and didn't want to be with the
dog and I just let them go for a few minutes and finally I yelled out and
got their attention again."Okay now that everyone has bitched about the dog. Make your decision and
let me know in the morning. If too many pick one or the other we will flip
a coin to decide who goes where. That seems fair enough. Two more things
and we are incest pics nymphet done. First and most important... I know at times I am a real
pain in the ass over how you guys live and all but this is super important
so listen! When we hit the road this is supposed to be fun but I want to
make it clear that everyone needs to be alert and focus on your
surroundings at all times. It could mean your life! By that I mean watch
around you, outside of the car as often as you can for signs of people or
anything that doesn't look right. Each car will have two of us pt beautiful nymphets with guns
incase anything bad happens. Yes I mean that the way I said it to scare
you! I now had everyone's full attention. It is very important that we are
aware of what is around us and if anything happens remember to duck down if
someone shoots. I am telling all of you this because I don't expect gun
fire but just incase I am saying it as a warning!! Just in case! Around
here we know what is going on but as soon as we get outside of this area
anything and I mean anything is possible which is why I didn't want all of
you to go. But since that is behind us now I do want all of you aware and a
little scared while we travel. It won't hurt you if you are prepared for
anything but if you aren't you could die! I know that is sorta harsh and
might frighten some of you but I would rather have you frightened then dead
that is why I am laying it on a little thick here.""Yeah well you are scaring us Tommy almost to the point where I might not
want to go!""Sorry Danny but I want all of you to live and be okay and if it makes you
scared it will keep you alert!""I know Tommy but did you have to say it that way?""Yes I did Dan! I said it that way on purpose just so all of you will know
this is a fun trip but it can easily turn bad if we don't pay naked nymphete pics
attention. We will have communication on the cell phones between cars and I
have a set of walkie talkies too so we don't have to worry if the phones
don't work in some free boy nymphet area.""Seems like you have thought of everything Tommy.""I hope so Joey, I sure hope so!""Thanks Tommy." Joey said.I smiled at him."Okay now the last thing I want is for everyone to make sure you are clean,
meaning showered so we don't have a problem with little miss nymphet that. Also everyone needs
to pee or take a crap before we go so we don't have to stop every ten
minutes and finally make sure you eat and are not hungry. I will have a
cooler of water with us I got one for each car and plenty of cups but if
you drink too much and have to pee too often I will make you hang it out
the window and pee while I drive. I looked at Ben. You realize if that
happens you better be clear or you will get splash back!""Yeah I know I don't want to have to smell that so I hope you warn me or
something.""I'll do my best but if I forget nymphet galleries nude
just look for little dicks hanging out the
window."Everyone laughed."Okay then if we are clear I want everyone up at 6am. We are leaving at 7
and if you are not there and someone doesn't get you then you stay home
alone!"That got a bunching of them grumbling and whining."Hey all of you are old enough to know how to set an alarm and wake up on
time.""Even me Tommy?"I turned and looked and Christian was asking me that question."No Chris you don't have to worry about that, your brother does.""Oh good because I don't want to have to pure nymphets wake up early.""Chris you have to wake up early with all of us!" Danny said to his younger
brother."But can't you just carry me into the car..."Danny cut him off as he covered his mouth."That's enough from you, you will be up with me and like it!"That started a small fight between them as Danny grabbed Chris by the arm
and took him out of the room. I looked at the others and asked for
questions. I got a few from some of them and before long Danny was back in
the room and Christian was rubbing his ass. I looked at Danny."Had to give him a little bit huh?""Yeah I am done with his baby crap. If he doesn't listen he gets a smack in
the ass now.""Good for you, I said in front of everyone. Maybe I should start doing that
when some of you don't clean up after yourselves!"The room grew loud as they began to bitch about my comment."QUIET!" I yelled."I think that might be a good idea. Next time someone doesn't clean toplist nymphet up
after themselves I am going to call everyone together in here and the boy
that didn't clean up will have his pants pulled down in front of everyone
and then have to lay across my lap and everyone can watch him get his naked
ass spanked!"I don't even have to tell you how that went over. I thought the roof was
going halloween nymphets pussy
to blow off the house after I said that. Of course I was kidding with
them but inside I was slowly making myself hard thinking about doing that."Okay, okay shut up all of you! I was only making a point as much as I
would love to do that I don't see it happening.""Good, yelled out Zack because..." and that was all he said he suddenly
realized he was opening his big mouth ukrain nymphet in front of everyone and he
immediately shut up and turned a little red."Okay guys that's enough of this. 6am tomorrow we leave at 7. If you sleep
in I will either wake you with an ice water bath or leave you here alone!
Now all of you go find something to do or go to bed!"Slowly they got up and some gave me a dirty look and others was smiling or
didn't seem to care knowing getting up wouldn't really be a major problem
for themselves. I looked at Zack and smiled."You almost blew it." I said to him in a low tone."Never mind Tommy. I don't want to talk about it!"Jordy was with him and he snickered at what I said and smiled at me as he
left with his brother. I heard a little yelling out in nymphet vids the hall as they
walked away but it didn't last long. I watched as they headed up and went
in their room together slamming the door behind. I turned and Jon was there
watching me."You enjoy watching them argue don't you?""No I enjoy watching Jordan's cute ass as he walks upstairs with his shorts
on.""Sometimes TJ you are too much."I smiled at him."Yeah I am and you love it!"He smiled back."So do I sleep with you tonight?""You know that is up to you. I don't think Shawn will be in since he is
happy having his own bed back so I suppose my room will be wide open unless
I can get one of the boys in there.""Yeah I bet you wish that don't you.""I don't have to wish it Jon I am sure if I asked a few of them they would
say yes.""Ya know TJ I hate to agree but you are probably right."I laughed."I don't know if that is a good thing or not Jon. I'll catch up with you in
a little bit I have one thing to do before I go to bed tonight.""Okay TJ either I will see you shortly or be waiting for you in bed.""Good, if you are in bed it better be naked and ready to suck me off. I
need a blow job tonight I had a tough day at that house and I am ready to
blow my wad already!""Yeah I am sure!"He took off his way and I went mine. Which was towards Kyle's room. Right
or wrong I wanted to know if he was with Luke. I went over and put my ear
on his door but heard nothing. So do I knock or just walk in? I thought
about it for a minute. I knocked and walked in announcing myself. He wasn't
there. Surprisingly I expected him to be there. I headed upstairs and went
to Luke's door. I put my ear on it and it was quiet in there too. I opened
the door and the room was empty. Now both of them are missing where could
they go? I thought about it and there really wasn't too many places to be
alone especially at 9:30 at night. The pool! Maybe they went there. I
headed back downstairs and off towards the pool. As I turned the corner I
heard splashing and I little nymphette slowed down. I got to the corner and peaked around
the side of the wall and sure enough Kyle was in the water and Luke was on
the diving board. He jumped in and they swam together. They were talking
but I was too far away to hear anything so I watched. I wasn't crazy about
spying on my brother but I think I found his boyfriend... Finally! I
watched for a few minutes but nothing really happened outside of them
getting out of the water with half their ass showing occasionally as they
climbed out using the ladder. One time something must have happened because
Luke stopped and turned away from Kyle who was in the water and flashed his
ass to him as he lowered his model nymphette girl
bathing suit. It was cute and almost got me
hard at the nymphet girl forum
same time. Luke has a really cute ass! I had seen enough and
was sure by now that Jon was waiting for me and those two were either
together or on their way towards something like that. I didn't think Luke
was that interested but now that he can swim he seemed to be happier and
more open when it came to being with some of the boys. Guess time will tell
there because all I can do is guess without seeing more myself.I turned and
headed out of the pool area to leave them be. I am sure eventually I will
know plenty about them if I just wait my turn. I headed back to the main
part of teen nymphettes
the house. Other then Kyle and Luke the house was quiet and at 9:45
I think everyone was either showering or already in bed awaiting tomorrows
excitement. As for me I think I am gonna ukrainian nymphets free download go upstairs and get that blow job
that Jon is gonna give me and after I fill his mouth with love I am gonna
fall asleep with him in my bed again tonight.To be

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