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From: Dwedno Smith
Subject: Chapter 71 of TunnelHi all,Another treat for all of you. I am doing my best to keep the story
flowing... I was reminded by my proof reader Colin that I sometimes take
things arina bbs nymphets
for granted... not outright but enough and to the point where I
could easily confuse the average reader... so as I remember to I will try
to make sure that certain tidbids of story are shared to remind everyone
who is who. Today's is about Shawn, Tommy and Kyle... and twins...
Now I know all of you that read this know or have heard Tommy call Shawn
cutie... that is his nickname and no one else will ever be refered to by
that as a name... you might see someone called cute or "a cute thing
happen" but as reference no one but Shawn is 'cutie' the other thing of
note is when Tommy is called 'TJ' a little background on those initials is
simple, once its understood...Tommy never cared for being called TJ until
Shawn started doing it. Obviously the little bugger can do anything he
wants and he won't upset Tommy... then it caught on to Kyle hearing Shawn
use it and he too started calling his brother by his initials "TJ" and
finally Jon started doing it occasionally so if there is any questions as
to why or who is using the initials "TJ" it will only be Shawn or Kyle or
Jon most of the time unless its clearly mentioned who is talking. The
reason for this explaination is some level of confusion had come up within
the storyline and it might have become unclear who was talking at one time
or another so to clear things up I have spent this time explaining myself
to all of you... big deal right? LOL... anyway no one else is supposed to
refer to Tommy as TJ because it pisses him off. so... you will hardly see
it happen unless it is Shawn or Kyle doing it. As for 'our' cutie that
title is reserved for Shawn as a pet name by Tommy and occasionally it
might show up in other places but I will do my best to limit that and not
confuse you. Now I can add one more and that would be "Twins" and that of
course refers to two groups of boys now... yes I know more confusion but
"Twins" in Tunnel refers to Zack and Jordy... and not to further confuse
anyone else: "Twins" in BT will now refer to Todd and Ryan. I will do my
best to limit the usage of the word indirectly when the storyline can be
mixed but please always look for a name when I mention twins. I will always
try to follow shortly with one of their names to limit any questions.So now that I have taken the time to confuse all of you even more (LOL) I
will say sorry now in advance for when it happens. All of you know if
things get too crazy an e mail will fix it.In closing this week I also want to say in so many words that I am still
seeing an increase in new readers. Some who have taken the time to write
and tell me they are enjoying Tunnel and I want to thank all the people who
are new to the story and enjoying it so... your e mails are well
appreciated... all of you who take the time to offer opinions, comment on a
specific part or just ask a question... THANK YOU ALL!!!Sometimes I get little or no feedback from the regular readers and as much
as I don't want to sound like I am crying or bitching... feedback is what I
live for guys (and gals) because believe it or not I do take a lot of what
is said into account and sometimes add ideas from all of you into the story
because it was such a good idea or thought I need to use it... in closing
so all of you can finally get to the story instead of listening to me
complain and carry on... I am doing my best to keep the chapters going to
keep some level of consistancy and flow for all of you.With any free time I get I have been writing as much as I can even into the
wee hours of the morning (2am) even when I to be up for work at 7:30 the
next morning because I honestly do feel obligated to get all of you at
least one new chapter of each part of Tunnel per month... try to do more
but its very hard with my work schedule so again in closing...Thanks to all
who support Tunnel and continue to enjoy it... Long live Tunnel and the
ideas to keep it fresh!!!! Take care....Dwedno.Chapter 71. Home sweet Home?They were out of the parking lot and on their way back home. For the most
part the bus was quiet as the majority of the boys were tired from walking
the mall and all the stress from the morning escapades that followed their
shopping on top of the lack of sleep from the previous night. A few of them
watched from the window of the bus as the mall got smaller and smaller and
the bus got further away. Though most of them didn't quite understand what
happened before they left they seemed content with how everything was at
the moment. The repercussion of it hit them all in some way. Their visit to
the pre nymphets tgp
huge mall was a success and a failure too on some level. The only thing
left now is to find out who will be joining them as neighbors and how soon
they will arrive. Just thoughts right now, but sooner or later questions
will be asked and answers may or may not be had regarding a lot of things
that did happen at the mall and about their futures when they get home. By
the time Tommy was ready to stop and fill up a good two plus hours into the
ride home about half the boys were asleep. He pulled up to the pump and
began to fill up as only Kyle and Jon got off the bus with him."You okay bro?""Yeah TJ how is your back?""I'll be okay. I am a little stiff but I think maybe Jon can give me a nice
massage when we get back and that will help a lot."Jon laughed and Kyle looked at his brother and then turned to Jon."HE must be okay he already has some form of sex on his mind."Jon laughed and Kyle was standing too close to his brother and he felt a
mild slap upside his head after that comment."Owwww. Damn I thought I moved far enough away!"Jon was almost in hysterics from the show the two of them were putting on
for him. They were so distracted that none of them saw the half baked guy
creeping up behind them. Thankfully DJ did see him coming and got off the
bus with gun drawn and fired at the disfigured monster as it approached.BAM! BAM!They spun and saw the creature on the ground about ten feet from them."SHIT! That was too close! Jon said. None of us even saw him!"Tommy looked at DJ."Thanks man you did good. Talk about earning your place in my heart you
just got a gold star right there DJ!"DJ walked over to tiny nymphets uncensored Tommy as he spoke. Tommy gave him a hug and with DJ being
so much bigger then him it was awkward but the point was made. They went
over and looked at the disfigured thing as it lay there and there wasn't
much else to say now other then..."Wow that was close.""Yeah too close Kyle. We can't let our guard down! Thankfully DJ didn't and
we are all okay." Tommy commented as he watched the gas flow and nymphets sample video
held his
own gun in his other hand now as he shook a bit from the scare."That woke up the entire bus too." Jon added as he looked at the bus
windows."Yeah but at least they can fall back to sleep eventually and no one was
hurt.""We just had beautiful nymphet pussy the shit scared out of us that's plenty enough for me!" Kyle
said."Sure is. Okay we are little nymphets pics links
full let's get on the bus and get out of here before
something else happens."They quickly got on the bus and Tommy secured the door. He started it and
they took off. As they pulled away two more half baked guys came out from
the side of the building Tommy saw them in the mirror but for now chose to
say nothing to the others. If anyone else saw them they too remained quiet
about it. They were on their way once more and had a good two or more hours
before darkness will set and pretty much force them to find a place to
hunker down for the night. As they sped down the road occasionally avoiding
crashed and burnt out cars the rhythm of the road slowly put a lot of the
boys back to sleep and it wasn't long before another two hours passed and
Tommy was looking to top off the gas tank once more. As he looked he
spotted a gas station ahead and pulled in. This time he got out a bit more
cautiously and DJ joined him without being asked."Guess you are our body guard now huh DJ?"He laughed."I guess so."Tommy went to the pump and put the nozzle in and pulled on it but nothing
came out."Damn this one might be dead!"Just then Danny and Joey got off the bus."Tommy we have to pee.""Okay go around the side with DJ and relieve yourselves."DJ followed them as Tommy tried another pump. It was starting to get dark
now. The second pump also didn't work and after a few curses it was time to
move nature nymphets
on. the cold air whipped past the bus as the three boys came running
back quickly after doing their job."Damn its cold!" Joey said nymphets prettens virgins
as he hurried back on the bus."We can't get gas here DJ nymphets boy nude these pumps are dead.""Guess we move on then.""Yeah lets go its almost dark and I want to find a place to stop soon but I
want a full tank first.""Right."They got on the bus and he fired up the engine and heat as he took
off. About a mile down the road was another station and he pulled over once
more. This time with him and DJ a bunch of the boys got off the bus to
either stretch their legs or to take a leak. Thankfully this gas pump
worked and he started to fill the tank."TJ are we gonna stop soon?""Yeah KY as soon as we find nymphet list a decent place and I am done filling this beast
again.""Good what about dinner I am hungry?""Guess we can find a place for that too.""Good because we are hungry too!" Yelled out a few others."How much longer do you think we have Tommy? Asked Caleb."We're about half way there kiddo. We will make it in the morning. We are
gonna stop soon and stay in a hotel for the night.""Oh is that safe?""Sure it is chimed in Jordy. Tommy would never put us in danger.""I didn't mean it that way I just wondered about how these places are after
being empty for so long.""Oh, Jordan replied. I can't answer that.""Neither can I Caleb, Tommy said. We just have to take our chances and hope
we find a good one."With that Tommy pulled the hose out of the tank and closed the lid. They
were full again and it was now dark out."Okay everyone on the bus!" He yelled out.They got on and he closed the door and his cell phone rang."That's odd. Who would be calling me?""Hello? Oh hi Cameron what's going on?""Tommy Chance is sick. I don't know what happened but he has a fever and is
sweating can you come over and help me?""I would pal but we are hours away we all took a bus trip a few days ago
and I wont be back till tomorrow, you gotta hang in there for me, keep him
cool but under blankets and lots of fluids in him and I will do my best to
get there sometime tomorrow during the day.""Okay I nude nymph young will. Is it okay if I call you back if I need to?""Sure anytime Cam.""Thanks, is DJ there?""Yes hang on."Tommy handed the phone to DJ and they talked for a while as Tommy took off
to find a hotel for the night to stop at. DJ came back up a few minutes
later and gave Tommy his phone back. This obviously got the whole buses
attention."He's scared Tommy it doesn't sound really bad but Cameron is worried about
his brother.""I know he is DJ but we can't do a thing till sometime tomorrow.""Yeah I know, is it okay if I go with you? Cam was asking to see me.""Sure are you gonna stay?""No, I just want to see him, calm him down and give him a hug.""Sure you can come.""I wanna go to TJ.""Sure cutie you can come."After that they focused on finding a hotel room and started looking out the
bus windows for a place to stay for the night."I don't know who is awake back there but I can use some eyes to help us
find a place to stay tonight." Tommy said out loud."We are looking TJ" said Shawn."Thanks cutie."The bus grew a bit quiet naked nymphets ls
and then out of no where Caleb says..."Does he always call you cutie?"Three of the boys yelled out `You'll get used to it' and everyone started
laughing. Up ahead about a mile more there was a bright sign for motel
still lit up."We can try this place Tommy yelled out. It looks safe enough so far."He pulled the bus up in front and got up from his seat after it stopped."Okay boys you all know the drill. Other then Caleb I will remind all of
you. No one goes anywhere alone unless its to the bathroom in a safe
location, no one gets off this bus until we check everything for
safety. Any questions?"No one said a thing tgp nymphets movies
till Caleb yelled out something."Why are we not allowed off the bus yet?"Tommy looked at him."Caleb I don't know if you have seen a half baked guy yet but they can and
will kill you if they get to you so until we check things out no one gets
off the bus till we know its safe.""Oh okay I think I understand. I saw a few back at the mall. A few of them
tried to get in once and the guys killed them and took them away.""Then you understand what I mean.""Yes Tommy.""Good. We'll be right back."I got off the bus with Kyle, DJ and Ben and we broke up into two groups and
checked the place out. This was a much larger place for a roadside hotel
and there were twenty-five rooms in it. We went one way and Ben and DJ went
the other. Slowly we checked all the rooms out after getting the keys from
the front desk. It was all good and about a good thirty restless minutes
later we were all heading into a room. Everyone had a choice of sharing or
taking their own and one more set nymphets girls of rules was discussed before anyone was
let go alone. No opening the door unless you know who it is and make sure
you have a way to reach someone with a gun in an emergency. All in all no
one went alone and everyone of the boys took in a roommate. I had Jon, and
the others all settled in for the night. nymphet freedom Shawn went with Caleb and Kyle
took in Luke which I can imagine might be interesting. I think this is the
first time those two have been alone in a few days easily. Danny went with
his brother and the twins took a room together. That should be interesting
too since I am sure Zack hasn't told Jordan he wants out when we get
back. I can hear the fireworks already... Ben decided to bunk with DJ. It
seems like those two are becoming friends lately and Billy and Joey... so
what else is new... those two will probably be sucking each other off
tonight... everyone was in their room as I stripped down to my underwear
and got into bed. Jon was already in bed as we decided to share one queen
sized bed even though the room had two in it. By the looks of the place it
seems like we chose an upscale hotel. There was a refrigerator in each room
and lots of other things we normally didn't see. I realized there was booze
in our room and I suddenly thought about the other rooms."Jon do you think we should check the other rooms and take out the booze?""That's up to you TJ I don't really care.""Yeah but I don't need any sick or drunk kids on my hands in a few hours.""Like I said TJ I don't know what to tell you, I am already in bed and not
getting up its warm and it feels great in here, its freezing outside!""Yeah well I guess we'll just have to hope for the best because I don't
feel like moving either."I rolled over and looked at Jon. He was already settled in. Eyes closed and
ready to sleep."You wanna screw around some? We haven't nymphet girl photo models done anything in a few days.""I would but I am really beat and your back is sore, I don't want to start
doing anything and then hurt you.""Okay I understand but a blow job wouldn't hurt my back."He looked at me."Night TJ."Gee, I thought to myself what's up his ass he usually can't wait to make me
cum! With that I turned off the light and rolled over onto my side and
away from him tiny shaved nymphet and slowly started to fall asleep. Thankfully there were no
interruptions during the overnight other then my back occasionally
bothering me if I turned wrong and I woke to the room brightening and
looked at the clock radio next to me. 7:43am. Well I slept pretty good. I
thought to myself. I rolled over to look at Jon and realized that I got the
cold shoulder last night and changed my mind about bothering him. I sat up
and slowly got out of bed and headed to take a leak. I needed a shower too
so since no one had bothered me so far I jumped into nymphetsthumbs the shower for a quick
hot one. A few minutes later Jon was in the bathroom taking a leak but he
didn't say anything nor did he flush after he finished which was a nice
thing to do considering he seemed to be really bitchy last night. I
finished and got out quickly. Five minutes! I was that quick. Soaped up
washed the body parts and rinsed off. By the time I was drying there was
someone at the door and Jon got it. Guess it wasn't important since he
didn't come get me and a few minutes later I threw the towel down and
headed out naked to get dressed."Who was at the door?""Room service!" Jon replied."Very funny, who was it?""It was Ben he wanted to know when we were leaving.""What did you tell him?""That you were in the shower and to come back in ten minutes.""Okay good."After that neither of us said anything and when I was dressed I took my bag
outside and opened the bus. Slowly the boys started to filter out sweet nymphet sex and back
onto the cold bus. It was quite cold this morning and after a good ten
minutes the bus/RV was starting to warm up nicely. For a change everyone
complied and I didn't have to get out and bang on any door. Within a half
hour everyone was on the bus and we were ready to go. A real shocker. No
bitching or moaning or complaining of any kind. I felt like I was dreaming!
Without a problem I put the bus into drive and we took off. There was small
chatter and after about an hour someone mentioned that they were hungry."I am going to stop some place guys but right now I want to get closer to
home. We only have about three hours drive left so hang in there and in
about an hour we can stop and find a place to eat."They went back to chatting and Shawn came over after a bit and gave me my
morning hug and then messed with Kyle some. He was sitting next to me as
usual helping me along. Caleb came over shortly after Shawn and told me he
was enjoying this so far and he had a good time last night and it felt
really good to sleep in a real bed for a change. He thanked me again for
allowing him to come with us and I told him it was all fine and he would
probably fit in great with us. The next hour passed with few problems. Just
a few boys needing to pee. I told them to use the bus bathroom as long as
that was all they had to do. When I felt we were close enough I told Kyle
to start looking for a place to eat and a few of the others heard me and
within seconds the whole place knew we were about to stop soon. Kyle
pointed to a diner and I pulled over in front of it."As soon as we check it out I'll let all of you know if its safe." I told
them.I got off with Ben and DJ and we checked out the place. Kyle stayed behind
this time just to keep the bus safe. It didn't take long to check out the
place it was small and reeked of bad and stale food. While the others
waited I looked to see if there was enough food to make breakfast for
everyone. A few pounds of frozen bacon and some chilled pancake batter that
was still sealed made enough of a meal for us. I told the boys to call
everyone in and Ben went out to do so while DJ went over to check for
something to drink. There was frozen orange juice so he said he would make
some up. He spent the next twenty minutes making orange juice while I
started cooking the bacon. Jon came over and made the pancake batter and we
were starting to roll on nymphets pics video
getting things together. Kyle got the silverware
and plates and after about forty minutes we were starting to serve them
food. Within an hour we were all fed and the boys were drinking orange
juice and burping the alphabet for fun. Nothing unusual! We decided not to
bother cleaning since I doubt we would ever eat there again so we piled out
onto the bus after everyone who had to go used the bathroom. There was a
gas station close to the bus so I topped off the tank and figured we had
enough to make it home. It was snowing again but just lightly as we took
off for our final destination. This time hopefully without any
interruptions we should be there in about three hours. It was 11am and the
snow began to get harder as we got closer and eventually I had to slow down
because there was fresh little nymphets a coating of snow on the street and the three hours was
now probably closer to four hours as I did about 35 to 40 mph the rest of
the way. Two hours later we had done about ninety miles instead of closer
to a hundred and twenty like I wanted so we weren't making any time at
all. The only good thing was the snow hadn't gotten any heavier so
far. Shawn was now standing at my side as I watched the road closely."What's up cutie?""I was bored and super young nude nymphets
wanted to stretch my legs a little.""That's okay. If it wasn't snowing I would offer you to sit with me but I
need to fully watch the road now so we are safe.""That's okay TJ I just wanted to see how things were I am going back to my
seat now."He leaned in and gave me a quick kiss before he turned to leave. A few of
the boys saw this including Caleb and Shawn got teased a little for what he
did. For litlle teens nymphets the most part the boys know plenty so it wasn't a big deal for him
to kiss me but it was a little different for it to just happen for no
reason so I guess that's why he got picked on some. The bus returned to
small chatter quickly and I focused back on the road. According to the gas
gauge, time we traveled, and odometer we had a half tank now and were about
100 miles from home. Shouldn't be much longer now till we start seeing
familiar road ahead. Maybe a little less than two hours at this speed and
we will be home. We continued on at a reduced speed. One hour passed and
we gained about thirty miles half of what I wanted but I wanted to keep us
safe and on the road. I drove on and chatted with anyone who wanted to talk
and Kyle exchanged seats with Jon and Jon with Shawn several times during
the next ninety minutes. More and more things started to become familiar as
we got closer to home. A school, a burnt out car and a motel were some that
I had remembered and seen in the past during my time I spent driving around
the nymphets virginz area. The snow was a good two inches deep on the highway now and my
only fear was being able to climb the hill once we got there."I banned nymphets models think we should take the back roads when we get there Ky."I said to him as he got back into the passengers seat."Whatever works for you bro, you are driving and you are the one that needs
to feel comfortable and keep us safe besides who cares what works we just
need to make sure that whatever you take it gets us home.""True, I guess but I was just making small talk.""Tommy I don't feel good." came a voice from behind.I looked in the mirror it was Danny and he was holding his stomach."What's wrong kid?""My belly started to make those funny noises a while ago. Ya know like when
you have to take a crap but its not a good one?""Yeah, is that how you feel?""Kinda like any second I might have to go.""Well my rule is no one does that on the bus but right now I don't nymphets magazines think
it's gonna matter, Danny if you have to go that bad then run into the
bathroom shut the door behind you and let it rip just make sure you clean
up if you make a mess.""Okay Tommy. I will.""Yeah and spray something before you open the door." Jeremy yelled out.Everyone laughed when he said that. Danny went back and sat down and no
more then a minute after he sat he sprung up from his seat and ran over and
into the bathroom. Even with a few of the guys talking and the road and RV
noise it wasn't difficult to hear him in there. First he blew a fart loud
enough to knock me off the road and then you could hear Niagara falls flow
out of him. It sounded gross and relieving both at the same time."What do you think he ate?""I don't know Ky, but whatever it was I just hope no one else ate it too.""Yeah me too, the last thing I want is to have to follow him in there and
do what he is doing right now.""I couldn't agree more."With that we heard more air escape from the bathroom as another semi loud
blast of gas flew from Danny's ass. Poor kid... we all nonnude nymphet art
know how bad you
feel as that is happening to you. Sorta funny too when its not you. Almost
sounds like he could fill a balloon with all that hot air. A good five
minutes later some stirring came from in the bathroom and he finally opened
the door and came out. You can also guess what else came out with him as he
left the room."Damn! Didn't you spray anything in there when you were done?" Jeremy
yelled out as pubescent nymphet galleries the vapors hit him."Sorry I forgot."He went back in and you could hear the spray can as he tried to clear the
air. The damage was done though as the smell began to fill the RV and
everyone scrambled to open a window. Danny came back out and clearly looked
embarrassed."Sorry but at least I feel a little better.""Good for you!" DJ yelled out.All of this just brought us closer to home. Even with the gas gauge now
under a half tank I did the mileage in my head and with enough familiar
sites surrounding us it was clear we were less than an hour from home now."Shouldn't be long guys we are almost little nymph models
there!" I said."Good I need some air!" someone yelled out. Everyone laughed once again.I tried to get a look at Danny through the mirror but I couldn't tell
much. He didn't seem to be well at the moment. He had his eyes closed and
was very quiet."Dan you okay pal?" I asked him."I feel a little better but my belly is still upset a little.""Okay you hang in there we should be home within the hour.""Okay Tommy."As Tommy drove on down the road he occasionally watched Danny through the
mirror overhead and focused on the road the rest of the time. He sped up a
little just to try and help out but right now too much speed would risk him
sliding on the slippery road so he tried to take it cautiously too. Other
then Danny the rest of the boys appeared to be doing their own thing and no
one young nymphets picture else was sick that he knew of. Danny had his eyes closed russian porn nymphets kids now and
seemed to be resting some."You keeping an eye on Danny Ky?""Yeah I look back at him every so often but mostly I am watching the road
and you drive. I really would like to give it a try sometime TJ it looks
like fun.""It is but I don't think you are ready just yet. At least not until the
snow and cold weather is gone. We'll see how things go in the spring and
maybe we can get together in an open lot and I'll let you try some
driving.""Awesome!" he said."We'll see... okay?""Yeah I gotcha... I understand its just a we'll see not definitely.""Good because if you got hurt..."I looked at him and he looked at me. He knew what I meant. Well it was
getting on close to 3pm now and I was watching as darkness started to close
in on us. Mind you we were a good ninety or more minutes before dark but
with the clouds and light snow falling it was starting to get a little
dark. Finally around 3:30 we reached the outside of town. There was about
three plus inches of snow on the ground now. Danny was asleep and some of
the boys were starting to complain about how long we had been driving. I
was down to just under a quarter tank of fuel and we had another ten or so
miles left. We were just about there. My cell rang and I reached for it."Hello? Yeah hi... sure no we are almost there. pussy little nymphets
Yes we will stop by
tomorrow because its snowing and it took us longer to get home then I
expected. So Chance has some kind of belly virus from what you are telling
me. Yeah it sounds like it the way you are describing the symptoms... uh
huh... I understand. Just make sure you keep fluids in him and he should be
all right. Yes, like I said tomorrow sometime after 10am I think we'll be
over. Yes Cameron DJ is coming and probably Shawn or someone else
too... we'll see. Sure, okay if anything changes call me otherwise we'll
talk in the morning... sure okay then bye."I hung up and of course everyone wanted the details of what they couldn't
hear on the other end of the conversation."All right if you knuckleheads quiet down I will tell you."They shut up and finally let me speak."All Cameron told me was that Chance is still sick to his stomach and he
was worried about him so I told him tomorrow morning I will go check on
him.""Who is Cameron and who is Chance?" Caleb asked."Oh yeah, I said, you don't know about the other boys we never talked about
them.""There are other boys?""Yes, Shawn said. There is a farm a little ride away from us and on the
farm live three boys Cameron, Chance and Chase and that's where we get our
fresh eggs and milk.""AWESOME! You guys have fresh milk? I haven't had any since the comet
thingy hit.""Yeah and we haven't had any in the time we were at the mall so I am
looking for a cold glass of it right now. Its so awesome Caleb... it's
fresh from the farm so there is cream in the milk and it makes it taste
even better. Especially when you use it to make hot chocolate!"Shawn now had every boy on the bus wanting a glass of either milk or hot
chocolate and that included me."Okay Shawn now that you have made us all want milk or some hot chocolate
how about you stop before you get the entire bus of guys crazy mad at you.""Sorry... he said I didn't think I went that far but I want some now too."I smiled at him and a few of the boys laughed but I little nymphets duo
really could use a
glass of fresh creamy milk right about now."Okay boys its time! I yelled out. We are home!"They all cheered as I made the announcement. No one could have been happier
then Danny though who was asleep until Shawn started with the milk story."Now all I need to do is go around to the back road. Its for sure I am not
going to try and climb this hill with this big thing!"I headed for the back road and ten slow minutes of going up the back way
which might I add was a little safer but almost as slippery we were at the
top of the hill. I just made the turn onto our block and passed Roberts
house. Every time I see it I think of his rotting corpse inside! That
fucking bastard! I didn't say anything just looked at the house and then at
Kyle who was watching me."You looking at...""Shush Ky... I don't even want to mention him and ruin the end of the
trip.""Ohhh... sorry. I was just watching you and I thought..."His words trailed off and I smiled at him."I know what you were thinking little brother I just don't want to go
there.""Yeah good idea, besides Caleb would probably have a million questions if
we did talk about it.""Exactly."I drove the long block and pulled into the driveway. I knew I wouldn't make
it up it since its so steep and snow covered so I let the RV rest as far
over to one side as I could and shut off the motor."Okay guys same rules here as anywhere... we haven't been home in many days
so we have to check out the house first. Kyle, DJ and myself are going to
go do that, I want the rest of you to start gathering your stuff and bring
it to the garage. We are not going to bring everything into the house and
bring in all this snow too and let all the heat out. So I will back the
truck out of the garage and everyone can unload into the garage bay. Is
that clear?"Everyone acknowledged it and we headed off the RV and to the house. Kyle
checked the first floor, DJ went upstairs and I went downstairs and wound
up at the garage so I could back out the Truck. It was nothing more than a
formality but I wanted to make sure we had a safe house to go back
into. After I parked the truck up in front of the front door I yelled down
to Jon to let them start filling the garage with their stuff. It didn't
take long for the boys to practically fill the entire garage with their
stuff and as soon as they had their wet shoes off they were allowed into
the house. Shawn took Caleb for a tour immediately after they got stuff put
in his room and Danny took off for the bathroom to do his thing. This time
a bit more privately. I took Christian to their room and he sat on the
bed. We talked for a bit."So did you enjoy the trip Chris?""It was okay the mall was huge and the ride home was long but it was good.""I'm glad you liked it, so how do you feel?""I feel a lot better then Danny, he's sick to his belly and I hope he will
be okay.""He will be but you have to help him now.""How? He's my big brother, how can I help him?""By not bothering him while he is sick, maybe you can make sure he is
comfortable and when he falls asleep let him rest don't wake him. You can
always come downstairs and hang out with bbs nymphet legal
the boys in the game room. You are
big enough now.""I am?" He smiled."Yup you sure are." I said."Won't Danny get mad if I go downstairs alone?""I hope not you can always come down and play with one of the boys or
patches.""I like teeny angels nymphets
patches he's a good doggie.""Yes he is. Ok well look who is here.""Big brother. Chris ran over and gave him a little russian nymphets nude
hug. You feeling any better
now?""A little bit. But I want to rest.""You should lay down and if you still feel bad Danny come see me and I'll
give you something for your belly. I have medicine here.""Okay Tommy thanks."With that I headed out."Hey Dan I am gonna take Chris with me he can hang out model nymphet ukranian
downstairs and let
you rest.""You sure?""Yeah he's old enough and he won't be a big deal he has to get used to the
other boys now anyway you don't want him under your feet all the time do
you?""No not really.""So you go lay down and I'll bring him downstairs for some hot
chocolate. I'm gonna make a big batch now.""Okay if I feel better maybe I'll come down for some. Even as sick as I was
on the bus Shawn made me want some too.""Yeah he made us all want some. I'm glad naked nymphets jpg I will be getting fresh milk
tomorrow. Now go rest. He went and plopped down on his bed. Come on Chris
you can hang out downstairs with us big boys."He followed me down. I headed to the kitchen to make the hot chocolate. The
boys were still unloading and putting their stuff away. There was lots of
commotion outside as they were walking back and forth like crazy. Jon came
in to see what I was doing,"What's up?""Making everyone hot chocolate I'm sure we will have a bunch of cold boys
shortly.""Shortly? How about already? The snow is getting heavier and I know I'm
cold. The RV is just about empty now--that's why I came in I wanted to let
you know.""Thanks, I just need to make this and get my stuff upstairs.""No need Kyle made sure some of the guys did that for you. Its all on your
bed and the floor.""Great then I only have to go out and move the truck back into the garage
later I don't have to carry all my crap upstairs.""Nope three of the boys did that for you.""Awesome."I went back to making hot chocolate and as the water was starting to heat
in the big coffee maker the boys started to stroll into the kitchen to see
what was going on. Luke, Ben, Jeremy, DJ, Shawn and Caleb all were now in
the kitchen watching me and joining Jon while we were waiting for the water
to get hot."Wow this is some audience I have. I don't remember the last time I had so
many boys waiting for something in here outside of dinner.""Yeah well Shawn started it all on the RV!" Jeremy said.He turned around and smiled."Thank you I will take the blame for this." He gawked causing laughter."You're a clown cutie!"He looked at me and smiled."Yup I know."That caused most of the boys to laugh. Its good to be home!"By the way Jon who did help carry my stuff upstairs?""That would be me, Luke and DJ.""Well thanks Ben. You Luke and DJ get first hot chocolate when its ready.""HEY! Shawn cried out. I wanted that.""What did you do when we got home?" I asked him."Um... showed Caleb my room.""Then you can wait."Everyone laughed and Shawn pouted. The water was just about done and I was
ready to start added the chocolate. I had two huge containers of the mix in
front of me and as soon as the red light goes on I am gonna add it and then
we can all enjoy some creamy hot chocolate together. As we waited for the
light to come on I went over to DJ and whispered in his ear."We are going to have a meeting in a little bit we have to go over to the
house they will be moving into so make yourself available later."He looked at me and shook his head okay. I told Jon and Kyle the same
thing. Thankfully no one asked what was such a big secret. Anyway the water
light went on and I started to make the hot chocolate. A few minutes later
everyone was having a cup of it that is after Ben, DJ and Luke got theirs
first. It didn't really matter there was plenty for all and the milk was
still fresh what was left of it that is... and we went through a gallon
just mixing it in with the hot chocolate alone. Later in the day the house
calmed down some, I moved the truck in the garage and it was now well after
dark and the house was nude nymphets free galleries quiet or so I thought it was. I was in my room and
down the hall I heard screaming and as soon as I opened my door I could
tell it was coming from the twins room. It brought everyone into the hall
or those who were upstairs and close by. I went down the hall and barged
into their room as Caleb and Shawn followed me at a safe distance."Does this happen a lot Caleb asked Shawn?""With them yeah it does."I walked in and looked at both of them.
"Okay what is it this time?""Shut the door please." Zack said.I shut it and calmly they started to explain to me what caused the latest
uproar."I told him I was going to move out if they let me when they get here
Tommy." Said Zack."Yeah and then I told him it wasn't fair to leave me behind and go live
with the new people. And then from there we just started yelling." Jordan
added."Okay both of you calm down. I knew this was going to happen
eventually. Now I am not going to decide or get in the middle of this but
Jordan you know he doesn't want to live here with us `gays' so if Bryan
agrees when he gets here let him go there and have a taste of how the
others live. I am sure between him and the others it won't last long. Your
brother wants to live by his own rules and something tells me that things
are going to be even stricter there then they are here so by all means let
him try it out and this will become your room and he will have to beg you
to have his part back if we agree to let him back in n n nymphets the first place."I looked at Zack the entire time I said that and he just had a shit look on
his face like he didn't care one bit."Zack if you really want to go then fine if they let you go move in over
there but don't expect to come back here if it doesn't work. You leave you
are also telling me you don't want to be my brother anymore!!"I looked at Zack."That's pretty tough Zack you really want to deal with losing your
brother?""He wouldn't do that he's too cp nymphet bbs wimpy!"I looked at Jordan after he said that and I could see the steam coming from
his ears. Jordan got up walked over to his brother and punched him right
in the jaw. It shocked both of us. Zack fell back onto his bed grabbing his
jaw and Jordan walked out of the room slamming the door behind. I looked at
Zack who was more stunned then hurt. He sat up."Guess you got your answer didn't you?"I didn't wait for a reply I got up and left shutting the door behind me. At
the end of the hall waiting for me were DJ, Kyle and Jon."Okay guys lets go into my room we have some talking to do.""So what's up that we have to have a private meeting?" DJ asked as I shut
my door."Well Jon and Kyle already know but I felt I trust you enough to let you in
on this and then the rest of the decision making is up to you. First I am
not asking out right but I guess what I am saying is that I don't know what
your level of gayness is. What I mean is I am not asking but... oh boy this
isn't how I wanted to try to explain this... I am not sure how much you
care about who is gay and what we do around here and how much any of it
bothers you."This wasn't going well at all for me. Kyle and Jon were looking at me as I
tried to make sense."What are you talking about Tommy?" DJ said."Yeah I was just going to ask that." Kyle added."What I mean is the porn over at david hamilton nymphets the house.""Ohhhh, Kyle said. Now I get it.""Huh?" Both DJ and Jon said together.I started to laugh."Remember back at the mall Jon I said there was porn at the other house.""Ohhhh yeah... now I do.""Well I decided to ask DJ to help us... I said looking at Jon, then I
turned to DJ to finish... but I wanted to know first if you wanted to be
involved with any porn or not.""Yeah its cool, I don't mind helping maybe some of it will be good.""Its all good!" I said to DJ."He smiled and I grew curious as to how interested DJ really is. (Mental
note to myself)"Anyway I called over and talked to Bryan before and told them we made it
here. I promised them a call so we could make some final arrangements
before they set off to come here. So anyway Bryan told me they were leaving
sometime tomorrow late morning maybe noonish... and bringing six boys.""Wow six huh?" Jon commented."Really? Who is going with them?" Kyle asked."If I remember correctly its going to be Matt, Austin, Jose, and the twins,
Todd and Ryan.""Well lets see, Kyle said... Matt is cute, so are the twins and if I
remember Austin and Jose are kinda too young for me."We all laughed."Yeah Kyle Jose is way too young for you what is he 12?"More laughing..."Okay very funny I was just saying at least some of who are coming are
cute.""Yup sure are DJ said especially that Matt. I wonder if he is straight?"Now we were all looking at DJ, he was never this open before."What? I was just commenting... that's all.""Right." Said Kyle as he rolled his eyes and now I laughed."Okay that's five, Jon said bringing the subject back to who is
coming... who is coming that you aren't telling us about.""Mike..." I said."You mean the kid you threw out of the mall for what happened to Caleb?
They are bringing him? What the hell is that all about?""Easy there DJ I don't know and its not for me to say. He must have made a
deal with them or something but he will be living there not here so its not
a big deal.""Maybe not to us bro, but when Caleb finds out he might be a little
scared." Kyle said."Maybe but if you remember Mike didn't do anything more then help Travis by
holding Caleb so he never really hurt him...don't get me wrong I think it
was all sad and I am not making excuses for him to come here but again its
not my decision its theirs.""Well if he acts up or goes near Caleb he is going to have to deal with
me!" DJ said.
"Thanks DJ but I am sure I can handle it... you might have your hands full
keeping an eye on Zack. After what went on in their room he wants to live
over there and Jordy isn't happy at all about this.""Wow that'S gonna be interesting bro, hey they don't know about us do
they?" Kyle asked."No I didn't say anything and other than Caleb I don't think any of them
know we are mostly gay here.""Oh that's gonna be great when they find out they've moved into a `gay'
neighborhood." Jon said.We all laughed at his comments."But seriously if they do find out it might not be easy to deal with them.""I know Kyle but we can't worry about things that haven't happened yet. So
lets just hope Zack doesn't have a big mouth? Tommy looked up at each of
them before continuing... What am I saying he does and we are gonna have a
problem... oh well we'll deal with it when it happens!""Yup its gonna be fireworks that's for sure!" DJ said."Well anyway back to what I was saying... They told me on the phone or
Bryan did that they set some pretty strict rules for their boys to agree to
before they allowed them to come so I have to trust their decision once
again and just hope they can control everything over there.""Yeah I guess we'll see when they get here.""Yup we will. Anyway back to the porn...we need to get it out of there
tomorrow and I have to go to the farm first thing in the morning so we are
going to be rushing things some.""Maybe but first where are you going to store it all and how much is
there?" Kyle asked."Not sure how much, but we can store it all either in the room downstairs
or in the tunnel for now.""That will work... now all we need to do is get over there.""I know KY but I have to get to the farm and check the boys. Cameron is
scared and he wants DJ to come so that means we can't do a thing till we
get back and they will probably take most of the day away from me while I
am there.""Well we have a day--they won't be here for at least two right?" Kyle
asked."I think so." I said. "So if we don't do it tomorrow then early on Friday we can do it besides
the worst is we get it into the tunnel as they are arriving and I can't see
them making it here Friday morning it's a long drive and he isn't sure
where we are to begin with."
"I think we have time Tommy, DJ said only we can't waste a lot.""Yeah, I agree. I said. So that's all the more important right now and I
wanted to make sure that all of you knew what was going on.""Great, so we can go now? Asked DJ. I want to take a swim I haven't been in
the pool in a while.""Sure go ahead, I'll see everyone later."With that the boys left Tommy's room but Kyle wanted to talk to them
privately now so he brought them down to his room."Follow me I wanna talk to you two alone."Not knowing what this was all 19 nymphets
about and being curious Jon and DJ followed
Kyle to his room. They walked in and he shut the door."I don't want to make a big fuss over this but Tommy's birthday is tomorrow
and I want to surprise him but he has so much planned tomorrow that I don't
know if we will have time lovely nymphet gallery for anything special.""So tomorrow is his birthday, Jon said. Who knows?""Besides us I doubt anyone does. I don't even think Shawn knows.""So are you going to tell him?""I don't know Jon, Shawn is a great kid but he can occasionally slip and I
don't want to ruin the surprise.""But him going out should be perfect for this Kyle, DJ said. You will have
all day to get the boys together and when he gets back you can give him the
surprise you want.""I know but I wanted to tell you so you can make sure he gets back here and
I wanted to tell Jon so he can help me set things up. The others will find
out when Tommy leaves tomorrow.""It sounds too perfect KY.""I know Jon its working out much better then I expected. I figured either
we wouldn't get back from the mall in time or something would happen to
screw it up.""So what about all the decorations?""That's easy. I'll have Ben take me into town as long as the snow isn't too
bad.""It looks like you have everything covered and Shawn will be with Tommy and
me so he won't be able to spill the beans or say anything.""Exactly DJ so we will get everything set. I'll have Ben bake the cake and
when you guys get back we'll even have fresh milk to enjoy with the cake.""Awesome!" Jon said."Yeah it should be." Kyle added."So the big man is finally gonna be seventeen! Nice!" Jon said."Yeah he is. Sometimes I didn't think he would make it but if anything good
came out of the comet thing his survival is just about it for me.""Yeah Kyle I think I know what you mean, Jon said. We all care a bunch
about him and he holds us all together here.""I know if anything ever happened to him it would totally kill me!" Kyle
said with obvious love in his voice."Hey I know I haven't been around him long but he saved me and all I have
seen is good things from him since I have been here so I totally agree with
how important he is to all of us!" DJ added.They all got sentimental for a few seconds and then it was time to split
up."Okay look let's split up before he happens to show up and we get
caught. He has this canny way of doing that!"They smiled at Kyle as he said that and their short meeting was over.
As another day was quickly flying by it was once thai nymphet tgp
again getting late and now
Tommy got their attention and made an announcement. Shortly after their
meeting ended he got the boys together for a second. He wanted them to know
that anyone who was hungry tonight was on their own and then he reminded
whoever was listening that he didn't want to see any dishes or any mess. He
headed to the kitchen to eat himself. He then sat down and had a bowl of
cereal and a few others joined him. They almost finished all of the
remaining milk which would have caused a total disaster for making the cake
tomorrow. Thankfully Kyle walked in just in time and grabbed one of the
remaining gallons and hid it downstairs in the extra refrigerator. He just
got away in time to do that too. By the time the guys were done eating all
the milk was gone and everyone else had to settle for something besides
cereal for dinner. What happens here is once one person sees someone eating
something good or different then they all want it. Didn't happen this
time. With no milk left it led to lot of moaning. Finally Tommy suggested
frozen pizza and suddenly everyone who was still hungry wanted that and a
few who had cereal did too but by then it was too late most of their
bellies were full and only a few of them wound up having pizza. Either way
the one thing Tommy too young nymphets pics
didn't want was to spend an hour in the kitchen but it
wound up happening anyway as he supervised the pizza making so there
wouldn't be a total mess in the kitchen. The boys all cleaned up afterwards
so by 9pm all were fed and it was time for Tommy to go lay down and get
some rest for his trip to the farm tomorrow.Caleb had his first real meal with the group and he thanked Tommy for
everything and was all smiles in his new home. He said that he felt great
being in a real place for a change and that he was really starting to get
used to all his new friends. For now he was sleeping in Shawn's room... at
least for tonight that is... All that was left now for Tommy to do was for
him to check with Shawn, DJ and a few others young nymphet video
to see if anyone else was
going along with him to the farm tomorrow and if the house was in good
shape to be without him too. By 9:30 he had that job done and everything
was just about set for the morning. He headed to his room shut his door and
fell back onto his bed and just lay there for a bit thinking about
stuff. Tommy fell asleep alone on his bed... for a little bit anyway... he
was awakened by Shawn who came in around 11pm when it appeared that Caleb
was snoring too loud or something and it was bothering Shawn."TJ...he shook him...TJ its me your cutie... he shook him once more and
finally Tommy awoke from his slumber. Sorry TJ but I can't sleep, Caleb is
snoring, can I sleep with you tonight?""Sure... he said as he sat up on his bed. Thanks for waking me I didn't set
the alarm or anything so you probably did good by coming in here you sweet
boy you!"Shawn looked at him and smiled. He went over and sat by the person who
meant the most in the whole world to him. He sat on Tommy's lap. He then
put his arm around him and Tommy leaned over and gave him a kiss."I sure do love you Shawnie kid!""I love you too TJ lots and lots."As Tommy got up Shawn hopped off him and he went to set his alarm and then
pulled the covers back on his bed. Then he stripped down naked like usual
as Shawn watched. He got in bed and lay there totally naked as Shawn got
into bed next to him. Not wanting to pass up a good chance Shawn reached
out and started to play with Tommy's soft cock and he immediately began to
get hard and rise up to the occasion. He stroked until Tommy was as hard as
could be."That feels so good tonight Shawn, I sure missed that the past few days!""I missed playing with it too!" he said.That was the last thing he said too as he moved down and put Tommy's cock
into his mouth and began giving him a blow job. It nymphets models board
was awesome and didn't
last nymphettes nude pics very long. Tommy hadn't cum in about four days and he was ready to
blast a load into Shawn's mouth quickly. Especially after all that happened
at the mall... between seeing Caleb naked and parading a naked Travis
around he was ready to blow his wad when Shawn first touched him!! Within
two minutes of sucking him off Tommy announced he was ready and he fired
several days worth of cum into Shawn's mouth shortly after his warning. Shawn took what he could but backed off after nearly choking on the
massive amount of cum that filled his mouth rather quickly. Tommy was out
of it and moaning as Shawn pulled off of him. He thought he was done
cumming and got a big surprise as the last shot of his hot spunk fired
right in his face as he tried to catch his breath. He wiped most of it off
with his fingers before getting up to go wash in the bathroom while Tommy
recovered from his orgasm. Shawn washed and was nearly cleaned up when
Tommy walked in and started washing up too. Shawn needed to use the
bathroom so he went over and sat down. After Tommy was done washing he
headed back to bed to sweet nymphet bikini give his cutie a little privacy and when he came out
Tommy had him turn off the lights before he got into bed with him. They
both snuggled close together under the covers and fell asleep quickly after
that. Both of them quite satisfied with how the night ended and happy to be
back in a real bed after many days away.To be continued...
dwednomailhotmail.comNext up: Chapter 7 of BT... Bryans group travels to their new home with
secrets already starting and trouble following... Will they all be okay or
will Travis strike again and hurt Mike or someone else?
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