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From: Dwedno Smith
Subject: Chapter 77 of TunnelAll,Sorry for the added week delay, been busy running around and getting this
chapter perfect....I hope... so to compensate I made it a little longer.
Enjoy the story. THANKS TO EVERYONE who has written me. I am working on
returning e mails to those who I havent gotten to yet but I was actually a
little overwhelmed with something to read from you guys. Till next time
take care and continue to write to let me know about things. Dwedno.Chapter 77. Tommy returns... slowly...Sound asleep just a few feet away Shawn was resting peacefully as Tommy
reached out and touched him. Not yet able to move free nymphets pix
a lot with a decent
amount of pain Tommy stroked Shawn's face and ran his fingers through his
hair for a good minute before Tommy could get him awake."Tommy stop touching me I am trying to sleep! He said. His little brain not
quite engaged he suddenly realized that he was being touched. His eyes
opened and oriental nymphets he sat up and looked over. TOMMY!" he cried out"Shusssshhh...keep your voice down my head is pounding!" he could hardly
talk."TJ is that really you? I have missed you so much the past few days.""Yes it's me now lower your voice please cutie.""Can I get you anything? Water, food? Anything?""I would love a hug but right now I hurt too much so it can wait. Give me a
sip of water."He handed Tommy the water cup and he drank a big mouthful slowly swallowing
it."Thanks cutie that's a little better." He said getting some of his voice
back.Shawn smiled at him."I know TJ you must be in some pain you were shot twice.""By who Shawn, who did it and are they still around?""No TJ, Kyle killed Travis after he shot you and Jon.""Jon was shot too? Travis shot me? What the hell...?""All you need to know is Jon is okay he was just hit in the arm. You were
shot in the back and the other bullet went through your arm, can't you feel
it?""Now that you mention it... yes it hurts like freaking hell!""I'll get you something for the pain now TJ if you want.""In a minute cutie but what about Travis what happened?""Kyle can tell you more TJ, he hasn't really said a lot about it since he
killed him.""Is he okay, I mean after the killing is he handling it okay?""Yes he seems to be fine but he just hasn't talked much about it.""Okay look I want you to go get him now. NO ONE but him. If anyone asks you
what is going on tell them its private and nothing more. Bring Kyle here
for me okay?""What do I tell him?""Just tell him you need him to come here, he is probably with Luke, and I
don't want anyone else knowing I am awake until morning.""Okay TJ I will be right back."Shawn hurried downstairs as quietly as he could. He went over to Kyle's
door and turned the knob slowly pushing it open. He crept in and thankfully
the night lights were bright enough so he could see his way to the bed and
the dog didn't bark. He pet Patches then went over to the side that Kyle
was sleeping on and shook him a little. No response. He shook once more and
Kyle opened his eyes. Shawn immediately brought his hand to his mouth and
made the sign to be quiet. Kyle got the idea and carefully got nymphet underage porn
out of bed
and headed into the other room with Shawn following."What is wrong Shawn? It Tommy okay?""I don't want to wake Luke up, he said in a whisper, let's go upstairs."Kyle grabbed shorts and followed Shawn upstairs quickly not saying anything
else as he worried what happened to his brother. He went to the door and
ran inside and Shawn followed quickly shutting the door behind. Kyle
stopped dead in his tracks as he saw Tommy was awake."OH TJ YOU ARE ALIVE!" He said loudly not realizing anything about the
time."QUIET! Tommy barked out at him I don't want anyone to know right now!""Are you okay what can I do for you, do you need anything?""Kyle, Kyle... easy... its fine. Just relax and take a breath.""Okay sorry. I just want to hug you right now.""I want that too love but it hurts too much."Kyle immediately went and grabbed some pain pills and brought them to his
brother's side."Here take these. Bryan brought them over for when you woke up. He told me
to give you two and no more. They are called Oxycodine or something like
that. He said they are very powerful so maybe you should just take one at a
time.""That's a good idea Kyle. I have heard of these, they are strong so just
give me one for now."He drank it down with water and put his head back on his pillow. Then Kyle
handed Shawn the cup and took TJ by his hand."Damn I reek, how long have I been out Kyle?""Well... you were shot on Sunday TJ... its Thursday morning.""Wholly fuck! I have been gone for four days?""Yes we were starting to get really worried.""I bet... look I am tired but I don't want anyone knowing about this till
morning then we can surprise them. Shawn can answer any more questions I
might have tonight but I want to rest some more for now. Get them all
together downstairs for a meeting in the game room after we talk in the
morning first. I will take things from there and hopefully I will be able
to sit up or stand by morning. Right now I can't do anything just yet. I
have sweet asian nymphet
things to talk about and maybe some guys will believe me and maybe
they might all think I have gone crazy but that's for morning... not now.""I don't have a clue what you are talking about but its all fine right now
all I care about is that you are back Tommy..."Kyle began to cry and that started Shawn too. Tommy reached out and wiped
his tears away as a few formed in his eyes too."Its okay KY, I am gonna be fine now I know it.""How can you be sure TJ you were hurt badly, your head and infection and so
on..."Kyle just kept blubbering on and on..."KYLE! TJ yelled out at him immediately stopping his whining."Sorry... he sniffed back tears... TJ, what?""Look, promise you won't think my head wound made me wacky okay?""Okay but what...?""Look I am not going to get into it too much right now I am tired but... I
know I will be okay I have it on higher authority.""Huh? What do you mean?""To make it short I had a visitor while I was passed out.""Really? He had Kyle's total attention. Who could you have possibly talked
to while you were passed out? GOD?""Not quite but a real blonde headed angel?"Kyle thought for a second..."I am clueless... who TJ?""The little angel who is buried in the backyard..."Both Kyle and Shawn's eyes teen nymphet model
almost bugged out of their heads."What? Both of them said together...then Kyle continued... How?""I trust you and Shawn and both of you know me well enough that you can
read me so I think when I say this... you will believe me. He paused. But I
am not telling the others much about this right now because they will
probably think I hit my head and it made me nuts.""Okay bro I hear you and I know Shawn does too, what happened?""Trevor came to me in my dreams... it's the only thing I can think of. He
told me I was needed here, I was going to live and that he loved me...""Okay I believed you until you said he loved I do think you are
crazy.""KYLE!""Okay, okay, sorry I am only teasing you... go on...""I am not going to get into specifics right now but the short version is
that he was the angel who I saw clear as day and he told me a lot but he
told me that I was needed here and that the boys needed me most and he
mentioned them by name.""Really he used names?""Yes he was quite specific throughout the entire dream or whatever it was
and I felt him guys... I felt in inside me... in my heart, in my head... I
could feel his love flowing through me. He told me he was sorry, he told me
about how much he cared about me nymphette gallery childfuck very after what happened with Robert. He even
told me stuff I didn't know.""Wow!" Kyle said."That's amazing!" Shawn added."I know and as soon as I feel a little better I will tell you more but you
do believe me guys don't you?""Honestly TJ it's hard to believe you went through something this weird but
its also easy to tell because I know you so well brother... so yes I do
believe you and its messing up my head to hear all this.""I know KY how do you think I felt, I think if it weren't for Trevor I
might still be out cold.""You might be right bro.""Anyway that's enough for now I will tell you a lot more in the morning
after I get some real asleep.""Okay TJ... he looked underage nymphette
at Shawn... if anything happens or goes wrong I
expect you to be at my door in 5 second flat? Got me?""Yes Kyle I understand, I know you love your brother but no picking on me!""Sorry Shawnee I didn't mean it.""I know. Go and let him sleep."He got up and headed out but looked back and waved as he left the room. He
shut the door and almost shit himself when he turned and saw Jon standing
down the hall."What is going on in there why did I hear talking?""Its late Jon everything is fine, go back to bed before the whole house is
up and I will tell you in the morning. I promise its okay.""All right but you better...""I will...he said sternly now go!" he pointed and Jon actually went back
into his room.Wow I didn't think I had that kinda power with him... he laughed it off as
he headed back downstairs to his room and quietly entered not to wake
Luke. He got back into bed and thankfully Luke only rolled over some. He
sighed and closed his eyes...TOMMY IS BACK!!! YES! He thought in his
mind... As he fell back to sleep after a while.Back up in the bedroom Tommy was looking at Shawn now he motioned for him
to get closer."I hope I didn't scare you at all cutie with the story about Trevor.""Nope not one bit, I think it's awesome that he came to you.""Good, I am glad you believe me.""Sure I do TJ why wouldn't I, you wouldn't lie to me about something this
important I just know that!""You are right my angel now scoot around after you put the light out and
come lay next to me I missed so much the last few days and all I want to do
is fall asleep with you close to me."Shawn did as Tommy asked and it didn't take long for the pill to kick in
and both of them were sleeping shortly after Shawn got back into bed. It
was 3:30 am now... the rest of the night went fast and morning came quickly
for Shawn but not Tommy who was still passed out from what the pill did to
him. Morning came and Tommy slept. Shawn woke about 8am excited to talk to
him more about everything but he didn't dare wake him. A little while after
Shawn woke; Kyle came into the room and shut the door."He's still asleep?" he said quietly."Yes he is. He slept good too. I don't think I felt him move once.""He is breathing Shawn right?""Of course he is. I watched his belly move Kyle he just wasn't moving his
body much.""Oh, okay I guess we can let him sleep for a bit longer I am going to tell
the few that are awake that we have a meeting at 10am and everyone has to
be there.""That's sure to get them going Kyle.""I know and when you walk in with Tommy its going to get crazy.""If he can walk you mean. Remember last night he said he was still in a lot
of pain.""I STILL AM! AND AWAKE THANKS TO BOTH OF YOU!""TJ!" Shawn exclaimed."Bro you are pictures nymphets awake!" Kyle added."Yes I am awake. It was nice to sleep until two loud mouths woke me.""Sorry." Kyle said to him."Yeah sorry TJ we didn't mean to." Shawn added."Its okay I didn't want to sleep too late. How about getting me a pain pill
Kyle?He walked over and grabbed the bottle of pills and brought one to his
brother."Ya know Kyle this knocked me out last night how about we try a half and
maybe it will kill the pain and I can still do what I want to.""Okay bro but I don't have anything to cut it with.""Go in the top left draw of my dresser over there."Kyle walked over to this dresser and pulled open the draw that Tommy told
him to. Inside were a bunch of miscellaneous things from knives and forks
to blades and batteries and so on."Nice junk draw bro but what do you want in here.""Grab the blue handled knife and be careful its super sharp and should
slice through that pill easily. And don't put any slices in the dresser,
cut in on a book or something."Kyle turned to Shawn and got his attention."Shawn... he looked at Kyle... isn't it great to have my pain in the ass
brother back?"They both smiled."Yeah it sure...""Are you two done over there or should I get up and get it myself?" he
barked out smiling at them."Maybe I shouldn't give it to him Shawn see how much he bitches then.""Now Kyle we can't be nasty just yet. After all we should give him a day to
get his strength back first then ignore him.""Yeah maybe you are right."Kyle cut nude nymphet tiny the pill in half and walked it over to Tommy and stood close but
not close enough to get smacked."You gonna hit me?" he said sarcastically."Only if you don't give me that half a pill." He said smiling at Kyle.Kyle handed him the pill and bottle of water at the side of his bed. He
popped it into his mouth and drank down half the bottle of water with it."Damn that water tastes good!" he said.Kyle noticed the book on the end of the table and turned to Tommy."What's this?" he said holding the book up."Oh you mean that Harry Potter book?""Yeah, I never saw that in here before.""Its book one... I really got into it...I have the other four books put
away for when I can get to them. I would have loved to read them all
but... well you know she never got to finish the series KY.""Yeah there was supposed to be seven books but I guess we will never know
what happens now that everyone is gone. I read them all as they came out
you could have asked me for my copies. They are back home... how long have
you been reading TJ?""About a month. I was trying to think of something else to do with all my
free time so I stopped and picked them up while I was out one day. I use it
when I am bored.""So this is something new. I haven't seen this side of my brother.""How about I show you a side of me you don't want to see!""No I don't think so you haven't showered in quite a few days and from what
I hear that side of you is kinda raunchy.""Oh Kyle your words cut me!"Shawn stood there watching the two of them clown around like nothing
happened."Looks like things are back to normal." He said.They both looked at him."What does that mean you munchkin?" Tommy asked."You two are acting like nothing happened and you were gone for so long..."
he started to cry.Kyle went over to cutie and put his arm around him and Tommy cautiously
walked over the few feet he was away and stood there while Kyle comforted
Shawn some."Its okay Shawnee kid you know we are playing and we have to do it this
way."He so badly wanted to hold Shawn right now but was still in bed."Yeah Shawn we have to do this because it hurts too much to think about
what could have happened." Kyle added.He wiped his face and looked at Tommy."I know but I was just listening and thinking about how long I spent in
here and how quiet it was the whole time I sat with you. I mean Jon and
Kyle were in and out and so were all nymphets sweet free the other guys but I was in here a lot
after the first night."Shawn walked over by Tommy and he reached out and brushed Shawn's hair."Who was here the first night if you weren't?""He was TJ. Actually we both were. He wouldn't leave your side especially
when nymphets nudist anal you got shot. I was so proud of him the way he went up to Travis and
stood there before he shot him.""You saw that Shawn?""Yes Kyle I watched you the whole time you were down there just incase
something happened."Kyle hugged him tightly and they held it for a moment."Then you came back up to us. He looked at Tommy. The only way we could get
him away from you was when Bryan asked me to get him out of the room so he
could get the bullet out of your back.""Really. So you mean Kyle actually listens to you Shawn?""Sometimes."The three of them laughed. It was really tense in the room as all of this
came out and the three boys talked it out."At the time TJ Shawn was the only one I could really hear. I was so fixed
on you that his voice was really the only thing that came through that
block. Its almost like that entire thing was a blur now when I think back
on it." Kyle said to both of them."So then I guess I owe Bryan my life?" Tommy said."In a way TJ but DJ, Jeremy, and Ben worked on you too.""Really Shawn...""Yeah, Jeremy ran his underage nymphet naked
ass off getting ice and water while Bryan stopped the
bleeding with DJ helping it was amazing to watch them help you.""I guess I owe a lot of people thanks." He said."Actually we owe you and that was just a little payback bro... you have
done way more than that.""I don't know Kyle, saving my life is sorta up there when it comes to
favors.""Yeah well I guess but you still have done a lot.""Yeah I have but it's over with so we can put it behind us now and move
on.""I want to move on TJ but you need to heal first and then we can move on.""You can... but I have work to do before I can guys. I need to see Travis
ALONE!""But Tommy he is dumped somewhere and probably gross looking by now.""Maybe but its been cold out right?""Yes it got cold again a few days ago.""Cold like freezing and snow?""Yes TJ why?""Because if it's been that cold then he probably is still okay to see.""Okay... ya know... I think I got the idea. You can do what you want when
you feel better but I don't want to talk about Travis anymore he is dead to
me and its best that way!""Okay for now we are done but I still want to talk to you about that
shooting and clarify a few things just you and me alone!""Okay I understand we can do that later.""Okay naturist nymphet Kyle lets get back to the others.""Yeah that's a good idea." Shawn said. "Now do you think you can pull this off without any problems?""Yeah I don't see it being a big deal. The only thing is getting everyone
up and out of bed.""Who is awake now?""When I came in, Luke, Jeremy, Todd and I think I saw Danny but if it was
him it was a quick shot of him I saw but that was twenty minutes ago. By
now anyone can be nymphet lingerie models
up.""Okay then go check and start knocking on doors at 9am. If they want to
know what is going on tell them you have new information on me and there is
a 10am meeting in the game room.""Okay bro, I'll get on it. What about you?""Shawn is going to walk me into the bathroom so I can pee I feel like I
haven't gone in a week. Then we will take it from there.""Okay. I'll go so you can try and go too. If I have any problems I will
come back in.""All right Kyle just be very persuasive and I am sure you will get them all
there on time.""Don't worry about that. I am sure they will all be there. There is one
thing though...last night when I left Jon was out in the hall and he scared
the shit out of me when I left here. He said he heard voices coming from
the room and wanted to know what was happening. I told him everything was
okay and to go back to bed.""Do you think he knows?""You know him TJ if he did he would have come running into the room.""Yeah you are right. Maybe we should let him in on this before time or he
might get upset.""That's up to you TJ this is all your decision.""Yeah maybe it will be better to get him in here first he can help bring me
down. He looked at yuong nymphettes nudes Shawn... Shawn I appreciate everything but I just don't
think you are strong enough to help me down the steps okay cutie?""Sure TJ the last thing I want is for you to fall and it's my fault. Let
Jon help if he can do it better.""Do you want me to get him now?""Yeah go wake him up before everyone is awake and they know.""Okay, I'll send him in and he will be surprised when he sees you.""Yeah but first wait... you and Shawn help me up and let's see if I can
walk."They both went to him and very slowly he let them each pull his arms until
he was sitting up."How's that feel?" his brother asked him."It hurts especially the shoulder.""Do you want to go further TJ?" Kyle asked."Yes I have to or I will never get past this.""Okay we will go slowly." Kyle said.He turned and moved his leg. His muscles were stiff from not using them for
a few days so it pained him a little bit. With a grimace on his face he put
his first foot on the floor and that brought his other leg around and as
both boys steadied him his feet both hit the floor with a dull thud."Okay that was fun!" he said sarcastically."How do you feel?""Sore cutie, very sore. Now with my good arm and shoulder I want you to
pull me Kyle... and Shawn you steady me just incase.""Okay bro."Kyle pulled his arm cautiously and Shawn stood by his side as he slowly
rose to his feet."How is that?""Good Kyle. It didn't hurt much but I am sore from being in bed so long."He took a step and it was fine. He followed with another and he stopped."Are you okay?""Yes just taking it slow right now.""Okay."Kyle was doing all the talking while Shawn just watched and tried to help
for the moment. Step by step he walked slowly toward the bathroom. When he
got halfway he looked at Kyle."I'll be okay Kyle go start on getting the boys prepared for this give me a
minute or two and then go wake Jon if he is still asleep.""Okay if you need anything send Shawn immediately.""Yes Kyle I promise I will."He gave him one more look and then Kyle was out the door, off to get Jon up
and then the rest of the boys together for the meeting. He walked down the
hall and knocked on his door."Come in." Jon said."Oh good you are up.""Yes I didn't sleep much last night after I saw you come out. What was up
with that?""Tell you what Jon give it a minute and you can go see for yourself."Jon grinned."He's awake isn't he?"Kyle smiled."Why didn't you tell me last night?""Tommy's orders he didn't want anyone in there so he could get some real
sleep and he didn't want to disrupt the whole house at that hour he just
wanted to wait until this morning. Now he said to get you and send you in
but he is taking a piss first.""Damn that might take a month since the last time he went."They both laughed."I have to get everyone into the game room for a meeting at 10 but I think
we should do it sooner. So I am gonna tell them 9:30 and then Tommy wants
you to help him down so we can surprise all of them together.""Great idea." Jon added."I am gonna go make sure everyone is up and when you go in tell Tommy that
I moved it up to 9:30.""Sure Kyle."Kyle left him and went to do his job.
Back in Tommy's room:"Shawn stay with me just incase I lose my balance""I'm right here TJ don't worry I won't let you fall.""Yeah and who is gonna pick you up when you fall squirt?""I'm not falling TJ now come one we will be fine!"Out of the mouths of babe's my little hero is gonna protect me at any cost!
We walked into the bathroom and I to the bowl. I took out my cock and let
the stream hit the bowl. It was the first time I could ever remember going
this long without taking a leak. I went and went and went for a good two
minutes as Shawn stood there watching me without saying a word. When I
finished I shook off and put my dick away and looked at Shawn."All done cutie.""Geeze TJ I thought you might flood us out.""I thought I could too but I feel great now that it's over."I put my good arm around my love and he helped me back to the bed and I sat
on it and relaxed for a bit."Ya know TJ I sure missed all the fun we usually have for the last few
days.""Yeah I am sure you did, as soon as I feel up to it we will have it
again. Maybe tonight if I feel okay I'll let you play with it some.""Awesome I want to nymphets 01y
make you squirt so badly TJ.""I can imagine you do Shawn I bet it's gonna be a huge mess when I do."We both laughed at that. The pain pill little girls nymphets was starting to kick in now. I
didn't feel as bad and with only taking half a pill I wasn't as tired as
last night. Maybe that's what I need. These might be a stronger dose than I
need. There was a knock at the door...Back with Kyle:
He was knocking on doors to check to see if everyone was awake or waking
them. He was done upstairs right now and so far has gotten everyone to be
downstairs at 9:30 for the meeting. Kyle was now heading downstairs to tell
whoever was down there.Tommy's room:
A few more knocks..."Shawn whoever it is go check and if it's anyone but Jon send them away.""Okay TJ." he said in a very low voice.He went over and opened the door a crack and it was Jon."Come in but be quiet Jon we don't want anyone knowing if you raise your
voice someone might hear."He walked it as Shawn was giving him directions. But didn't listen as he
yelled out Tommy when he saw him sitting at the end of the bed."SHUT UP JON! He yelled at him. I don't want anyone knowing yet it's a
surprise.""Oh sorry... he said in a much lower voice. Boy am I glad to see you
awake.""Yeah Jon its good to see you too.""How are you feeling?" he said. He was all smiles as he approached Tommy."The pain pill I took a little while ago is kicking in so I feel a little
better now. Otherwise there is a lot of pain.""Yeah I bet.""How are you Jon? I hear you took a bullet too.""Yeah the one that passed through your arm grazed mine."He showed him his bandage."I think tomorrow it can come off its healing well.""Good, so Kyle got the bastard huh?""Yeah Kyle nailed him for us.""I would love to know how he was able to follow them and find us out here.""I would too TJ but all I can think is that he had this planned and just
followed them here at a distance they couldn't see him at or just weren't
looking.""I see you have had a lot of time to think this out.""Yeah most of it while I was sitting in here next to you and waiting for
you to wake up.""You know Jon...I really wanna hug you so much right now but I can't it
just hurts too much to lift both arms and probably to get hugged too.""I know TJ. I know."Just then Kyle walked in. Now the four of them were there together."Did you tell him?" Kyle asked."Shit no I forgot." Jon said."Tell me what?" Tommy said."Sorry Kyle." Jon added."Oh forget it, its not that big a deal." Kyle said as they both totally
ignored Tommy for a moment."TELL ME WHAT?" he said in a little louder voice."Quiet! Kyle yelled at him. Or you will ruin your own surprise. He was
supposed to tell you that we are gonna do this at 9:30 instead of 10.""Oh well that's fine it's less time I have to hide in amature nymphets
here.""It's almost that time now TJ.""Yeah I know Shawn. Why don't you and Kyle go down and make sure everyone
is in the room and I'll have Jon come out and you can give him the okay
signal and I will work my way down when it's clear to.""Okay we can do that."With that Shawn and Kyle left leaving Jon alone with Tommy."You know TJ I wanted to be with you so badly while you were out. I
almost... well you know.""Yeah Jon I think I do know and lets hope nothing like this ever happens
again!""I know TJ, boy do I know.""Well one thing for sure as soon as this is over one way or another I need
a shower.""But your back is bandaged.""Then I will figure something out. Maybe you can check it to see if its
healed enough.""And your arm too TJ that cant be healed there was a hole through it.""Okay, okay Jon I get the point, maybe I'll just let you wash me with your
tongue.""EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!! Sorry TJ I don't love you that
much!!"They both started laughing."I'm gonna go check and see if they are ready.""Okay Jon."He walked out and Tommy stayed put on the bed not really wanting to move
much without someone close to him. He was actually a little scared with all
that happened to him. After all its only been about eight hours since his
return from the land of unconsciousness. nymphet modelling pics Jon poked his head in the door."Nothing yet, I am going back out."The clock on his night stand said 9:35 now so it yo nymphet
should happen soon. Less
than a minute later Jon came in."Its time for your show TJ.""Okay come help me up."Jon walked over and gently helped him to his feet with his good arm."You ready for this?""Yes, I am gonna hold the banister and you walk in front of me incase I
lose my balance this way if I fall forward I have you to grab onto.""Gee thanks, take both of is out.""Oh Jon you are strong enough to hold me up, come on..."They bickered all the way to the top of the steps before both of them
quieted down. Jon went first and Tommy followed going one step at a
time. They could hear Kyle inside talking about something and after they
got to the bottom they could see Shawn standing close by. Finally they
reached the bottom as Tommy's face contorted some with the last step he
took."Are you sure you can do this?" Jon whispered to him."Yes. He replied in a low voice too. I will be fine there is just some back
pain from the healing I think.""Okay then here we go."Jon gave Shawn the signal and he turned and walked over and gave it to Kyle
as he went in and sat down. The spot that Kyle was standing in he would be
the first to see then as they approached. Steps from the doorway Jon walked
past Tommy and went inside to take his seat."It's about time you got here." Billy said when Jon walked in."Sorry I was in the bathroom. He looked at Kyle as he sat. So what's this
big announcement you have for all of us?" Jon said playing this out to the
end."I just wanted to tell everyone the latest about my brother and I thought
it would be best to have all of you here."He looked over and saw Tommy in position."Is he all right?" 8yo nymphets
Jordan asked."Yeah he didn't get worse did he?" Jeremy followed up."No he is... he looked at Tommy and he started to walk in. he is right
here!"With that he walked into the room and all the boys stood and looked at
him. A bunch of gasps went up at first and they were followed by
cheers. Kyle quickly wert and stood in front of him so no one would get
close enough to touch him. The boys got very loud as they applauded
Tommy. He stood there taking it all in almost to the point of being in
tears. Finally the room got quiet enough for him to speak."Thanks everyone. That felt really good considering how long it's been
since I have seen any of you. You all look older."They started to laugh."How are you feeling Tommy?" Zack yelled out. There was some surprise to
his question since not too many magic nymphet galleries
of the boys knew Zack was on his way back
to being less trouble now."Let's just say I will be okay. I have it on good authority. I am taking
some medicine to ease the pain. I woke up last night in the middle of the
night which is why no one knew. The last thing I wanted was everyone being
jarred out of bed at 3am just because I was awake and I wanted some real
sleep too so I decided to wait until now to see all of you.""Is there a lot of pain Tommy?""Well Todd when the pill isn't working there is enough to make me hurt but
I expect that in the next few days I should be getting better slowly. I
really am grateful to all of you for being here for me and it really is
good to see all of you again.""Tommy do you remember anything that happened?""No DJ, not yet. It was all a blur when it happened in the first place but
I do believe that I have you and Ben to thank among a few
others... Jeremy... for helping to keep me alive.""How is your head now?" DJ asked."Still hurts a lot but again the pill is taking most of the pain away."Kyle interrupted everyone's questions."Okay I think its time for Tommy to go lay back down but we wanted everyone
to see he was okay."Again everyone cheered and clapped for him. He waved and said thank you as
he turned with Jon's help to go back upstairs. As he climbed the steps all
the boys were down at the bottom watching him intently. He got to the top
quicker than he went down and turned and waved to all of them."I am going to rest for a bit and then later I'll be back down. I need to
talk to a few of you... Todd, Caleb, and Zack so each of you stick around
you will be coming in to see me shortly but right now I want my brother to
join me alone in my room. Thanks again guys."He turned and headed towards his room with Jon next to him. Kyle headed up
the steps and towards Tommy's room as the other boys started to go about
their own business. Kyle walked in as Tommy sat on the bed and he looked at
Jon."Thanks bud now I need to talk to my brother.""Yeah I know I will be in my room for a bit. If you need anything just
yell.""I will Jon, thanks."Jon walked out shutting the door behind him."Okay now it's your turn Kyle. I want details on what happened during the
shooting and don't leave a thing out.""Sure TJ. All I know before I went outside is I heard the shots from my
room. I ran out with my gun and by the time I got to the door you and Jon
was on the ground and there was a lot of blood. DJ was screaming for help
since I think he was the first to find you. I ran out and down the driveway
to see if I could find out who was shooting but I heard and saw nothing at
first. Then I heard him. He was laughing and I looked over in his direction
he said `I got the bastard' as he laughed out loud and taunted me. He was
at the bottom of the driveway standing there on the grass holding a gun. As
soon as I saw him he lifted his arms and pointed the gun at me. He said it
was my turn now that he got you and he wasn't about to leave anyone from
our family behind. He aimed at me and I immediately aimed at him taking a
defensive stance at the top of the driveway. Before he could fire I got off
three shots the first two got him, one fresh nymphettes pics in the shoulder and the other into
his chest. He fell over and was on the grass as I approached him slowly..."Tommy was now holding his brothers hand as he told the story. It was
extremely stressful in the room at the moment. Kyle cleared his throat and
moved next to Tommy on the bed as he went on. They were inches apart as he
continued."I had my finger on the trigger as I got to him. I stopped and looked
before I approached him and then I went over next to him. I knew I got him
good and he was spitting up blood as he tried to make fun of what he did to
you. He asked if he got you and he tried to laugh but spit up blood
instead. He said `I got him good that bastard. He thought he would get away
with marching my naked ass through the mall and as I watched... then he
stopped and he coughed again spitting up more blood as I listened to him
and held the gun pointed at his head. He tried to talk more but he was
getting worse. He said... `HE... He thought he would get away with that
Kyle but I got the last laugh I killed him!!' I was seeing red then TJ, I
was at the end of trying to control myself, and I couldn't take it
anymore. I said to him... You are wrong you son of a bitch he is still
alive but you won't be much longer. Then he coughed again and smiled at
me. I had enough TJ I couldn't take it anymore so I squeezed off one more
shot into his head and I blew his brains all over the grass. I was so
scared TJ... more than when I was lost after the comet, more than any other
time I can remember. All I thought about was you lying there and all the
blood I saw when I got to the door."Kyle lowered his head and started crying. Tommy put his arm around his
brother and pulled Kyle to himself tightly. Suddenly there wasn't nymphet gallery ukraine
pain... just two brothers both crying over the shooting. Tommy was holding
Kyle as best as he could as he dealt with everything that happened that
day. He held it in for all this time waiting for Tommy to come back. His
fears, his anger, his frustrations of watching his brother lay there close
to death in his bed. It was all coming out now right here, right next to
his brother. There was nothing but their cries and sniffles for the next
few minutes and finally Kyle got up to get a tissue. He brought the box
back and both of them wiped their faces clean."I love you so much Kyle Nicholas."Tommy said as he placed several kisses on his brother's head. Tommy had
regained some of his composure now but Kyle was still quite the blubbering
mess as he continued to cry. He was crying for the joy of Tommy's return
but he was also crying because he took another persons life even though he
was all but forced to. Nevertheless it wasn't joy that was winning out at
the moment. Tommy held his brother tightly, as tight as he could while he
tried to regain his composure now. Finally he let go and Kyle wiped his
face with his hands and looked at his brother."I love you TJ. I am so glad I have you back and I don't ever want to lose
you again."He leaned in and kissed Tommy on the lips. It wasn't anything gay just an
`I love you brother' quick kiss that meant more then divine nymphet words could say to
Tommy."Tommy please promise me you will take your time and heal properly without
doing anything stupid. I don't want one thing to happen to you that makes
it take any longer then necessary for you to get better... Promise?""Yes Kyle I promise. You have my word I will not risk anything erotic nymphets
until I feel
better. Its gonna be okay little brother, I promise you it will. Remember
my angel... I will be fine.""Yeah, Trevor... I forgot but TJ now it's your turn. I told you everything
now I want you to tell me everything that you can remember. What did he say
to you?""Kyle are you sure... some of it can sound really wacky now as I repeat it
and I don't want you thinking I am crazy.""It's too late for that. I already know you are."They both started to laugh and finally the tension in the room was broken
some."If you really hot nymphets free want to know I remember mostly everything he said to
me. It's all inside me. In my heart and in my head.""Then yes I want to know whatever you can tell me.""Okay little brother but remember you have been warned.""I know its okay.""All I know is I was out for a long time or so it seemed to be to me. Then
I heard Tommy... hey Tommy how are you? He said I see you just came back. I
have been watching over the house cute nymphets angels while you were hurt and out of it. I miss
having all the boys around. I asked who it was and he said Wow how fast you
forget so I told him I was sorry I was hurt and my brain wasn't working
properly since I fell. I told him I didn't know who he was and I asked why
he was bothering nymphette young
me."Kyle sat there unemotional listening to every word his brother said.He said that's awful rude of you Thomas to call someone you said you cared
about a bother. I told him he was starting to freak me out and I asked who
he bbs illegal nymphet pics was. It seemed like he was playing with me at first Kyle but you will
see. He said not just yet Thomas. Since you have forgotten so quickly I
want to see if can jar your memory some...Tommy went on and recited almost verbatim what Trevor said to him in his
dream, he didn't say anything while Tommy talked about it, all he did was
run his hand gingerly over his back avoiding his wound."So as he started to fade away I began to wake up. When he was gone I was
awake almost like he did that for me Kyle. I still can't believe it or
think something this special is possible but like I just told you that's
what happened and you can think I am nuts or that Trevor is really watching
over us.""I think Trevor is watching over us TJ. No one can make a story like that
up and remember it so well so it has to be true. Maybe over the next few
days we might see something that will prove it but right now I have you
back and I couldn't be happier that you are here and that's all the proof I
need.""Thanks for believing me KY; it means a lot to me.""I know TJ it means a lot to me that you would take the time to tell me all
about it.""Okay I think we need a break from this KY how about you help me downstairs
I want to go out on the porch for a bit.""You sure?""Totally!""Okay bro."Tommy got up slowly and Kyle stood close by and watched. He slowly walked
to the door on his own and opened it. He turned and looked at Kyle."Success!"They both laughed. He walked out to the steps on his own and moved a little
faster then he has been. Once on the steps he was joined by his brother and
took them slowly but made it down with just the banister as a guide."Well that was fun but at least I made it KY.""Yeah you did and I feel better now that I saw you do that too.""Okay let's get to the door."Tommy walked with Kyle at his side and they both stopped at the coat rack."You think we will need these?""I would have to say yes since it snowed last night.""Wow usually I see that but I have been so wrapped up in my injuries I
haven't even thought much about the outside world."He grabbed his coat as did Kyle and both boys headed to the door. Tommy
opened it and a cold blast hit him."Wow looks like winter is back. Before I was shot KY, we had a good week
without snow or really cold air.""Yeah well it came back about three days ago and all I thought about was
you missing it.""Well I am not missing it now! Come on I need some fresh air."He went out with Kyle and both boys stood on the step where Tommy hit his
head."Guess this is as close as I want to come to that day now Kyle."Tommy stepped down one more step and was on the landing where he was as the
shot was fired."Seems weird now." He said.It was a blustery cold day with temperatures around 35 degrees and a new
inch of snow on the ground."The day I was shot it was warmer and we lost all that snow we had a while
before that KY.""I know TJ I was starting to think we might have a few weeks without snow
but it sure feels like it now doesn't it?""Yeah... look at the sky KY, silver clouds moving at that speed.""They sure are flying by bro. think we are gonna get any snow?""Yes I do. Which makes me think about other things... how are we doing with
supplies Kyle?""We are fine, the boys were here from the farm a few days ago, and they
brought milk and eggs for us and for Bryan. They also wanted to know when
you woke up.""I'll take care of that when I get back. I will call them and surprise them
myself but right now I want to stretch my legs and live a little! Let's
take a walk up the hill Kyle I want to surprise them at the other house.""Are you sure bro? I mean its fine but I don't want you going too far and
not being able to get back.""I'm fine Kyle, just a little slow but the more I walk the less my legs
hurt and the better my body feels. Its like I was in a cocoon for the past
few days and the more I do the better I feel, the looser I get.""How is your arm?""Sore but passable.""How about your back?""Same thing." I said as he grilled me about how I felt."Okay TJ you're the boss. Let's go take your walk."We stopped at the bottom of our driveway for a second. "Is this where you killed him KY?""Yeah right over there. He pointed in the direction for me. If you want to
see more I am sure there is still some of him left in the grass under the
snow.""No thanks I will pass on that."I had enough of that so we headed up the hill slowly. We walked up the hill
together. It was the most time I have spent with my brother in a while, at
least conscious, that is... I took it slow and thought about how things are
now... in between the little comments we made to each other as we walked.
All I could think about was driving, getting back to normal, and doing what
I used to do before this happened to me... like...ummm... Bitch and
complain about how things should be in the house and so on. It's good to be
back! I made sure Kyle knew how important he is to me by touching and
teasing him some as I put my arm around him. We were now at the bottom of
their driveway... It was a little slippery but we managed the climb just
fine. No one saw us so when we knocked on the door it was a complete
surprise as Kate answered it."OH my God Tommy!"She went to hug me and Kyle stepped in front of her to stop her. My body
guard!"No KATE! Sorry you can't yet!" he said sternly."OH, oh, oh... I'm sorry, you are right I totally forgot about his back and
arm. Come on in guys."We walked in and she shut the door behind us leaving the chilly air
outside."It's good to be back here Kate how are things and how are you getting used
to the neighborhood?""Oh please Tommy that can wait, how are you feeling and when did you wake
up?""Last night but I didn't tell anyone but my brother and Shawn. I surprised
everyone this morning.""I bet that must have been awesome!" she said."It was fun." Kyle replied.Just then Bryan came out after hearing our voices."My, my, my... take a look at this... it's good to see you Thomas!"He reached out and shook my hand. At least I can do that."How are you?""Sore but I wanted to come up and thank you for helping to save my life.""You are welcome. It wouldn't be the same without you and I am saying that
after just having you as my neighbor for one day... but honestly Tommy its
good to see you up and about. Any pain?""Yes some but the pills you got for me a working well.""I bet, just be careful, those pills are strong. I couldn't find a lower
dose so I took what I could when I got to the pharmacy.""How do you know so much about those pills Bryan?""When I worked back at my old job before the comet hit one of the guys got
zapped with a live wire and it caused him some serious pain and when I went
to see him he told me all about the medication the doctor gave him. I
learned a lot from him and kept that knowledge with me so I would never let
that happen to me. You know... getting zapped, not the medical part so
much.""Oh, said Kyle... what did you do?""I was an electrician. After I left home, ya know Ben and all... I went out
west and got lucky. I learned the job as an apprentice for a year and then
a great, great man hired me about three weeks before the comet hit and I
was thankfully under ground when it happened and I survived.""Wow, that's some story, Kyle said. So you can work on anything
electrical?""Pretty much so... I even learned a little plumbing too.""So does that mean if the power goes out I can come get you and we can try
and get it back at the power station?" I asked."Sure we can try Tommy but no promises. We can try anything as long as we
are safe but today most of that is computerized otherwise we would have
lost power here a long time ago. Most of the computers programs are almost
self taught on how to route and reroute the power through the main
grid. This way if something bad happens it will try to find another route
to send the juice through.""Now nymphet blowjob I understand how we kept power after a few storms came through during
the summer. It makes sense to me now.""I bet Tommy. Believe me it's not a fool proof system it can still go down
next week or even in five minutes. But mostly we should be okay for a
while.""But like Kyle asked Bry... if the power goes out can you do anything about
it?""I am not totally sure but I can always try.""Good, that makes me feel a lot better knowing at least someone has some
electrical skill.""Okay enough about that. You want to come in and sit?""Sure." I said."Good, let's go into the kitchen boys I have some hot chocolate I was just
about to pour when you knocked."We followed her in and I cautiously sat on one of the stools that were at
the marble centerpiece in the kitchen. Kyle sat next to me and Kate brought
us each a mug of hot chocolate."Thanks Kate... so if you don't mind me asking, any word on Ryan while I
was hurt?""Very little I am afraid. He has come out, eaten, and talked very little to
any of us outside of important things. Kate said. Bryan tried to talk with
him in his room about Todd but he asked as politely as possible not to
discuss it.""Politely?" I asked."Yes. One unusual thing that he has showed since the blow up that night and
since Todd hasn't returned is when he talks he has been extremely polite
and well mannered. It's really odd and the total opposite of what happened
that night Tommy.""Yeah it sure is." I said."Maybe we can do something now?" Kyle said."No not yet KY, I want to talk with Todd before we move on this. It's only
fair.""Okay bro. you know what's best.""Thanks KY.""Tommy not that I am trying to be a smart ass but I have to ask...have you
and Kyle always gotten along this well?""Yes Bryan, we have a great respect and love for each other and as strange
as it seems to other people every time I explain this... we hardly ever
fought or argued... I mean don't get me wrong... growing up we occasionally
had our moments where we wanted to kill one another but most of the was great.""Wow, how interesting." Both of them said... in a way."So Kyle you and Tommy were close back then?""Very. We talked about a lot of private things and shared stuff too that
most families don't. The only reason I know is because most friends told us
about how different we were when they saw us together. We have both heard
it over and over about `how different you two are' to the point where we
just laugh it off now and just do our brotherly thing.""Totally amazing. Kate said, and here I am hearing all this and growing up
with my brothers and sisters all we did was fight, argue and try to out do
one another. You two are the exact opposite. That's so sweet.""Um yeah okay Kate... Bryan said. Enough with the mushy stuff before you
chase both of them away."We laughed at his comments and young nymphettes teen pics even though they were kinda funny she still
gave him the `look' and he snickered at her. We chatted a little more about
things and it was time to get back before the others issued a RED ALERT
about us missing."We better go before something happens and they actually start missing us."
Kyle said."Thanks for the hot chocolate and the chat." I said as I slowly got up."Are you okay Tommy?""Oh yeah just gotta go slow for now but I am doing okay I promise."We headed to the door with both of them following and Bryan opened the door
to let us go and it was snowing just as I expected it would."Looks like winter is back." Kate said."Yeah and make sure you are prepared it gets nasty up here if the storm
hits just right." I said."Thanks for letting us know and stopping over to see us. We are both very
happy you are back Tommy.""Thanks." I said.We headed out after a quick wave and Kyle and I made small talk on the way
back down the hill in the snow."At least I feel a little bit better about things now KY knowing he has an
electrical background.""Yeah I thought about that a few times TJ, what would we do if we lost
total power but honestly right now I don't care, I just want to be with you
for a while and enjoy things again. It's like a fresh start.""I know Kyle, I know."We walked into the house and got bombed with questions from Shawn and Jon
about where we went as a few others stood around watching us get yelled at."Geeze nymphet pee
we went next door!" I said to them."You could have told us! We were starting to worry you were gone for an
hour or more from when Shawn came to get me and ask me where you were.""Sorry, okay? I just needed time alone with my brother.""I understand TJ but please next time just tell one of us so we don't
panic.""Okay Jon I promise we will let someone know if we leave.""So what happened while you were gone, I mean did you go next door or just
for a walk?""We went up to let them know I was awake and sorta okay now.""I bet that was fun?" Todd said as he stood a little away from us but still
close enough to be part of the conversation."It was okay Todd. We are going to talk as soon as I am done here so don't
go far.""Good, because I have a few things I need to clear up." He said."So what else happened while you were there TJ?" Shawn asked."Not too much we had some hot chocolate and it started snowing again.""I love the snow this time of year...Shawn said. It's getting close to
Christmas now too!" he said with definite cheer in his voice."I know cutie and I want to find us a huge smelly pine tree to put up in
one of the rooms and make the place smell like is used to around our house
during the holidays. The only question is where?""That sounds great...DJ said as he walked over. I heard your voice and I
wanted to see how you are.""Good DJ thanks. Have you told them at the farm yet?""Yeah actually Cameron called me this morning wanting to know how you were
and he was very happy to hear that you were awake. He said to tell you that
his brothers said a prayer for you and that they can't wait to see you
too.""Tell them thanks when you talk to them.""Actually Tommy I wanted to talk to you about that.""Oh, do you want privacy or do you just have something to ask?""It's sorta private I could use a minute of your time in private.""Sure. I looked at everyone else. If any of you want to talk I will be in
my room but I do need to see Todd, Caleb, and Zack in that order so you
guys stick around."By this time the entire clan was within ear shot so when I spoke just about
all of them heard me."KY we are done so I am gonna head up and start getting things back in
order.""Sure bro, I am going to take care of some stuff myself so I'll see you
later."I brushed his hair and headed to the steps afterwards. Jon followed me as
did Shawn and DJ. I had my own entourage as I headed upstairs. At the top I
looked at them."You guys gonna follow me around all day?""Yup, said Shawn... until I get tired of having you back."I looked at Jon as he and DJ kinda chuckled at Shawn's words."I will be fine cutie. You and Jon will be the first to know if something
is wrong now please go find something to do while I chat with the boys and
get this house back in order.""Okay TJ." they both said.I looked at DJ and he followed me into the room. I went and sat on my
leather swivel chair and he sat on the bed a few feet from me."What's on your mind Devin?""Wow you haven't called me that since I got here.""I know I just wanted to bust you a little."He smiled, sweet smile... amazing looking dimples came out for show when he
did that and just made the rest of his face stunning to view. My heart
melted like it did so many times before when I saw his awesome cuteness
come out. Freaking lucky Cameron!!"Tommy I just wanted to talk to you about Zack and then Cameron and ask
your advice.""Okay how about Zack first, he should be easy to talk about.""Yeah he is. He was really good while you were away from us and he showed
real concern when you got shot. He behaved well and actually showed some
manners after he was let go from his room.""Really... so when I talk to him later I can be sure that he has gotten
better?""From what I can tell he has been. I haven't heard any fighting with Jordan
or anyone else.""That's good to know so that takes care of him.""Yeah now on to something more serious." He said."Sure, is anything wrong?""Not really wrong, I mean the boys are fine, no one is sick now and all
going well from what I have heard but my personal relations with Cam... I
wanted to ask your opinion...""Oh... well go ahead... I am honored you would come to me, you are old
enough to handle this on your own.""I might be able to but since I have you it makes things so much
easier. It's good to have you to talk to. Anyway...we are getting closer,
ya know, to the point where I want to spend more time with him but I don't
know how to do this.""Do what? You mean move in there or something like that?""No... no! That definitely won't happen. I care a lot about him and might
even... love him Tommy... he paused as he had difficulty in spitting those
words out. But I can't live there its just way too boring. After a few days
I don't know what to do with myself... I just wish there were some way he
could get away for a while so I could be with him and not have to worry
about Chase or Chance fighting, banging on the door or just being normal
ball busters... they know what we are doing or at least want to do when his
door is shut... but all that and the farm make it almost impossible
to... he lowered his head and almost seemed to be embarrassed to say
it. To... ya know... do it!"I smiled at him."I can do one or two things for you.""Really, you have ideas?""Sure. If the weather holds up and I feel good enough to drive we can
either bring the boys here for a few days so you have your private time or
I can go there and Cameron can come here for a day or two.""That's awesome Tommy but you can't stay there for that long it's not fair
to the others back here. You just got back from all that and I couldn't be
that selfish.""That's nice of you to think of the guys DJ but occasionally I can use some
time away from here ya know.""Oh, I didn't think about it that way.""Believe me when things are `normal' here there are times I want to run
away and it might work or like I said we can bring Chase and Chance here to
visit for a few days.""That might work for now, its probably best that Cam stays at the farm or
you stay there with them so the animals get taken care of properly.""I know. So you decide how you want to handle things, if you can't `do it'
with the other two haunting you guys and I will help as much as I can.""Ya know Tommy I wish I could hug you. You give such great advice
sometimes.""Tell you what... I will hold you to that hug big boy... I seem to remember
wanting to get closer to you in the beginning but I will leave that alone
for now.""I know Tommy but I just didn't feel right about it then. After being with
Cam and learning a little about sex it just doesn't bother me like it did
when you found me. I still remember all that stuff though. How you treated
me and what happened the morning I woke up in your bed. I was so
embarrassed back then I just wanted to die that morning.""Yeah things have changed some since then.""To the point where you are my family now, you and Cam... and..."He stopped quickly."And what DJ?""I was just thinking of that morning when I woke up and couldn't get rid of
my hard-on. I almost... he looked at me. I almost let you touch me but I
couldn't get over Robert, his miserable touch, and the way he took
advantage of me! My total embarrassment, no family, and all the pain Robert
caused me... I just didn't have the balls to let anyone get close then. I
just wanted to thank you Tommy for being there, for helping me find Cam and
most of all for not pushing me that morning into something I might have
regretted. When you were shot and I found you or I was the first one out
there, I almost died. I saw you lying there and the blood and all I thought
was... no he isn't gonna die... I won't very youngs nymphette porno let him die!"I nymphet small pic was seeing a new side of DJ, a more grown up side and definitely a more
open side of him. He looked at me and a tear rolled down his face."Tommy I don't mean to cry but I remember what you told me that night and I
hope nothing has changed... your feelings that is.""Not one thing DJ... you are still a good guy at heart, way cute and hot!!!
Like I said that first night and..." I paused not wanting to over do it."And what Tommy?" he little nude nympho said wiping the tear away."And I better stop before I say something I shouldn't."He smiled."You know I'm not stupid Thomas. I know you wanted a piece of me that
morning and I almost gave in and you are looking at me that same way
now... don't tempt me... I have grown up a little bit since then and I also
have gotten to know you a lot better too.""So... what does that mean Devin?""Will you stop calling me that?""It's your name though..." I said totally sarcastic."I know but I hate... well not hate, please Tommy just DJ, okay?""Sure pal.""It means that I have thought about that morning a few times. I know what
happens in this room and in this house Tommy. I hear the boys talk and
sometimes I almost feel left out.""Really? Even with Cameron so close? So is all the talk you hear bad?""Hell no, it's hot! He laughed. I almost feel, like I said left out like I
said. Especially when I can't get to Cam that fast. I have thought about
coming to see you a few times but I just didn't know how to do it. I feel
like I might be betraying Cam and at the same time I want to feel... he
paused, cleared his throat and looked at me. A serious look now on his
adorable face... I feel like I want to be loved. Maybe by you even though I
care so much about Cam... I just feel so confused at times almost like my
heart is aching for something I can't really put into words! And now since
I almost lost you and I was able to pay you back a little for all you have
done for me... I just wanted to... I guess tell you that even though I am
with Cam... I sorta... well...""Its okay DJ you don't have to say it I get the point.""I am sure you get something from what I am saying underage nymphetes but maybe not exactly
what I mean..." he paused almost like he did that morning... embarrassed
again?"Look DJ its nymphets under okay. You don't owe me anything. Not then or now. Its sweet
that you are thinking about it though and I feel like a million bucks
knowing that its been on your mind ..." now I was young nymphet amateur feeling a little
awkward. "On my mind? Even more since you were lying there like that. I saw you and
thought about how you, our strong leader, our strength, and caretaker were
out and totally helpless... I'm sorry Tommy I don't mean to make it like
you are...perfect.""Don't worry about it DJ I understand where you are coming from and it
actually feels good to know all this.""Let me finish okay?""Sure, sorry." I said."I wanted to come to you a few times; again like I said before... just to
tell you how happy I am being here. Having friends now that are open
minded... I wanted you to know how much you mean to me... Tommy I don't
think love would be the proper word but you really are special to me and
seeing you on the steps made me think and I promised myself that Cameron or
not when you woke up I was going to come in here and let you know that even
if we are only a few months apart in age I look up to you and respect you
for all you do for me and all the guys. There I said it!"I was at a loss for words... a rare thing I know but DJ got me!"Thanks DJ that's just about the nicest thing anyone has ever said to
me. Coming from you its really special because I have had thoughts about
you too, don't get me wrong, I have had thoughts about everyone in this
house (I laughed) at one time or another not all sexual... but without
sounding like a total gigolo its hard to be in control and at the same time
want to be with some of the guys in a special way but also know I can't
show those feeling because it would disrupt the whole house. I can't just
go over to any of the guys and say come on its your turn today to be my
lay... ya know what I mean, it sounds a little hot, and way too harsh for
any of them to have that pressure put on them and on top of it all, it
sounds so damn wrong too!""Tommy I didn't want to get you all riled up and get into some deep sexual
topic even though it doesn't bother me to have this kind of discussion with
you. Its actually nice knowing you trust me enough to let me in on things,
like next door with the sex stuff, shooting a gun, allowing me to be
responsible for disciplining Zack and even letting me drive or at least
getting me close to driving and all that stuff that most of the others
aren't old enough for just yet. I just wanted you to know that I respect
you and wouldn't mind being with you if you ever wanted me.""We'll see DJ; I would love nothing more then to get you off! You are one
hot looking guy and you do get me going when you are this close to
me... but you are committed to Cam and well I wouldn't feel 100% right
taking advantage of you right now... its an awesome idea but I would feel
bad afterwards."Did that kno

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