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Dwedno.Chapter 82 Part 2.
I got up and headed out and when I got to the top of the steps I had a
crowd at the bottom some laughing, some smiling, but all understood what
happened. None of them said a thing but they smiled at me and I smiled back
as I walked past them.In front of me stood Kyle, Jon, and Jordan."Okay what did you three say as I walked past?"Jon said Dead man walking as you went by."They both broke out into hysterical laugher after that and I looked at
Jordan and he just shrugged his shoulders."Jordy did you see your brother jump in there. He wasn't even being yelled
at and he jumped when I screamed at Caleb.""I know Tom I was going to go in and ask him if he soiled his underwear but
I didn't want to get him mad at me."That just made Kyle and Jon laugh harder as they lay on the floor below
us. We looked down at them."Will you two morons get up already?"Now Jordan was laughing and Zack came back out of the game room to see what
was so funny."Good now that I have all of you hear I do not want anyone busting Caleb's
balls over this! That much!"Just then Shawn walked over."What's all the laughing about?""You don't know?" Kyle asked him."No I was in the bathroom and I heard a lot of noise. What happened and
when is Caleb going to clean my room?"All of us started laughing now. It was a bad case of the giggles and poor
Shawn was totally lost in the moment."What happened?" he said irately.I looked at them."You guys tell him you enjoyed it so much." Then I looked at Jordan. "You
meet me upstairs."They ooooed and ahhhhed at that."What's that about?" Zack asked.I looked at him."Unless you want to be next on the punishment list I would suggest you mind
your own business.""I'm outta here!" he said and he headed to go find Danny to play next in
the game room.I looked at Jon and Kyle."In about fifteen minutes go check Caleb please and make sure he is okay?""Sure bro, I'll go for you.""Thanks Kyle. Also don't forget about what we have to do later."He thought for a moment. I saw Jon smile."Jon if he doesn't know remind him after I leave.""Sure TJ."I turned to go back upstairs and Jordan waited for a few minutes. I got to
the top of the steps and Danny was following Zack back to the game room."Good luck guys.""Thanks Tommy."I headed to my room. I got inside and decided to take a quick shower since
I worked up a little sweat with Caleb. I stripped and headed to the
shower. I heard the door shut as I walked into the bathroom so I turned and
walked back to the bathroom door and looked out just incase it wasn't
Jordy."Hey... I'm in here about to get a shower. You want to join me?""Yeah that sounds good!"I stood in the doorway of the bathroom and watched as Jordan stripped off
his clothes in front of me."Jordy did you lock my door?""No I forgot."He ran over and turned the lock in his underwear and then looked at me. I
was sticking half out from behind the door and he smiled."You ready?""Yeah... a little nervous but yeah I am ready."He came over and I pulled the door opened and he walked in."Okay let's get them off you so we can have some fun."He reached for his waistband and slowly lowered them. I could see the
hesitation in him suddenly."Are you okay with this?""Yeah I will be."I went over and started the water and when I was right I got in."Come on I don't bit!"He laughed."I know but this is new for me.""Just remember I saw you naked in the cellar at Roberts's house and nothing
should matter after that.""I do remember Tommy and I love you nymphets fresh for that. I will never forget you
saving my life and my brother's life."He threw his arms around me and gave me a hug. I felt is warm body touching
mine as he held on tightly and it felt awesome."That feels so good Jordan you have no idea!"He broke away and looked at me."Yes I do Tom. I know exactly how it feels."He reached out and grabbed my hand and brought it over to his thirteen year
old penis and squeezed my hand closed around it."Tommy make me happy."I slowly started stroking his boy meat."Tommy that feels just as good as last time."He didn't say anything else. Slowly his eyes closed and he began to
relax. I wasn't planning on making him cum here but as I stroked up and
down is nearly 5" of boy meat I didn't think I could stop now without
upsetting him. I did this for a little bit and then I got down on my knees
in the tub and took all of him into my mouth. he gasped as I closed my lips
around his cockhead and started running them over his hardness as tightly
as I could."Tommy I am not gonna last much longer if you little nymphets pix
do it that good.""Then you cum when you are ready Jordan I want to taste all of you right
now!"I went back to sucking him and I started to taste him now as he got closer
and closer. He was how helping me by bucking some into my mouth with each
stroke and from his reaction he wasn't far away at all. Suddenly he let out
a loud sigh and with one more push into my mouth he began firing away. Two
solid shots of cum hit my tongue as I sucked as hard as I could and some
more dribbled out after that before nymphets first sex
I let go of him and steadied him as he
lay against the wall for support. I slowly got up and watched his face the
entire time to see how far away he floated from his orgasm. He was off
somewhere far away at the moment. I brushed my hand through his beautiful
hair which was getting longer now as were all of the boys hairs too. We
will have to do something soon about a haircut. Finally he opened his eyes
and looked at me."I knew there was something special about you Tommy and I remember what it
is now. You are really good at doing that!"He smiled at me and I leaned in and stole a kiss on the lips from him. His
face was already red from the pleasure so I wasn't sure if I embarrassed
him or not."Thanks Tommy that was really nice... all of it.""What was nice Jordy was tasting your sweet, sweet cock in my mouth."He smiled."I guess it will be my turn soon?""Yes on my bed we will do that. I am looking forward to that more than I
can say."He was still smiling away at me."Come on lets wash up my cock is getting hard thinking about this.""I know I see that."We finished in the shower and quickly dried off since we both wanted to
continue our fun."You ready?""Oh yeah Tom.""Okay get on the bed.""Are you coming?""Oh yeah right behind you looking at that awesome butt of yours."We got on the bed together."I am gonna lay down.""Sure Tom."But of us were together on my bed naked and the more I thought about how
hot this was the harder I got. I got nymphetes art pics on my back and spread my legs."Okay Jordan get in between my legs and then whatever else you do from
there is up to you.""Okay Tommy."I watched his face as he looked down and stared at my hardening cock. I
knew he wasn't experienced but he had a mouth, he was really cute and he
can learn. That is all that matters. He got comfortable as he sat up with
his feet under himself and he reached out and grabbed me slowly and
gently. He looked into my eyes for guidance or permission and grabbed me
tightly. He started stroking up and down and it didn't take much for me to
react to his touch. I was hard almost instantly as he stroked me up and
down over and over. I now closed my eyes as the thirteen year old continued
to work his magic on me."Oh yeah Jordan that feels great. I want you to suck me now.""But Tommy I never have done that before.""Its okay Jordan just use your lips and don't get your teeth anywhere my
cock.""Okay." He said quite hesitantly.He repositioned himself so he could try to suck me but it wasn't working as
I watched him try to get comfortable. He tried five different ways and
still couldn't get properly positioned."Wait Jord. I have an idea. Slide off illegal naked nymphets
me."He got off me and I slid over to the edge of the bed."Now get on your knees."I said as I hung my legs over the bed and my toes touched the floor."Try now." I added as I propped myself up with a pillow.This seemed to work and he took my cock back into his mouth and started
sucking. After a minute it started to feel good. He was drawing me closer
and closer as his cute face and sweet lips continued to draw my cock
towards them with each bob of his head. I reached out with both of my hands
and grabbed his head and guided it down helping somehow as he sucked on me
with what seemed like all he had. I was starting to get close as he got
better with each pass over my cock."Jordy you are getting really good at this, I am gonna cum soon."He stopped. "Okay Tommy I will try and be ready but please don't be mad if
I make a mistake this is so new to me.""You will do find sweet boy. I just know it."He smiled and took my hard cock back into his mouth. Ohhhhhhh how that felt
so great. And how awesome it was watching this beautiful teen work his
magic on my hard cock! As I held onto the back of his head and he went up
and down on me I felt the feeling start to build some now. It won't be much
longer. He started slurping and my cock tingled like it was something
new. I didn't really care but something he was doing was setting me off and
making me want more. I started pushing him down on me as I pumped my hips
up and fucked his mouth as hard as I could and he seemed to be handling it
okay. I was almost there..."Jordy this is your final warning. I will be cumming soon!"He looked up at me but didn't stop. Almost like he wanted this to happen as
much as I did. I felt his tongue lick the underside of my cock for the
first time as he was now apparently trying new things. It just set me off
and I began to fire away. One blast into his mouth, two blasts... I could
see his eyes bulging and opening some. I didn't think he would make the
third. I moaned and fired once more into the sweet boy's mouth and he
backed off quicker then I thought he could and started to cough after he
swallowed what I had fed him. Cum was dripping from his mouth and his eyes
started to tear up as my orgasm hit me and I fired out little more than a
dribble for my last shot of cum which landed on the bedspread. Jordan was
off trying to clear his throat of his new found taste and I was off
enjoying the pleasure he just gave me as I floated away like always.A few minutes later while I still heard coughing I opened my eyes and
looked at the sweet red faced boy in front of me with my cum all over his
chin. He looked like he couldn't handle what I gave him at all."You okay there Jord?""No not really. I didn't expect what you did to me and it scared me.""I'm sorry. I thought you knew what was going to happen.""Yeah Tommy I knew but I didn't expect you to drown me.""Awww. I feel horrible. Come on lets get us cleaned up."I got off the bed and nymphet photos
helped him. I put my arm around the sweet boy and we
walked into the bathroom. I handed him a towel and watched as he cleaned
himself off in the mirror."So how was it?" I asked."Great until I choked. I didn't even mind the taste. It was a little
different but for my first time it was okay.""You mean first time with someone nymphet sex photo
else? Haven't you sampled your own?" "One time but I didn't like it. I wanted to do it with you just so I could
say I..."He stopped like he caught himself about to say something wrong."Say what?""It's okay Tommy. Please I would rather not say anymore, it's a little
embarrassing.""Jordan I won't make you say anything you don't want to but please don't
EVER feel embarrassed when you are with me. We just did one of the most
beautiful things two people can do together outside of anal or make love if
you want to call it that... and I know you aren't ready for that yet but
Jordy please when you are with me don't ever feel like that.""Sorry Tom but as much as I know you, trust you and like you I can't talk
about everything. It's just too weird to do that right now.""No problem."I gave him a hug and he accepted it. His warm body against mine felt
great. He wasn't that much smaller then me but he sure was easy on my
eyes!!"Do you want to be alone and clean up or are we okay here?""We are okay Tommy. Thanks.""You are welcome. Do you want a shower or are you okay?""I think I'll be fine but I do want to get dressed. I am not used to being
naked for this long unless I am alone.""Sure Jord... I totally understand."We walked back to the bed and got dressed. I finished before he did and as
he was putting his socks on I snuck across the bed and gave him a small
kiss on the back of his neck, he turned to me and smiled."Thanks Tommy you are pretty cool.""Thank you Jordan you are very cool!"I rubbed his back a little before he got up and he turned and looked at me."I am happy you found us and I know Zack feels the same even though he
sorta went from angry to scared of you give him some time Tommy he isn't
used to being punished the way you did that to him. He is a great brother
most of the time, he will come around soon I think... just please give him
time.""I will Jord. I promise.""Thanks again Tommy.""You bet big guy."He headed for the door and back out to do his thing."You can leave it open."He did and waved as he left. I got up a few minutes later and decided to go
check on Caleb and see how the room looked and how mad he was. The door was
closed so I knocked and opened it."Hey kid how you doing?""K." he said."K?" I repeated."Ya.""That isn't very much to go on?""Ya." He added."Okay Caleb I got ya. You are mad at me for what I did.""Ya, a little.""Do you think I was fair?""No!"The entire time he has his back to me and was just barely answering me as I
tried to talk to him."So do you think I should have just let you do whatever you wanted to do
and just look the other way while Shawn kept telling me how much you were
upsetting him?"No response. I walked a few feet closer to him after I shut the door. He
was now on the floor in front of me about eight or so feet away."So was that a bad question to ask you?""Tommy you hurt and embarrassed me."I saw his shoulders start to shake and I knew he was crying. I wasn't sure
if I should go to him but if I left this would never get resolved. I slowly
walked closer to him. He was now in front of me on the floor sobbing. I got
down on my knees in back of him but didn't touch him yet."Caleb" I said in a very low tone. "I am sorry I hurt you and I don't have
any right to ask for you to forgive me but I gave you many chances to do
what was right and you blew me off."I reached out for a shoulder and he pulled away immediately as I touched
him."Okay Caleb you stay here and work on finishing this room. It already looks
100 times better. I will go and leave you alone if you don't want me
here. But if it will make you feel better I am sorry I hurt you."I got up and started to walk away."Please wait." Caleb said.I stopped and turned back to him."Yes?"He got up and looked at me, tears still running down his face... he ran
over to me and hugged me tightly."I'm sorry I didn't listen to you Tommy. You saved my life and helped me
and I wasn't being fair to you. I guess I deserved what you did but it made
me feel like a baby and embarrassed me so much I didn't want to ever see
you or anyone else again. I just felt so bad and they all laughed at me..."He started bawling and buried his head in my chest."It's going to be okay Caleb." I said as I held him.Finally he broke away from me and looked up at me,"I know it will Tommy but you see... I don't have anyone else in this world
anymore now except for you and these guys and I just made a total ass of
myself downstairs and you carrying me up here didn't help. What am I gonna
do when I have to leave this room and how am I ever going to be able to be
with them again?"He wiped his face as a few more tears fell."You will. Don't worry these guys are tough, they are ball busters but most
of all they are pretty understandable and forgiving. You might have to take
your lumps for the rest of the day or even a few nymphet nude link days but Caleb no one here
hates you and no one here would hurt you on purpose. You will be okay and
eventually this could be something you look back on and maybe even laugh at
one day. No one will ever laugh at what happened to you when Travis hurt
you and none of these boys will ever physically hurt you other them me and
that is only because of how you treated me to begin with. I know you might
not totally understand right now but I promise you that in a few days at
worst this will all be over with and the only thing that will be bothering
you is that you lost your chance at kicking Zack's ass in that game
before.""Yeah that sucked too. I could have wiped him good!""I don't doubt that at all, now you finish up and go do what you want you
are not being punished, just cleaning a room. I'll see you later I have
things to do.""Okay Tommy. Thanks for making me feel better. I am very sorry how I acted
and that I was rude before."He gave me another big hug and I held onto the cute boy and hugged him
back. Then he went back to straightening the room and I headed out to get
the boys. We need more porn tapes!! I went downstairs and immediately saw
Kyle."Kyle...""Yeah bro?""Ready for a trip?""Where... oh you want to go now?""Yeah if DJ and Jon are ready if not three of us can go.""Yeah just let me tell Luke we are going and I will be right back.""Okay meet me here or find me.""Sure bro."I went on to the game room and found the other two. DJ was watching Jon
finish playing Jeremy in the current game. I stood and watched after I got
DJ's eye and he knew I wanted something. He came over to me."What's up Tom?""Time to go for a walk.""You mean videos?""Yes. I am going to tell Jon as soon as he is finished and we can go.""All right."We watched Jon play and it didn't take long for him to get his butt kicked
by Jeremy who loudly cheered as Jon's last man fell and the game was
over. He looked and me after his defeat got up and walked over."Guess you saw that huh?""Yeah it was pitiful!" DJ said.Jon gave him a dirty look and then looked at me."You want something?""Yes its time to take a trip.""Where... Ohhhhh I got ya.""Good, let's go."We took off from the game room and went to get Kyle. As they followed me
into the Kitchen Kyle came walking in from the other side."Okay good we are all here lets get going." I said."Do we need to take anything bro?""No just the flashlights and I have a gun downstairs already well hidden.""When did you start doing that TJ?""About a week ago just incase something happens. I have a little security
downstairs now.""Sounds like good thinking to me Tommy.""Thanks DJ."We headed downstairs and after grabbing flashlights we climbed down into
the tunnel and headed over to the other side. It was still light out and as
we walked the maze and got to the japanese nymphet tgp other end there was little doubt that in
some spots the outside light influenced the brightness of the tunnel. It
wasn't like being outside but it did help towards the end."Do you guys have a second; I want to get a peak outside from that door at
the end. I haven't been up there since it snowed and I am curious to know
what is out there.""Sure I guess so." DJ said."Yeah go ahead." My brother added."I don't care." Jon saidI walked to the end of the tunnel and through the maze at the end as they
followed and finally we were in the light at the end of that big long area
where the window was at the top. I released the bolt on the door and pushed
it open. There was snow on the ground and a lot of it so I have to figure
we were some place on top of the mountain. I looked around in the sunlight
of the day but I couldn't make out much more then the shrubs, bushes and
trees that were in my line of sight. I didn't feel like traipsing out into
about a foot of snow with just shoes on so I stayed close to the
exit. After giving what I could see a good look and thinking I smelled wood
burning I gave one more glance and then pulled the door shut bolting it
back over to locked position before turning and heading back to the
others. If anything is out there its going to have to wait for now because
the snow is still too deep for me. We headed back and went up the ladder
and to the room the tapes were in and after that twenty minute walk past
the sex room we finally reached the area the tapes were in."Okay guys lets take what we can without making it too heavy on ourselves."We looked and each grabbed about ten or so video tapes and then got ready
to leave."Shhhhhh!! Listen!" I saidWe suddenly heard noise from the other side of our locked door and I think
someone is in the garage. We listened in total quiet. We could hear voices
but whoever it was, wasn't close enough to tell who was talking. They went
away as quickly as they came and we headed back after we thought it was
safe to go. Once clear we started walking again. We got to the sex room and
passed by like always I went followed by DJ, Jon, and Kyle in the rear. We
got out past that and were about to go down the ladder and I noticed Kyle
wasn't there."Kyle!" I yelled out. I looked at them. "Stay here." I said and the nodded
their heads in agreement.I started to get nervous so I headed over to the door and just as I got
there he opened the door and he came out carrying his box nymphets young 16yo
and he looked at
me and smiled."Sorry TJ I was getting something.""Yeah well I'm not sure I want to know what you were getting but we can
talk about it later.""Sure I will tell you bbs nymphets art free
anything you know that.""Yes but I also know there are two sets of ears behind me that don't need
to know.""Yeah."After that we walked back each carrying a box of tapes. We got back and up
the ladder just as it was getting dark and we made it upstairs and onto the
main floor without being missed. nymphet teenies movs For now the tapes will stay
downstairs. When I think the coast is clear we can go get them. I found Ben
in the kitchen and he said he was all ready for tomorrow and Kate was
too. We are sharing three birds. She is cooking one with her stuffing as
she knows how to make it. Ben is cooking two. One next door while Luke and
Kyle stay with it and of course the one here. Between that and all the
other food she is making and we will be making we should have one huge
blast tomorrow. I got Jeremy, Billy, Joey and a few others to help carry
the long tables from the garage and they sit out in the main hallway so
everyone can meet here tomorrow and eat. It's going to be a great day if it
goes off well. We will need seating for twenty seven people if the boys
come from the farm. DJ is handling that part and we will know by morning. I
called a meeting of the house at dinner time and before we ate I got
everyone's attention and then I began."Guys... I will keep this short because I know most of you are hungry and
want dinner but tomorrow is Thanksgiving as you all should know and between
Ben and Kate both houses are going to be eating here. We have just about
all the details worked out now and Kate is making pies by her and Ben is
doing the same here.""Yeah we know Tommy the house smells like pumpkin pie!!! Totally awesome!"
Jon yelled out making everyone including myself laugh."Thanks Jon." Ben said."Anyway... the reason for this meeting... as I continued after the cake
comment. The reason is so everyone pitches in tomorrow. I expect to see all
of you up and at this by 9am. We need to set up the tables in the big room
and get all the silverware, plates and other stuff together for 27 or so
people. It's a huge job and I expect help or you don't get turkey... you
become one!"They all started laughing at that."I know this might piss some of you off but for tonight I am requesting the
games to be shut down at midnight." Some complaints and grumbles went
up. "Ya know it wont kill you for one night!""But Tommy we are having the semi finals tonight and we might run late."
Jeremy said."Okay then tell you what... if the last game runs past midnight then it
gets finished and tomorrow after everything is set up and before dinner is
ready you guys can play more. I don't want to make all of you bored but
EVERYTHING... must be set up before one game is played or else I will
personally take the unit off the TV and no one will play!"A little more grumbles but most of them agreed."Okay so I have been fair now it's up to you guys. Don't let me down! We
will have a lot of people here tomorrow and I expect all of you to
cooperate. Also I am telling all of you this now. I don't want anyone to be
worried but since we don't know if any of the boys over there have sticky
fingers or not but I suggest if you have anything of value that means
something you put it away. There will be way too many people in this house
to watch every room and every one of them. So you have been warned. Put
anything you don't want to lose away! There is to be no fighting... if
there is a problem tomorrow you find me or Bryan and we will handle it. If
things get out of control and I find out who caused it there will be severe
punishment!""Yeah! I know about that now!" Caleb said out loud. The place all but
roared in laughter when he opened his mouth and he turned five shades of
red and tried to hide."Yes if anyone doubts me ask Caleb he will be glad to tell you how much his
butt hurt."They seemed to get the idea after the laughter calmed down."Finally... I continued. I want us all to have a great time and get
along. There will be lots and lots of food tomorrow. All kinds of veggies,
turkey, mashed potatoes, nymphets raped galleries and plenty of sweets, I am sure I am leaving out a
lot too. So remember best behavior and lots of help setting up
tomorrow. Thanks guys and now Ben has made a little surprise for everyone
tonight." Now I had everyone's attention. "Ben would you care to tell
them?""Sure, thanks Tom."He stood up and walked over to me."Wow I never was up in front of this many guys at once. I can't believe we
all fit in this house. But anyway. I made home made pizza and for dessert
there will be cupcakes vanilla and chocolate. Tommy's request as a way of
thanking all of you in advance for helping tomorrow."He hardly got to finish before they started yelling about the sweets."QUIET!" I screamed out.It took a bit but they got quiet."Now Ben worked hard and he will be working his ass off tomorrow and I
expect all of you to thank him."A big round of applause went up and he actually turned a little red from
the attention."Thanks guys." He said as he waved.He headed to the kitchen and slowly I let them go in and get the
pizza. Thirty minutes later the seven pies Ben had made and that were
warming were all gone. We all got a few slices and no one complained. He
also made forty cupcakes and each boy got two. He looked exhausted after
dinner and I got the guys to clean up for him. He was very happy about that
and went up to his room. He has to be up at 6am and it's already 7pm
now. After the kitchen was spotless I let them go play their games for the
night. The room was loud as the games started or as they called it racing
atmosphere began to heat up. The boys challenged one another when it was
their turn. One by one they got eliminated and I wasn't sure how this was
going but Jeremy and Jon had the standings. I got to see them when I asked
and as of 9:30 Jeremy, Shawn, Zack, Caleb, Billy, and Kyle were still in
the game. If ukrainian child nymphets any of them tell me that this isn't a great competition I
would laugh. I wanted to go view the tapes but the atmosphere in the game
room was so high that I stuck around and watched. I was only asked about
four times if I wanted to play and I said no thanks. But I watched.I was starting to get bored so I took off to my room. I got up there and
Danny came over to me."Tommy you have some time?""Sure pal come in my room."I went in and sat on my bed."What can I do for you?""I was just thinking about the other day when I was with you young nymphets link and Jon.""Okay what about it?""Well. I have been with you before but not Jon and even now that I am
twelve I don't think I am ready for two guys at one time... but I was
wondering Tom would you do something with me tonight?"He peaked my interest."Do what Danny?""Just something to make me get excited and... he started to turn
red... hard."I smiled at him."Sure Dan if you want to be alone with me and do something sexual I can
handle that without a problem.""Really you wouldn't mind?""No, I smiled why would I mind Dan you are totally cute and with that
killer body who could I pass up a great chance at making you... well lets
say making you happy.""Thanks. What do I do first?""Go shut and lock my door, and tell me Christian won't be looking for you
in five minutes.""He should be fine. I brought him to the game room and he is with Billy. He
told me Billy has been paying attention to him and he likes him a lot.""Oh..." I said to myself as I thought... if he only knew how much Billy
probably likes the boy. He would go ballistic!"Well it's good. Christian is making friends now and you are watching him
closely right?""Of course Tom. I trust these guys in the house but I still watch him
closely."You liar! I said to myself. If you were watching him you would know Billy
isn't interested in anything but what is probably in his pants! But it's
not my problem!"Okay Dan no fooling around this time. I want you out of those clothes now!
All the way down to your underwear.""Okay Tommy."He did as was told and I watched him take off his shirt and then pants and
then his undershirt. He was now in just his undies and socks."Tom do you want my socks off too?""No that's okay you can leave them on if you want to.""Good then I will leave them on so I don't feel totally naked.""No problem. Now when did you shower last?""Day before yesterday why?""Because if I am going to do something with you I want you clean. I don't
want to smell any day old boy armpit. Would you want to suck my cock and
smell me if I was funky?""No of course not Tommy.""Okay then come over here. I don't mean to embarrass you but I need to know
before we start how clean you smell.""It's okay Tom."He came over and stood next to me."Lift your arm."He did as I asked. I leaned in and took a whiff. No smell at all."Okay that was fine. Now lay on my bed. When did you change your underwear
last?""This morning Tommy. I don't even wear the same pair two days in a row
that's gross.""Good boy. Get on the bed please."He did as I said."Lay on your back."He fell back for me. I got on my knees and move in close to him. I took a
few smells and didn't find anything sour."Okay I am fine with how you are Dan. And since you are already there I
think I will start now.""Awesome!" he said.He had all of a little bulge in his underwear as I got closer. I didn't
want this going all night so I decided to move it along incase Shawn lost
or something and came up early. I reached out and took another breath as I
touched right where I thought his cock would be and sure enough I found it
immediately. I touched it and it moved. I began running my finger around it
and it grew and started to stretch out Danny's underwear for me. I looked
up and he was watching me like a hawk over its prey. I was still shocked he
was actually letting me do this but very happy, the boy has petit nymphets porn a killer body,
and he is very easy on the eyes. I started running my finger over the tip
and he was now reacting. I could feel him getting stiff now."How's that feel Dan?""Awesome Tommy. I almost wish I would have come to you sooner.""Me too." I said in a low tone.I went back to what I was doing and I was ready to strip him."Okay Dan time for show and tell. You ready?""Yeah."I reached up and grabbed his waistband and started to lower them. He took a
deep breath and I got to just above his lump. I pulled once more and down
they came as he lifted his butt to help me out. His cock was just as
beautiful as the rest of his naked body. I stared at it for a moment and
then looked him up and down his sleek frame before going back to his hard
and very erect 4 plus inches. white nymphet It appears since I saw the boy naked last he
has grown a little. After all he is getting taller so why not down there
too. Last time I checked he was about 5'4 he might be 5'5 now. He has to be
more than 4 inches too. I brought my finger over and put it next to his
stiff tool. I estimated from what I remembered and then I said fuck it."Danny when did you measure your hard cock last?""I haven't since you did it after the comet hit Tommy.""Do you care if I do it now?""Hell no. I would love to know how much I have grown."I went and got the ruler and ran back over. I put it up against his stiff
cock and touched it to get it right. He let out a gasp as I did so. 4.5"
just about, it measure."Wow Dan 4.5 inches. I think you grew a half inch."He smiled widely."And since you let me check now I am going to give you the biggest present
you have had in a long time."I didn't say anymore I just got close took another breath and put my lips
up to his cockhead. I wet him with my tongue and he jumped a bit and
shuddered up and down his body. I took him into my mouth and wet him more
and he let out a sigh and started to move. He was squirming as I started to
go up and down his cock with my mouth."Tommy that tickles a lot!""Sorry."I tightened my grip and started sucking harder. He was moving with me now
and it didn't take long for him to say something."Tommy I feel like I am gonna pee or have that feeling I get when I am
doing it."I stopped."Good let it rip Dan I wanna see if you can cum yet."He looked at me and said nothing. I sucked hard and long up and down and he
grabbed the bed sheets and started to pant. I had him right on the edge as
I grabbed his balls slightly and he yelled out as I rubbed them and started
to squirt out some fluid. I didn't suck him I watched as it started to
flow. It was a little milky and syrupy. He fired three shots for me. The
first we clear and then the next two a little thicker but no where near
full cum yet. He was close but not quite there. Either way he was off. His
eyes closed tightly and hands grabbing the sheet he was enjoying his
pleasure as his cute cock leaked out and dribbled down onto his hairless
cock. It wasn't totally hairless he did have a few dark strands there now
and the boy was slowly changing from cute kid to cute semi teen right in
front of me. I watched as he opened his eyes and looked at me."Wow that was so awesome. Totally awesome. I never felt anything like that
before."I smiled at him and he sat up."Thanks so much Tommy that was so great. I am sorry I waited so long to ask
for your help.""No problem. You go wash up and pretty soon you will be hitting puberty
Dan. You aren't far off from what I just saw.""That is totally awesome Tommy. So soon I will be able to cum right?""Yeah I think so but I am not a doctor I can only guess."He got off the bed and he was beaming."This is awesome!" he kept repeating as he took off nymphette mpeg to use my bathroom.A few minutes later he came out and appeared to be dry and cleaned off. He
got dressed and thanked me again before heading out. I watched his cute hot
ass as he walked down the hall and remembered how beautiful it looked
totally naked a little bit earlier. I got up and licked the finger that I
dipped into his little puddle he had form on him and it wasn't bad at
all. A little salty but he still had a way to go before he would be a
man. It was close to 10:30 now with all the playing around with Danny an
hour passed. I got undressed and got into bed. I was tired. I guess all nymphet pthc sites
did today caught up with me and since I am still not fully recovered from
the gunshot I am gonna lay down. I heard them downstairs since my door was
open a crack and I hoped they would keep their promise to be off at
midnight. I fell asleep quickly and was woken up a little later as Shawn
came into the room."Sorry to wake you TJ but we are done playing and I was coming to join
you.""That's okay cutie. I don't mind how did it go tonight?""It went great. There are four of us left just like it's supposed to
be. It's me, Jeremy, Zack and Caleb.""Wow so Caleb is pretty good huh?""Yeah he worries me a little TJ, he gets any better, and I might have real
competition."I laughed."You crazy cute boy get in bed we have to be up early.""I know."He got in and scooted over to me."Love you TJ."I put my arm around him and gave him a kiss."Love you too cutie." I rubbed his belly for a bit and he fell asleep quite fast tonight or it
appeared he was. I rolled over and fell back to sleep myself a little bit
after that. Morning came quick as usual.Thanksgiving Day!The alarm went off and I turned and killed the switch. 8:30 all ready. I
felt awesome and I got out of bed and went to pee. A few minutes later I
came back and Shawn was moving so I leaned in and started placing kisses
all over his face. His eyes opened and he smiled at me."I liked that a lot and I love you even more."I got closer and we kissed a little. He was starting to get really good at
doing this. Finally he went to get up and I backed off."Sorry TJ but I gotta pee."He got out of bed and I watched his sweet, cute ass as he headed towards
the bathroom. I yelled out to him and bbs nymphet portal
he turned quickly."Nice buns hot stuff!"I got a smile and he ran in to pee. I heard him go and then he washed and
came back out with wet hands a minute later."Don't even think about doing what I think you are gonna do!""Huh? I'm not gonna do anything TJ.""Okay." I said.I turned to put on my other sock and he took both wet hands and touched my
cheeks. I now had a wet face. He squealed out with laughter and took off to
go hide in the bathroom as I chased him."That's okay!" I yelled. You have to come out sometime!"After five minutes he gave up and unlocked the door. I didn't say a thing
the whole time I waited and he wasn't sure if I was still there. He saw me
on the edge of the bed and yelled but he didn't go back in he ran past me
and headed for the door to leave my room. I caught him at the door and
immediately started tickling him. Now he was really squealing. I got him
really good as I threw him on my bed and got on top of him. He was totally
red faced and tears were in his eyes. He begged me to stop and finally I
got off him."You cheat!""Yeah so? You wet me.""Yeah so!" he said back smugly.He shoved at my back and them sat up and got dressed. I got up and went
around to him and he went to take off."No wait its cool we are done.""Okay I am trusting you. You better not be lying.""Shawn... you are killin me. Would I lie to you?"He looked at me like he actually thought I was serious for a second. Then I
smiled and he did too."You almost got me.""I know. You ready love?""Yeah just about. Now we have to go help make Thanksgiving dinner don't
we?""Yup. All of us!" I said to Shawn.We headed out into the hall and the house already smelled great. We got
downstairs and DJ came over to me."I called the farm and they said they are coming.""Great news DJ.""Yeah it will be a really special day now.""I am sure.""They are bringing more milk and eggs Tom.""Okay thanks."I went into the kitchen and about half the boys were already awake and
helping out in some way."Morning Ben.""Morning Tom.""Your brother and Luke went next door about an hour ago to start that
Turkey with me and I left them to come back here.""So they are alone then?""Sure are just Luke and Kyle next door."I smiled at him and although I wasn't sure if he knew he smiled back. Maybe
Luke told him something. I wasn't sure and didn't care. Today is a day of
celebration for us. A new life and a great, great day ahead with lots of
boys and hopefully lots of fun too!
Chapter 84. Thanksgiving Day, Part 2 and some."So Kyle is alone next door with Luke." I said to him."Yea Tommy why is that a problem?""No, no not at all. Sorry Ben I was just thinking out loud.""Oh, no I am sorry Tommy teen sex movies nymphet I just have so much on my mind today that I wasn't
totally listening to you.""Don't worry about it Ben we are here if you need us just give a yell. I'll
get the other stuff set up and around noon everyone is coming over.""Sounds good we should eat after 2pm. It depends on the underground nymphet girls
bird.""Great and you stuffed it?""Yup stuffed it with my mom's recipe of my favorite stuffing that she used
to make.""Awesome!" I said.The rest of the morning went well and the house was beginning to smell like
Thanksgiving food. I thought about sneaking over next door to see if Luke
and Kyle were up to anything other then babysitting the food but I decided
against it for now because it was Kyle. I'll go later on. It was warm in
the house and it had a very loving atmosphere with everyone chipping in to
help. By noon the tables were set and I had to run out to the store to get
some supplies for our feast. The doorbell rang and I went to get it. The
three C's were here and I immediately got hugs from Chase and Chance and I
even stole one from Cameron. They went inside and DJ came over and got some
hugs too. He took over for me and welcomed them in and brought them around
to the others to let everyone know they were here. I watched for a minute
and then I went over to Ben."Okay Ben I have your list and know what you need. We'll see you in a
little bit and if anything comes up just call.""Yup, Will do. Oh and Tommy if you find any frozen bread, Garlic or any
type grab some I will bake it. We might as well use that too since someone
will want it. I nymphets peeing
think I have plenty of dessert.""Okay I am gonna go check on my brother and Luke and then go.""See ya in a bit Tom.""Okay Ben."I headed out and Jon was coming with me. We got to the door and I was
yelled at. I stopped and turned bbs land nymphet around."Where are you going and how come you didn't ask me?""Shawn... I am going to the store and coming right back.""But I want to go please TJ? I am tired of being in the house."I looked at Jon. He didn't seem to care."Okay go get your shoes on.""Yay!! Thanks."He ran off with a big grin on his face."Boy TJ he sure loves being with you doesn't he?"I looked at Jon and smiled."Just as much as you do cute boy.""I can't disagree with that." he said grabbing me by the arm and half
hugged me. "I love being with you.""Same here Jon... same here."Shawn got back quickly and I now had both of my cuties with me."We are going next door first guys. Luke and Kyle are there so let's be
polite okay I don't want to startle them."Jon laughed and Shawn looked at me like he didn't have a clue."Don't worry about it Shawn." I said to him.We went through the basement and into the garage since it was cold out and
I didn't want to freeze until I had to. I started the truck and then opened
the door and backed out. We drove up the hill one house and I pulled into
their driveway and beeped the horn. That brought Luke to the door and a few
kids to the window at the house next door as Jon point out to me. We waved
to them as we got out and went inside. I am sure they will be joining us
soon."Hey Luker.""Hi Tommy, how are things next door?""Good the house smells great. Ben is doing a really awesome job.""I am hungry already thinking dark illegal nymphet about this.""I know what you mean I am too."I followed him into the kitchen and there at the table was Kyle sitting
with some kind of puzzle book in front of him. He saw me and got up."Hey big brother.""KY... Whatcha up to?"He came over and I got a big hug."I was looking around before and I found this puzzle book. It's full of
crosswords and word search and all that and its keeping me busy while I
hang out.""Why aren't you paying attention to Luke?"As I asked that question Shawn and Jon came into the kitchen."Hi guys." Kyle said to them.They waved and stood on the other end of the circular table in the middle
of the kitchen. Kyle looked back at me."Because he has been out in the greenhouse most of the time and I was out
there too for a bit but I was bored and there was only so much I could do
while he picked and poked around.""I guess I see your point." Then I leaned nude latina nymphets in close and whispered in his
ear. "I thought you two might be doing sweet russian nymphets something other then checking out
the fruits and veggies.""We were going to later." He said back to me."Oh. How is that coming along?""Painfully slow TJ. I thought I saw and knew shy kids before but oh my God
this kid doesn't want to get naked that much with me yet." He whispered
back to me as we continued to talk quietly."Just give it time. If he really likes you he will do anything for and with
you.""I know bro, I know but I really want some attention and he just... well
you know. I don't want to get into it he is really close now."While we were talking Luke came into the kitchen too and started getting
closer to us as we talked about him."We'll finish this another time Kyle.""Yeah good idea.""So, I said, we are going to the store for a few things do you want
anything guys?""Nah I don't need anything." Kyle said."No thanks Tom." Luke added."Well then we will see you later don't burn the bird."They both laughed. I gave Kyle a hug and looked at Luke and gave his head a
rub as I walked by to leave. Jon and Shawn followed me as he headed to the
door waved again and left."TJ they are getting closer aren't they?" Jon asked."Yeah Jon I think there is something there. They seem to get along well.""Well all I know is that every time I go to see Kyle either his door is
locked now or he tells me to wait before I can go into his bedroom when I
get inside." Shawn said."That means something." Jon said back,"Yeah, it means he is busy." I added."Yeah but busy at what?" Jon said laughing. "Never mind what... Jon."He chuckled at me. I started the truck and we headed down the hill. Next
stop grocery store. It took a little while with the snow on the ground but
we made it slowly down the hill and then a bit faster to the store. We got
out after I parked in front of the entrance and I pulled my gun and checked
the store with Jon and Shawn behind me. It was clear and we each grabbed a
shopping cart and went looking for what we needed back home. There wasn't a
lot left now other than canned food and sealed goods. Anything fresh had
rottened or spoiled now and was stinky or messy so we stayed away from
that. A good thirty minutes later we had what we needed and were bagging it
at the front checkout. We headed back out pushing the cart full of food and
canned goods and headed to the truck. Once loaded we got in and I started
it."TJ can we hit the Wal-Mart?""Sure Jon? What do you need?""I wanted to get a few more things, Boxers, shirts, and maybe a pair or two
of Sneakers or shoes.""Yeah Jon that sounds good. I can use some new stuff how about you Shawn?""Yeah I want some too!"We took off and drove in the opposite direction and headed the fifteen or
twenty miles to that store. I didn't give it much thought before this but
we hadn't been there before now so thanks to Jon's good thinking we now
have another store to shop at. At least I knew where this one was since my
parents went there a lot. nymphets studios toplist Again I took my time and eventually we got
there. I parked up close and then followed the ritual of pulling my gun and
checking out basically the entire store before we shopped. It took almost
twenty minutes to be sure we were alone this place is so big. When we were
sure we would be okay we set out to the boys section. Shawn was a little
ahead of us and he found the socks and underwear section first."I found it!" he yelled out to us.We followed his voice and soon were looking at boxers with him. Everyone
split off and found what they wanted as did I and before long we needed a
cart to put everything in. We walked the entire store including the food
part and it was pretty gross looking at the dried up and spoiled fruit and
other things that were in the veggie area. I would up taking a second cart
and loading it with some frozen bread like Ben asked for and anything else
that I thought we could use around the house. We wound up with many new
clothes, socks, underwear and so on and it was a great idea to go there. We
can come back too because they have lots of other things we didn't even get
into in the back part of the store by the body sprays and dog and cat food
area. I am sure Luke and the others up the hill wouldn't mind stocking up
on dog food for their animals. I even think we are low on it now. It was
getting close to 2pm now and my cell rang."Hello?""Tommy its DJ. Ben asked me to call and see how soon you would be back he
needs the stuff he sent you out for and dinner will be a little delayed the
bird isn't quite done he said so we will be eating about 4:30.""Oh okay we got into shopping and I lost track. We'll go pay for this and
leave now.""HUH? Pay... Your love busting my balls don't you Tom?""Yeah but you are laughing too!""I know. Just about everyone is here and they are picking at the small
things that Ben made to keep them happy till we eat.""Great. How is everyone getting along?""So far it's been awesome. The biggest thing was when most of them came
down from next door and they met Cameron, Chase, and Chance and so on.""How did that go?""Well lets say there was a lot of looking at Kate from the boys and some
shock over seeing a girl and a baby but otherwise like I said everyone is
getting along and most of them are nymphet picture collections talking and finding out about each
others pasts. I saw that Austin kid talking with Chase and Chance and
Cameron was talking to the bigger guy... Mike? I think or Matt... I don't
know them that well.""Yeah I hear you... one sec DJ... Jon pleas grab this cart and let's get
going, sweet nymphetts they need us back... Sorry DJ I wanted to get us heading out of
here...""That's okay Tom. Where are you?""Wal-Mart.""Ohhh we haven't been there yet have we?""No Jon suggested it and I thought it was a great idea. I'll bring everyone
back here and you can all get some fresh clothes and anything else you want
maybe next week if you want.""That sounds great.""So anyway DJ everyone seems happy?""Oh yeah the games are going on in the game room and just about all the
boys from Chase and Chance are in there and the kids from next door. Kate
is in with Ben helping him out and they are getting along great and Ben is
also talking to his brother and playing with his nephew when he can.""Sounds awesome. We'll be back in about thirty minutes so I can join in
with you.""Okay Tommy. See ya then.""Yup, thanks for the update.""Okay bye.""Bye DJ."We rushed through the store with some urgency bagged our stuff to make it
easier to carry and headed out to the truck."Why are we hurrying TJ?""Because I forgot that Ben needs some of the food we have to finish
dinner.""Oh... I didn't know that.""I know cutie. We'll come back again next week and see how much shopping we
can do then.""Okay."We made small talk on the ride home and I went as fast as I could without
spinning out of control and a few times I fishtailed the truck and Shawn
loved it and thought it was a blast but Jon didn't."Do it again TJ... do it again!""I don't think so Shawn... I didn't want to do it the first few times.""Don't you think you should slow down TJ?" Jon asked.I looked at him..."Don't worry we are fine.""Okay TJ." he said.The rest of the ride went fine and soon we were climbing the hill and it
was just after 3pm. I opened the garage door and pulled inside. Then shut
the door and we got out."Shawn please go ahead and get some help so we can carry everything in one
trip.""Sure. Be right back."I watched him out of site and then looked at Jon."You know I have been debating whether to bring everyone back there or
not.""Back where?""Wal-Mart.""Why TJ?""Because there is so much good stuff in there I was thinking about using it
for Christmas presents.""Ohhhhh... that's a great idea. But how will you do it alone?""I am working on that part. Maybe I will go shop alone or with you and you
can help me and then I will get your present later.""Mmmmm I already know what I want.""Oh? What's that?""I want a special present from you TJ.""Yeah like what?""It's been a while but I want to make love with you again and do you in the
butt.""Oh really? I'll have to think about that.""Come on it wasn't that bad last time you even admitted it.""I know Jon but it's not really my favorite thing. I do it for you not
because I like it.""Do you think I let you inside me as much nymphet alt newsgroups as I nymphet nude photos did in the beginning when we
started doing it because I liked it TJ?""Yeah that's nude nymphet top sites what I thought. You said it felt great.""It feels okay TJ... I do it for you. I can live without it.""Oh... I didn't know Jon. Why didn't you tell me sooner?""Because I love you and having you deep inside me made you happy and it
sorta made me feel good knowing you wanted something that much and only I
could give it to you.""Come here you big hunk!"He came over to me and I gave him a great big hug and a few kisses."I am sorry I don't do more for you Jonathan but I will think about giving
you that for Christmas. But just so you know... right now Christmas Eve is
for me and Shawn free archives nymphets and I figured Christmas night would be me and you? Is that
okay?""Sure... you know I don't mind as long as I get my chance.""You will get it and I will probably give you what you want too just
because I love you so much."We hugged again."Thanks Tommy. That means a lot to me."I gave him a kiss on the lips and we were interrupted by the help that
Shawn brought back with him."Hey you two save that for the bedroom!"I looked over and Jeremy was busting my balls. Shawn was behind him and he
also brought DJ, Cameron and the other two."Geeze Shawn I sad a few not half the house."He giggled at me."Okay everyone grab something please we have lots to bring up."It wound up being enough help because I didn't realize we had so much crap
so Shawn did bring enough help."Shawn you did good. I didn't realize we had so much stuff.""Thanks TJ."We finally made it inside and upstairs and the boys helped put everything
in its proper place as I went to greet our guests."Cameron!"He turned and looked at me. I walked over to him and Chase and Chance came
out of no where and went to jump on me."STOP! Sorry boys I am still healing from my gun shots. Only hugs please."The look on their faces was priceless as they realized they were about to
hurt me and stopped short of jumping."We're sorry Tommy we forgot.""That's okay. Another week and I should feel good and then you can jump all
you want."I accepted their hugs and gave Cam a pat on the back as Bryan and Kate came
over to us."I thought I heard your voice." Kate said.She gave me a kiss."Thanks. How is everything?" I asked."Great. Bryan and I were just in with Ben helping some. He is working like
a dog.""I bet. How is everything in the kitchen?""It looks under control." Bryan answered.We chatted for a bit and I went around and saw everyone. The bulk of the
boys were in the game room including Austin, Jose, Matt, and Mike, watching
the tournament wind down. When I walked in I was informed bbs links nymphets it was Shawn in
the finals against the winner of the game that was playing now. I looked
over and Caleb was playing Kyle. Apparently they let Caleb back into the
game after his punishment. I really didn't care as long as there wasn't any
bitching. Matt looked at me and walked over."Hi Tommy you remember me right?""Yes from the mall. Why do you ask?""Just wanted to know if you remembered.""Okay no problem, I have seen you next door already why so serious, what's
wrong?""I have a question to ask but it's personal.""Sure let's go into the other room."He followed me out and into the living room."What's on your mind Matt?""I just wanted to know if you knew anything about Mike.""Not really. Other then him and Travis being friends and maybe more.""Okay thanks.""Wait... what are you trying to find out?""It's not really important Tom. I was trying to see if you knew anything
about Mike because I don't trust him.""Sorry. I wish I could help.""No problem."He turned and walked off leaving me puzzled at what he was trying to
accomplish. I just left it alone and headed to the kitchen to talk to Ben."How's dinner?""Another hour Tommy. Almost done here. Go look over on the counter behind
me."I went and there was a finished bird."Who's is that?""That's the one Kate brought.""It looks great.""I know she is an awesome cook. Kyle and Luke should be back soon theirs
was scheduled to come out of the over ten minutes ago.""Great, sounds like we are almost there.""Yes. I'll let you know in about twenty minutes.""Thanks Ben. You are doing great.""Thanks Tom. I want a raise."He laughed as did I."Sure no problem. At least you don't have to do the dishes.""Gee thanks."I let him be and went out to see what the others were doing. Some were
eating finger food and little snacks and others were running through the
house playing tag or something and as I said before most were in the game
room watching that go on. I headed out to the pool to see if anyone was out
there and surprisingly enough that was where I found Mike."What are you doing out here all alone?""Just thinking about stuff. Is it almost ready?""Probably 45 minutes.""Okay, thanks Tom.""So? Wanna talk or be alone?""Rather be alone.""Sure."I turned and headed out of the pool area. The next 45 minutes passed and
Kyle was back with Luke and the bird and Ben was done with his in the
kitchen. Bryan, Kate, Ben, and I all got things together and started to
hand stuff out to the boys to put on the table. About twenty minutes later
we were all set and everyone was seated at the tables and it looked like
the lunch room back at school during lunch hour but only with much better
chow. I got up and some looked at me and the others continued to chat."Excuse me... EVERYONE... I raised my voice a little. HEY!"That did it."Now that I have everyone's attention I would like to propose a
toast. Please lift your glasses."I waited as everyone reached out and grabbed a glass. I made sure everyone
had a glass of apple juice."Here is to our survival, a happy and healthy Christmas for all of is next
month and to all of our safety and comfort and love."I took a sip and everyone else followed."Lets eat!"And eat we did. There was plenty of food even for all of us. The tables
were full of mashed potatoes, turkey, stuffing, and canned cranberry sauce,
all kinds of vegetables, milk, and other drinks and some red wine that Kate
and Bryan were sharing. I went down and had a taste and the bitterness of
it wrecked my mouth as I shook my head and they laughed."Guess you aren't into dry wine Tommy.""No and I don't think I will be. I have had sweet before but wow that was a
shock to my mouth!"They laughed again. We all ate and ate and ate and it didn't take secret nymphets sites long for
some of the boys to get full."Save room for dessert. We made plenty!" Kate yelled out.There were smiles all around the table as the boys behaved for the most
part. There were some giggling and loud moments but that is to be
expected. A little fighting over who got what and a look from me all but
calmed it quickly. I thought it was going great. We finished eating and
everyone helped clear the table nymphet erotic nude and dessert was brought out. Ben made a
bunch of cakes and cupcakes and Kate made a few pies, cakes and some
cookies. By 4pm everyone was done eating the room was a mess and kids too small nymphet
moaning from eating too much food."All we need now is the football game Bry." Ben said to his brother."Yeah, I know." He replied with sadness in his face."I think I can wil nymphet help." I said."What do you mean Tommy?" Bryan asked."I have a surprise."I got up from the table and a bunch of them followed me into the huge
living room including Bryan and Kate. I walked over to the 42 inch screen
TV that we hardly ever use and turned it on with the remote. Then I went
and put the CD I had into the machine and hit play. A few seconds later the
beginning of a football game started. I had recorded it last year to watch
it and I had saved it and brought it over with me when we moved here along
with quite a few other videos I had. Yes some porn too! I do enjoy my
occasional private moments! However I had this planned because I loved the
game and I came across the CD of the game last week and it worked out
perfectly. Doesn't everything? Ha-ha!"Wow is that last year's Super bowl game Tom?" Ben asked."Yeah. Even if we know what happens at least we have something to watch.""That's awesome!" Jeremy yelled out as he took a seat on the couch. Most of us spent parts of the next three and a half hours watching the
game. Yelling, booing, screaming, and just having a great time. Even with
knowing who won it still felt great as we munched on cookies and other
sweets, talked about old times (last year and other seasons) and just had a
good time. Every seat in the living room was taken. Chairs were dragged in
and kids sat on the floor. All in all at least twenty or more of us were in
there having fun. The game ended around 7:30 and by then some of us were
asleep, others had left to play games and some were just hanging out and
chatting or playing around the house. Everyone did their thing for the next
hour or so and by 9pm Cameron came to me and told me he was going because
the milking needed to be done tonight and in the morning."Its ukrainian naked nymphet already late Tom and I don't want to risk hurting the animals. We
better get going."Chance and Chase were upset and they asked if they co

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