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Tunnel 91
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The Attic.With the room suddenly too quiet and Tommy well past
his REM sleep he awoke to a bright, sunlit room with Jon still asleep next to
him. His mind was already racing along as he stretched out his arms and then
wiped the sleep from his eyes. There were no usual urges to pee yet so he sat
there thinking about everything that happened yesterday and everything that
might happen today. He knew the boys would be leaving the mall, he knew that
Bryan and the others had to meet Hunter and he knew something was seriously
bothering him about Al and everything he learned yesterday. With all this
flying through his mind, he didn't even realize that Hunter was missing from
the couch across the room from him yet. He focused his thoughts on Al and what
Hunter told him, he thought about the satellites that Hunter mentioned when he
talked about Al, he knew there was more to learn but he didn't have a clue how
much there was or even what there could be. Tommy couldn't fathom what more there was, for Hunter only
touched briefly on everything he discussed with Tommy last night. Truth be
told, Tommy wasn't looking forward to another conversation with Hunter. The
last one was horrific enough to give him nightmares but he felt that he needed
to learn more about what the little beauty went through and what he was capable
of. He just hoped that whatever mind-boggling news Hunter told him that he
would be able to take it. The things Tommy had learned about Hunter, Al, the
Tunnel, the boy in the video, the kind scientist who Hunter said has an evil
twin were probably only the tip of the iceberg. An iceberg Tommy was
apprehensive about but knew that he needed to know as much as possible to try
to keep the others as safe as he could.Tommy continued to rattle around all these thoughts in
his head and then it hit him. Stronger then almost anything before... the attic!
It's been over his head the entire time, the locked door at the end of the hall
that no one has bothered with since they moved in... the ATTIC! `I have to get in
there now!' he thought to himself. `If anyone is monitoring this house it has
to be from up there. IT just has to be! I have checked every inch of the rest
of this house and nothing seems odd enough to be out of place.' He was trying
to reason with himself in his head what could be... `What is up there? Is
anything up there?' he thought quietly to himself. `How do I get up there
without raising suspicion in the other boys minds not to even mention that some
of them will probably want to be with me when I go up there to snoop.' He
didn't have those answers but at least he had something to work with and he
started to calm some now. His heartbeat slowed as did his breathing now, as he
started to think about other things. He wiped a little sweat from his brow. `Wow!
That was intense!' he thought. `Guess I'll check Hunter now.' He glanced over at the couch and it was empty, "Shit,
where did he go?" he said aloud.He quickly got out of bed and started searching the
room. The door was still locked so Hunter couldn't have left the room, so that
was good. He looked at the clock. 8am... not that many boys were up yet. He
narrowed the search to his room now. With all the noise he was making it
appeared he woke Jon."TJ, what the hell are you doing? What's wrong?"He stopped and looked at Jon, holding a throw pillow
in his hands, who was now sitting up."Hunter is missing," he said in a bit of a frenzied
voice. Jon who was still half-asleep took a much more
laidback approach."TJ, relax, he has to be here some place the door is
closed, but I can guarantee you he isn't under that pillow."Tommy looked at the pillow in his hand and threw it at
Jon who was now laughing."Yeah I know Jon, you are right, but where is he?"A muffled sound came from what sounded like the
closet. Tommy ran to it and opened the door. There was tiny teeny nymphets Hunter laying on the
floor, naked, curled up into a ball with a pillow over his head, and shaking a
little as he slept. Tommy gently reached over and removed the pillow from over
Hunter's head as he realized that the muffled sound that he heard before was
the sound of Hunter crying in his sleep."See TJ you found him," Jon said nonchalantly lying
back stretching on the bed."Wake up Hunter," Tommy said softly shaking the little
beauty's shoulder."Awaiting orders sir," said Hunter with his tear
streaked angelic little face as he immediately jumped up and stood at
attention. Just as he had every other time Tommy woke him that night."Geezus Hunter, why the closet?" said a bewildered,
weary Tommy."I'm terribly sorry Sir, but as I tried to tell you
those pills you kept giving me would never work on me. After the third time
taking them, I noticed that you were a little annoyed with me and the other sir
was more than a little infuriated with my nightmares. I thought it would be
best if I just didn't go back to sleep since my nightmares were bothering you.
I tried to stay awake so as not to disturb you but with healing you then your
brother I just couldn't," sobbed Hunter. "I really tried Sir, really I did, but
I just couldn't do it. Since the other sir," said Hunter dejectedly looking at
Jon, "said he just didn't want to hear it anymore, I thought maybe if I went
into the closet it would make you happy so that you wouldn't hear it anymore
either. I went into the closet and covered my head in the hopes that my
nightmares wouldn't disturb you and your friend Sir," Hunter said sadly, as new
tears were falling down his cheeks. Tommy gathered the naked trembling little boy into his
arms wondering exactly how good Hunter's hearing was, since Jon had said that
to him in a barely audible whisper as they were cuddling together after the
last time he woke Hunter up. "Please don't beat me Sir, I promise I'll do better
next time. I won't fail again, I swear," Hunter said in a voice full of fright."Its okay Hunter, you didn't do anything wrong," Tommy
said tenderly rubbing Hunter's back as he carried the boy over to his bed and
set him down on it, "and what did I say about beatings?""I won't get anymore beatings now that I'm with you
Sir," Hunter said softly, obviously not entirely sure he believed it yet but
hopeful that it was the truth. "That's right no more beatings," Tommy said with a
smile hoping that Hunter would believe him as he gave him a little hug and pat
on the head. Tommy was no fool, so he knew that 11 years of
training was going to take more than one day to undue. Jon sat up from his
stretching and moved over on the bed to sit on the other side of Hunter. Jon,
showing some concern, shared a worried look with Tommy after hearing and seeing
the obvious fear Hunter was exhibiting. "Umm, why are you naked Hunter? Didn't you have some
clothes on last night?" asked Jon.Hunter immediately tensed up after that so Jon put his
arm around Hunter and gave him a one armed hug."Don't worry about it Hunter, I was just wondering,"
Jon said gently."I took them off to go into the closet sir," replied
Hunter softly."Why?" asked Tommy."Clothes bring up bad memories Sir," mumbled Hunter."So you would prefer to run around naked then?" asked
Jon."Yes sir," Hunter said immediately."What about the cold, doesn't it bother you?" Tommy
asked. "Not really Sir, I feel it of course and it
still hurts but I have been binaries nymphets trained to ignore the temperature. My body can heal
itself faster than heat or cold can damage it usually. Only extreme cold or
extreme heat really damages me since my body can't repair itself fast enough
then.""There you go Tommy, one of your wishes has been
granted, you have your own little nudist in the house," Jon laughed teasing
Tommy. "Can you just imagine it Tommy, half the kids in the house drooling
after him the other half too embarrassed to look at him," falling back on the
bed laughing at the picture that popped into his head.From the look on Hunter's face, it was clear he had no
idea what was so funny or what Jon was talking about. Tommy just looked at Jon,
smiled, and shook his head."Well wiseass, if you want to show Hunter how to lead
by example I wouldn't mind at all," he snapped back snickering. "Wait a second, what do you mean by `bad memories'
Hunter," Jon asked quickly changing the subject."We would only be given clothes if we were going to go
on a mission sir. The missions weren't very nice usually," Hunter said starting
to breathe quickly.Tommy was sure this was one of those things he should
probably know but wasn't going to like, so he decided to put that question off
for a bit. Both Jon and Tommy had an arm around Hunter trying to comfort the
scared little boy. Jon looked like he was about to question Hunter about the
missions but Tommy caught his eye and shook his head a little. Jon understood
so he just left it alone. Once Hunter had calmed down some Tommy bent over and
gave him a kiss on the forehead."Well, once things settle down some, maybe you could
run around naked if it made you happy," Tommy finally said."Yes Sir," Hunter said enthusiastically. "Feel better now?" asked Tommy."Yes, thank you Sir," Hunter said smiling.Tommy smiled at the boy, "You're welcome Hunter."
Tommy was feeling suddenly better from just looking at the little angel next to
him. He didn't understand it but whenever Hunter smiled it was like the sun
coming out of the clouds after a storm. It just made him inexplicitly happy for
some reason."See TJ all that worry for nothing," Jon said now
getting out of bed in only his boxers and heading to the bathroom."I guess," Tommy said uncertainly."Jon can you go grab a wet washcloth for me, I want to
wipe Hunter's face off since it's a bit of a mess," Tommy asked."Okay Tommy," Jon replied as he went to get one. Jon
turned on the warm water and wet down a washcloth as an evil smile crossed his
face."Think fast," shouted Jon as he threw the washcloth at
Tommy. Tommy was still busy with his own thoughts and only had time to lookup
to see a washcloth come flying straight at his face. Surprisingly, it didn't
hit him. Hunter had reached out just in time to catch it inches before it would
have hit Tommy leaving him just sprinkled but otherwise untouched."Wow Hunter, that was good I didn't even see your arm
move," Jon said as Hunter used the washcloth to wipe his face and chest to get
rid of the dried tears."You aren't very good at cleaning yourself are you
Hunter?" asked Tommy as he looked at how Hunter had missed at least half of the
mess."I guess not Sir, my cleanliness was never that important
before. If I was still dirty after I was told to clean up I would just get
hosed down till I was clean enough," Hunter replied."Well we won't be hosing you down, maybe occasionally
throwing you into our pool though, but I see I will have to teach you how to
clean up some," Tommy said as he took the washcloth from Hunter and then wiped
his face and chest clean."Pool? There is a pool here, I haven't seen it yet
Sir, can you please show it to me," said an extremely enthused Hunter."Yes I will gladly show you the pool in time, just not
right now, okay Hunter?""Yes Sir," Hunter said joyously."Be back in a bit," Jon said heading back to the
bathroom.Jon shut the door to the bathroom and suddenly the entire
house shook violently followed by a huge BOOM."What the fuck?" Tommy yelled out.Jon who barely walked two steps towards the toilet
flew out of the bathroom towards Tommy who was rushing towards a window. He
pulled back a curtain as Jon reached his side and both boys looked out and saw
a huge plume of smoke rise up over part of the city. Their ground view obscured
at this point all they could see was smoke. This cloud of smoke appeared to be
on the opposite edge of the city, as far as the boys could tell. Clearly, a
good three miles or more by best guess, yet the boom was so huge it shook their
house all the way up on the hill. Hunter wasn't far behind both boys as he
stood there already sure what happened."Sir, if I may?"Tommy turned to him."What is it Hunter?" "Sir that sounded like the propane facility exploding,
that is on the edge of town. That's the only thing around and that far away
that could cause that size of an explosion, unless someone purposely set off a
large bomb, which I doubt. We should be quite safe here as we are far enough
away that the falling debris won't reach us. The store itself, the storage
tanks around it, and the surrounding area is probably too damaged to save now.
The fire will probably burn down a number of structures in that area before it
dies out unless you want to try to put it out. I don't recommend doing that
unless everyone here has been trained on how to put out large fires as it would
be quite dangerous," Hunter said calmly.Just then, Tommy's phone rang as hysterical kids also
began to yell outside his bedroom and came banging on his door. "Jon you get the phone, I'll calm the kids," he
yelled."Okay TJ," Jon said.Tommy opened the door to a hall full oh nymphets of approximately
10 shaken up boys most of them still in their bed clothes which for most of
them just consisted of some underwear and a t-shirt.Shawn immediately jumped into Tommy's arms obviously
afraid of what was happening. Luckily, Tommy caught him and just held him
gently trying to calm his cutie while talking to the other boys. Tommy was
bombarded with questions of "what happened", "did you feel the house shake",
"was that an earthquake", "what was that loud sound", "are we in danger here",
"was that an explosion", "what should we do". Tommy was just waiting for one of
them to say `the sky is falling.'"Yo... Hey..." Tommy began to wave his free arm to get
their attention. "Geeze, okay, everybody just calm down," Tommy shouted
mentally kicking himself as he noticed Hunter dive under the bed. "Hold on a
sec Cutie," Tommy said to Shawn as he put up his free hand to quiet the others
then turned to his bed and said, "I'm sorry for startling you Hunter, come on
out from under there please.""Yes Sir, thank you," mumbled Hunter as he crawled out
from under the bed and stood at attention trying to hide behind Tommy obviously
still very afraid, getting some very strange looks from the other boys."Damn Hunter, a huge explosion rocks the house and you
are as calm as can be but I raise my voice and you dive for cover. We are going
to have to work on that," Tommy said to Hunter. Turning back to the others
Tommy said, "Okay listen up, we are safe here. It was just an old propane plant
exploding. We are far enough away so that it won't hurt us and with all the
snow, it won't spread too much. Don't forget the river is also in the way of it
so there is no chance of it ever making it to us at all. So, we top nymphets pics
are safe as
long as we don't get too close to it. Just in case anyone was thinking about
it, no one is going to go anywhere near the fire... I know everyone understands
me but I wanted to make it extra clear for this. If you want to watch, you can
watch it from the house but no closer," Tommy said as he gently hugged Shawn
who was now glued to his side and rubbed his back a little to calm his cutie
down a bit.Tommy looked over the group of boys in front of him
and noticed that Danny was holding Chris just like he was with Shawn and the
other boys were pressing into each other a little more than was actually
necessary. Tommy also found it interesting to see who was standing with whom.
He noticed that Billy had his arm around Joey offering him some comfort and
getting some in return. The twins were holding hands and on the other side of Jordan was
Jeremy. They weren't holding hands or anything like that but there was skin to
skin touching between the two of them. Luke was standing in front of Kyle
leaning back against him. DJ and Ben were in the back, being the last to arrive
at Tommy's door, each standing a little apart from the others. The only one
missing was Caleb. After Tommy's reassurance that everything would be okay,
everyone started to relax a little and move apart when suddenly another BOOM
could be heard. This of course, caused the boys to all move back or even closer
to each other. DJ worked his way through the others to stand behind Danny to
offer him some support. Danny was trying to be brave for his brother and not
show any fear while trying to calm his brother down a bit. The second explosion
was really getting to him and he was beginning to lose it himself. Suddenly, he
felt DJ's comforting hand on his shoulder helping him to regain control of
himself and keep up the brave front for his brother, even though he was so
scared he felt like he was going to piss his pants. The boys all started to
shout again in fear as Tommy silently cursed the timing of the latest
explosion. "I thought you said we were safe," said Zach."Sir," said a calm voice."Oh my God, we are all gonna die!" said Joey
trembling."Sir," the calm voice said again."Do something Tommy!" Danny said clearly very afraid.
This really pissed off Tommy as he thought `what the hell am I supposed to do
about it?' and wanted to say it but knew that certainly wouldn't help right
now."Sir," came a calm voice a little more urgently."What do we do now?" Jeremy asked. Tommy continued to try to offer some comfort to Shawn
as he waited for the other boys to calm down a little until he felt a tug on
his shirt and turned to face Hunter."What is it Hunter?" said Tommy sharply as the stress
was beginning to fray his nerves."Sorry Sir, I didn't mean to bother you," said Hunter
despondently."It's okay Hunter, what is it?" asked Tommy gently."Excuse me Sir, but that was just a little gas main
going up. One of the gas pipes must have been cracked due to the propane
facility explosion. There is still nothing to worry about. We are still safe
here," Hunter calmly said to him."How do you know what caused that explosion?" asked
DJ."Well sir, there are only a few things that could
cause that size of an explosion and a gas main explosion due to the propane
facility exploding is the most logical one. A cracked pipe would require some
time to leak out to fill a room and once the fire spread to that room it would
explode. This explains the delay in the last explosion. The time between the
shockwave from the latest explosion to the time when the sound reached us tells
me that we are around 3.5 miles away from the explosion. It was basically the
same as the others which tells me that they are close to each other based on
one being natural gas explosion and the other being a propane explosion,"
Hunter said matter-of-factly. "But there was no shockwave from the second one," said
DJ."Second? Oh, you must mean the last one. Of course
there was sir, didn't you feel it?" asked Hunter serenely as everyone just
stared at him like he sprouted a second head. "But we have gas here won't the fire just follow the
pipes until they get to us," asked Ben worriedly."No sir, it doesn't work that way. Besides the valves
have been shut and most of the gas bled out to prevent any gas explosion from
spreading, the gas line up here has been isolated from the rest of the system,"
replied Hunter."How do you know this?" asked Kyle."Because I shut those valves and bled the gas out of
the lines a couple months back, right after the fires first started sir," said
Hunter quietly."Why would you do that?" asked Jordy as the boys
started to calm down some more."Obviously he knew we were living up here and was too
afraid to meet us then," Tommy said quickly cutting off Hunter before he had a
chance to respond to Jordy. "Isn't that right Hunter?" said Tommy giving his
head a little nod."Ye... Yes Sir," Hunter said quickly realizing that was
how his master wanted him to respond."But we are safe now, right?" asked Danny."Yes sir," Hunter replied."Really?" asked Chris in a tremulous voice."Yes little sir, you are safe. The explosions can't
hurt you, they are too far away," said Hunter gently."Hey why is he naked?" asked Zach suddenly bringing
attention to the fact that while most of the boys might have been half naked only
Hunter was totally naked. Most of them didn't really notice since they were
preoccupied with the explosions and Hunter had a tendency to stand behind Tommy
only looking around him at the others when he spoke to them. Now that it had
been brought to their attention more than a few of them were really checking
him out. A few were even getting a rather embarrassing condition as they were
staring at the little perfectly formed angel in front of them."Yeah Tommy, what's going on in here? Why is he naked?"
said Billy belligerently. "Leave nymphet strip gallery it alone Billy," said Tommy dangerously,
clearly remembering Billy's attitude when he found Shawn and Tommy together
after Tommy had rescued Shawn."He doesn't like clothes Billy, that's all," said Jon
quickly trying to defuse the tense atmosphere that suddenly occurred after
Billy's comment."If you say so Jon," said Billy."Don't be an ass Billy, he told me the same thing
yesterday when I was finding some clothes for him," Kyle added."Okay, I'm sorry Tommy for that," apologized Billy.Tommy was still fuming about it then felt a tug on his
shirt again and said, "Yes Hunter?""I thought you said when someone apologizes to you
that you are supposed to say `Thank You'?" said Hunter looking up at Tommy with
his innocent sparkling emerald green eyes."You are right Hunter, thank you Billy," Tommy said
smiling as he put down Shawn and walked over to Billy giving him a hug
whispering to him, "I'm sorry too, Billy.""Awww now isn't that cute," said Jeremy."More like ewwww to me," Zack said. This was
immediately followed by a gentle backhand from DJ. "I was just teasing," seeing
the look on DJ's face as he rubbed his head."Okay everyone, back to what you were doing. Go get
dressed, eat, or whatever you want," Tommy said waving Kyle over to him."How are you feeling Kyle?" asked Tommy once they were
sort of alone."I feel great TJ, I don't ever remember feeling this
good," Kyle whispered."Yeah I know exactly what you mean. When Hunter heals someone,
he does a real good job of it. Just don't forget to fake it some or we might
have some problems," he whispered back."Okay TJ, if you still think I have too," replied
Kyle."You know bro, I'm really happy to have you back,"
Tommy said hugging his brother."Me too TJ, me too," said Kyle hugging his brother
back.As the boys started to break up Tommy asked, "Hey has
anyone seen Caleb?""Yeah he is still in bed. brave nymphets I told you he could sleep
through anything. Guess I was right," giggled Shawn heading off to his room
along with everyone else."Jon was that Bryan who called?" asked Tommy as the
others left his room."Who else could it have been silly?" teased Jon."So you are going to be like that huh?" Tommy said as
he tackled Jon on the bed and started to tickle him."St... stop, please stop I gotta pee," said Jon
urgently."I don't think you are going to get out of this that
easily," Tommy said."I mean it TJ, if you don't stop I'm gonna piss all
over you and your bed," laughed Jon."Okay Jon, I guess you win this time," Tommy said as
he got off Jon.Jon immediately got up and headed to the bathroom but
not fast enough to get away from Tommy without getting a little swat on his
butt. Jon thought about shaking his butt at Tommy as he entered the bathroom
but decided that he really needed to go and didn't have the time to play right
then. As Jon took care of his pressing need he shouted out to Tommy, "I told Bryan basically everything Hunter said so it's all good
over there.""Thanks Jon," Tommy said back.Tommy looked around and noticed Hunter still standing
by his bed looking at him."Well Hunter, we should go borrow some clothes for you
so I can bring you to Bryan's house.""Do I really have to do that Sir? I'm really afraid of
people Sir, I mean really, really afraid," Hunter said softly."Hunter with what those other people did to you I can
understand why you are scared, but this is something we have to do or I'm
afraid you will never get past this, it really needs to be done. Bryan and the
others at his house are nice people, they won't hurt you and besides I'll be
right there with you in case you start to feel threatened," Tommy told him as
he sat down on the edge of his bed and hugged Hunter to him reassuring him."Yes Sir, I'll do what you say," said Hunter on the
verge of tears trying to smile."You'll be okay Hunter I'll be with you the whole
time. So let's go ask Shawn for some clothes you can borrow. Come on Hunter
let's go," Tommy said gently as he led Hunter to Shawn's room.After knocking on Shawn's door and hearing Shawn say
enter Tommy and Hunter went into Shawn's room."Hey Cutie," said Tommy, "can I borrow some clothes
for Hunter to wear until I get the chance to bring him to the mall to get something?"
asked Tommy as Shawn was half way done with putting on his shirt. Tommy noticed
that Shawn had stopped moving and looked at him noticing that Shawn was just
brazenly staring at Hunter. "Shawnee
kid wake-up," laughed Tommy."Oh sorry TJ, just... ummm, okay I'll grab a set of
clothes for him, gimme a sec," said Shawn as both of them heard Hunter starting
to sniff loudly."What are you doing Hunter?" asked Tommy."Sir, he isn't feeling very well," said Hunter
pointing at Caleb.Tommy immediately went over to the cot that was
Caleb's bed and looked at him. Caleb was still asleep but he was sweating and
his color wasn't right. So, Tommy gently shook him awake."I'm coming Mom," Caleb mumbled, "Oh, hi Tommy. I was
just having a real nice dream.""I'm sorry for waking you and interrupting it but how
are you feeling?" asked Tommy."Not very good," Caleb said, "I'm a little hot and my
body hurts some.""Shawn can you go get me the thermometer in the
bathroom please?" Tommy asked."Sure, I'll be right back. Here Hunter catch," said
Shawn as he tossed the clothes to him and quickly headed out the door. Moments
later, he returned with the thermometer in hand, as Tommy was feeling Caleb's
forehead."Here you go TJ," Shawn said handing the thermometer
to Tommy."Okay Caleb, open up please," Tommy asked."No, I don't want to," said Caleb."Caleb you have two choices, you either open your
mouth for this thermometer or I go get the other one and you won't like where it
goes. Now you decide but I will be getting your temperature one way or the
other, with this one or the rectal one," Tommy told Caleb sternly."What's a rekal thingy?" Caleb asked."It's rectal thermometer," said Shawn, "and it goes in
your butt to take your temperature."Caleb immediately opened up his mouth and lifted his
tongue so Tommy 5 yo nymphet could put the thermometer in his mouth.Shawn looked over at Hunter and giggled so Tommy
looked at him also. Hunter had managed to dress himself with the clothes Shawn
had given him but somehow he got all the clothes on backwards or inside out and
the little Superman cartoon underwear that Shawn had given him was on the
outside of his pants."Shawn can you please help him, I need to focus on
Caleb for a few more minutes," Tommy said."Okay TJ," Shawn said. "Come `ere Hunter I'll help you
with that." As Hunter looked to Tommy seeing him nod his head, he
went over to Shawn and let Shawn take off the clothes he had put on. When Shawn
had him stripped down, he stepped back a little to just admire him a little
more."You havin fun with that Shawn, please get him dressed
now," said Tommy."Sorry TJ," mumbled Shawn as he held the Superman underwear
up allowing Hunter to step into them. The higher he raised them the closer it
brought him to Hunter's penis allowing him to not only get a perfect view, but
to also take in his sweet aroma at the same time. Now only about three inches
away from him, Shawn almost let himself touch the tip of Hunter's penis only
stopping when he realized Tommy was there. Finally, with the underwear in place
Shawn helped Hunter get into the jeans and Superman sweatshirt that he had
picked out for him. Hunter just stood there for Shawn moving his arms and legs
as Shawn directed seemingly unconcerned with Shawn's behavior. In Shawn's mind
this was not only something new, it was someone his age that he just
experienced this with and he was liking it more then he ever thought he could.As the old-fashioned thermometer finally went off
Tommy pulled it out of Caleb's mouth."100.3, well Caleb looks like you have a little fever
so I want you to stay in bed today. I'll tell Ben and he will bring you some
food and probably a little medicine to reduce your fever. You can stay here and
play your games or read but stay in this room I don't want everyone else to
catch it, okay?" "Okay Tommy, I think I'll just rest a little bit more
first," Caleb said."Hunter go over there and do your thing," Shawn said,
as Hunter looked at Shawn sadly. Shawn whispered, "You nymph young nude know, what you did for
Kyle. Go on now, go do it."Hunter started to dejectedly walk towards Caleb
raising a trembling hand blinking back tears. Tommy hadn't really paid
attention to what Shawn said but as he saw Hunter approach Caleb, he realized
what Shawn must have told him to do."Hunter, NO... STOP," Tommy said quickly causing Hunter
to immediately stop and snap to attention. "Shawn my room NOW," Tommy snapped.
"Sorry Hunter, I want you to go with Shawn. I'll be right there," said Tommy a
little more gently."Thank you Sir," said a relieved Hunter, as Shawn
scampered out of the room as fast as he could."Tommy what was that about? What did Hunter do for
Kyle?" asked Caleb."Don't worry about it Caleb. You just rest now, okay?"
Tommy said."Okay," said Caleb as he yawned. "Thanks Tommy.""Thanks for what?" Tommy asked."For just being here now, it makes me feel a lot
better to just know that you care enough to look out for me. I really wanna
give you a hug but I don't want you to get whatever I have, so get outta here,
and let me rest," Caleb told Tommy teasingly."Okay Caleb, hope you feel better soon," Tommy said as
he left the room and went to go deal with Shawn and Hunter.Tommy entered his room to Shawn sitting on his bed and
Hunter standing next to him. He also heard the shower going so he knew he had
some time to deal with this before Jon came out. Hunter immediately went over
to Tommy and gave him a hug."Thank you Sir, thank you for not making me do that,"
Hunter sobbed a little as he gave his first ever hug to someone.Tommy was a little startled as he hugged Hunter back realizing
that while he had hugged Hunter a bunch of times, Hunter had never really
hugged him back. This made Tommy feel extraordinarily happy and proud as he
knew he was the first person that Hunter had ever hugged."It's okay Hunter," said Tommy, "go sit by Shawn. I
want to talk to both of you." Tommy dragged a chair over to them and said,
"Shawn what did you tell Hunter to do to Caleb, I hope it's not what I think." "I told him to go heal Caleb like he did to Kyle,"
mumbled Shawn. "But I only wanted Caleb healed so that no one else would catch
his cold," he added quickly."Shawn, what did I tell you yesterday in regards to
what Hunter can do?" asked Tommy."Not to say anything..., but I whispered it so Caleb
wouldn't hear," said Shawn."I don't care, either way you were wrong, AND he did
hear you Shawn," Tommy said severely. "I'm sorry TJ, I didn't mean to...""I don't care what you meant, you still did it," Tommy
said cutting Shawn off mid- sentence while grabbing Shawn by the arms gently to
emphasize how important it is for him to understand this."If I hadn't stopped him, it would have caused a lot
of unnecessary problems that I'm not ready to deal with yet. Shawn, you don't
have the authority to tell Hunter to do something like that, you understand me
Cutie?""Yes sir, I'm sorry, but if he can heal us why not let
him?" pouted Shawn. "Shawnee, every time he heals someone it hurts him
really, really bad.""What do you mean?" asked Shawn."Should I show him Sir," asked Hunter."NO!" Tommy barked immediately. "Are you still in pain
from yesterday?" he then asked Hunter in a softer voice."Yes Sir, it's not as bad anymore but it will take
another few days for it to all go away."Tommy just shook his head, as he still couldn't believe
that anyone would go through that much pain for someone they only knew as a
stranger. Yet, there he was, sitting right in front of him. Tommy was just
grateful that he was there as he would have lost his brother otherwise, which
was probably why Tommy was willing to put up with Hunter's other problems. When
Hunter's problems started to get to Tommy, he would quickly remind himself
about what Hunter did for Kyle. Tommy realized that putting up with it would be
an extremely small price to pay for what he had been given in return."TJ, what does he mean show me?" asked Shawn."I don't understand how he does it Cutie, but somehow
he can share this pain he feels with someone else. I know it sounds crazy, but
believe me he can do it. I know what it feels like unfortunately, and it
really, really hurt me and hurt him even more. I have to make sure you
understand that you can't talk about this to the others because this is just
something we don't need everyone to know. Shawn, remember how badly you were hurt
when I found you? When Hunter heals someone, it hurts him a lot worse than
that. I know you wouldn't want him to have to go through that kind of pain just
to heal Caleb of a simple cold.""Worse than that?" said Shawn tremulously. Shawn
immediately turned to Hunter and hugged him sobbing, "I'm sorry, I didn't know,
I would never have asked you to do that if I did.""Thank you sir," said Hunter softly surprising Tommy
as he hugged Shawn back a little bit, giving Tommy the hope that he was slowly
coming out of his shell."Hunter why were you going to even do that, didn't I
tell you that you weren't supposed to do something someone told you to if it
was going to hurt you, unless you thought it was a good idea?""Yes Sir, but his order to heal the sick sir wouldn't
have damaged me, just caused me some more pain. I thought that having him
better would make you happy and healing him would be a good thing. So I thought
I should do it and follow his order since it wasn't a bad idea," Hunter said
miserably knowing he had come to the wrong conclusion on what he should have
done."Well at least you thought about it and that's a good
start. You didn't come up with the right answer but you'll get there," Tommy
said giving Hunter a little smile. "Hunter I'm ordering you to not heal anyone
without ME telling you to, except in an emergency.""Yes Sir, but what would constitute an emergency?"
Hunter asked politely."If someone is dying and will be dead before you can
talk to me about it. Anything less and I want you to wait till you can talk to
me first," Tommy replied."Yes Sir, I understand.""Okay Cutie, what do you think would be a good
punishment for you?" asked Tommy."Punishment?" asked Shawn worriedly."Well you did talk about Hunter's healing when I made
a big point about not talking about it," Tommy said sadly."Yeah I did," said Shawn softly, "how about no dessert
tonight?" he added hopefully."How about a real spanking?" Tommy said with a serious
look on his face."You aren't going to do it in front of him are you?"
said Shawn worriedly as he got up to stand in front of Tommy starting to
unbutton his pants.Tommy's face suddenly split into a big grin as he
grabbed up Shawn and hugged him saying, "Cutie I'm not going to do that to you,
I know you feel bad enough about what you did now that you know what it would
have done," as he tickled his little cutie a bit."You really had me going there TJ," laughed Shawn as
he gave Tommy a kiss."Shawnee kid, seriously if you do it again though I
will have to do something, so please, watch what you say when you talk about
Hunter.""I will TJ," Shawn said soberly."Okay Shawn why don't you take Hunter down to get
something to eat.""Yes sir!" said Shawn teasingly as he grabbed Hunter's
hand and tried to pull him along but Hunter didn't budge an inch from the bed
until Tommy nodded his head at him."And Shawn, make sure he actually eats, don't just
show him the kitchen and then leave him like you did last night with the
shower. Oh, and don't give him anything too messy. I don't want to have to
shower him up afterwards like yesterday. I'll be taking him to Bryan's
after I talk to Jon for a bit," Tommy shouted out as they headed towards the
door."Don't worry TJ, I'll take care of him," Shawn called
back as he held onto Hunter's hand dragging him down the hall towards the
stairs.Tommy headed into his bathroom as Jon was stepping out
of the shower."Wow, nice ass," said Tommy happily, as he walked over
to him."Thanks," he said wiggling a bit, as he turned to face
Tommy. "I waited for you hoping you would join me but the water started to get
a little cold," Jon said."Well I can warm you up some if you want," said Tommy
as he moved next to Jon and started kissing him."You know you can do pedo sex nymphets
that whenever you want with me,"
Jon said between kisses."Damn Jon, you are as horny as ever," Tommy said
looking down between them to see Jon's very excited state."Well what are you going to do about it, now that you
made me like this?""I guess I'll just have to take care of that for you,"
said Tommy as he got down on his nymphets pic knees and started stroking Jon's cock. After a
few moments of stroking, Tommy took Jon's cock into his mouth and started
sucking immediately starting to taste Jon's precum. Tommy reached around behind
and started to stroke Jon's ass, running his finger between his cheeks."Ohhhhh, Tommy that is so gooood," Jon gasped.Tommy popped Jon's cock out of his mouth and licked
one of his fingers as he went back to sucking and bobbing on Jon's cock.
Tommy's finger found Jon's target and he gently pushed it in, then slowly
pulled it out. With his free hand, he started to massage Jon's balls. After
only a few moments of all this stimulation, Jon began to shake and filled
Tommy's mouth with his sweet cream."Damn Jon, that was fast," Tommy said."Yeah, I know, but it's been a while and I can't help it.
You just make me feel that good," gasped Jon. He smiled coming down from his
orgasmic high."Anyway, thanks for the special treat. It was a great
way to start the day," Tommy said smiling."Anytime you are thirsty, just ask and I'll be happy
to give you another," said Jon jokingly.Tommy got up and started doing his usual morning thing
as Jon recovered."Hey what did take you so long anyway? Wait let me
guess Hunter again," Jon said sarcastically."No, it wasn't Hunter this time, well at least not
totally. I took him to get some clothes and somehow Hunter could smell that
Caleb was sick. I checked out Caleb and he did have a little temperature. Then
Shawn screwed up and told Hunter to heal Caleb so I had to stop that. Caleb
only heard that Hunter did something to Kyle not what, so I left him to fall
back asleep and then I had to deal with the other two." "I hope you made it clear to Shawn how much it hurts
Hunter when he does that, if it's even close to what you described I know I
wouldn't want to feel it," Jon said as he walked his naked ass out to Tommy's
bed and started to get dressed."Well it was actually worse than I said. It's just
that getting hit in the nads was the closest I could describe it since that was
the worst pain I ever experienced until then but I think Shawn understands
now.""Good," Jon said thoughtfully sitting down on the bed
to put on his socks."Hey what's with the strange look?""It's just... I feel really bad about Hunter now. I
mean, now that I have had time to think about all that you said last night,
about what you learned happened to him. Especially with how I have been
treating him, I mean he went to sleep in the closet because of what I said last
night. Then this morning he was terrified just because he failed to stay awake.
I've never seen anyone that frightened and it kinda got to me. Here I have been
jealous of him, then treating him like shit just because he got in the way of
me spending time with you. He gave you back Kyle and from what you said last
night he gave you back to me after the accident, and look at how I have treated
him. I love you TJ, and I know you love me but he needs you a lot more than I
do right now. So, I'm not going to get jealous or angry anymore just because
you are spending time with him. If you do stuff with him, like you do with
Shawn, that's asian college nymphets free
fine too because I know that you really do love me now, no matter
what."Tommy went over and sat next to Jon on the bed. Then staring into this eyes he said, "That is awesome
Jon, because I need you to know more now then ever how much I really love you,
with everything that is going on around here and of how proud I am of you,"
Tommy said as he leaned over, then hugged and kissed Jon."Maybe tonight as long as we won't be having sex in
your bed he can sleep with us.""I don't see how that's really going to help with his
nightmares waking us up every 30 minutes or so," said Tommy."Oh come on TJ, surely you noticed.""Noticed what?""Every time you touched him he quieted down, of
course.""Why didn't you say something last night, then we
could have gotten a good nights sleep at least.""Because I didn't realize it until now but at least I
noticed it, unlike someone.""Hey I had a very stressful day yesterday," Tommy said
as he got up, "and I have so much shit to do today that later on I won't even
know if I am coming or going, which I had better get started on."Meanwhile back up the hill at Bryan's
house earlier today...Bryan had already been up for awhile taking care of
little Joel while Kate was getting breakfast ready for everyone when the house
shook and a huge BOOM was heard. Bryan looked
out the window to see a large cloud of smoke go up over the other side of the
city. Immediately he grabbed Joel, left his room, and headed towards the
kitchen to check on Kate."Katie, are you okay?" asked Bryan
worriedly. "Yeah, I'm fine but what was that?" exclaimed Kate."I don't know I just saw a bunch of smoke over the
city, this could be serious Kate. Here, you hold Joel while I take care of
them," Bryan said quickly as he gave Joel to
Kate. Bryan could
clearly hear the pandemonium going on upstairs as the frightened boys all
started to head out of there rooms. Bryan
approached the steps as they appeared at the top."Everyone quiet down and listen up," shouted Bryan trying to get their attention. "I don't know what
that was but we are safe for right now, so everybody just settle down. Matt you
might want to get some clothes on before Katie comes up here and sees you."The last comment quieted down the others as they all
looked at Matt seeing that he was naked. It was clear that he was the only one
of the boys that slept naked as most of the others were wearing pajamas. Matt
turned red as he had just woken up and run out of his room to find out what had
happened without thinking. He quickly ran back to his room and threw some
clothes on. Jose and Austin were holding each other for comfort as were Ryan
and Todd. All four of them were wearing the matching Santa Claus print pajamas
that Kate had made for them on the sewing machine she had found in one of the
rooms. Mike was wearing just some boxers and an old t-shirt but looking rather
envious of Jose at the moment."Let's all head down to the kitchen and sit down while
I call Tommy to see if he knows what's going on," Bryan
said as Matt returned.Austin and Jose each ran directly to Kate as soon as
they saw her. Kate handed Joel to Matt as he was happily drinking his bottle
and hugged both Austin and Jose trying to calm them down some. Ryan and Todd
were obviously shaken up but didn't want to show it in front of everyone so
they just sat down next to Kate."So it's just an old propane plant going up, is that
it?" said Bryan into the phone. "We are safe
here, right... good," he said. "Everything is okay, we are safe here. It was
just some old propane plant on the outskirts of town," Bryan
told them as another BOOM could be heard. This was just too much for Ryan and
Todd as they suddenly ran over to hold onto Kate. Kate was now trying to offer
comfort to the four very frightened boys as Bryan
tried to get some answers. Kate had little Austin in her lap crying a little as
Ryan and Todd were sitting as close to her as they could while holding on to
her and poor Jose had been squeezed out. Bryan
waved Jose over to him and put him in his lap trying to comfort the frightened
boy as he said, "Jon what was that? Okay I'll hold... So basically, it was just
more of the same. Thanks Jon," said Bryan into
the phone again. "We are all safe here. Jon said that second explosion was just
another building going up so there was still nothing to worry about. The fire
is a good 3 miles or more from us so it won't bother us here. He said the
propane plant was pretty isolated so there wasn't much else around to catch
fire, plus with all the snow it would be difficult for it to spread much. The
river is also between us and it so that makes us pretty safe.""But how do they know what it was?" asked Mike with
concern."Jon said that Hunter knew what it was and not to
worry we are safe up here," Bryan replied."But how does he know?" said Mike worriedly."He just does, Jon sounded pretty calm, I think we are
safe here, so just relax Mike," Bryan told him.
"Oh and just so everybody understands I don't want any of you to get any closer
to the fire than Tommy's house. So for today no one is to leave the house
without permission virgin nymphete and then only to go to Tommy's house to play with the other
kids.""Honey, isn't Hunter that new boy Tommy found," asked
Kate."Yes dear, Tommy is supposed to be bringing him over
in a little while after he calms down the kids at his house," said Bryan. "Does anyone know anything about him yet?" asked Bryan.After hearing the others tell Bryan
they knew basically nothing about him Todd spoke up and said, "I talked to Zach
a little about him.""What did he say?" asked Kate."Well, he said the kids about the same size as Shawn
but he's 11 years old and that he's a bit of a fraidy-cat. I think he said that
he has been on his own since the accident.""Well I can understand him being a little frightened
after surviving on his own so I want all of you to be extremely nice to him
when he gets here," said Kate."Anything else?" asked Bryan."Yeah, Zack said that his brother thought he was
really cute and that the kid called everyone sir or something like that," added
Todd."Well, we will all meet him soon enough, so why don't
you boys go upstairs and get yourselves ready for the day while I finish
breakfast," said Kate.The other boys headed up to get themselves ready as Bryan took Joel from Matt and went to look outside to watch
the cloud of smoke rise over the city as Austin
stayed with Kate."Will you go up with me please, I don't want to go by
myself," asked Austin timidly."I'll make you a deal. You help me with breakfast and after
I'll take you to my bathroom to give you a bath and get you dressed for the
day, sound good?" asked Kate.Austin thought about it for a bit thinking back to how
good but more importantly, how safe he felt when his own Mother used to bathe him
so he said, "Okay." "Good, because you could certainly use a bath," teased
Kate making loud sniffing noises as she waved her hand in front of her nose."I don't really smell bad do I?" asked Austin worriedly as he tried to smell himself.Kate reached down and gathered Austin
into her arms hugging him as she said, "No you don't, I was just teasing,"
tickling him a little."Do you think Jose or the twins would like to take a
bath with me?" asked Austin innocently."Jose might but probably not besides he showers almost
every morning anyway. I think the twins would rather bathe alone especially if
I was going to be in there," Kate laughed hoping that Austin and the others
didn't realize why Jose was washing himself almost every morning thinking she
should probably have Bryan quietly get a couple more packages of Goodnights for
him. Maybe she should have him grab a couple for Austin
too as he still wet illegal nymphet pics
his bed a couple times a month. Each time he had an
accident she had thought about making him wear them to bed but had decided that
as long as he didn't do it that often the mattress protector would suffice.
Maybe she should talk to him about it since his last accident was only a couple
of days ago and she was getting tired of having to do extra laundry because of
it."Can I bring some toys to play with?" asked Austin interrupting her thoughts."Of course you can precious, now let's get to work
with breakfast," said Kate.After a little while, the other boys came down dressed
and ready for the day as they helped get the table ready. Austin and Kate
brought out the food as the others finished setting the table and sat down.
They all happily feasted on the scrambled eggs, pancakes, sausages, and fruit
salad that had been prepared for breakfast. Each of the boys had a large glass
of milk as Kate and Bryan had a cup of coffee.
They all chatted with each other about what they wanted to do that day as Kate
and Bryan had worked very hard to make sure that
the boys in their house always ate at least two meals together and felt free to
talk about whatever during their meals. The fire and explosions cast a bit of a
shadow on their happy meal but everyone still seemed to enjoy it and be much
more comfortable than they were earlier."Okay since Austin and I made the breakfast I think
the rest of you can clean up," said Kate once everyone had finished.Hearing a bunch of groans Bryan
said, "Come on guys it the least we can do.""That's right, and Bryan
I expect you to help too, not just supervise," Kate teased getting a fake groan
from Bryan and some laughs from the others. "I'm
going to take Austin and give him a bath now so you boys be good for Bryan,"
said Kate as she took Austin by the hand and checked that Joel was still
sleeping before heading to the bathroom.The other boys gave each other some strange looks
after hearing her comment but most of them felt a little jealous of him as they
all could remember their own Mother giving them baths when they were little and
how good it felt. They then went about cleaning up the kitchen.In the master bathroom, Kate was getting the water
just right as Austin went to get some toys. As
he came back, the tub was filling and she helped Austin
out of his clothes. She gave him a little look over making sure he didn't have
any injuries that she didn't know about as she picked him up and hugged the
little naked boy making him giggle."Would you like bubbles or no bubbles?" asked Kate to
the squirming little boy in her arms."Bubbles please!" said Austin
just enjoying the attention he was getting."Then bubbles you will get," joked Kate as she gently
lowered Austin into the huge bathtub and added
some bubble bath to the water for him. Kate then sat down just watching Austin play with his toy boats, planes, and little action
figures. Which she would have called dolls but knew that boys didn't like to
have them called that as a doll was something a girl played with whereas an
action figure was something a boy played with, even though they were pretty
much the same thing. Kate was just enjoying sitting there with Austin
watching him play with his toys feeling very good about herself and really
enjoying the intimate time she was spending with the little boy. It was then
that she decided that she would do this with him at least once a week until he
started to grow some pubic hair as then he would be getting a little too old
for it but she would enjoy it while it lasted. She also decided that she would
do it with Jose, starting next time he wet his bed so much that he overflowed
his Goodnight again, knowing that wouldn't be long. She thought that maybe by
giving Jose some extra intimate attention like she was giving Austin right then
that he might feel a little better about himself and have his emotional needs
better fulfilled. Since she knew she wouldn't be able to bathe the bigger boys
to try to make them feel as good and safe as Austin
was feeling right now, she tried to think of something else to do for them. She
thought about the older boys and decided that she would try to give them more
hugs and little kisses to show them that she did love them even if it
embarrassed them some, including the boys down the hill. Kate thought about
what she could do for the twins when she decided that she could read to them
while she held them next to her. She decided that she nymphet yo art would have Bryan take her and the twins to the library to pick out
some books along with the little boys who Bryan
could start to read to. She knew that Bryan
really wanted to connect with the boys like she had but was having a really
difficult time doing it. She thought maybe with having Bryan helping out
bathing Jose and Austin once in a while and reading to the twins some might
help him bond with the boys. She hoped that this new plan of hers would take
care of the boys' nymphets under 6 emotional needs and make them happier. She knew they might
resist a little but in the end they would do it for her mainly because she
wanted them to, being the only Mother around had its advantages. Just then she
heard Joel starting to cry and fuss downstairs so she turned to the door and
shouted, "Bryan just bring him up to me please, I want to feed him anyway.""Okay, I'll be right there," Bryan
shouted back as he was finishing up changing Joel's diaper. "Here you are
Katie," said Bryan as he knocked before walking
into the bathroom and handing Joel to her."Thanks Honey," said Kate as she gently opened her
shirt and bra to give Joel access to her nipple."You having a good time there little guy?" asked Bryan."Yeah, a real good time," said Austin
smiling up at Bryan feeling as content and safe
as he could remember ever since the comet."Good, I'm glad to hear that," said Bryan
as he tousled Austin's hair. "Just underage nymphet porn uncensored give me a
call if you need me Kate," Bryan said seeing the
look of contentment on Kate's face and thinking how lucky he was to have her."Okay Honey," Kate replied looking at her husband with
her eyes full of love as she realized just how lucky she was to have him. As
Bryan left to look after the others Kate looked down at little Joel suckling
happily, she really enjoyed these times being so intimate with her baby boy but
knew that soon she would have to start weaning him off. The books she had read
said she should stop around one year but wouldn't hurt to go to two years. She
noticed that Austin was giving furtive little
glances in her direction watching her breastfeed Joel. This caused her to laugh
a little as she remembered all of the other boys usually trying to catch a
glimpse of her tits when she was breastfeeding Joel around the house.
Finally she said, "Austin its okay if you want
to look," making Austin's face turn red in
embarrassment. "No I mean it. There is nothing wrong with it. Come over here
and watch."Austin slowly
got up and stood next to her in the tub watching Joel have his mid-morning
snack as his little 2" pee-pee grew to a nice little 3" erection. Kate noticed
it of course but didn't say anything but Austin
suddenly sat down in the water to try to hide it and went back to nymphet thumbs
playing with
his toys. "Austin I want to talk
to you about something important," Kate began to say."What is it?" asked Austin
as he stopped playing with his toys for a moment."It's about your accidents," Kate said gently seeing Austin suddenly turn even redder with embarrassment. "I'm
sorry if this embarrasses you but I think something should be done about it.
It's not like you are doing this on purpose, that's why they are called
accidents. I'm going to have Bryan pick you up
some Goodnights and I want you to start wearing them every night. If you can go
an entire month without an accident then you can stop wearing them but until
then I want you to wear them, okay," Kate told a distraught Austin."But I don't want to wear them, the other boys will
make fun of me," Austin cried."No they won't, if they know what's good for them. If they
do, it will be only once," Kate said in a tone of steel. "Come on Austin, stop crying please," said Kate gathering Austin in her free arm as she continued to breastfeed
Joel. "You will grow out of this soon and you will be much happier if you wake
up to a nice dry bed rather than a cold, wet one. When we have a problem, the
responsible thing to do is to deal with it and for your problem, the
responsible solution is to wear Goodnights until it passes. So will you please
wear them for me or at least try them?""Okay," sniffed Austin,
"if you think I should.""I really do Austin,
and I'm proud of you for choosing to be responsible about this," Kate said
giving Austin a little kiss on the cheek. This
made him feel a lot better about it and he calmed down as he went back to
playing with his toys.As Joel finished his snack Kate asked Austin,
"Do you mind if I wash Joel along with you?""Umm, no I don't mind."So, Kate drained some of the water as she added some
more hot water to warm it up then undressed Joel and took his diaper off as she
gently put him in the bath with Austin. She then
played a little with Austin and Joel with the toys making both of them laugh
and feel very much loved. Kate made sure to give Austin
just as much attention as she was giving Joel to help him feel better about
everything. After that, she quickly washed Joel and told Austin
to stand up, as she would wash him just as soon as Bryan
came to take care of Joel. Seeing Austin was
sporting another erection as he stood up to wait for his turn to be washed made
Kate smile a little at how Austin was just like Bryan having no control over that particular part of his
body."Bryan," Kate shouted,
"I need you again.""How can I help you?" Bryan
said moments later as he entered the master bath seeing Kate drying off Joel
and looking at Austin standing in the tub with
his little erection and red face."Would you please get Joel dressed now that he is nice
and clean," Kate said as she handed Bryan a
bundled up little baby boy."I'll get right on that," said Bryan
smiling as he leaned over to Austin to whisper,
"I get like that all the time around her too, so don't worry about it."Austin smiled at
Bryan after that, he felt a lot less embarrassed
and self-conscience now. As Kate took the soap in her hands and started to wash
up his little body. Kate washed his arms, legs, chest, and back lovingly as she
gave him a little massage while she washed him, tickling him a bit, as she
washed his tummy and sides. She paid special attention to his neck and his
armpits causing him to squirm and laugh. His butt and butt-hole telling him how
it was important to make sure he was clean back there. She very gently washed
him between his legs and his little sack of balls. Due to Austin's rather erect
state he was a little embarrassed again when Kate started to wash between his
legs, so Kate talked to him assuring him that he had nothing to be embarrassed
about, his little erect pee-pee was perfectly normal and just meant that he was
a healthy growing boy. This reassured Austin so
that he was no longer as embarrassed to be naked and sporting an erection
around her. Kate paid the most attention to his little pee-pee. She was very
gentle as she pulled back his foreskin noticing how tight it was, making a
mental note to tell Bryan to make sure he would
gently stretch it back so as not to hurt Austin
when she had him wash him next. She would have to keep an eye on that as there
weren't anymore doctors to take care of it if it became a problem. Austin's
erect state made it much easier to wash that particular part of Austin's body,
as she slowly stretched the foreskin down then let it go, doing this over and
over again until she had it far enough back that she could wash the head of his
pee-pee. She gave him a little lecture on how important it was for his pee-pee
to be clean and that he should try to stretch his foreskin back every now and
then, otherwise it could become a problem. Austin was really enjoying his bath,
as it felt awesome when Kate washed his bottom and pee-pee but even more
important to him was that he felt more loved during this bath than any other
time since the comet. He just wished that he could get Kate or Bryan
to give him another bath that would make him feel this loved. Kate finished washing
him by washing his hair and scrubbing behind his ears. Then she rinsed him off
and picked him up out of the tub wrapped up in a big fluffy towel. She dried
him off gently giving him playful kisses all over his face making him laugh and
giggle as she remembered when her Mother did that for her when she was Austin's
age and how loved it made her feel. She then wrapped him up in the towel again
and carried him to his room only to open the towel and drop him on his bed
causing them both to laugh again. Kate went through his drawers getting him
some Spiderman undies, socks, some clean blue jeans, a SpongeBob SquarePants
t-shirt, and a Mickey Mouse sweatshirt. As she was dressing him, she asked him
how he liked his bath. Austin thought it was the best bath he had ever had and
he made hints to her that he would like her or Bryan to do it again, which made
Kate feel really happy. As she was finishing tying his shoe the doorbell rang.Meanwhile back at the mall early that morning...Morning had come after a night of restlessness and
wonder about the future, as Cody laid and sat watch in between short naps
during the night. It was the best he could manage to do, so he watched many of
the boys in the room toss and turn throughout the night. Unsure if the boys were
awake or not, he thought about saying something but remained quiet in case they
weren't. Denny got up or tried to get up to pee until he finally said something
to Cody, asking for help, when he couldn't get up alone. He took a pain pill
before going back to sleep. Danny also did the same thing before asking for
help, and then got something for his pain too. Cody now sat up and wiped his
eyes knowing it was time to get ready to pack what was left, and then get ready
to depart what has become `The Mall from Hell'. He checked the time and it was
6:30, he stood up and then headed off to pee himself. After cleaning up in the
bathroom, he walked back into the messy main room that he and the others had
been calling home now for many months. He looked across the room at the
garbage, sleeping bags, and the few mattresses that lay on the floor. The room
had a stale, musky, teen-age boy smell to it, as he took a deep breath. Not a
stink so much, but more like it needed to be aired out or it needed a window
opened. He smiled as he thought about it, and it crossed his mind that would
have been something his mom would have done. Then he spoke softly,

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