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Tunnel 95
Chapter 95 part 1Home
Sweet Home Morning came nymphets x
fast as it usually has
lately. Since Hunter came
into the picture, a full night's sleep has become
all but non-existent when it comes to rest time for Tommy. The only part that hasn't
changed since his arrival is the darkness. Tommy has had to live through night
after night while tending to Hunter's nightmares instead of getting steady
sleep. It has been wearing on him the past week but it finally was getting
better, a little. Tommy naked russian nymphets
actually was able to sleep most of last night. Even
with Shawn waking him briefly and then Shawn and Hunter close to him all night
he was only
woken up once when he lost complete
contact with Hunter and the boy began to have yet another of his many
nightmares. All
in all, Tommy felt this was some level of
success, sleeping with both boys and actually getting some sleep
for the first time since he could remember. Though it was very early and he was
now mostly cognizant of his surrounding, he did want to get more sleep if
possible, before something or someone caused him to totally wake and start his
day. As he attempted to fall back to sleep, he heard the downstairs door slam
closed to help him wake even more then he wanted to be at this hour. Then,
voices suddenly got very loud as it appeared Luke and someone else had just
gotten back from walking the dogs. Tommy could hear the clanging chains around
their necks as the dogs made that obvious noise by jumping and running around
now that they are back in the house. That mixed in with Luke's loud voice. Not
being able to make out all he was saying, he was most likely scolding the one
that slammed the door on accident, causing so much noise at this early hour.
Tommy reluctantly opened his eyes. The noise, added to the sunshine in his
room, was winning as it was just starting to brighten inside his window.
Nevertheless, he was counting this some kind of shallow victory in his mind for
getting that amount of continuous sleep. He was facing Shawn now, who was still
fast asleep through all the noise with an arm lying on Tommy and one of his
legs draped across his. He moved slowly nymphet video preview
trying not to wake the boy and expected
to see Hunter awake on the other side of him when he turned over. After he
untangled himself from Shawn bit by bit, he turned to face Hunter."Good morning Hunter," he said
softly."Good morning Sir," replied Hunter."Hunter, how long have you been
awake?""Two hours and fourteen minutes
Sir," replied Hunter. "Can I get up now Sir?""I wish you would so I could sleep a
little more," replied a very groggy voice from behind Tommy. Tommy turned back to face Shawn,
ignoring Hunters question for the moment. "Sorry Shawn, I didn't think you
were in that light of a sleep.""I wasn't but you moved and then
started talking and that did it," replied the cute boy in a soft, squeaky tone.
"I would really like to get a little more sleep after last night's nightmare,"
he added."Okay Cutie, you try to rest, I am
going to get up with Hunter, and I have a lot to do today.""Okay TJ," said Shawn in a low
sullen tone.Just then, there was a knock on
Tommy's door."I guess I won't be going
back to sleep today," said Shawn in a now rather disgusted tone. He lay there
watching as Hunter moved and then Tommy got up and went over to answer his
door. Tommy cracked it open to see a dressed Cody standing on the other side."Cody its
like 7:30, is something wrong?""No, I just wanted to get an early
start at finding a new place to live. Guess I am too early?""Just a bit, I'll be down in a
little while for some breakfast and then I can take you up the hill and we can
check out those houses okay?""Sure Tommy, sorry I bothered you so
early, I was just excited to get going.""I understand but you are going to
have to hold on at least another hour okay?""Sure Tom, I'll be downstairs, I
might as well eat something too while I wait.""All right then, I'll see you when I
get down there."Cody turned to leave as Tommy shook
his head and shut his door. Turning to the two boys, he spoke."I sure hope this isn't a sign of
how today is going to be. I don't need another day like the past few. All of Bryan's people
are moving out today, I just hope Cody and his boys don't get under my skin
before they go too.""I'm sure it will be fine TJ," said
Shawn as he plopped back down onto his pillow and then rolled over. "I'm going
to try once more to get some sleep TJ," he said."Okay Shawn, we'll try to be quiet
for you. Hunter, please keep your voice down until sites like sweetnymphets we get out of the room.""Okay Sir," he whispered back to
Tommy.Tommy waved him over to the dresser,
then he handed the boy clean clothes for today. "Let's try and keep these clean for
a little while Hunter, at least until I can wash some of your other clothes.
You have gone through just about everything I bought for you," said Tommy in a
whisper to Hunter."Okay Sir," he replied whispering
back to Tommy.Tommy watched Hunter as he stripped
off his Batman pajamas and stood there naked in front of him. He apparently didn't
put on any underwear last night. He watched as the boy slowly and meticulously
folded his pajamas, then started to dress. Soon both were dressed and they both
slipped out of his room without annoying Shawn anymore and were soon downstairs
in the kitchen once again talking in their regular voices."Sir, it seems the Shawn-sir wasn't
in a very good mood this morning.""He is tired just like I am Hunter,
it's been great nymphets bbs free photos with you here, but sleep has been at a premium. Plus Shawn had
a bad nightmare last night so that didn't help either.""I'm sorry Sir," said a suddenly
frightened Hunter feeling he was going to be in trouble for the lack of sleep
problems. "I didn't mean to cause you or the Shawn-sir any problems with your
sleeping.""Its okay
Hunter, don't worry about that right now, just have a seat at the table and I
will get some cereal for you, then I'll see if Jon or Kyle can spend some time
with you while I go take Cody to find a house for him and his boys."Tommy grabbed two bowls and the
milk. He then poured cereal for Hunter and himself before adding the milk. He
was checking his cell phone as Cody entered the kitchen. Cody appeared to want
to say angel nymphets tiny something to him."One second Cody, I have a message,"
said Tommy.He listened to his message from
Cameron about getting the milk today and then hung up."Hope everything is okay?" commented
Cody."Its fine, it was just a reminder to
pick up milk from the farm.""Oh," said Cody as he quickly
changed the subject back to what was on his mind. "I'm sorry if I knocked on
your door too early Tommy. I was just excited to get us our own place and get
out of your way," said Cody smiling at the prospect of having his own place on
the hill."Its okay
Cody, I was awake, Shawn was the one who was trying nymphet password
to get more sleep. If you
feel bad you can tell him later when you see him.""I'll be sure to do that," replied
Cody."Have a seat, I want to make sure
you know what you are getting into when you move out," said Tommy in between
eating spoonfuls of cereal."What do you mean getting into?"
asked a suddenly concerned Cody."First off, I am not trying
to scare you but you do need to remember for the most part we live in a pretty
safe neighborhood here on this hill. Excuse me one second Cody. Hunter slow
down, no one is going nymphets imageboard to take your food away from you. Sorry Cody, I didn't
want Hunter making a mess right now. But, what I am saying is, this isn't
the mall where you have a huge area to protect, it's a house. It's
probably going to be within shouting distance to mine or Bryan's house. There
will be plenty of people around too, you will be out on your own and that means
you will need food, supplies and security, which I know you can do on your own.
Just models nymphets young
remember you were here the past few days and I hope you and the others didn't get spoiled by having the security and food given to you. You
are going out on your own and you know that means you guys
are going to have to keep your house clean, garbage together and everything
else that comes along with keeping our neighborhood safe. Please understand I
am not trying to discourage you at all but, keeping your place safe and
protective shades and curtains on your windows at night is very important, so
others down below can't see us up here on the hill at night.""I see what you mean. There has thongs little nymphets
be some thought and planning that goes along with having our own place up here.
It's not like the mall where we could just keep the lights
burning and not care what happened or who saw it. Up
here on the hill, we have to protect ourselves from galleries nymphet
anyone out there at night
and all the upkeep of a big house too.""Exactly Cody, I wasn't trying to be
rude or tell you how to live once you move out of here. I just wanted to
prepare you for what could happen once you are on your own. Hell, I just
learned about protecting ourselves from the outside world recently myself. All
I am doing is passing it on to you so we can all be safe, all the
time. There are over 30 of us on the hill and we have enough firepower, without
Hunter, to protect ourselves just fine. Every little bit of planning and safety
helps now that our group is getting bigger and bigger. Just remind your boys
that safety is most important, especially after dark.""I will Tom, thanks for the
information. I am sure we will be okay and we will do our best to keep everyone
else up on this hill wild nymphet boy nude safe too.""The hardest thing you will probably
have to do is collect food from the stores around here. The stores that are close are beginning to run low. There are a few places close, I
will show you some and I am sure Bryan will too. Eventually we will have to
look and drive further to get more stuff for ourselves. You will also need a
four-wheel drive vehicle, preferably a truck to get you up and down the hill
when tiny angel nymphets we get a good snow. The SUV that you trailed behind the RV should do fine.
The rest should be easier. We are here if you get in a jam. Also,
if you need more frozen storage, we have extra freezers but I don't know how I
will get it to you with the weather being this cold and snowy. I guess for now
you will either have to shop more or bring extra home to Bryan's or my place or
store it in the cold outside until the weather warms up. "At least we have choices Tommy,
that's what matters. I'll make sure the other guys who will be with me understand
about lights at night and all the other important things Tom. We will try to
keep safety at the top of the list. I wouldn't want anyone else getting hurt
because we got lazy and forgot what is out there.""Good Cody, when you let your guard
down bad things can happen. I am sure you know that.""Believe me young russian nymphet girls Tommy after what
happened at the mall before we left, I will never forget what is out
there!""Okay, point taken. Care for some
cereal?""Yeah thanks, let me get a bowl. I
am getting used to having real milk again, I sure missed it, and this milk
tastes great." "It sure does," added Tommy as Cody
went to grab a bowl from the dishwasher. "As soon as masha russian nymphet you are ready I'll find
someone to watch Hunter and then we can go.""Great, but right now cereal and real
milk sounds too good to pass up," Cody said as Ben walked into the kitchen."Good morning guys," he said."Morning Ben," said Tommy."You are up early Tom," said Ben."Yeah, I know. I am heading out with
Cody shortly to find a place for them to move to.""Oh yeah, right," said Ben. "I
forgot unbelievable nymphets for a moment. Hey Tommy don't forget you have milk to get.""Yeah, I know. Thanks I just got the
message on my cell.""Oh, okay Tom," commented Ben as he
headed over to get breakfast together for the other boys as Kate then walked
in."Morning boys," she said.Everyone said good morning as she
headed over to help Ben with breakfast."You know," said Cody, "One thing I
will miss most is Ben and Kate's cooking. That really spoiled me the past few
days."Tommy, Kate, and Ben laughed."Don't worry Cody, I am sure we will
have you guys over for dinner often or if not us, you will probably be eating
with my brother and Kate," said Ben."You are welcome over anytime Cody,
just ask early enough so I can have enough food ready," Kate said smiling at
the boy."Thanks everyone," Cody said rather
shyly feeling a little out of sorts, almost like he was grubbing meals and he
didn't even move out yet."So, back to the old house today
Kate?" asked Tommy changing the subject."Yes, I enjoyed it quite nicely here
with all the boys and you Tom. Its time for us to
move back to our place and give Kyle his room back along with the other boys
their space too, one more breakfast together and we should be out of here
before lunch. This was great while it lasted but now that Bryan said the
generators are all charged up its time to go back to our place."Tommy smiled at her trying to cover
up the fact that he couldn't wait to get his place back to `normal' which
included no more baths for Hunter or anyone else by her. Worries about Mike
getting out of line, or concerns about sending anyone to bed to quiet the
house. He thought it could be a good idea occasionally, but for the most part,
he was in bed most nights before most of them. He knew most of the nights ahead
a good deal of the boys from either house would be here anyway playing some
game or visiting their new friends. At least tomorrow morning there will be
around six or seven less people in this house and it won't
feel as crowded, maybe even more if Cody's boys move out today too. That part
however is too soon to know right now. It was time to get Kyle or Jon to watch
Hunter and get moving now that Cody was done with his cereal. Tommy was still
concerned Jon would be mad at him for last night, even though he thought they
did a good job of making up before Jon went to sleep in his own room."I'll be back shortly and then we
can leave Cody," said Tommy. "Ben please keep an eye on Hunter, I just want to
find Kyle or Jon to watch him before I go.""What do I do if something happens?"
asked a worried Ben."Yell for me, but I should only be
gone about two minutes. He is eating and I have already given him his special
food for now, I am sure he will be fine. Just remember if he gets crazy to tell
him no one will take his food away. The rest should be easy," said Tommy"Okay Tommy, just please hurry
back," said a still worried Ben."I will, I won't be long at all,"
said Tommy as he headed out of the kitchen.Tommy quickly climbed the steps little nymphet nude model and
headed to Jon's room. He gave a knock on the door and heard a drowsy voice come
from inside."Who is it?" asked the voice."Jon? Jon, it's me Tommy.""No Tommy, this is Mike, Jon is
still sleeping." Tommy cracked open the door."Let him sleep Mike, I'll talk to
him later."He quickly headed over to the end of
the hall and knocked loudly on the attic door. After a second knock, he heard
footsteps come down the steps. Luke opened the door."Hey Luke, sorry to bother you but I
need Kyle to watch Hunter for a while. I have to take Cody out house hunting.""Sure Tommy, I'll go wake him, he
was up before he is just resting now.""Thanks, Luker."Luke smiled at Tommy when he called
him that and turned to head up to get Kyle. Tommy watched his cute butt all the
way, until he was out of site.`Damn that kid is still sweet! Kyle
is pretty lucky' he thought to himself as Luke and his butt disappeared out of
site. He came back a minute later. "Kyle will be down in a few minutes he needs
to get dressed," said Luke. Tommy reached out and messed the
cute boy's hair. "Thanks a bunch Luker. Remember if you ever want to talk about
anything, you know where to find me, see ya later."Luke smiled widely at Tommy. "I know
and I will, I promise," he said. "Oh Tommy?" he said suddenly."Yeah Luke?" said Tommy turning
around towards him."Sorry about the noise this morning.
I guess you heard the door slam closed.""Yes I did, what happened?""I guess Austin wasn't thinking when
we got back from walking the dogs. We were in such a hurry, we ran back in and
as soon as we got in the house he just pushed the door really nymphets bdsm
hard and before I
could try to stop him it slammed really loud.""Oh well, I guess we'll live," said
Tommy smiling at the boy. nymphets pics free
Luke then turned to go. It had been
a while since they talked alone, even if it was a brief chat. Tommy knew he
would be there for the cute boy whenever he could. Luke loved it when Tommy and he
talked. He still had a special place in his heart for Tommy. After all, he did
save him from that bastard who kidnapped him back at his house and almost
killed him so many months ago. Luke will never forget that day and especially
what Tommy and Kyle did by coming back and saving his ass from that bastard.
After thinking about it for a second, he headed back up to get Kyle as Tommy
walked tgp nymphette movie
away after shutting the attic door. Not wanting to leave Hunter alone
much longer, he headed back to the kitchen before any trouble broke out with
Hunter. By the time Tommy got back to the kitchen Ben looked like he was about
to lose it already and Hunter had the table a mess but thankfully not much on
himself."What happened? I was gone two
minutes and the table looks like hell?""Ummm, well, it wasn't his fault?"
said Ben."Yeah Tommy, it was mine," said
Cody. "I went to grab for the cereal and accidentally knocked the box into
Hunters bowl and it spilled.""Oh well, at least it wasn't Hunter
this time," Tommy said shaking his head."No Sir, it wasn't me Sir," he said
in between bites of food he picked up off the table that had spilled."I know Hunter, its fine. Kyle will
be down shortly to watch you and I will be back later. You be a good boy for Kyle, okay?" "Yes Sir, I will I promise," Hunter
managed to say between filling his mouth once again.Tommy just shook his head and
laughed. About five minutes later Kyle came down."I'm here bro. You can go now.""Thanks Kyle," he said as he walked
over and gave his little brother a kiss on the forehead, still feeling guilty
about biting his head off yesterday. "I do love you very much. I want you to
know that," said Tommy with a little smile on his face."I know nymphet lesbian vid TJ. You don't have to keep
beating yourself up for yesterday, I promise we are good," Kyle said smiling at
his big brother."You can still read me can't you?"
asked Tommy."Yup, most of russian nymphet 2006 the time, you did get
me yesterday but if I focus, I can usually tell or get pretty close to knowing
what is going on in that thick head of yours."Tommy reached out and brushed his
hand through his brother's hair."It's getting long Kyle.""Yeah I know, I'm going to need it
cut soon.""I can do that," Kate sudden chimed
in out of nowhere. Both boys looked at her."You cut hair?" Tommy said. "I
forgot you mentioned that.""Yes, I do Bryan's and the others
whenever it gets too long.""Okay, I'll keep that in mind," said
Tommy unsure if he wanted to go there or not. "Come on Cody lets get this over with. Oh do you have your gun?" he
added."No, should I bring it?" he said
surprisingly."Might not hurt, we are going into peoples homes, anything is possible," commented Tommy."Okay, one second I'll go down to my
cot and get it," Cody said.Cody headed off as Tommy put his gun
into its holster. He had gotten one a while ago and decided to wear it today
for some reason."Do you really think anything bad
will happen while you are out there Tommy?" asked a suddenly very concerned
Kate."Probably not, but why take a
chance, like I said, we are going into private homes. You never know," replied
Tommy."Always best to be safe," a voice
suddenly came from the other room.They turned to see Jon walking into
the kitchen."Morning Jon," said Tommy smiling at
him."Morning," he said back with little
reaction as he went to sit at the kitchen table.A few more boys started to come down
and finally Cody came back from downstairs. "Breakfast will be ready in about
thirty minutes boys so don't spoil it with eating anything else," Kate said
happily, as Bryan now walked in carrying Joel.As they talked in the kitchen, Tommy
grabbed Cody gently by the arm and both boys headed for the front door. They
quickly dressed for outside and Tommy opened the front door and stepped one
foot outside. "Damn it's really bitter today!"
Tommy exclaimed. "We must have gotten another freakin cold front last night, it
feels like twenty below!""Do you want to nymphets porn land still do this
Tommy?""Yeah, but I am thinking seriously
about driving up the hill," he laughed."How far away is the first house you
are going to show me?" asked Cody.Tommy stepped out ten feet from his
house as Cody followed shutting the door behind. He pointed at the first house
on the left side of the hill. It was no more then 100
yards away."That one right there," said Tommy."We can walk that close, but I agree
with you. After being out here for all of one minute, maybe we should take your
truck," said a suddenly shivering Cody."We can come back if you don't like
it, or if you want to see others. But, you did say you wanted to be close and
Bryan's house is almost directly across the street give or take twenty
feet.""I understand Tom. That might be the
house we take regardless. Let's try walking it and if it's too cold we can come
back to get the truck," said Cody as he started walking down the short hill and
long driveway of Tommy's place.Tommy zipped up his heavy jacket all
the way and tightened the gap between his gloves and coat sleeves as he slowly
followed Cody. "Damn I fucking hate winter!" he mumbled to himself. They put a little hop into their
step as they got to the road."Tell you what," Tommy said to Cody,
"If you do want to see another house we will be coming back for my
truck.""I hear you loud and clear. I hope
the house is unlocked," said Cody."Don't worry, I have been in it before
winter set in, and I have a key," Tommy replied."Then why did you want me to take a
gun?" asked a somewhat surprised Cody."Because you never know Cody, it's
not worth finding out the hard way kid. Not worth it at all!" "I understand Tom, I was just
curious, that's all," Cody mumbled back to Tommy with his chin and mouth buried
deep inside his fully zipped up coat as the cold air cut him with every breath
he took outside his coat. They approached the house as Tommy
fumbled for the keys. He didn't want to take off his gloves but it appeared he didn't have
much choice if he guestbook acrobatic nymphets
wanted to get the proper key out. As he once again mumbled
under his breath, he went through the keys on the ring trying several before
one finally finding the proper one that opened the door. They were met with a blast of warm air as they cautiously walked in. Cody
held his gun out, ready to fire as Tommy shut the door and then grabbed his own
gun wondering why it was so warm in this house if all power was off. "Let's give it a quick walk through
before we stop to look," Tommy said in a whisper. "I wanna know why it's so
warm in here when the power has been off on the hill for a few days."Cody gave him the thumbs up as both
boys began to check the house. Tommy pointed up and Cody went upstairs as Tommy
checked the first floor. About five minutes later Tommy could hear Cody coming
down the steps as he headed for him."Upstairs is clear and pretty nice,"
said Cody."Downstairs was clear too," Tommy
added. "So now you can look it over slowly while I figure out why this
place has power.""Good, I do like that there are
seven bedrooms upstairs and each has a bed. That is a great start," Cody said
smiling. "I'd like to know why it does too Tom," he added."I'll figure it out. I guess it's a
great start, even if there are only five of you." "I know Tom, but you never know who
might want to stay over or move in.""I guess," Tommy
said shrugging his shoulders. As far as he knew, they would
probably be over by him or Bryan more then in their
place but that was only a guess. Cody spent the next twenty minutes looking at
all the appliances and other goodies in the house while Tommy searched for an
answer about the electric. The house was about the same size as Bryan's
downstairs but had an extra bedroom upstairs. It also had an alarm on the front
door. Cody seemed to like everything that was there. There was an enormous back
room with a huge pool table, foosball table and several full stand-up pinball
machines, not to mention a bunch of other games. Also,
a big screen TV surrounded on three sides by two full couches, one love seat,
and one of the major games plugged into it. Tommy was also searching around the
electrical room where he got his answer. He walked outside to the back of the
house. The view was as stunning as it was from his porch, even with it so cold.
Then he looked up and got his answer. He quickly went inside to find out where
Cody was. He was still in the game room playing one of the pinball games when
Tommy found him."This place is amazing. I never
would have guessed it Cody.""Guessed what Tom?""The entire back half of the roof is
covered in solar panels. There must be fifteen of them up there and that's
probably why this place has power and heat." "That's a good thing right Tom?""That's a dream come true Cody. You guy's
will not have any problems with electric as far as I know. You probably won't
need a generator either. If I were you I'd take this place and be happy.""Don't worry Tom, I love it! This
pinball game is awesome, look at everything else in here. We'll probably have
you guys here more then I expected now that we found
this stash of fun!" Cody said excitedly."Yeah, I hear you. So we are
settled. This is the place for you. All you need is what we discussed, food and
so on.""Yup, this is it," Cody said smiling
widely. "It's totally awesome!""Good, then let's get back to my
place. That way, you and your guys can start to pack and move nymphet japs
in today if you
want, not that I am rushing you.""No, it's cool Tom. I understand
your place has been crazy, so I am sure we can get out today.""Thanks Cody. Remember all of you
are welcome back anytime.""I know, thanks," he replied.Both boys bundled up as they got to
the front door. Tommy handed Cody his key and asked if he would get copies made
and if he knew how to do it. He told Tommy he would figure it out eventually
and Tommy teenage nymphette sex movies said that was fine as both boys exited Cody's new house and quickly
hurried back to Tommy's place. The house smelled of pancakes and sausage as
they entered trying to shake off the extreme cold from the subzero temperature
outside. Everyone was awake now and breakfast was all but over but Kate did
save some for Tommy and Cody just incase. Cody
gathered his guys together and filled them in on what they found and he
suddenly had four anxious and excited boys who wanted to check out their new
place as soon as possible. Tommy went to check with Kyle to see how Hunter was
and after he found out everything was okay tip top nymphets he asked if Kyle wouldn't mind watching him while Tommy headed out to the farm for a
few hours. Kyle, still feeling a bit guilty about yesterday agreed to watch
Hunter without much problem at all. "Just don't take all day okay bro?"
said Kyle."I'll do my best to get back in two
hours," he told his brother."I guess that's okay. It will be
around 1 PM then and I will still have time to do what I want with Luke.""What did you have planned?" asked
Tommy."We were gonna go next door and do
some work in the greenhouse.""Sounds good, I'll do my best to
hurry back.""Thanks TJ," Kyle said giving his
brother a nude nymphets ukrainian
hug.Tommy headed off to find Jon and
check with him before he left. He wanted to make sure they were okay after last
night. He headed up to Jon's room but the only one in there was Mike, who was
packing and getting ready to leave. "Ready to get back to your own bed?"
asked Tommy as he poked his head in getting Mike's attention."In a way I guess so," he said. "I
liked it here because there are so many others to be around but going back home
isn't that bad I guess," Mike said."Have you seen Jon?" he asked."No, not since breakfast," Mike
replied."Okay, thanks," Tommy said as he
turned and walked away.Tommy searched the entire second
floor and didn't see Jon anywhere. One of the bathroom doors was locked so he figured he would check there now since the rest of
his search turned up empty. He walked over to the bathroom and knocked on the
door."Yeah?" a
familiar voice yelled from inside."Jon, it's me. You gonna be a
while?""I just got in here TJ," he yelled
back."Okay, guess I will see you when I
get back," Tommy said through the closed and locked door."Yeah, whatever," Jon replied.That comment pretty much made Tommy
feel that Jon was still mad about last night, so he just let it go at that and
walked away. `Maybe he'll feel better by the time I get back,' he thought to
himself as he headed downstairs feeling mad and dejected over the whole
situation. He really wasn't in a mood to deal with anyone else now as he walked around
the side of the front steps to the cellar door and slammed it shut as he headed
out to the garage through the basement. It was way too cold to walk outside to the garage to get to his truck even
if it was shorter. Shortly after that, he was in
the truck briefly warming it up as he popped the button on the garage door
opener and watched the door go up through the rear view mirror. He backed out,
shut the garage door, and headed down the driveway, off to the farm. Back
inside Kate, Chase, Billy, and Joey were clearing the tables off in the dining
area and getting the room all cleaned up, after Hunter and the others had
messed it up during breakfast. Upstairs, Mike was all packed and on
the way down with his two overnight bags that he used while staying at Tommy's
house. He has been trying to lay low now that his cleaning punishment was
finally over. Cody had got to his guys before, and told them the good news
about the house. They too were all packing downstairs, getting their few things
they had brought inside Tommy's house from the RV together, and getting ready
to go check out their new home soon. Moments earlier Junior, Calvin, Phil, and
Denny had watched as Tommy slammed the basement door and briskly walked by them
on his way to the truck. They said `hi' and he waved as he headed to eternal nymphet models
the garage
causing the boys to wonder what got him so pissed off. Jose, Todd, Ryan, Matt,
and Austin were currently gathering their own stuff and bringing it to the
foyer, as they too got ready to leave.It was close to 11:30 as Bryan gave
Joel to his brother to watch, as he and Kate started packing their stuff in
Kyle's room. Kyle, like the others, was looking forward to getting his space
back now. Even if the attic did offer privacy for him and Luke, it wasn't
his room. The attic lacked a bunch of things that had spoiled him since he got
the maids quarters. He had way more in his room waiting for him then
the attic had to offer, a private bathroom being the most important one! To
him, there was nothing more important then taking a
late night walk to the bathroom naked, and not worrying about anyone catching
him that way. Not to mention how big of a pain in his ass it was now when he
did have to pee in the middle of the night! He was certainly spoiled! As 12:00
rolled around all of Bryan and Kate's stuff was packed and the boys were
standing in the foyer by the front door with their overnight, travel bags, and
any other things they had used to bring their clothing and pillows over with.
They thanked everyone for everything as they headed out. Kyle, Billy, Joey,
Shawn, Jeremy, and Luke saw them off, as they headed out into the midday cold.
It has warmed a little but the temperature was still around zero outside as
they left, carrying all their belongings with them. Ben, Hunter, and Kyle had agreed to go with them and help Kate carry a few
things since she had the baby and no free hands at the moment. Jon stayed back to man the house for a short time. Zack
and Jordy watched the group of them trek out into the street and take the short
trip up the hill to their home through the front foyer windows. Finally, they
were out of site and the boys smiled as they quickly teen nymphets headed back to do
something they have been waiting days to do. They joined Danny, Christian,
Billy, Joey, Jeremy, Shawn, and Jon in the game room to get a new round of
games going. Now that they had their house back and didn't
have to worry about noise anymore, and Joel sleeping, they were extremely
happy. "Finally!" yelled Zack out loudly
causing the others to laugh as the noise level in the game room came alive
again. Soon after that, cheering, yelling,
and other associated noises were heard coming from the rear of the house again,
as nn models nymphets
one by one the boys soon would be challenging each other once more. About
twenty minutes later, Ben, Hunter, and Kyle returned back home and heard the
noise once they got inside. Ben and Kyle quickly attempted to warm themselves
as Hunter watched them trying to figure out why they were so cold and he wasn't.
The three of them headed to the kitchen after hanging up their coats. While
making some hot chocolate in the kitchen, Cody and his boys came in and thanked
Ben and Kyle for everything. Cody told them that
they had their stuff together and were heading out. It was 12:45 and they were
now ready to go and check out their new home. Ben and Kyle told them they were
welcomed back anytime and that they were pretty sure Tommy
would be checking with them later in the day to make sure everything was fine.
They said their goodbyes and then headed outside. Cody told Ben before going
that he would move the RV up the hill at a later time
and of course, there wasn't a problem with that since it wasn't blocking
anything. After they left, Ben went back to getting things together in the
kitchen before heading out to the game room. Ben knew from experience, that he
or anyone else walking into the game room with cute nymphets pussy a drink would only raise
questions and complains about where the other's drinks were. So,
before the three of them left the kitchen, Ben made up a big coffee urn of hot
water and got out the hot chocolate mix for anyone who would smell it and want
some of their own. No sooner then they walked in carrying their mugs did a few
of the boys want some too. Ben pointed towards the front of the house and told
them it was in the kitchen and to go get it themselves if they wanted it so
badly. So they did. They actually paused the game, as all of them headed quickly to the kitchen to
go get their own drinks. It didn't take long for them to return and for the game to be on
again. Up
the hill...After Ben, Hunter, and Kyle left, Kate headed to the kitchen and she too decided
to make some warm drinks and food for the boys, as they went to put their stuff
away. Bryan took Joel in, put him down for a nap, and then returned to get his
and Kate's stuff. A few minutes later, he had his stuff in their bedroom and he
went to check the thermostat before joining Kate in the kitchen. One by one
over nymphette junior
the next few minutes, the boys came out into the kitchen, as they apparently
smelled something good wafting throughout the house. She decided to make some
muffins and corn bread along with tea for herself and hot chocolate for the
boys and Bryan. About thirty minutes later the buzzer on the stove was going
off and the house smelled like fresh baked muffins as everyone sat down for a
warm muffin and something to drink.Across
the street at Cody's...The boys left Tommy's house and
quickly headed up the hill to their new home. They talked to and bugged Cody
the whole way about to what to expect as they walked the short distance to
their new home. The excitement of what was about to happen was quickly setting
in for all of them. Cody wouldn't tell them what to expect inside their new place. He told
them it was a surprise and they would have to wait until they got there to find
out. Finally, they arrived and Cody was now opening the front door. The five of
them walked in. He shut it as they dropped their stuff right there on the floor
and began to walk around their new place and check it out.
No more then two minutes passed and one of the boys
was yelling for everyone to come see what he found. Cody was smiling, as he
already nymphets portals
knew what top child nymphets
it was. As Jr., Phil, and Calvin rushed to join Denny, who
was first to find the enormous game room, Cody walked in. "Wholly shit Cody," Denny said.
"This place is awesome!" The others agreed as they went from
game to game and checked out everything in the room that they could now call
their own. Soon the sounds of pinball games could be heard throughout the game
room as Jr., Calvin and Phil were each playing a pinball game. Cody challenged Denny to a
game of pool and all five were having the time of their life. This went on for
the next hour before Cody finally asked them to go check out the rest of the
house and pick a room. imagem ukrainian nymphets Cody had already stolen the master bedroom himself
before coming down to get the others. He rustled up the others and with a
little moaning, they headed back out to pick up their clothes and other things.
They headed upstairs as a group and looked over the remaining six rooms. Then,
one by one, with very little arguing, the boys chose a room to call their own. "Get your stuff put away and let's
try to keep this place a little neater then the way we kept the room at the
Mall. If you can't, then close your door. If I don't
see cooperation there will be punishments. If you guys
don't want to follow the rules, the door is downstairs. You already know how
things are done at Tommy's house and I am pretty sure you know
how Kate and Bryan do things, so... if you think living there or on your own is
any easier then don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out! I said my
peace, now the rest is up to you guys."With some grumblings from them, he
turned and headed into his room closing the door behind him. It was now time
for him to check out his own prize and see what goodies he got. He already knew
he had the big room, now what was in it? He put
his bags of clothes and pillows on his king sized bed and set off to check out
the rest of his room. Off to the left was the first closed door. He opened it
to reveal his own bathroom. In there was a full shower with Jacuzzi tub in the
bottom. The usual sink, toilet and cabinet above the sink. There were two
doors. He opened the first one to reveal towels and essentials that were stored
below the towels that took up the top two shelves. Whoever lived there had
stock in anything from rubbing alcohol, to Band-Aids, and everything in
between. He would later have to go through this stuff and see what the
inventory totaled. He closed that door and went to the other one. He opened it
to a surprise. Inside was a small workout room with a hot tub in the corner.
`Very nice,' he thought to himself. He then set about to clear out anything he didn't
want that was left behind from the home owner in the bathroom and then in the
various dresser draws around the bedroom. He had a ton of space to call his own
including a small refrigerator that was stocked with
water bottles, wine coolers, and some spoiled food. He spent the next hour plus
some, making the room his own including washing the bed linens and remaking the
bed. In nymphets clips
between that, he went to check out the rooms that JR., Denny, Phil, and
Calvin took. All five boys were doing their own thing to make their room up the
way they wanted it. Cody reminded them to make sure everything they used was
clean since they didn't know who had used it before. It didn't
take long for there to be a line at the washing machine as all of the boys
wanted to do some wash after what he told them. Their afternoon flew by as they
all did miscellaneous chores in their rooms and around the house. By late
afternoon, it was getting dark outside. Most of them were close to done with their set up and cleaning. They were now hungry and
looking for something to eat. Since there was little in the house, Cody decided
to call Kate for some help with dinner. It was later then he wanted it to be to
ask but he figured this one time might not hurt and maybe tomorrow they could
get food in the house for themselves. Across
the street at Bryans...They boys had settled back into
their rooms after having some fresh baked food much earlier in the day. Kate
was getting ready to give Joel a bath and Ryan, Todd, Matt, Austin, and Jose
were all out of the house already heading back down to Tommy's to play with their friends by 2:00. Even though they had
just left an hour earlier, they were spoiled now and bored with what they didn't
have in their house, their friends. Each of them got permission and headed back
down to be with a friend at Tommy's house. Kate told them all to be back by 6pm
for dinner. Tommy...He had left the house alone and in a
pissy mood thanks to Jon being mad at him from last night and the going to bed
issue. If he didn't try talking to Jon before he left, he would have probably
been happier during his ride over to the farm but Tommy was Tommy and when
something didn't go his way kds bbs nymphets he had russian gallery nymphets
to deal with it in his own way. He took his
time heading to the farm to get milk. He had left so upset, that he totally
forgot to ask Chance or Chase if they wanted to come nymphet tgp xxx
along and at this extreme nymphet nude moment,
he really didn't care. By the time he arrived at the off ramp to Cameron's
house, a good thirty minutes later, he was a bit calmer and thinking of a way
to make things up to Jon. He pulled onto the property around 1 PM and beeped
the horn to let them know he was there, incase the
boys had gotten extremely distracted inside. They came to hot model nymphet the door to greet
him."Hey guys," he said to Cameron and
DJ. "How's
things?""Going good Tommy, how are my
brothers? I hope they aren't causing you too much trouble," Cameron commented."Nope, none at all, they have been to into playing with the other boys that I guess time has
been flying by for them. I hardly got to spend much time with either of
them. Either Chance was helping
out with the cooking or he was enjoying
himself in the pool or playing with the others. We had so many at the house
that it was quite noisy and busy there." He looked at DJ. "You sure picked the
right time to come here."DJ laughed. "That's good to know,"
he said."So Chance has been helping out with
the cooking?" Cameron asked."Yes, according to Ben he has been
helping himself and Kate a lot in the kitchen and learned quite a bit about
cooking.""That's great to hear Tommy, when he
comes back he can cook for us so I don't have to almost every night," Cameron
said laughing. "I hope that works for you when you
get them back here Cam, in the mean time you two are probably having a ball.""A ball or two or three, Tommy," DJ
said jokingly. "We have had plenty of time to do what we want without any
interruptions. It's been great!" he added."Well, that's good to know, I can't
stay long since I left Hunter with my brother and I promised him I would hurry
back. No one likes to baby-sit
Hunter for too long," Tommy chuckled."Yeah, I can understand that,"
Cameron said. "From what I know he is a handful," he jokingly added."He can be. Its
getting easier but it will take time. Hunter has been through hell and then
some, but we are making slow progress. He and Shawn are getting very chummy.
That is helping a lot for both of them.""That's interesting," said Cameron.
"I guess we should get shocking young nymphet your milk and eggs so you can get back there.""That's probably a good idea. I
think I will be going home to a lot emptier home. Kate, Bryan, and their guys
were leaving today and with any luck, when I get back maybe Cody and his boys
will be gone. I left in such a hurry I didn't really get to say much to them.""So, when you get back you could
have an empty house?" DJ asked."Empty? Hardly, we still nymphets photos free have all
the guys that live there and it's my bet that even after everyone moves out,
they will be back to visit their friends, go swimming, or in the very least
have something good to eat by us," Tommy said in a disgruntled voice. "After
all we are the neighborhood eatery and hot spot," he added sounding annoyed."You sure don't sound too happy
about it," Cameron said to him."It has its moments, good and bad. I
am just tired of having more than 30 people in that house. It's too freakin
noisy and crowded!" he said."I'm sure when you get home, that
will be over with," DJ said. "I'll probably stay here a few more days as long
as Cam is happy, and his brothers aren't home sick.""I don't think they are DJ. They
have been having way too much fun," Tommy replied."Okay, let's get you loaded," said
Cameron. "I have lots of eggs and milk for you this time. You can share with
Bryan and Cody's house and still have plenty left," he said. "I know you must
have used quite a bit with everyone at your house so you can split these up as
needed," he added. "Good, I know we were low after so
many people spent time with us. I have been meaning to get here but every time
I tried, something came up that put it off another day."With that, the boys dressed warmly
and headed out. Tommy brought his truck over to the barn doors while DJ and
Cameron headed inside to wait for him. They loaded up dozens of eggs and
gallons of milk into the back of Tommy's truck as he got out the empties and
returned them. Then they went back inside to talk for a little bit more, before
Tommy needed to get back."I better get back before my brother
is calling me every five minutes," Tommy joked. "Thanks for everything and you
two be careful and have fun together. I am happy for both of you.""Thanks Tommy," said DJ as he gave
Tommy a quick hug. "Yeah thanks for watching my
brothers, I really appreciate it," said Cameron."No problem guys, thanks for the
milk and eggs. Everyone appreciates fresh milk on their cereal and with their
chocolate syrup!"Tommy gave both DJ and Cam a pat on
the back before he got in the truck and headed off the property."Only one more stop before I go
home," he said aloud to no one.Tommy got back on the parkway and
headed back to town. The snow wasn't too bad and he made it easily through it in four-wheel
drive with his plow down. Instead of getting off at his non nude teen nymphets
exit, he kept going and
got off at the next exit. He turned off and pulled into the parking lot of Jim
Barry's Jewelers. `I know how I will win nymphet cp archive
back Jon!' he thought to himself. He
grabbed his gun and got out of the truck. The store was unlocked but there wasn't
any power on. After searching the store, he went over to the glass cases and
started looking into them. Thankfully, it was a bright day outside or he might
have needed a flashlight to make sure the store banned nymphets galleries was clear and possibly to even look at the jewelry. He wasn't totally sure what he was looking
for, but he knew that when he saw it he would have his present. Glass case by
glass case, he looked slowly through each checking the merchandise in them.
Then he saw it. The first one that caught his eye was a cross on a golden rope.
It was made of 22 small diamonds according to the paperwork that was with it.
It glistened back at him through the glass case. The price above it said
$9500.00. That was for his brother. He went around back, opened the case, and
took it out. He looked for a box for it and placed it inside one of the
velvet-lined boxes he found on the back counter. In the next glass window was a
small necklace with a Pacman on it. That too was in diamonds, ten of them
inside the golden half-circular Pacman necklace that he picked up. It was priced $2500.00. He thought it would be perfect for Shawn, so he
put that into a box. He went back to looking. This time he wanted the perfect
gift for Jon. He had three cases left to check and he was slowly losing hope he
would find it, whatever `it' was. He went though the last three cases and didn't
see what he wanted. Then he looked up and saw it in the back display case. His
eyes bugged out as he looked at it. It was beautiful and the display case was locked. He searched for keys for a few minutes not wanting to
break the glass and finally he gave up. He grabbed his gun and turned it around.
He struck the butt of the gun against the glass and it shattered into a few
thousand pieces as he shielded his face with his arm. He reached inside and
grabbed the most beautiful piece of jewelry he had ever seen. Under it was
paperwork and a price tag. He gasped at the price, $59,950.00. "Wholly fuck!" he yelled out, his
voice bouncing off the walls of the store.He grabbed the card next to the
price tag, and started to read about his find:`Breathtaking and
phenomenal, this magnificent 14K gold men's princess cut diamond chain necklace
shines with sophistication. This white gold with its Sleek and fabulous design
will brighten anyone's day. It is all you need to show off your good taste. Created in the
timeless brilliance of full 80.00 carats of invisibly set princess cut
diamonds, this dazzling men's diamond necklace is a masterpiece!' lqand of nymphets
He stuffed the card
into his pocket, held the 14k Gold Men's Princess Cut Diamond Chain up to the
outside light, and watched it glisten, gleam, and shimmer, in all its beauty.
He found the perfect gift for Jon. This should get him back and out of his
funk, Tommy thought. He packed that one in another velvet-lined box and put it
in his pocket. He had three awesome presents nymphets in school uniform
for the three most important boys
in his life now. Not thinking Hunter would appreciate any jewelry, he decided
against getting him any right now. He turned and headed back out to his truck.
He would smile all the way home hoping the gifts would make his little nymphet videos
boys as happy
as he was. He got back on the parkway, drove the one exit, to his exit, and got
off there. With the excitement building in his head, he planned out how he was going to give each of the boys
their new presents. He pulled up to the garage, opened the door with the
remote, and pulled his truck in just enough so they could reach the milk and
eggs without going inside the garage. After turning off the truck, he got out
and headed inside the house. He entered the house to blaring noise, and he
immediately knew they were playing games once again. He walked into the back of
the house and stopped in the doorway of the game room. The sound was borderline
deafening. To be continued...

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