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Subject: Turkish Delight Chapter 2 (M/M, M/b, Incest, Watersports)Disclaimer: The following story *maybe* fictitious; it depicts scenes of a
sexual nature involving boys and men, some of whom may be related by blood
or marriage. Further, it features raw and explicit sexual content
including masturbation, oral and anal sex, lewd language and watersports.
The characters depicted in this erotic story do not practice safe sex; the
author implores all readers to follow their own instincts regarding this
matter. The author nymphets orgy does not advocate or condemn sex between adults and
minors, he is a realist who recognises such things happen, however he in no
way condones actions or behaviour, which may be illegal in your
jurisdiction or physically or emotionally harmful.
Turkish Delight - TwoI hadn't even left the country yet and I'd gotten in to some horny action
with a guy called Ben in the airport showers! Fuck! This was going to be
a crazy holiday...I closed the shower booth door and sat on the small stool, thinking back
over the past few minutes worth of fun. When I glimpsed my watch on my
wrist, I realised the last few minutes had in nymphette masturbation
fact been over an hour! I
had less than twenty minutes before I boarded my flight taking me away from
dreary England and away to the heat of Turkey. I got dressed and adjusted
myself accordingly. I unlocked the shower booth door and headed past the
remaining showers and decided, just for devilment, to check out the toilet
cubicles. The toilets were now quite empty and I figured that lots of
flights were boarding at the same time. As I walked past the cubicles, I
noticed all but three were open; the three occupied stalls were at the end
of the row, two on one side and one opposite. nymphets studios photos Listening intently for those
tell tale sounds, I heard whispering coming from the cubicle that was
opposite the other ls nymphet sites two 'engaged' stalls. Taking the cubicle next-door and
mindful of the time, I listened rapt. "Shh! We don't want anyone hearing
now do we?" stated a deep, Scots accent. "I know dad, but what if mummy
misses us?" said the other voice, that of a young boy. Fucking hell, a
father was doing something sexual with his son! In the toilets! In the
airport! "Daddy loves you son, we'll just tell your ma that we both needed
a shit!" said young nasty nymphet the man, "dad! You said a swear!" the kid giggled. "This
may be the only time we get to show each other how much we love each other
boy while ukrainian nymphets underage girls we're on holiday, and you know how happy this makes daddy don't
you?" the free pics angels nymphets man continued. little nymphets gallery
"I know little pretty nymphets
daddy and it makes me happy too, making
you happy I mean." the boy responded.My cock had hardened once again; my interest crazy nymphets bbs in boys was a desire so dark
and hidden that only nymphet movies I knew of it. I don't suppose it's a topic that one
can bring into conversations in the pub is it? However, I had never done
anything with a boy, lovely nymphets ukrainian nymphets
nor had I encountered anyone who felt the same. Now,
here I was next door to a dad getting it on with his very young sweet nymphets
own son! "Put you
hand on it like x rated nymphets pictures we've done before" the man commanded, "its getting harder
daddy, its growing in my hand!" the boy exclaimed. "That's right son, wank
daddy's cock!" I couldn't help myself; I pulled down my shorts and took
out my hard dick, a single drop of cum remained on the glans from my
session only minutes earlier with Ben. I slicked the cum over my helmet
and lubed my shaft with it, sucking my finger into my mouth and replacing
it on my knob head. "Now lick the top of it like I showed you, you like
that don't you boy?" questioned the father. "Yeah! I like to taste the
stuff dad!" his boy responded eagerly. I was fisting my cock furiously,
aware that I would be unable to shoot after coming so much earlier.
"Daddy'll wank his dick and you lick it good!" the father said and a slight
slurping sound could be heard from the cubicle. nymph model nude
"Got to be quick, got to
be quick!" the Scot repeated, "open up Ry, swallow all of daddy's milk,
gonna make that milkshake you like!" he chanted. I pulled my cock faster
as I model nymphet link closed my eyes imagining the prepubscent nymphets photos
scene only centimetres away. "Here it
comes Ryan, here it is boy, open up and swallow! Ungh, ungh, argh!" the man
whispered.I could hear the audible gulping of the child behind the thin partition of
the cubicle, "atta boy Ry, daddy's boy!" his father told him. "Mmm! It's
warm and creamy daddy. The best!" the kid replied and smacked nymphet illegal photos his lips. I
jerked my swollen and painful cock and felt myself dry cumming, the first
dry cum I'd surely experienced since I was myself a child? I heard
shuffling and zips being closed, so I composed myself as best I could, I
had to let this guy know that I had heard. Waiting for the familiar snap
of the lock as it fucking nymphets opened, I burst out of the cubicle at the same time as
this father and his son. What a sight! There before me was an Adonis of a
man, truly beautiful about thirty years old with raven black hair and
piercing blue eyes. He wore a tight, 'skinny rib' tee-shirt and three
quarter jogging nymphettes nude pics
pants. As for the son, he was almost a replica of his dad;
the eyes and hair were identical. He looked to be about seven or eight.
Remembering the knowing look the black guy and his companion had given me
as they saw me nude in the raygold nymphet shower booth earlier, I shot this guy the same
look. Looking his boy over, I licked my lips. "Nice day to go flying!" I
stated sarcastically and made eye contact with the dad. He looked me over
and must have noticed the bulge in my shorts. "It is if you've got the
right travelling companion!" he said and patted his kids arse. Taking the
boys hand, he walked off. "That man's got a hard-on dad!" said the boy.
"Yes! He has hasn't be boy and you know what? You made that happen to him!"
his father replied as they strode towards the exit.I walked to the wash hand basin and washed my hands again. Looking at
myself in nymphet 14 yo the mirror, I smiled at my own reflection. "Turkey, here I
come!" I said to no one in particular. Just then, the familiar tone of the
airport tannoy sounded announcing that my flight had commenced boarding. I
rushed to the flight desk, handed my boarding card and passport to the hunk
on the check in and joined the other little nymphets child travellers innocent nymphets
nymphet hardcore virgin
aboard the coach to the
'plane. I noticed schoolgirl pussy nymphets that there were mainly families on the coach and one
rowdy bunch of young lads in their late teens. There were several hot guys
in that party and I wondered if we would cross paths at all during our
stay? As I scanned little nymphet rape the underground nymphets rompl rest of the coach, I noticed the Scots Adonis from
minutes earlier, his son, his wife and a toddler who looked to be about two
and a half. So! This guy was on the same flight as me? I wondered where
he would be staying, as several thoughts clouded my mind at the same time,
I noticed him looking at me. I looked over and raised my eyebrows to him;
he winked back and patted his boy's arse once more! Was this a come on? I
had no way of knowing but couldn't wait to find out!The coach ground to a halt outside the 'plane and eager holidaymakers began
to climb the steps to board. From the corner of my eye, I noticed another
familiar sight, Ben the guy whom I had had sex with in the airport showers.
He was with a very attractive woman and they had with them two kids, a girl
aged about six and a young lad (who looked much like his mum) about ten. I
checked Ben out and scanned his crotch area his hard-on had diminished. He
didn't notice me as he climbed the steps and they were all welcomed aboard
by the flight litlle nymphet crew. The Scot had however noticed me and sauntered over to
me, with his boy's hand in his. "Hiya!" he said, little nymphet model top
"my names Steve and this
here is Ryan, I hope that we didn't offend you earlier?" he questioned.
"Erm, when?" I asked; "when we were at the airport in the toilets" he
clarified. "Uh, no, no, not at all! By the way, I'm Darryl" I informed
him. "Where you headed?" he asked, "Marmaris, Sea View Apartments" I told
him. "Snap!" exclaimed Steve, "so are we, my photo teen nymphette wife's called Anita and my
other boy is Dale. Are you travelling alone then?" he continued his
questions. "Yep, first single holiday for years!" I responded. "You'll
have to tag along with us then, Anita hates to see anyone on their own and
I'll be glad of the company!" Steve said. So it was a come on earlier? We
climbed the steps nymphets foto to the 'plane and Steve walked off in nymphets porn nude young front of me. It
was unusual but the 'plane was only three quarters full. nymphet upskirts
I took my seat,
next to a couple who looked to be in their late fifties. The crew went
through the procedure and the captain told us the usual concerning the
flight, route, time changes and expected temperature at our destination.
The 'plane ascended and I relaxed in my underage nymphets rompl seat.I must have dozed off, because about an hour nymphete torrent later I was being shaken awake
by a stewardess. "Steve asked me to tell you that there are some spare
seats near his family, would you like to join them?" nymphets lol nude Disorientated, I
wondered what she meant; looking nymphetten up the aisle Steve was smiling towards me.
He sat one side of the aisle with Ryan and his wife sat in the partner seat
the other side with Dale. I unfastened my seat belt and wandered up the
aisle. "Honey, this is Darryl he's travelling alone" Steve told his wife
across the aisle. "Oh! We can't have that can we darling?" she asked of
her husband. "Come and sit with us Darryl, we'll make sure you have a good
holiday!" I was told by Anita that I may as well sit with Steve and Ryan
seeing as we were guys and probably had "lots of nonsense to talk about
like football and horse-racing!" Steve climbed out of his seat and ushered
me inside, Ryan lifted his legs so that I could squeeze past and I sat by
the window. Steve sat back down and turned towards me, I did likewise and
was facing this handsome fellow with his equally gorgeous son sat between
us. I noticed Anita and placed ear plugs in her ears and pulled a mask
over her eyes. "So, I suppose you heard us earlier?" Steve asked, getting
right to the point I thought. "Uh, huh" I nodded. "What do you think then,
you know?" Steve whispered. "Well, I suppose I was a little shocked but
... !" I trailed off. "But, you were turned on too?" Steve continued. Of
course I was turned on! Ryan was nodding off, his cute little head bobbing
and his eyes almost closed. "Man, I gotta tell you I've had lots of
experiences in my life, but see him?" he pointed to Ryan, "he's my number
one, numero uno!" he enunciated the words correctly. He reached above him
and nymphet set pushed the indicator calling the cabin crew. Within seconds an
efficient young woman was at his side in the aisle. "Could I have a
blanket for my son please?" he asked and she dutifully brought one.
Unfolding it, Steve lay it across himself and lifted the armrest and pulled
it over Ryan, part of the blanket also covered my own lap. Ryan had by now
nodded off and with this being a night flight so had a great deal of other
passengers.Steve and I continued to chat about the merits of underage young nymphets "pussy and cock" when he
lifted sex nymphettes the blanket slowly and showed me Ryan's sleeping form. He bade me
to hold up the blanket as he slowly pulled Ryan's tee-shirt up over his
stomach and inched his shorts and pants down. There, for me to see was
Ryan's glorious boy cock and nymphettes photo sex
balls. Steve rolled his kid's cock around
between his fingers and the kid didn't flinch. Then Steve looked over to
me and asked me if I wanted "a feel"? Although nervous, my curiosity got
the better of me and I placed my hand under the blanket and felt the kid's
jewels. My already thickening cock went from semi to full on erection in
no time! I was fondling a boy and his dad had asked if I wanted too! The
next thing I notice was Steve slowly edging his zipper down and erotical nymphets hauling out
his cock, simply poking it through the opening. I leant over and felt his
meat, he was big and thick, Next, he turned slightly and russiannymphets picked Ryan up
with his big arms and told me to pull down the boys shorts, "just below his
arse." I did so willingly, he then pulled Ryan over still sleeping and sat
him on his cock! I couldn't believe what I was seeing. This man was
holding his kid over his throbbing cock on an aircraft with over 130 people
aboard. "Pull his arse cheek a bit" Steve whispered and I did as I was
requested and as I gently pulled the kids arse cheek, Steve lowered the lad
down on to his waiting manhood. The kid mumurred slightly and wiggled
about a bit and Steve just left him there! Impaled upon his dick. Steve
reached around and under the safety of the blanket fondled the japanese nymphet tgp kids balls
and cock some more. "Not bad for a wee un?" is he asked Steve. I was in a
dream, I couldn't answer. "Drop down a little and lol your head over and
you'll look like you sleeping" underage nymphets model
said Steve, "then if you want you can have a
quick suck on his cock!" Man, was I up for that? Too right, I did as
suggested and leant in to the kids crotch, I could feel the heat of Steve's
cock down there and also smell him too, it was great. I stuck my tongue
out and tasted my first boy cock. wild nymphets land Soon I had my mouth boy nymphet pedo over the entire
member and licked loving over the tip. Steve lifted Ryan off of his dick
and pushed his own cock down very lola nymphet mpeg for me to taste. God! It was fantastic,
thick and veiny with a taste I'd never known (boy arse I suppose). I
sucked him quickly nymphette sexe and then sat upright again. Steve told me to pull the
boys shorts back up, which I did and he placed the still sleeping tyke back
in his seat. "I'll come on your hand if you want me too" Steve suggested,
I nodded my agreement and, once again under the cover of the blanket, Steve
beat his dick quickly as I held my hand near his balls. "Uck, ungh, uh,
uuuhhh!" he uttered and I felt his thick spunk ooze on to my hand.
Bringing it carefully to my lips from under the blanket, I gulped it
greedily. Fucking hell ... what a fortnight I had in store ...
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