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Subject: Turkish Delight 7 (M/M, M/b, Incest, Watersports)Disclaimer: The following story *maybe* fictitious; it depicts scenes of a
sexual nature involving boys and men, some of whom may be related by blood
or marriage. Further, it features raw and nymphets nudes young explicit sexual content
including masturbation, oral and anal sex, nymphets underage free lewd language and watersports.
The characters depicted in this erotic story do not practice safe sex; the
author implores all readers to follow their own instincts regarding this
matter. The author does not advocate or condemn sex between adults and
minors, he is a realist who recognises such things happen, however he in no
way condones actions or behaviour, which may be illegal in your
jurisdiction or physically or emotionally harmful.Not much sex in this chapter ...Turkish Delight - SevenAs I walked into the shower room nude, my semi hard cock still bobbing
about, I looked at myself in the mirror. "Fucking hell!" I said to myself,
"I've just had my cock in the arse of a kid almost young enough to be my
own grandson!" I idly scratched my nuts as I chuckled, what a great
holiday I was going to have. I flipped on the shower and set the
temperature to medium, I literally stank not only of my own sweat, but also
of the unmistakable aroma of spunk and of course little boy. I ambled into
the shower and luxuriated under the powerful jets of the cleansing water.
Reaching for he hospitality soap, I lathered it in my hands under the
flowing water and stepped back out of its reach. Caressing my own chest, I
coated myself with the lather rubbing my hands under each armpit and over
my neck. Straining to soap my own back (why aren't loofer's provided?) I
took hold of the bar of soap again and proceeded to soap up my legs,
running the suds up and down them. I then re-lathered my hands and reached
around to soap my arse, rubbing my sudsy hands first over my hairy cheeks
and then delving in to my crack. Right hand and left hand shoving into my
trench and spreading the soap around. I fingered the suds into my hole and
revelled in the sensations, had I had more time I would have spent a while
pleasuring myself further. I then took the soap for a final time and
proceeded to lather my big balls and my uncut cock. Pulling back my
foreskin, I soaped the knob and cleaned my most prized possession.
Stepping back under the flow of water, I rinsed my self off. Unhitching
the showerhead from the pole, I squatted slightly and held the showerhead
through my legs, spraying the warm water up and into my arse, delighting in
the sensations. I used the showerhead to then rinse of my cock and nuts,
pulling back my foreskin once again to nymphet tgps
clean it off soap. Retrieving the
soap for a final time, I rubbed it into my hair and washed that off under
the shower. Turning off the shower, I sought a nymphet nonude towel and stepped out of
the cubicle.Walking to the bedroom, I retrieved my holdall and located some suntan
lotion, next I picked up my case and unlocked it, finding a pair of blue
addidas shorts and a matching vest. little nymphets nudes Throwing these onto the bed, I
continued to dry myself. Satisfied I was completely dry, I reached for the
suntan lotion and spread a liberal dark nymphets bbs
amount on my hands and rubbed them
together. I covered first my right and then my left leg, then repeating
the process, I covered both arms and my shoulders and the back of my neck.
As I waited for this to dry slightly, I used the towel to wipe off my
hands. Wandering out into the lounge area, I walked to the patio doors. I
was shocked to see a lad of about four, maybe five years old on my patio
looking for a ball. As I watched him oblivious to the fact that I could
see him, he found his ball and turned around. Seeing me in all my naked
glory, he gasped and then giggled. Climbing over the small balustrade he
was gone, back to the pool I assumed. Satisfied that the suntan lotion had
indeed dried sufficiently, I went back into the bedroom and tugged on my
shorts and then pulled my vest over my head. Seeking a pair of addidas
flip-flops from my case I slipped these on too. Walking back into the
shower I had only to brush my teeth, having at last found ukrainian nymphets masha my toilet bag,
having dumped it in there earlier. I brushed my teeth and switched off the
light. I walked to the patio ukrainien nymphet
door and was once again shocked to see the
same kid on my patio. "Hiya!" I said, "what can I do for you?" "My ball
landed in here, sorry!" he giggled and once again clambered over the
balustrade. He was red-haired and had millions of tiny freckles over his
bare shoulders, his parents had thoughtfully put him in 'proper' swimming
trunks and he had the tiniest little nymphet imagevenue jpg
bulge and what looked to be a pert
little arse, his legs were reddened from catching the sun, I'd have to keep
my eye out for him I thought as I closed the patio door and drew the
curtain to shut out the intense sunlight.Looking around, I discovered the remote control for the air conditioning
unit that Sevlin had brought earlier. Mindful of the extreme temperatures
in Turkey, I set the air con unit to 16o Celsius, its lowest setting. Next
I retrieved my apartment key and found my wallet, Taking out several
million Lire (crazy money!) I locked this in the safe and stood out 15 nymphets
to the
door. I returned to my holdall and took out a pair of sunglasses and put
them on, striding to the door I reminded myself, "wallet - check, key -
check!" Satisfied I had everything, I littles nymphets galleries opened the door onto the all
embracing heat and walked out of my apartment. Within less than twenty
steps, I was stood outside Ben and Sarah's apartment. Sarah was standing
there with Anita and they were with Ryan, Kyle, Dale nymphets teens nude and Chloe. "Hiya!
Had a bit of beautifull nymphets nap and a shower have you love?" asked Sarah in her
over-friendly way, "yes, I needed to freshen up!" I answered, only half
lying. "Ben's still in there now" she added and nodded towards the door.
"My Steve's the same, vain too!" agreed Anita. As I glanced at Ben and
Sarah's open apartment door, I made eye contact with little Kyle. He
smiled at me and sort of dipped his eyes and then continued playing
whatever game it was that the three nymphets models com
eldest kids had been playing. "Looks
like their getting on well?" I asked of the two wives and they both agreed.
"Hi-ho!" shouted Steve as he came out of his apartment, he looked hot in
his tight white soccer shorts and a gym vest, he was well oiled and looked
hot as hell."Who are we waiting for then?" he asked, "Mr. Vain!" chided Sarah as she
nodded her head in the direction of their apartment, up the stairs. "Why
don't you girls go on ahead and us men nymphets on ecstasy will wait for Ben?" Steve suggested
to Anita, "we'll meet you by the bar" he added. "Don't think you are going
to be in that bar the whole time Steve, I want to get some sun by the
pool!" Anita told him. "Better still then top child models nymphets love, why don't you three girls
go search for some sunbeds and umbrellas and we'll seek refreshments to
bring over to you?" Steve said. Sarah and Anita exchanged glances and
picked up their bags (no doubt containing towels and lotions and magazines)
"don't be long!" Anita scowled as Steve, "and tell his Lordship to hurry up
in future!" Sarah added as they and Chloe headed for the pool. As soon as
his photo nymphette sexe mother had gone, Ryan flew at his father and threw his arms round his
waist; His head was only inches above Steve's waistband. "Can I stay with
you dad. can I?" asked the boy, "of course you can, but you'll want to
spend some time in the pool Ry and you'll need to keep your brother company
too" Steve informed his eldest boy. Little Dale was smothered in thick
suntan cream and his head was covered with a hat, he wore little nude nympho
flip-flops and
red and white shorts and a matching tee-shirt. He was sat contentedly in a
baby buggy and a parasol shielded him from the dirty russian nymphets intense sun. Kyle stood
almost forlornly alone, I wandered up to him and asked, "enjoying yourself
so far mate?" Looking into my eyes, he nodded and a big grin cp russian nymphets model spread over
his face. He was wearing a white England football shirt a matching
baseball cap and white shorts, he too had on flip-flops. Placing my hands
on his shoulders, I whispered in his ear, "our little secret Kyle, no one
needs to know!" I pushed my crotch into the small of his back and kneaded
his shoulders slightly. Just then, the apartment on the second floor
closed and Ben traversed the steps two at a time, he was whistling."You took your fucking time!" Steve laughed and we all turned to look at
him, his fair hair was slicked back and he wore an outfit nymphets pussy baby that matched his
son's entirely. "Gotta make myself look smart guys!" he winked as he
joined us. "Smart is the word!" I winked back at him, "like father like
son!" Ben smiled broadly at the nymphets models teenager
compliment and put his arm liitle nymphets com over his sons
shoulder. Steve grinned widely, grabbing hold of the buggy, he released
the brake and we all strolled off, we chatted about the pool and the heat
and debated whether the lager would be like "cat's or gnat's piss!" as we
headed towards the bar. Passing the women and Chloe, who had located some
loungers under a parasol, we entered the bar. "First rounds on me!" I said
and wandered off to the bar as Ben, Steve and the boys sought some seats.
The young barman wore the regulation tight black trousers and a crisp white
shirt. He was studly and handsome with it; I ordered three pints of lager
and soft drinks for the boys. Steve yelled across, "get some long ones for
the women will you Dar?" and I ordered them both Vodka's and Coke. The
barman told me to take my seat and he would bring the drinks over. I
re-joined Ben and Steve who had acquired a large round table, I sat between
both men and I noticed Kyle and Ryan had wandered off to play arcade games.
Dale was nodding off in the buggy. The barman brought our drinks over,
"what do they call you then?" asked Steve, "eh?" the barman questioned,
raising an eyebrow. "Your name, what's your name?" Steve clarified, "oh,
it is Omar!" he responded, holding out his hand Steve said "names Steve,
this here is Darryl and the ugly fucker is Ben!" Omar grasped Steve's hand
firmly and shook it rigorously. "Darryl is a friend of Sev, the guy in
reception. Pretty good friends!" Steve informed him and Omar's eyes
widened, "Sevlin? He too is my friend, we friends also?" Omar responded.
"Any friend of Sev's is a friend of mine!" I said and held out my hand,
Omar shook my hand as he did with Steve and then grasped Ben's outstretched
hand and made acquaintance with him. "Could you take the Vodka and Coke's
and a glass of orange out to the preeteen nymphetes ladies under the blue parasol please?" Ben
asked Omar, and doing as he was asked, he turned to leave. "Hang on there
fella, you nymphets kid
forgot your tip!" Said Steve holding out a note, Omar took it
and thanked him, "plenty more where that came from O, don't worry about
that!" Steve said and winked at him. "I could think of a few other tips he
could have!" I laughed nymphet pantyhose
and Ben and Steve laughed too."Well the boys are getting on OK" Ben said as he raised his pint to his
lips, "aye, aye that they are!" said Steve, "my boy loves to make friends
Ben, he really does. He's a friendly chap just like his dad!" Steve
continued, "hey listen to us talking 'bout our kids!" Steve went on, "we'll
be boring the arse of poor old Darryl!" and with that the big Scot slapped
my leg playfully. "Oww!" I mock yelled and dug the guy in the ribs,
"anyway's top nymphet tgp call me Daz, all my friend's do" I told him. "Daz eh?" said Ben,
"Daz it is!" agreed Steve. Just then Kyle and Ryan ran over to the table,
"can we have some more coins please?" asked Ryan. Steve sought out his
wallet and spread a handful of notes on the nymphette 100 links table, "go and ask O at the bar
for some change Ry, and you make sure you are underage photo nude nymphet
nice to him!" his father said
giving him some of the notes to be changed, as Ryan turned to leave his dad
playfully tapped his arse. "Here we go Kyle" Steve said to Ben's lad,
"Some for you too!" Kyle looked at Steve and a little smile spread across
his face, "thanks Steve!" he said holding out his hand. As Steve handed
the notes to the boy, he pulled him to him and playfully rubbed the top of
his head with his knuckles. dark wild nymphets Kyle giggled but didn't pull away from Steve;
his father looked on and laughed too. "He's a playful kid our Kyle!" said
Ben, if only he knew how playful I thought! "Handsome sweet young nymphets
too, like his dad!"
said Steve and raised his pint once again to his lips. As Kyle turned on
his heel to join Ryan, who was naughty nymphets galleries
now deep in conversation with Omar nymphets kids porno at the
bar, his father watched him walk off. Steve looked at me, licked his lips
and winked. I took a swig of my drink and said, "so when are we going to
have some male only fun then?" to Ben. He looked around nervously, "no one
knows what we're talking about man!" said Steve, "just relax." "Thing is,
where can we go to?" asked Ben, still looking around. "Mmm, well I have an
apartment all to myself!" I deadpanned and laughed. "Duh!" mocked Steve.
Ben laughed then and took a large gulp of his beer. From the corner of my
eye, I noticed that Kyle was busily playing the machines but Ryan was
nowhere to be seen and neither was Omar. Ben said that he needed to take a
piss and wandered off, as he went past his boy he ruffled his hair.I looked at Steve and asked him where he thought Ryan had gone, "he's
probably making friends with O, I did tell him to be nice to him!" Steve
said and grinned. "Fucking hell man, you OK with him playing about?" I
asked, "of course I am, he loves guys man fucking loves 'em!" said Steve,
"he's told me that he wants to be with men all his life, he's probably
gay!" he continued. "Come off it, he can't possibly know if he's gay and
besides how long have you been messing with him?" I asked. "When he was a
wee 'un, I used to take him in the bath with me and one day he wanted to
touch my cock, so I let him. It kind of went from there, I guess hardcore nymphet tgp
he was
about three!" Steve informed me. nymphets nude body "Fucking hell man!" was all I could say.
"It was a hot scene earlier with Kyle wasn't it?" asked Steve, "too right
man, he just saw me wanking and it went from there!" I said. "Do you
reckon his dad's playing with him?" I wandered aloud, "Nah forbidden russian nymphets don't think so"
said Steve, "but we know he likes other guys, 'cos you got it on with him
in the airport, so there is hope!" We chatted some more about Steve's wife
Anita and his relationship with her, Steve told me that this holiday was
"make or break time" for his marriage due to the fact that they hadn't been
getting on since Dale was born. Ben joined us at the tale end of the
conversation and said "women eh? Can't live with 'em, can't live without
'em!" He told us that him and Sarah had an OK marriage but that it had
been a mistake to marry in the first place. Sarah had, apparently gotten
"knocked up with Kyle" leaving Ben no option but to marry her seeing as her
father was his boss. "The kids are the only good thing to come out of my
marriage really," he added forlornly.I noticed that all our pints were empty and collected them up and went to
the bar, leaving Ben and Steve no teenmodel nymphets pics
doubt complaining about their wives. I
figured that Ben and Sarah were possibly in a pretty sexless marriage and
that Steve probably didn't care if his ended, so long as he kept Ryan.
Kyle was still playing the arcade game and as I angel nymphets child approached the bar, he
turned around and smiled at me. "OK big fella?" I asked, little nymphet cp he lowered his
eyes and said, "yeah, thanks!" and then casually shoved his hand into his
shorts! The rear of the bar was deserted and I asked Kyle where Ryan had
gone. "Um, I think plump nymphets he was helping the man out!" he said. Looking over to
where Steve and Ben were sat, I noticed they were deep in conversation;
Steve had his hand on Ben's knee. Leaving the pint glasses on the bar, I
grabbed my crotch. "Gotta go to the loo!" I said to Kyle. Walking off
past the boy, I entered the toilets. I immediately sensed there was
someone in there, the layout was pretty straightforward with a bank of six
urinals opposite were three stalls ukrainian nymphets ls and there were two wash hand basins. I
took the urinal at the end, which was opposite the end stall. I cleared my
throat to allow whoever japan nymphettes
was in there to know I was there and pulled out my
cock and began to piss. The outer door of the toilet opened and in walked
Kyle, as I stood there with my cock in my hand pissing freely, he came and
stood next to me. "Alright little buddy?" I asked him and he nodded, he
was mesmerised watching me piss. I turned slightly and allowed him a
better view, my cock thickening slightly in my hand. "Not gonna have a wee
then?" I asked him, he shook his head no. I finished up and shook off my
dick dramatically. Before I could get my piece back in my shorts he was
gone! As I was heading for the door, I decided not to wash my hands, I
heard the distinct and unmistakeable moan of a guy cumming, turning around
I walked two or three steps back and heard the 'gulping' sound I'd heard
yesterday in the airport. "Sagol! Sagol!" I heard Omar whisper in Turkish
as I smiled and walked out.I wandered past Kyle and he was busy on black nymphet the games, "you like what you saw
just now Kyle?" I asked him, "um, yeah!" he whispered and glanced towards
his dad, "see you later maybe?" I said and rejoined Steve and Ben. Just
then Omar entered the bar and quickly took the empty pints I'd left there
and refilled fresh ones. Bringing them over on the tray, he smiled
broadly. Steve offered up some cash, "no please! These is on the house!"
Omar said and handed us all our pints. "You sir, are a gentleman and a
scholar!" said Steve and raised his glass to the barman. I noticed that
Ryan had now rejoined Kyle by the gaming machines and they were deep in
conversation. Omar left us and Ben said, "hope he gives us as good head as
he puts on our pints!" and we all laughed. Ryan came over sweet nymphets nn models
and ran into his
dad's arms, lifting the boy up onto his lap; young petite nymphets Steve kissed him on the lips.
Ryan mock protested and Steve said "there's nothing wrong with showing your
boy affection free nymphets art is there guys?" to Ben and I. "Not at all!" said Ben and I
responded nymphet pics videos
likewise. Ryan jumped out nymphets sex stories free
of his dad's lap and ran back to where
Kyle was playing. A few other holidaymakers came into the bar and we all
nodded. Steve drained his pint and said that he was off to "catch some
rays", pushing the buggy with his youngest boy fast asleep, he asked Kyle
and Ryan virgin nymphet sex
if they wanted a dip in the pool. Nodding excitedly both said
"yes" and ran ahead of Steve. "See you pair in an hour or so!" he shouted
and disappeared. "And then there were two!" I said, "wanna go and play?" I
asked Ben. He told me that I had ls nymphets angels better go on ahead to my apartment and
that he would join me in about ten minutes. Supping the last of my drink,
I stood and walked out. Admiring some of the guys as I did so.
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