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From: Fishboy
Subject: Turkish FishermanThe story that will follow is true 100% and happened to me about 6 years
ago. I read many stories with the same content and i decide to share my
story with all of you, i hope you enjoy it! If you have any problem to
read stories that nymphets sites list
involve sex between M/b then stop here reading and leave.Well, everything start when i turned 13 yrs old and i was living with my
father, my parents was divorced 3 yrs ago and my mother said to me that
this summer is her turn and i can go anal ls nymphets
holidays with her together.I ask her where we go and she said to Turkey and she start to explain me
that she spoke with a woman , ukrainian nymphets video
friend from her work that is very nice there
and also that woman introduced to my mother a special location in Turkey
and some people there that can help us, between them and one fisherman that
we can find fresh fishes etc. I was happy directly, and i said to my
mother that i would like to go for fishing with a alt binaries nymphets boat, she said ok.After a whole week me and my mother we were in Turkey, on that place that
the woman friend of my mother said. Was nice there, first time for me so
far away of nymphets shy gallery my home for holidays. Two days left so quick spend most of the
time in the sea, the third day we decide with my mother to find that old
fisherman, and we went in the center of that small town to find his shop
that he sell fresh fishes there.Finally we were exactly there, and this man was so big and enough fat with
a big enough belly and he knows english well. In school i nymphets image was very good for
english language and i can understand when he spoke with my mother good
enough.It was time to close the shop and he was going to lock the door when we
were inside, after that he said to my mother that in the back room of the
shop he has the most fresh fishes, saying to me to stay there and to my
mother to follow him in the other room. So i stay there in the front shop
for about 15 min when i heard some sweet nymphet naked
strange voices from that room that my
mother was in, i walked to that direction front of the door and i tried to
see from the keyhole, when i saw my mother turned front with her belly shocking nymphet jpegs
on a
table with her skirt up on her hips and her nymphet ru bbs panties down on the ankles
while that big Turkey man was positioned back of her having his cock inside
to pantyhose nymphets kids my mother, through the trousers opening with buttons. I didn't know so
much about sex in my age but i could find from the position that he had his
cock in the ass of my mother, i couldn't see clear from that keyhole, but
when i saw my mother's face has some kind of pain expression.I stayed there frozen like a piece of wood, i didn't know what to do, i was
only thinking that may be my mother young pink nymphettes has this to come here to him, and that
woman from her work perhaps explain to my mother exactly what she can wait
from him!Well, i could see that big man to enjoy my mother's ass enough he thrust so
aggresive, and suddenly he made a big last thrust all the way and stay
there while he was coming in to my mother's ass, when my mother almost
screaming from pain and pleasure together. After that session that big man
pull his cock out of my mother's stretch ass and i was so surprised when i
saw that big cock, quickly i left from the keyhole and they came out while
my mother keep in her hands a plastic bag with some fishes, she pay and we
left.In the way back to our hotel my mother put her hand back to her ass
sometimes and i found that she didn't walk free like before, but i can
understand it, i didn't nymphet child pics say anything!After two days and when i was comfused with my feelings to my mother and
also to that big fisherman my mother said to me that the next day i will go
for fishing with that fisherman and his boat, she explain to him everything
that i want it so much and finally he was agree about it. I said i can live
without it, was not so important for me becuase in this time when i think
what happened front of my eyes i didn't like to go with him for fishing,
but anyway now it was ready.Next day that Turkey big man was waiting for me in the small port in his
boat, we were together with my mother, she said to me to be careful and
listen that fisherman everytime youngest nymphets toplists and the fisherman said that we come back in
six hours about, it dependent of the fishes also, and he start the motor,
my mother left alone.We were far enough, we were stop the motor and he start to explain me about
fishing. He was speaking to me all the time, he was sitting opposite to me
in the boat and prepared the fishing lines learning me also when suddenly i
saw his cock appear in the left opening of his shorts.That moment i thought that he didn't understand it and my eyes couldn't go
away from that meat, he continue to working with the lines and i was
looking to his cock, i never seen so big cock before in my life, and i
wished to be out more of his shorts for better view, when suddenly he was
looking to me and catch me to watch his cock.I was really red color, when he try to pull his cock out and i can see it
better. He pull my hand also and he said to touch it, I turn my face to the
sea, but that cock has a secret power that i can't cp underage nymphets take my eyes away of
that.Finally i saw so near that cock, was so big about 7.5 in with a very big
cockhead shining and cut and on underage nymphetes that big cockhead up was an old fashion
tattoo in dark green ink the two symbols of turkey flag! From the root
till the half of his cock was curled grey hairs, the same hairs on his big
balls that hanging so down.He said to me again to touch his cock and i did it, i was so curious how it
feels. Suddenly his cock was alive, was grown so much nymphet teen teen and he ask me if i
like it. All this time i couldn't speak and my heart was ready to be
broken.He understand that i couldn't go back and he said that we must change
location with the boat, he start the motor and we were going to some small
island only rocks, and in one place i could see the mouth of a cave that
can pass in that small boat 4m, as he did. In that time i complained a lot
to him, it was something like i wokeup but he didn't listen to me.He stop the motor and start to take out his dirty t-shirt , he was so hairy
front in chest and his back the same curled grey hairs, he looks like a big
gorilla, after he take out his shorts also and he was all nude front of me.He said to me to take out all my clothes and stay with nothing on my body.
I was sure now that my mother didn't knows anything about that, that's why
she said to listen that big man from Turkey.We were out of the boat and i found that he knew that place very teenies nymphets underage well from
before, out of the cave you cannot see the boat and inside was only stones
and rocks and some old matress and some old seats of cars.He take me from the hand and put me sitting in a big back seat of car while
he was standing front of me, his cock about 10cm front of my nose. He said
to me to kiss his cock that this time was enough big and i protest that i
was there for different reason and not for that, but inside of me something
push me to kiss that monster, finally i did it, i kiss his cock many times
in the big cockhead like mushroom and i felt the man smelling so much first
time.He said to try put his cockhead in my mouth but this was impossible, was so
big for my mouth i tried but was not so easy, but i enjoyed that cock nymphette website video
i kiss it so nymphets incest pics
much.After that session he said to me to turn from other side with my knees up
to that seat and my belly in the back of that seat as i did, but i tried to
explain him that i don't want anything more, he said ok nymphet pre but he want to kiss
a little my ass, i was like fly front of him, i couldn't react to his
desires, i let him to make what he like.He was back of me and start licking my asshole, i start like it, my tiny nymphet model hole on
that time was like velvet smooth without any hair, and that big hairy man
he tried to put his tongue in my hole as toplist teen nymphets he did, it was very pleasurable
that experiance and i would never finish.Till that time i forgot his cock entirely, i turn my head to see it and it
was so big and standing, i was without experiances and very young but
something said to me that may be later he prefer something more for his
cock and i nymphets video free dont want to thinking about it.I didn't have time to finish my thinking and he turn to me saying that i
must try "othomanic" sessions as my mother did, before to go back to my
country,i didn't understand good what he really mean but i felt my mouth to
be dry and i said not, no more, but i was curious also to see how my mother
felt with that big cock.He tried to explain me that he like assholes all his life if it's from
women or men isn't a problem and that cock knows to fuck asses very well,
and i will see how i feel after, he said all that and he went back to the
boat to bring something when i was waiting on that position on my knees to
that car seat.He was coming back with a small box in the hand, he opened and he said
don't move,after he put his middle finger in the box and got enough amount
of that red nymphets
gel, which i thought in the beginning that is marmelade, but i was
wrong that big man didn't find anything better in the boat for that case
and brought nymphet posingukrainian nymphet porn "grease" for the motors.He start let that grease around of my hole and inside, it was nice feeling
with his hand, but i said to him make nothing more except nymphets boards this.He said that this was impossible because his cock need an ass so much and
my mother ass was not so near, as he explain me that nymphets 15yo will be very nice and
i enjoy it so much as my mother did. I start believe him and he said that
we were ready for that, he said also that i must freeing my hole as much i
can if i want no problems with pain.He standing back of my ass and he was ready for the attack,he put his
cockhead front of my hole and start to push gently, while i felt the first
kind of pain, he said don't worry is normal that pain for virgin asshole,
is not like your mother and he explain me that my mother was not so virgin
in the ass. With all his lollita nymphette conversation he makes me to forget that critical
session i was that time with his big cockhead to wait some opportunity go
in to my ass,and suddenly i dark nymphet movies
was no waiting for that he push so strong his
big cockhead with tattoo in my ass.I thought that my body cutting in two pieces, i was screaming so much in
that cave but my voice couldn't go out, nobody can hear it.That big hairy man when he put the cockhead inside he stayed there without
any move and he didn't speak, but i start crying from that pain while that
cock was bigger and teenager nymphets land bigger all the wild young nymphets time. I said to him to take his cock out
but he said "stay there and don't move, my cock needs to feel ukrainian nymphets thumbnails
more of your
ass" and start to push more inside slowly, slowly keeping strong my hips
trying to open my ass apart.I understand that i was in trap, because i couldn't leave that seat, nymphet virgins
only way was to go russian nymphet 14 yo
front but the resist little nymphet porn to let me go and the back way
waiting his cock. Well, i start screaming again so much when his cock was
half inside to me,when i put my hand back to my ass, i felt his rest of
cock so hard and full of hairs (as petite nymphets pics i said in the beginning his half cock in
root was full of grey curled hairs) and i said to him "it's enough, take
him out of me"and he said "don't worry, now is the best session. Feel what your mother
felt," saying that he thrust so strong and his cock was all the way in to
me and stay there. I was screaming so much again from that uncontrolled
pain, when his big cockhead reach so deep inside to my bowels, and he
continue without any move, he said to me also nymphet nude free photos that "please don't move,
after a little you will feel so nice with my cock" but i found only that if
i move he will finish, and he didn't want it.My ass was flat with his enough big balls, his cock all the way up in my
ass and i felt the hairy part of his cock to trick my colon inside me, that
man was like a giant front of me, how can i feel when model nymphet young that giant is back of
me? I didn't think that my mother knows the really appetite of that man, i
mean that he don't care if the ass is from boy or girl, i can't imagine if
that moment was back of a corner and looking to us on that session, if she
knows she will never let me with him.That time the big hairy Turkish man pull back his cock a little and after
push it again inside to image portal nymphet
me but my ass was so sensitive and i have so much
pain. I was looking down through my belly back and i saw up of that car
seat yellow leather four or five drops from blood. On that time i was so
scared about, i said to him "is this blood from my me?" he didn't say
anything again but while i was front of best nymphet models him in all fours he put his hands
down of my knees and pick me up on the air with full of his cock in my ass,
i was screaming again how i change position and he start walking with me
kept on the air near to the sea in the cave, his feet first in water after
his knees and suddenly the level of water reach my stretched ass and his
cock, OUGHHH, he took me there to clean me from the blood but the salty
water was not so good on that case, i had pain also for that moment and
after ok.He took me out of the sea and set me back to that car seat like before, all
that time with his big cock into my ass, and he said "now prepare yourself
for the final session, because i can't keep myself, my balls will be
broken"He starts to move front and back while he was in big pleasure felt drops of
his saliva falling down of his mouth in my back near to my ass and he said
"your ass is like velvet, i prefer it than your mom nymphet little tgp
ass!" and suddenly a
big thrust all the way forbidden nymphet pics into me and stay there with screaming keeps my hips
with his hands so strong and his cock start pulsing and push his spurts of
cum so far into me, while i felt his cum so hot it was the unique session
from all that i felt little ukrainian nymphets something erotic.Directly after that he pull his cock all the way out and he came front of
my face saying to lick his big cockhead which it was little dirty and
colored from my shit, my blood and his cum and i clean it carefully.After i was going to water to clean myself but my ass was so sore that i
couldn't little nymphet org
touch it, and difficult to walk, now i can imagine my mom how she
felt after he fuck her.We were ready to leave from that cave and he said to me "now you know how
your mother felt with my cock?"I didn't speak underage sweet nymphette and he said when we go back we can say both that we had
problem with the motor and we didn't have time for fishing finally! as we
did.He ask me also if i want him again to make it once more before i'm leaving
to my hungarian nymphet galleries country, and i said to him that was enough for long time.I didn't know what my mother did the rest of week naked nymphets thumbs until to go home, because
most of the time ukranian teen nymphets
i was alone nude nymphets pics in the beach.
That was my real story, from that time until now didn't happen anything the
same to me but i would like to try it again sometime. Fishboy
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