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From: Russell Gould
Subject: Turn About Is Fair PlayThis first chapter doesn't have any -- well, much sex -- in it, but, e nymphets free pics is the
detailing of my slow but sure process into femdom, at my wife's request.
The following chapter/s will be quite descriptive in my sexual changes
also, to include, anal, oral, w/s, light bondage, light scat, domination,
and male c/d. If you're not age 18, little nymphets pantyhose go away, as you'll have plenty of time
to read this, when you do turn of age. Any comments, are welcome:
slutrossyahoo.comI'm a happily married man, with a devoted wife, who's been wonderful, both
in and out of bed. We've been married for 4 years, have had a very active,
somewhat vanilla sex life, but, I'm not really complaining, as she's
wonderful. We're both quite oral, sucking out and swallowing each other's
cum, loving the feeling, especially knowing how much pleasure it brings
each other.Quite by accident, I stumbled on a site, on the internet, concerning
shemales, and most specifically, dominant ones, who take their men/women
and control them, by using the power of their cock. I read a lot about
this, and then child love nymphet xxx on to Nifty, where there are a lot of TG/TV/shemale
stories. I must be crazy, reading all this stuff, as I'm not a girl, and my
wife doesn't have a cock, so, what am I doing. I have had a fantasy, though
about fucking and asshole. The idea intrigues me so much, maybe just
because of the taboos associated with it, but, I'm really interested. nymphet naked nude
only touched my wifes anus, underage nymphet twice, both, sort of by accident, but, it did
turn me on, as I was fucking her doggie style, and her little pucker was
right there, winking at me, as I'm thrusting into her pussy. I ended up,
just rubbing it, a little, during our sex, and she seemed to respond, so, I
did it once again, a week later, hoping to get more response. I didn't
really, so, figured I must have imagined it the first time. I must have it
her love button, while fucking at the same time playing with her asshole,
and it was only a coincidence. My longing however continues.The more I read on the net, the more interested I became with "chicks with
dicks"....hehe. There is something so sensual about it, and I am totally
enthralled with the concept. She just seem so powerful, and the women/men
that she fucks are always so grateful, and keep coming back for more. Wow,
what have I entered into here....I better keep the fantasy, right
there....a fantasy! But, I keep reading, keep getting more into it, for
another month or so. I'm now trying to figure out a way to get my wife into
it, so, I can fuck her tight ass....mmmmm, that would be wonderful.A week or nymphet rape so later, I come home from work, to find my wife sitting at the
table, with a very solemn look on her face. She greets me with "We have to
talk. Sit down!"Her voice is stern, forceful, and yet calming in a strange sense. She then
says, "I have been reading some very interesting literature on YOUR
computer."Oh, god, ukrainian nymphet forum she found my shemale stories. How am I going to explain this away?
"Do you have an explaination Ross, or what", she says, somewhat raising her
voice. "I've been having fantasies about anal thumbnail nymphets gallery sex, honey, and I used those
stories as a release. I've wanted to have anal sex with you for a long
time, now, but, didn't know how to ask." There, I've finally told her, and
it's out in the open.She sits there, quietly, replaying teenie models nymphet in her mind what I've just told her,
trying to understand my words, I'm sure. So, I say, "It's just a fantasy,
honey, photo nude nymphet it's no big deal.""I see," she murmurs, still thinking deeply. "Okay, let me be sure I
understand you Ross, You want to fuck me in the ass, right?"Gosh, I'm thinking to myself, that's a little harsh, but, bottom line is ,
"Yes, honey, that's right."She says, "Ok, let me think about this." Wow, I'm thinking, she's
considering it? Hmmmm, very surprising that she'd be so receptive, but, I'm
not counting my chickens, just yet. At least I have chance, though, and my
cock starts to rise at the prospect. We even had sex, that night, and it
was very good.Nothing more is said, until the next day when I come home, again to find
her at the table, with almost a smirk on her face. Rut ro, I say to myself,
what's up, I wonder?She says, "Ok, here's the deal, Ross. You can fuck my ass, if I can fuck
yours." What? I'm thinking. Where did that come from? How can she? I'm
thoroughly confused now, saying to her, "Honey, how can that happen? I
mean, you don't have a cock, and I'm a guy, and guys don't get fucked in
the ass, and I'm just so bewildered about the whole thing."She saw me stammering, and must have expected such a response, as she
slowly, almost methodically, answered all my questions. "First off, I have
bought a cock already to use on your manpussy. Secondly, yes, you're a man,
but, you have an ass pussy, just as I have a female asshole, so, there is
no difference. So, thirdly, me being a woman and you being a man, doesn't
affect this arrangement. We both have asses, and we both have cocks, now,
so, you can do me, if I can do you, and just so you don't try to weazle out
on the deal, I'm gonna do YOU first."Well, now it's my turn to be completely stunned. She actually wants me to
let her use a strap on cock, to fuck me in the ass? What the hell? bbs nn nymphets
isn't going at all as I had planned. She's crazy to think I'll let her do
that. But, damn, she makes a fair point, that we both have the same hole!
I'm asking to fuck hers, so, she's asking to fuck mine. Damn, what do I do?
I can't imagine taking a cock in my asshole, especially when my wife is
attached to it. How crazy is that? But, on the other hand, I'm asking her
to let me do hers....shit, this isn't going well at all. "Well, honey, I've
got to think naked underage nymphets about this. I'm not thrilled nymphets paradise with the idea, at all."She then says, "You know, I nymphets shocking figured you'd say that, so, just so YOU know,
I"m not thrilled with you fucking my ass, either, so, we both will have to
'grin and bear it'. If you want mine, I get yours, and first! Whatever you
decide will be ok with me. It's totally your call, " she says, almost
smirking.I'm sure, now that I look back, that she knew I'd give in. I mean, if she
looked at half of the shit I read on the net, mostly in Nifty, she knew I
was hooked on the idea of butt fucking, already, and knew top nymphet gallery I'd succumb to
her request. My male instinct, male ego, and male prowess, however, didn't
want to let that happen, so, we were at a standstill, at least at the time.Our life went on for a few weeks, without much change, except our sex life
seemed to be diminishing somewhat. Their wasn't that spark, that fire, that
sense of sexual hunger, between us, now. And believe me, I'm not blaming
her for this nymphet video links change, it's a definite two way street. We both hardcore nymphet have just
fallen some in our sexual desires. We both seem to have drifted somewhat
off course, maybe due to our heated anal discussions, but, maybe not. I
knew I wanted what we had, before those conversations, back, and wasn't
willing to give in to her demands to achieve that. Needless to say, my mind
was little nymphets nude models reeling with these thoughts, all the time. On one hand I wanted our sex
life back the way it was, and on the other, I figured the only way that was
going to happen was to go our mutual anal intercourse route. I'm still so
torn, but, know, down deep inside, I will have to give in to my "little
head's" wants and needs.So, I came home one fri, from work, and had decided to tell her, ok, that
I'd do what she asked. Oh, my god, I'm going to let her fuck me in the ass,
with a dildo. I can only hope to endure the assured pain, and humilation of
the entire experience. I hadn't thought about that, btw....the humiliation
side of it. I knew it would be painful, just based on all the stories, but,
am now, just realizing, that it will be my wife, doing the fucking, with me
on bottom, watching me take a cock in my asshole. Oh, my, can I really do
this? And I'm not sure I really believe that it feels "good" once the pain
goes away. I think that's a crock of b/s. But, maybe so, I suppose. Yes, by
god, I can go thru with it. I've decided. Yes, I'm going to do it so, that
I can finally know the feeling of fucking her ass. Ok, I'll do it.She was busy making dinner, as nymphets harcore I came inside. With a look of determination
on my free nymphet ru
face, I said to her, "Okay, honey, you win. I'll do what you ask. You
can fuck me first, if I can fuck you, afterwards." There I've done it. Oh,
I hope I'm doing the right thing, here.She turns, with a smile and says, "Great, I have a few comments though,
that I'd like for you to hear. I'm not going to fuck my husband in the
ass. That just wouldn't be right, for fetish innertube asiannymphets me. I want to fuck my lesbian
girlfriend in her pussy. I just can't imagine my husband letting me do
that, nubile nymphet cunny so, we're going to dress you up as a woman, when I screw you, so,
that I can live out a fantasy of mine, of fucking a girl in her pussy. I
think it's only fair, that if you get to live out a fantasy, then so do I,
right?" she says, staring me deeply in the eyes.Good god, now what do I do? She's wanting me to put on girl clothes, so,
she can fuck my "pussy"? I don't have a pussy---I have an asshole. She
shouldn't call it that! But, she's got a point, again, damnit. My fantasy
for her fantasy. Shit, why do I feel like I'm being trapped here? Well,
dummy, I am!!!! I suppose it really wouldn't hurt much, especially in the
privacy of our own home, for me to pretenn nude nymphets
put on some clothes, if it really makes
her happy. How bad can it be? Hell, a pair of her pants, a shirt, maybe
some panties, sure, why not? I can do that, without to much problem. It's
only us, little nympho girls and she's the one who wants me to wear it, so, I can be ok with
it. "Ok, honey, I'll do that, for you," trying to sound like I'm doing her
a favor."Great, we'll go do some shopping then, later tonight, and set it up for
tomorrow night, ok?" she said."Ah, honey, what are we shopping for?" I asked."Oh, don't be silly Rose, we're going shopping for your knew clothes, and
maybe some other nice fem things for you, so, you'll look just right for
our little sexual sparkle nymphets body adventure. OK?", she asks."Hey what's this Rose shit? That's not my name, that's a girls name. And
why can't I just wear some of your things, for this. We don't need to buy
all new clothes for one night." I bark back at her."Now Rose, don't get all upset, my clothes won't fit you right, and who
knows you might want to do this again, and we'll surely need some more
clothes for that time, too. So, we can't use my things. You'll be much
better off, with your own, propper fitting things. We'll have so much fun
shopping, too, don't you think?" she giggled, like I was a girl friend, not
her husband.I must admit I do like to shop, unlike most males, but, shopping for girl
clothes for me?.....could be a problem, so I said, "Why don't you go girl nymphets pics and
get what I need, and I'll stay here."She said, again, almost giddily, "No, Rose, you come with me, as we need to
be sure to get the right size, and color, and your so good at putting
outfits together, we'll have a ball." Now, I'm not sure if you all caught
it, but, she's called me "Rose" twice, now, after I asked her about
it....and she didn't respond, at all, and I've not reacted to these last
two times, because I had more important issues, to deal with....haha, I
guess I'm fooled, here, bikini nymphomaniacs
huh?It's still absolutely amazing to me how this all transpired, how she
maneuverd me into buy women's clothes, even trying some on in the stores,
coming home, with bags of clothes, a wig, panties, hose, bras of all
things, and even some scented bath oil beads. But, I went along with it,
turning bright shades of red, when coming out of the dressing room with a
red slinky dress on, that was too tight. She had me wait there, while she
went to find a larger size, as all of the other customers were watching. I
felt like 2 " tall, but, continued waiting, until she found the larger
size, and models nymphets naked
another hot pink dress, she also wanted me to try. Unbeknown to
me, she has naked ukrainian nymphet also bought a few other items, that I'd have to wear, once we
got home.....two bras, breast enhancers, lipsticks, a wig, hose with garter
belt, crotchless panties, and thong panties, two stretchy camis, and a
slip. She must have paid for all of them, took them to the car, and came
back in, while I was busy trying on the dresses. It certainly took me a
long time to nymphets teen thumbs
figure out how they were supposed to go, and the damn buttons,
are backwards, making it very difficult and time consuming to fasten. Then
the zipper, in the, what a pain. Anyway, sure enough, we get
home, and she shows me all she got, and my eyes, popped out of ukraine nymphets pics my head."Honey", I said, "we don't need all that for just tomorrow night, do we?"
She quietly replied,"Rose, you need to be dressed properly for our little fun, tomorrow, night,
yes, so, we need all of it. You're going to look so pretty, and sexy, for
your little pussy treat," she almost snickered.We had some good sex that night, and she even fingered my ass a bit, as she
was sucking my cock. She pulled her head up, and asked if it felt good, as
she wiggled her finger in my ass, then going back down on my cock, with a
vengence, like she has never done, before, and not waiting for an answer,
as it was basically rhetorical, anyway.I could only moan a "Yessssssss", as admittedly both sensations were
great. She continued to diddle me, and suck me, till I could take it no
more, and yelled, "I'm cummmmming", and shot one of my biggest and
strongest loads ukraine little nymphets that I could remember. She held her mouth on me, as I
jetted out my juice, and rolled the finger in my ass around, and around,
massaging my love button, making it even more intense. The she did
something knew, as she came up to litle nymphets kiss me and let out my cum, into my
mouth....very unusual. I tasted it, forbidden underground nymphet
and it was ok, not bad, just a little
salty, maybe, and a little bland, but, otherwise ok, and
swallowed....Hmmmmm, why did I swallow it. Well, she was giving me one of
those long french kisses, that created the need. Anyway, I found the whole
experience to be wonderful, as my orgasm was extreme nymphet flag
very intense."Well, I hope U enjoyed, tonight, as it's just a prelude of tommorrow,
honey,", she said, as she got up, and went to the bathroom. I laid there,
remembering our little plan, and shuddered to realize that something much
larger than a finger would be going up inside me.Well, it's sat afternoon, and my wife tells me it's time to get ready for
our little "fun" time, tonight. First she says, "Honey, you'll need to nubile nymphets xxx take
a nice hot bubble bath, using the new bath oil beads, that I got you
yesterday. You'll also, want to shave yourself, getting free movies little nymphets
rid of all hair
from the eyebrows down.""What?", I said. "I can't do that! I'd feel silly, with no hair, anywhere.""Oh, don't be silly, Rose, it's just hair, and it will grow back. But,
you'll look so much more feminine, and I'd really like it, as it would help
my fantasy."Oh, shit, here we go again, as she's using her fantasy, as bait for me to
look more girlie. And she's right, it will grow back."I'll tell you what, I'll make it easier on you. I have some hair removal
cream you can use all over your body, except for your genitals. Those
you'll have to use clippers, then a razor. The cream, though nymphet 14 teen will be much
easier, otherwise, as you just spread it on wait a few minutes, and
wash/rinse it off, in the shower. Okay? You'll be so sensual.""Alright," I said, bregrudgingly, but, have figured it would all be ok. So,
off to the shower, with the damned pink cream doing it's job removing all
my hair on my legs, arms, and underarms. As she suggested, then, I used
clippers to get the long growth of my pubes, reduced, then a razor, to
finish the job. "Here," she says," let me help you with that," as she
grabs the young nymphos razor, and very carefully forms a small v shape of hair, slightly
above my hardening cock. She's holding my semihardness in her hand as she's
using the razor. "There," she says, "That's much better, looks very sexy,
Rose."After my bath, she had given me some rose scent maxwells model nymphet top
lotion, too, but put all
over my freshly smooth body. There was a sense of excitement to being all
smooth shaven, and the aroma was magic nymphet olita
very fresh, admittedly. My cock looked
bigger too, with out the unsightly crop of hair around it, and it also
seemed to have become more sensitive. My whole body tingled, somewhat at
this strange knew hairless sensation."Oh, my you look so sweet, now, baby," she said, eying me up and down. She
was actually admiring my body, devoid of any, I guess. "Ok,
next you'll have to get cleaned "inside", honey. To quote an on often used
quote: 'a dirty pussy is a nasty pussy.' I'll show you what you'll need to
do," as she grabbed the enema bag, greasing up the nozzel, filling it with
warm water, and telling me to stick in my pussy and keep it there for as
long as possible."HMFP", I said as it went in, not really painful, just sort of "there", if
you can imagine. It wasn't bad, just different, as she slid it in. She
undid the nozzle, and the water flowed into my bowels, inflating them to a
very uncomfortable size, finally stopping."Sit on the toilet, Rose, and empty your pussy, so, we can do it once
again, just to be sure." I did as she asked, letting the nasty water squirt
out of my pussy....wait nymphets pics beach a second, did I just call my asshole a pussy? She's
got me saying it now. Well, I suppose it will her pussy tonight...Alright
then, I'll let young nymphet pics
it go. Anyway, she did it once more, pushing the nozzle in a
little deeper, this time, with no discomfort at all, and was convinced that
I was clean. "Ok, honey, let's get your clothes ready...I'm so excited to
see you all dressed up, like my lesbian lover...."While I was in the bath, she had layed out all of my attire on the
bed. It's amazing to me all of the different articles of clothing a woman
actually wears. First there's the matching panties, bra, and garter belt,
with hosiery. She also had a camisole and slip, again matching. Then of
course, there's the dress young nymphet pussy itself, along with some clip (thank goodness) on
earings, necklace and bracelet, all coordinating. And child top nymphets she even wanted to
apply some makeup on me, to "get the full effect" , she said. Some things
went on easy, but, the bra, garter belt and hose, were a little difficult,
but, she helped by showing me the correct technique for each. During the
entire dressing process, she kept fondling me, too, or slipping a finger in
my ass crack, to arouse me. Believe me, it was working, as I had a hard on,
the whole, time I was dressing. She was very good at manipulating me, by
using my "little head", and pussy as target. Damn, there I go again,
calling my asshole a pussy. I must say, though, the way she was teasing it,
made it feel like one. Little did I know!After looking at me, she said, "You need to more things to make you look
adorable. A wig and some breast enhancers will round our your new look,
Rose." She then commenced to fit the enhancers inside my bra, and get the
wig pt nymphet toplist on just right holding it on with little special fasteners. "Ok," she
said, "now you can look in the mirror, and see the woman of my dreams."I looked, and was shocked, at the image she had created. I was almost good
looking as a woman. My features are somewhat "delicate" anyway, but, her
choice of makeup color and highlighting really emphasized the feminine
me. Also, the clothing was perfect, again for my slight, but, taught
frame. I've never been a fit fanatic, but, do try to keep in shape, with
some light nymphets russian young
aerobics, and some running, so my body, really looked good in
the dress."Honey, you look beautiful. I had hoped the look would turn out well, but,
I'm over joyed, as you've exceeded my teens under nymphets
expectations. Oh, baby, we're gonna
have fun, tonight!", she exclaimed. "What do you think, Rose? sexy nymphets underwear Do you like
the new you?""Gosh, Lil, I'm dumbfounded, at the image I'm seeing in the mirror. It's
like there's someone else there, looking back at me. She, that gal in the
mirror is almost pretty, and it's ME!!!"Oh, Rose, you're not almost pretty, you're gorgeous. You could pass out in
public, walking around tempting all the guys, and some of the girls, to
want you to come home with them", she chuckled. "Seriously, we should do
that, go out as two girlfriends, and see the reactions, ok?""No, I don't think so. This is for our private actions, not public
humiliation. I don't think that will happen.""Well, ok, honey, I understand. Maybe next time, then, when you feel more
comfy with your new look. And maybe a different outfit, top and pants,
instead of the dress, would be easier. I"ll think about it, and we'll see",
she endedShe got our camera out, and took some pics of me, too, in various poses,
acting alike a girl. "Oh, yes, Rose, that's perfect, pull the dress up,
just a little more, show alittle more leg, and the wrist is great." I had
posed with russian baby nymphets a limp wrist, just to give her the total effect for the camera.
She took both profiles, front and back, with me looking over my shoulder,
seductively."Ok, now I need to get dressed", she said. "I'll be back in a few minutes,
if you want to go look at your stories on the pc, to "get you in the
mood"....she laughed.
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